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I've been having pain in my mouth but dentists say it's not a tooth maybe sinuses. So finally today I had my doctor appointment.
Only problem is my tooth felt better today and my stomach hurt like hell
Doctor gave me AcipHex and said the anti-bods i was taking were harsh on the stomach. Tonight my extreme tooth pain came back and I need
to relieve it.
I took the AcipHex pill 5 hours ago, can I go ahead and take Ibuprofen (or Vicodin if needed) for pain?
Hey THere,
I have posted on here alot in the past several months.I went to another Drs Appt in Winston-Salem & they told me there was nothing else they
can to do for me.I was told to live with itor seek psych help)I have had for the past now 10 months " a feeling of something stuck in my throat"
along with other issues.I have also had the burningsore throat.ITs not like a heartburn feeling/just a stabbing pain in the top of my throat & it
hurts.LIke strep everyday,but its not strep.I have tried all reflux meds& home remedeys.The Dr.told me she was surprised the botox injection did
not work for me.HOw can i keep getting worse & not better.With todays technology why cant i be fixed!!!Please does anyone know of something
else i can try or somewhere else i can go? Has anyone had any success with Chinese herbs.I tried acupunture & that didnt help/ you name it & i
have tried it in the past 10 months hoping to return normal again.IS there hope.ITs hard to think about just how much money has gone down the
drain with medical bills & meds & nothing has worked.I wish before i got sick,i would have not taken my health for granted.I used to feel normal &
didnt even think about all in oneday it all could change.I would have cherised it,because now i dont even remember what its like to feel normal &
all i want to do is enjoy Life & my kids.At 28 yrs old,theres got to be something good to come of this.I need some uplifting here..
My husband gets sick every morning. He has lots of mucus, and bile. Does anyone have an idea of what this may be? I was
thinking nasal drip? I dont know?
I have had acid reflux for 4-5 years and more severely in the last 3 years. I have been on Nexium off and on for years, had a
stomach fundiplication which has since broken off, had my gallbladder taken out but still am having severe burning in throat, tongue, lips,
esophagus with inherent stomach pains at times, some nausea with certain foods, and even burning in the nostrils. I have had my PH tested and
pretty much any test administered for this problem. I am at my wits end and am concerned that I might eventually develop Barrett's cells or
esophageal cancer.
I have burning if I eat or if I don't; seems to occur pretty all the time. I have gained weight and have swelling in legs also. Am also told that
taking acid inhibitors could be part of my problem. Help, I don't know who to believe or from whom to seek help. I am not interested in having
another pipe rammed down my throat for diagnostic purposes and then have the treatment of no use. I also have tightness in chest and some
minor pain upon deep breathing or exercise; and have had a heart work up which was normal.
Any information to help would be greatly appreciated.
Burning Brenda.
My stomach grows loudly almost all the time (even when I am not hungry at all). Also, I keep having red blood in stools/tissue
paper whenever I go abroad (away from India that is). Is it because of diet or something?
I've been taking Aloe Vera before bedtime and when I wake up and I like the results. No, Aloe Vera doesn't cure reflux or even
reduce it in my opinion but it does make my throat feel better. I was losing my voice before but after a week of morning and night aloe vera it's
back and it doesn't hurt or feel rough at all. In fact my throat feels fine.
NOt sure exactly how to describe this pain, but this is a new symptom, as well as LPR symptoms, and stomach burning, for the
past few weeks I have been having these strange feelings, aches in my tomach which I feel like when I am eating I am ok, but the strange hunger
like pain is back as soon as I stop eating.
Hate this feeling, and it is scaring me. I just saw my 3rd gastro this year whom I thought is going to at least do an endoscopy, but he said since
he knows my previous doctor, and the fact that I had the endo just in April, he will not do any tests?!! I had a lot of hope with this guy since my
ENT who diagnosed me with LPR referred me to him, and said that this GI is a strong believer of relationship of stomach issues and LPR.
Well he did nothing for me?!!!
Please advise if hunger pains are also common, have had a really bad year, and just need reassurance.
I am a 44 year old woman in very good health. I found this message board about 6 months ago when I first had symptoms of
LPR, mainly a lump in the throat feeling. I went my doctor who prescribed prilosec otc which I took twice a day for several months. It wasn't
helping very much and she was going to try another proton pump inhibitor. I did not want to take this medication if there were more natural
options because it inhibits absorption of vitamin B, calcium, and other nutrients. I did try the DGL licorice, slippery elm, further modified my
already healthy diet, etc, but none of this helped much either.
I had an endoscopy done which showed some “signs of refux” but was otherwise clear.
I spoke to one of my MD colleagues who recommended acupuncture and the Chinese herbs prescribed by a Doctor of Oriental medicine (DOM).
I had used acupuncture on and off for years from a licensed acupuncturist and found it very helpful for a variety of minor conditions but had never
gone to a DOM for the herbs.
Through the recommendation of friends, I found one of the best DOM’s in the area. I have been receiving acupuncture and taking the herbs
he prescribed for 6 weeks and I am virtually symptom free. I noticed dramatic improvement within the first week and it has been steadily
improving since then. I stopped taking the prilosec when I began this treatment.
If you are not familiar with Chinese Medicine, it is based on balancing the flow of energy called chi in the body and treats the whole person. This
is done through the use of acupuncture and herbs. The acupuncture is not painful. Because it treats the whole body, the treatments and herbs
are individualized and will vary from person to person.
Some medical insurance companies now cover acupuncture.
After reading all of the distress people were suffering from LPR on this message board I wanted to share my success with this treatment.
Has anyone else experienced a burning tongue with Acid Reflux?
At this moment in time this is what I'm presumed to be diagnosed with, so I was hoping to get some help/advice/reassurance from
people who know a lot more than I do about what the situation is.
Here's the backstory.
I'm 26, female, living in the UK. I'm also Aspergers, which makes me predisposed to sensitivity (eczema, sensitive hearing, eyes go red in sun
easily, etc). At eleven I was diagnosed with Perennial Rhinitis and given various treatments, none of which worked. So I kind of added it to my list
of health weirdness and got on with my life.
I'm also a singer. At least, singing (music and so on) is one of my major motivations in life. So right now I'm probably more frightened about that
aspect of it than anything else.
So far back as I can remember I've always had issues with digestion - I don't think there's been a single day when I haven't felt at least a little bit
nauseous at some point or another. Trouble is I don't know what's physical and what's related to my AS, because I also don't do well trapped in
places with lots of people, noise and food (restaurants, cinemas, etc). I have no clue whether my digestion discomfort has preconditioned this
particular phobia or whether the phobia has preconditioned my digestion, to be honest :S I have had periods in the past of anxiety and I put this
originally down to that, but now I'm pretty sure it's not the case. (I am well aware though that my predisposed on-edgeness is probably not
making it any better).
Anyhow, a couple of months back I began to have the sensation of something being stuck in my throat. My throat was sore a lot, too. I always
have sore throats on and off, post nasal drip, coughing, etc - because of what they told me was rhinitis, I just kind of ignored it. However this time
it's affecting me much more in two particular ways.
#1: I'm not able to sing. Singing is one of my coping mechanisms, so as you can guess, I'm not really very happy about this. Honestly, I'm
terrified of not being able to sing again.
#2: Sometimes when I'm walking a short distance I'm quickly out of breath. It's not like I can't breathe so much as I feel like I've made much more
effort to get from A to B (like if you're walking into a hard wind, or something like that).
Anyhow, I went to my doctors (been three times now actually). The first time they gave me an inhaler in case it was asthma (family all suffer) but
it pretty obviously wasn't. Went back, different doctor. She didn't prescribe me anything at that point but advised me to rest my voice and see
what happened. I did and it did improve somewhat, but returned so I went back to her and we discussed the possibility of it being LPR.
As of five days ago now I've been on PPI (Omeprazole) 20mg 1 tablet/day. I have no idea how long it will take to work or if it will work at all
(miraculously it hasn't given me side effects, since I'm usually not great with medication).
Although I think that the breathing side of it has improved since I saw her (I managed to go swimming this morning with no ill effects, but it has
come and gone a little so I can't be sure that it's really 'going') and though I've been doing my best to be more careful when and where I eat, my
voice seems to be worse (more clogged up) in the morning than it was before.
I realise I've only been taking the tablets a relatively short amount of time. The thing that bugs me most is that if this is LPR, and if that is why I
have been sniffling since I was eleven or before, why has it taken this long to so badly affect my voice (and if my vocal chords are somewhat
hurt, will they recover by themselves?)
I also work in a busy library environment which means that I'm not able to rest my voice much when I'm working and I'm sure that might be
aggravating it. It feels like my vocal chords are sore when I'm talking for too long and I've stopped singing altogether (which is adding to my
stress, sigh).
My doctor wants to see me again in about three weeks to see whether the PPI have had any effect. Does it take 4 weeks for them to really have
an effect? More importantly, does it sound like LPR to people here and am I ever going to get my voice back??
Does anyone have any advice on good things to do between now and seeing my doctor again? She said when she first saw me and the last time
that she didn't think it was anything sinister but if I can't sing, that's sinister enough for me (and there's still that li'l Aspie worrywart part of me
which is wondering...what if she's wrong...?)
Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
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