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“I cannot name another “The sheer joy they put

time when I have into their work does

heard a finer execution of much to make choral
vocal art music.” music accessible to the
modern listener.”
“Beautiful! Thank you for
a lovely performance.”
— Eric Whitacre
Lux is a chamber choir that specializes in
contemporary choral music. Founded in 2014 by a

small group of high school friends, the ensemble
performs with a dedication to excellence, innovation,
and accessibility in choral performance.
Lux has been met with acclaim from professors at local
conservatories, the world’s most popular composers, fellow
musicians, and audience members alike. The group has earned
praise from famed composers such as Eric Whitacre, Paul
Mealor, and Ola Gjeilo. Benjamin Olinsky, Artistic Director of
The 18th Street Singers, has called Lux “incredibly impressive”,
while composers, music educators, performers, and listeners all
over the east coast have called the group “beautiful,”
“powerful,” and “extraordinary.”

Lux’s singers hail from some of the finest conservatories and

schools of music across the United States, and have performed
everywhere from local churches to university concert halls to
high-profile national venues such as Carnegie Hall and The John
F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

In 2019, Lux was named “Best Local Choral Group”, along with
first-place 18th Street Singers and runner-up Capitol Hill
Chorale, in the Best of DC competition held by Washington City
Paper. Lux’s 2018 album Now Ye Heavenly Powers was met with
acclaim from composers, critics, and others, becoming the
Featured Choral Album on Classical MPR’s choral radio station,
joining past winners such as Voces8, Tenebrae, and The Sixteen.
“You can hear how
much they love to
make music just
because they can.”

Lux continues to grow each year in their performances and as an

organization. Originally conceived as a studio-only choir, Lux gave
their first public performance in 2016. Annually, the group gives
concerts each winter and summer, accompanied by a recording
project in each of these seasons and supplemented by mid-year
engagements. Through these, Lux furthers its mission to bring
innovative, engaging, and accessible concert experiences to our

Another part of Lux’s mission is inspiring and providing

opportunities for the next generation of young choral singers. To that
end, Lux explores options in educational outreach, including
masterclasses, joint concerts, residencies, and a Young Artist
Program for high school students who work closely, rehearse, and
perform with Lux’s singers at their home venue.
Robby Napoli
Artistic Director
Robby Napoli has enjoyed five years with Lux, including 13 concert
programs and three albums, with a fourth scheduled for release in
2020. A recent graduate of the Sunderman Conservatory at
Gettysburg College (BME), he is currently the Choral Director at
Chesapeake High School in Pasadena, MD. At Sunderman, Napoli
studied with Avner Dorman (composition), Brent Talbot (music
education & conducting), Robert Natter (conducting), and Matthew
Osifchin (voice).

A church musician for as long as he can remember, Napoli has sung

in and conducted church choirs, and played percussion in
contemporary church groups in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and
Washington, D.C., and currently sings with the Choir of Christ
Church in Georgetown. Although he sang plenty as a child, Napoli
spent much of his childhood as an aspiring drummer for a rock band,
until he took a sudden turn in high school towards the world of choral
music after hearing Eric Whitacre’s Alleluia in chorus class.

During his senior year of high school, seeking a more intense choral
experience, he founded Lux alongside a group of five friends, with
which he conducts and sings. Aside from Lux, he is an active
composer, having received commissions for choirs and art song.
While at Sunderman, he interned with multiple choral programs, led
chamber ensembles, won the NATS Allegheny Mountain Student
Auditions in 2017, and was published in The Cupola, a collection of
scholarly and creative works produced by faculty, students, and other
members of the Gettysburg College community.
“The dedication they
have toward making
polished performances
is remarkable.”

“These are superior

musicians who are
committed to their craft.”
Lux in Concert,
After one-and-a-half years as a studio-only choir, Lux
gave their first public performance on July 14, 2016.
The still green choir, made up of ten college students
and six high schoolers, presented an ambitious
program full of living composers, showcasing pieces
the group had done throughout their four recording

Nunc Dimittis, Arvo Pärt
Silence, Kevin Memley
Enjoy the Silence, Martin Gore (arr. Eric Whitacre)
Second Eve, Ola Gjeilo
The Seal Lullaby, Eric Whitacre
Bliss, Eric Whitacre (arr. Robby Napoli)
Remember, Stephen Chatman
Ave Maria (Angelus Domini), Franz Biebl
O Magnum Mysterium, Morten Lauridsen
Lux Nova, Eric Whitacre (arr. Robby Napoli and Tommy Rust)
Ubi Caritas, Ola Gjeilo
Prayers of Kierkegaard, Michael Cox
Sainte-Chapelle, Eric Whitacre
Entreat me not to leave you, Dan Forrest

Lux in Concert,
Continuing their mission to combine accessible
concert experiences with excellent choral
performances, Lux gave their second program on
July 8, 2017. Venturing further into innovative
programming, they used staging to further engage
their audience, and saw their audience more than
double in just one year.
Sainte-Chapelle, Eric Whitacre
Silence, Kevin Memley
O Adonai, Arvo Pärt
Prayers of Kierkegaard, Michael Cox
A Spotless Rose, Paul Mealor
A Boy and a Girl, Eric Whitacre
Famine Song, Vida (arr. Matthew Culloton)
Let My Love Be Heard, Jake Runestad
Prayer of the Children, Kurt Bestor (arr. Andrea Klouse)
Crucifixus, Claudio Monteverdi
O Magnum Mysterium, Brian Schmidt
A Lullaby, Paul Nelson
Crucifixus, Antonio Lotti
The Heart’s Reflection, Daniel Elder
Locus Iste, Paul Mealor
Gravedigger, Dave Matthews (arr. Timothy Takach)
Christus Factus Est, Anton Bruckner

A Journey of Life,
In their third year of concerts, Lux ventured into a
new style of programming. In A Journey of Life, Lux
sought out to tell a vivid story through their passion
for excellence in choral performance, innovative
movement, and programming. Audiences read a story
authored for our program, following protagonists
from birth, to marriage, to the bitter end.
Lux Nova, Eric Whitacre
Lux Aeterna, Robby Napoli
The Lamb, John Tavener
Abendlied, Josef Rheinberger
Only in Sleep, Ēriks Ešenvalds
Remember, Stephen Chatman
Dieu! Qu’il la fait bon regarder, Claude Debussy
My Spirit Sang All Day, Gerald Finzi
Elegy, Daniel Elder
Entreat me not to leave you, Dan Forrest
The Road Home, Stephen Paulus
Tristitia et Anxietas, William Byrd
She Walks in Beauty, Paul Mealor
Gravedigger, Dave Matthews (arr. Timothy Takach)*
This Marriage, Eric Whitacre
Song for Athene, John Tavener
A Basque Lullaby, Dan Forrest

In Winter of 2018-19, Lux decided to branch out into
performing multiple programs a year, beginning with
the Christmas program, Sweet Was The Song. A
simple program filled with Christmas songs ranging
from well-known and loved carols to Christmas-
themed concert works like Howells’ Sing Lullaby.

I Wonder As I Wander, arr. Andrew Carter
There is No Rose of Such Virtue, Jonathan Lane
O Weisheit, Arvo Pärt
In the Bleak Midwinter, Gustav Holst
Sing Lullaby, Herbert Howells
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging, arr. Stefan Claas
Ave Maria (Angelus Domini), Franz Biebl
Silent Night, arr. Jonathan Rathbone
There is a Flower, arr. Jonathan Rutter
Sweet Was The Song, Benjamin Britten
O Magnum Mysterium, Morten Lauridsen
O Nata Lux, Thomas Tallis
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, Michael Praetorius
Coventry Carol, Ola Gjeilo
My Lord Has Come, Will Todd
In their first concert of Summer 2019, Lux explored
songs of nature. Every song chosen depicts how
nature has been used through time to describe and
derive meaning from the most difficult and most
joyful elements of human existence.
O Radiant Dawn, James MacMillan
Spaseniye sodelal yesi, Pavel Chesnokov
I Will Lift Mine Eyes, Jake Runestad
Flying at Night, Robby Napoli
Even When He is Silent, Kim Andre Arnesen
In Monte Oliveti, Terry Schlenker
Hymn to the Eternal Flame, Stephen Paulus
With a Lily in Your Hand, Eric Whitacre
There is No Rose, Jonathan Lane
Good Night Dear Heart, Dan Forrest
Lark, Aaron Copland
Sicut Cervus, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
To Kathleen, Robby Napoli
Water Night, Eric Whitacre
A Spotless Rose, Paul Mealor
The Sweetheart of the Sun, Eric William Barnum
At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners, Williametta Spencer
We Bloomed in Spring, Edie Hill
Water, J. Aaron McDermid

Following Forces of Nature in the Summer of 2019
was a program centered around Songs of
Remembrance. This shorter program was part of the
Maryland State Boychoir’s summer concert series in
July of 2019. The concert culminated in Lux’s
performance of Duruflé’s Ubi Caritas alongside
members of the Maryland State Boychoir.

Nunc Dimittis, Arvo Pärt
Hymn to the Eternal Flame, Stephen Paulus
Elegy, Daniel Elder
I Will Lift Mine Eyes, Jake Runestad
Lux Aeterna, Robby Napoli
At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners, Williametta Spencer
A Child’s Prayer, James MacMillan
Good Night Dear Heart, Dan Forrest
Sainte-Chapelle, Eric Whitacre
Ubi Caritas, Maurice Duruflé

al Outreach

“[E]xtraordinary and
excellent beyond
my expectations.”
Educational Outreach
Part of Lux's mission, aside from breaking the formality and financial
barriers surrounding classical choral music, is to create opportunities
for and inspire the next generation of young choral artists. As a group
which began with a small group of high school students, Lux believes
deeply in the ability of young musicians around the country and the
world to organize, lead, and perform at a high level. As such, they
work with high school students both inside and outside of school to
inspire them to create their own opportunities, and to assist them
along the way.

Aside from their pedigree as a professional ensemble and the ability

to bring these skills into the classroom, Lux brings a fresh look to
choral outreach for students. With a young core of professional
singers who got their start as high schoolers, they know and
remember well what it's like being a choral singer in high school, not
to mention what it's like to start your own ensemble while in school,
and hone your craft as a young singer and/or conductor. Lux uses this
to their advantage, acquainting themselves with students as people
rather than only professionals, because when students are
comfortable with the people around them, that's when they learn the
most. As performers and educators, the singers use their professional
experiences to inform their teaching, and their relative youth to
relate it back to students to do more than just educate, but to inspire
them to join the choral world head-on!

Educational Outreach
In-School Residencies
Bring Lux into your classroom! With an in-school residency, Lux
works with students over a full school-day, with whatever structure
most fits the day’s schedule. Though every residency is different to
match each school and choral community, a typical residency can
include Lux members singing alongside students, running full
rehearsals and sectionals to give more specific feedback for each
voice part, Q&A sessions, formal or informal concerts, and more.

Educational Outreach
Young Artist Program

Lux's Young Artist Program is one of the more unique opportunities

offered to young singers. The first iteration of this program, being
launched in the Summer of 2020, is currently taking auditions!

This program, geared towards sophomores, juniors, and graduating

seniors in high school, is a rare opportunity for high school students
to work closely with professional singers in both a rehearsal and
performance setting. Accepted students will learn two pieces of
music on Lux's upcoming program and be paired up with one of Lux's
singers. Students will then attend and participate in 1-2 music
rehearsals on said music, the dress rehearsal for their home concert
in Hyattsville, MD, and finally, will perform those two pieces of
music on the concert, on stage with Lux!

After each music rehearsal, students will have the opportunity to

spend some time with the singers after rehearsal and eat dinner with
Lux, giving them the chance to get to know us and the other Young
Artists, as well as the chance to ask any questions and pick up tips
from our singers.

Business Inquiries
Amanda Densmoor, Austin Nikirk,
Manager Administrative Director

Ciaran Cain, Thomas Rust,

Treasurer Director of Operations

Public Relations
Beth Ann Zinkievich, John-Paul Teti,
Director of PR & Marketing Director of Design

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