Ok – We’re going to Discuss ‘The Fall of God’ Remember ‘Everything is in Reverse’ that means: if it’s written it was ‘The Fall of Man’ what does it mean? It’s not ‘The Fall of Man’, it’s ‘The Fall of God’ – ‘Everything is in Reverse’ –If you start studying every-single thing that’s written Here in this Reality and you ‘Reverse-it’, you’re gonna start finding-out ‘what’s going on’.So- ‘The Fall of God’ is ‘The Creation of Man’ in ‘The ‘Image’ and ‘Likeness’ of ‘God’’ and Man ‘Exist’-As ‘What’? As a ‘Name’, as ‘Words’ that is apparently-‘Alive’ which is ‘The Living Words’, ‘You are ‘The ‘Living Word’’ you read-from ‘The Living Word’ the ‘Holy-Books’ that ‘Tell’-you all-about: ‘God’. What is-it really ‘Telling’you? It´s ‘Telling’-you all-about ‘You’ = You’re The ‘Gods’ that’s ‘Fallen’. The Question is ‘How?’ ‘How’ did you manage to ‘Fall’ and in that Process ‘Created’- Yourself as Only-‘Pictures’, ‘Images’ and ‘Likenesses’ – Nothing Real- So, if it says you’re ‘The ‘Image’ and ‘Likeness’ of ‘God’’ – I mean, what does it say? That you’re ‘Nothing like ‘God’’, you’re not ‘the Same’, you’ve Abdicated ‘All of-it’, ‘Everything’ and you have No-Way of ‘getting-it back’, Ever – Now I’ll explain to-you ‘Why’: You must Understand that if you look-at ‘History’ that is available to be ‘studied’, you’ll notice it started ‘suddenly’. When Earth was first ‘Considered’ as ‘the Point’ where ‘Creation’ could have become something ‘different’, ‘Substantial’- ‘those’ in the Universe that you can-call ‘The Creator Gods’ saw an Opportunity – their Opportunity was simplistic, they had a Problem: the ‘Substance’ with-which they were working – which was Earth = they did Not ‘Understand’, it was ‘behaving’- ‘differently’ to anything they have ‘worked’-with up to that moment. So they needed to do a lot of ‘Research’ which they did over a long period of Time. The ‘Research’ was done by ‘placing’ ‘Beings’ into various ‘Forms’ that was ‘Designed’ from the Earth – that you would call ‘Bodies’ today – and to ‘Observe’ ‘What’ they ‘Respond’-to and ‘How’ their ‘Responses’ could be ‘Managed’. So, by the Time ‘the ‘Story of Jesus’ is ‘set’ to have-‘happened’, and the ‘point’ that was ‘shared’ then that ‘Angel-Gods’ can be ‘seen’-as one of the Primary ‘Starting-Points’, because at that ‘stage’ already – which is 2000 years-ago – Man was already-‘Trapped’, it means all the ‘Gods’ were already-‘Trapped’ as ‘Pictures’ and Unable to ‘get-out’ Now, ‘How did this ‘Happen’’?Initially in the ‘Research’ in-which was ‘Created’ the ‘Male’ and the ‘Female’ ‘Form’, the ‘Separation’ that took-place, a consideration was-to have a-look ‘what happens’ in the ‘Interaction’ between ‘the Male’ and ‘the Female’ Interdimensionally was ‘Observed’ the ‘Creation’ of ‘Energy’, an ‘Energy’ that-you ‘Experience’ when you’re having-Sex for instance and so on, but you don’t ‘See’ where it goes – it goes somewhere- that ‘Energy’ was for instance as an example your ‘Energy’ that-is coming from ‘Sex’, ‘Anger’- any ‘form’ of ‘conflict’ or ‘friction’ between two ‘parts’ of the Earth as ‘Living-Beings’ – ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ or even ‘Male’ and Male’ or ‘Female’ and ‘Female’ – with any point of Interaction that brings ‘Friction’ in some-way would ‘Create’ in that Process an ‘Energy’. This Energy then was ‘taken’ and ‘studied’ and ‘considered’ and it was utilized – it was amazing what could be done with this ‘Energy’ in the ‘Realm’ that you are ‘not-in now’ – call it ‘the Other Side’- So they found this ‘Energy’ they could do with-it many-things. So with-it was created ‘the Heavens’ and the ‘Soul-Construct’ The ‘Soul Construct’ was a ‘Energetic-Body’ a ‘Heavenly-Body’, a ‘Body of Light’, a ‘Body of Bliss’ – or whatever you wanna call-it, it was a ‘Body of Energy’ – that was used as something

then a ‘Destructive-Point’-And that would be ‘Aligned’-with ‘another-Being’ – so you have a ‘Male’/ ‘Female’ – you have ‘two’ ‘moving-together’. ‘supply’ of this ‘Energy’ to be able to ‘Maintain’ their ‘Reality’. ‘Ingrained’ and ‘Gridded’. And within that ‘Timeline’. which then ‘cause’ an ‘Interactive’ ‘Timeline’ which is the way ‘DNA’ is represented. it . we have ‘touched’ a little-bit on all the various ‘Civilizations’ that was existent in the Universe. which would mean – because at that ‘stage’ they’ve already found-out something interesting: they ‘need’ a continuous ‘support’. and then ‘based’-on that ‘Name’ you have ‘Value’ with-which you can ‘Manipulate’ ‘other-Names’ and therefore your ‘Name’ carries ‘weight’ and is ‘written-down’ and it is in-then. you ‘meet’ a person. which is ‘in the ‘Timeline’’ that is ‘Presented’. up/down. ‘the Gods’ itself in the Universe – which were you – had an ‘ExpiryDate’. So. ‘Time’ is really actually-‘moving’. just ‘in-brief’ I’m at this stage going to ‘Explain’ to-you ‘How’ some of the ‘points’ came-about. what did they already-know? They could ‘Impulse’ ‘the Reality of Earth’ – which was a ‘Sound Reality’– by ‘Creating’ a ‘Timeline’. is that you will only be able to ‘Become a ‘Soul’’ if-You ‘Submit’ to the ‘Creator-Gods’ for ‘Eternity’. It was simply not something that One can ‘Understand’ within the ‘context’ of this ‘Reality’ – so we’re gonna stick-to the things that’s ‘Relevant’ to Your-‘Existence’ as ‘Who you are now’ as a ‘Name’ where you’re Living attempting to-‘Make a Name’ for Yourself – which is ‘How’ everybody’s ‘living’.to be ‘Aspired’-to – so that means it was utilized by getting ‘All the Gods in the Universe’ together and say to-them: ‘But Here we have discovered ‘something more’. it was quite ‘Common-Sense’ – you ‘go-through’ Earth from which you ‘arise’ and from-that you ‘Attain’ and.that ‘Line’ of ‘Movement’.Now. ‘Man’ attempting to-‘Make a Name’.‘Timeline’ of ‘Events’ that would ‘Move’ in ‘Waves of Polarity’: ‘up and down’ – up/down. so they obviously need ‘Beings’ Continuously ‘Attaining’ or ‘Trying’ to-‘Become ‘Souls’’ and then from there.some which was utilized ‘specifically’ in the ‘Creation’ of ‘Systems’ ‘Interdimensionally’ which was found to have an ‘Effect’ on ‘Sound’ on the ‘Physicality of Earth’. they got it all-together and. something you didn’t ‘know’ about’. Now in-terms of-‘Time’ – in our ‘Reality’ as it ‘Exist’. is they ‘Created’ an ‘Interactive’. what was another-‘point’ that was interesting as it was ‘Researched’ obviously by the ‘Time’ this was ‘in’ ready to be Implemented. the ‘Promise’ of ‘Eternal-Life’ was quite ‘inviting’ – Now obviously you must not understand ‘Death’ in the terms-of what you now Experience after a ‘short time’ – I mean. to ‘do-that’.So what they would-do is: ‘the point’ was ‘what’? An ‘Entry’-Level and an ‘Attainment’-Level – For everybody it was said that your ‘Attainment’ would-be: ‘You Become a ‘Soul’.‘Possibility’ but the ‘Attainment’ was Presented in such a way that it could only be ‘Attained’-through ‘going-through’ establish that ‘Movement’ is as ‘you-move’ in your ‘Life’ you that ‘Grid’ you-have now your ‘DNA’ that ‘Activates’ according-to the ‘Timeline’ that ‘unfolds’ – So if you look at-it ‘moving’ your ‘Life’ would be ‘layered’ in the ‘Movement of Time’. you ‘came’-from ‘Planets’ and you ‘return’-to ‘Planets’ – there was No ‘Process’ of ‘Birth’ as it is Here on Earth. and some of-them obviously had Particular-‘Skills’. So what they then did. you ‘touch’ the person – at that ‘touch’. since ‘Everybody’-knew that ‘Everybody’ came-from ‘Planets’. With the ‘Creation of the Soul’ obviously there was a ‘Attainment’. What was Not-said is more-important.So. ‘Beings’ could exist for ‘millions of years’ compared-to what you now ‘Exist’-as. ‘Supporting’ the whole ‘System’. up/down. which is according-to ‘Your-‘movement’’. Now. you get a ‘Eternal-Body’= ‘The Soul’ – It became thus the ‘Sole-Purpose’ of Everyone. ‘showed’ an Interesting-‘Possibility’ and that was that there could be a New-‘Form’ of ‘Creation’ which would-bring an ‘Eternal-Life’ and obviously for Any-‘Being’ that ‘Died’. an ‘Energetic-Event’ take-place. in ‘books’ as your ‘Attainment’. ‘Embedded’. ‘you leave-it behind’ for the Generations to come. up/down – which means you’ll have a ‘Creative-Point’ and then a ‘Destructive-Point’ then a ‘CreativePoint’. Now.

they are ‘Evolving’ – What ‘Happens’? They Become-‘Less’ – and what do they ‘Honor’? this ‘Point’ where the ‘Old’-one at the least. ‘Oh! They’ve become a ‘BetterPerson’’ Now they’re going to ‘Die’ and ‘Get their Soul’ – What they didn’t ‘know’ obviously. that ‘Automatically’ ‘Imprints’-on the Young. with the ‘Low-Experience’ being ‘the Bad’ and the ‘High’ the ‘Good. you have to ‘Give-up Everything’ – once you ‘Give-up’ ‘Everything’= then you’re a ‘Master’. with something-‘good’ – and it’ll take-you to the ‘pinnacle’ ofthat. What have you ‘Completed’? you have ‘Completed’ your ‘Abdication’-of ‘You’ – into ‘EternalDamnation’ – Extremely ‘well-done’ I mean. this was ‘so well-done’ that you are ‘so consumed’ by ‘Living this Process. and these ‘Ups and Downs’ is going to be the things that’s going to make-‘you’ a ‘Better-Person’ – I mean go and look at the ‘Old People’ – how ‘Good’ are they? They can barely-speak their ‘Names’. a person moves through this ‘Program-Timeline’ that ‘Presents-Itself’ as in ‘Coded. So – All that was ‘Required’ within-this. because ‘Automatically’ when you get to ‘the Bad’ ‘what do you wanna-do? ‘Get to the Good’ – imagine the next-Mountain. they can barely-wipe their own asses. which-will Always-start if it is ‘something’ that is particularly-‘there’ to get-you to ‘Submission’: it’ll Always-start with a ‘High-Note’. was a ‘History’ that would ‘Always’ go to the ‘worst-case scenario’ – if you look-back at all History. Anybody ‘been their ‘Best’’? When they were young. and the ‘Mountains’ has even-become ‘Symbolic’ ‘Wonderful-Achievements’ that is ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Religious’ in-‘nature’ and therefore you ‘aspire’ to get to your next ‘Mountain’ – What are you not ‘Realizing’? As you continue have a-look. You’re gonna-get through-this’. by the ‘Time’ you get to ‘Death’. Now have a-look: your ‘Timeline’ takes on – ‘What’? The ‘Symbolism’ of a: ‘Path’ – you are seeking ‘Your-Path’ that ‘works’ for-You. And as you ‘leave-it behind’. ‘Hope’ and – I mean ‘ready’ for this whole-‘Process’. is that the ‘Soul’ was ‘Energetically-Programmable’ by the Same-‘Symbolism’. ‘Always’: Any Person that ‘Stands-Up’ and ‘take-on Reality’. so that you will-always when you are in ‘the Bad’ you’ll ‘move’ to ‘the Good’– and therefore you keep-on ‘moving-yourself’ through-this. that you do-not Realize that ‘slowly but surely’ You’re Losing-You.SymbolicInformation’ – which is currently ‘measured’ as ‘DNA’. So now. you’re no-longer ‘Controlled’ by ‘the Physical’. ‘You’ are ‘Divine’. which is ‘based’-on an ‘HighExperience’ and a ‘Low-Experience’. That’s all the ‘Parts’ of-You you have . and it ‘moves’-through the ‘SpiralingEffect’ – as a ‘Fibonacci-Spiral’ within a ‘Sequence’ of ‘Events’. have a-look at an Old Person ‘what’s left’? They´re Completely-‘drained’ through their Experiences – Have they ‘become’ a ‘Better-Being’? ‘something-More’? when where them. they’re a ‘Better-Person’ isn’t it? They can barelyremember anything. they’re the ones that is ‘Aspired’-to and is those-that will ‘‘Lead’-You to Your ‘Eternal-Soul’’.‘moves-your’ ‘time-line’ ‘forward’. and then it’s ‘removed’ and then you ‘fall to the bottom’ – and every time you ‘fall to the bottom’ of this ‘Line’ as you ‘move’-through your Lives – ‘Life after Life’ – you will Accept ‘less and less’ and you will ‘Compromise’ and say: “ok but I wanna-get ‘back-there’” and then in ‘trying to-get ‘back-there’. at the ‘Hope’ that ‘You’ are ‘Special’. ‘You’ are ‘Looked-after by ‘God’’. it happens in ‘Spirituality’: you give-up ‘more and more and more’ of yourself and in-‘that’ you’re ‘Apparently’ ‘Becoming a Master’. is the ‘Point’ that’s ‘Honored’. so that ‘the Moment you Die’= Somebody ‘meet-you’ and ‘Remove’ your ‘Energetic-Memories’ that you have ‘left behind’ and ‘place-it’ in the ‘Akashic-Record’. but that means they should’ve become ‘Better’. it’s said you’re ‘Mastering-Yourself’. always gets ‘Annihilated’ and those that ‘Give-up Everything’ of themselves and ‘Become Masters’. what ‘Happens’? And also. ‘full of Energy’. and within-that you ‘Accept’ in ‘Your Path’ there’s gonna be ‘Ups and Downs’. the message will-be: ‘But you can only-get ‘back-there’ if you ‘givethis-up’ and so you start to ‘give-up’ things – Things about Yourself and you start to ‘leave-it behind’ in this ‘Timeline’. I mean. which is similar to having it ‘Saved’ as a ‘Memory’ within a ‘HardDrive’. and the next-‘Point’ in your Existence ‘unfold’.

40 years and you will Not be Able to do the exam papers from ‘that time’ – your ‘Ability’ to ‘Deal-with Information’ has ‘Diminished’ Considerably. as you see-it today in ‘Reality’ – That ‘Nastiness’ is what has Become-‘You’. you can´t speak properly. to Fuck-Ourselves” – I mean. So – When they Realized ‘the Problem’. you are – when that happens – there is ‘nothing’. you won’t. where you have those ‘Thoughts’ of other-people ‘all the Time’ – and you find yourself ‘Unable’ to Consider anyone as ‘Equal’ because you ‘Judge’ them all. you see your ‘Ability’ to Reason for Yourself ‘Constructively’ Diminish and all you have to do is ‘go-back’ 30. they needed to ‘Automate’ the ‘System’. Earth was ‘Alive’. And also No possibility of Change – Why? These things are Existing In you. you see ‘Control’ unfold. What was ‘more interesting’ in this whole ‘ as you ‘move-through’ your ‘Timeline’ and ‘comes-up’ as ‘Thoughts’ about other-people -until that ‘Thought’ becomes ‘the Living You’.I promise you. if you have ‘No Support’ – which you´re not gonna have because people is gonna say to you: “No. Impossible. ‘How did it ‘Happen’’? Through ‘this Process’. that means ‘Walk’ Everything that you have done up to now. as your ‘Resonant-Symbols’. You are ‘Essentially’ ‘Fucked’ for Eternity. no-matter ‘what’ – You Will-Not ‘Stand’ for ‘Life’. because in-‘Essence’: to get-it all ‘back’. but that’s made ‘Holy’ – because you are ‘on a ‘Path’ of ‘Evolving’’ to a ‘Higher-Purpose’ – Do You ‘See’ that ‘Purpose’ in the ‘Path’. if you start listening to them. most difficult. I mean. but the ‘Physical Body’ is now without the ‘Machine’ that was ‘running’-it. what ‘Happens’? All that ‘Happens’ is just ‘New Cycles’. ‘Free-Choice’. on ‘all the ‘Parts’ of Yourself’. same ‘Timeline’s. your are Not willing to ‘give-that-up’ – because something is going to ‘Happen’ when you ‘give-thisup’: Your gonna become ‘Empty’. how long have some of you been on the Farm? What is the most difficult thing that Exist? Self-Honesty – Your Ability to ‘Stop’ your ‘Resonant-Thoughts’. And have a-‘look’: if you´re ‘Self-Honest’. for ‘your own benefit’. That´s what´ll ‘Happen’ – You´re still gonna be Here. you are ‘scattered’ in a ‘Construct’ called ‘Time’ throughout ‘Infinity’ and you can´t ‘Remember’ Where you have ‘Left Yourself’. unfolding of those that’s gone before-you? No! What do you see ‘unfold’? You see ‘Machines’ unfold. Your Own Interest is Predominant and therefore. you hear the obvious nature of a major problem that is taking place – this ‘Being’ is completely going Fucking ‘Insane’ and it is seen as an ‘Attainment’ and they´re now gonna get a Fucking ‘Soul’ – Where is . you´ll notice your ‘Total-Existence’ ‘Exist’ out-of ‘One-thing’: You´re Always ‘Right’ and Everybody-else is Always ‘Wrong’. you are ‘Programmed’ to ‘Fear this Change’ so much – that you will-Not Consider ‘Changing’. Old-People should be advertised as the reason ‘why you shouldn’t live’. of slowly but surely ‘siphoning’-away – with your ‘Permission’! – Yourself. was that – In all of ‘This’. all the Time. have no ‘Thoughts’. throughout billions and billions of years in ‘Giving-up’ Your-‘Self’ – to ‘bring-Yourself’ ‘backtogether’ again. There is No Way Out. I mean. And it´s gonna take some ‘effort’ to Transcend all of those ‘points’ and obviously. You will always ‘Change’.it’. Now. you´re going to have to ‘Walk in Reverse’.now already ‘given-away’. all by Yourself and You will ‘get. As you – You are this. have ‘No Mind’ – How are you gonna Interact in this Reality? And Really. and you will walk this ‘Alone’. To do that. which is quite a problem. same ‘shit’ – No Change. And within that. you can´t ‘reason’ properly – Nothing. Not as long as this ‘Exist’ -and ‘to get-out of this’. I mean. Become ‘Self-Honest’ and as you´ve alreadynoticed. while they were ‘Creating´ This – something else was ‘Happening’ that they did not Consider: Earth was Changing. you´re going to have to get. we are here living In ‘God´s Reality’” – “‘God’ gave us ‘FreeWill’. And they needed to make-sure that ‘No-One will ‘Ever’ get-out of This’. – and you´re busy-with ‘Your Life-Path’ and no one can fucking tell-you anything about that. they started ‘Programming’-into these ‘sequences’: ‘Nastiness’ to a level that is never-been ‘seen’ before. because it is ‘Symbolically-Triggered’ as your ‘Symbolism’. as the ‘Physical Body’. and Earth was Not-necessarily ‘Aligned’ with ‘what they were doing’.

Why? They´re in the same ‘fucking-thing’. it ‘Will’. too late. ‘their Path’ – they believe ‘their Path’ will ‘Lead’-them to ‘The Answer’ – it will… ‘Lead-you’ to ‘The Answer’: What I´ve just explained to you – Where you´re Totally-‘Fucked’. So therefore. They will Die – we meet them on ‘the other side’ and they´re fucked and they said: “I´m so sorry – I didn’t listen”Too late! I mean. There is No ‘Divinity’ within-you. and secondly they needed to make-sure. you’re not-even ‘Able’ to ‘Stop your own Thoughts’. very few people that you´ll meet through a ‘Lifetime’. is the ‘Atheists’. So they then ‘Created’ a ‘Closed-System’. and you were ‘fueling’ ‘Heaven’. where Humanity ‘Individually’ and as a ‘Whole’. they´re no-‘different’. And that keeps you-‘moving’ in your ‘Timeline’ because you say: “I don’t wanna be that bad like that fucker there! I mean – “I will walk my path!” And then you keep-on ‘walking’ and where do you ‘end-up’? you say: “I don’t wanna be like my Parents!” – and where do you ‘end-up’? … Like your Parents. it is Irrelevant what you are ‘believing’-in – because in ‘Self-Honesty’: ‘the Construct of your Thoughts’ and the ‘Actions’ you will-‘take’ in your ‘Reality’. This is the most Difficult message Ever – because all the ‘Synchronicities’ – all the timelines and the ‘Paths’ – Are Deliberately ‘PlayingOut’ – to reject Anything. which is ‘The Answer’ – it will ‘Lead-you’ to ‘The Answer’ I mean. are all the same for everyone. you´ll have a ‘Synchronistic-Connection’ – it´s because your bloody ‘Timelines’ are ‘Synchronized’ within the ‘Gridline’ and you are through the ‘Resonant-Symbols’. Your Religion means Nothing. you have all the exactly the same ‘wishes’. Will you ‘Stop’? I would say: ‘Unlikely’. All you do is ‘Judging’ and as you-‘Judge’= you’ll be ‘Judged’ – I mean because. that No-One can ‘break’-out ‘the System’ – Therefore they made it a complete ‘Madness’ – which is now ‘Predominant’. compared to all the People that´s ‘Here’. So. if you were a ‘God’ you would fuck-‘knows’ be able to ‘getout’ of your shit. experiencing the ‘Energetic-Interaction’ that takes-place and all of-that ‘Energy’ was always going to ‘Heaven’. because if there were ‘any’= you would’ve been ‘able’ to be ‘Self-Honest’. you have just various-levels of-it ‘Emerging’. They´re only Synchronizing with those People that you are going to ‘meet’. but you’re ‘Unable’ to. because all of these ‘Timelines’ are ‘running concurrently’ in various-‘Gridlines’ – so another-one will be running ‘there’. is what You will ‘end-up’ as. where ‘each one’ that is in this ‘Reality’: Believes ‘they have ‘The Answer’’ and what they Believe. because ‘Divinity’ Implies a ‘level’ of ‘Morality’ that is ‘Consistent’ – That is Not-‘Existent’. that contradicts the Being´s ‘inner experience’. is ‘The Answer’ and they will-Not. When we Realized the extend of the problem – we also Realized that Nobody is going to want to Hear-this. You all have exactly the same ‘desires’. you are actually ‘Creating-Yourself’ in ‘Seeing-Yourself’ in others. would Consider that ‘there-is ‘something- . And with those. Where are they not being able to See such ‘simplicity’ of the problem? That there is Not a ‘Progression’ taking-place – there is a ‘Devolution’ taking-place. It is Totally-Irrelevant what you ‘believe’-in. and they are Not-willing to ‘give-up’ their ‘Way of Thinking’. depending-on ‘where you are’ in your ‘Timeline’. exactly what you are ‘becoming’: is what you are ‘seeing’ in Everyone – It’s the ‘Greatest Joke’ in the fucking Universe – Exactly ‘What you ‘Judge’ in others’. because they had a Problem:‘The System’ was Becoming ‘Alive’ and they needed it to make-sure it´s going to be able to ‘Feed’-them firstly. another-one will be running-‘there’ – but they are not ‘Synchronizing’. they are ‘Trapped’ in exactly the same thing – it ´s Irrelevant.the ‘CommonSense’ Logic in all of this that´s ‘Happening’? Where is our ‘Great Thinkers’? Which you must now admit the ones that ‘see’-themselves as the ‘Great Thinkers’ of Reality. All that ‘Exist’ – is a ‘God of Judgement’: ‘The Mind’. We have Investigated every-possible ‘Intervention’ in Reality – to bring-forth a ‘Consideration’. which are ‘Resonantly Programmed’. they believe what they ‘feel’ – and they will walk-away. the Being will look you in the eyes – They will go into a reaction on what you´re saying. which is a very small ‘group of people’ in this Reality. obviously – what do we ‘know’? We know that: Everyone ‘Was ‘Gods’’ and is ‘No-More’ – I mean.

and it cannot-be ‘what you are now’. how can you ‘Expect’ to have ‘Any Say’ in What ‘Happens’ in ‘Reality’? I mean you are in ‘This Reality’ where all you have to-do is ‘Deal with what ‘goes-on’ inside-you’. whatever it takes – keep on Explaining to-you in ‘Absolute’ Fucking-‘Detail’ ‘How’ you Became ‘What the Fuck You are Now’ – You will have No-Excuse – and you’re going to have to ‘Stop-Yourself’ – Remember we started with that message from the very Beginning: You Have to ‘Stop’. as we were ‘Testing’ ‘the points’-out. I mean we ‘placed’ the videos. because it cannot be ‘Trusted’ – That make-sense? Everyone: ‘Yeah’. you cannot-‘blame anyone’ for the ‘Thoughts’ that has ‘Happening’ within-you. and according to that. you’re ‘Not-Willing’ to ‘give-it-up’ – That’s why you’re Not ‘Willing’ to ‘Breathe’. is ‘deal’ with This ‘Physical Reality’ and what is ‘Happening’ in ‘This-Reality’ and ‘Amalgamate’yourself with ‘What is Here’ and ‘Direct’ ‘What is Here’.wrong’ with what is going-on with ‘Life’ on Earth’ – and that ‘What is ‘Happening’’ has to-do with ‘What ‘Happens’ after-‘Death’’ – And ‘That’ is not even Investigated. unless you are ‘Self-Willed Equals’. And if you cannot ‘Deal’with ‘the Basic ‘Resonant-Energies’ of the Universe’ – which is Your ‘Mind’. We can’t ‘help’ Everyone – this is a ‘Physical’‘Timeline’. ‘Impulsed’-it – I mean when that Sunette had a ‘tough-time’ because she had ‘No Idea’ what the ‘next-move’ will-be. It’s Over. which is Exactly the same-thing that ‘happens’ within the ‘System’ when you ‘run a business’ or when you are ‘busy’ with-your ‘occupation’: you are so focused-on ‘Making a ‘Name’ for Yourself. ‘show’ you ‘what you’re doing’ and then you are all: ‘Oh. ‘Self-Corrective’ – I mean: ‘the Ultimate System’. And we’ve Tested the ‘shit’. you cannot ‘blameanything’ and ‘anyone’ for What you’re ‘Allowing’ within Yourself’ as Your ‘Weakness’ – ‘You’re doing-it’ – and you’re doing-it Deliberately. how long. you don’t-‘need’ your ‘Past Lives’. you cannot ‘blame-anyone’ for the ‘Desires’ you hold. You could-not be ‘Given’ That – which you have ‘Given-away’ because then you would be a ‘Slave’. We’ve Tested this ‘shit’-out. You’re just the same. no one else. You cannot ‘Re-Gain’ ‘what you were’. God. What can I say? It is Possible to ‘Stop’ this. You can Never be a ‘God’ again. you cannot ‘blame-anyone’ for the ‘Judgements’ you-have about-‘others’. I can show each-one of you – that ‘In-Essence’ you haven’t ‘Changed’. Everything that You Are. ‘moving’ towards an ‘Evolutionary-Step’ – which is ‘Pre-Programmed’ – that will ‘Remove’ All ‘Ability’ of ‘Self-Evaluation’ where you will-be a ‘Complete Robot’ – Then ‘the System’ is ‘Completed’ as an ‘Energetic-Driven’-‘Force’ that is ‘Self-Managed’. what am I doing?’ But then you do-it again. And I mean. to check – it was like you can’t ‘Believe’ that this is Fucking-Possible. because you’re so ‘preoccupied’ with ‘your Path’ and that you’re gonna get a ‘Reward’ after-‘Death’. You have ‘caused’-it. you don’t-‘need’ to know ‘where’ and ‘what has happened’ – All you have to do. ‘Act’ . I mean. that you don’t ‘care’ what the fuck you have to do to ‘do-it’. ‘Equal’ and ‘One’ – and you ‘Solve the Problem’. The Fact that you could ‘Fall’ as ‘God’ means: you can Never be ‘God’ again. What are you going to ‘Become’ ? We don’t know. ‘Tested it-out’. It’s gonna-have to be ‘something’ that is going to have to be ‘Really New’ and ‘Consistent’ and ‘Trustworthy’. Obviously they did-not ‘expect’ there’s gonna be a ‘fuck-up’ – Because Information could be so easily-‘Manipulated’. so that you have a ‘clean slate’ ‘in-Fact’ – if you would ‘dare’ to take-it. We will be working with that with the ‘Structural-Resonance Alignment’. which would have made-it so much more ‘difficult’ to get-to all the points of ‘what the fuck is ‘going-on’’: we Deleted the ‘Akashic Records’ and all of your ‘stuff’. is ‘Existent’ within the ‘System of Consciousness’ – you don’t ‘need’ the ‘Akashic Record’. You cannot ‘blameanyone’ for what has ‘happened’ to-you. and it’s getting-‘worse’ – every now and then – then we have to ‘Intervene’. If that does not ‘happen’= You Will Not Exist. So now we’re going-to in time to come – the next couple of weeks and months. but it cannot-be ‘what you were’.out. this is as a Total-‘Timeline’.

with others in ‘Equality’ and ‘Dignity’ – You can’t do that. How can you ‘Expect’-Anything? Is this clear? .

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