Page | 1 Welcome to the innovator of temperature sensitive, colour changing tiles.

Our goal is to provide Mother Nature’s true colour palette to architects, designers, artists and the creative alike. Unlike traditional mediums, ours is alive, constantly morphing through a variety of organic colours and textures. The beauty of our products is experienced by living with it. As in nature, it’s the elements (Air, Fire and Water) that ultimately sculpt and paint the landscape. Capture a part of the outside world and set it free in your next project.

Marketing Management

Page | 2 Introduction
Bringing a new product in to the market is a challenging task. We have to do lot of home work and market research to set a plan, where we want to go, how we want to go there and at last to evaluate, are we there? It sounds simple enough, but in reality it is not a straight forward job. Many new product ideas are conceived every now and then - never to be born because they are not properly introduced to market. To successfully launch new product or service with the efficient use of the available budget, it's essential to focus exclusively on the prospects we believe are most likely to purchase from us. These may be customers who are currently buying something similar and will appreciate the additional features our new product provides.

Marketing Management

Page | 3 Literature Review
Launching a new product is involved with the successful market entry. Urban and Hauser, (1993) stated that “new product launch often requires the largest commitment in time, money, and managerial resources”. Hultink and Hart (1998) proposed that, new products with high levels of advantage should be launched with higher levels of marketing expenditures, and with a higher proportion being aimed at the trade. The breadth of the product line, pricing decisions, and distribution intensity were the key elements described by Biggadike (1979) and Lambkin (1988) for their studies of market entry. The research by Hultink et al. (1997) dealing more specifically with new product launch, showed that “at the tactical level of the launch, the key decision areas essentially consist of the 4Ps”. Hart and Tzokas (2000) stated that, “Price of a new product, at the time of launch, is an element integral to its appeal (or lack of appeal), the price reflects its competitive positioning and for consumers it may be a measure of the product's quality”. Pricing strategy for new products, described by Choffray and Lilien (1984; 1986), and showed that penetration pricing might be necessary from the outset. Public relations, advertising, sales promotion and personal selling as major tools for communicating the new product to the market (Hart and Tzokas, 2000). Lambkin (1988) suggested that total advertising expenditures have been shown to have an impact on performance in the market entry. The study of Cooper (1984) and Yoon and Lilien (1985) showed that the market with a high potential growth having few competitors are more often the target markets for successful new products. Craig and Hart, (1992) Montoya-Weiss and Calantone, (1994) showed that product advantage as an important explanatory variable in new product success. A successful product launching involves brand positioning. Doyle (1992) mentioned that branding can only be successful if built on clear product differentiations and advantages.

Marketing Management

Page | 4 Company’s Profile
Over the years, the company has gone through an important geographical expansion in both urban and rural regions. The opening of branches throughout the island (in Rodrigues Island) reflects Courts philosophy of being a “people” store by bringing the stores closer to the population and decentralizing its operations. To date we have 25 showrooms in Mauritius (including 6 Telecell stores), 1 Clearance Centre in Abercrombie – Sainte Croix and 1 store in Rodrigues Island. Following the world wide rebranding strategy of the group, Courts revolutionised the retailing business in the country with the introduction of hire purchase facilities on a mass scale. The length of the repayment period was longer than that offered by any other companies then and consequently the amount of the monthly instalments was much lower and more affordable. Such payment options offered by Courts created a wave of dynamism in the economy and enabled many Mauritian household (especially low income earners) to acquire goods which they could not afford to pay cash. Courts has played a major role in the evolution of the Mauritian lifestyle and contributed in raising the standard of living in Mauritius. Quality products at lowest prices on the market dovetailed with the best credit facilities and service has been the winning formula of Courts throughout the years. The Company is constantly striving to respond to customers’ needs and expectations. This has enabled Courts Mauritius to remain the No 1 retailer on the market over the years. The principal activity of the Company consists of retailing household furniture, furnishings, home appliances, audiovisual equipment, information technology products, gym equipment, bicycles, mopeds, etc. Over the years we have been upgrading the merchandise ranges with greatly enhanced displays and the introduction of a new line of furniture, the ‘Studio 20/20 Collection’ which is a contemporary furniture range. We have also introduced new departments at Phoenix like Finishing Touch specialising in floor covering (especially laminate flooring), lightings, blinds and Quincaillerie Centrale consisting of sanitary wares, ceramic tiles & bathroom accessories.

Marketing Management

Page | 5
Courts Stores
We have 25 showrooms in Mauritius, 1 Clearance Centre in Abercrombie – Sainte Croix and 1 store in Rodrigues. Courts Bell Village Courts Rose Hill Courts Curepipe Courts Quatre Bornes Courts Phoenix Courts Chemin Grenier Courts Mahebourg Courts Rose Belle Courts Flacq Courts Goodlands Courts Riche Terre Courts Triolet Courts Rivière du Rempart Courts Port Louis Courts Rivière des Anguilles Courts St. Pierre Courts Lallmatie Courts Telecell Courts Rodrigues Courts Red Hot Clearance Centre Courts Central Warehouse

Marketing Management

Page | 6 The Company’s Mission and Vision Statement
Vision Statement
“A competitive and customer focused retail business generating sustained superior returns for its stakeholders.”

Mission Statement
“We aim to add value to people’s lives everyday.”

Our Core Values
Leadership Collaboration Customer Focus Integrity Results Orientated Initiative & Innovative

Marketing Management

Page | 7 History of Courts
The company started trading in Mauritius in June 1985 under the name of “Mammouth” with a store at Brabant Street in Bell Village. The name “Mammouth” conveyed the image of a big and powerful company. This name was chosen since Mauritians were more accustomed to French and also to reflect the size of the first showroom at Bell Village. Courts Mauritius Ltd was owned by Courts Plc which was the holding company of Courts Group of Companies in England. In July 2001, the company changed its name to ‘Courts’ following a worldwide rebranding strategy of the group. In December 2005, the company was bought by British American Investment Co. Ltd.

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Page | 8 About the Product
The product is under the brand name of Magic Tiles. The product is colour changing or “thermo chromic” tiles that changes colour with respect to the temperature of the environment. Thus these tiles in an air-conditioned room will have different colours than in a well heated room while creating a continuous 'colour transition'. These tiles can also change colour due to interaction, such as touching, rubbing or even by breathing on it. They could be used in variety of locations to create different visual atmospheres depending on the environment. This Product already exists in the markets of US, but has not yet been introduced in Mauritius. These colour changing tiles are made out of ceramic and incorporating latest Italian Technology. The different types of tiles which are available are: • • • • Wall Tiles Floor Tiles Vitrified Tiles Roof Tiles

The product is used for different purposes. They are mainly categorized as follows: • • • • • • Kitchen Bathroom Office Bedroom Party Hall Roofing Magic Tiles enable a whole new dimension in design with glass and tile elements in palette-coordinating and ever-changing colorations. Virtually any colours may be formulated to achieve a wide range of visual effects. Desired "activation" temperatures may be specified, in design ranges from 32°F to 120°F. Results are waterproof in both opaque and translucent configurations. Colour is reactive to all temperature influences including water, steam, air,

Marketing Management

Page | 9
radiant and touch. For indoor and outdoor applications direct exposure to ultraviolet light may be facilitated with approved ultraviolet (UV) filtering product. Size, thickness, shape and all required fabrications may be specified.

Product Logo

The logo is a replica of the colour-changing tiles. It is a colour palette with the brand name lying on it. Therefore, the identification of the product will be through the logo which.


The motto of the product Magic Tiles is “Brings Colour To Your Life”.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 10 Features of the Product
The various features of this product are mentioned below: 1. These tiles can change colour according to the changes in temperature of the external environment. 2. The product is designed and customized according to the needs of the customer. 3. Magic Tiles are hard and durable. 4. Extremely resistant to stains & dirt. 5. Tiles are easy to install and maintain. 6. Magic Tiles can be used to decorate the interiors of residential and commercial projects. 7. They can endure heavy foot traffic observed by the kitchens and bathrooms. 8. The beauty and texture of these tiles are beyond expectations and they come in mesmerizing colours and designs that presents a wonderful look to any decor. 9. Magic Tiles come with twin advantages of being decorative and useful, making the customer choice of tiles both stylish and a smart one indeed. Being extremely versatile, these tiles create a wide range of options for installations and they provide the best solution for homeowners. 10. Magic Tiles - A product with incredible durability may be the best option for people who are keen in installing them for refreshed and unique surroundings for their home.

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P a g e | 11 How the product works?
All products are available in a variety of temperature ranges, allowing customization to your specific applications. The maximum temperature range for our “Liquid” line is -30°C (22°F) to 120°C (248°F). Colour change will begin at selected activation temperature, and continue through three phases within a 6-10° rise in temperature. Once past the peak in temperature, the base colour will then returns and remain unvarying until the temperature drops. This product is unique due to its ability to change colour and or image through any kind of change in temperature. Examples are human touch, a change in ambient temperature, warm/cold water; anywhere a heat or cold source is present. In addition, it can be designed in any size, colour/colours, and multiple activation temperatures. The base colour can also be colour matched to virtually any colour imaginable.

The basic layout of

the Tile

The tiles are similar to like other tiles but with an inbuilt mechanism. The tile will be of 0.85 inches in width and 25x25 cms. It is divided into two layers. The basic layout of a tile is in transparent colour (which is common to every tile).

Marketing Management

P a g e | 12

The layer covered with thermo sensitive material The first layer will have black body heat sensitive outer layer i.e. along the edges of the Tile ,which will be set to the room temperature of 250 C(fixed value) & along it a colour pigment is painted (i.e. to the edges ) so that with the minimum heat the colour will reflect on the transparent tile & thus the tile will look as per that colour . The second layer will have the heat sensitive layer along the edges so if any change in temperature i.e. any (+/-) 5 0 C will act as detector & then the colour pigment along the layer i.e. the outer edge will reflect on the transparent tile & then the tile will look as per the colour. (The overall tile is covered with transparent colour i.e. protected with synthetic cover)

Marketing Management

P a g e | 13 Product Lines
Currently we have five product lines: Northern Lights, Liquid, Watercolours, Tye-Dye and Living Art. We recommend ordering a sample prior to placing an order to explore the potential of our product. Warranty Please remember that these are living tiles and variations will occur daily and over time. Because of the dynamic quality of these glass tiles there is no way to predict the length of time they will change colour. What we do know is that in an indoor environment Magic Tiles has been witnessed as exceeding 7 years. However, because every application is different we offer a 1 year warranty on all workmanship of each tile, and its ability to change colour. Every tile is hand made. Chips, cracks, bubbles and irregularities are inherent and part of the beauty of each tile. Because these tiles are made upon ordering there are no returns.

Product Specs
There are many factors you must consider when designing your environment with our colour changing tiles. What can influence change in colour There are many elements that can influence change in colour. These are just a few that should be considered before you begin your design. 1. Geographic Location 2. Day vs. Night 3. Size of Space: Width, Depth, Height 4. Exterior or Interior Walls 5. Ambient Temperature

Marketing Management

P a g e | 14
6. Type of Heat Applied: Radiant, Water, Steam, etc. 7. Length of Time Heat is Applied 8. Intensity of the Heat 9. Thickness of Glass 10. Distance From Heat Source

Physical Specs
All of our lines come on 4"x4"x3/8" thick glass tiles. Every piece is hand made and unique. Our glass has been rated for floors, walls and counters. We do offer other sizes as well as trim pieces. All Magic Tiles products are available in different temperature sensitivity ranges. We can predetermine the reactive temperature threshold upon request. Acceptable setting and grouting materials: 1. Setting Systems: - Custom Building Products: MegaFlex Ultimate Thin-Set Mortar. No admixture is necessary. Laticrete: 254 Platinum Multipurpose Thin-Set Mortar. No admixture necessary. Mapel: Kerabond Premium Dry-Set Mortar (KER 102) mixed with Keralastic Mortar Admix (KER 310). 2. Grout: Custom Building Products: Prism SureColor Grout Laticrete: 1500 Series Tile Grout or equivalent Mapel: Ker 200 Series and Ker 700 Ultra/Color

Marketing Management

P a g e | 15
Custom Glass
Our custom glass, combines Magic Tiles’ Liquid line and textured architectural glass panels, to further empower you with another dimension of design. From textured glass to one of kind architectural pieces, we can help personalize and enhance your environment like never before. Choose your texture, colour and temperature range and we will give life to your project.

Living Art™

Marketing Management

P a g e | 16
Living Art™ is a collaboration of efforts. Living Art™ is inspired by nature, designed by Magic Tiles, and brought to life by Bob Tonjes. This line will appeal to customers looking to personalize their application. These creations are living pieces of art, custom made to order and one of a kind. Living Art™ is created by using a “reverse art” technique.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 17
Tye Dye™
Tye Dye™ is directly inspired by the psychedelic, unpredictable metamorphosis through colour infusion. Available in three base colours, Tye Dye™ is unique due to its volatile nature, perfect for a truly breath-taking presentation. The distinctive appearance of Tye Dye™ will capture the attention of even the most abstract tastes, and innovative design concepts.

Tye Dye™in Red

Tye Dye™ Color Variations Example of the variations of color as the tile warms up. Purple Tye Dye™ tile shown.

Tye Dye™ is available in three base colors: Purple, Red, and Blue

Marketing Management

P a g e | 18
Liquid™ is the latest addition to the Magic Colours product lines. Inspired by the beauty of water, Liquid™ has a very organic feel. Offered in ten base colours, these tiles have a wide range of colour changing ability. Liquid™ is currently produced on 4” x 4” glass tiles. However, alternate sizes are available as well as custom pieces upon request such as water features and architectural glass.

Liquid™ Colour Variations Redondo Beach Shower Example of the variations of colour as the tile warms up. Liquid Red tile shown. Liquid™ is available in the following ten base colours. Black, Red, Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Grey, Dark Orange, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Tan

Marketing Management

P a g e | 19
Northern Lights™
Inspired by the stunning Northern Lights of Alaska, this line features 4 x 4 glass tiles that appear black at room temperature and move through the colour spectrum when temperature (warm water, radiant heat, etc.) is applied. The moving colour is dynamic to the temperature of the heating agent.

Northern Lights™ Colour Variations Results may vary.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 20
Watercolours™ is a unique Magic Tiles line closely resembling the luminous quality of water colour. The tiles shift from a base coat of colour to colourless when exposed to heat. These 4 x 4 glass tiles are currently available in 8 colours. The colour change is “reversible,” i.e., the original colour will be restored upon cooling.

Watercolours™ Colour Variations Example of the variations of colour as the tile warms up. Purple tile shown.

Watercolours™ is available in 8 colours. Black, Red, Purple, Orange, Blue, Magenta, Dark Green, Aqua

Touch Sensitive™

Marketing Management

P a g e | 21
You asked and we delivered! These ceramic tiles are fully interactive and Touch Sensitive™ As recently featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, our touch sensitive designs can be used on walls, ceilings or furniture. They also are used for interactive displays in office buildings, as business logos, in schools and museums. Offered in 10 different base colours, our unique medium will highlight any project. Custom letters and images are also available by request.

Touch Sensitive™ Colour Variations Caribbean Ice variations of colour as the tile warms up.

Touch Sensitive™ is available in these ten base colours. Root Beer Float, Purpleicious, Never Evergreen, Purple Rain, Hot Apple Cider, Midnight Rainbow, Ouch!, Caribbean Ice, Tequila Sunrise, Kiwi Kandy Magic Tiles’ Organic Line

Marketing Management

P a g e | 22
Our new ever-changing Organic Line of Decos and Liners. These living designs will change how you look at artistic glass tile forever. Organic Line Details Organic Decos Sizes are approximately 4x4x1/2” and are sold two to a set. Organic Liners Sizes are approximately 3x8x1/2” and are sold two to a set. Average cost for a standard five foot enclosure retails less than a thousand dollars. That’s approximately ten linear feet of glass which equals about 16 pieces of liners. In addition, the Decos can be used by themselves or in conjunction with the liners throughout the enclosure for added effect. These artistic pieces blend beautifully with other natural materials such as glass, ceramic, natural stone and wood. A variety of colours will be experienced throughout each day and all through the year. Even though our designs are recommended for most any interior design the following are a few popular design styles that are recommended.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 23

Marketing Management

P a g e | 24 SWOT Analysis
SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In which, Strengths and weaknesses are related with internal environment of the organization and opportunities and threats are related with external environment of the organization.

• • • • • • • • Competitive pricing Excellent Distribution Network Variety of Designs & Sizes Relationship with Intermediaries

Limited Market Share Limited knowledge of customers

Less number of competitors Emerging Market Large untapped market Use of new technology

Indirect Competitors New Entrants

Marketing Management

P a g e | 25 Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle Stages: Product Life Cycle means the changes in the sales volume of the product over the life the product. In market there is always ups and downs are present because this is a dynamic world. Every thing will have to finish after certain time period, by finishing their life, so the life cycle of Magic Tile is.

We define a product as anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs. This definition includes both physical products e.g. cars, washing machines, DVD players as well as services e.g. insurance, banking, private health care. Business should manage their products carefully over time to ensure that they deliver products that continue to meet customer wants. The process of managing groups of brands and product lines is called portfolio planning. The stages through which individual products develop over time are called Product Life Cycle. The classic product life cycle has four stages.

We expect the Magic Tiles to progress through a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity, and decline. This sequence is known as the product life cycle and is associated with changes in the marketing situation, thus impacting the marketing strategy and the marketing mix.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 26
The product revenue and profits can be plotted as a function of the life-cycle stages as shown in the graph below:

Marketing Management

P a g e | 27
At the introduction stage market size and growth is slight. It is possible that substantial research and development cost have been incurred in getting the product to this stage. In addition, marketing costs may be high in order to test the market, undergo launch promotion and set up distribution channels. It is highly unlikely that companies will make profits on products at the introduction stage. Products at this stage have to be carefully monitored to ensure that they start to grow. Otherwise the best option may be to withdraw or end the product. The impact on the marketing mix is as follows: • • • • Product branding and quality level is established and intellectual property protection such as patents and trademarks are obtained. Pricing may be low penetration pricing to build market share rapidly, or high skim pricing to recover development costs. Distribution is selective until consumers show acceptance of the product. Promotion is aimed at innovators and early adopters. Marketing communications seeks to build product awareness and to educate potential consumers about the product. A. Introduction Stage Sales grow slowly Create awareness High production costs Frequent product modification Skimming pricing High failure rate, Profit is minimal or negative Stimulate trial Limited product models Penetration pricing Little competition High marketing costs

Promotion strategy focuses on primary demand for the product category developing product awareness Informing about product benefits.

Intensive personal selling to retailers and wholesalers is required.


Marketing Management

P a g e | 28
The growth stage is characterized by rapid growth in sales and profits. Profits arise due to an increase in output [economies of sales] and possibly better prices. At this stage, it’s cheaper for business to inset in increasing their market share as well as enjoying the overall growth of the market. Accordingly, significant promotional resources are traditionally invested in products that are firmly in the growth stage. In the growth stage, the firm seeks to build brand preference and increase market share. • • • • Product quality is maintained and additional features and support services may be added. Pricing is maintained as the firm enjoys increasing demand with little competition. Distribution channels are added as demand increases and customers accept the product. Promotion is aimed at a broader audience.

B. Growth Stage Characteristics Sales grow at an increasing rate. Large companies may acquire small pioneering firms. Promotion emphasis heavy brand advertising Gaining wider distribution is a key goal Toward the end of this stage prices normally fall Development costs have been recovered Profits reach their peak. Sales volume has created economies of scale. Differences between brands. Many competitors enter the market. Profits are healthy

Marketing Management

P a g e | 29
The maturity stage is perhaps the most common stage; it is in this stage that competition is most intense as companies fight to maintain their market share. Here both marketing and finance becomes key activities. Marketing spend has to be monitored carefully, since any significant moves are likely to be copied by competitors. The maturity stage is the time when most profit is earned by the market as a whole. At this stage, the strong growth in sales diminishes. Competition may appear with similar products like the ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles. The primary objective at this point is to defend market share while maximizing profit. Magic Tiles has not yet enters in maturity stage.

• • • •

Product features may be enhanced to differentiate the product from that of competitors. Pricing may be lower because of the new competition. Distribution becomes more intensive and incentives may be offered to encourage preference over competing products. Promotion emphasizes product differentiation.

C. Maturity Stage Sales continue to increase but at a decreasing rate Annual models of many products Product lines are widened or extended Heavy promotions to both the dealers and consumers are required. The marketplace is approaching saturation An emphasis on product style rather than function Marginal competitors begin dropping out of the market. Prices and profits begin to fall.


Marketing Management

P a g e | 30
In the decline stage the market is shrinking, reducing the overall amount of profit that can be shared amongst the remaining competitors. At thus stage great care has to be taken to manage the product carefully. It may be possible to take out some production cost, to transfer production to cheaper facility, sell the product into other cheaper market. Care should be taken to control the amount of stocks of the product. Magic Tiles is a brand name, but the company, that is, Court (Mauritius) Ltd is not in decline stage because their sale increases day by day. As sales decline, the firm has several options: • • • Maintain the product, possibly rejuvenating it by adding new features and finding new uses. Harvest the product - reduce costs and continue to offer it, possibly to a loyal niche segment. Discontinue the product, liquidating remaining inventory or selling it to another firm that is willing to continue the product. D. Decline Stage
Signaled by a long-run drop in sales. The rate of decline is governed by How rapidly consumer tastes change or How rapidly substitute products are adopted. Strategies Deletion. Harvesting To prevent slipping into decline Falling demand forces many competitors out of the market A few small specialty firms may still manufacture the product.

Dropping a product from the company’s product line, is the most drastic strategy. Company retains the product but reduces marketing support Promote more frequent use of the product by current customers o Find new target markets for the product o Find new uses for the product o Price the product below the market o Develop new distribution channels o Add new ingredients o Delete old ingredients
o o

Make a dramatic new guarantee

The marketing mix decisions in the decline phase will depend on the selected strategy.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 31
For example, the product may be changed if it is being rejuvenated, or left unchanged if it is being harvested or liquidated. The price may be maintained if the product is harvested, or reduced drastically if liquidated. In reality Magic Tiles may not follow such a prescriptive cycle. The length of each stage varies enormously. The decisions of marketers can change the stage, for example from maturity to decline by price-cutting. It is not easy to tell which stage the product is in.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 32 Market Research
Objective: • • To determine the customer awareness level, particularly for new users of tiles. In depth study on the dealer network of various tiles manufacturers.

Type of Research Exploratory and descriptive experimental research Managers need information in order to introduce products and services that create value in the mind of the customer. But the perception of value is a subjective one, and what customers value this year may be quite different from what they value next year. As such, the attributes that create value cannot simply be deduced from common knowledge. Rather, data must be collected and analyzed. The goal of marketing research is to provide the facts and direction that managers need to make their more important marketing decisions. To maximize the benefit of marketing research, those who use it need to understand the research process and its limitations. Marketing Research Approach: Developing approach consists of assessing market research skills, establishing a budget, understanding environment and its influencing factors, developing an analysis model, and formulating hypotheses. Problem Definition: Undergoing a marketing research to launch the product Magic Tiles and to assess whether the market would accept the product or not. Research Design: Cross Sectional studies are used under Descriptive Research. Cross-sectional studies sample the population to make measurements at a specific point in time.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 33
Research Instrument and Data type: Primary Data is collected by Questionnaire. Secondary Data is collected from the internet. Questionnaire Design: The questionnaire is an important tool for gathering primary data. Poorly constructed questions can result in large errors and invalidate the research data, so significant effort is put into the questionnaire design. The questionnaire is tested thoroughly prior to conducting the survey. Sampling Plan: In general, the sample size decision must be made on a case-by-case basis, considering the variety of goals to be achieved by a particular study and taking into account numerous other aspects of the research design. The size of a sample depends upon the basic characteristics of the population. If there is complete homogeneity, a sample size of 1 would be sufficient, while a larger sample is obviously required where the required characteristics display wide heterogeneity. One of the ways of dealing with heterogeneity is to break the population into sub-groups or strata, which display homogeneity among the sample units. This is known as stratified (random) sampling, which is statistically more efficient than simple random sampling. We need sampling from a larger population, as in, a city, where we require a complete list of all the households in the city from which we randomly select a given sample, subject to certain characteristics such as age, income etc., which might be set as "quotas". It is also necessary to ensure that the smallest sub-group or stratum should contain "sufficient" sampling units so that accurate and reliable estimates can be found of the population stratum.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 34 Marketing Mix
The Marketing Mix is the set of marketing tools that work together to affect the market. The four elements of the Mix are, of course the Product itself; the Price at which it is offered for sale in the market; the Place or how the product is distributed; and the Promotion which brings the product to the attention of the customers, arouses his/her interest, builds up the desire for the product and finally moves him/her to act /purchase the product.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 35

Magic Tiles is a unique and stylish medium for coverage of floors and walls in the interior as well as exteriors. (1) Residential: It is used in gardens, home lobbies, lounges, drawing and dining, living, bed and bathrooms. (2) Commercial: It is used in offices, showrooms, shops, plazas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals, sport complexes and swimming pools. Quality of product: “Magic Tiles” are completely homogenized which means that the colour the texture and the veins run throughout the thickness of the body just like the natural stone. Unlike what is available in the unorganized market in the name of ceramic tiles, the colours, design of these colours changing Magic Tiles are not superficial. So from the years of research and using latest Italian technology Master Granite Tile is a gift for those people for those who want to upgrade their life style to make their life more beautiful. Some unique features of Magic Tiles are: • Stain Resistance: It is easy to clean and offers complete chemical resistance due to extremely compact homogenous superior surface.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 36
• Scratch Resistance:

Its solid and compact body protects tile from scratches. • 0% Absorption:

No pores throughout the tile thickness, extremely compact. This is even true for areas that have been subject to abrasion. • Maximum Range of Colour and Sizes:

It offers a big list of different sizes (3 sizes) and colours (mixtures and glazes of colours). • Maximum Strength:

It is pressed by hydraulic pressure with force into compact uniform tile. Dried and fired at a temperature of 125oC bringing them into one solid and compact body. •

Fine Edges:

Cutting of these hard tiles is done by special diamond blades. That makes laying of tiles very easy and adds beauty to architecture.


Marketing Management

P a g e | 37

“Magic Tiles” are set at relatively high prices for their products as compare to other players in the tile industry. Prices are set a bit high according to the good quality of the product. “Magic Tiles” has a complete range of product line and the prices vary between different product types. Pricing strategies There are several pricing strategies that a business can use: Cost-based pricing – this can either simply covers costs or include an element of profit. It focuses on the product and does not take account of consumers. Penetration price – an initial low price to ensure that there is a high volume of purchases and market share is quickly won. This strategy encourages consumers to develop a habit of buying. Price skimming – an initial high price for a unique product encouraging those who want to be ‘first to buy’ to pay a premium price. This strategy helps a business to gain maximum revenue before a competitor’ product reaches the market. Since we are the first to pioneer the trading of this new tile which combines both luxury and technological innovation, we are therefore adopting the price skimming strategy because there are no direct competitors which provide the same product.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 38

“Magic Tiles” has a big distribution network in all over the country. They have divided the local market into different zones. Each zone has its own head office and is responsible for marketing activities in that zone. “Magic Tiles” distribute the product through its dealers in different cities. These dealers work on agreement basis. Each dealer is given target sales. After achieving a target sales discounts are offered to these dealers. These dealers only sell “Magic Tiles” products. However these dealers also sell the product to the small local retailers which sell multi brands under one roof. These retailers may have some cheaper brand as well as some imported brands. Now “Magic Tiles” has started to establish its own display centres in major cities. These display centres have not products to sell but just work as to show and provides the information about the product.

Distribution Strategies
Movement of goods and services from the source through the distribution channel, right up to the final consumer, or user and the movement of payment in the opposite direction, right up to the original producer or supplier. Chanel of Distribution: A distribution channel can be as short as being direct from the vendor to the consumer or may include several inter-connected (usually independent but mutually dependent) intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, agents, retailers. Each intermediary got the items at one pricing point and moves it to the next higher pricing point until it reaches the final buyer also called channel of distribution or marketing channel.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 39

The accomplishment of our objectives to create awareness about our product and to get desired market share will be possible through our promotional efforts. Our promotional efforts will help to attract the existing market of traditional tiles, but also create interest in new groups of people. The promotion tactics have been designed keeping in view the trends of the target market and the modes which are best suited to reach them. “Magic Tiles” use different promotion tools to promote their product. Like advertising, exhibitions and seminars.

Promotional Mix: The following tools will be used to undertake our promotion campaign: • • • • Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Direct Marketing

We will advertise using television, radio, newspapers, distributing magazine placed in newspapers, and as well as on billboards.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 40
Television: To advertise the Magic Tiles, we have selected the national television broadcaster, which is the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to target potential customers. Special emphasis has been given on the week when the ‘Salon de la Maison et Jardin’ is held. Radio: We have not neglected to pursue our promotional campaigns by broadcasting advertisements on radio to create awareness and to impact on potential buyers. At this stage, our choice was on Radio Plus, which is the radio with the highest audience poll. Newspaper: L’Express, Le Mauricien and Le Défi Quotidien are the three newspapers toping the number of releases daily and same for Le Défi Plus, Week End and 5-Plus, which are weeklies. For the day of product launch and starting from the second week of December there will be full page colour advertisements in all these six above-mentioned newspapers. Magazines: We will also proceed with our awareness campaign by publishing a full page colour advertisement in distributing magazines placed in the L’Express newspapers, namely Panorama. There will also be an informative reporting on “Magic Tiles”. Billboard: 20 billboards which are implanted throughout the motorway have been chosen to promote the “Magic Tiles” and the duration of display will be for a period not exceeding a month.

Public Relations
Building good relation with our clients is essential to impose ourselves in the market. These public relations will be built by organising exhibitions in hypermarkets like Jumbo, Winners, Super U and Shoprite. Taking into consideration of the traffic of people to and from these hypermarkets, this will not only help in creating good public relations but also create awareness among the public.

Sales Promotion
Sales promotions are non-personal promotional efforts that are designed to have an immediate impact on sales. Media and non-media marketing communications are employed for a predetermined limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability. Courts (Mauritius) Ltd is promoting its product using these kinds of

Marketing Management

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promotional techniques

Direct Marketing
Direct marketing is an important entity in our promotional mix. Presently with the economic boom which has hit our country and with the view of attaining two million tourists in 2015, investors are investing in Real Estates Schemes (RES) and Integrated Resorts Schemes (IRS) and existing hotels are being renovated and new hotels are mushrooming. The important fact is that they themselves seek products from the best possible providers, products which are of good quality and which is luxurious. Our sales people will approach new investors and hotels executives and build relations with them. Another technique we will use is sending catalogues thus communicating ourselves directly with the most potential group of our market. These mails will give details of our new product. Exhibitions We plan to participate in the exhibitions like ‘Le Salon de la Maison et du Jardin’. This is where we can exhibit our product and find the range of customers without huge cost involved into it. This will also collect the information of the list of clients who are involved in construction, like builders, contractors or even individuals. Our representatives give a presentation there and provide the information about the product. Seminars “Magic Tiles” also held some seminars for providing the information. In these seminars business customers are invited. Like Builders and contractors. In these seminars the information about the brand is provided to the customers. Preparing Professional Brochures A very attractive professional brochure is prepared to target the interior designers and the building contractors. The major decision makers of our product are these group of people. The brochure will contain the technical details of the product. Convincing these groups of people will push our product very easily into the market.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 42 Segmentation
Segmentation Market is the processing which dividing a market in to distinct group of buyers on the basis of needs characteristics or behave who might requires separate products or marketing mixing. Market consist of buyers and buyers differs in one or more ways they may differing their wants, resources, locations, buying attitude and buying practice. Courts (Mauritius) Ltd. divides his market in to following segments: • • • Demographic segmentation Geographic segmentation Psychographic segmentation

Demographic Segmentation Demographic segmentation is dividing the market in to groups based on demographic variables such as: • • • • • • Age Gender Education Income Family size Occupation Social class

Courts (Mauritius) Ltd. introduces their product for upper class, upper middle class and middle class. In other words Courts (Mauritius) Ltd. produces and imports its products for almost everyone.

Marketing Management

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Geographic segmentation Geographic segmentation is dividing the market in to different geographical units such as. • • Region Density

This is all about the segmentation of Courts (Mauritius) Ltd. Courts (Mauritius) Ltd. acts a onestop-shop in urban as well as rural areas, constituting of electrical appliances, furniture, IT equipment, jewelleries and now tiles. Segmentation basically depends upon the following: • • Population of that area Living standards of people

Levels of Market Segmentation There are three levels of market segmentations • • • Mass marketing Segment marketing Niche marketing

Mass Marketing Courts (Mauritius) Ltd. go for the mass marketing because the availability of the product is very extensive. Therefore, there are no boundaries present. Coming to our Magic Tiles, it has segmented the target market on the basis of the need of customers. We have divided the market into low to high end market. But we are mostly focus on high end market segment. We provide different type of tiles with different price ranges. Especially for high end market segment they produce high quality products with high prices and for middle end market segment they produce products with relatively low prices and low quality as compared to the high end market. So Magic Tiles produce different quality products with different prices for different market segments.

Marketing Management

P a g e | 44 Targeting
Market targeting is the process of evaluating each market segment’s attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter. Market targeting depends upon the financial positioning of company. If company is strong financially then he must go for market targeting. Shell in Pakistan produces verities of products. All these products are available urban as well as rural area. In our case, tiles have become an essential part for the decoration of our residential and commercial buildings. So our target market is that people who can afford and who want to make their lives worth living by using these tiles and who focus on beauty as well as luxury and style and design. So company main target market is upper middle class and elite class because lower middle class and poor class customers can not buy tiles. Targeting strategies is the selection of the customers you wish to service. Including; • • • • How many segments to targets Which segment to target How many product to offer Which product to offer in which segments

There are three steps to targeting • • • Market quality Target choice Product positioning

Targeting strategy decision is influenced by • • • • • Market maturity Diversity of buyers need The companies size Strength of the competition The volume of sales requires for profitability

Marketing Management

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Positioning is the process of arranging of product to occupy clear distinct and desirable place related to competing products in the minds of target consumer. Courts (Mauritius) Ltd lies its growth stage in the market and its expansion is the proof of its growth and success.. Now gradually with the increase of growth rate is expands its products line and also its distributions. The positioning which Magic Tiles want to produce in the mind of customers is that they will provide them high quality and stylish products to improve their life style and make their life easy and beautiful.

High Price

Magic Tiles Low Quality High Quality

Low Price

Marketing Management

P a g e | 46 Conclusion
After studying and analysing the market thoroughly, we can deduce that the timing of launch of the Magic Tiles is appropriate in the sense that the construction sector has reached its cruising speed and together with the boom in the real estate sector, we will grab this golden opportunity to promote the Magic Tiles and to make it a best selling product in the construction. We have no doubt about gaining a reasonable market share for the Magic Tiles and the latter will bring a new way of seeing luxury, with a touch of technology. Combining both luxury and technology, we get another wonder of the world, another wonder of our everyday life.

Marketing Management

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“A competitive and customer focused retail business generating sustained superior returns for its stakeholders.” .................................................................................................................6 The motto of the product Magic Tiles is “Brings Colour To Your Life”......................................9 Features of the Product................................................................................................................10 ....................................................................................................................................................21 ....................................................................................................................................................23 SWOT Analysis...........................................................................................................................24 Opportunities Threats.........................................................................................................24


Marketing Management

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