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WHH Europe in Crisis and Absolutism Any material covered in class can/may be test material

Absolutism Louis XIV Spanish Armada Philip II of Spain The Most Catholic King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor Council of Trent French Wars of Religion Henry IV of France Edict of Nantes Thirty Years War

Peace of Westphalia The Catholic Reformation The Society of Jesus Calvinists Pope Paul III The Habsburg Family The Valois Family Inquisition The “Index” Huguenots Politiques Catherine de Medici

“One faith, One King, One Law” St. Bartholomew Day Massacre The Bourbon Family The Low Countries “Council of Troubles” or “Council of Blood” William I of Orange Republic of the United Provinces Spanish Netherlands Austrian Netherlands Peace of Augsburg Holy Roman Emperor Matthias Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II

Protestant Union Catholic League Defenestration of Prague Edict of Restitution Albrecht von Wallenstein Christian IV of Denmark Gustavus II of Sweden Cardinal Richelieu Philip IV of Spain Balance of Power Cervantes El Greco

Philip V of Spain Battle of Lepanto War of Spanish Succession Cardinal Mazarin Versailles Jean Baptiste Colbert Bullionism War of Devolution Treaty of Nimwegen League of Augsburg War of the League of Augsburg Treaty of Utrecht

The Sun King William III of Orange Elizabeth I of England The Tudor Family The Stuart Family Queen Mary I Book of Common Prayer James I of England Sir Francis Drake “He blew, and they were scattered” English Renaissance The True Law of the Free Monarchies

Puritans King James Bible Petition of Right Short Parliament Long Parliament Cavaliers Roundheads Rump Parliament Oliver Cromwell “Commonwealth” Navigation Act Charles II of English

Book of Common Prayer The Anglo-Dutch War (1672-74) Whig Party Tory Party The Glorious Revolution Bill of Rights Act of Uniformity Ivan IV “the Terrible” of Russia Boyars Michael Romanov The Romanov Family Peter the Great

The Great Northern War Czar (Tsar) Inflation St. Petersburg The Hohenzollerns Family Frederick William, “The Great Elector” Divine Right of Kings Dutch Revolt Militant Expansion of Prussia Expansion of Austria Expansion of Russia