Art, life, and the social order in oceania

Art reflects humanity’s attempt to use creative imagination to cope with the existential process... the Type to enter text attempt to give meaning and purpose to these elements... Using the imagination to personify what is otherwise invisible (or out of the realm of our senses.) Art, sculpture, music, dance ViSUal and PerforMing arts. Constitute aspects of the same phenomenon. ART: attempts to come to terms with ENVIRONMENT: physically, spiritually...

Performative aspect of life, of process... dance: emphasis is on duration, temporal. FORCES behind phenomena: waves... spirits.... Canoe figurehead (Nguzunguzu) Ancient times: time-based art (Solomon Islands), Mixed media was the art... existed for the time: the process now we have “scores” and video... BOATS 19th/20th century greeting hand gesture together and outfront a bird who knows how to fly through danger, over ocean invocation equals stabilization OCEANIA: ocean so immense MAKEMAKE (Easter Island) (of which there are many) it constitutes life but danger also: volcanoes, Rock Formation representing this Supreme Deity, waves, reminds of his presence elsewhere, evidence... dangerous animals. Nature’s generosity//danger. [[DIOS REMOTOS (universally common)]] Creation:: deity replicates:: Female suspension hooks inside a Ratonga*: started creating Rangi and Paapa: m, f... DIAD men’s house itself. Iatmul, Sepik, Middle Sepik River In the beginning: PO: darkness (Island New Guinea), Wood 20th c. Elements of the male and (when Paapa and Rangi were female. close together) Had many hooks for hanging charms, other children: natural phenomena empowering materials Sacrifice: the gods sacrificed (thunder...) After sometime they themselves and so we too seperated. Some say it was ******squatting females: regenerative should be ready to return the Ratona who separated them... power of female body. Male element favour and the sun appeard: AO: light. is part of this: It takes too. Through the venerationMANA:: hence head-hunting of deities... Humanity creates a mode of opposite: Mother plays a major role: giving Tapu: negative force able to destroy communication... birth, nurturing. Image of Volvano Goddess one’s mana: hence avoidance PELE, Hawai’i, Polynesia. ((taboo)) Emphasis on aggression: survival Pre-20th Century “over here” depends on personal harnessing of MANA

Art, life, and the social order in oceania

Djankawwu and his two sisters. Yirrkalla, Arnhem Land Wood, pigment The first artists in many Date: 20th century culture were assoc with//were thought as spirits... FUMERIPTS: Asmat: first deity to descend from the sky, became lonely: thought occured to him to create companions. Went to woods, carved beings. Put images in hut, beat the drum he made and the images gradually responded to his drumming.

Creative being. At a different level Sisters: agents: terrestrial

Creative potential in everyone. It is those who harness this potential ion a certain level become artists.... vision: to see beyond the visual Creative process ritualized artists seen in society as special, implying a with extra powers. Body as work of art: ability to create is potential in everybody: even animals.. ((Beauty and danger)) Those with special talents occupy a different plane... healing power...

IPILA: New Guinea, created the first human figure. Went to forest, sago (plant) produces milk-like juices. After creating images, IPILA covered them with milk-like juices: female aspect. Gradually the images started moving.

Similar to Malagasee: Man and a woman, man carved a Result: architechture is doll, then wife carried the doll associated with the and raised it and started female, with the womb. dancing with it and the doll! turned into a living creature! So many times, LIFE squating females in front Interface between waking of doors Activation of art work with Sleeping chants, with dances Sleeping is a kind of death power of AFFECT Like returning to the womb Affectivity: the ability of a subject, of the ancient mother: object, image to affect or influence refreshed wake up ((term in aesthetics))\ Incantations Tradition dictated that women could not carve, as they made living forms... To attempt to represent would be to deprive. Procreation: associated with female body: through which a GODDESS great mother, generous, jealous

Looking at wood, the images that can be carved are revealed to the artist. The artist plays music, must learn music... Ability to create is a special power


Art, life, and the social order in oceania

Young ladies carrying Billum bags that will be used to carry babies

DOOR to men’s house: so small one must crawl. as into the womb...

SKULL AS PILLOW, Pendant.... Ancestor worship osmosis! :::::::::::::: The belief in life after death: body as mask KORWAR ANCESTOR FIGURES (containers for skulls... MASKS:::: Existential performance Skull preservation: kept and remodeled, so that the living may continue to harness the power of particularly fertile, beautiful or otherwise powerful people... ((Melanesia)) TOOLS not until the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century did mining for metal begin: thus most tools were in the form of stones, bone, wood, rope Artists were able to use these tools in a way that proved them to be highly creative: detail etc EMPHASIS ON LANDSCAPE:: Bugs on face: part of painting:: MATERIAL METAPHOR:: shells: are currency may be used as eyes to signify the wealth of vision assoc. with the ancestor TOTEMS EMPHASIS ON HEAD:: masks. giving deities heads gives focus for communication: altars Numinous: the sacred, the sublime Faces representing different forces:: plant forces EMPATHIC RESPONSE to human situations: symbolic ADORNED WITH VEGETABLES. TOMATOES PAINT BUGS MUD GRASSTEXTILES not developed here LEAVES until recently... (weaving) Rarity... FABRIC though... FEATHERSMelanasia: SHELLS emphasis on sculpture, freq. painted (related to body, adornment) Australia: 2-d emphasis painting on bark, rocks...

General Oceania emphasis on patterns (some) scholars mention the waves of the sea as influence...

Polynesia: tattoo sculpture relief images

Art, life, and the social order in oceania

BoDY Adornment: the way you dress can generate AFFECT, charisma At one point: body adornment merges with masking Dress itself is a source of interpretation at different levels. Awareness at this level allows conscious decisions.


Appreciation More than protection from the be SEEN (by members of THAT society) elements Australia. Restriction, sometimes by choice: Social, spiritual, political dimensions connection to land. PART OF THE LAND: dreamtime:: paintings, memorial of the past Foraging... but somewhat modern... BODY PAINTING:: boomerang. MOTIFS: protective, therapeutic, talismanic, other functions:: Adornments are usually simple: Ritual purposes, rites of passage adornment becomes elaborate **** Reversible: temporary (paint, fabric) ***Irreversible: permananent (piercing, tattoo) (may be medicinal) Patterns derived from paintings relate present to past through replication. PERFORMATIVE Environment DOES have a major influence::::: (Shows slides of PICTURESQUE)) COLOR COLOR Patterns... fish, birds, snakes, reptiles, plants, sea life, flowers, insects... ELEMENTS<< influence the nature, metaphorics, of dress Additive spiritual power of various attributes ENRICHING THE VISIBLE SELF Tropics: body left bare, becomes a canvas: Painting, Tatooing...

Adornment makes you easily recognizable(celebrity) Emphasis on eyes... Enrich aesthetically and spiritually... power: masculinity, warrior LOOK AWESOME OL-HOMA: the BIG man number of admirers** matters ability to influence: hospitality BIG NOSE: SENSITIVITY:::::

Melanesia. ELABORATE SCARIFICATION (allude to power of crocodile skin) Jewelry* Attempt to use raw, organic materials from the LANDSCAPE to enhance appearance

COLOUR: A lot of face painting... apparition like: dream... how they are combined determines what is represented red(Aabu); Spirituality, life-giving, dynamism, warfare You become invisible in this environment PRESENCE: ability to influence others, kind of mana black(Bobora); earthly, death, spirituality, nocturnal white(Kwao); purity, innocence, spirituality FEATHERS, FUR, currency ELABORATELY PATTERNED at times... Men: feathers,painting, grass** DAFI, KINA: rare shells Both men and women are elaborately adorned for BIG FEAST: Mok-Ink: given by important people, rivalry special occasions. Feathers, shells, symbol of power among clans:: copyrighted patterns//pay in pigs for (warrior with long bow) offense

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