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(U) GULF OF GUINEA/HORN OF AFRICA/SOUTHEAST ASIA: Weekly Piracy Update for 5 - 11 March 2020 ONT INFOGRAPHIC 12 Macc SF reload © Supins sey (BENE S Mar — Crew meme Vp (0) Horm of Ain incidents (4) Southeast Asia Incidents Pt 0} ee Test |B [TRH | 20 [RRO] ete [aon [aes | aa oo | ee [| a ca a eel mel ere [re ee ed ‘ar ce cone | | os eo ae = (U) GULF OF GUINEA/HORN OF AFRICA/SOUTHEAST ASIA: Weekly Piracy Update for 5 - 11 March 2020 ONT INFOGRAPHIC , Gulf of Guinea 1. (U) BOARDING - IVORY COAST: On 7 March at 01507, a robber in a canoe pulled alongside and boarded an offshore tug anchored at the Abidjan Anchorage at 05:16N ~ 004:02€. When the crew noticed the robber, they mustered and searched the vessel, Port Control was notified and a security, boat was sent to investigate, The robber managed to steal a mobile phone before disembarking the tug. ICC) 2.(U) KIDNAPPING - BENIN: On 5 March at 1300Z. 5-6 pirates boarded the underway Greece-flagged product tanker MINERVA VIRGO approximately ‘45 NM south of Cotonou, Benin at 05:36N ~ 002:20E. The pirates managed to kidnap a Filipino crew member before the Benin Navy arrived on the scene, (MDAT-GOG, Dryad Global) 3.(U) BOARDING - NIGERIA: On 5 March at 18307, pirates boarded the Hong Kong lagged general cargo vessel HUANGHAI GLORY approximately 80 NM south of Lagos, Nigeria at 05:02N ~003:286. The crew retreated to the citadel, The pirates disembarked and departed the area before the [Nigerian Navy was able to arrive on the scene. (MDAT-GOG, Gray Page) 4,(U) SUSPICIOUS APPROACH - TOGO: On 5 Match at 07462, 9-10 individuals in ackff approached the chemical tanker Marshall sland-flagged STI BOSPHORUS approximately 50 NM south of Lome, Togo. The STI BOSPHORUS took evasive maneuvers, increased speed, and activated the fre hoses. The skif subsequently broke off the pursuit, (Dryad Glabal, CSO Alliance) Coens (U) No incidents to report. Ene (U) No incidents to report. ioe cy Levels *[U) Attempted Boasin = Close approach or hultohull contact wth report hat boeing paaphernala Were (J) High 5 or mote pac inden in ths one-week period tmpoyed orien te approaching bos. 7 + u)Boarding- Unauthorized embarkation ofa vessel by parson not part ofits complement without sce) (y) Moderate 2-4 pay indents inthis one-week pid taking con! of te vese + uy Fed Upon Weapons dichrged a rtrd vesel 14) Lo: 041 pray incidents inthis one-week period "tupijscting: Unathoraed satu and retention ofa vestel by petzons not pat af ts complement. " ea . + lu) Kidnapping “Unsuthorsed ferete removal ol persons belonging to the vessel Hom {UpRaboey Theft «vest orm persons 4 board the veal 1 1U) Suspioaus Approach Allether uneiplaned actly in dase posit by an uno