Please Read and Follow Carefully
The rules below apply to ALL Previously Published/Broadcast Contest entries unless otherwise specified in the particular contest instructions. 1. Each school may submit two (2) entries per category (unless otherwise noted). Entries may be by the same contestant. 2. All entries must have been published or broadcast between Jan. 1 and Dec. 20, 2010. 3. Individual entries must be the work of students who were enrolled at the institution at the time the work was produced. 4. Entries must be postmarked on or before Dec. 23, 2010. Entries must be sent by mail to: TIPA Contest c/o Journalism Department Texas A&M University-Commerce Box 4104 Commerce, TX 75429 Attn: Fred Stewart 5. Each complete set of entries must be accompanied by the appropriate Certificate of Student Work signed by the media adviser. If any part of such a certification is found to be false, all entries in that contest from that school shall be disqualified. The affidavit attests to the amount of work done by students and the amount and type of work (if any) done by non-students. 6. Failure to follow submission requirements will result in the specific entry being disqualified. 7. Articles and photos that appeared in online editions MAY be entered in the Previously Published contest. (Note: The same version of a story should not be entered in both Online and a previously published category.) st nd rd 8. A 1 , 2 , 3 place shall be awarded in each contest, if there are four or more entries. Honorable Mention awards are given at the discretion of the judges. Judges are requested to provide general and/or specific comments for individual and/or collective contests. It is the judge(s) option to fulfill this request. 9. If entries from four or fewer schools are received in a category, one less place than the number of schools submitting entries shall be awarded. 10. No material with known factual errors may be entered in any contest.

11. Digitally altered photos and digitally created photograph-like images cannot be entered in any “Photo” category. They can be entered in the “Photo Illustration” category, but nowhere else. 12. If there is only one entry in a contest and it is of exceptional merit, the judge may award the st entry a 1 place. However, should the entry not be of exceptional merit, the judge shall declare there is no contest, and no awards will be given. The final decision is the judge’s. 13. A Sweepstakes Award is given in each newspaper division, each yearbook division, literary magazine, general magazine, online, radio and television contests. Sweepstakes are based on point accumulation in the individual and the overall categories in each contest. 14. Spanish News/Spanish Feature writing contest will be an open division. Points earned in the Spanish contest will be added to the winners’ respective newspaper totals for Sweepstakes. The entry for this category may be a news or feature story or one of each (two articles equal one entry). This is one category, not two. st nd rd 15. Points shall be awarded to 1 , 2 , 3 places and Honorable Mention as follows: In all overall categories st 1 Place nd 2 Place rd 3 Place HM 25 points 20 points 15 points 5 points

In all individual categories st 1 Place nd 2 Place rd 3 Place HM Special Notes 1. In Newspaper and Yearbook contests, any publication may be entered in a higher division. If entered in a higher division, the publication adviser must attach an affidavit to the entries stating the desire to compete in the higher division. 2. No publication may be entered in more than one contest. Advisers must decide which contest the publication will compete. JUDGES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL 5 points 4 points 3 points 1 point

NEWSPAPER DIVISIONS: Division 1 – published 3-or more times per week Division 2 – published 1-2 times per week, enrollment in top half of entries (Weekly)

Division 3 – published 1-2 times per week, enrollment in lower half of entries (Weekly) Division 4 – published bi-weekly with enrollment in top half of entries (Bi-Weekly) Division 5 – published bi-weekly with enrollment in lower half of entries (Bi-Weekly) OR published less than bi-weekly (regardless of enrollment) * Divisions 2, 3, 4, 5 are determined by the enrollment of the number of schools submitting entries. For Example: If 26 schools publishing WEEKLY newspapers submit entries. This list of schools will be broken into two groups based on enrollment. Those 13 schools with the larger enrollments will be in Division 2, those 13 schools will the lower enrollments will be in Division 3. The same process will be followed to determine Division 4 and Division 5. Exception: Newspapers published less than bi-weekly, regardless of enrollment will be placed in Division 5. The final divisions for 2, 3, 4, 5 will be determined after all entries are submitted. When divisions are determined, a complete list will be sent via the ListServ.

Submit a complete Entry Log for each contest. Give the complete name(s) of student contestant(s). If more than one student is listed as the contestant, include full name of all appropriate students. Please give first and last name of student. Type all information to reduce problems with correct spelling of names for awards. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow the format below for all Entry Logs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Title: Division: Newspaper Entry Log Give specific division if your newspaper qualifies as Division 1 or you publish less than bi-weekly and will be in Division 5. Otherwise, for division designation give either Weekly or Bi-Weekly. Your newspaper will be placed in the appropriate division based on frequency of publication and enrollment after all entries are received. Acme University Entrant(s) John Doe Jane Doe Wile E. Coyote John Doe Jane Doe John Doe Headline/Title “Governor rejects data…” “Dog bites man” “Homecoming ‘05” “Winning touchdown”

School: Category

News Story News Story Special Edition News Photo

NOTE: Continue this format for all individual and group entries for each contest.

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