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We created the “Apocalypse theme lat August when we were feeling the ereeps ‘ofniiste dread, butin an ironic twist of ate, tbeame much ‘more pressing than we had envisioned. Skating under the deadline of eanceling all in person University activites, our editors brought their al and now strive to keep you entertained while we practice socal 19, fvanpone with ay soto eld has reason to Say home The day vealed Twas sik, the ist posible ‘on of community transmis in Toronto was Snnouneed [41 this pit is expecte o {Spread oasis proportion the population fa]. Good behaviour onthe prt of Fndiiduals el help conta the epidemts, but ‘scoming ether way. Some people present as amoral dty fora ouphing perton tie melo ayia but {deed fo enter shared space {should fomeho gt my ands on one of the increasing scarce medical mass. Lack Five oemmate wo ad for some reas sed a bunch of them a ea ag. 1s ‘hid even to pou wearing eras, ‘ingle aa ik peraon. reac some eo were afraid toe near me stared to fel Freier tis now known that 2 person can transmit the ‘ras whe completly asymptomatic feeling nating st lo oft dary a ee ms {geare erpecilly ely tobe asymptomatic ‘aire: lyon woul be ssid to stand near me tow, you woud be wise o raise similar concern ‘overall the peopl around sou wth no cough tnd noma. Any of hose people could bee fpredder, You ould have theirs and neve bow i unless you got ested. This sw in ibel and i aly est Just kek people being You maybe saving to yourself at his point: "Wot, that efuced! Where do ge ested?” ‘The ability ofthe average person in Toronto to se tstd isl ery mie. My boss who fey was under the Impression that eld pt tested ona walkin ‘bss at Health and Welles Thad heard "asthing about tbat broke self qsarantine this morning tose ft was tru It wasn, ‘Thomaron sai ha, wanted to get est haveto goto the H ‘There I could possi fora couple hours ong sbunch of ery and sick people Seriya, og at [Bard and tying not to cough get ake if have {ravelled (30) and havea ever (no) wit he plication that Tm ot ally 2 worthy ‘anit for tet and then Td manage to tested, wold veto wit several day fo 2 Test Beings young and atively healthy person I would pray better in that tie, Frtthe whole point of the tes for me sto igure ‘out whether oF ot ma cari fewer paces inthe coming days or weeks. dnt low of nyt be established in he ental pat ofthe cy. The nearest planned site TIO * a osenow This mas bey last ise as eitor of Polis: | Fsteenanhanurto wie fron gee Te wit POLITIC ‘Special Coronavirus Edition ‘of lb in East York somewhere along Conwell {afsottooks ke, acd a teat soon, TT hae {oapend at lest 20 minutes on dens packed public transit tying nt to breathe to dose to anyone. ‘The East York centre wil apparent begin wth a capacity of 20-90 patients a day ands ‘apeted to havea max capacity of 150 patents (day. The number of cases png to reas ‘sponentlly in Canada Alto people sre ring to wat to ge tested, Do you remember when MeDonald brought ‘ackthe Sechan Save to please Rick nd ‘Mors watchers but they didnt make enough lands bunch of nerds ated at MeDonlds Testaurent al ove the U.S. Imagine bow much tngrier people wil be when there's shortage of ‘something that actully matters. These ‘seesent contre sre enoush Why ion thor testing avaiable at Health & Welles? Ive been sein international dents wearing mass fr almost 2 months tow Some of shave wate opt este fara ood wile ‘The governments knowlege of COVID in our ‘hy province & county fgg to stay well ‘chind unt testing wid aden ‘Stcesule Tm sick ow and I wat to knoe hy por ean, anes [fall serous, Misinformation & Denialism Acouple weeks ago Isa that video ofa dad ‘ged man nan confident leking the side of ‘Shrine in Qo the epicentre ofthe pandemic in “nef th worst-afetedsovtres the wold. safe no, he assured ewer, becuse he ted the vius off for you ‘Apparent hero ben rete fet ‘maximum sentence of 2 years inal and 74 Techs, et he who hs not the frst lish, Ty. His video probly did more to make vate the bath ce than to normalize (despite his stenion) “bat the government roecatinghim has engaged in sbarcless enact the cost oft east hundreds and probably actually thousands, f human ives. ‘There aren't alot af shrines to kissin Toon, but heft remain that some people tet the disease Ikea joke For some thisavaves Sensational Joining nthe mass pac and pretending the Hack Deaths comings ecting {and makes you fe important ther people vain the thea. tthe heat, {hisattade ate more roa. You may have heard people ay CoV ID jut hea Comin old iin fac, theca tht hee Sremony coronairses aod most of them are Spy thought ofa" re You may also have heard people sty CoVID is Thea fv. Itslikea a, insome was. The ds avirus most people ately pa attention to bet ‘whlch can be daly for vulnerable poplatons. ike #o,000 people nthe United Sates the season of 2047185: for compara the bomber of onfrmed CaViD39 eats ‘worldwide. as of Marc 19, lsat over 5000 Ts} Justa with coronsvraces, there sometimes ‘rnerge noel strains of inuensa hat re far fore dangerous than common trans CoVIDis, inmany ways te the diseases you ignore evey ‘Staoa It kil vulnerable people bat = do ‘Sommon seasonal nesses What makes CoVID ‘Siferent that t's an unknown, Yer os ‘oronatruses are “ad ius” but SARS and IMERS were deadly, even for beth india, Governments and helt istittions have duty roto underetinate the potential danger of hovel coronaiusbeeae they can ay they [no how dangerous itso what oda abou it Thats why the esponse may seem Alisproporionate othe acta death tll or Infection rate ofthe vrs “4 ‘You shouldbe worried when a plitcian ite “Trump openly sates that he doesnt want to ake people offs case ship stranded na US. Ferbour(fortetmend)becaseitwould ack wp the awe numberof infected pople nthe ounty He was rey Wansparent about he fact {hat tls epultion thing or hm. Chg off the impression of conta tery lortab image and sometimes you gta “ake tl you make Roz cues et lit is ing back an people have a east enough espect forthe gay of this station that they're wiling to wrestle he way Ito 1 sapermare toy op a of et per eworh reflecting though, on how we so thou he wirusback when wae somebody ‘ee’ probe ‘When CoVID was "Wuhan virus” You dont hear so many people cling "Wokan ‘oronavnsthese day bt in January that was the norm Sinopbia crawled xt ofthe trevor fat Suddenly tis was about ‘iting bats, Bats area vcr for many epidemle ‘Siates, ut some of those vires ike MERS) eached mans through an intermediate hot, ‘Weedon actual know which animal sold atthe ‘isan Seafood Marke harboured the dese ‘ashmest iseaten ll over the word Between 1994 and 997, 1 people in Kentucky contracted ‘rant Ceti sJabab disease (SC3D), hick basa 100% fatality ate from eating squire bring anda squire! ras mocha wild rodent as hat Ii kappened gai, do you think Commenteseton tomers would Reacting ke Wy ‘lead prion disease wan God's punishment for ting Something weird? Biden. white ‘Americans are alowed to est uns thing and ‘tbe espcted as human els ‘China, which arguably asthe most important q conomy inthe word prahzed tele prevent ip. Tecepidemie rom spreading lenforcedthe 8 largest quarantine in world history. It wa an Increiy brave measure which went above ind beyond the expectations ofthe WHO. Inthe ‘media what you beards that his something "nly an authortarian county coal do" Ive also recently scena New York Times headline that sys CoVID-9lustrates the alae of ‘Comamanist China Mae up you mind, itch, 1escen pope ack, om sci mes, why Cina Sok proving tcomttes ited) the Probl treed Peeing een eoney ‘as pod enough forme but China acta ‘viding medal i which nraton [lable tiugh cusry Google serch Feople uta China et Sgt sh i Tat abe ow. goat and counin ote do Sourbest. youre a had comity” fackyou. rans another "bad country” hes ated by this epidemic Before the vrs eae, irovermment wae rad in rouble witht People the last) and apparently made Ihe stategie choice to pretend neing was happening ant # wa itera impose to bide. The disese started nfeting and kiling ‘peopl in the highest poston of power Not nly obaerver utd the country but ‘government oils have some ou ty that {he offical nombers are bull Yea fee wh ae! Condemnation ofthe gernment response was ‘well-earned in ths cave, but ve seen the tone of ‘eportape on CVID-I9 in ran booming ‘nothing shor of yeast, An Atlante aie {ol sed several methods to estate the rel numberof nected in tan Most ofthe methods tere reasonable. To, however, imolved 1 alealtng the ineton rte within the | pllament snd the cabinet and extrapolating } tha figure ont the general population. Thats | not selence. You dont asumethat nba “happened to bunch fold people who travel round the county frequent, who al work | ogaterin the same room, going to bappen to | 7 the general population Nonetces, the Sure ‘aleslated this way were added pang wth te | betterqualiy ones to produce an “avenge estimate” wellbeyond what all but on ofthe Feter-quly methods predicted Why woul a repatabe publication do tha? aca * Son ates sin tantly rng in hd counties Is expecially isle a reporting on North Korey, Hight spelt ali isthe norm and the “erasnest” lays ssems toone-op tell H's quantity over quality people ow the station in tht county bad and they want to heat over and over st how [fins it ges Ts basally the same ae trcrime” Pro them: two ny observers nthe West simi tetsuttering nan ike spctace = anyone complicates the narrative pointing ot | thit sanctions make extreme diet foray | country o import medical equipment and ther cesses into ra, it gees dow I's "amin Americ, aaa and om jst ont do tha because Amerie the ood gay ad [Amerca caresbout human ie hen CoVID hits "bd county” and people arp ovine. opis of what the government Si on ‘hn do, people nod thelr heads and sa the loveramont apd what it had sone. When Fits "good country epardless of ow honest or how adequate the government's response was, ifs teatod likes rea shock We regard our {deaths as tragedies and tees as statist, conclusion The abe are turning noe. The WHO has | declare Europe the new epicenter ofthe pndemic (8, Harvand epidemisogi ark {pst has sid that Nowh American should 1) expect the station to come toa headin ou eee [3] A month from now could be China | staid of Canadians crossing Ws orders. Are we ong ob our government and ovr publics (The same standards we ed other to? I dob 1 dont aly have anything est sas 8 sigan! proportion ofthe population will contract OVID Right now fm ot fe ke ishappeninget, but we have reason to Blleve there are far mor infected than ofaly represented We need to demand acs 0 ‘alll spd mobile we ennnot expect opt the Siease under conic bee | REFERENCES psn. cm/f4P any eerie ‘Apocalypse ow Rethink the climate catastrophe levi solomon Under the Arctipermafrst, many diseases, Inching the bubont plague dormant. Inctesting temperature threats to bing them Ick olf. limate change ef as been presented afte calamity earreaty inactive. remember watching an ad campaign when T wae that showed young boy talking about he anger of late change whe aging nt an ‘oldman. atthe end be syst ray not afc ou, bat what out your dren and your Children’s children?” Ths typeof advocacy was tne gute frequent; but wan leary ineffective Appealing to boomers’ empathy and persuading ‘hem with evidence was always bound to fal but blatant fearmongering on soil media dearly ‘work Tis wi alo somewtat common “Conservative seademic cles were the ton {othe problem sot redotons in emisions, Duttather preventative measures to atld seater consequences. The UN Tntergoversmental Panel on Clinate Change (GPCL predicted that we have aboot S013 yeare {ocutemisionsby 45% inorder to contain the ogre of lobal warming toa moderate eve, Wee aay se sealeerngtheid degradation of he world esl Increasingly severe natural esatrs and we an expect things onl to get worse ules world leaders are willing to consider and a upon solutions that fit the gravity ofthis problem. In Honduras, water has become sae eves diyap ety permet what ower trough 2 0 backed coup, ha oo fade thet worn so. a Iydrclectrie dam projets private bidders ther sre consent he nig Communes reingon the acted rier for theres sstenante Indigenous ance vcat Berta Cicere, a meer of four, ‘Segetly ended pon thei of Honduras US ried spe rrr az i ‘posta hepato he rs common fate fr and defenders in iron adgeoas epi in the eon Ive coice butt migrate north when they irevobed oftheir means of vag The US. {tetas migrant xin ut ‘Sotinues fo permit the derive eplotation {hat forced them to migrate he Bn pace Polls representing the exploiters then manipulate the migrant cos scare wie people ving esis ther on inert ‘The Amazon fies (hich well oectively ‘wore abot for fv minates unt we ot Uhatrctd by some other fucking raged) barat Alown 906,000 hectares of forested area and Indgenoos land, adding othe extensive damage ‘which a alread been dane by over 5 years ontinaoasdeforesaton The government of Faselst MBean (kadai Bolsonao) fered no hap Indigenous land dais standin the way of hispiansto expo he resoures of the Amazon, 7 ‘The consequences of climate change are also becoming sb the Fst World Between soya and 2019, seasonal Calor wires crue in et eto | searming and drought Inthe 2018 fre season, || them destructive ever recorded 09 people |] ied and ose 1,000 balldings, most of them I} homes; were desrored, US. President Donald || Tramp has amousy ald imate (Chinese hoa The Australian bush ‘started in June of ast year as finaly started to fie down. Att peak twas over four este Size ofthe Amazon fe. Itreleased 306 milion teens Ost atop and ed. {he es Over the southeast ofthe county " Autrlian PM Sot Morrison mae he ‘hoe to takes family vacation fo Hawa we hiscountry bared, could just end this pce here, but that would ‘make me no diferent from the guy behind ‘Walmart yeling about the word ending while etching the words “OLD TESTAMENT int the ‘Silva thinkit necessary to conte this Sri wih discussion of propose solutions. ‘Thesoltions onthe table, however, inspire ite hope Many are based o limited or completly {alse understanding ofthe nature of the er IF Yyouwerent lead fing ie shit, hk abt ‘which leaders the esponsbiy for our future ‘curently ests on. Te tie tobe angry. aca ic a a a | ere ae aan, Secmeerga maar: eene eee Serie gee as serch wetter DManufacuringand constriction industries lone make up 36 of eatbon emlons ith isn ower and at factored, fost pation also comes from a urpiingy ‘mall numberof entities According tothe Carbon Disclosure Projet (CDP), 25 companies tnd sate actors are esponsle forthe major finda crbon emis inthe wai Ne ‘mater ow many peopl tar drinking organic Gf through metal straws, these companies || Saleontie tour nl snd ooverpretice ‘commodities unt we stp them. Market based solutions have ben ote by || tatu liberal gernment Carbon aes form || igpoin a eootention between the Trades fever pd water prov Caron {nes are similar to speeding ckts in that hey || become minor inconvenientesto the ih Their Impact cane exalyoutweghed by the benefits of destructive behaviour ei tie lo sop tying || toficprobleme crested by neoibeism through | more aeolberalsm ‘The ranton to renewable energy is necessary, Dutit also comes ta cost to developing countless ough to ek poor nations with | Ite reserves of of and coal to printie the || environment ver short tem but sgnifiant | fans. Rae Cores’ Beador attempted an | Exprvenona istontothe rence | madea proposal the YasunF- Initiative. |) hich ated the international mma to | Ezundorts leave 1 millon bare fon round rater than sein t The proposal asked fra bilo della, whichis supposedly ball ‘of what the county would ave madeby spy Selling it After lta of bbying campsigning, {nd general hard work the word came together and donated grand ttl of 200 malin las to Eevadr. The project failed spectacular and oi continues tobe extracted, Alecia damage is accompanied by fovernment tha ether ienore the robles or Take it worse= but can we really expect fo st ‘ote them ot? Who do wevete tnt replace lea? Inthe US, Joe idence post ‘tthe primary oppoetion ie to Tram Biden as no plans to create anstbing silat 2 "ren New Det ant does no sce he il ate ay sot changer the crt ‘conomitytem. In 209, beasured cof ‘ealthy donors that “nehing woul Fandamentaty change for the nerhis tax Blan Inspiring stl ‘ter Rafael Corea stepped down, he was feplaced bya promising gure Lealn Moreno. ‘Youvwoukn' expect leader witha namelie {hat tobe neoliberal, but if full surprises, ‘Upon taking fle, “Lenin” immediately reversed the socal democrate polices of is Bredecesor, broke his promises and opened up {heeouaty tomer extraction. Could meexpect nythig diferent om mainstream candidates inthe US. and Canada? Resiging othe bebe that climate change san ‘unsolvable cris only do more harm. tie {rue that the worl is currently nowhere close to ‘meeting the emission target necesary to keep mate change no higher han +2°C ven fe {allo contrat warmingto that depres tos nat ‘spell dom elie In an interview withthe ‘New Yok Tes, Kate Marva a cliate Siete at NASA's institute for space stad, ‘ged aginst this pessimism. She argues tht, enamine cna tre damage by rucing emissions ‘Scentifcally theres no consensus ying that if yougobovond this pont inv yearsyoure ‘acked wl alway be worth tt ake action, is clear that our efforts against climate change ‘ust take anew approach, People shoul ele at the ae of pulling new Ah pero fice fe couple a years sno going solve the proln: Movements aginst climate change most be international and addres Internation ‘concems.Diret ation should be taken wih, Specie gals mind, such as decoupling the ner rd from os fel: Most important ‘weed to move away fom an conan system ‘that regres unimpeded grvith in porpetu 0 ‘Sisal sl. We shoud alo reconsider oot Understanding of what succes loks ike. As Marcel notes climate chang is nota passa Situation, Only wesurender wil weteuy face anapocaiypse OPINIONS Lam or-Le Happens After? Co eee a eee ae ears Coat Se a rr tee etree oceans Spe ae Li cert te ena eat bat arabe nT ne tate ipa EPS Fon ea eens Ces Lraeenee me Pee Tat a Drone ener eer ca eerie ye Cerca POLE se ae eer re eee ert Se emetiner ae Seer nti Skreet NT La pene et ona pcre Ree) Dette ee eee eo ee ata Sortie ee ee ee ete ete yer peat mop renter ee ane Rc sn area eS Lee ee pene Pee Ren Se ae een and walk the Earth with the desis tot aL ee bua LO nr tet Se ort eee Pa ae Lene Pee ee Cee Sa Ter estes ae ay Reet cn ean ern Roe anti ei Everything that has been Bul, the enety of LS ere ar Facet cree Perea LLG eee Near ee Steer ore in Ro cioea IE Baar Se Cn ee eeetie eee Poca reenter Sareea Protaras et ee eee Cae Ur kc eee er ay $ervices will slow and eventually ecase leaving Lea LCT Poetetk te rin beer tara a caer ere eA road Pee Soe ei pee Sane cee i eo a apedcie are eateries MR oP ey See iat ee LE Ci aad Spa Sea pect eae P ee etree 2a a Roney Cee as But stil, the society we livin today x deeply Pea Hae eae Sear tie Rina eet aera Reta ene Pe a ae PN eel aL Cy a Cosette oa ere Te Pines er ee Leora inn Gaur ree eta eae Leaner Seren, Sa aor te siete ore Sheree ert See La : oie rere paar nee is one that set ae rene set ee Petrie ere Seah a een IT bes eerrenets coeon ine state of nature where we func 3 re urvive. Wie a Piet Seno te Sicko Mode Activated community care in the age of COVID-19 tucas humtsman merkur ‘woah okay so coronavirus is prety fucking ‘Sear it feels vaguely apocalyptic on campus land in general. classes are cancelled, ‘everyone around me is pretty freaked out. although concerns are valid, panicking will only make things worse for you and teveryone around you { dont want to downplay the very eal public health erisis, especially the danger posed to immunocompromised people - whether that's by age, disease, or another chronic condition tm not worzied for my own. health; the virus is unlikely to impact me severely, the chances of my dying are ‘round 0.02%. j am terrified of transmitting itto someone else! however, toronto is not a disease centre and there are no cases reported on any of uoft's eampuses. preventative measures are going to help fveryone, the virus cant spread when there's no contact. i dunno, maybe i'm showing how much of anerd iam but fm genuinely distressed about classes being cancelled. love going to lectures, and my horrid adhd- ridden brain can barely function with the Toose structure of university -i will spiral ‘when that's taken away. however, other disabled and mentally il fotks strugsle to function with getting to class. they have ‘been asking for alternatives for years: online classes, not requiring a doctor's note to ‘excuse absences. to have those ‘accommodations come into play nove, when abled people are impacted by a pandemic, shows that they could've been in place all this time it's infuriating. 0 iwant to offer some positives in this ‘moment, cuz apocalypses imply an after, and its up tous to live through the collapse to build something on the other side. = SIGNS OF THE APOCALIPSE AT ort tuo gee qty walking down Whe sidewall dead squiel at sids cafe Soap in the Je halirooms meric cancelled classes first ups the standard world health ‘organization guidelines: 1. wash your hands! frequently! for twenty seconds!! some songs with ‘twenty second choruses to jam out to while you do that: oops! did it again (brittany spears), landslide (fleetwood mac), jolene (dally parton), ove on top (beyonce), welcome to the black parade - from ‘when i was to beaten and the damned (mer) you are sick stay home! late capitalism is Hell and work is hard ‘to miss but we'rein a pandemic ‘3. wipe down surfaces, especially stuff ‘that you touch frequently 4. masks only help if you're already sick!! don't hoard shit! others who are more in need ean't access supplies when there aren't any 5 hand sanitizers fantastic when you're on the go but you know what ‘else gets rid of germs?? SOAP yes ‘we're back to washing your hands all the time here's some fresh tips for helping yourself and your community 1. ifyou're heathy, offer to run errands for any immunocompromised ‘buddies you havel! 2. after 5 days to week of social distancing (the amount of time for symptoms to show up), you ean hang ‘outwith friends who have been {doing the same. 'm planning a study ‘group out of my house. my doctor hhas told me that gatherings of ess than twenty is okay, as long as ‘everyone is following health protocols and isn't sick! social distancing doesn't require total isolation 3. ifwe end up in a quarantine (government or self-enforced) stock ‘upon hobby supplies!" make something that brings you joy! 4. stay in contact with your loved ones. get comfortable with videp calls, Syne movies and text commentary, ‘be rowdy in group chats!! remind the people in your life that you love them 45 remember that this crisis wil pass 6. remember thatthe next ersis won't be this bad if we organize and elect leaders that value human lives over capital 7. remember that ilove you © ARI & CULTURE CO = @ Sonos To 1055 BACK WHITE CLAWS To IN THE TRINITY BELLWOODS’ DOr BOWL WHILE THE WORLD FU CRUMBLES AROUND US ALL acNA { won't let the impending apocalypse stop me from having a hot e-boy Bruce and Me I went on a musical odyssey Jory amas or th longest tine 1 oi this ie he plague se: ier sumo ie this mai ovgt main, nous anode bese wht gy. Bus, Tha ‘scumb myprina desir uton my eae okt 1 Bl he nd we on te tp dove 0 youhadtochooseamovitowateh, what would ‘neepton Your friends would deseribe you a i 4. Resourceful ven nee tdci’ in hed ‘What your go-tosmack? 4. Btamame i Beate Toa th ater In sives me abit of hpe an I hope at bale to 41 he anges burger ill otc sore toon. ren th endothe woe at acer cm on at Ive the Rose serum Beater act Atte core this msi her a ee humanity for ‘one vo otal down, Maybe sem or bis fexprents rowing. up in an_indatl Ton ‘Mieco he oo ela tery jb he actisréwnhicigh school was meg. ns ime an cs there eating hea that et Spy hohe unerog Aten bracelet ae boyhairen Choose a typeof bea Wonder Sourdough © Zucchini read Satine cracker you ttn cosy Ate Cay" with ries te eo ‘What do you fo fun? ‘ocnaine hin can fel par hi pin. Oe es 0 be Sone atthe word for not big fai With al he totem nese wr fe hee overs. Unt toes, Out re oh it reedsly mysterious, In the marathon of ie sak shee he ves me hoe that ings cold be You tend tobe a eat sprinter, and Love stam = {Gear tend a de sexes mean 4 i you pated ia high cho Inti song, we are ble ange he oy te I = thaupe cae al ave Sep sometimes me tfy0n got mostly Ba. Sith andsoneanes oat fnew a ~ Huger Sumer You cre about whats ing on A ‘Shen cepting ek wrong wi the wed op on = you got mostly As, Divergent You friends would describe you as oni ihe da — a yournaws updates exasely though wile — you got mostly Cx. ‘Shatter Me: You consider yourslfan nell, Sy sour friends would find you reading or lstening tothe New Musi Fea” platiston Spot. You think chat Mastin Scorsese's comments aboot the Superhero movies were inet off base Endgame desesesit spot Hryou got mostly Ds. Maze Kanner You were a student athlete which i here ou Jur die om, You ae ears hardworking And your vocabulary istered a with ot im sis event of Ty We aul - It’s ok to be sad when it’s all over... maya morgan ‘Today asa write this itis the last production night with my frends in their editorial postions. When 1 arrived at U of Tin 2016, 1 was lcky enough to have a handful of my closes fren from high choc be hete with me. And together we found The Gargoyle, We were babies and didn't Know I, Weed aspera Som high school but had no idea what awaited us. All the existential dread, the decline of our mental, health and all the awesome friends we would make andthe ones we would lose, But anesthe tres The Gargoyle was our meeting place a ou schedules and workload forced out dally iterctions spar Ana we were so lucky to have it.The people before us ho taught ws how to assume our editor ole cad find comfort in submiting messy and informal works, paved the way for ot fay. We wer loved sed ‘embraced by The Gargoyle, but it was alsoa mei through which we cold Keep our litle ee ‘together. Highschool graduation was scary, we knew everthing was about to change and our pte pore ‘estned to diverge yet University graduation is far more immense than Tanticiated So, this night, March 1, 2020s the las time we wil be here in this way in ou gta tle team that decide to stay together and add new members along the way. Some of us ate heading to Grad school ‘eros the country er back home toa different countyall together. Some of sare staring another re isappearing into the void of formless opportunity that lays aha, Others ae taking thei time el ome {amity tree we built aeross 35+ issues and almost 4 years of editorial work iending and itis had wot eet ‘motional We tated off as contributors in our fist year and progressed on not keeping tack ofthe milestones as ‘we passed them, an like many before ws we are left to lookback at what we have lett our wake, The Papers we have printed, the ats weve slapped together ‘Adit was inevitable, we always knew tis was coming. Every beginning echoes ofan ending. ‘And this san end. an apocalypse. Te had to remind myself, don't esa. Many peopl say that ends sake new beginnings. And know that’s true. Te seen new stones born fon olds oes ‘onelsions But regardless of what springs fom thi, This the end and Vis this story. ely really wil xoxo Melancholy at the end (of the world?) Gargoyle mectng, Iwas the youngest theve therefore, I vas elected to go ‘Wine Rack tback when we tam office and could drink there). But Twas under 19, 0 me nd the second youngest newbie Mava (nove one ‘of your lovely ANC eitor) walked up Spadina nan ce storm, Itai realy fe ike the world wwas ending We couldnt see anything ‘everything was lent, and yea ve almost ded alittle. We go back, and fl ike now I vas Part of Something. And Iwas, and we were, and Batis ending lot of us are graduating, moving om to new things, Ivealways been a person who hated started and ending things — Fima middle of things perso. And he middle ‘wast 20 great. The world is potentially ending, so if thse the last issue we ake ~ smell ya later pa. R's been real real lovely | | ow Sobol O does my therapist really get it? nave tahir ae sas apan iy pte perfect ie lls a {hic meth rotine gets chaotic my thought process goes off the hook the ais ofifestartsdrifingaway Teasing me in an interminable storm that ied to deine Viieanapoabose they call anny tient names for identical things ea Nee A Sue et ° erika dickinson Acellite sky tangs oer the word toni. ‘lonely ny Under tendrils of clouds thar squiggle and uml down he thighs stroteh marks fat streaks through the sky What happens now? joshua bienstock He walls towards the sun a it sets int the end ofthe earth He follows it until he can’ follow it anymore. He wants to soe agai, makes him happy, he Deeds it to survive ua He doesn’ know why On that itso bea and hasa dear purpose it matters so much to him, Ieexists in the same tees infinite and Wisconstant roles hs ie, ‘Keeps him going, and keeps him whole, sac and every day He wanders with ts power over his head, ‘even when he cannot seit, he knows there, W's comforting to know something anything. soing to bethe same in the future ast is ow Trash Demon penelope evans He was 18 years old, ding out for the ity of ‘Guns when everything tured on its axis, There were three great changes in the course of his ie, ‘ach elativly more disturbing than the ks. Puberty, and then the explosion that gutted Gift Alley, and then when he was 18 and he was Fadingont to Ue Cy of Guns, the wind tearing through his hair and his goles cating int his ‘heks and the sun beating doen on his seated shoolders Tyas hot as death, andthe dit was baking, but ‘shone gt up to speed the al ut alrost eld estopped to take aps, the shade of ‘Sumpeter and a few empty dies, and that was ‘sere he found the thing, Lite thumb-ike hhoms, skin the color ofa peled rabbit. anda ‘mouth empty of teeth The most useless ite hinghe had ever seen, ual and sick, gasping at {hebottom ofthe dumpster kei new what ‘was coming for it. He leaned back o scan the horion, the empty sloline, tempt land Nothing fr miles and miles out, The City of Guns wasa day out. He Toked hick into the dumpster. The thing was sill quiring and mersing in the viscera below te dropped down returned to his bike, climbed 6n, pulled dow his goggles. The wind tugged his hain The wristband on his left arm itched. His shirt was sweat clung to is back The sky above twas be, wide, treachery empl: He ot up, walled back to the dumpster, scaled {he side snd deopped down into the rot belo. nnere he lite the thing ito his arms. Iwas barely breathing. Its pulse was hummingbird fast He used the tora jacket he'd lifted from the empty body in Russet Square lke a sting and tied the thing up closet his body ts tiny nails Alginto his skin and he ode out for the City of ‘Gis, feeling emptied out o tipped over. The sun set behind him. Tie horizon stayed empty: ‘The thing sted at some point during the ide, and he assumed that i ws dead, bt when he topped to take a drink was til heaving ot tuted ite breaths, He tied Sipping water nto eis heart leapt into Ate mouth, but choked his throat, so he ust et is fingers and dalvered them toits mouth, over and over gain Tedd seem to hep much, The 000 ‘ame out ina sky empty of stars He got back on the bike, There was nothing else tod, bleeding bright | sithere in my basement room ‘Staring outside his itl window ‘At pounding rain Glowing brshtly Splashing off splintered conerete Splatering ike thik pat against my de hr dvs diy ‘The droplets nove slither down dity ass The iiescent yellows greens and bus of deadly wate Mingling, beotiuly 1 want to taste the bright rain Feet sweet poison Enter dying blood Snaking through a fraying body Now made hungry Iridescent yellows, green and blues Horning through sek and feverish lesb Thuminating peling walls ofa barren room My eyes lind Filled with surging hues “That dance across Bleeding irises 1 succumb, To the potonous medley Andi fades ‘Theendofeolous, With theend of days reno brain Ish its of dre skin off my duvet and practice not sounding desperate Practice asking for communication so [dont Send thee ands half hous thinking she loves alas when hein Vina ace breathing four nol for seven ou forcgat : Pate thinking of mselfnthe future ease. This one the hades : ore apart he botom omy fet, so every st hurts just ite, practi ie sof Rar at only saerage myst to walk my average, 8.502 steps da: Practice walking coment ter than mown hallways and the sme od train pathansto feat Thave ben practicing aking ny mediation ‘very day at 9am to retace hse pate im bot sure thi exact what Zale doe, eae Tm remodeling My bran needs a HDT eve Practicing case to accomplish than an thing cle Theor noms paloma ‘whiever need to loktiedepeningon the day. Tam practicing cating for mse bat hat becomes shaper to. pyii0% He WW aniou Lyfonil as (ee LOdat he te ae BE) ignie, $0 | chew @ canic instead oT yy Myr ies oes Are tel 1 R640 as much AS | COU ON THE SUBTECT CIN Coes ni “ASY NOVELS: af Sy Hew AS A_N6N- CHILD. THE HORRORS OF THe woRLp FEEL, OV@RME NT, kreowe a <<, a ~~] a) RA JUST A ay —/ 8 DC Ae ‘pooner ae obey 4 THE = af Pont eh Cea eatna wacom ger SOHN Booger Gargoyle Editorial Elections will be going ahead via digital proxy! 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