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Student Nurse In –Charge: Student Head Nurse: Leochico,

Patient: Mailo, Florencia Room and Bed No.: 505 Bed C

Nursing Care Plan:

Nursing Analysis Goal and Nursing Rationale Evaluation
Problem Objectives Intervention
Readiness for A pattern of
enhanced regulating and After 8 hours of EFFECTIVENESS:
therapeutic integrating into daily nursing The nursing interventions
management living a program(s) interventions, implemented are
for treatment of the client will be effective since the goal
Subjective: illness and its able to enhance was met as evidenced by
“Ano – ano po ba sequelae that is therapeutic the client’s verbalization
yung mga pagkain sufficient for management as of her needs to comply
na dapat kong meeting health- evidenced by with the disease
iwasan?” related goals and verbalizing the management
can be strengthened. need to comply
“Ano po bang with the disease
dahilan ng sakit management EFFICIENCY:
ko? Para po alam The interventions done
ko yung mga are efficient since they
baga o Gawain Objectives: performed in the best
na dapat kong possible manner with
iwasan.” 1. Determine a. Verify a. provides least waste of time and
motivation for client’s opportunity to effort; having and using
Objective: continued level of assure requisite knowledge, skill,
- willingness growth understandi accuracy and industry and competency.
to go back ng of completeness
home and therapeutic of knowledge ADEQUACY:
manage the regimen. base for future The interventions are
disease at Note learning sufficient to achieve the
home specific goal.
health goals b. understanding
2. Assist client the process
to develop plan enhances APPROPRIATENESS:
to meet b. identify commitment The interventions planned
individual needs steps and he and carried out are
necessary likelihood of appropriate to the
to reach achieving the identified problem. They
desired goals were also appropriate for
health goals the client’s age and level
of understanding.

The interventions are
c. Provide acceptable since they
information. yielded positive results
Help the and promoted client’s
client wellness.
identify c. Promotes
resources proactive
they can problem
access their solving

d. Assist in
progress to