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Stryker ViMotion

Video-based process analysis in Steigerwald

Hospital Burgebrach, Germany
Stryker ViMotion
Videobasierte Prozessanalyse in der Steigerwaldklinik Burgebrach

“Using Stryker’s ViMotion software as a tool for process analysis has led
to a higher level of transparency within our organization. We found that
the video-based analysis system was especially helpful in improving occupational
safety with the support of our employees and Stryker’s Healthcare Services team. By
implementing Lean Management measures, we were also able to reduce the share of
non-value-added activities by about 40%. Apart from carrying out further projects in
cooperation with Stryker Healthcare Services, we will continue to use ViMotion
independently to analyze and improve our processes step by step.”
Brigitte Angermann, Deputy Managing Director, Jura Hospital Scheßlitz, Germany

Results Another step ahead measures, the number of

Since 1995, Burgebrach’s Steigerwald occupational accidents in the hospital
• 30 % reduction in tasks that Hospital has been managed has been very low in past years.
cause back strain according to private-sector principles “Nevertheless, there is still room for
under the sponsorship of the improvement in this area. Improving
• 40 % reduction in movement Bamberg district hospital association occupational safety, reducing risks
through layout adjustments (Gemeinnützige Krankenhaus- and creating ergonomic work places
gesellschaft des Landkreises and processes by avoiding high levels
• 30 % reduction in process time Bamberg mbH). Its concept of holistic of physical strain is very important
patient care combines modern to us”, says Ute Linsner, who chairs
• 30 % reduction in process-related medical services with supportive the hospital works council.
labor costs counseling to cater for the patients’
emotional well-being. In October
2005, the hospital with a capacity of Matthias Opel,
118 beds opened a new department Administrative Manager
Consequences for psychosomatic medicine and of Steigerwald
psychotherapy to complement Hospital’s
• Improved occupational safety its range of healthcare services.
by identifying and eliminating Since 2006 it has been working in
potentially harmful working conjunction with Jura Hospital in “Since Stryker’s Healthcare Services
methods Scheßlitz, operating under the name team supports the introduction of
Klinikum des Landkreises Bamberg ViMotion for a period of one year, we
• Increased employee satisfaction (Bamberg clinical center). have been able to use the software to
its full potential right from the start.
• Process stabilization and Patient and staff safety Mapping work processes visually
optimized human resource With an occupational safety expert encourages an objective discussion
planning regularly inspecting and assessing throughout the entire process
work-related risks, staff safety analysis, so problems can be
• 110 minutes in additional capacity is systematically monitored and identified and openly discussed.
(10 additional standard beds measures to improve accident Being able to easily identify activities
per day) prevention are consistently that cause physical strain has brought
introduced. Thanks to these us significantly closer to our goal of
Central Bed Services – Before

Layout Movement

Steam Cleaner



Laundry bin

improving our hospital’s occupational with Stryker’s Healthcare Services analysis of their work processes, and
health and safety performance in the Team in Burgebrach’s Steigerwald with the competent support of the
long term.” Hospital. The specified goal of Stryker team, we were able to
improving occupational safety and develop ideas to significantly improve
further optimizing processes was to the work processes that we analyzed.
Various studies illustrate the be achieved using the video-based By introducing simple measures like
importance of providing optimal analysis tool ViMotion. This choice changes in equipment layout, we
working conditions in terms of was based on the fact that ViMotion were able to cut down on staff
ergonomics and occupational safety offers the possibility of visualizing movement and improve occupational
to the benefit of staff and thus process activities that pose a risk to safety. Apart from the success
ultimately the patients’ well-being. health and subsequently classifying achieved regarding work processes
The 2005 healthcare report published these by levels of strain. At the same and occupational safety, it was
by the statutory health insurers time, a conventional process analysis remarkable how actively shaping their
DAK and BGW ¹ shows that in based on Lean Management working environment has boosted our
Germany about 25 % of sick days principles can be carried out to employees’ motivation.”
among inpatient nursing staff are identify and reduce non-value-added
due to musculoskeletal disorders activities.
(MSD). The physically strenuous tasks
in themselves, such as lifting and
shifting of patients, do not constitute Ute Linsner
the sole reason for the high number Chair of Steigerwald
of MSDs. Rather, it is the frequency Hospital’s works
and duration of these activities in council
the working routine that play a
crucial role.
“Initially, I felt skeptical at having our
See – Understand – Improve work processes recorded on video,
Following the successful but it was a positive surprise for me
implementation of Lean Management to see the results and benefits of the
projects in Jura Hospital’s central ER project upon its completion. Through
and OR, the Bamberg clinical center the active involvement of our staff,
decided to continue its cooperation who were eager to contribute to the

DAK-BGW Gesundheitsreport 2005, Stationäre Krankenpflege
Central Bed Services – After

Layout Movement

Steam Cleaner
Laundry bin



Looking back Proportion of value-added

The process analysis was performed Before After
for the hospital’s bed cleaning unit,
where four members of staff carry out
the cleaning procedure for beds that
20 % 30 %
are brought back from the wards. The
3.2 min. 3.2 min.
first step in this procedure consists of
stripping the bed on the dirty side and
then cleaning the bedstead using a
high-pressure cleaner and processing
80 % 70 %
the mattress in a disinfection unit.
12.8 min. 7.7 min.
On the clean side, new sheets are put
on the bed, which is then ready to be
picked up for reuse. The main
characteristics of this process were
a constant high level of physical strain value-added value-added
and a lot of taff movement resulting non-value-added non-value-added
from poor equipment layout. The
lack of a defined standardized Process time: 16 min. Process time: 10.9 min.
work process led to frequent
overprocessing with parts of the
bedsteads being cleaned several
times. The process resulted in a
growing workload, which increased
the psychological and physical
strain experienced by staff and had
a negative effect on occupational
Reduction in non-value-added activities




0% 10 % 20 % 30 % 40 % 50 % 60 % 70 % 80 %

Current situation Next steps Authors

Based on the analysis of the work “The intuitive nature of the software Brigitte Angermann*, Dr. med.
processes, it was possible to reduce enabled us to independently carry out Hank Schiffers**, Matthias Opel*,
the staff’s workload by implementing a successful follow-up project in our Ute Linsner*, Michael Kahler**,
their suggestions for improvement bed cleaning unit”, says Matthias Bert Hoffmann**
while at the same time increasing Opel, Administrative Manager in (* Klinikum des Landkreises Bamberg,
occupational safety. Quick win Burgebrach’s Steigerwald Hospital. ** Stryker GmbH & Co. KG)
measures like adjustments in The next project supported by
equipment layout to reduce staff Stryker’s Healthcare Services team
movement were realized on the basis will be carried out in the hospital’s
of an action plan immediately OR. Transport and movement
following the video analysis. In typically make up a significant share
addition, a process description for a of OR processes, so apart from
standardized cleaning procedure was improvements in occupational safety,
developed in cooperation with the their main potential lies in the
head of department. This measure reduction of non-value-added
allowed for a reduction in process activities.
time and an increase in the share of
value-added activities.

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