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Who wouldn't die for the chance to have that man's arms around her. No one will ever know the difference. Now she was expected to not only act with him. "That's why they call it acting. and little else. Lisa had grabbed the bull with both horns and ridden it to the finish line. She tossed the script to the small table between their chairs.. but to create those hot sex scenes the team of Lisa Hamilton and Nick McDonald were so famous for. She'd met him more than a few times. all her eating rules were flushed down the toilet. Hannah had to force her mouth to remain shut. “Yes.. They both knew she was going to go through this." . accessible.. If Hannah had wanted to be an actress. “This isn't going to work. If the man ever touched her. he hardly said much to her at all." Hannah glanced around the swank trailer that served as her sister's dressing room. If he noticed her awkwardness. Hannah had already gone to makeup for the shot and wardrobe had blessed her with a red satin robe for the first scene .." "It just looks so . her perpetual co-star had. His hair was the color of dark chocolate and obeyed a mere flick of his long fingers. “It would be a first. Why did she hedge now? Because it was deceitful? Because she was afraid she might like it too much? Or because of the sex scenes she'd have to do with Nick McDonald? Who was she kidding? Like every other woman across the country. what if he gets a hard-on?" Lisa laughed as she rubbed her belly. even if it was only acting? And his looks? The camera didn't do him justice. who happened to earn up to twenty million dollars a movie. he was very . she was in love with him. run of the mill guy next door . Hannah would crumble into a thousand pieces.. Which was just as well. Electric blue eyes sparkled with his smile. a near duplicate of the one Nick McDonald.BODY DOUBLE Hannah Hamilton thumbed through the script." Lisa hoisted her legs to the footrest in front of her. She was going to enjoy every second. Oh. it will. You're just as good an actress as I am. he was kind enough not to mention it.. It was no longer like looking in a mirror. And he wasn't pretentious in the least.. You and I have been reading through these things together from the first day.. no matter how nice he was. cameramen. It's a production with the director. She claimed she wasn't going to worry about what she could and couldn't have. You've been around the business long enough to know this isn't a tryst. She'd dismissed that nightmare of a plan a long time ago. In each instance. and he smiled a lot. sound and lighting techs just about up your ass. In fact. and not just because there were two babies in there! Hannahprayed she wouldn't gain weight like this when and if she ever got pregnant.. But from the instant Lisa knew she was pregnant. real. Lisa was huge. Just your normal. The environment is not conducive to passion. In fact. Pregnant with twins.” Hannah felt stupid even saying that. They were already on the set. she would have been an actress. Hannah glanced under her brows at her twin. Hannah could never string more than two intelligent words together whenever she was around him. "What . Nick and I are very good at what we do.. Trust me. she had a king-sized crush on him. hell. She must be out of her mind to let Lisa talk her into this.

Where is Lisa? Was there trouble in paradise for the sizzling duo? Rumor has it in Tinseltown that Nick McDonald is gay." "Who knows?” Hannah hugged her arms around her midriff. Problem solved. Even if Lisa's publicist did a little spin doctoring on the delay." Hannah shoved to her feet and paced toward the kitchen. It was one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets. “Not if you use a regular phone. even if she did have to spend the first week of each school year convincing new students she wasn't the great Lisa Hamilton. Too many careers depended on it." No. Lisa groaned. “Oh. They might be able to survive the fall-out. we'll just bring in the twin. Although she had to hand it to her—Lisa and Nick had done an excellent job of perpetuating the myth of a hot and heavy off-screen relationship. We haven't hadn't any time alone and phone calls can be monitored. Hannah could hear the speculation now. She would have taken care of them for life too.. The myth had to survive. “I'll tell him today. But. Delaying production of the movie would bring the media out sniffing for a story. but ticket sales would surely drop on their future endeavors once people realized they really weren't a couple. Like Lisa. “Not yet. They didn't do half-bad themselves. Nick spread the wealth among his family. there was still the issue of the premier of their latest movie. Hannah's parents would never have to work a day in their life any more. Lisa studied her perfectly manicured nails. not to worry.Very well. Lisa had bought houses for Hannah and their two younger brothers. it'd had been discussed until they were both blue. Yeah . Lisa sidestepped him by drawing their brothers into the business." "Relax. no one knew Lisa was married to wealthy investor Franco Maneli and they were now expecting twins. God. it was also the reason they were sitting in Lisa's trailer today waiting to start shooting Lisa and Nick's new movie. And they got paid very well for bringing those blockbuster movies to life. Lisa needed Hannah to stand in for her.Yes.. right. The only hold out was Hannah. Unfortunately. . Please don't make me answer that freaking question again. Their dad didn't want his children to become leeches. At least that was what the moneymen kept saying. She preferred her relatively quiet life as a high school English and Drama teacher. "Have you told Nick yet?” Hannah asked. if their father hadn't stepped in.” She flicked her concern away with a wiggle of her fingers. "Why don't you just tell people the truth?” Hannah asked for what felt like the hundredth time. Hannah just couldn't see herself going through all the hassle and the invasions of privacy Lisa dealt with. they were. Generally.

Lisa told her husband everything." Lisa glanced away. Lisa's long sigh was her undoing.. . Like her. is bound to leave its mark. “Want to have a little fun with him?" More than she would ever realize. One any woman would be proud to have. Hannah's eyes adjusted quickly. Hannah nailed her sister's green-eyed gaze with its mate.” Lisa said. don't you." She covered her face as she shook her head.” She hated herself for her surliness. "It's open." "Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll have a twin he can trot out. His script was rolled up and stuck in his pocket. “And how do you expect to continue these scenes now? Being pregnant. “We always do the sex scenes first so they're out of the way. Pretend you're me. She wondered if he had as little under it as she did. the door shut. publicist.” She smiled. you have a killer body. It used to be mine.Hannah squared her shoulders. How can you do it. Besides. Only necessary crew is there. “Franco.” Lisa traced the lines of pattern in the mauve chair.. It was three months of her time during the summer. What harm would come of it? A knock on the trailer door snapped her from her thoughts. Nick and I don't have that many more years before we've lost our edge and things start to . "You remember my sister Hannah. Light splashed into the trailer. “We normally go to the set together. Nick?” Hannah somehow managed to say. Lisa?" "It's a closed set. Her answer was pretty clear—she was going to ask Hannah to continue as her body double. He stood there staring at her sister." That was a no brainer. “Naked in front of everyone. it would be a week or two out of your life at the max. seemingly dumbfounded. “Let's see if he can tell the difference. I usually just tell him to come in. “What kind of fun?" She scooted to the edge of her chair. the producer.” she called out. and director. having twins. After this shoot." Which led to another question. temporarily blinding her to all else as Nick McDonald stepped in." And here it starts. sag. The door swung out. Hannah had promised her she'd do this.Lisa shrugged. Seconds later. but the more Hannah thought about being naked in Nick's arms. of course. he was dressed for the set in a matching robe. She supposed there was no time like the present. let's face it. “My agent. I should know. They both knew she'd keep her word. And. the more out of control she felt. "It's not so bad. so why belabor the point? And Lisa was compensating Hannah grandly for the assistance—forking over her salary to Hannah after all the taxes and relevant fees were deducted. another problem. "That will be Nick.

what the hell. I give up. Kaye." Hannah tried her best not to look puzzled or ask questions to answers she should already have as Lisa." "Still haven't found that special someone.” he said as he fell in step beside her. her blood raced. “With any luck. “It's my fault for not speaking . Lisa didn't mention she was going to be an aunt." Hannah stepped between them. I can't believe you didn't have the courtesy to tell me she'd gotten married.” He shoved his hands in the pockets of his robe. congratulations still.” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder. Lisa. She's carrying twins and has about two months to go. Nick didn't have those options. Screw it.. Lisa would be gloating later that they'd managed to pull one over on him. Franco did a good job of protecting Lisa.. we can polish this one off quick and get out of here in plenty of time to make that premier tonight. "On either of us. I didn't know when we talked the last time. “You'd think I'd know better than to ask a pregnant woman that." She glanced his way." Hannah had never thought about how it would affect him. dampness soaked her crotch. "I want to practice those holds before we start shooting. “You know damn good and well I haven't. “Same as always and you know it. The last thing I want to do is have to explain to Franco why his wife is all banged up. and colored her hair cinnamon brown to cover the honey blonde." He nodded at Lisa. “Of course. I'm too well known and this stupid game we're playing for the studios." He whipped open the door for her as he smiled at her sister. as far as she knew. Her heart started thumping against her ribcage. The game was on. much less having twins. Hannah forced her legs to move. How are you doing?” He laughed lightly. “With good reason. “And who would I be giving my explanations to?" He swung open the studio door. The only way he'd ever be able to hide would be to buy a place in the middle of nowhere and hide out there. She picked her way down the three metal steps. Nick was quick to join her.He gave her pregnant sister a hesitant smile. “Nice to see you again. she couldn't hide behind her sister. He could shave himself bald or let his hair and beard grown to mountain man length and you could still see it was Nick McDonald. It shot through her like a laser beam.. “Well. just like they always did when she was near him. He just stood out. “I sure don't want any bruises like the last time. She . Plus Lisa went by her middle name." Script in hand. Only this time. huh?" He glanced back toward the trailer and Hannah would swear she saw a hint of sadness in his eyes. "They should be ready for us on set by now. Hannah's heart quickened. "Ah. Congratulations. But it sounded like Nick was upset because he thought Hannah was the married and pregnant one." He turned that smile on Hannah. Can't be easy being pregnant." "On me or on you?” Hannah praised herself for the witty comeback when he tossed back a laugh..

"Okay. In this age where every actress seemed to be giving birth." . "So. blocking the scene in his head. She'd never been so nervous. “Is there something I should know?" Hannah debated with herself.wondered why he hadn't. Hannah's life was a lot like that. she could get through this. She didn't want to risk it by letting him know she wasn't whom he thought. He wore black trousers and a white long-sleeved shirt whose cuffs were rolled up to his elbows. Although she did devote a lot of off hours to high school drama productions. even his own success. how did you spend the last six months?” she asked as they entered the studio. “Curled up with one book after the other? Entertained Franco's business associates?" "Something like that. Nick bent close to her ear." Nick chuckled. “Same old. They had a good camaraderie going here. same old. "You two ready?" "We just need a minute to run through the beginning choreography of this shot. “Let's walk through this dressed first. playing Lisa Hamilton. Hank Leopold lifted his arm in greeting as they approached. but she'd probably be a wreck.” Nick tossed his script to a canvas chair with his name emblazoned on the back. she couldn't see Nick hiding from anything. "Maybe it's time we put our collective feet down. He was also full of energy and known as a director who never wasted a shot. Dark hair fringed his bald top. My dad and I built a house up in Idyllwild for family vacations. wouldn't Lisa's news have her soaring in popularity? Hannah winced. She doubted he'd be fazed. According to Lisa. You gonna be all right?" Hannah glanced over her shoulder while Nick frowned. "I'll be fine. As he steered her toward the set. I'd like to get this smooth and seamless. Clearly the question was directed at her since Hank was supposed to know who she was. Hannah would have to say that work ethic had served him well. he never deviated from that attire. same old.” Nick glanced around the area. And you?" "Same old. Half-glasses were perched on the end of his nose.” Lisa was going to kill her for that one. but then. Considering the awards he'd garnered through the years.” Every muscle in her body quivered. “Don't need any collisions or mis-grabs.” Hank hoisted himself into the director's chair. Not when the actress in question had put on fifty pounds. He shrugged. Lights brightened the bedroom set ahead.” Other than the last task. But surely their respective publicists could milk the truth and they could come out better than ever. "Sounds good. The media would make mincemeat out of her. Hannah followed suit with the one marked “Lisa Hamilton.” she said. At least for the moment.

The sound and lighting check gave her precious time to compose rampant thoughts of Nick's rock hard body pressing hers into the mattress." "I'm not going to argue with you about this!” She curled her fists by her sides and stormed toward the door. I love you.” Hank called. He grabbed her upper arm." Nick frowned down at Hannah. "Don't you dare walk away from me.” He snagged her arm once more and swung her against his chest. Her fingers itched to curve into the clefts at each side. Hannah could hardly breathe. "That looked really good. Every surface of her skin felt like it was on fire. “Ready on the set. “Yeah. She tore her gaze away. “Don't walk away from me. Hannah's eyes had a will of their own—they dropped right to his ass. “The hell you're not!” His fingers were hot against her skin.” Hank pointed their way. The director struggled against a smile. . action. “And . There was a flicker of something in his electric blue eyes." Tell that to her fluttering heart.. "Don't you dare walk away from me.” She twisted free of his hold and hurried on.’” "Good. but made the mistake of glancing Hank's way.. Guess we're not as rusty as I thought. “The hell you're not!" "Let me go. She found hers. "Let me go.” Hank said. He grabbed her upper arm.. then rolled away. swooped her into his arms. He glanced up. Sweet heaven!She bet his butt cheeks were as hard as the rest of him. With shaking hands. "Camera.. and fell to the bed with her. She clutched the lapel of her satin robe like her life depended on it." "I'm not going to argue with you about this!” She stormed toward the door. I always have. she dropped her robe and let it puddle at her feet. This should be a cinch. "Let's do this. Was she that obvious? She forced her attention back where it was supposed to be." Nick shrugged off his robe.Hannah nodded. Nick took his mark.” He slipped his mouth over hers. trying to focus on his face and not anything below the waist. “I'll start with the line ‘I'm not going to argue with you about this.” she breathlessly replied." "Give me one good reason—" "Because .” He grabbed her again and hauled her to his chest. then twisted free of his hold and hurried on. “Really smooth.

Hannah couldn't help it... He dropped a kiss to her lips. ahhh. now taking her clit with him on every stroke... She shifted. to force some coherent thought beyond the aching fire that consumed her. I love you. Suddenly. paused at her lips. he fell at the entrance to her pussy. “Give me one good reason—" "Because . Please . He aimed lower. Shamefully. Hannah felt hers beckon him to do so. Instead. the other grazed her nipple. if that were possible. Panting for breath they found each other's gaze. Hannah felt it pulsing as if it had a life of its own. he dusted the back of his fingers over her cheeks. The hand on her butt slid between them. Her protest died before she could utter it as he thrust deep inside.. Hannah clutched his shoulders as she twitched against him. There were people around.Her fingers dusted through the smattering of hair there.” He slipped his mouth over hers. I've wanted this for so long. “Don't walk away from me. One big hand cupped her butt trying to move her away.. "Cut!” Hank announced. He pulled in a breath. She closed her eyes on a sigh as his tongue traced wet circles around her nipple. Nestled on top of her.. I . It wedged hard and long against her crotch. carried her to the bed. With every plunge. As she did so. Cameras were rolling. She anchored his legs with hers and lifted her hips. she opened her lips to his as a tiny groan left her. Nick broke off the kiss and stared down at her as his fingers drifted to her honey blonde hair. she leaned into it as she cried out. Hannah struggled to breathe. His own parted as if to kiss her. he swooped her into his arms.. With it. “Excellent work. bigger. He curled his hand around her breast. "Is that what you want?” he growled out. Shock waves of delight and anticipation rippled through her. A tiny sound came with it as she arched her neck for more attention. His eyes caressed her face.. The only reality was Nick and his throbbing cock mere millimeters from where she desperately needed it. nipping the curve of her neck as he groaned with his release. It wasn't right. He clutched her to him. then fell into the mussed sheets with her. A gasp stole her breath. Orgasm seized her with sweet heat." She clicked her eyes up to his. She was vaguely aware of him grunting a protest. the head fell onto her clit. One take. She was going to come and quickly too.. "No . His thumb worked between them as he pistoned her into the bed. They shouldn't be doing this. Weren't there? It didn't feel like it any more. What the hell had they just done? . I always have. A rough groan tore from his throat as he moved to the curve of her neck. his dick flared to life. trying to pull him to her belly. I love it!" Horror replaced ecstasy. she swore he grew harder. She felt him grab his dick to move it away.” She sank into bliss as he danced the head of his penis over her clit.

What kind of game is this? Are you even pregnant?" She rubbed her swollen belly. then he'd strangle her. Lisa. Nick didn't know if it felt like she'd dunked him in ice water or kicked him in the balls. I did my best to salvage the movie. "I can't do this anymore. I know we talked about it during our last shoot. “Damn it. it took you long enough. “Very much so. “Well. “Good God. Hannah was truly not accessible to him any more." Nick scrubbed his hands over his face. Scratch that—two people knew.**** Nick tied his robe as he stomped from the studio." Lisa had him there. I've been watching and listening to you moon over her for years and you're too big a coward to speak up. As hot as our scenes normally are .. As for the other. he was breathless. All he could think about was that Hannah was pregnant. Hannah had gotten married. But he'd been thrown off by the pregnancy factor and the jealousy that had welled up because of it. she clicked off the DVD player. “I don't think anyone realized it. She's going to think—" . Either way. Can we really afford—" He whirled around on her. Lisa. I just fucked your sister in front of the whole crew!" Green eyes were round and wide. first he'd kill her. And there's no game here. At what point did you realize—" "The second I was able to look into her eyes. then slammed it behind him. Damn it. "What the fuck.. I guess there's some saving grace since she's on the pill. Nick. Nick had cursed himself a thousand times over for not saying something to her when they'd met ages ago. He was going to strangle her. Only one person knew—Lisa. “You're damn right it's not fair.. Using the remote. She met his glare with one of her own. but this has to end." "The least you could've done was tell me. He should have seen it from the second he stepped into Lisa's trailer.." "And miss seeing this look on your face?” She laughed lightly. He pushed away and started pacing. Nick stomped her way. In that brief space of time. The metal steps clattered under his feet as Nick grabbed the handle on her trailer door... He still couldn't for the life of him know why he'd clutched his secret to his heart." "I agree. She blinked several times before she finally found her voice. Lisa peered up at him from her chair. Lisa?" She gave him a half-smile. Lisa.” He braced his fists on the arms of her chair as he hovered over her. He yanked it open without knocking. Lisa didn't keep anything from Franco. I give that little piece of news until sunset to hit the air waves. You know how I feel about her! This wasn't fair. “Well .. but we are contracted for two more movies after this one. No.

Lisa and Hannah might be identical twins. Lisa. it's. well . he craved her against him. Nick?" The question caught him off-guard. Instead. Lisa.." She squeezed his hand.. Then the myth built and . Yeah. he could indulge in his love. And especially my twin.. he'd slake his lust with other women. How many times had he asked himself that? Hand braced against her lower back. "Because I think I've gotten to know you pretty well these last five years. That never happened. we can simply ask Hannah to be me until these last three movies are made..” He jabbed his finger her way. We knew it when we made the last movie. too much subterfuge. "I can't do this any more. It's gotten too hard to live the lie.. you feel continuing this farce with me. And I know myself and Hannah. He'd always been pulled to Hannah.. his every fantasy and hope one day it could all be. “I bet I can guess even if you can't..." "Then maybe it's about time you let Hannah know that. I swear to God. I've loved her too long to let her sacrifice whatshe's worked so hard to have. forcing him to meet her gaze. “It's more complicated than that. It was scary enough for us.. Let's get our people together and see how we can slip these nooses from around our necks. here we are..." He found himself nodding." "Or ."She's not going to think anything because I'm going to tell her the truth. “You've wanted Hannah from the second you laid eyes on her.... his need. Nick had always felt that way.. The magic wasn't there. Night after night. both of us prisoners." Nick snorted. Well. so I know you wondered how could you pull her into it. they'd definitely boiled over today.” She slid her hand over his." "How can you whenI don't even know?” He perched on the edge of the stool next to the breakfast bar. But putting himself out there meant risk and the possibility of having all those feelings slam dunked. “I'm not going to throw her to the wolves like that. wrong. He and Lisa had worked so hard in their careers to reach this point. It was in their eyes. never finding that one who could drown out the need for Hannah. even on screen. maybe it is.. There's too much hiding. is ." "Don't you dare. but fame and fortune that went with his stardom were hard enough to handle and keep up with. then clenched it in a fist at his side. Maybe in the back of his mind. Lisa struggled to her feet. buthe could tell the difference between them. It's . “Now that you've had her. “What're you afraid of. The myth had to live and so his feelings for Hannah were left to simmer. the greatly sought after . Maybe he should have gone after her from the start. First he thought that would drift over to Lisa. just to salvage our prisons." "Yeah . their smiles." Nick massaged the ache growing in his head. she lumbered toward him. their very auras. just when you and I were soaring into the stratosphere." Another reason why he delayed all these years—what if she didn't feel the same way? Silent.

muttering curses Nick suspected were best left unheard. Left alone with Hannah.” Just looking at her made him hard.” She waddled down the hallway.. except for the fact he was wearing a robe and nothing else. She hugged the robe closed against her throat as she sank into the chair Lisa had just vacated. No surprise there. Hannah's fingers curled over the arm of the chair as she faced him fully. We need to call our people. to have her stalk his way. capturing him.. on the hunt for another taste of heaven. “So you did.” Nick said to her back. He didn't know whether to be grateful she hadn't noticed the erection tenting his robe or . It was all he could do to swallow. She still clutched the robe to her throat while she unwittingly called to him with those long. There wasn't much he could do to disguise his . “You two are the stupidest people I've ever met.. He was more than tempted to go to her. wounded. He heard the steps rattle. the door swung open." "I mean it." Her gaze shifted to his.” he quickly replied. God. she was beautiful! She shot him a glance from the corner of her eye and her cheeks turned pink. obviously. So far. “This ends with this movie. "I don't understand." Nick grinned.. awkwardness settled around them like a wool blanket in August. Would you believe me if I told you I've wanted to do that from the minute we first met?" . Yet he longed for her lips to curve in a delectably sexy smile. wrap her fingers around his cock and stroke him. shapely legs. “But I asked first. Nick felt his breath catch as Hannah stepped in.. revealing her well-toned thighs and legs. not because I thought you were Lisa. you now realize I'm not Lisa. or his hers. “But you—" "It happened because I knew you were Hannah. but fear of having her skitter into the farthest corner kept him still. He couldn't very well tuck it between his thighs without drawing attention to it. "I knew you weren't Lisa from the second I looked into your eyes. her gaze hadn't left his face. Her robe parted..” she said. "Obviously . His dick was fully erect now." "I'll take care of it after my nap. He thought of how they'd twined around him.Nick McDonald was afraid of rejection." The hint of a smile brightened her green eyes. so he left it peeking for daylight. Lisa tossed her hands up. condition. Lisa.” she said. "Why did you do this today?" "I could ask you the same question. Seconds later. He could only imagine what was going through her mind. “Have you and my sister ever—" "Never. I'm going to take a nap.

Not once in all this time had he ever staked any kind of claim. I always have been.” she whispered. he'd use Lisa's bathroom. and . Hannah. How in the hell was he supposed to walk onto the set with a hard-on? “We'll be there in a minute. Nick swore he'd done so to protect her from the limelight. His breath caught as he watched her lick her lips. say something. He'd never make it to his without being seen..” Her words caressed him as the air teased the bulbous. then drawing him deep into her mouth. “Hank would like to get some close-ups of that last scene. digging through the wet slit at the point.." A groan tore from his throat as her tongue twirled around the tip of his cock." "I was going to. "Uh-uh. "Your mouth feels like heaven.. Hannah jumped to her feet at the same time. dreamed of this moment? Too many to last for long.Her gaze dropped to his lap. purple head. the assistant director.” he begged on a choked whisper. as corny as that sounded.” She gripped his ass in her hands and held him in place. she stared for too many heartbeats before raking her eyes back up to his. hell. “Mine. pushed the door open. He watched.” He felt his cheeks heat. beat off. but I need to feel your body welded to mine while I make .. sweetheart. No more. It was a paltry defense. Hannah's thumbs fondled his aching balls while her fingers twined through the dark thatch of hair. She struggled for a response. “No. A knock on the door kept her from responding. He was still afraid. Rather than blush and shift her focus elsewhere. “You .. "You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen.” Maybe he could get to his trailer. Maybe Lisa was right and he had been a fool. He wouldn't blame her for not believing him. She teased him unmercifully. She shook her head. "I'm in love with you.. mesmerized as she knelt before him and parted his satin robe. Now he realized he was nothing but a coward." Nick let his head drop. He grabbed a handful of her long. How many times had he wanted. What if she didn't feel the same way? Why would she? He'd worshipped her from afar. please . "Hannah . Fear overwhelmed him.. you can't leave in this condition. A thousand questions danced upon her face. That would be the talk of the lot. He tucked his robe tight as he stood. He didn't speak because he was afraid she'd reject him. "Come in.” Nick barked. but the words didn't come." Slow steps brought her to him. “Let me... flicking the tag underneath. His cock bounced free. He fumbled for the bar stool behind him.. Fanning her hands on either side of his groin. Coral." Her mouth parted. blonde hair and tugged her back.

" Delight brightened her features. Make my dreams come true.” Hannah added.” he said softly. then Nick opened the door. “Hank is going to have my ass. She looked happy.. He caught her elbow and pulled her between them. her tongue twined around his. fighting for control to give her what they both wanted.. "Lisa's inside. pulling her tight against him as the orgasm ripped through him. joyous. Her eyes widened as she backed down the steps. "Come on. He froze." . His heart ached as much as his body.” he snapped. He gave her bottom a love pat. Coral. Nick beat himself harder. I'm co. Panting for breath. deep into her molten heat. “Oh. Hannah's back arched. He knelt before her. He danced his fingers across it. His fingers drifted around. Tension built. We didn't mean to put you on the spot. steering her toward the set. they remained that way until another knock at the door shattered the moment. before stretching out on the floor before him." He rolled her into his arms. her robe spread out beneath her. "I said we're coming. drawing out her climax as his own poured from him. “Make me come. Lisa's sister. guys. Pretty please?” Coral said. He and Lisa had worked with Coral on a couple of pictures." A rush of liquid washed over him.” Nick said. I need you to come with me. She convulsed around his cock and he thrust hard. She gasped and reared up to him. “This is Hannah. “And very. God. She looked like she warred between rushing inside to wish Lisa good luck and the demands of her boss." He stared at her clit." Hannah smiled and wrapped her tongue around him one more time. taking control of the action. He let her writhe in wanton abandon while her cunt walls stroked him. She was one of those “in the know” about their true relationship. very pregnant. deeper. he guided it to her wet pussy. He couldn't have her thinking Lisa would screw around on Franco. “She's napping. kissing him like he'd never been kissed before. “Sorry. Was she? Or was it the aftereffect of sex? Then she nestled her lips onto his. Nick wasn't going to give her the chance to speculate. She looked like a golden sacrifice laid before him. He dug his fingers into her hips. red and ripe like fruit on the vine." They hurried into their robes. Hannah wiggled against him. "Later. capturing the prize there. She knew—just what she knew remained to be seen. Cock in hand. then rolled to her hands and knees. Hannah giggled. Nick. Another damn knock pulled them apart. tracing his hands along her silky flesh. Nick didn't need a second invitation. her thighs open. “Let's at least get through these close-ups before things pop up again. Hannah sighed." She shot a glance between the two of them. “Again? So soon?” she whispered. harder. her arms beckoning to him.love to you.

" Hearing them over and over made her want to weep with joy.” she whispered.. Coral might have suspected. The man was gloriously huge.. The wide shower stall was enclosed with frosted . while we've got the momentum going." "I'd forgotten how wonderful it could be. Hannah closed her eyes on a gasp. then said.” Another parallel to their own situation. At the door. He hoisted himself to his knees. As things were." "I love the animal in you."Because . “We've wasted so many years.. exploded into a full-fledged laugh. “This is so cool! I just can't believe it!" **** Hannah could certainly echo that. but we could do the main sequence and the close-ups tomorrow. “Don't worry. “Oh . Hey. yet orgasm was beyond their reach. you two were very. She must have mentally pinched herself a thousand times to make sure she wasn't dreaming. taking her with him.. I always have. She gasped again and he stood. oblivious to it all. It was going to be a tricky maneuver. Definitely a predicament. But Nick and Hannah were far from done." The mood was more than right.. weren't you? Now I know what really made that scene pop and sizzle!” She darted her gaze from side to side. Each footstep pierced him straight to her core as he carried her into the set's bathroom. then hurried ahead. they could hardly move without revealingall . quietly making love while the crew watched. darling.” Hannah said in character. but she kept any suspicions close to her heart. we'd like to get the shower scene over with.. "Then we'll just have to make up for lost time. Finally." "Where are we—" "Just do it. Hank was satisfied with all his shots and pronounced them done for the day. Do we have time?" "We aren't set up with soap yet. Nick gave her a wink. Being wedged together. I love you. What started out as a giggle. she spun around again. Only they knew the secret—his dick was hard and plugged deep into her. Wrap your legs around my waist and hold tight. “Hank. Now as they ran through the scene slowly for close-ups. The angle thrust him deeper inside. Hank waited a beat or two. bodies glued together.Coral nodded and beamed a smile back at them. They lay on the bed.” she said with a laugh. had stoked them to a fever pitch. the script words held new meaning. You're secret's safe with me. Each caress for the camera was yet another affirmation. Nick wasn't acting when he said. “Action. very naughty today. when the mood's right. especially when they had to move for the different camera angles. not even allowing a smirk. very. Coral called for quiet on the set. "Is that all?” He grabbed her ass and wiggled into her.

They'd step inside. Hannah laughed.. Nick wouldn't let her.” she replied breathlessly. Long fingers grasped her butt cheeks.." Like an animal in heat.. She felt Nick grow flaccid. "Tell me how you feel. I . I'm not going to be without you ever again. "W . “Truly?" "Very truly... "Think that's funny. love you.. twist on the spray. Eyes wide." He lifted her chin on the crook of his finger. Hannah grappled for the spigots and twisted them on. “I . He wrapped her in his arms and let the warm spray wash over them as they shared kisses and caresses of afterlove.. then braced her against the tile. Hannah's character was supposed to open the door. I want to hear the words.. Hannah rested her head on his chest.. and Hannah had a hard time figuring out if he was Nick or the character he played." She was close to coming. huh?" "Hilarious!" "And what about this?” He leaned her into the tile and pumped himself into her core.. wonderful. As her eyes closed in rapture.” He jabbed her hard and deep with each word.... you. Nick's lips seized hers. ceramic tile on the other three sides. All she could do was hang on to those massive shoulders and take the fucking he was giving her. Hannah was vaguely aware of the camera peering through the open door capturing every pivot of body into body. mean.... “I do love you. Her hard nipples rasped against the smattering of hair on Nick's chest... she heard the latch release. I . she tried to break off the kiss. But at some point. he growled long and low as he came with her. The blast of cold water jerked him upright.glass in front. “Tell me." "Oh. not . then he gently set her to her feet." . forcing her to move in time with him. "That's . He stepped across the rail. taking her clit with him. His parried against hers. love .... this?" "We'll work it out. But where does that leave us? What do we do about . In the back of her mind.. I . wiping out all thought. and go at it. I always have. what . She prayed Hank would have them film the external shots first. They panted for breath while the camera still rolled. Once sated. The cold on her back took Hannah's breath away. As she grasped the door. Her legs were like rubber. on the very edge of exploding. the cameras needed to be there. Ineed to hear them. She was his. she and Nick could run through the close-ups without the glass. love . ahhhhh..” he demanded..

" . Lisa will be unable to appear. “Rumor has always swirled around Lisa Hamilton and Nick McDonald." Hannah and Nick shoved their feet into flip-flops and walked slowly toward the dressing room trailers. They paused at Lisa's. He laced his fingers through hers. "There's no time like the present to start on this. Hannah swore she heard gasps. I've got some phone calls to make. wonderful stuff!” Hank acted like he was a kid at Christmas. Preliminary word from the set is—if you find the scenes in this movie steamy. guys.” he said." **** "We've just come across the coup of the year!” the entertainment reporter blared into the microphone. has stepped into her shoes. Lisa's own identical twin. “I would be if I could find my panties." **** Nick peeled Hannah off his lap. “I think I see the limo arriving now." The woman laughed. So much so that Nick McDonald now has it written into his contract that all sex scenes will be filmed with Hannah as stand-in for Lisa! "We're hovering on the edge of the red carpet awaiting the arrival of the love-birds now for comment. Lisa indicated they were thrilled about the impending births. “Great ad lib! It works perfectly for the story!" But was it going to work in real life? "That's a wrap for today. "Cut!” Hank shouted." The woman pulled in a breath. and tired. he drew her close and kissed her. “Who wouldn't be? How does this affect production of the latest Lisa-Nick movie? It's doesn't. it's for a reason! Love has bloomed between the actor and his partner's body double. Are they or aren't they? They aren't! Documents reveal our fair Lisa married wealthy investment banker Franco Maneli two years ago and they're expecting twins! Through her publicist. then clicked off the small TV in the limo's console after he pulled his trousers up. in front of everyone wandering around the lot. “Are you sure you're ready for this?" Hannah tugged her dress down. This would definitely hit the airwaves long before they made the premier. In a move that can only be termed brilliant.He kissed then. They sealed their kiss and accepted the robes Coral handed to them. slow and sweet. she's doing well. "Wonderful. Hannah. Due to the advanced stages of pregnancy. “Let's go to my trailer. is huge. See you at the premier tonight. sweetheart. It would make for great buzz for the movie that Lisa Hamilton and Nick McDonald were seen in a clinch. Then.

As for this. LLC Quality Books.that was the bigger nightmare..com. let's show them what real love is all about. it's been better we've lived in misery pining for each other?” Hannah wiggled her panties on. You'll be hounded constantly.” but the stories will be more over-the-top and more steamy." She traced the curve of his jaw with her finger. “And into the fire. it definitely isn't my dream come true. “At the rate we're going . nightmare. Your life will be an open book. “But you are. Then they kissed for the cameras. then reached for Hannah's hand to help her out." Nick reveled in the sparkle in her green eyes. Flashbulbs shot around them capturing each moment. Sometimes the novels are written singularly. You might lose your job. Caitlyn Willows Caitlyn Willows is the pseudonym for award-winning author Catherine Snodgrass.” He kissed her quickly. Nick and Hannah wrapped their arms around each other's waists.He found them where he'd tossed them earlier on the opposite bench. Always they will be action-filled . The gauntlet of reporters stretched out before them. And for the first time since success had fallen at his feet. in more ways than one. Just try to behave during the movie. Print And Electronic Horror . “Most definitely. Caitlyn Willows’ email address is caitlyn@catherinesnodgrass. He had to be the luckiest man in the world. “Over there. she knelt beside him. “What? And ruin all my fun? We have that public bathroom scene to film tomorrow.. Now. How could it when his life was by his side? He'd never be alone again. and sometimes they are a collaborative effort with award-winning author Paris Dixon. then opened the door." "So. I never wanted to expose you to this . ending any remaining speculation. AMBER QUILL PRESS. “To me." Hannah laughed. "Is there a wedding in the future?” A female reporter shoved the microphone in their faces. it didn't feel like prison." "Not nearly enough. “I think your adoring public has had enough of a shock for one night. Well. “We still have all that lost time to make up for. Readers will find the same quality from “Caitlyn” that they have come to expect from “Catherine. We could get some practice in tonight.. and that's not what I meant.” Smiling. who wanted to flex her writing muscles in the erotica genre." He stepped from the limo. All the fame and fortune weren't nearly as precious as finally having the love of his life..." He reached for the door handle as the limo came to a stop..” they said together.

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