Label Creator in KOHA

By Nitesh Rijal Healthnet Nepal

1. Go to KOHA > Tools > Label Creator

There you can see various options. I’ll explain them one by one. Layouts Templates Profiles Batches

2. Layouts
Layouts define what are the content that needs to be showed in the Label. Some may need only barcode, some may need barcode and number while some may need title, barcode and number. So this can be arranged by managing Layouts.

3. Templates
Templates define the size and the looks. Size means the paper size, the label size, no. of labels in one page, rows and columns, border or not, etc. To print a batch you atleast need a layout and a template.

4. Profiles
Profiles are for printers. You can set your printer profile. Some printers act differently in some kind of paper, or sometimes we get barcode printer to print them, so you can set it to your choice. By the way, it is not mandatory to set the printer profile to be able to print the labels.

5. Batches
Batches are the actual thing that we need to print. Batch means a collection of items that can be printed. This process takes a lot of items at once, and prints labels for them as specified by template and layout.

Search items by title, barcode, ISBN etc to add in the batch.

Adding items to batch:

Exporting a batch:

Select the template and layout:

Select the format to export:

Save the file and view it. I have exported in PDF so it looks like this:

The process is almost same for Parton’s Card as well. There instead of items you have to add Patrons. And in Template there are more options to be added. I used having the default template and layout and got the following:

There is an extra option called Manage Images, where you can upload front and back image to put in the parton card.

That’s all for Label Printing in KOHA.

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