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March - May 2020

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Happy Spring Mamas!
I feel like we didn't even have a winter this
year, and although I do love snow, I was
grateful for the nicer winter weather.

Spring is coming our way, along with fun

events, egg hunts, Mothers Day, and getting
ready for summer camp.

We have stuffed this issue with a ton of

camp options for your littles and featuring
on our Cover Camp Curiosity in
Doylestown, who has graced our cover
for several years now. Camp Curiosity is
not only a camp, but a school and is
located on a 55 Acre Farm with programs
starting 1 year to adult.

We hope you check out one of the many

camps we have in Mama's Lil Guide this issue and share your pics of your kids enjoying local camps on our
page, we would love to see them!

I included a pic of me an my family in this issue, it was my birthday in Feb. and I always make sure to make
my day special surrounded with all the people and things I love the most. We spent the day in the city, at a
brewery, a few really cool local beer gardens and played some pool and vintage video games... and can I
just say, Slices pizza in Fishtown is delish!

We hope you enjoy this issue as we start our Summer Fun Giveaways, with a contest offered from
Dynamix Gymnastics in Langhorne, offering a FREE month of classes,and a chance for your child to be
featured in an upcoming issue of Mama's Lil Guide (just take in a pic of your child doing their favorite
gymnastics pose and send to, to be entered to win.)

Also, we are welcoming back The Franklin Institute and will be doing several giveaways on our
facebook page so be sure to visit daily.

Here is wishing you a wonderful spring, and Happy Mothers Day in advance since our next issue will be
printed after the date, please be sure to do something for yourself on this special day and remember you are
loved, appreciated, and you have the hardest job in the world, and ROCK at it!
Love, Mama

Sharon Cowell Graphic Design

267-312-1825 The Uncorked Artist

Cover photo credit goes to Amy McDermott, Heart and Soul Portraits,
June 24th
August 19th

6 - 7:30 pm

4 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825

Camp Invention: A hands-on STEM camp where creativity reaches new heights!
Camp Invention® is the nationally acclaimed, nonprofit summer enrichment program created by the National
Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) for kindergarteners through 6th graders. At Camp Invention, children are presented
with opportunities to collaborate and explore STEM concepts through fun, hands-on challenges designed to build
confidence, persistence and creative problem-solving skills. Since 1990, this one-of-a-kind program has been
helping children unlock their potential to become creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Each year, Camp Invention offers an all-new experience that is directly influenced by world-changing inventors, our
NIHF Inductees. With our 2020 program, Elevate, children will have fun controlling their very own flight simulation
robot and launching rockets and hand-copters in Camp Invention Flight Lab™, protecting the Earth’s ecosystems in
Rescue Squad™, designing the ultimate sports complex in Camp Invention Champions™ and learning the value of
their biggest ideas in Design Thinking Project™. Local educators will lead this action-packed program featuring
imaginative activities that inspire children to ask questions, overcome obstacles and develop persistence.

Not only does Camp Invention offer a high-energy summer experience, but it provides proven benefits, like greater
creativity and interest in STEM subjects, that can last a lifetime. The program also positively impacts instructors who
are dedicated to preparing students for the future.

If your child is entering grades 7-9, they can get involved at a Camp Invention location in a whole new way.
Through our Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program, they can help guide campers through STEM activities, encouraging
creativity and hands-on fun while building their leadership and goal-setting skills.

Camp Invention locations can be found nationwide, including in your area. Visit or call
800-968-4332 to register. Use promo code LOCAL25 to save $25 (expires 3/31/20) or LOCAL15 to
save $15 (expires 5/12/10). Every registration includes a complimentary Camp Invention T-shirt. Availability is
limited, so secure your spot today!
Healthy Corner
Health tips, answers to questions & more!

Are you getting enough sleep?

How much sleep are you getting??! According to the National
Sleep Foundation, school age children need 9-12 hours (younger
children even more), teens need 8-10 and adults need 7-9.
Getting enough sleep is extremely important and impacts health
and lifestyle. When sleep suffers, so does a relationship, parent-
ing and work productivity. Sleep also affects our ability to lose
weight, the rate at which we age, decreases our immune system
and affects our ability to perform at a higher level. It regulates
our hormone production. During sleep, our bodies maintain and
repair muscle from our earlier workout. It also is a time when the
brain does some detoxing as well.
Having trouble falling asleep?
If you are a mom of young children, you are probably not only
not getting enough and your sleep is also being interrupted. Do Try chamomile tea or valerian tea. Look
the best you can. As your kids get older, they will sleep through for organic, prepackaged tea bags.
the night and so will you! Foods that have melatonin are tart
cherries, bananas, pineapple, oranges,
walnuts and almonds.
Some good tips for a good night’s sleep whether child or adult:
• have a bedtime routine so your body knows it’s time for bed
If you are having difficulty getting a good
• turn off electronics 90 minutes before bed as the blue light night’s sleep and feeling well rested in the
raises cortisol and social media, e-mails…can cause stress
morning, contact me. We can work
• stick to a sleep schedule even on the weekends together on increasing nutrition, stress
• getting sunlight during the day helps your circadian rhythm reducing techniques, and implementing
physical exercise to improve your quality
• eating whole foods filled with vitamins and minerals and of sleep.
limiting processed, sugary foods helps balance your gut bacteria
which helps you sleep
• exercise daily
• implement stress reducing activities such as physical activity,
socializing with friends, mediation, journaling…

For adults:
• Limit alcohol before bed. It may help you fall asleep faster but,
in disrupts your REM sleep so your brain and body don’t fully
regenerate. 215-534-8246
• Avoid caffeine after 2:00pm or sooner if you are sensitive.

8 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825

Success in Numbers - The Power of Group Fitness
As the owner of Bucks County, PA’s favorite HIIT exercise studio, Tony Bria knows
what it takes to get motivated and hold yourself accountable for reaching fitness
goals. But here’s the thing about holding yourself accountable — if you give up
on your goals, nobody knows except for you. That’s why group workouts like HIIT
and LIIT are so effective for so many individuals who previously struggled to
reach their goals and get in shape.
Why Bria Method? Working out in a group with skilled trainers gives you the
motivation to push harder. Bria Method’s structured workouts mean no planning
on your end. Benefit from both HIIT and LIT (Low Impact Training) Proper form is
essential with exercise, at Bria Method we teach and instill in you proper
technique. Finally, what makes Bria Method special, we have fun when we do it. Our studio is LIT like a night club,
the music is loud, and the Bria method Community bring energy to every class.
According to studies published by the University of Oxford and the University of Pennsylvania, exercising in groups
can create bonds that enhance physical abilities while fostering a sense of competition that provides additional
motivation to individual members of the group. It’s easier to stay motivated when you are surrounded by people
who have similar goals because others will know if you give up before giving your all. With that being said, group
workouts like our HIIT cardio classes in Warminster, PA, should always be judgment-free for optimal results. A
healthy dose of competition in a community-like atmosphere is the perfect recipe.
Group workouts aren’t just about finding accountability — they’re also about surrounding yourself with like-minded
individuals who want you to succeed as badly as you want them to succeed. It’s tough to push yourself to new limits
and beyond when no one is watching. But when you don’t feel alone, and you can feed off of the energy of your
peers, you are able to push through mental blocks that have been preventing you from reaching your goals.

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Egg Hunt

Annual Easter Egg Hunt 76th Annual Egg Hunt At Font Hill Castle Passer Community Center’s
4/3 | 6pm 4/4 | 1pm Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Montgomery County Recreation Center, 1030 Horsham Rd., Font Hill Castle, Route 313, Swamp Road, Doylestown 4/11 | 10am SHARP! Passer Community Center,
Montgomeryville Doylestown's American Legion Post 210's. 2580 Richlandtown Pike, Coopersburg
The event will be held inside of the gym Enter from Route 313 (Swamp Road). Ages For generations, families have been
and there will be plenty of candy-filled 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 Rate date is April 11, 2020. coming. We use real eggs. Many prizes
eggs for all of our participants. Bring your to be won! All the Easter Bunny asks is to
basket or bag to collect your eggs and a Quakertown Egg Hunt have fun, show good sportsmanship, and
camera to take pictures with the Easter 4/4 | 10 am be grateful for the prizes (most of which
Bunny. For ages 6 and under. FREE Quakertown Memorial Park, 600 W. Mill St. Quakertown were generously donated by folks in our
EVENT, but space is limited. Register at 10:00am - Event Starts 10:20am - ages 0-3 community). 267-649-7200 10:30am - ages 4-6 10:40am: ages 7+ Pre-K, K/1st/2nd, 3rd/4th/5th, and 6th
There will be games, crafts, moon and up (so all you kids at heart can join in
Warrington Township Annual Egg Hunt bounces, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and the fun!). There’s an Easter basket raffle
4/4 | 11am-12pm much more! FREE EVENT too to raise money for next year’s egg hunt.
852 Easton Rd., Warrington No rain date.
Bring your own basket, bucket or bag for Make Stringed Easter Eggs - Family Event
your children to collect Easter Eggs! Egg hunts Fri. 4/4 | 5pm Sat. 4/5 | 12pm Easter Extravaganza
will begin at 11am with the first group 3 and Fri. 4/10 | 4pm Sat. 4/11 | 12pm 4/11 | 10am-12pm
under. Each group will follow thereafter. Bucks County Community Church, 1249 W Maple Ave.,
A Hoppy Egg Hunt Ages: 2-12. Family Registration online
4/4 | 10-11am Tamanend Park, Southampton
Our bunny has hidden eggs that are We have a community family Easter Event.
waiting to be found. Bring a basket & Puppet show, Easter egg hunt, & crafts. This
your whole family to search for some is a family event, parents stay with kids.
goodie-filled eggs & make a fun craft! Our The Uncorked Artist, 319 W. County Line Road, Store #3
Cost: $5/egg All Ages Welcome.
silly Bunny will be there too so don’t forget Morrisville Borough Egg Hunt
to bring your cameras. FREE EVENT but Reserve your seat for $5, you can
4/11 | 11am-12pm Williamson Park Morrisville
please register before. Little hunters (0-5) purchase additional eggs at the studio.
This tradition started in the 1940’s; but has
will have their own small patch for hunting. come a long way since then...
*This event will start at 10 AM sharp & is
Visit with the Easter Bunny
4/5 | 12-2pm
weather dependent • Thousands of eggs
Discover Doylestown, 63 E. State St., Doylestown • Music
Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny Photo's Come visit and take your picture with the • Special Prizes
4/4 & 4/5 | 11am-3pm Easter Bunny on the porch of the • Pictures with the
Discover Doylestown office! Easter Bunny
Froehlichs Farm Festival Field, York Rd., Furlong
Bring your favorite Easter basket to 3 age groups: 3 and
collect your eggs & visit with the Easter Warminster Annual Egg Scramble under, 4-6 and 7-10
4/9 | 4:30-7:30pm
Bunny. Activities for the kids: monster slide
and inflatables, food, live music and one Warminster Community Park, 1100 Veterans Way
of our favorite local breweries too! FREE EVENT
EGG HUNT TIMES: 11:30 AM + Pre-registration
1:30 PM required.
ADMISSION: $10.00/child Ages 3-10 are invited to Milford Township Easter Egg Hunt
Includes: Egg Hunt, Goody Bag, participate in the annual Egg 4/11 | 10:15am
Easter Bunny Visit & 5 Event Tickets Scramble with Mr. E. Bunny.
2175 Krammes Rd., Quakertown
Adults & kids under 1 are FREE. Eggs will be scattered outside
Please arrive early to allow time for
Pre-Registration is required for all egg for age groups: 3-4 yrs., 5-7
hunters. yrs. & 8-10 yrs. (215)
Order of egg hunt-0-2 yrs old, 3-4 yrs old, 443-5428 or
5-6 yrs old, 7-8 yrs old and 9-10 yrs old

10 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825

Parents Night Out: Superhero Training Join our Family Astronomy night for an Mommy and me Soap Making
3/20 | 6-9pm evening of star-gazing, learning about 4/4 | 12-3pm
The Little Gym Doylestown constellations, and searching for planets! 54 Event Space, Philadelphia, 54 W Maplewood Mall
Heroes will be trained in the art of team Make and decorate soaps using different
work, balance, speed, accuracy, and Fish Being Delivered soap molds, glitter, colors, etc. Handpaint-
effort. Join us for a fun evening of Fanny Chapman Doylestown 4/1 | 11am-2pm ing a candle holder. Games, drinks /
games/obstacles in the gym! We will eat Bring your children to help put in the fish. snacks for the kids and mimosas for the
pizza and watch part of a Super Hero More info at parents.
movie! Costumes are encouraged so kids
feel free to dress up as your favorite super Youth Fishing Derby Mommy and Me Spring Flower Workshop
hero! Parents enjoy a 10% discount at KC Fanny Chapman Doylestown 4/9 | 10am-1pm
Prime and Ardana in Warrington! Ages 4/4 | 8am-2pm Kid's Workshop- Natural Dyes With Eggs
3-12 years (must be bathroom indepen- Free for kids. Free burgers, Historic Fallsington, 4 Yardley Avenue, Fallsington
dent) $30 for members $40 for not-yet hot dogs, soda, water ice & more. 215-295-6567
members ($15 for siblings) Reserve your Color some hard-boiled eggs using natural
spot today!!! Register online dyes like red onion skins and more during, call 215-343-9748 Rock and Mineral Expo this workshop for kids ages 8+ and just in
or text 215-391-1874 4/4 & 4/5 | 10am time for Easter! Pre-registration required.
Churchville Nature Center, Churchville Fee: $10/child (8 and older)
Crafternoon: Joys of Springtime Join us for a weekend of rocks, minerals,
3/21 | 1-3pm activities, vendors and demonstration & Froehlichs Mommy & Me Event
Mercer Museum Doylestown earthquake simulator! 4/11 | 10am-11am
Welcome the arrival of spring and create Froehlichs Farm and Garden Center, 3143 York Rd., Furlong
colorful springtime crafts with Mercer Mad Hatter Share the joy of gardening at Froehlich's
Museum educators at this family-friendly Spring Tea Party Farm as we create beautiful, spring
drop-in session. 4/4 | 10-11pm blooming arrangements. $60.00
Free with Museum Admission: Sweet Occasions, 1 Adult & 1 child only. Pre-registration
$15 Adults Peddlers Village, Lahaska required.
$13 Seniors Don't be late to our Family Spring Tea Party.
$10 Students This years theme is Alice in Wonderland! Wild Things Trail Fun Run
$8 Youth (6-17) Dress up and join us in a fun filled Mad 4/18 | 7:30am-12pm
FREE Children Under 5 Hatter themed tea party. Our private loft Peace Valley Nature Center Doylestown
space hosts many kids and adult parties A wild run through
Troll Roll Glow Night and events throughout the year, including our trails, stream
3/27 | 5-10pm kids birthdays, baking workshops, and crossings, uneven
Rolling Thunder Skating Rink, Phila. showers. Mad Hatter Tea Party integrates terrain & most likely
Admission $7.50/child all aspects of our business: from party mud. Ages 15 - adult
$8.50/adult planning and hosting memorable events, & 10-15 years
Go Skating with sharing our bakeries finest sweets and FEE:$40
Poppy and Branch! desserts, and having our favorite charac- 9:00 am start
For more info call (215) 335-3400 ters visit our shop thanks to Once Upon a For more info call (215) 345-7860
Dream Princess Parties!
Mermaid Party at Color Me Mine Tea Party guests will enjoy a three-course 25th Annual Rubber Ducky Regatta!!
3/27 | 5-6pm brunch provided by our bakery, a spread 5/17 | 1 pm
Oxford Valley of sophisticated tea, coffee, and juice, a Kemper Park
Mermaid Painting Party, $5 studio fee + DIY cookie decorating station, and a Rubber Duckies float ¼ mile down the
piece price. Put on your mermaid dress, character meet-and-greet session! Neshaminy Creek to compete in a race to
we'll have plenty of mermaid things to Each child will receive a swag-bag and the finish line. Cash prizes! Purchas tickets
paint for your underwater palace! adults (with ticket) a mimosa! Tickets are online, at the WREC@WCP, & Library.
Recommended for ages 4 and up. necessary. 267-544-5912 ext. 2 Tickets – $5.00/ Ducky or 5 Duckies for $20.00.
Family Astronomy Night
3/28 | 6:30-8:30pm
2877 Creamery Road, New Hope, Bucks County Audobon Society
To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 11
12 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825
To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 13
Pabby’s Pet Pantry has MOVED!
We are now directly next to our Doggie Daycare!
Pabby's Pet Pantry
319 W. County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040
10% Off Grooming Pet Supplies • Doggy Daycare • Grooming
with Angie Only. Expires 5/30/2020
Pabby's Pet Resort
101 Stewart Lane, Chalfont, PA 18914
Meet Angie 215.997.7888
our new groomer! Boarding • Doggy Daycare • Grooming

Boarding | Doggy Daycare | Grooming | Pet Supplies

Spring Fun with your

Fur Babies Pets Are In No

Pets Are Inn

1 Find a new park or hike to take your dog for a

Pets Are Inn

spring adventure
2 Give your pooch a "spa" Stress.
day outside on a nice day.
Bath, nails, brush and play.
They will love the time spent We board your pets in
with you and being pampered pre-screened, loving homes.
3 Spring means ticks and fleas Transportation provided.
are out... be sure to update
your pets collars or flea and
tick prevention
Serving Bucks County, PA
4 Take a trip to your favorite
pet supply place (check out Pabby's
in Warminster or Chalfont) and get your fur friend
a new treat or toy
5 Make homemade dog or cat treats... its
always a fun day in the kitchen with your kiddos...
and your furry friends love homemade treats

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Helping make Magical Memories,
One vacation at a time!
Why book with us?
Our services are 100% FREE! You will never pay a
dime more than the prices Disney would offer you Dr. Melissa Richard
directly. Sometimes we can even SAVE you money! 521 W. Butler Ave.
We are available to you before you book, after you Chalfont, PA 18914
book and even after you come home to help you with
any questions or problems! 267-875-EYES (3937)
FREE Gift! As a thank you, we give all children in
your party a small surprise to show our appreciation. Ask us about the benefits of blue
light protection for children

Cait Ruiz • Warminster 267-265-2248

Carollee Marjarum • Chalfont 215-771-0983

Corinne Cowden • Bensalem 267-474-6526

Karen Coar • Feasterville 267-825-1621

Eye Exams ~ Glasses ~ Contacts ~ Pediatrics ~ Low Vision ~ Concussion Rehab
Local moms helping local moms with Disney & other travel

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Reid’s Real Estate Review
What Effect Do World Events Have on the U.S. Housing Market?
There’s quite a bit going on in the world right now – Turmoil in the world economy sometimes spooks investors
Brexit, tensions with Iran, trade issues with China and, here in the States. When that happens, we see what
more recently, the coronavirus. looks like instability on Wall Street and that affects
consumer confidence negatively.
If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home this year,
you may be wondering what effect, if any, these domestic Historically, we also see a dip in consumer confidence in
and global events can have on real estate. the fall of every presidential election year. While that
Here are a couple to consider: measure has always increased post-election in November,
the dip normally changes the timing of the real estate
Mortgage rates. Global instability often causes foreign market in that we see Spring markets start earlier, Summer
investors to see U.S. Treasury Bonds as a safe place to markets last longer and a lull in the Fall.
park their money. As money flows into treasuries, the
yield on those bonds decreases which, in turn, helps keep While those are just a few ways that broader events affect
mortgage interest rates down. Right now, rates are the market, conditions are always changing. As a
expected to remain at or below 4%, but if worldwide professional Realtor and part of the Long & Foster family, I
economic conditions change, those rates could rise. As we stay updated on what’s happening, so I can best support
don’t expect significant stability to return globally, buyers all my clients and prospective buyers and sellers—just like
should have more purchasing power throughout 2020. you.

Consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is an If you’re ready to make a move this year and want to
economic indicator that measures consumer optimism know how to get started, let me know. I’m here to help.
about the economy and their personal financial outlook. Call or text me anytime with questions!

Chad Reid
Cell: 267-888-6072
O ce: 215-348-0000

Doylestown O ce
511 Hyde Park, Doylestown, PA 18902

To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 17

Daily Summer Camp
8am to 4pm - $72.00 per day
After Care Daily 4pm - 6pm - ($8.00 hour)
Half Day (8-12 or 12-4) - $36.00
Weekly special - $325.00
June 15th to August 28th!
• Daily gym instruction and free play.
Arts and crafts. Games. Fun. Friends!
• Snacks provided daily. Camper brings lunch!
• Water and outside play daily!
• Air conditioned, non - electronic FUN!

Gymnastics Academy Camp

Daily from 9am - noon
July 6-10 and July 27 - 31
$175.00 weekly
Per day rate - $38.00

Ninja Kidz Camp

Daily 9am - 3pm
ONE amazing week of fun and Challenge!
Aug. 24-28th. $300.00

Time to start thinking about Summer Camp!
Visit our website to pre-register.
506A Stump Road • Montgomeryville, PA 19454

18 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825

Presented by Newtown Business Association

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4, 2020
8:30am: Meet the Easter Bunny
9am sharp: The hunt begins!
C E L E B R AT E E A R T H D AY A P R I L 2 2 N D
Held at Goodnoe Elem. School
298 Frost Lane, Newtown, PA 1 Plant a Tree
Rain Date: 4/11/20

Kids of all ages join the

2 Start a Garden
3 Make a place for the birds outside
Easter Bunny on a fun
hunt for eggs filled
with treats & gifts
from NBA members! include a bird house and feeders

4 Learn how you can reuse, household

items, recyclables and old toys

5 Visit a nature center and learn

about wildlife

Fun Easter Games for the Family

Egg Rolling Race - Using a hard boiled egg , two
people get on their knees and using only thier noses
push the egg to the finish line

Plastic Egg Mix Up - This game is super simple! Just

break apart and mix up plastic eggs, the players WORD HUNT
have one minute to match the halves. On your
mark, get set Go!

Easter Eggs-ercises - Using plastic Eggs, write

activity's inside each egg and have the kids do the Nest
activity -
7 bunny hops, Jump
on one leg,
R E A S T E R H C OG Bird
5 Jumping Jacks, Easter
3 pushups? can
you do more? Eggs
3 ninja kicks
H D C Y D N A C S E T Hide
7 soldier
Marches N E S T D O G S R U L candy
4 frog hops lamb
3 Somersaults H A V F U E I E D I H

To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 19

St. Ephram’s Church
SALE 5400 Hulmeville Rd., Bensalem, PA
20-22 Sportsplex (Basketball Courts)
1331 O'Reilly Drive, Feasterville, PA 17-19
clothing | toys | baby items | decor | MORE
Kids grow fast!
Most budgets don’t.
Shop the children’s resale event where
local families get WAY MORE for less!

Save 50-90% | APRIL 24 -26

SportsPlex at Warminster • 654 York Rd in Warminster 18974
Friday, 4/24 • 9am - 9pm
Saturday, 4/25 • 8am - 5pm
Sunday, 4/26 • 8am - 3pm HALF PRICE SALE!*
*Many items half price. Starred items excluded.
Admission $3 • first day only
All other days are free and children are always free

HUGE Selection + Amazing Prices

✓ Rows of clothing + shoes, newborn to teen
✓ Brand names you LOVE
✓ Strollers + Baby Gear + Carriers
✓ Toys + Books + Electronic Games
✓ Bikes + Outdoor Toys
✓ Nursery Items + More!
shop. sell. save. smart! ™
See Lower Bucks Event Page for pass information and presales.
PreSales for first-time parents/grandparents and teachers too!
Facebook: @JBFLowerBucks
Want to overcome closet chaos and earn $$? Sell your items with us!
Everything at the sale comes from local families. Check online to see how you can register to sell too!


Find Lower Bucks sale on locations tab to get your FREE PASS today!
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The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, better known as PA Cyber, is one of the largest and most experienced
online public schools in the nation. With personalized instruction and top-notch online curriculum, students from
kindergarten through 12th grade are provided a strong educational foundation for life-long success.

PA Cyber students are taught by qualified, state-certified teachers who utilize rich academic content, fully aligned to
all state standards as well as meeting the approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

PA Cyber’s instructional model focuses on its students – who login from all over Pennsylvania. That customized
instructional model recognizes each grade level’s changing developmental stages, all while respecting each
student’s differences and unique abilities. Using this flexible but focused learning model, PA Cyber’s teachers create
a personalized educational program for each student.

Headquartered in Midland, PA Cyber maintains nine regional offices throughout Pennsylvania that serve as hubs for
enrollment, orientation and enrichment.

PA Cyber provides a tuition-free, accredited curriculum with personal access to all relevant technology. Each student
receives a laptop, printer, textbooks and online connectivity, as well as direct access to a dependable and respon-
sive technological support team.

Call (724)643-1180
or visit
to begin your PA Cyber journey.

22 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825

June 15-August 14
Germantown Academy
offers children ages 3 to 16
a diverse, engaging day
camp experience,
competitive sports camps
with GA coaches, and
specialized camps in the
arts, sciences, and
technology. These weekly
camps are at the schoolʼs
beautiful 126-acre campus
in Fort Washington.

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*Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Not valid on previous orders. Online orders only.
Offer Expires 4/30/20