MONAL CHAWDA Roll No. 42. Section:F1, 09-11 FW PG Project on Social Issue: Child Labour and how it can be solved

Who is a CHILD? International conventions define children as age 18 and under is a child. But individual governments may define child according to different ages or other criteria. In India, age under 14 years is consider to be a child Who is a labour ? One who works in a daily wage basis on the days when he or she has the work opportunities open for him or her and rest sits ideal on other days is termed as labour. What is a child labour ? There is no universal accepted definition of child labour. Varying are used by international organizations, trade unions and other interests groups But they all generally accept that child labour is work for children that harms them or exploits them in some way ( i.e., physically, mentally, morally or by blocking access to education ) Where do child labour live? 60% in Asia, 32% in Africa, 7% in Latin America and 1% in US, Canada, Europe and other wealthy nations. Percentage of workforce In Asia 22% of the workforce is child labour. In Latin America 17% of workforce is children. The proportion of child labour varies a lot among countries and even regions inside those countries. In Africa one child in three is at work, in Latin America and Asia one child in five works. In these continents only a tiny proportion child workers are involved in the formal sectors and the vast majority of work is for their family, in homes, in the fields or the streets. What do child labourers do? A large proportion of children whom the ILO classifies as child labourers work in agriculture. Work ranges from taking care of animals and planting and harvesting food, to many kinds of small manufacturing (e.g., bricks and cement, auto repairs and making of foot wears and textiles).


Being a maid in someone's house can be risky. play with the that families are not burdened by children.that help children and families survive crises. even death.that helps children learn skills that will help them earn a living Social services. 42. They are suppose to sit at home. What causes child labour TODAY? y Poverty is widely considered the top reason why children work at inappropriate jobs for their ages. y 2 . they are: Abuse of the child Lack of good school. Family control of fertility. such as disease or loss of home and shelter. Why should we care? Many children in hazardous and dangerous jobs are in danger of injury. But more girls work in some jobs. built their health. But there are other reasons as well. 09-11 FW PG Project on Social Issue: Child Labour and how it can be solved It has been seen that more boys than girls work outside their house.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT MONAL CHAWDA Roll No.. develop the culture and load themselves with knowledge . as domestic maids. for instance. How can ordinary people help to reduce child labour? y y y Learn about the issue Support organizations that are raising awareness Provide direct help to individual children. Maids typically are cut off from friends and family and can easily by physically or sexually abused by their employers. health care Uncaring attitudes of employers Limited choices for women y y y y What are some solutions to child labour? y y y Increase family income Education. Section:F1.

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