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Christ Church Central Leadership Team

There are 3 strands to the church’s leadership:

1. Church Steering Team

2. Church Oversight Team
3. Trustees

Each of these has a different type of involvement in the running of the church.

Church Steering Team

This team meets on Mondays is responsible for the week by week leadership of the church through Bible
teaching, pastoral care and prayer. They also act as the steering group of the Church Oversight Team,
agreeing the COT’s monthly agenda and implementing decisions made by the COT and Trustees.

The steering team is made up of:

● Minister – Tim Davies
● Women’s Minister – Fi Bronsdon
● Assistant Minister – Chris Houghton
● General Manager – Rob Dillon
● Ministry Trainee - Connie Waters

Church Oversight Team

The COT meets each month and is made up of church members who lead various ministry areas, as well
as the two internal trustees. As the name suggests they have oversight of how the church operates and
their role is to ensure that the church’s activities continue to work towards the church’s overall vision. The
team is chaired by Tim Davies and minutes of each meeting are held which are available on request to
members of the church family. The current members of COT are:

● Tim Davies – Minister (plus Gospel Teams)

● Naomi Bennett – COT Secretary
● Fi Bronsdon – Women’s Minister (plus Gospel Teams)
● Chris Houghton – Assistant Minister (plus Student Ministry)
● Charles Raven – Mission Support Team
● Steven King – Interim leader of Youth and Children (Families) Ministry
● Rob Dillon – General Manager
● John Honeywood – Treasurer
● Andy Stovell – Other Faith Community Outreach
● Clare Shepherd – Trustee
● James Viner – Trustee


All charities must have trustees who have legal and financial oversight of how the organisation is run.
CCC’s trustees are a mix of external people and church members. The trustees work with the Minister,
Treasurer and General Manager to ensure that the church complies with all of its financial and legal
obligations as a charity whilst furthering our vision to share the gospel in Sheffield. They meet three times
a year. Our current trustees are:

● Paul German – Chairman (Member of Christ Church Fulwood, serves at The Oakes, Sheffield)
● Rev Robert Marsden – Minister of Trinity Church, Buxton
● Rev David Phillips – Vicar of St James, Chorley
● Rev Lee McMunn – Minister of Trinity Church Scarborough and Mission Director of Anglican
Mission in England.
● Clare Shepherd – Member of Christ Church Central and designated Trustee with responsibility for
● James Viner – Member of Christ Church Central