How to Write a Conference Report

By Steve Silverman, eHow Contributor updated: January 8, 2010 Business conferences give leaders of industry a chance to get together and discuss the changes that are going on in their field. These conferences are often wide ranging, with a number of speakers and a great number of topics that are covered. If you have the job of writing the conference report, you should write it from the perspective of covering all the highlights and make sure everyone knows the key points that were addressed. Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

1. 1 Make a list of who all the key people are at the conference and write a line or two on what they will speak about at the event. Provide their current position and the background that gives them the authority to speak on their chosen subjects. 2. 2 Write down the original goal of the conference. Your business may be going through a technological revolution and it's important to keep everyone informed of the latest changes. For example, your industry has undergone a major change in leadership and this conference will outline it's new direction. That would be the theme statement of your report. 3. 3 Write down the highlights from the speaker who has talked about the legal changes in your business. While it's a good idea to note new trends, it's essential that everyone is informed when the law has changed and how it impacts your business. This will likely be one of the most well-attended meetings at the conference. If you are unclear about any of the speaker's main points, ask him about them afterwards. 4. 4 Talk to other key people at the conference and get their opinion on the most important subjects discussed. If you have 25 years of experience in the business this may be easy. But if you don't have that kind of history, you will want to speak with those that do. You don't want to waste time and space on issues that are not

com/ . & Writing Sample Business Plan Start your company right Let us make your business plan.FXDD. Read over your report at least twice before you send it out to your audience if you don't have an editor to check your grammar. » Write Reports 3. spelling and key facts. It's always better to let another pair of eyes check your work before sending it to the target audience. 5. 5 Write your report and finish it within 72 hours of the conference.that important and you don't want to short-shrift any other issues that are vitally Trading Training Forex Find Out Why Top Traders Choose Us. » How to Write a Seminar Report Top 5 To Try • • • • • How to Write Seminar Invitations How to Write a Report on a Workshop How to Take Notes at a Seminar How to Write a Press Release for a College Seminar How to Find a Seminar for the Non-Profit Professional Ads by Google NonViolent Communication Nonviolent Communication Skills Tip Conflict / Anger Management $15. It is important to get the information out to those who were in attendance and to those who were unable to make it. Read more: How to Write a Conference Report | eHow.html#ixzz16mCttlmo 1. kimptonconsulting. http://www.95 www. Start a Free $50k Demo

2010 LearnExportCompliance.EAR/ITAR Training Miami US Export Regulations Explained in plain terms . 1 Jot down your impressions of the seminar and the presenter as soon after the event as possible and while everything is still fresh in your mind. the purpose of a follow-up evaluation is to not only advise your employers whether it was a good value for the time and money that was spent. what was a miss and how future seminars can be modified to best meet the career needs of their target demographic. Your observations will constitute a working framework from which to then develop your formal evaluation.Dec Related Topics • • • Writing Seminars Seminar Planning Write a Report In Elementary more » How to Write a Seminar Report By Christina Hamlett. eHow Contributor Whenever you attend a company sponsored seminar or a Anesthesia Conferences CME Category I / CEC Courses Locations around the world www. 2 . but also to help the presenters understand what was a hit. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions Things You'll Need: • Word processing software 1. 2.

the date. such as lectures. time and location of the program. your title and your division or regional office. such as pop quizzes to gauge your progress and grasp of the material. 6. cut into the amount of time left over for learning research techniques or a new software program's capabilities for making your job easier. workbooks. multimedia presentations. perhaps the seminar presenter spent too much in the session spinning personal anecdotes that. 7 Describe in a few sentences the core objective of the class. 6 Identify the full title of the seminar you attended.Identify the elements of the seminar that resonated the most positively with you. while wickedly entertaining and funny. 5. and the name of the seminar instructor. drop down at least an inch below the company name and address to start your entries at the left margin. and set your margins for an inch on each side. 5 Open a new document in Word. If you're using corporate letterhead. This could be anything from having a shorter/longer program or holding it in a different venue to restructuring the presentation itself to a more interactive platform or one with a panel of expert presenters instead of a single instructor. select a 12-point font in Times New Roman. Perhaps you liked the way you and your peers were split into smaller groups to analyze a real-life problem. For example. 7. Courier or Bookman. Identify yourself by your full name. of the instructor's rapport with seminar attendees and how engaged she made you feel from start to finish. 4. 4 Create a list of things you might have done differently if you were in charge of the planning. This can either be your own understanding of what was being offered or a direct quote from the seminar announcement or hand-out package/syllabus. For instance. Explain in a brief paragraph the presenter's approach to the subject through supplemental tools and materials. maybe the hypothetical role-playing exercises helped to reinforce the material in a way that would have been tedious to read in a book or a series of case studies. Maybe you would like to have had ongoing measurement tools throughout the seminar. . Make note. skits and case studies. 3 Make notes on the elements of the seminar that fell below your expectations. 3. as well.

10 Create a subheading called "Recommendations. organization of seminar you can use this section to list future workshops you'd like to see offered by the same instructor or the same training entity." Just as you did in the previous Improve Safety & Productivity with Training in Resilience Special $99 Mental Healthwww. thoroughness and timeliness of the material you were given. If the seminar was one that had lots of takeaway value for you. be sure to provide an explanation or examples (e. Business Trainingbusinessinnovators. "the case studies were all from the 1980s and did not apply to 21st century workplace dynamics"). Students save 20% Bulletproof Peoplewww." This is where you'll identify your own ideas for improving the class." "fair.techweb." For low numeric scores or grades of poor and understanding. 8 Create a subheading with the title "Course Content" in caps and address the quality. "giving us hand-out materials and then reading them to us out loud was time that could be better spent n a more interactive context")." "good. Provide solid examples of what the seminar presenter did well ( Information and Analytics: Enabling Optimization. communication skills and interaction with seminar attendees. Seminar presenters appreciate objective feedback in this section so that they can stay viable and competitive. "encouraged us to ask questions") and what he needs to work on to be more effective ( Register 5 or more people together at least 10 days before the seminar Ads by Google Tips & Warnings . 9 Make a subheading titled "Instructor Expertise.bulletproofpeople. Read it now! Empowerment SeminarsFirewalking. This can either be done entirely in a narrative format or set up as a small matrix in which you assign a numeric ranking of 1 to 10 or a grade of "poor. 10." or " Change Your Life in One Weekend. evaluate the presenter's knowledge and level of experience. 9.

Not everyone who attends a seminar has the same reasons for being there that you http://www.• • Be objective in terms of whether the seminar delivered what it promised to deliver. In other words. some may be there to learn new skills to advance in their careers. Assess whether the presenter had the credentials and the experience to make their material and its context don't complain about it ad nauseum just because it was rainy that day or you couldn't find a parking place. Regardless of your observations or interpretations of your peers' rationale for attendance. and others just see it as a chance to get out of work that day. Take into consideration in your write-up whether the presenter provided information and insights that would not be readily available elsewhere. a good seminar report should be based entirely on what you personally got out of it and with the understanding that it will be viewed by the presenter in the context of a collective--not singular-evaluation of its merits.html#ixzz16mDEoG00 How to Write an Event Report . For instance. References • • • • • • • • How To Write An Essay Workshop Evaluation Tips for Creating Evaluation Forms print email favorite share flag Read Next Article Post a Comment Read more: How to Write a Seminar Report | eHow.ehow. others are there for the professional networking.

get the MC. Students save 20% Firewalking. 1 Once the event is for sure happening. 4. The report can't happen without the event. 2. Sondra C (see all) Article Edit Discuss View History Have you ever wanted to get more mileage out of a big event your organization holds? Have you ever wished you could get other people as excited as you are about what happened? Publishing a report that captures the essence of the occasion can help spread the energy that you've worked so hard to create and keep it going later by bringing the great successes of the past to mind. 4 Before and after the event. so work to make it happen before working on talking about what happened. edit Steps 1. get reaction quotes from people in the crowd. So get ready to be a journalist for a day and let's roll. Imperatrix.. Brett. 3 During and after.. get some good closeups. talk to the people responsible for planning and speaking at the event.originated by:Phlegm. Ads by Google Empowerment Seminars Change Your Life in One Weekend. The best way to transfer impact is to get it directly from people who felt the impact personally. If a band is playing. Get the speaker. get the crowd. start thinking about getting ready to make your report happen. 2 While the event is happening. 3. 5 . take pictures of all the main parts of the day. They have valuable things to contribute since they see things from a different angle than the crowd.

and earn money. 9 Write out a paragraph length summary of the day. www. 8 Include the important stats in a prominent location (top right corner). 6. as well as anything else that stands out or makes the event distinct. the theme. the edit Tips • Take more pictures than you think you need. Ads by Google Corporate Meeting Planner Drive home your message. . 7. the time. 8. sit down and compile all the infomation onto one page. you'll appreciate the options later. Learn how to speak English today! www. 6 Get a close up picture of everyone you get a quote from. highlighting all the most exciting and meaningful elements so that anyone can get a general overview of the scope and schedule of the day. Motivate your audience.blogit.EnglishCafe. Start writing instantly! Speak English Fluently Speaking English can be fun & easy. be read. 7 3 hours to 3 days after the event.Make notes of pertinents stats such as the number of people We need freelance writers Publish. Include 2-4 of the best quotes you found along with pictures of the person who said it. 9. Sprinkle the page liberally with scaled-down pictures of the event.

they'll be the first ones to disappear afterwards. If pictures will snazzy up . in which case you'll need a tape recorder. 2. 1 Prepare for the event by learning all that you can about who will be in attendance. They are the one's who'll stick around after it's long over. Get the schedule and guest lineup prior to going. don't go to them first. Try to get pictures of the whole thing. You'll be happy about the options later. that's exactly what you'll have to do. Ask if you will need to provide audio of the event. When getting quotes. Plan ahead and take a few of these tips to write a thorough event report. edit Things You'll Need • • A digital camera A note-pad How to Write an Event Report By an eHow Contributor While attending an event. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions 1. But if you are tasked with turning in a report from an event.• • • • • Good pictures can show the action of the event or the reaction of people to the event. be conversational and keep asking questions naturally until you get the person to talk about what they thought. so make sure to ask the people from the crowd first. they'll be around later for questions. 2 Find out what will be needed in the report. Get more quotes than you think you need. it's not often easy to take notes and participate at the same time. what kinds of activities will be presented and if you can cover the entire event by yourself or if there will be multiple sessions going on at the same time. When getting a quote from the leaders and planners. don't bug a speaker or leader if he/she is busy with something else. Also. including the crowd and the speaker in one picture so as to communicate how big it was to the reader.

com. Exclsusive Event Services Welcome to XMS Penvision . 3 Take a notebook that you can hold in your hand while writing.Your digital pen & paper partner Διοργάνωση Εκδηλώσεωνwww. 5 Number your notes in the order in which you will present them. 7-8 Dec. you'll just need to take good notes and present them in the paper that you will present.TelecomsFraud. 5. A legal pad doesn't work well if you have to move around.penvision.christianalexanderpr. Cyprus Read more: How to Write an Event Report | eHow. A smaller.your Combating fraud with investigation Malaysia. 3. you will be able to maintain the proper order. 4th Telecom Fraud Summitwww. flip-top steno pad is the handiest for note taking. then carry a camera. Later when writing the http://www.html#ixzz16mDnjbG8 . You can make additional notes in a section and refer to it in the notes by that number. Register today! XMS Penvisionwww. For most event reports. 4 Ask people to spell their names and check names of session or presenters in the

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