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Duke Regional Hospital

Partnerships & Safe Reduction of Primary Cesarean

TeamSTEPPS tools in L&D

Heather Talley MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, CNLM
TeamSTEPPS Tools
1. Shift huddles
2. Unit CUSP ( comprehensive unit-based safety committee) committee - CNM,
MD, Anesthesia, RN –all represented on committee
3. CUS/ SBARR as a part of the OB chain of command policy as well as the two
challenge rule
4. Debriefing checklist after unexpected events using a tool
5. Standardized EFM education for RNs and residents
6. Use of positive psychology to support sustained team behaviors and
Strip Review When

Questions Arise • Evidence based policy reviewed

by all stakeholders with clear
• Leadership involvement in Chain of
• Culture that supports professional
questioning as a learning
experience and does not tolerate
Positive Psychology
If you want to build a

team….share a meal together!

• 3 o’clock coffee
• Enhance communication
• Improved safety and efficiency
of team
• Decreased turnover
• Increased employee
• Increased patient satisfaction
Thank you!