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The city of Kaufman has issued a prohibi:on of gatherings of 50 or more. In an effort to
protect our congrega:on and to comply with our local administra:on, we are extending
the suspension of on-campus ac:vi:es and events to all seven days of the week un:l
further no:ce. Simply put, there will be no gatherings or ac0vi0es at CBC un0l further

That being said, the staff will be live-streaming a worship service this Sunday via
Facebook Live at our regular service :me of 10:45 am. We highly encourage everyone to
make :me to gather your family in your home Sunday morning and worship with us
virtually. Here’s the best way to join us this Sunday online:

1. Between now and Sunday morning
• Log in to your facebook account (if you don’t have a FB account, reply to this
email, and we’ll walk you through how to get one)
• Find the Country Bible Church facebook page and click “follow”
2. Sunday morning
• Go to the CBC facebook page and wait for the live stream. It’ll begin at around
10:40, and the service will begin promptly at 10:45

If you need help with any of the technical aspects of the livestream, please reply to this
email, and we’ll get you going.

Remember: We can s:ll worship God TOGETHER from our homes. Yes it will be different,
but we encourage you to take this opportunity to put technology to purposeful and
healthy use.

I hope you’ll join us from your living room this Sunday.

-CBC Staff