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Automatic purchase order pre requisites subcontracting MRP STOCK availability determination of source of supply requirements. special type of vendor consignment. purchase order document header details types of goods reciept documents and postings for goods reciept. what is the maximum number requirement for material document 18 or 48? account movements transfer posting between material to material and storage to strage , plant to plant 10. creation of RFQ by the MRP requirements and prerequisites. 11. valuation class details in plant wise or storage location ? and its customization 12. automatic purchase requisition and customisation for prerequisites 13. account movements at the time of goods reciept. 14. dif between S and V account movements in different cases of goods reciept and invoice 15. evaluated recietp settlement prerequisite for automatic. 16. control data 17. planning run , what are the outputs and customization 18. possible source supply for materials during MRP run. 19. will MRP will show Sub contractor stock? 20. is sub contractor stock is valuated? 21. reversal of subsequent credit and credit memo 22. what can we do when a vendor sent a credit memo 23. reservation in which purchase order 24. source list and current stock list 25. which of the source possible when a planning run is conducted ie quota or mrp list or material fixed from info record 26. dynamic check, static check 27. what are the pre requisites for the conductin check 28. valuaion, possibalities in plant or company 29. importance of valution area from the system 30. release procedure 31. accounts during the variance in invoice 32. automatic settlement in invoice verifiction 33. unplanned goods issues 34. unplanned goods delivery and account assignment 35. item category and account assignment in purchase order. 36. documents types in purchasing 37. field selection and account assignment categories. 38. message determinatin in purchasing 39. document parking 40. taxes 41. invoice for purchase order with account assighment 42. blanket purchase order 43. logistic information system

posting of invoice can be done bill of ladding. is safety stock is adjusted manually 47. material document THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS I REMEMBERED I GOT ABOUT SIX QUESTIONS IN SOLUTION MANAGER its very easy One question from procure to pay One question from the project work .44. is safety stock can reduce below safety point? 46. will change in valuation take place when transfer posting takes place from gr blocked stock to unrestricted stock? when removed from quality inspection 48. in which ways a good movement can be reversed 51. where can we customize the tolerance setting for good reciepts and invoice. whether re-order point is set manual or by planning 45. when will the update in PO history happens 50. when purchasing views customized 49. 52. delivery note.

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