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Foreclosure Exposure1

What we have witnessed over the last 7 years extreme and unprecedented housing
market swings. I have paid close attention to these radical price fluctuations
because they have affected my business in building houses. I have observed the
banking system setting the pace for all of these changes. In my research I
discovered the system in which these banks have proceeded in most cases are out
right illegal!! I will share some of these facts for those struggling with foreclosure.
I will be making all of my research and all documents available for all to review,
including the Pro se case I have filed in Colville, WA. I have also written letters
concerning these facts to Senator Patty Murray, Rob McKenna the Attorney
General of Washington, Governor Chris Gregoire, and the Department of Finance.
Ultimately it is up to us the people to demand our rights or in my experience, these
agencies that we pay for will not help us. There are federal laws that almost all of
these bankers have broken, but I have focused my law suit on the Washington State
Codes, or RCW’s. There is enough in our own laws to stop many of these
foreclosures. If you would like more info, just e-mail me at
and I will send you my research.
Banking loan policy is exactly the reason for this dastardly debacle!
From 2003 to 2008 I witnessed the banks lending money to almost every one who
submitted an application to purchase a house, even though many of the applicants
were unqualified. This drove the housing prices through the roof, almost every
home sold, it was a hay day for the mortgage market. Many people believed this
would never end but as we all know what goes up must come down, and this was
the whole purpose behind this scheme, as it is important to note that the banks were
entirely responsible for approving these loans. In early 2009 we witnessed the
banks almost completely stop approving loans overnight. Now after about two
years the whole economy has been reduced to a mere crawl, and the banks are
happily confiscating the peoples homes like a kid in a candy store, leaving behind a
trail of hopelessness and despair. As they know the people who are in financial
trouble will not be able to hire competent representation so it is up to us to help
ourselves and each other, especially in this non-judicial foreclosure State of
Washington. Here is a small example of what I have filed with the court clerk in
Stevens County, WA. Your deeds of trust are on record at the county recorders
office, and you may receive a copy to review just for the asking, all of these
documents are public. I have submitted a Motion for the Superior court in Colville
to grant a restraining order in my case due to Bank of America trying to foreclose
through the illegal deed of trust.
This is an example of how simple the law is in one specific matter in which I am
the Plaintiff:
1. RCW 61.24.020 requires the deed of trust and foreclosure are subject to all
mortgage laws, and requires the trustee and beneficiary to be separate
entities, and specifically states “No person, corporation or association may
be both trustee and beneficiary under the same deed of trust”.
2. Plaintiff has discovered, (the trustee) ReconTrust Company, N.A. is a

wholly-owned subsidiary of (the beneficiary) Bank of America, N.A. this

association disqualifies their corporation assignment deed of trust recorded at
Stevens County Recorders office under file No. 2010 XXXXX23, and
therefore nullifies the standing of said defendants claim on said property.
I plan on keeping you up to date on these proceedings as much as possible. Thank
you for reading. Again e-mail me at and I will send you more

God Bless,
Samuel Salmon