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The first widly adopted Windows product, ___, featured a standardized look an
d feel....
Windows 3.1
2. The ___ version of Windows introduced X.500-style directory services, kerbero
s security...
Windows 2000 Server
3. To accommodate the various needs or its user community, and to optimize resou
rces, the....
extensibility, portability, reliability, compatibility, and performance
4. In windows terminology, the privileged processor mode is called ___ mode and
5. The code that must access processor-dependent data structures and registers i
s contained in small___
6. Whenever an error occurs, either the operating system or the processor issues
an exception...
exception handling code
7. The primary programming interface for Windows is ___.
Win32 API
8. The ___ fiel system can recover from all types of errors including those that
occur in...
9. When physical memory becomes full, the ___ Memory manager pages some of the m
10. The portion of memory that is used for sections of the kernel that require m
aximum performance...
the lower part of the resident operating system code
11. The ___ policy determines when the pager copies a page from disk to memory.
12. A thread is the entity within a process that the ___ schedules for execution
13. in processor management, the ___ is what actually executes the code.
14. a(n)___ is a data structure that controls how the I/O operation is processed
at each step.
15. In a Windows device driver, the ___ is used by the I/O manager to communicat
e with the...
dispatch routine
16. The ___ creates a driver object when a driver is loaded into the system and
then calls the....
I/O manager
17. In Windows, programs perform I/O on virtual files, manipulating them by usin
g file ___.
18. The ___ attribute indicates whether to delete the file after closing it.
file disposition
19. ___ files exploit virtual memory capabilities by allowing an application to
open a file of arbitrary....
20. ___ provide a high-level interface for passing data between two processes re
gardless of their locations.
Named pipes
21. When processing a typical remote I/O request, which of the following happens
User-mode software issues a remote I/O request
22. An API called ___ interface is used to pass I/O requests structured in teh S
MB format to a remote computer.
23. Active directory groups amchines into administrative units called ___.
24. From the Start menu, users click ___ to go to a list of available applicatio
All Programs
25. The Windows Task Manager is opened by pressing and holding the ___ keys.
Ctrl, Alt, and Delete
26. The Fedora Project issues updates free to the public about every ___ months.
27. Fedora Core 2 was introduced in ___.
28. Because Linux is written and distributed under the ___ General Public Licens
e, its source code is...
29. Linux terminal management conforms to ___ standards, and it also supports ps
eudo-terminals as...
30. When a process begins execution, its segments have a ___ size.
31. The ___ device used in Linux memory management can be a partition on the dis
k or it can be a.....
32. Virtual memory in Linux is managed using a multiple-level table hierarchy, w
hich accommodates...
33. Virtual memory management uses ___ levels of tables.
34. The process of grouping ands plitting usable memory is known as the ___.
buddy algorithm
35. The page replacement algorithm is an expanded version of the ___ replacement
clock page
36. In Linux the semaphore structure contains ___ fields.
37. Linux provides ___ queues and semaphores to allow two processes to synchroni
ze with each other.
38. Only when all FIFO processes are completed does the scheduler proceed to exe
cute processes of ___ priority.
39. Linux is ___, which improves its portability from one system to another.
device independent
40. In Linux device management, the ___ device number is used as an index to the
array to access...
41. The three standard classes of devices supported by Linux are ___.
character devices, block devices, and network devices.
42. In Linux, ___ devices cannot host a file system.
43. A file containing data or programs belonging to users is known as a(n)___.
ordinary file
44. The ___ represents the root directory.
45. Filenames that begin with one or two periods are considered ___ files.
46. In Linux, the ___ character in the Permissions column of a directory listing
describes the nature...
47. In Linux, the ___ command is used to change permissions on a file or directo
48. In Linux, information about the status of the system is available using the
___ monitor window.
49. Administrators use ___ logs that provide a detailed description of activity
on the system.
50. In Linux, the ___ log lists the statues of files that have been transferred
using a ftp service.