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All I want for

Christmas is...

The Painful
Death of

Interview with Naeto C

t h e go
g a
u r in m e di
Mea s f social

Lagos and
the Property
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Max Well, Emeka Vincent-Eloagu, Omotokunboh
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Ogundana, Dupe Fagbohungbe, Alain Portmann.

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Emeka is a new resident of the city Reproduction in full or part of any contents of NaijaTimes
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He enjoys a good game of scrabble.
Welcome to the
Christmas Issue.

Publisher’s note
As we round up the year 2010, Naija Times
wants to say a big “Thank you” to all those
who have supported us this year. We have
been looking forward to the Christmas issue
as it is bursting with the kind of intelligent and
entertaining content you can only get from
Naija Times. In this issue, look out for our
interview with the very astute entertainer,
Naeto C; Dr Jagun helps us break down the
different call plans our mobile operators
offer us and Omotokunboh Ayokunle
gives us an English lesson! Naija Times also
speaks to Gbeyin Shonibare about property
development in Lagos and from Oluyomi
Gidado we get an insight into the value of
tertiary education overseas. Enjoy this issue
and we will see you next year.

Have a merry Christmas and a

great New Year.

God bless,

- Dayo Elegbe

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December Fashion & Lifestyle Entertainment
The Ankara Revolution 14 Day One 45
1. “The Experience”- a phenomenal gospel
The Ar t of Breakfast 17 Campus News . 48
concert on 3rd of December at Tafawa
From IO with Love… 22 Another Saturday 50
Balewa Square, Lagos. Admission is free.

2, “Anchor Baby”, the critically acclaimed The Shop Digital Age

Mysterious shopper 24 All I want for Christmas is … 52
17 movie premieres in Lagos on 10th
December. Measuring the Gold Dust of
Education Social Media 57
3. MTV Africa Music Awards comes The Benefit (and Burden) of a
to Lagos on 11th of December at Eko Foreign Education 26 Property
Hotel and Suites, Lagos. The Painful Death of English 30 Lagos and the Proper ty Market 60
30 50
4. British Council “Dare to dream”
Health Directories
Conference holds on 15th December at
Practical Ways of Reducing Your Risk of Business Listings 65
Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.
Developing Tooth Decay 34
5. STAR Mega Jam - Headliner: R Kelly.
17 December @Polo Club Lagos.

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Travel & Culture

First few minutes, I closed my eyes and it felt go on for longer. By now, I was living out my
like I was about to jump off a cliff. Next few fantasy to be a rock-star biker chic. Getting
minutes after that felt like jet skiing for the off the bike, I patted my lips only to realize
first time but on the road. The most dreaded they had accumulated so much dust and sand.
Kepo Omotade moments were whenever we got into a pot- I could even taste the sand in my mouth,
hole or road bump. The seat never felt secure yuck! But hey, it’s worth it because I made
Home and Away next time. The MD and I (HR Manager) cleared
enough as I always felt like I was about to fall my appointment. Needless to say, I dared not
out our schedule for you today so you need to
off during those moments. In no time, I got mention to the interviewer how I got to the
For the next few issues Naija Times will be find your way here somehow” Damn...another
comfy on my seat except for whenever we office. When she asked me how I still made
profiling the experiences of people who have light-bulb moment: USE OKADA (commercial
had to manoeuvre between trailers. At those it on time, I simply responded with a simple
left Nigeria to live abroad or those who have bike). I have never used an Okada before
times, I would cling tighter to the bike and “Oh I car pooled with a friend”. Yes…indeed.
returned to Nigeria after a period away although I knew one day would come - the day
the driver and pray we didn’t hit the trailers.
from home. Our first story is written by Kepo of reckoning when I am faced with no other
After a while, I got so comfortable I reached Lessons learned:
Omotade choice but to use the infamous okada.
for my phone and took pictures.

On the 29th September 2010, I woke up For a microsecond, I remembered how

“The first Okada
1. Don’t wait till the last moment to make
alternate travel may find yourself
and got ready for an important job interview ruthless the Okada drivers are...more
doing things you’ve never done before.
“all the way” in Ikoyi. I say “all the way”
because with the new pot-holes on the Lekki
importantly, I remembered how mean I have
been to them in the past. “Today is the day of driver I tried to
2. Do not wear lip gloss just before getting
axis, it takes at least 3 hours to drive a vengeance. Everyday is for the thief and one
day is for the owner” I thought. In my case, the
negotiate with on an Okada or your lips might as
distance of approximately 15km from
VGC to Ikoyi. Okada drivers are the owner; Someone just instantly saw well be the vacuum cleaner for Lagos streets.
as mean as I am is going to bash the Okada
Anyway, since a trailer bashed my car just on purpose and I’m going to fall off the bike through my fake 3. Of all the local things I have done in Lagos,
this one marks the completion of
three nights ago and was in repairs, I had
to hitch a ride with a friend. We planned to
and break my legs...sheesh! Still, I went ahead
with the plan. I looked for a million reasons to local attitude me going native in my home country. I’m
officially a Lagosian now!
leave VGC around 9AM; however my friend not get on the bike but my pocket beckoned,
“Kepo, you need this job, what if they can’t hire
and twisted
was running late, REALLY late since I looked
at my watch and it was 10:45AM! 10:45AM you anymore?”. I even called my cousin to ask Pigin English, [A-Z]: This contains all the letters to make up
for all typos/errors in this note.
her for the umpteenth time if she’s sure Okada
and I need to make a 12PM appointment
in Ikoyi?! I called my interviewer and asked is a wise option. Nonetheless I decided, broken and hiked up Kepo can be reached at 0813.504.3667
for another meeting time but much to my
chagrin, she said she “had no other time
legs or not, I’m going for this interview.
the charge.” Email:

slot for the rest of the week!” The first Okada driver I tried to negotiate with
The ride lasted 32 scary, exciting, and dusty
instantly saw through my fake local attitude
minutes. Towards the end of the trip, the  
So what to do, what to do??? and twisted Pigin English, and hiked up the
traffic had cleared and I wanted the ride to
charge. Thankfully, I had asked my cousin about
First I thought maybe I should just wait till how much the fare should be so I knew better.
when next she can accommodate me; then I After haggling with two Okada drivers, I found
remembered how hollow my pocket is and one that will get me to my destination for 400
how badly I need this job and re-evaluated. Naira. Not bad. I warned him that I had never
OK! Light-bulb moment: I can call Mr Logile, been on one so he should be extra careful. I
the boat guy so his boat can get me to the asked him where to place my feet and what
other side of the Island...err wrong! Mr. to hold on to but he just burst out laughing.
Logile is MIA. What to do, what to do? By I finally decided to hold on to his shoulders.
now, it was 11:12AM, so I called interviewer How awkward!
and she said, “get here before 1PM or it’s till

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Travel & Culture

Home and Away later. My classmates decided we should all go

out for dinner. We agreed to meet at 6pm.
This story profiles the experience of Oluyomi Now with Nigerian time, 6pm is 7 or 8pm,
Gidado who left Nigeria to study for a master’s not so? I decided I would be early and arrive
degree in the UK. at 6.45pm. Big mistake! Most of the people
were either leaving or about to leave. That
T showed me! Oyinbo time, 6 is 6!

he first thing that hit me when I got out of
Heathrow was the cold! Are you kidding me?!
Why is the sun shining and I am still freezing? “Now in Nigeria when
It was the first day of October and little did
I know that what I was experiencing was just someone invites you
the tip of the iceberg! No pun intended. to dinner, they pay,

joke I came to the UK to study for a master’s

isn’t it? Afterall, I have
degree in law. My first encounter with my food in my house!”
classmates in the hall of residence showed
me that contrary to what I thought about Third mistake which could potentially have
Oluyomi Gidado myself, I was actually an ignoramus! Why been more embarrassing than even my South
didn’t I study Geography in school??? Why??? Germany faux pas. I was again invited to
This is the conversation that ensued with a dinner by classmates on another occasion
classmate from Germany. (I like food, deal with it!). Now in Nigeria
when someone invites you to dinner, they
Me: So where are you from? pay, isn’t it? Afterall, I have food in my house!
In Oyinbo land it is not so o! I went to this
Classmate (let’s call him Mathias) dinner with barely £5 in my pocket, expecting
that I would get awoof. Luckily for me, it was
Mathias: oh I’m from Appenweier. a student cafeteria and not very expensive.
When I was ordering my food, I noticed
Me: Where is that? that the bobo wey invite me no dey the
counter with me. Since I was not sure of the
Mathias: It’s a town in South Germany protocol and of course could not ask him if
he intended paying, I just took the cheapest
Me: South Germany? But I thought and smallest thing on the menu and paid my
Germany only had East and West money jeje! Kai and I was so hungry because
I was planning to wack at someone else’s
Mathias: (Laughing) Oh you’re funny! expense. Lesson number 2- don’t accept
invitations if you have no money!
Me: (looking confused and this is the clincher
by the way) No, I’m serious, how is there a I enjoyed the master’s immensely, but it was
South Germany? tough, much tougher than studying in Nigeria
had been, mainly because the lecturer’s
I can’t tell you how dumbfounded Mathias presupposed a certain minimum level of
looked. I still can’t believe how stupid I was, knowledge which quite frankly, I did not have!
really, Yomi! Ah well, you live and you learn. However, I pulled through, my ‘agidi’ paid off
and I graduated with a distinction.
Second major boo boo I made a few days

10 naijaTimes 11
Coming home
every dart and pleat. Their accessorising, “going out” is no more frowned upon as the
their poise and grace. Boys, young and past time of the delinquent. The trendy bars
old alike in neat suits all represent several and restaurants like any you would see in
influences, from Italian to British and London and New York.
American. The latest trends on display. From
Emeka Vincent-Eloagu
the skinny trousers to the Mohawk. I live in Abuja. A picturesque city filled with
business people and civil servants. Mostly
It’s the blackberry phenomena. People transported in American cars that made
memorising pins instead of numbers. it across the border when the recession
Although I have found that ownership of hit. With big houses in the middle of town
the said phone is not synonymous with the and the exorbitant rents paid on small
ability to maintain it. apartments forcing the blue collar workers
have to live on the outskirts, sometimes a
Home and Away cleverness of words. New Year themes still two-hour drive away.
headlining the middle of the year.
This story profiles the experiences of Emeka
Vincent-Eloagu who returned to Nigeria after It’s the rows of roadside food sellers and Songs that make you want to
studying in the UK the throng of hawkers peddling their wares
in-between moving traffic. Constantly smiling
dance and jump and sing along.
I t’s the car horns that got me at first. There in the hot scorching sun, weaving through Tuface still on top of his game
is a bleeping when the traffic lights change,
when a driver fails to indicate before taking
moving vehicles with speed and dexterity,
their baskets perched firmly on their heads. with songs you can relate to and
a turn and when he indicates and takes it
It’s the array of head gear. All in similar
ones that fan your fantasies.
too slow to the irritation of the motorist
following. There is cacophony of sounds as colours adorning the skulls of the party goers. It’s the music. From Dbanj and his Kokology, There are no unemployment benefits
different shrill notes emanate from several Every Saturday a colourful affair. With live to Naeto C the Ibo boy who likes to here. No little girls pushing even littler
automobiles at once, punctuated with a music and wine and dance. Long lost relatives incorporate Hausa words and phrases in girls in prams with their hair slicked firmly
verbal outburst or two from worked up find each other, all feigning surprise at how the his catchy songs. To Chocolate City and backwards and held in a pony tail, getting off
citizens. Occasionally a pedestrian makes a other has changed. Jesse Jagz and his brother. Songs that make the bus into their council flats. If you don’t
heated contribution. you want to dance and jump and sing along. work, you don’t eat. So the young work, and
It’s the men folk. All in heated argument about Tuface still on top of his game with songs the even younger hawk!
It’s the excited chatter at the market stalls. what is good for the polity. Propounding you can relate to and ones that fan your
Each trader extolling the quality of their theories about how change can come and fantasies. It’s the mixture of Fuji, and Juju There is the heat and there is the rain. The
wares, calling you names like “aunty” or doing so with conviction like their discussions with R&B and Soft Rock. It’s the diversity new electricity meters still not a guarantee
“uncle” or “yellow” if you happen to be are the answer to the problem; that is until from Frank Edward down to Sammy Okposo that PHCN is going to keep their end of the
even slightly fair skinned. Then there is the the football comes on. and the like. Different genres catering to bargain. From house to house generators
grabbing of arms, sometimes gently leading everyone’s taste. hum. Creating their own music day and night.
and sometimes roughly pleading. You are It’s about the food too. Varieties of soups, from
either amused or annoyed, but the novelty Oha to Egusi to Affang, with pounded yam that It’s TV, from comedy to reality. The Inspire of the hustle and bustle, the adversity.
soon wears off. isn’t made from flour! There’s beans, there is encroachment of a new found celebrity There is laughter. There are good times. Life
rice. There is beans and rice. Moin moin and culture is like never before. With singing is an interesting roller coaster. This is living.
It’s the spring of churches. Billboards line the Akara are essentials and not delicacies! There contests featuring the talented and It’s the Naija I remember, it hasn’t changed
street corners. Miracle advertisements and is food everywhere, at different prices, for demented umpired by competent judges and much. It’s just grown up a bit. After seven
men’s heads plastered above their names different tastes in varied locations. those totally on an ego trip. It’s the way all years away, I proudly say, these are my people,
with titles too many to mention. The names things foreign are interpreted and enacted. this is my country. It’s good to be home!
of these establishments are sometimes It’s the fashion. Shapely women in expertly It’s the social life, where night clubs are no
poetic. Each trying to out-do the other with styled Ankara, their personalities written on more synonymous with prostitution and

12 naijaTimes 13
Fashion & Lifestyle

Korede Ogundana

G rowing up, the traditional Ankara In recent times, the fashion industry has been
fabric was regarded as clothing for the less infiltrated by Ankara which is often blended
privileged members of the society. I look with matching fabrics and have used their
around in amazement and I ask myself what experience and creativity to create alluring
has changed as those days seem to be long designs that grace the catwalk. One thing I
gone. The Ankara fabric has undergone what particularly like about the Ankara fabric is its
I describe as a magical transformation. It has versatility. It can be used for almost anything
gone from being the garment for the poor to from formal to casual clothing to accessories
the choice fabric for the rich and famous. like necklaces, bracelets, bags, purses and even
home accessories, like rugs, cushions etc.
Today a fabric that was once considered dull We see creations by designers such as Ituen
and boring is now being described as rich, Bassey (known for her Ankara jewellery, bags,
eclectic and very chic not just within African rugs and clothes); Jewel by Lisa (known for
society, but worldwide and I think we owe her sequined ankara outfits); Renee Q (known
our thanks to the fashion designers who have for her ankara t-shirts, corsages and belts).
taken this once ordinary fabric and created
appealing breath- taking designs and created The Ankara revolution has taken the world by
the “Ankara Revolution”. storm. Recently at New York fashion week,

“Gwen Stefani’s Lamb collection

featured Ankara in her collection”
Where did it all start? The Ankara fabric Gwen Stefani’s Lamb collection featured
formerly known as ‘Dutch Wax’ from Ankara in her collection. Hollywood is going
Holland only became known as Ankara when crazy for Ankara. Celebrities like Beyonce,
the Turks started making a cheaper version Solange Knowles, Kelis and Gwen Stefani have
which was imported into the Nigerian been seen rocking Ankara outfits. I believe
market. The Ankara fabric became the major that it is this infinite creativity which the fabric
competitor to the local ‘adire’ fabric because possesses that makes so appealing as well as
the dye was faster and did not stain as much, the fact that it is very affordable.
causing Nigerians to abandon the local adire
fabric for the more colourful “Ankara” fabric Ankara has made a huge comeback and has
from Europe. for all purposes reinvented itself and it is fair
to say that it is here to stay.

14 naijaTimes 15
Fashion & Lifestyle

The Art of
Dupe Fagbohungbe

Family mealtimes are a dying art, and appear even though it might not have been the plan
to be more like a childhood memory than a to create family mealtimes, the restrictions
present day reality. Members of the modern made it a ‘forced’ activity, which ended up
day family tend to have their meals in front of being beneficial.
the television or while working or surfing the
internet or perhaps in their favourite corner Research shows that family mealtimes
of the house. No one tends to make use of help build healthier relationships amongst
the dining table in the house and it serves members of the family and anchors a family.
more as a piece of art rather than a piece of For a young family, experts say that eating
furniture meant for dining. together is an investment, which pays off in
the development of teenagers and young
Due to the busy schedules of parents eating kids. Studies have shown that the more often
Having problems importing together as a family is a practice that is
virtually non-existent. Personally, growing
families eat together the less likely the kids
are to smoke, do drugs, have eating disorders,
goods into Nigeria? up in a full house, I remember sitting at the
dining table with my siblings, uncles, aunties
suffer depression etc.

If you’re looking for a first class service and want a and my parents for meals as my mother Whilst considering the busy schedules of
reliable one stop shop that can include procurement, forbade us from eating in her sitting room parents, it is important to make it a duty
talk to us.
As the biggest movers of air freight from the United Kingdom
into Nigeria, we at Cargo Link Express know a thing or two
“Research shows that
about providing first class air freight services. family mealtimes help build
healthier relationships
We provide:
• Clearance to door throughout Nigeria
• Air freight rates to all African destinations from anywhere
in the world
Heathrow warehouse
Unit 7d amongst members of the
• Worldwide coverage through own network of offices
• Thorough competence in Nigerian clearing procedures
The Heston Centre
International Avenue
family and anchors a family”
• Full track and trace facilities Middlesex
or our rooms lest we messed up her sofa to spend time together for meals. It is an
• Procurement TW5 9NJ
or invited insects or rodents to the rooms. art, which has to be practiced often as the
Tel 0208 5739027
• Local payment facilities in Niara Those used to be fun times where we would less often a family eats together, the more
Operations Manager
Call Donna Aldridge now on +44 7831 396578 Ben Miles Mathewson bond, crack jokes and share the love as a awkward and uncomfortable it becomes. In
T: +44 7739 678688 family in the way we knew how. Therefore, order to benefit from this, it is essential for
or email E:
naijaTimes 17
Fashion & Lifestyle

families to schedule a time for family meals. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking
It is also important to consider the kind of powder, salt, and sugar. Make a well in the
meals that would encourage the kids to sit at centre and pour in the milk, egg, and melted
the table. butter; mix until smooth.

In modern times, most parents can Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over
only afford to spend the weekend with medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter
their children. While dinner time is the onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup
most appropriate meal to eat as a family, for each pancake. Brown on both sides and
where this is not possible due to social serve hot.
engagements, it can be a starting point to
have breakfast at the weekends together as Recipe for perfect scrambled eggs
a family.
Here is a sample menu, which maybe created
at the breakfast table in your own home.
The dishes are simple to make and the 2 large free range eggs
ingredients are easily accessible in the market 6 tbsp single cream
or supermarket. or full cream milk
a knob of butter
Sample Menu
a pinch of coarse
Homemade American style black pepper
pancakes with honey or syrup

Sausages - lightly whisk the eggs, cream and a pinch

Scrambled Eggs of salt and pepper together until all the
Baked beans ingredients are combined and the mixture has
Bread one consistency.
Yoghurt - Heat a small non-stick frying pan for a
Juice minute or so, then add the butter and let
it melt. Do not allow the butter to brown
Recipe for homemade pancakes or it will discolour the eggs. Pour in the egg
mixture and let it sit, without stirring, for 20
Ingredients seconds. Stir with a wooden spoon, lifting and
folding it over from the bottom of the pan. Let
Directions it sit for another 10 seconds then stir and fold
1 1/2 cups
all-purpose flour
3 1/2 teaspoons - Repeat until the eggs are softly set and
baking powder slightly runny in places, then remove from
the heat and leave for a few seconds to finish
1 teaspoon salt
cooking. Give a final stir and serve the velvety
1 tablespoon white scramble without delay.
1 1/4 cups milk
1 egg
3 tablespoons
18 butter, melted naijaTimes 19
20 21
Fashion & Lifestyle

Magical Spaces in association with IO furniture

“ The desire to create the perfect living space often leaves us wondering how to achieve
that perfect balance of your physical and emotional well being. Well ,an
important component is a well thought out space.

The general design and philosophy behind good furniture should be that it
suits your lifestyle and emotional needs.”


Tel/Fax: 01-8180027, 08060499767,
ILUPEJU, LAGOS. 07064000227, 08136266340,

22 naijaTimes 23
The Shop

though I had never tasted anything so divine was still GALA! It is fresh and very meaty.

in my life! The sautéed chicken cooked in How can I forget the banana loaf or the
this cheesy and creamy sauce, was cooked chocolate muffins or the chocolate cake, I
perfectly (not too cheesy or creamy) and could go on and on and on! The last time
the CHICKEN!!! Oh my! It was almost I was at Orchid Bistro, I noticed the menu

unreal. I was tempted to ditch my meal for had been updated with more dishes. I look
hers. The chicken… oh that chicken… forward to tasting the ribs, I can almost
vouch it would be absolutely delicious.
After our main meal, we decided to order One thing I can say about Orchid Bistro is
dessert. I ordered a black forest gateau and that there is the attention to the quality of
a strawberry cheesecake. The black forest ingredients used in preparing the dishes. You
is definitely a must-have. This delicious can tell from the experience you will have
chocolate cake layered with whipped cream there that the owner is indeed passionate

The Orchid Bistro

and some delicious cherry topping about good and quality food. The bottom
is fluffy and gently melts in your mouth and line is Orchid Bistro is definitely a place to
leaves you almost scraping your plate. go in Lagos.

“Every time I take someone

The first time I experienced the cuisine in Orchid Bistro attended to me and offered there, the person
automatically becomes an
Orchid Bistro was with a couple of friends to make my virgin mojito even though
on a nice Saturday afternoon. I had heard that would be his first attempt. That really
so much about this bistro in Ikeja and how impressed me! To my amazement, the mojito
great the food was. On getting to Isaac John
Street, we turned into a green gate and
was perfect and what made it even better
was the fact that it was on the house!
Orchid Bistro convert”
walked through a pathway decorated with The cheesecake was good, but I have tasted
beautiful orchids and into this little café just Time to order the main course and my friend better and would give it a six out of ten.
around the corner of the busy compound. recommended the chicken fettuccini. I was
I felt as though as I was in pastry heaven however sceptical as I was not sure whether I have been to Orchid Bistro on various
with the pies, cakes, chocolates etc staring it would be a disaster, so I opted for a safer occasions since then and I cannot stop
directly at me. I remember vividly the option, the spicy prawn pasta. The kitchen Overall
raving about the food to friends and family.
delicious smell of freshly baked pies fresh was visible so I was able to watch them Every time I take someone there, the Ambience: 9/10
out of the oven. The beauty of this place make my food from scratch. That definitely person automatically becomes an Orchid
is the size - it is cosy without feeling small gave the confidence that I was not eating Bistro convert. If you go there please try Food: 9/10
and the ambience makes you feel at home. left over’s. the Bistro classic sandwich, which contains
cheese, chicken, tuna, ham, vegetables. Taste and Range: 9/10
We sat I noticed that to compliment the Our food arrived about 20 minutes later. My That is a lot of filling in a sandwich but I
name of the place, there were orchid plants first forkful of my past was delicious, not too can assure you it is worth the price and Customer Service: 9/10
on each table - clichéd but sweet. A waiter spicy not over seasoned and I did not have definitely a winner for sandwich lovers. The
came to take our pre-lunch drink orders. to search for the prawns in my food, as there pastries in Orchid Bistro are to die for. I
At that time, I was going through a phase was a generous portion in my plate. What would also recommend the chicken pie it
where I was obsessed with virgin mojitos excited me about the food were the colours tastes like what a chicken pie is meant to
and I requested for a virgin mojito even of the sweet mixed peppers, which gave the taste like, not the rubbish you get in many
though it was not on the menu. A few dish a different twist. I decided to have a fork fast food restaurants. The sausage roll takes
seconds later, Dr. Roberts, the owner of from my friend’s chicken fettuccini, I felt as me back to the younger days when GALA

24 naijaTimes 25

The benefit
For many years now, Nigerian parents that According to parents who send their children
can afford it send their children to the UK overseas and Nigerians who have studied in
or the US for their undergraduate degrees. Nigeria and overseas, they prefer the system
Where cost is an issue, then Nigerian of education overseas for three reasons. The
educated children are sent overseas for a first is the access to books and resources.

(and burden) of a
master’s degree. Naija Times investigates Most universities in the UK and the US have
some of the reasons for this. What do large well stocked libraries and access to
parents actually feel they are getting when up-to-date research in the relevant courses.

foreign education
they spend millions of naira to educate their The libraries in many Nigerian universities
children when there are literally hundreds of are stocked with old, out of date texts and
universities in Nigeria (and many more being there never seem to be enough books for the
added everyday!). number of students on the courses.
Oluyomi Gidado

26 naijaTimes 27
Second issue parents have is the method a year. This does not include accommodation,
of study. The lack of access to resources in books, clothes and food which will easily add
Nigeria means that students are compelled another £10,000 to the bill. This sum is not
to learn by rote. Now whilst cramming may to be sniffed at! In the US undergraduate fees
be a valid way of learning your mathematical vary greatly from as little as $10,000 a year to
times table when you are eight, learning $60,000 a year in Ivy league schools.
the principles of management or legal
principles by rote when you are eighteen is Secondly, the loss of “control” over the
quite another matter. The Nigerian system children is another issue. There is no parent
of education does not seem to encourage who has not heard horror stories of children
critical thinking, initiative and independence sent overseas to study who got into bad
of thought and some Nigerian educated company and ended up as drug addicts- or
students have complained about doing badly worse! When your children are in school
on courses because they disagreed with overseas, there is no telling what they are
the lecturer’s views. In the UK and the US, getting up to and for many parents, worry
the Socratic and dialectic method of study and fear are constant companions during the
encourages students to discover the material three or four years the children might be
for themselves within the framework set away. The only way around this is for parents
by the lecturer. Some Nigerian employers to have given their children a measure of
have also complained about the lack of freedom whilst they are in Nigeria so that the
initiative some Nigerian graduates possess freedom they experience overseas will not be
and the fact that they are unable to deal too dizzying for them!
with problems beyond a “template” that has
already been encountered. This is another Thirdly, having tasted what is often a “good
result of learning by rote, in that when you life” where there is constant electricity, no
do learn by rote, you never really learn how water issues, no fear of armed robbers, and
to apply your knowledge and in fact, you a relatively decent standard of living, many
never really learn. children sent overseas are not in a hurry to
return to Nigeria and some end up hiding
The third reason is related to the second. out as illegal immigrants once their visas
The fact that in the UK and the US students have expired, doing menial or close to menial
are given the freedom and the room to (call centre, anyone?) jobs once they have
express themselves in the classroom and graduated, to the chagrin of their parents.
there is very little power distance between What a waste!
lecturers and students means that students
educated overseas are invariably more So what should a parent who has the money
confident, more astute, more self aware do? Is a foreign education really better? In
and altogether more self-actualised. This terms of quality at the tertiary level, I will
usually gives them an edge over their locally have to say yes. At the lower levels though,
educated colleagues both in the job market i.e. primary and secondary, some Nigerian
and in business more generally. schools are very good and more importantly
at those levels, children will learn Nigerian
So what is the burden of a foreign values, their parents belief system and the
education? Of course the finances are a big morality that is lacking in most (but not all)
barrier. The average fees for an international Western schools.
undergraduate student in the UK is £10,000


T here are a number of phrases we ‘respectively.’ It does not mean several

commonly use in Nigeria which cannot be times. So please don’t use it in this context.
said to be English. Some of these are so Also “met your absence” on the phone? This
ubiquitous that even the educated use them is not possible so please substitute with “I
without thinking. I have decided to “expose” called you a number of times but couldn’t
some if these phrases, and offer what I hope reach you”
are valid (and correct) alternatives.
“It doesn’t worth it” - so many people
“He is not on seat” - this will only say this and it breaks my heart each time.
be correct if you are actually facing the Please stop. The correct phrase is - “It’s not
person’s desk and he is not ON his chair. An worth it”
alternative for all receptionists and anyone
who has to answer the phone at work- “He is “This dress doesn’t size me” – ‘Size’
not available”. is not a verb. It’s a noun. The correct phrase
is – “This dress is the wrong size”
“The phone was ringing no reply” -
Where do I start? It is not possible for the “Has she put to bed?” – This is just
phone to reply you. Neither is the person plain creepy. An alternative is - “Has she had
who is meant to ANSWER (not reply) the her baby?/ Has she given birth?”
phone going to give you a reply until you ask
a question. An alternative is- “The phone rang “Dress!” – apart from the common
off /The phone wasn’t answered.” everyday meaning (i.e. apparel), ‘dress’
is a military term which means to bring
“Reverse back!” – If you are reversing, troops into alignment with one another for
you are already going backwards so to add a parade formation. Now unless you are
the word ‘back’ is tautology and unnecessary. calling your troops to order and I daresay
Please just say “Reverse!” you are not, please just say – “Move!”

The painful “She has added weight.”- Added weight “Off your phone!” - This is wrong.

death of
to what? This is just nonsense. The alternative Enough said. The correct phrase is “Switch
for those who intend to gossip about their of your phone.” Same goes for any other
newly fat friends is -“She has gained weight.” phrase that starts with “off” in that context

such as “Off the light.”
“You don’t know what is on ground”
- This is usually said in the heat of a discussion “How has been your day/week?”
or in anger and most of us make mistakes or -Terrible tense confusion. The correct
Omotokunboh Ayokunle “shell” when we are angry, but still! This is phrase is - “How was your day/week? Or
neither a correct figurative nor literal phrase “How has your day/week been?”
so please substitute with- “You are not aware
of the reality of the situation” or “You don’t “Open the windows let the
understand what is going on.” atmosphere come inside” - The
atmosphere is to the best of my knowledge
“I called you severally but met not capable of carrying out any actions. An
your absence” - This is one of the most alternative is “Open the window for some
confusing statements I have ever heard. First fresh air.”
the word ‘severally’ means ‘separately’ or

30 naijaTimes 31

“They are calling you” when you are “What is it by your time?” This phrase
referring to an individual. This phrase is is convoluted and awkward. First no one
due to an incorrect translation of Yoruba has their own time, unless they are living on
where “E” (meaning they) is used to refer another planet. Please just say “What is the
to adults as a sign of respect instead of “o” time or Do you know what time it is?”
(meaning he/she). Now to my Yoruba folk,
using “they” in English when you are referring “I want to call it a quit” - Now if a
to one person is not more respectful, it is boyfriend ever said this to me I would be
just wrong. Unless a person is being called by heartbroken for two reasons- first because
more than one person, please say “He/She is all break-ups are hard and second because I
calling you.” was obviously dating an illiterate! The correct
phrase is “I want to call it quits.”
“Didn’t you see me trafficating?”
There is no such word as “trafficate” in the “That boy has a lot of potentials.”
English language. The correct term is to Potential has no plural. The correct phrase is
“indicate.” So the correct phrase is “Didn’t “That boy has a lot of potential.”
you see me indicating?”

“Now if a boyfriend ever

said this to me I would be
heartbroken for two reasons-
first because all break-ups are
hard and second because I was
obviously dating an illiterate!”
“I am not going to name their “Cut your coat according to your
names” - This one is less obvious, but size” Let’s think about this one for a minute.
unless in the context it is possible to name If I have one yard of cloth and I am a size 24,
for example, body parts, then the correct it would be impossible to fashion any kind of
phrase is “I’m not going to name them.” coat for my size. If I decided to cut my coat
according to my cloth, on the other hand, I
“I am going to my working place” would decide that in view of my large frame,
- Why would you say this when you could all I can manage from my cloth is a pair of
say “I am going to work/the office?” Also, sleeves. What is my point? The correct phrase
since the “place” itself is not the one that is “Cut your coat according to your cloth”.
is “working” this phrase is grammatically
incorrect. You don’t say “I am going to my That’s all from me folks. If you hear anything
living place” do you? interesting which you think should be
exposed, please email us at info@naija-times.
com and let’s bring proper English back!

32 naijaTimes 33

Practical ways of
ooth decay is medically known as dental Sometimes, it’s only when a cavity appears
caries and it is one of the most common that a person may realise that they are

reducing your risk of

diseases throughout the world. During tooth suffering from dental decay, because the
decay bacteria produce acids which damage disease process can actually be painless.
the hard tooth structures. Therefore, extensive damage may have

developing tooth decay How does tooth decay develop?

occurred before you are even aware that
there is a problem. This is why visiting the
dentist regularly is so important so that
Dr. Janelle Byran
Many bacteria normally live in the mouth. problems can be identified at an early stage.
They build up within dental plaque, a
sticky film which naturally forms on teeth. What are the symptoms of tooth decay?
Some plaque bacteria convert sugars and
starch (fermentable carbohydrates) to The most common symptom associated
acids, which dissolve away the minerals in with tooth decay is pain and sufferers often
the tooth’s structure, a process known as described as sensitivity. When the person eats
demineralization. Once the sugar has been or drinks something hot, cold or sweet they
used up after a meal the tooth has a chance can feel a sharp pain. This usually goes away
to repair, or remineralize. soon after the food or drink has lost contact
with the decayed tooth. As the decay gets
If plaque isn’t removed regularly or sugar is closer to the nerve of the tooth, this pain
eaten too often, then the bacteria can keep sensation may become more intense and last
on producing more and more acid so that for several minutes or even hours.
the tooth’s structure breaks down causing
cavities or holes in the teeth. Other people may have difficulty chewing or
even get food trapped within or between the
Stages of tooth decay affected teeth. This of course can lead to an
unpleasant taste in the mouth and bad breath.
Bacteria in plaque feed on If a front tooth is involved this can lead to a
fermentable carbohydrates when less attractive appearance when the person
we eat or drink smiles or speaks.

Plaque bacteria convert the If left untreated, dental decay can reach the
carbohydrates to acids pulp or nerve of the tooth and an abscess
may form. This can cause excruciating pain and
Acids begin to dissolve the minerals even loss of sleep and pain killing drugs may
in the tooth enamel not be able to give any relief. If the infection
spreads, persons may experience swelling
The cavity becomes deeper, near to the tooth and at worst, this can even
reaching the dentine be life-threatening.

The cavity spreads through the Treatment of tooth decay depends on the
dentine, reducing the underlying stage at which it is first detected. Simple
support for the enamel preventative measures may be all that is
needed to stop the process if it is detected
The enamel becomes brittle and at an early stage. Management of cavities
fractures, forming a cavity may range from simple fillings to root canal

34 naijaTimes 35

foods, in particular sugary foods should be can lead to them developing what is called
consumed. ‘bottle or nursing caries’. This is a devastating
type of tooth decay for the child themselves,
As mentioned above, acids are produced their parents and of course the dentist and
by bacteria whenever we eat. So if you can lead to a lot of pain and suffering. As
eat sugary food frequently then there will soon as a baby’s teeth start to erupt into
be a continuous supply of acids to attack the mouth they are susceptible to tooth
teeth making them more vulnerable to decay. Bottle caries occurs when drinks in
demineralization and less able to repair, a baby bottle (including milk) are allowed
so that cavities develop. Therefore, sweet to continuously bath the infant’s teeth for
foods and confectionery should be used at prolonged periods of time.
mealtimes as a dessert or treat rather than
consumed frequently in between meals. If you Dental professionals therefore advise that
must snack between main meals, try going infants should not be put to sleep with a
for sugar-free or reduced sugar alternatives. bottle containing anything other than water.
Snacks such as cheese, nuts or fruits and They should be encouraged to drink from a
vegetables (e.g. carrot sticks) are considered cup as early as possible and preferably before
‘safe snacks’ but of course be mindful of the their first birthday.
portion size!
If you do find that you have a bit of a sweet
Chewing sugar-free gum after meals has tooth, don’t panic! Changing your dietary
also been proven to help reduce caries risk. habits won’t happen overnight but making
This type of gum not only has no sugar but small steps can go a long way in helping you
chewing it also stimulates saliva flow which is to avoid a dreaded visit to the dentist if you
vital for remineralization and repair of teeth develop toothache. It can take 4-6 weeks to
after an acid attack. develop a new habit, so try to change one
thing at a time until it feels like a natural part
If you like to have hot drinks such as tea of your life.
and coffee as a ‘pick-me-up’ during the day,
be mindful of the amount of sugar you add 2. Plaque control- brush your teeth
to your drinks. Ideally add no sugar at all or regularly
choose an artificial sweetener. Fizzy drinks
and colas are also culprits in the development If you’ve not been brushing your teeth
of dental decay. Additionally, these drinks, regularly, or maybe even not at all, then now
even the ‘diet’ versions, are also linked to is definitely the time to start!! There is very
dental erosion, especially if they are sipped strong evidence to show that brushing daily
over long periods of time. Therefore drinking with fluoride toothpastes reduces the risks of
water or other low sugar drinks is advisable. tooth decay. Fluoride has several mechanisms
treatments to crowns. Unfortunately, if a and just as a health-conscious person watches of action but the most important appears to
tooth is so badly damaged and broken down what they eat to control their weight, it is It is also very important to always check the be that it makes teeth less soluble in acids and
extraction may be the only solution. equally important to make sensible food and manufacturers’ labels on packaging when also promotes remineralization.
snack choices so we can minimise our chances buying any food or drink. Try as much as
So how do you reduce your risk of decay? of developing tooth decay. possible to avoid foods with sugars such as The general rules for brushing
sucrose, glucose of fructose listed early in the
1. Diet control-watch what you eat I wouldn’t say that there are ‘bad foods’ that list of ingredients. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
must be avoided at all costs but rather it’s
Eating is an essential part of our everyday life, important to learn when and how often Inappropriate feeding of babies and infants

36 naijaTimes 37

Spend 2-3 minutes brushing. (Using a timer may Using a daily mouthwash that contains
be helpful) fluoride is also proven to be beneficial. To gain
maximum benefit use the mouth rinse at a

well with
Brush first thing in the morning and last thing at night. different time to tooth brushing for example
after having lunch in the afternoon
Adults should use a toothpaste with a

sickle cell
fluoride concentration of 1450-1500 parts 3. Seek professional advice- visit the
per million (ppm). Specially formulated dentist regularly
children’s toothpastes are available which
contain lower concentrations of fluoride. Regular check-up appointments with your
From about the age of about 6 years it is dentist are important to check the overall
safe for children to start using normal adult health of your mouth. This includes the teeth Oluyomi Gidado
toothpastes. and gums, other tissues within the mouth
and even the joints and muscles needed for
Avoid rinsing with large volumes of water chewing. The usual recommendation is to I was diagnosed with sickle cell when I was I was at Uni). I am careful not to over-exert
after brushing; just try to spit out the excess have a dental examination every 6-12 months. almost two years old. My earliest memory myself with housework and when I was
toothpaste. If however you are at a higher risk of dental of a crisis is when I was about six years old pregnant, I started maternity leave almost two
disease then you may need to visit more and I had to stay home from school because months before the baby was born. Pregnancy
Many parents often ask at what age they frequently. of the pain in my arm. Since then there did put a lot of stress on my system and I had
should start brushing their children’s teeth. have of course been several other crises to three crises in the nine months which is a bit
We advise that you start brushing as soon The dentist will inspect each tooth to check remember, some more memorable (because of a record for me as I never have more than
as the teeth have started to come through. I for signs of decay that you may not be aware of the intensity of the pain) than others. one a year. I was lucky that I lived in a country
know many parents can find this challenging of, as well as how well you are cleaning your where medical treatment is free!
when they first start brushing their children’s teeth. They may also take x-rays of the teeth When I was growing up, sickle cell was
teeth but a little perseverance and patience which will further help to diagnose any virtually regarded as a death sentence and I also take folic acid everyday (this is crucial)
usually pays off in the long run. problems and provide treatment and advice as a number of people tactlessly told me I and I take penicillin everyday as well to
necessary. would not live to be 21. Of course I found prevent opportunistic infections. I am never
Often older children don’t like the The dentist will assess your diet and may ask this terrifying (why would you say that to a far away from pain killers, I carry paracetamol
strong minty taste of adult toothpastes. I you to complete a record of the foods eaten ten year old, anyway?) and till I turned 22 I with me everywhere I go and I use it as my
recommend mixing a small amount of the over a number of days to get an idea of your often wondered when and whether I would “first line of defence” when I feel pain. Now
adult paste with their regular children’s paste eating habits. This will definitely help you to be snatched away by the cold arm of death! I am better prepared for air journeys- the
to get them gradually while still gaining some see where you may be going wrong and guide Looking back I wish I had access to the combination of the high altitude and the
of the benefits from the higher fluoride the dental team to provide you with an action information that I now have. I would have dehydration experienced in flight is a lethal
concentration. If you are unsure about what’s plan to reduce your risk of developing further known that if I could have rehydrated myself combination so I begin my “rehydration
best, get advice from your dentist. Parents problems. better- especially during harmattan I would therapy” days before I am due to travel.
should always supervise their children when not have had such frequent crises during
brushing to ensure that they don’t swallow As the saying goes prevention is better than these months. I also wish I had known to take Beyond that I exercise moderately (OK I
too much paste. A pea-sized amount of cure. This cannot be overstated in relation preventive measures to prevent infections admit I have not exercised in the last three
toothpaste is usually enough. to dental caries. As a dentist, it is frustrating such as colds/ coughs which weaken my months), but I plan to restart. I am also
and at times heart-breaking to see anyone, immune system and make me more prone to fortunate to work in a field that is not too
Higher-concentration fluoride toothpastes especially young children, coming to the crises. Ah well! stressful and I am married to an incredible
(2800 or 5000ppm) are also available surgery suffering with advanced dental decay man!
but only on prescription. These are because this disease is treatable and more I am now in my mid-30’s and feel better than
recommended for adults at high risk of decay. importantly preventable. Just a few simple I have ever done. I have of course learnt that So to my “detractors” who told me that I
Speak to your dentist if you think you may steps are all that’s needed to ensure that your water is my best friend and I avoid stressful would die by 21, I am STILL here! I may have
benefit from using these. teeth are strong and caries-free so that they situations like the plague! (Now I know stress got sickle cell, but it hasn’t got me!
may last you until you reach a ripe old age! is why I always had crises during exams while

38 naijaTimes 39
Cover Story

I met Naeto C at his home in Lekki. It was lot of competition, not just in entertainment
a bright sunny day in October and was full but also in the corporate world. Naeto aims at
of nervous anticipation at our meeting. What using his master’s degree in energy economics
kind of person would he turn out to be? My to create leverage for himself so he can be a
research on Naeto had thrown up a number better person, not just in entertainment, but
of contradictions and I was not sure if I would in other sectors as well. Naeto told Naija
be able to figure him out. Times that after he studied the lifestyle of
other artistes and his contemporaries in the
As I pulled up to his driveway just before music business, he observed that most of them
lunch time, I was not disappointed. Naeto push out clothing lines or obtain endorsement
was polite, charming and very intelligent. Our deals from other fashion lines. He felt this was
interview lasted just under an hour and he because most of these artistes did not have
fielded my questions with the expertise of a the expertise to go into any other area of
well seasoned professional. It is hard to believe business, but his expertise means he will have
that he is only 28 years old. access to other sectors.

Naeto describes himself as a song writer, Naeto adopts an almost cavalier attitude to his
musician, a rapper and an entertainer. He got fame and as he says, he pretends it doesn’t

“he fielded my questions

with the expertise of a well
seasoned professional. It is
hard to believe that he is
only 28 years old”
Naeto’s into rap music through his love for poetry,
even though he studied biology at George
exist. He laughs at his contemporaries who
court public attention by going around with

Washington University, in the United States. bodyguards and large entourages and opines
He has always written poetry and was able that the fact that he lives like a regular person
to translate this into writing rap, because as gives him the freedom and privacy he needs
he says, rap is poetry. Recently, Naeto left to live his life. Naeto is also very aware of
Nigeria at the height of his success to study the fleeting nature of fame and music more
for a master’s degree at the University of generally and whilst he appreciates the fact
Interview with Naeto C Dundee in the UK. Most of his fans thought
this was an odd decision, given its timing, but
that his music is very popular he believes that
music is seasonal he believes he needs to keep
Dupe Fagbohungbe Naeto had his reasons which he shared with working hard to maintain his relevance in the
Naija Times. According to Naeto, knowledge Nigerian music industry.
is power and the average black person faces a

40 naijaTimes 41
Naeto is currently working on his second presidential candidates, and record promotional
album, titled “Super C” and says his music singles in support of these candidates Naeto
is inspired by experiences, people and also said that at the moment he doesn’t have the
disadvantages or obstacles that he faces. time to record music for that because he is
Naeto claims that his new album is the best trying to finish his album. In terms of support,
work he has ever done, and so Naija Times he is just watching everyone for now, but
says watch this space! will make a decision when it is time to vote

Naija Times asked Naeto whether he was

and vote for whoever he thinks is the best
candidate. He also does not rule out going
Avoid disappointment.
involved in any of the campaigns to improve into politics himself if the people want him to
Nigeria such as RSVP, Enough is Enough and represent them.
Light up Nigeria. His answer both shocked
and impressed me. According to Naeto, he Whilst he doesn’t have a mentor, he believes
has checked out these campaigns and he will that it is an important part of the growing up Don’t miss another issue of Naija Times again! Get it
never put myself in a situation where he will process. He feels young people should try to delivered to your door.
criticise his country, and will prefer to pin point what they are good at doing and

“He feels young people should try to pin For an Annual Subscription (12 Issues)
point what they are good at doing and work
hard towards fulfilling their dreams” Deposit
N5,500 (Within Lagos), or N7,900 (Outside Lagos).
be involved in constructive ways to improve work hard towards fulfilling their dreams, Into “naijasounds” UBA Account 0346 0030008279 and
Nigeria as opposed to carrying placards because when you are not working “the
and demonstrating. He believes that most competition is working.” email deposit slip number to or
of the people and the artistes involved in text deposit slip number to 07070203304
these campaigns are not even aware of why Naija Times asked Naeto C whether he was For more information call 018104856
there is no electricity in Nigeria and that single, Naeto cleverly avoided answering the
is uninformed. Because they don’t know question by saying he is a brand and as such
the root cause of the problem they cannot he cannot have a girlfriend. So we took a For our readers outside of Nigeria, please visit
proffer valid solutions. Many of the people different tack and asked him if Naeotochukwu for
complaining don’t know that electricity had a girlfriend, and not to be outsmarted,
and fuel in Nigeria is subsidised to make it the very intelligent Naeto told us that since instructions on how to pay.
affordable for Nigerians. Nigerians should the interview is with Naeto C and not with
stop whining and instead try to offer valid Naetochukwu, he is unable to answer the
solutions. Naeto also feels that a lot of question. Nice one Naeto!
celebrities use these campaigns to get face

time and that is pointless and cheap. In Family is also important to Naeto and he
terms of his contribution to Nigeria, Naeto was very nostalgic about his childhood and
is biding his time and feels that because he growing up in Nigeria. It is fair to say that
understands what the issues are, when the Christmas time will be family time for Naeto.
opportunity presents itself, he will be able to
make a contribution. Naija Times thoroughly enjoyed the
interview with Naeto C. He was astute,
In terms of his political affiliations and the informed and pleasant to be with and we
current trend in which many artistes support wish him all the best!

42 naijaTimes 43

Letting you know we are doing more

without necessarily saying more
Max Well

S o I got there at 8:05am, not before I had of Olive oil and rolls of tissue paper. Don’t
had a medium-heated argument with my ask me what the tissue paper is for biko,
Oga about the merits and demerits of a I’m still trying to figure that one out. As for
dry fast in the scorching heat of the camp. Olive oil, you should know now? Abi you
There was a queue beside a large part of no dey go church?
the auditorium where people were sitting
on quite badly discoloured and dusty ‘white’ A small man with an attitude of nonchalance
F a c e b o o k | Tw i t t e r | Yo u t u b e | F l i c k r
years of service
S c a m A l e r t plastic chairs. I later found out that the about audibility got hold of one of the
queue was for people purchasing bottles microphones. He was supported by a

GTBank Download point A voice for
special needs

Guaranty Trust Bank

GTBank e-Quarterly


introducing the orangeicons

naijaTimes 45

Yoruba interpreter who was the opposite amplifier. Then Baba comes! I have called him point an embassy staff came outside and “No you are not”
of his boss as he was on the large side and Baba, not because of his age, but because of said to her, and I quote “you look too good
shouted into the microphone, creating an my encounter with him. I digress. So Baba to be in this country”. I assuming that the “Yes I am!”
advantage for those who understood Yoruba comes. He takes his text from Obadiah country she is referring to is Nigeria, then
and leaving the English speakers to the Chapter 1 and verse 17. Look it up in your begs the question, how do people who live He stops at this point and gives me a
mercy of the pastor. Bible jo, I’m on a dry fast and really don’t in Nigeria look? Back to my story, or rather menacing glare, at what point my adrenaline
have the energy to type the verse! From lady-in-the-straw-hat’s story, the lady who starts to pump. In my head I’m thinking,
Then the strangeness began. There wasn’t there we get 3 prayer points. I don’t exactly didn’t look like she belonged in Nigeria gosh, this is my ticket out. I need to get this
a scripture opened, just an instruction by remember them as by now I was already was asked to bring her passport and those guy to throw me out!
the Pastor to set foundations on fire. The used to how they would end. The prayer of her two kids and husband and was then
congregation erupted into shouts of Die! point would be given with a shrill instruction issued a Green Card. Praise the Lord! I “I cannot see your body moving, and your
Die!! Die!!! While shaking their heads from to Die! And all would respond to it by didn’t hear you shout halleluiah! eyes are open” he continues
side to side, moving their arms in a rowing shouting Die!Die!!Die!!!
motion, and stamping their feet. One thing Boosted by the encouragement of the Loving the challenge I asked “so is my prayer
that amused me was the fact that people Although The Lord’s Prayer isn’t the only story, the congregation charged up, with the ineffective because I’m not jumping up and
who came to join, not hearing the prayer prayer I know, and I have been raised in a already mastered body movements, clapping down?”
point still joined the frenzy. Die!Die!! Die!!! Pentecostal church all my life, this was still and shouting. During this session a few
It was as though they had watched an a bit of a shocker. Sometime during Baba’s camp personnel went about either shouting “Yes, because the violent take it by force” he
instructional video. session, we ‘upgraded’ our response to Fire! commands in people’s ears, to the demons replied.
I imagine, or picking up falling people, and
in some cases helping them fall. If you are I don’t know how I held my laughter inside,
“Although The Lord’s Prayer a close friend of mine, you will know I was but I did.

isn’t the only prayer I know, waiting for one of them to approach me!
“I am praying” I insist. “God knows I am”
and I have been raised in a Another person takes over, but at this point
I’m not sure I can take this anymore, so Then he plays the joker
Pentecostal church all my life, my mind wanders and I start to weigh the
impact of Oga’s disappointment with my “You need to improve, if I see you not
this was still a bit of a shocker” ability to endure, and I don’t feel too bad moving, I will bring you to the back and then
with the prospect of disappointment, after ask you to leave!”
Now I had reinforced doubts about the Fire!!Fire!!! And no we weren’t commanding all this isn’t the first time I have been a
methods of prayer here, and I will admit a firing squad, well physical that is. We were disappointment. Baba! Oh sorry Babs.
that. However I wasn’t counting on my burning up evil spirits, who maybe took a
reservations to be valid! Oga had said not trip to heaven on holiday! Lol. Ok, I’ll try I didn’t have much time to contemplate We were then split in groups depending
to make my assumption on what I had not to be sarcastic as this is supposed to be before Baba earned his name by motioning on our prayer needs. I chose the ‘progress’
heard from people, I was encouraged to an impartial report on my experience. I am to me and taking me to the side. group as I have since ceased having wet
experience it with an open mind. I tried to, only human, forgive my prejudices. dreams after puberty, and do most all of
but gosh the stories are true! My mind isn’t “Were you brought here by somebody or my eating in the physical as opposed to the
totally closed, but I’ve got my questioning A lady with a white straw hat took over did you come here to pray?” he asked spiritual realm, I have no discovered ailment,
cap on! from Baba (Babs for short) and led us in and I am not a pastor.
more prayers. She punctuated it with a story, “A bit of both” I replied
When the congregation was split into oh sorry, a testimony of a lady who had I went back to the room shortly after we
groups A, B, and C, I found myself in group done these prayers, and proceeded to play “You are not praying” he said prayed for the blood of Jesus to enter our
B, once again led by my dear Pastor. This outside the American Consulate (I don’t olive oil bottles and went straight to bed. I
time I heard most of the stuff he said as it believe she went there immediately after the “I am” I replied. ignored Oga’s stares which were entreaties
was a smaller group and probably a better prayer, but I might be mistaken), at which to comment and turned towards the wall.

46 naijaTimes 47

Campus News
Lead City University Reedemers University leaving campus to attend the infamous vying for her attention now have a chance-
Lead City event flops- Dining with the Not Passing at Redeemers? Our sources freshers parties. Policemen! That’s a bit every cloud has a silver lining!
artistes event recently held at Lead City tell us that most of the recent graduates of excessive don’t you think? Whatever
University, Ibadan was unfortunately a big flop! Redeemers University graduated with a ‘Pass’ happened to freedom of movement?? Not to Week of Spirikoko- In November, Babcock
Campus news ascertained that the university degree. The University is apparently very strict, be outmanoeuvred, the students finally held a students are subjected to a week of Spiritual
students were unimpressed by the choice of but there must be something wrong with fresher’s night in November, a whole month Emphasis (dubbed spirikoko by the students)
guests which included Nollywood personalities their grading methods or the entire cohort of after resumption. Campus news says “keep on which most students do their best to avoid!
like Jide Kosoko, Rachel Oniga and Cossy students if so few students did well. Ah well! rocking!” During the week, church services are held
Orjiakor. Perhaps Lead City students are not Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so! at 5.30am and 5.30pm and the services are
fans of Africa Magic?? But isn’t there a case for Babcock University mandatory. If students are found not to have
supporting our own? I’m sure the students Ajayi Crowther University Most Beautiful Girl on campus’ relationship attended they will be given “demerit” points
would not have been reticent to attend if Will No more freshers parties?- The University in shreds- Our sources tell us that things which could lead to disciplinary measures,
Smith or Eva Longoria-Parker were on the authorities have decided to clamp down on have gone sour between the MBG and her probation or suspension, or worse! Chin up
bill...I’m just saying! “freshers” parties and this year policemen boyfriend of two years. The break-up was so guys, the week will be over before you know
manned the gate to prevent students from bad that the two no longer speak. That’s a it! Besides taking time out to pray for a week
shame, but this must mean that other guys must have its benefits. No?

48 naijaTimes 49

Another Saturday. Another wedding. the activity soon hit me. The priest began to
Flashy cars with ribbons and plate numbers read out a long list of dignitaries who had
that read Bride and Groom weave in and taken out time from their busy schedule to
out of traffic heading to some church or be there. I was one of a very small minority

reception venue. of people with perplexed looks on their faces.

Grooms and clergy worry about starting As every name was read the owner would
the church service on time as brides stand slowly, a look of feigned surprise
across the metropolis arrive fashionably on their face that they were worthy to
Emeka Vincent-Eloagu or unavoidably late. Guests parade the be recognised. Carefully supporting their
venues recognising each other and meeting Babanriga or Ikpele they wave to the crowd
new faces, filling the air with happy and and not fully erect take their seats again
boisterous chatter. just in time to applaud another ‘important’
The groom’s men line up and the music
begins to play. The bride starts to march As the recession hymn started and I
in, her father in arm and her bridesmaids walked out the church I couldn’t help
leading the way. The mode of procession wondering about what just happened. It
slightly changed since I was a child growing seemed to me that for those “big” people,
up in Northern Nigeria in a Pentecostal all the preparation, buying the aso ebi,
family. Gone is the upbeat music requiring finding matching shoes, locating the venue
the bride to dance furiously towards and turning up, was for that ego tripping
the altar sometimes alternating between moment - when they would hear their
forward steps, backward steps and steps in names called and have themselves noticed
other directions. Now it’s a solemn walk by people who wouldn’t even remember
down the aisle with the guests on their feet who they were once the ceremony was
smiling in-between tears. over (I assume people who know them
already wouldn’t need the benefit of an
“Dearly Beloved.....” The first words that introduction) but that’s Naija for you.
begin the ceremony. I turn round and
survey the sea of ‘Gele’ tied in different Looking back, as much as I found that
ways, not one the same, in the colours of episode uncomfortable, I can’t help
the day all bowed as their owners turn their feeling it made the proceedings that much
programmes to the next hymn. more interesting. There is something in
our culture that allows for recognition
The ceremony goes on with a mixture of and respect although we take it a bit
cultures, styles and languages. The joining too far sometimes. Taking things too
is exciting, the message is fantastic and far is something we do often, like the
the prayers are relevant and direct. There multiplicating use of the word “swagger” or
are ‘oos’ and ‘ahhs’ and laughter and some when “innit” hit the scene. It’s just us. At the
more tears. reception, there were more dignitaries and
more introductions, but I rolled my eyes less
The couple receive their marriage and less as I became numb to the droning
certificate and then it starts. At first I of the MC. In the end the only people I
thought it was a joke, looked around to remember are the important people who
catch a laugh from one of the other guests, were recognised earlier on their plate
and getting no response, the seriousness of numbers. The bride and the groom.

50 naijaTimes 51
Digital Age

A ll I want for Christmas is … a 5KVA that must be considered means that they
generator, a laptop, a motorcycle, a Nokia are REALLY hard to understand. How do I

All I want for

handset, a Samsung handset, a 32’’ Samsung work out what’s right for me without needing
LCDs a Hyundai i10 … or so mobile to refer to a multi-criteria decision analyst?
operators in Nigeria would have you think. Second, beware of the small print; the “oh and

Christmas is …
These are just some of the “prizes” that by the way …” clauses written in microscopic
are supposedly up for grabs by joining their font sizes (upside down, at the bottom of the
networks, “topping up” your phone credit page!) that paradoxically add to the cost of
Dr Abi Jagun for only 1 Naira a day, or sending a bunch the “savings” you think you’ll be making.
of short codes to special premium numbers.
Don’t get me wrong, I would “love” a Let’s take me for example – being Ijebu (by
generator, could do with a laptop, quite dig birth and not just by character!) I know what
the Nokia E5 (the Samsung Galaxy isn’t bad my spending patterns are. I make calls to any
either) … in fact please give me whatever national network and at any time. I “love” my
there is for grabs. I expect more raffles, prize sleep and as such do not fall prey to those
draws, pseudo-gambling opportunities to arise between midnight and 5/6am free call promos.
with even more eye catching prizes as we I rarely send text messages but occasionally
sashay into the festive period. make calls to UK mobile numbers. Looking
through the spreadsheet where I track my
However, we can’t all be winners and what I monthly expenditures (what? You thought I
would like … what I would REALLY like for was joking when I said I was Ijebu??) I know
Christmas is: a network that works, a tariff I spend on average N16,000 a month on
plan that I can understand, and affordable recharge cards.
voice calls (best not ask for the moon and add
my data charges here!) Having read through the terms and conditions
of the various offers and creating (another)
I want to dial a number and actually have spreadsheet to simulate different scenarios, I
it connected AND to the right person. I tried to work out which of the “new” plans
want to call friends and family to wish them would be best for me with my N16,000 a
a Merry Christmas and/or Happy New Year month budget … in other words how much
and actually finish the greeting without being talk time (in hours) I would get. The results
cut off. I want to make voice calls and not be are uninspiring.
bankrupt at the end of it all. Yes, I have the
“pure water” phone, but the tariffs are just With Etisalat’s easytalk I would get about 17
plain toxic! hours of national talk time for my N16,000
a month, this is after paying the daily charge
So you can imagine my joy when I browse of N20 over 30 days. However, I can’t make
through the papers and see the fantastic, my international calls at this rate (would
simple, “any time”, “any network”, fixed rate pay N0.55/sec to the UK) and there are no
plans that the mobile operators have come up reduced or free offers for sms. I don’t mind
with. From the “More” suite of plans by Glo the sms bit (N10 per national sms, N15/
to Etisalat’s “easylife” to MTN’s “Link Tariff” international sms) but my brief international
plans and of course Zain’s Joli plans. calls (especially over the festive period) will
no doubt eat (significantly) into my 17 hours
But are they really what they claim to be? of talk.
First of all the different options and “add ons”
If I were to “migrate” to Glo More Prime, I

52 naijaTimes 53
Digital Age

would get about 15 hours of talk time for

N16,200 per month. The charge is N18
and goal orientated”; or “cool, fun loving and
adventurous”; or “stylish, up-class, and VERY
Sign up for FREE
every 3 minutes which means I would need successful”. Second I had to guess, on average,
to be vigilant; a stop watch in my hand with how long I spend on each call as the tariffs
a quick goodbye up my sleeves … I guess operate on a sliding scale – the longer you talk
I could always disguise the abrupt end to the cheaper it gets, except these only apply to
the conversation as a “dropped call”. I can calls to other MTN numbers and it’s not clear
only call UK landlines at the ‘special” rate if this applies to the same call, calls in the same
though, calls to UK mobiles are charged at day to the same number, or calls to all MTN
… actually, I couldn’t find how much a call numbers that day! The difference in prices is
to a UK mobile costs on the Glo website! not that different from the other networks
National sms cost N8 and international is either, in fact calls to other national networks
N15/sms. at about N0.53/sec are more expensive. By
the end I was bored, irritated and bemused.
Zain’s Joli plans looked awful at first; only
about 9 hours of talk time for N16,300 a
month! Things do look better if I was calling
I doubt I’ll get what I want (from the mobile
operators) for Christmas … but I don’t
“Zain’s Joli plans Internet Phone

looked awful at first;

Did you know you can use the Internet to make free to cheap international and
national telephone calls. This is all possible through the revolutionary Voice Over IP

only about 9 hours utilises this technology, together with its powerful set

of talk time for of applications to offer members telephony services through their internet
connection. All you need is a Laptop or PC, a microphone and some speakers and

N16,300 a month!”
away you go!

Calls to other members on Naijaconnects are absolutely free, whilst calls to fixed
lines and mobiles are very cheap. Join the Revolution now. Tell friends and family
a UK landline rather than a mobile (would think wishing for less congested networks,
and start connecting. “Now we’re talking”
pay N0.25/sec rather than N0.50/sec) – but streamlined tariff plans that make it easier to
then I would probably go down the Glo work out the cost of calls, and cheaper call
route if that was the case; remembering that charges is too much to ask for; do you?
a 3 minute call to a UK landline would cost Social Networking
N18 on Glo More Prime but N45 with Joli (NB: These figures were accurate as at 15 Meeting and discovering new and old friends online can be very exciting.
Yonda (however, this analysis is specific to my November 2010; Zain has subsequently been acts as a social networking platform that puts you in contact
talking/spending habits). rebranded as Airtel, but it remains to be seen with people like you. Discovering new people on is very easy,
what substantive changes the rebranding you can even search against Schools, Universities and Work places for friends you
And what of MTN? *sigh* my spreadsheet exercise will cause). might have known but lost touch with.
model was still computing the result as this
article was going to press. I jest! Seriously, Dr Abi Jagun lives in Lagos. She consults and You can share memories by up loading and sharing photos with your friends and
the Link plans are (for me) too complicated conducts independent research on the impact
family. They can even leave you comments You can share and discover new music as
and not really transparent. I first had to of technologies on societies and markets.
well as share your home made videos online all for FREE!!
decide if I was “upwardly mobile, dynamic

54 naijaTimes 55
Digital Age

Measuring the gold
dust of social media
Alain Portmann, Co-Founder, Web Liquid Group

D on’t advertise on social media sites. Lets reflects about brands dynamic word of mouth
be honest, advertising is about persuasion and conversations. The question is how to

he Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP) is a powerful Ease-of-Use -> Only adjustable interface while social media is about empowerment indentify, harness, measure and act upon the
Java-based learning management system that lets t Every vendor claims this, but often fails in delivery. and service as opposed to solicitation. conversational gold dust. In simple terms the
organizations deliver, track and administer learning t The EKP user interface is dynamically adjustable (no other
The difference boils down to consumer challenge is to define and tie key performance
initiatives for customers, employees and partners. major LMS offers this), as the screen is built at the outset,
confidence – advertising and marketing indicators to the content and sentiment being
based on the customer’s organizational structure, preference
EKP includes all the tools needed to manage the learning settings, skin properties, language choice, and system
messages are inherently persuasive and measured.
process. It handles enrollment, course descriptions and catalogue configuration. rightly perceived as biased whereas word of
management, test authoring and delivery, security and overall t Thus the most appropriate information is delivered to the mouth messages naturally build (or diminish) The first thing to understand is that social
network interaction. user. Casual, non-technical users will receive a simple screen confidence without perceived bias. media and consumer generated content
while administrators can have access to greater functionality. serves as a repository and public record
Quick To Implement -> Lower overall costs
t The current default UI is the product of a year long study So why does traditional online advertising not of conversations and consumer sentiment
with Cathay Pacific Airlines, and a University research group work in social media? First, most consumers’ about a brand. A number of companies
t EKP can be deployed faster and with fewer implementation
that analyzed user patterns to develop the most logical,
services than almost all other LMS systems in the market decisions on social media sites take place (Nielsen Buzzmetrics, Brand Watch) have
intuitive UI. And even that is configurable!
t This difference: deployment in weeks vs months, and is due through the referral of friends. Case in point, popped up offering technology to capture
t It may sound slow and cumbersome, but it is actually very
in large part to its configurable structure.
fast since all of this happens in memory instead of requiring
78% of respondents to the 2007 Nielsen those conversations for analysis but much
access to templates on disk, thus – speed and tailored Global Survey on Word of Mouth indicate of the application of that technology is
Security -> Best in class information delivery. consumer recommendations are the most still quite tactical or focused on brand
t EKP security is superior to most leading LMS’ as it was credible form of advertising. Second, the push reputation management. In fact, the consumer
designed using a banking systems transaction server model, marketing approach does not apply to niche generated insight research opportunity is to
where all Internet requests are treated as individually audiences found in social media sites. Three, use that insight on a regular basis and with
controllable and auditable transactions that must pass EKP is ideal for: the mindset of social media users is driven quality marketing-based analysis to derive
through the Security Manager before being processed by
t Candidate screening by self promotion and community (social valuable insights that can improve marketing
backend business components.
t New-hire orientations engagement) in order to connect there has communications.
t It is impossible for any request to bypass the Security
Manager, and no risky scripted page templates are used t Skill and competency
to be an exchange that is of value to the user.
anywhere in the system. If you chose to advertise on social media In our experience, the single most important
t Thus, it is possible to identify every request by specific sites be conscious of the need to give that measurement metric for social media is
t Employee reviews
user in the system, and to get detailed statistics on each audience something of value as opposed to an a variation of the Net Promoter Score
t Career development
transaction. advertising message. ©. Creator, Fred Reichheld of Bain &
Co., measured the number of consumer
t Certification procedures
Highly Scalable -> Grow as you grow Twitter, Facebook and thousands of “Promoters” (those who would recommend a
t Sales and service training
t EKP can scale to very large numbers. Our current tests have community boards, blogs and social product or services) and “Detractors” (those
t And more.
shown upwards of 500,000 users and more than 100,000 media platforms empower consumers to who actively discourage the use of a product
concurrent users. communicate, network, contribute and or service) of hundreds of companies across
make decisions about their everyday life. many categories finding that on average the
The gold dust of social media is consumer NPS leader grows at 2.5x. While the Net
generated content and the sentiment it Promoter Score © metric can provide a

NetDimensions, Enterprise Knowledge Platform, EKP, Knowledge Center and Customization Tool Kit are trademarks or service marks of NetDimensions
Limited. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective owners. naijaTimes 57

own social media environment (community This metric is aimed at identifying changes in variations on behaviour and value.
board, blog) or third party social media sites positive and negative feedback across time
that drive users to your site. and against competitors. - Registrations
- Shopping cart instances
- Site visits - Net Promoter Index variation - Conversion rate
- Time spent 4. Propagation - Revenue per transaction
- Pages viewed - Revenue by user
- New vs. returning users This set of metrics is aimed at identifying the
- Navigational path distribution of social media content and its About Web Liquid
impact on how other consumers find and
foundation metric, it is important to define 2. Engagement participate on the discussions about your Founded in 2003, Web Liquid is an award
additional metrics aimed at benchmarking the brand winning, international digital marketing agency
contribution of social media against other These metrics are aimed at understanding with offices in London, New York and Lagos,
channels of consumer interaction. the specific actions and behaviours of users - Citations Nigeria. It provides marketing solutions to
and allows for social media engagement to - Trackbacks world-class brands such as Coca Cola, Maltina,
Our work with clients in the social be viewed as part of the overall customer - Search Engine indexing Gulder, Avis Rent a Car, Hilton Hotels, British
media space has allowed us to define journey, providing a degree of benchmarking. Airways, Aberdeen Asset Management and
a measurement approach to consumer 5. Transaction Nokia. Web Liquid focuses on achieving
generated content; based on five - Commentary volume optimal ROI for its clients via specialised
measurement modules. - Frequency of comments While not applicable to all brands, services including e-business consulting,
- Sources of commentary transactions from social media can be communications strategy, media planning/
1. Involvement - Commentary creator segments measured by leveraging third party ad-serving buying, creative development, data analytics
- Topics/Subjects and site analytics data. Establishing a control and optimisation across all digital channels
This set of metrics is aimed at understanding test against your average transactional site
the propensity of involvement for either your 3. Sentiment data can be an effective way of identifying

58 naijaTimes 59

Lagos and
Property in Lagos is changing. In the last desirable it was, without real regard for the
decade, some areas of Lagos have become fundamentals. There is always an intrinsic value
as expensive as real estate in places like to property such as access to markets, ease
Manhattan in New York and Hyde Park in of construction, access to water etc. People

the property
London. For instance plots of land in Banana didn’t really take this into account in buying
Island and Park View Estate in Ikoyi go for on the Island because they had a lot of money

upwards of $2 million! and they thought this was the place to be. In
the last five years, the lack of access to funds
Naija Times investigates the phenomenon has reduced this auction mentality and this
that is property development in Lagos by is why a lot of properties on the Island have
speaking to one of the Shonibare “boys”, not been sold. In relation to the mainland, the
Gbeyin Shonibare, the last son of Chief fundamentals where always there and even
Sam Shonibare who established Maryland more so in places like Yaba which were initially
Estate- what is now known as Shonibare overlooked but has now become a realistic
Interview with Gbeyin Shonibare Estate in 1958. Gbeyin has been developing option. Surulere was always a bit congested
properties in Lagos for about 20 years and and because the plots are small and Nigerians
shares his thoughts on the Lagos property like large plots for residential developments, it
market with NT. was always more appropriate for commercial
NT: How would you say the property market
in Lagos has changed in the last 10 to 15 NT: Have there been any innovations in how
years? property developments are financed in Lagos?

“Gbeyin Shonibare, the

last son of Chief Sam
Shonibare who established
Maryland Estate - what is
now known as Shonibare
Estate in 1958”
GS: Well first of all we have to segment the GS: There was an attempt to innovate about
market into the upper and the lower market. ten years ago through mortgages but the
The upper market or the high end market problem was and is the fact that titles to
like Lekki, Ikoyi. What informed people property in Lagos are not always properly
buying property in the high end market was perfected. This is due to the existence of
what I call the “auction” mentality- the ancient family titles to land and fraud. Thus
more expensive the property was, the more there is always some form of encroachment

60 naijaTimes 61

on land or on the title and this makes it GS: Since the banks are not lending, equity
difficult for mortgages to be obtained. This financing will be the best option. You may
is why people generally use cash to finance use private placement or private investors
get noticed developments. More recently, the banks are
very reticent about lending money with
this is the most realistic option.

the financial crises. Lending is also done NT: What are the major pitfalls in developing
on a short term basis and this is not good property in Nigeria?
for residential mortgagors. For large scale
commercial developments, it is easier to find GS: The issue of unperfected titles is the
the finance because the banks will usually be first major problem. This issue has to be
clear on where their money is coming from. resolved before you undertake any major
project. The second issue is of course
NT: So given the problem of access to funds the issue of finance, you need to have a
for development, what is the best way for good plan otherwise you won’t obtain the
a person to finance a commercial property investment you need.
NT: So with these issues is property
development in Nigeria worth it?

“I think GS: I think property development

anywhere will always be worth it, you just
property can’t look at it in the short term. You have
to take a long term view. In the short term
development it is not always worth it, but I would still put
my money in property any day. However, it

anywhere is time to diversify if property is all you are

holding, which will tide you over the short

will always term and sustain you when the property

market is down.

be worth
There is no better way to get through to your hard to reach customers.
NT: Where do you see the property market

it, you just

in the future?
Call: (UK) + 44 20 8144 3403
GS: Lagos is the commercial centre of
or (Nig) +234 18104856,
+234 8066638029 for a Media Pack.
can’t look Nigeria so if there are going to be problems
in property in Lagos, Lagos will also be the
at it in the first to recover. There is speculation over
Port Harcourt, but Port Harcourt has even

short term. more serious problems in relation to title

than Lagos does. Abuja is the political capital

naijaTimes You have to and a lot of the properties are artificially

expensive and it is not sustainable. Lagos at
take a long least has intrinsic value, so I would still put
my money in Lagos.

term view”

62 naijaTimes 63
Directory Doshlaps Ventures Limited
(Blinds Experts)
Suite 191, BLK A2 – 16 Sura Shopping Complex Lagos.

0700 – DOSHLAPS, 0802 3002455
Kuddy Cosmetics Int’l. Ltd.
Importer, Exporter, Wholesales & Cosmetics
Shop F17 – 19 Delta Plaza BBA Trade Fair Complex
The Chariot Mandy Utd.
(Hotels & Hospitality) Style, Entertainment & Promotions
2/4 Akinbolagbe Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street 18 Oremeji Street, off Medical road, Ikeja.
Victoria Island, Lagos 028767642
01-2703651, 08023166834 Artezia Security Systems
Access Control, CCTV, Fire & Integrated Security Systems)
Twice As Nice 215A Etim Inyang Crescent,
(Shirts & Accessories) Victoria Island.
55 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos 0802.70.70.700; 01-7944960
Icecool Contracts Limited
Lace Fabrique Collection (Domain Management, Web Design, hosting & Internet
(Fabrics & Laces) Consultants)
43 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos 315 Akin Ogunlewe Street, Victoria Island.
08029461611, 01-7412651 0700 ICE COOL (423 2665), 0803 3787067
Candor Foods Limited
(Fishery & Bakery products)
2 Olafuyi Close, Isale Haruna, Ifako, Lagos Sleek Hair
08060802646 (Human hair extensions & Wigs)
64B Anifowoshe Street (off Adeola Odeku Street),
The Manor Victoria Island
(Event Centre-3 Multipurpose Halls) 0802 9429215
Opposite Treasure Gardens Estate,
2nd Roundabout, Lekki Phase One.
08035252211; 07041969855; 08120007474 Ismail and Partners 106/110 Lewis Street, Lagos Island. 01-8197664; 01-8103014
Made in Nigeria.Africa
Operation feed the Masses
18 Oremeji Street, Ikeja. Computer Village Bishops Court Homes & Property
08136677207 (Real Estate Development)
07023031156 1 Abiola Segun Ajayi Street, Off Etim Inyang Crescent,
  Victoria Island.
Fionanne Unisex Salon & Spa 01-4610596; 0802 2900 488; 0702 9432878
Salon & Spa
Unit 11 & 12, Adebola Mall, 53 Isaac John Street.
GRA Ikeja
014817184, 08033187604 Multixept Associates Limited
Reekson Catering Services 1 Abiola Segun Ajayi Street, Off Etim Inyang Crescent,
Catering Victoria Island
1 Austin Coker Drive, Harmony Estate, Ogba. 01-4610596; 4610594; 0802 5015734
08023216007, 08053895756
Affordables Comm. Ltd
Telecommunications Anmak Limited
7 Kodesoh Street, Computer Village, Ikeja. (Academic Gowns, Uniforms etc)
08023458077, 018190557 4th Floor, 106/110 Lewis Street, Lagos Island.
  0707 2114901

64 naijaTimes 65
Want to be included in the Business
Directory please call (Nig) 018104856.
Creative Cuisine Caterers
(Catering) DGRooms
Block 6, Apartment 2, (Corporate, native, Kaftans & Fashion designers)
Ilubirin/Osborne Foreshore Phase 2, 6/8 Babalola Gardens, Lekki Phase One
Ikoyi 07029811142; 08028325927
0803 3151418, 07025395208, 01-7624420 London: 07906832947; 07789452145
Circa 64 Jewellery
(Contemporary Handcrafted Jewellery) Powercell
5 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, (Renewable Energy: Inverters, UPS & Solar)
Victoria Island. 17 Unity Road, Ikeja
08028546266; 08026888826 08037177539; 012557197

The Orchid Bistro Taiwo Adesina Printing Ent.

(Restaurant, Bakery Products, Catering) (TAPE)
58A Isaac John Street, Printer
GRA, Ikeja. 173 Ipaja Road,
01-7739090, Agege 0806 2084431, 08023045933

Ann Marie Aquatech Consultancy Services

(Health & Beauty Spa) (Factory, procurement, installation and management of food
58A Isaac John, Street, processing plants)
GRA, Ikeja. 4a Silas, Ebute Stree, Makurdi, Benue State
08075505000, 01-4545365 08076899336, 07030096006

The Car-Shop Dapana

Plot 25, Water Corporation Drive, (Beauty Spa & Health)
Victoria Island. Lagos
08023085277 08086568553, 07034346987
M & E Ventures
Pitter Patter (Blinds, Laminate Floors & Interior Design)
(Children’s shoes & Accessories) 7 Hawley Street,
Shop 5, Adebola Shopping Mall, Lagos Island.
53 Isaac John Street, Ikeja 08023226537, 01-7439343
08033019736, 08098059736
Concrete & Green Limited
Arisiki Nigeria Limited (Roof Leakage & Rising Damp Repairs)
(Shipping/Custom Licenced Agency) Landmart Center, 17 Ajasa Street,
6 Ogunyinka Street, 7/8 Bus stop Onikan
Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road 08026372427, 08034557112, 08050425871
08023214214, 01762507
Cake ‘n’ Candy
CN Media (Confectionery)
(Media Marketing) Suite 1, Ebun Shopping Complex,
27 Kakawa Street, Lagos Island 13 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos
08032864151 07029554444, 08023462278, 08033730020
Rahy-Ali Reliable Realtors
23 Oladosu Street, Ikeja
08056568258 Okoli & Magnus Pharmacy and Supermarket ltd (Quality at the right price)
Shop 43b, Eti-Osa Way,
3AG Global Resources Limited Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi.
(Overseas Student Placement) 08023178005, 019531100, 018132827
1st Floor backwing, 9 Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street,
Off Toyin Street, Ikeja
08029566546; 018545174

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