Freedom Rules

a screenplay
by Richard Alan Krieger Copyright 1996

(At night on the edge of a windy and rainy cliff a homeless woman stands. She is crying, scared and in pain as she looks down at her pregnant womb. She pulls a music box from her coat and opens it as “Rock-a-Bye Baby” plays. Police notice her and shine their car spotlight on her. A policeman runs from the car and tries to grab her but she falls over the edge.) (Through the darkness in the distance the cliff scene of emergency vehicle lights slowly begins to appear larger as a fast approaching helicopter arrives and joins in the search for the woman. The helicopter searchlight shows her caught in the bough of a tree just barely alive.) (Doors of the hospital hallway burst open as the woman races down the hall on a gurney being pushed by a medical team.) (Suddenly she violently sits up clenching her womb as she releases a long intense scream.) (Close-up of her screaming mouth.) (Close-up of her new born baby boy's screaming mouth. Zoom-in of his mouth into the darkness.) (Zoom-out of a laughing child's mouth who is watching the puppet show "Punch & Judy" in the park with other children. The theme music plays as the title “Freedom Rules” appears along with the opening credits. The camera slowly moves away from the puppet show to the sandbox playground area where a lone child named Guy is building a sandcastle. Present tense of Guy age seventeen remembering various flashback scenes from that day in the park when he was nine years old.) Guy - (thoughts) I'll never forget that day in the had become so obvious to me...I didn't belong here. What were those kids laughing at anyway? The story was the classic puppet show "Punch and Judy" and it was humanity at it's worst. It was all about this mad puppet named Punch who would lose his patience and get angry at his fellow puppets which would then cause him to pull out a big bat and whack them to death. How dare they tell Punch he couldn't kill whoever disagreed with him. For in the world according to Punch, they deserved what they got. Maybe the kids were really laughing in relief because they felt lucky that this psycho puppet wasn't killing them that day. I guess what I couldn't come to terms with, was seeing everyone

cheering with so much enthusiasm the glorification of violence. This bizarre freak show only confirmed to me that I lived in a crazy world..... (A foot comes down crushing Guy's sand castle. It's the foot of a large eleven year old boy who has come over to play in the sandbox playground after the puppet show has ended. The large boy is laughing maniacally after having destroyed Guy's sandcastle. Soon the other kids who were at the puppet show are now playing all around guy. Many of the kids are acting aggressively toward each other as two wrestling boys roll over what's left of Guy's sandcastle. Guy gets up all sad and walks slowly away from the playground. He then follows a butterfly towards the woods with delight and wonderment. Guy is now seen driving his car in the present tense through his hometown.) Guy - (thoughts) As the years passed me by, I couldn't help but notice how the timelessness of my childhood had slipped away.... So much seemed unreal to me. (He looks out the car window and sees someone on the sidewalk dressed up as a space alien with a sign selling donuts.) Like trying to understand why there was so much madness....(Two old men are fighting with leaf-blowers blowing leaves into each other's yards.) and so much sadness....(A homeless woman is sleeping on a bus bench.).... Yet in spite of all the mysterious unanswered questions in life, this did not prevent me from having a good time. And today being the 4th of July (A family are barbecuing on their lawn.) as always promised to be lots of fun. (Children are lighting firecrackers.). And every year my good friend Jerry would passionately honor the birth of our nation with a wild party that truly celebrated our freedom and the pursuit of happiness. We had just recently graduated from high school and who knows, this last epic party before we all entered the "Real World" could end up being one of the biggest events in the lives of some of us. (Guy pulls up to Jerry’s house and sees him trying to put a large America flag on the top of a tall but feeble tree. Guy gets out of the car and approaches him.) Guy - Hey Jerry! What are you doing? Jerry - Oh! Hi Guy! I'm going to where no flag has ever gone before! Guy - That looks totally dangerous man! Jerry - No guts, no glory! (Jerry screams and falls crashing into the shrubs. Everyone rushes over to help him as he slowly gets up.) Guy - Dude! Are you okay? Jerry - Yeah I’m alright.

Guy - You better take it easy man, the party hasn’t even started. Jerry - What do you talking about? The party’s been going on since this morning. Come on, I’ll show you. Want a beer? Guy - No thanks. (They go into the house where their friends are watching T. V., playing video games and partying. They all say "Hi" to Guy as he enters.) Jerry - As you can see the buds are getting primed for tonight. You know, I still can’t believe it, did we really just graduate from high school? Guy - Yeah, remember they gave us our walking papers and told us to never come back? Jerry - Ain’t that the truth. What a trip huh? Guy - It sure was....(Guy has a flashback to his Sex Education class where he is the only boy in a class full of girls. Mr. Gumtree the teacher is confronting him.) Mr. Gumtree - Now Guy, I really don't think you get the topic of this class. That being, the whole process of how babies are made. (all the girls giggle) Guy - Oh I think I get the basic concept. (he smiles) Mr. Gumtree - I'm not talking what you do out there at "Lover's Lane" either! Guy - I do believe that's classified information. (the girls laugh) Mr. Gumtree - Must I remind you that the “Birds and the Bees” is a serious matter?! Guy - I have to admit though, it's a bit confusing how two entirely different species can breed together. (the girls laugh again) Mr. Gumtree - Well the rest of the class seems to have gotten it. (Mr. Gumtree winks at a girl in the front row who then blushes.) Guy - Oh I'm sure they have. Mr. Gumtree - Alright Mr. Wise Guy, so everything including "life" itself is a joke to you? Guy - No Mr. Gumtree, this is one of my favorite serious subjects. Like, if it wasn’t for lovemaking, I mean the act of baby making, we wouldn’t even be here.

Mr. Gumtree - Now you're starting to get it. Guy - In fact, I remember my first education in sex. (Flashback scenes are shown as Guy tells his story.) I was in the 4th grade and there was this girl who had a crush on me but I couldn't stand her. So one day on the playground at lunchtime she came up to me with a bunch of her friends demanding that I kiss her. I then ran away as fast as I could with what seemed like the whole school chasing me. The chase ended when I went into the boy's restroom thinking that I would find refuge there, but her gang of boy henchmen cornered me and pinned me down to the floor. As I kicked and screamed she slowly and sadistically kissed me. Yuck! (everyone laughs) Then they all laughed at me like you're doing right now. (it gets all quiet) And that....was my first encounter with the opposite sex. (Guy imagines standing naked with his hands folded over his genitalia in front of the class of girls who are pointing at him as they laugh hysterically.) Mr. Gumtree - It's not like you were raped for crying out loud?! Guy - All I'm saying is that it wasn't very pleasant having the weirdest girl in school sexually forced upon me as a young boy. She probably had cooties too for all I knew! (more laughter from the girls) Mr. Gumtree - That's not even a transmittable disease. Look! It wouldn’t be so funny if we ended up with a class full of pregnant girls….would it? (Guy imagines being naked again with all the girls this time pushing crying babies up to him like they're his.) Jerry - Hey! Guy! (Guy comes back to the present moment.) Guy - Huh? What did you say? Jerry - I said that the best looking babes in town will be making their appearance here tonight. Guy - That’s the rumor. Jerry - Rumor! It's a fact dude! Like you can bet your life on it. Guy - Well maybe so, but I won’t be partying with them. Jerry - Why not? Oh right, Tiffany’s coming…sorry Guy. Guy - And on that subject, can we talk?

Jerry - Sure, step into my office. (They go into Jerry’s room and close the door.) Guy - So, here’s the deal, I’m like going through all this heavy emotional stuff with Tiffany right now. Jerry - Yeah? Guy - And she’s like getting real serious about our relationship. And I’m just not sure if I’m ready for that kind of commitment. Jerry - Are we talking…marriage? Guy - What do you think I’m taking about, I mean, what she’s talking about? Jerry - Whoa…. Guy - Why does she want to get married so soon? I really love her and all but, I’m just too young to get tied down right now. You know that I’ve always believed in finding one’s soulmate, but we’re like always fighting. Jerry - Guy, that’s what married people do. Guy - Right, but that’s just it, I don’t want to end up in some stereotypical yelling match for the rest of my life. Jerry - Well, then you get divorced. Guy - That’s a great answer Jerry. Jerry - Look Guy, you’re just going to have to tell her straight up what you’re feeling. And if you're gonna break up with her tonight, whatever you do make sure you tell her as soon as she gets here...(Guy looks a little puzzled.)...or else she’ll just spoil the whole party for you man. Guy - Yeah right. Thanks Jer. Jerry - Hey, what are friends for? (Tiffany, Guy's girlfriend is seen at home on the phone talking to her girlfriend Jane..."split screen.") Tiffany - Jane, what I’m I going to do? Guy’s just so uncommitted about our relationship.

Jane - Do you love him, I mean…really love him? Tiffany - Well…yeah. Jane - You don’t sound so sure Tiffany. Tiffany - Of course I'm sure! And if you’re in love and have been going together as long as we have, you get married! Jane - And live in a house with a white picket fence with two kids and a dog? Tiffany - Are you making fun of me? Jane - No I’m not! I just think that you might be wanting to do this for the wrong reasons. Tiffany - What do you mean? Jane - Like, are you sure you’re not just wanting to get married because you’re feeling pressure from your parents? Tiffany - I've always planned my life this way Jane. I want to get married, raise a family and settle down. That’s the way it’s suppose to be. Jane - Okay, and is this what Guy wants? Tiffany - I think so. Jane - You think so? Tiffany - I think he thinks he does…I just think he doesn’t know it yet, that’s all. Jane - Tiffany, can’t you see you’re setting yourself up for a major let down? Tiffany - Sorry Jane if I happen to have hopes and dreams in my life that I want to fulfill. Jane - That’s fine, but your dreams just might be unrealistic ones at this time. I mean, we just graduated from high school you know? Tiffany - I don’t care what anyone says, we’re getting married! Even if I have to force him into making the right decision I will. Jane - What are you talking about?

Tiffany - If he needs a little help making up his mind, I’ll just have to help make up his mind for him. Jane - Uh huh, how so? Tiffany - I’ll just tell him…that I’m late with my period. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Jane - What?! You mean, say you’re pregnant when you're not? Tiffany - Yep. Jane - That’s not going to solve anything Tiffany. Maybe you should just separate for a while. You know, sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Tiffany - That’s silly, I can’t wait forever. I need to know if he really loves me now! Jane - Yeah, but lying to force him to marry you is just wrong. Tiffany - I'm not "forcing him" to marry me, it's just a little extra motivation for him to. Jane - Please don’t rush into this Tiffany, give it a little more thought….okay? Tiffany - Oh I will, I will. So you still want me to drive to the party tonight? Jane - Sure. Tiffany - Then I’ll pick you up when it gets dark okay? Jane - Alright. Tiffany - Bye. Jane - Wait! Tiffany….you’re not really going to say you’re pregnant are you? Tiffany - Only if I have to.....(It's starting to get dark at the party house and an old Rock ‘n’ Roller named Max is talking to Sam in the front yard.) Max - I thought you were going to get us those rock star amps, you know, all stacked up real high. Sam - Sorry man, I couldn’t score them. These amps will work just fine.

Max - Oh really? Listen! We need those monster amps or else... Sam - Or else what? Max - Or else we’re out of here! (Jerry approaches the two.) Jerry - Hey man, what’s up? Sam - They won’t play unless we get them those famous “rock star amps.” Max - That’s right, we’re a big group and we only play through big amps. Jerry - Now Max, I’m a total fan of yours. I mean, you guys like totally rock. Max - Well thanks man. Jerry - So Max, ah, don’t take this the wrong way, but don’t big groups usually play though their own amps? Max - Well yeah. Jerry - And we were cool enough to let you stage your big come back tour here by supplying you with the amps, the booze and the babes....and now you’re saying those amps aren’t big enough? Now is that fair? Max - But… Jerry - Your name is much bigger than those amps, and for that matter, so is your show. Max - Well that’s true. Jerry - Your fans are going to be coming here from all over! You’re not going to let all those screaming fans down are you? Max - No way man, we’re nothing without our fans! (Jerry puts his arm over the shoulder of Max as they walk together.) Jerry - That’s what I’m saying, it won’t be long now until your name is up there in lights again and all the girls are fighting to get to the front row just so they can throw their hotel keys and undergarments onto the stage….for you man, only for you. Max - Wow! Don’t worry dude, we’ll going to make this the most happening party ever!

Jerry - That’s the spirit! So then....let the good times roll! Max - Rock on! (Both Guy and Jerry walk away from the stage area.) Guy - Man, are you the master of reverse psychology or what? Jerry - Actually that’s the type of job I'm going for. Guy - And what might that be? Jerry - I’m going to be a Hostage Negotiator. Guy - Get out of here! Jerry - Why not? Guy - I don’t know Jerry, you might be able to talk almost any girl into doing almost anything...but psychos? They’re a little harder to deal with aren’t they? Jerry - Oh I don’t know. I did a pretty good job with old Max there and he’s a bit of a psycho. Guy - Yeah, maybe so. (It's nighttime now at the party which is starting to get into full swing with various scenes of people having fun.) Jerry - Yahoo! Party on people! Alright! Hey Guy! Is this party rockin' or what? Guy - Pretty cool dude! Jerry - Yeah it is. You know we’ve been planning this party for months and now it’s here! (a girl walks by) Hey babe, how was heaven when you left it? (she smiles) Huh? Where are you going? Free hugs! (He reaches out to her but she runs away.) Girls! Don’t you just love em’? (More party scenes as Guy sees his former sweetheart Angela.) Angela - Hi Guy. Guy - Hi Angela. What are you doing here? Angela - Saying bye to the old gang before splitting up north to school. Guy - Cool, because I thought you already left.

Angela - No, it’s kind of hard to leave this town you know, the memories. Guy - I know. Angela - I still think about you Guy…we sure had some good times didn’t we? Guy - We sure did. Those were the days of our “wild youth.” Angela - Sometimes I wonder how things would have turned out if only there wasn't.…(Tiffany and Jane come up from behind Guy surprising him.) Guy - Tiffany! Jane! Hi there! What’s going on?! Tiffany - That’s what I was going to ask you. Guy - Oh, we’re just hanging out you know. Tiffany - Uh huh. Guy - Tiffany, you remember Angela? Tiffany - How could I forget? Guy - And Jane you know Angela? Jane - Hi. Angela - Hi. Guy - So, does anyone want something to eat or drink? Jane - Sure. Guy - Alright, let me show you to the snack bar. I’ll talk to you later Angela. Angela - Alright. (Tiffany angrily whispers very loud to Guy.) Tiffany - I’ll talk to you later…what was that all about? Guy - I was only trying to be friendly Tiffany. Tiffany - Yeah, just don’t get too friendly. Guy - What are you talking about? (They all walk up to the snack bar.) Jane - Look at all the food! Wow! (Jerry pops up from under the table.)

Jerry - Hi everyone! I'm still a little shaken up, the snack bar just had a close encounter with some pukemeister! Guy - Oh man! Jerry - Not to worry though, I tackled him before he was about to barf into the punchbowl. Anyway, what can I get you fine ladies? You can have anything you want except me. Ha! You see, I’ve already been taken for the evening. But there's a waiting list I can put your name on, just joking. Guy - He's not joking. Tiffany - I’ll have a beer. Jane - Me too. Jerry - Alright, there you go. (He gives them two cups.) So speaking of puke, you want to hear a funny story? Guy - That’s alright, we don’t. Jerry - It was totally gross. Many moons ago, Guy and I went to the carnival. And so we got on the hammerhead ride, you know the one that spins you upside down and all over the place? Guy - Jer must we? (Flashback scenes are shown as Jerry tells the story.) Jerry - So then, Guy and I get locked into the hammerhead and just before they start the ride, we notice a huge pile of puke on the capsule floor. We’re like screaming…Stop! Stop! But the ride starts to go and there Guy and I are screaming at the top of our lungs as we watch this bucket of puke spin around us. Tiffany - Now I’m starting to get sick. Jane - For real?! Jerry - Oh yeah. Jane - So then what happened? Guy - You don’t want to know. Jerry - Then the ride suddenly stopped and the puke hovered above us on the ceiling as if it was frozen in time. All we could do was stare at it in sheer

terror. Jane - Wow! Jerry - I was lucky enough to somehow get out of the way, but as for Guy, well, gravity took it's toll and the puke came splashing down all over his head. (Everyone’s laughing but Guy.) Guy - As always, a very funny story Jerry. Jane - Poor Guy…is everyone picking on you? Guy - Don't worry, I'm use to it. So Tiffany, can we talk? Tiffany - Alright. (They go into a room and shut the door.) Guy - First of all, I want you to know that I love you very much and you mean everything to me. It’s just, I’m not so sure where our relationship is going right now. Tiffany - I know what you mean…like it’s going nowhere. Guy - Isn’t that a little extreme? Tiffany - It’s true. (Jane now has her ear next to the door listening.) Guy - Maybe so, but that attitude sure won’t make things better. So why do you think our relationship's going nowhere? Tiffany - Well since it was your idea to have this little discussion tonight, why don't you start things. Guy - Okay, so Tiffany, I feel like I’m constantly doing things for you that you don’t even appreciate. And I’m always letting you have your way. Then I get to be the nice guy who ends up getting blamed for anything that goes wrong! Tiffany - Aren’t you overreacting just a little here? Guy - If you’d only meet me half way, maybe I wouldn’t feel so taken advantaged of. Tiffany - What do you mean? Guy - I don’t know, maybe you don’t respect me.

Tiffany - I respect you Guy. Guy - If that was the case, you’d let me be who I am. I’ve compromised myself to such an extent that I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. Tiffany - Are you through with your little temper tantrum? Did you ever stop to think about all the stuff I have to put up with? Guy - Like what? Tiffany - All kinds of stuff, but I guess the main problem I have with you is your lack of commitment to our relationship and that you don’t seem to know what you want to do with your life. Guy - Lack of commitment?! I've been overcommitted to you while you're totally not there for me. Tiffany - Yeah, so you want me to be totally there for you? Then why don't you ask me to marry you?! Guy - I told you Tiffany that I'm not ready for marriage because I haven't even picked a career yet! And on that subject, the reason I’m a bit confused in terms of picking a direction in my life is because I’ve spent so much time focused on what you want me to be verses who I'm suppose to be. You know I feel a strong connection to the arts but every time I write something, you’re always there to point out how stupid it is or how it’s probably been done before. Tiffany - It’s called constructive criticism Guy. Guy - Oh yeah, I forgot that’s what it's called. Tiffany - My suggestions have only been for your own good. You’ve got to be a little more realistic about the arts. Everybody thinks they’re an artist these days. Guy - I wish I could see it that way, but it almost feels like you actually enjoy destroying my confidence! Tiffany - Guy, there’s something more important that I need to tell you. Guy - What?! Tiffany - I’m pregnant! (Jane bursts through the door.)

Jane - She’s lying Guy! Tiffany - Shut up Jane! Get out of here! This is none of your business! Guy - What’s going on here? Jane - Tiffany wants to force you to marry her even if she has to lie about her being pregnant. Guy - I can’t believe this! Tiffany - Thanks Jane. Jane - Look! I’m only trying to help. You used to be the perfect couple...what happened? Guy - I wish I knew. Tiffany - I’m sorry Guy, but what else was I to do? Guy - Anything but that! Why did you say that Tiffany? Tiffany - I don’t know. I’m just so confused. (Tiffany starts to cry and Guy slowly holds her close.) Jane - I’m going to leave you two now. Guy - Thanks Jane. (Jane slowly leaves the room and shuts the door.) Tiffany, must everything end like this? Tiffany - I really love you Guy. I just don’t want to lose you. (Tiffany cries heavier.) Guy - I love you too Tiffany, but you've got to realize that we’re both forcing things in our relationship…and the result is…we’ve both losing each other. Tiffany - I know, I know. (They give each other a big hug. Meanwhile back at the bandstand Lynn talks to Jerry.) Lynn - Hey, I thought you were having a band play. Where are they? Jerry - Don’t worry…they gonna play…(Lead singer Max is drunk and depressed in a room as other band members are trying to cheer him up.) Max - I can’t go on...I’m such a loser.

Guitar Freddy - What are you talking about? Max - These days if you’re not some young pretty boy who can dance up a storm, you're nobody! Whatever happened to the music man? Drummer Dave - Come on Max, we got a show to do. Max - It’s just not the same, remember how it use to be? Yeah…we’d play for hours and hours the same song but like, it wasn’t the same song, you know what I mean? There comes a time where, let’s face it, your gig's up. (A party girl outside screams "Woohooooo!") Did you hear that?! It’s the fat lady singing! Hey Jim! Hey Lizard King! (He looks up toward heaven.) Can you hear me man? I’m coming…crack me a brew bro at the Pearly Gates! (He tries to take a big step forward but then passes out and falls backward onto the floor.) Guitar Freddy - Max! (Dave rushes over to him and puts his ear on his chest.) Drummer Dave - He’s dead! (Outside people are lighting all kinds of fireworks everywhere. A policeman on a motorcycle pulls up at the end of the street and looks. Someone shoots a skyrocket out of a bottle at him and it explodes right next to his head and he speeds-off. Some people are lighting paper bags on fire and throwing them off a roof and watching them float down to the ground. Sam comes running up to Jerry.) Sam - Jerry! Max the lead singer’s dead! Jerry - Oh my God! (They all rush into the house. People are gathered around Max as Drummer Dave pounds his chest.) Did anyone call the paramedics?! Drummer Dave - Yeah, Freddy did! Guitar Freddy - No I didn’t, I thought you did. Jerry - You guys! (All of a sudden Max magically sits up scaring everyone half to death.) Max - Wow! What a rush! Guitar Freddy - Yeah! It's Max! And he's risen from the dead! Drummer Dave - Are you alright man? Max - I think so.

Jerry - Do you want to go to the hospital? Max - No way! It's show time! (Max gets up and walks out of the house with everyone cheering. He and his band then climb onto the stage as Jerry introduces them.) Jerry - Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman! Tonight, we have a very special band for you… who’s lead singer has just come back…..from the dead! (the crowd cheers) So let’s give Max and his bandmates a warm welcome back to their hometown! (the people cheer) Come on people! Give it up for, “Good Grief!” (more cheers) Max - Thanks everyone, it’s great to be back! (the crowd screams) This song is one of my favorites because it deals with how we all feel too much of the time. It’s called “Misunderstood.” (The band breaks into a rockin' blues song. As the band plays, a bunch of Jocks from the football team show up to check them out and start to heckle.) Steve the Jock - Hey! What planet are you freaks from?! Hollyweird?! (The Jocks laugh.) Nelson the Jock - I didn't know the circus was in town! (The Jocks laugh louder.) Joe the Jock - Why don't you dinosaurs go back to the museum where you belong!? YOU SUCK! (A roady for the band quickly grabs a spray can and lights a lighter in front of it that turns into an flaming torch that he puts into Joe's face. Joe screams as his baseball hat catches on fire. The rest of the roadies now run over to the Jocks and a big fight breaks out. Guy comes out of the bedroom all spaced-out.) Jane - Are you okay? Guy - Huh? Yeah, sure. Jane - What happened? Guy - I guess it’s over. Jane - I'm sorry Guy. Is there anything I can do? Guy - No thanks…I just need to get some fresh air. (An emotionally stunned Guy slowly walks outside the house. The band is still

playing along with beer bottles flying, explosions going-off and people fighting each other. Guy is totally oblivious to it all. At the edge of the cliff a stoned male teen appears and starts to light a pinwheel firework. A few people watch him.) Stoned Male Teen - So, you want to see some kaleidoscopic colors? Ha! Ha! Check this out! (He throws the pinwheel as it spins sparks far out over the cliff toward the ocean and it lands in the bushes down below catching them on fire. It's very windy so the fire rapidly climbs up the cliff toward the party.) Party-Goer 1 - I'm out of here! (He and some other people run down the street.) Party-Goer 2 - I'm calling the Fire Department! (He runs into the party house. Guy comes up to the cliff and sees the fire rapidly moving up toward the houses at the top.) Guy - Oh no! (Guy snaps out of it and jumps off the cliff landing about 20 feet below onto the slope and runs into the fire. Guy is now dancing within the towering fireball circle fanatically kicking dirt onto the fire. It takes awhile, but somehow Guy is able to stop the firewall and finally puts it out. Exhausted he looks up to the top of the cliff and sees a police helicopter circling with it’s spotlight shinning on the party with the police on a loudspeaker saying, "The party's over, go home!" He then climbs to the top of the cliff. As he pulls his head up to the street level he notices Jerry talking to the firemen about the phone call made about a fire that now no longer exists. He also sees a line of police in full riot gear march by. People are running scared in every direction as sirens and screams are heard. He begins to look for another way to get to the party house as he slowly crawls along the edge of the cliff into a neighbor’s backyard. As he stands and looks up he finds himself staring into the barrel of the shotgun of Earl the neighbor who's a senior citizen.) Earl - Don’t move! Guy - Wait! Don’t shoot! Earl - If you don't move, I won't shoot! Guy - I got it! Earl - You think I'm an easy target don't ya?! Guy - What?! I just finished putting out this.… Earl - Quiet! You damn kids think the world owes you something don’t ya?

Guy - But I just…. Earl - You be coming over here all high on drugs from the party thinking maybe there’s something I can steal for my addiction. Guy - What are you talking about? I don’t even do drugs. Earl - That’s because they’re doing you! Guy - I can’t believe this. Earl - Now move over there toward the door! (They both slowly walk to the backdoor where Earl grabs the phone and calls the police.) Yes, I’ve got a live burglar here for ya….uh huh…..and hurry up! (he hangs up) Guy - I’m not a burglar! You've got it wrong man! Now if you’d just let me explain…. Earl - Oh, so now you’re the victim here? Guy - I give up. This is so ridiculous. (Guy starts to walk over to the cliff’s edge.) Earl - Hey! What do you think you’re doing? Guy - It’s time for me to go now. Earl - Hey kid, get back over here or…. Guy - Or else you’ll shoot me with your gun? Or should I wait for the police to come and put me in jail for no reason? Earl - You’re talking all crazy. Guy - I'm not going to put up with this nonsense anymore. I'm leaving! Earl - Where do you think you're going? Guy - You saw the movie Peter Pan didn’t you? Earl - Well sure. Guy - And you remember the scene where Tinker Bell shares some of her magic fairy dust with the kids which then let's them all fly don’t you?

Earl - Oh yeah. Guy - Well, I saw Tinker Bell dancing on a sunflower at the party and she sprinkled some magic fairy dust on my head. And she said I can just fly away whenever I want to. (Guy starts flapping his arms and moves toward the edge of the cliff.) Earl - Come back here son, you can’t fly! It was just a movie! Mike the Policeman - Freeze! Don’t move! (The police have their guns drawn and pointed at Guy.) Earl - Be careful, he’s thinks he can fly! Tim the Policeman - Alright Boy, don’t be stupid, come away from the cliff! Guy - I will, only if you’ll listen to my side of the story. Mike - That’s why we’re here, we want to hear all about it. Guy - Well, alright then. (Guy walks away from the cliff and the police grab him, handcuff him and take him away. Meanwhile inside the party house there are still a few guests hanging-out all dazed and confused.) Jerry - I can’t believe those firemen, they actually thought we called them as some sort of prank! They’re all, “You know this is a false alarm and we can haul your ass to jail if we want to?!” I’m all like, what? Jane - Well there wasn’t any fire when they got here. Jerry - Yeah I know, but we could have shown them some burnt ash or something. So did anyone see Guy? Jane - Someone told me they saw him put out that fire. Jerry - You're kidding me? He put out that big fire? Jane - That's what I heard, and no one's seen him since. Sam - You think something happened to him? Jane - Come on, he probably went home. I'm sure he's alright. Jerry - I hope so. (Guy is talking to the cops from the back of the squad car going to the station.)

Guy - So after finally putting out the fire, I climbed up to the top of the cliff. That’s when I see a bunch of you guys walking by with your billy clubs ready for action. Well, as you can imagine, I didn’t want any part of that scene so I tried to find another way to the house. That’s when I ended up in his backyard where he falsely accused me of being a burglar and threatened to shoot me with his gun! Is that outrageous or what? Mike - Yeah, that’s pretty outrageous. Tim - It sure is. Guy - You believe me don’t you? Tim - Of course we do. Guy - You sure don't sound like it. Mike - It really doesn't matter what we believe? Guy - It should. Tim - You can say whatever you want. The fact is you’re going downtown. Guy - Wait a second, I don’t remember you two ever reading me by rights? (The cops break out laughing.) Hey! I’ve got rights! This is America! Mike - Shut up! I’m not going to listen to some punk tell me what America is. You’re just another ungrateful snot that doesn’t deserve any rights until you learn to respect other people's rights! Tim - Yeah, like the right not to have one's house broken into. Mike - That’s right! Guy - Look, I didn’t mess with anyone’s rights! But you’re sure messing with mine right now! Tim - Whatever, we’re not the one’s who will finally judge you. Guy - So tell it to the judge? Tim - You watch too much T. V. Mike - He was probably raised by a T. V....poor sad latch-key kid. Tim - He’s obviously got the "Angry Young Man Syndrome."

Mike - With a total disrespect toward authority too! (Flashback of Guy being taken to the school principal Mr. Nelly's office about his questioning the teacher in class about the school curriculum.) Mr. Nelly - Have a seat son. (he motions to a chair) Would you like a sucker? (he motions to a sucker jar) Guy - No thank you. (Guy sits down.) Mr. Nelly - Suit yourself. Now, I know being dragged to the principal’s office isn’t fun, but we have a problem here. Your teacher tells me that you're constantly questioning the curriculum of the class. Guy - I only question the questions that don’t seem to make any sense. I mean, why bother with such nonsense? There seems to be a dumbing down of the American school system going on here. Why don't you ask us relevant questions that simulate our minds? We want to be challenged! Mr. Nelly - Ha, Ha, Ha! Don't you know that you’re suppose to just answer the questions? Don’t question the questions! Jeez! When you’re in school you got to do as you’re told, that’s how the system works. And it's the same thing when go out into the workplace. I’ll let you in on a little secret, there’s no real thinking involved here, it’s mostly memorizing. You’re got to play by the rules if you expect to graduate. Sure, we’d all like to think we’re going to change the world and somehow make it a better place. But just between you and me kid…the fact of the matter is…most of us really don’t. Does there really have to be a reason to why we exist? Guy - Well.... Mr. Nelly - No! We’re here because we are. That’s it! And we all do a pretty damn good job of going through life without the slightest clue of knowing exactly why. Guy - There's got to be more to it than that. Mr. Nelly - Yeah, we live or lives and then we die! You've got to realize that if you wonder why too much, you’ll just end up on the street like that bum on over there. (He points out the window to a laughing homeless man who is riding a little kiddy spaceship ride outside a supermarket.) I’m sure he started out thinking....I’m different, I’m special, I’ve got my hopes, my dreams. Like, someday I'm going to be an Astronaut or even President! That’s all pie in the sky bunk! He also probably said to himself I’m going to beat the system somehow, like by maybe winning the lotto or finding a treasure chest. Come on, get real! When you go to work you’ve got to give

up your dreams! You think that when I was a boy I said, I know what I want to be when I grow-up...a "School Principal?" Ha! Give me a break! Guy - So what did you want to be when you grew-up? Mr. Nelly - I don't know...I forgot. Guy - That's just it, I don't want to forget. Mr. Nelly - Oh it doesn't matter one way or the other! And don’t blame me, I didn't make the rules up. That's just the way it is…..the way it is…..(The phrase keeps echoing as it fades away. Guy slowly comes out of his flashback.) Tim - Hey Mike! We can’t go back yet. Mike - Why not? Tim - The donuts! We promised everyone at the station that we're treating this time. Mike - Oh yeah, turn around and go back. (Tim swings the car around almost causing an accident.) Guy - Hey! You almost killed us! I should make a citizen’s arrest. Mike - Can it! Or we’ll plant some drugs on you. (both cops laugh) Guy - I hope you're joking. (They pull into the donut shop parking lot.) Tim - Umm, that sure smells good. So, the usual? Mike - Yep! (Tim runs into the donut shop.) Guy - So did you hear about the latest health report? It says that too much sugar can make people overaggressive and violent. Mike - What are you trying to say? Guy - Oh nothing, I was just wondering how much sugar the average American consumes in a day. You know like, soft drinks, coffee filled with heaping spoonfuls of sugar, donuts..... Mike - Listen! I’m starting to lose my patience with you boy! (Tim gets back into the car.)

Tim - And you don’t even want to see him lose his patience. (Tim opens the donut box and hands it to Mike.) Mike - There are some things in life worth living for....and this is one of them. Ummm. (The cops start munching the donuts.) Guy - You guys are in big trouble now. Wait till your buds at the station find some of their donuts missing. Busted! Tim - That’s why we buy two boxes. (The cops both laugh. All of a sudden a 1930’s car races through the intersection. A couple seconds later another 1930’s car races by shooting a machine gun out the window at the first car.) What the….? Mike - After them! (The cops drop their donuts and chase the speeding vehicles as Mike calls the station.) This is car 69 and we've in full pursuit of two black 1930 cars. We're traveling north on Pacific at 24 St. Suspects are armed and dangerous over….Can you read me?…Over? That’s weird….it’s not working.

Tim - Look! All the electronics are going crazy! Mike - Just keep going! (Inside the first car shows Nikola Tesla the famous 20th century inventor driving. He's adjusting some dials and switches while looking at a digital map screen on the dashboard. The second car occupants are two small Alien/Human Hybrids wearing big sunglasses, black trench coats and Feora hats. They're both sitting on a few cushions so they can see the road as the driver wears stilt leg extensions to reach the petals. The chase goes through town with a few car crashes. The next scene is inside the alien’s vehicle.) Smek - I hate Tesla! I want him dead sooo bad!!! Dork - No, we can not do that Smek. Smek - Why not Dork?! Dork - Orders are to bring him back alive. Smek - Damn it! Dork - You must control yourself. Smek - Control myself? I’ll show you who’s in control! (Smek sticks the machine gun out the window and starts shooting all over the place hitting

street lights, store windows, etc. as he also tries to drive at the same time swerving everywhere.) Dork - Aim at the tires! Let me have the gun. Smek - I’m shooting the gun you see! Hey! Telsa! Eat this! (Smek shoots another round of bullets at Tesla. Tesla then pushes a button and a magnetic net sticks up in the back. This device then catches the bullets from the machine gun. They all enter the L. A. Harbor ship docking area and now approach a large freighter ship called the “Chronos.” Tesla pushes a button and a small cannon pops out of his car hood. He then fires a rocket that heads toward the ship. The ship returns the fire and destroys the rocket. An upset Tesla pushes a few more buttons and completely disappears. The police and alien cars race up a ramp and fly through the air onto the ship which is departing. A hatch opens up and the police car goes down a ramp into a lower level of the ship which is very dark and stops.) Tim - This doesn't look good. Mike - Don’t worry, we’ll get out of this. Tim - Well they better start thinking about just how much trouble they’re in. Guy - I don't think we’re dealing with people who care about the consequences. Mike - They’re gonna pay that’s all I know! Guy - So, now since we’ve on the same side, you think you could undo these? (He tries to move his hands that are cuffed.) Mike - Alright Tim…uncuff him. (Tim unlocks the handcuffs.) (A hatch opens from above as bright green lights shine down on the police car. Then a large vacuum hose comes down and sucks them out of the car, up into the air, into the hose and then drops them onto an upper deck. They are now surrounded by a bunch of Grey and Reptilian aliens with some human scientists in an area called “Time Portal Hall.” Smek and Dork now have their ray-guns pointed at Guy and the policemen. Then a human named Bantar who is the evil leader of the group emerges through a time portal door of a time machine with his 1 Commander Nards who's half human and half Grey alien. They both are wearing high-ranking French military outfits from the battle of Waterloo.)

Bantar - Napoleon…what a twit! I warned him! This was his last chance to

rule the world but did he listen? NO! Nards - He's a control freak with issues. Bantar - Tell me about it. If only he would have attacked Wellington in the morning as I advised him to he wouldn’t have lost the “Battle of Waterloo.” Nards - The battlefield was pretty muddy sir. Bantar - Oh, so you wait until your enemy gets back-up troops to come in and kick your butt?! And that’s exactly what happened. So as they say, he met his "Waterloo." Boo Hoo! Ha! He didn’t deserve what I had to offer him anyway. Call the counsel together! I want a meeting! Nards - Yes sir! Attention everyone! Bantar our "Glorious Leader" has called for a meeting. Let us gather together. (They gather at a long table. Guy and the cops start whispering among themselves.) Guy - Is this a Sci-Fi movie set? What a nightmare! I can’t believe what you dudes got me into. Mike - What we got you into?! We’d be at the station right now enjoying our donuts if it wasn't for you! Tim - Hey! Enough already! We’re going to have to start working as a team if we’re going to get out of this alive. Smek - Shut up! Or I’ll shut you up! (He warns the prisoners as the meeting begins.) Bantor - Greetings!...fellow villains of evil. As you know, we have been going back in time in an effort to alter various timelines in this material realm. In doing so, we have begun to thread time throughout the whole universe, including those dimensions known to be "Timeless." Once the whole universe becomes locked into our time grid of power and is marching to one drummer…I will take over and be the “Time God” of all realities! (His gang cheers.) Reptilian - But we’ve getting tried of waiting with all your delays! Bantar - You’re getting tried? Ha! Listen here Lizardman! I’ve been on this planet a little longer than you. Don’t even complain how much "time you’ve waited." Like, are we there yet? You big cry baby! Grey - There's no need to fight amongst ourselves! We all want the same thing do we not?

Reptilian - Yes! More power! Now! Not later! Bantar - Screw your deadlines! It will happen in a "Timely Fashion" do you understand? Or should I state the mission once again for those of you who are slow learners at the expense of wasting more time?! Reptilian - Arrrrg! Our alliance is strong, let's take planet earth over now! If the earthlings won’t surrender, we'll destroy them! To War! Bantar - You only know one form of warfare my vile Reptilian friend don’t you? If you’d take the time to study history a little, you’d find out that when we do it your way we end up losing everything. Look at what happened to Lemuria and Atlantis. Or perhaps you want the earth to meet the same fate as planet Maldeck. You know, the planet that used to exist between Mars and Jupiter that is now an astroid belt?! Grey - Yet the Homo sapiens have proven way too independent to control. Something must be done to break their free spirits. Reptilian - Maybe we should kill them all! Bantar - I'm telling you "killing them all" is not the answer! Why? Because their "free spirits" will only reincarnate somewhere else in the universe. It is of the utmost of importance to tame and control them once and for all! We've had great success in weakening the humans of this planet with our various evil ideas implemented from behind the scenes. I enjoy them waging various types of warfare against themselves through their world leaders who we control. Just look how they kill themselves with the pollution of their air, water and food which causes many diseases. Then there's drugs, hunger, weather manipulation, depleted uranium, chemtrails, vaccines, traditional warfare, etc. And it doesn’t take much to feed their greedy egos which will ultimately destroy them in the end. Grey - But they just adapt and mutant to our sneaky assaults. Instead of turning into docile slaves, they seem to be getting stronger. Reptilian - I'm telling you, time is running out for our plans to rule this world and the universe! Bantar - For the last time...time is on our side! The meeting's over! (They all depart from the table except Bantar. Smek runs up to the table addresses him.) Smek - Your Highness, we have some prisoners!

Bantar - Oh? Bring them forth. (Guy, Tim and Mike step forward.) So, I see we have some uninvited guests who have decided to crash our little party. Guy - On behalf of the human race, I must state that you have no right to be here! This is our planet! Bantar - So you want us to go home? Guy - Yeah! And quit messing with innocent people! We didn't do anything to you. Bantar - This is our home! You don't even have a clue as to who you're talking to. Guy - I sure do. You’re just another madman dreaming of world domination and it's not going to happen! Bantar - Not just this world….the whole universe! Guy - Yeah right…whatever. Bantar - I'm not you’re typical want-to-be dictator alright? I’m much more powerful than that! Before I had dictators who were merely puppets in which I pulled their strings to rule for me, but no more! I’m through with that indirect method of control. I’ve decided it’s time for me take things into my own hands! Guy - It’s like the little Grey alien said, “We humans can't be controlled,” not by you or anyone else for we love our freedom too much. And no matter what you do…you’ll never take that away from us! Bantar - Ha! Time will tell! As for your fate, you’ll just going to have to do as I say or I'll kill you. Now do you understand where I’m coming from? Mike - Excuse me, but my friend here doesn’t really want to die. Ah, we really think your goal is a very ambitious one. I mean, having time control everything everywhere sounds like a great idea! So then, we best be on our way. Good Luck!…(He turns around and begins to walk away.) Bantar - Stop! You're going nowhere. You have two choices...serve me as happy slaves or die slow and painful deaths. Tim - Well considering those options, we'd be most grateful to serve you as happy slaves. Bantar - Take them to the castration room for their eunuch transformations!

Guy - Eunuch transformations! What?! Hey wait a second! (Dork takes them away.) Mike - What the hell does he mean? Tim - It's our manhood they're going to be putting on the chopping block. Mike - You mean my family jewels?! That did it! Now I'm really motivated to escape! Dork - Shut your cakeholes! (Screams are heard from the operating room as Guy and Dork wait outside in the hall.) Just think of the advantages of your operation, you'll soon be able to sing falsetto in the Vienna Boys Choir. Ha! Ha! (Guy doesn't react.) Hey! Why not you laugh?! That was earthman funny! And you know why I know it's funny? Because I'm half human as well as being half alien. And you want to know a secret? But you have to promise not to tell. (He leans closer to Guy who keeps staring straight ahead as more screams are heard from the operating room) I, and many others like me are the future of this planet. (A 7 foot tall Grey alien scientist wearing a bloody lab coat comes out of the room with a large knife.) Scientist - Next! Dork - I think he means you. Ha! Ha! (As they walk into the lab Guy kicks Dork between the legs and takes his ray-gun away and points it at Dork and the scientist.) Ouch! Why you do that? Ooooo! Guy - Because I don't think I'd make such a "Happy Slave!" That's why! Dork - I’m going tell Bantar what you did to me! Just when my genitalia was starting to develop too. Oooh! Guy - Get in the closet! Now! (Dork and the scientist get into the closet and Guy locks the door.) Dork - Hey! Be nice and let us out! Help! Help! (Guy runs out the door and gets into an elevator that takes him to the top deck of the ship. He then notices a bright white light coming closer from the distance as he hides around the corner. It turns out to be a small spaceship that then silently lands at the end of the ship. The door opens and out pops Tesla, he is carrying a bomb to blow up the “Chronos” and proceeds to set it up.) Tesla - (incoherent mumbling) So they think they’re heard the last of me.

Yeah, wait till they hear this! This should send them all back to hell where they came from. Guy - Hi there! Tesla - Huh?! Don’t come near me! I’ve got a bomb! Guy - Yeah, so I see. Tesla - This here's a baby Atom-Bomb and it’s going to blow this ship to... Hey wait a second, why am I telling you this? Guy - Because I'm not one of them. Tesla - Then who are you? Guy - My name’s Guy and I’m an escaped prisoner who’s a little upset with how they’ve been treating me on this here cruise. Tesla - So you’ve seen them…the aliens? Guy - Yep, I’ve seen them, talked to them and now find myself fighting them too. Shouldn’t you be planting your bomb? Tesla - Sure, Sure. (He gets back to preparing the bomb.) Guy - You know, you look exactly like Nikola Tesla the famous American inventor of the 20th century. Tesla - I didn’t realize anyone still remembered me. Guy - What?! How can that be? But you're suppose to be dead. Tesla - Only if the aliens have their way. (The aliens begin to shoot weapons at them.) Guy - Let’s get out of here! Tesla - But I haven’t set it up properly! Guy - There’s no time! Tesla - But I need to…. (Guy grabs Tesla and they get into Telsa's spaceship.) Damn! I came so close to finally destroying them…..(Telsa's spaceship takesoff as rockets almost hit them as they fly away.)

Guy - That was close! Thanks for the ride! Tesla - You're welcome. So what do they have against you? Guy - Let’s just say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also get the impression that they really don’t like earthlings that much. Tesla - You can say that again. They’ve been messing with us for years. Guy - How many? Tesla - Too many! Guy - This is so cool! I've never ridden in a spaceship before. How does it work? Tesla - In the same way the extraterrestrials travel throughout the universe, it's not just a vehicle in a conventional sense, it's a time machine. That's the only way to travel light years instantaneously. Guy - Wow! Really?! So that's why you're not dead. Tesla - I suppose so. As for this vehicle, it's mostly a spaceship though. I can't use the time travel option all the time or it will disintegrate into a zillion subatomic particles. Guy - Amazing! And it’s just you against all those crazy aliens? Tesla - At the moment, but I'm hoping to change that. You see, I'm on my way to try and find some old friends of mine. You could say that they were my teachers way back in the day. Maybe they'll help us out. In fact, that’s where we’re going right now. Guy - That's fine with me, we sure could use some help. So, who are these friends of yours? Tesla - The Pleiadians. Guy - Like, aliens from the star system Pleiades? Man! Not more aliens! Tesla - They like the term "Space People" vs. "Aliens," it's less strange sounding. Guy - Okay. Tesla - Anyway, don't worry, they're not only good friends of mine but they're

good Space People too. Guy - Well that's good to hear, that there are good extraterrestrials out there somewhere. Tesla - They're totally cool. They have long hair and flowing robes....kind of like the hippies did. Of course the Pleiadians came way before the Hippies. Guy - Space Hippies? Tesla - Yeah, you could say they're "Pretty Groovy." (Tesla smiles) Now let's see (Tesla points to a digital map.) they should beeeee.....right here! Guy - Hey, isn’t that the Bermuda Triangle? Tesla - It certainly is. Guy - But lots of people have mysteriously disappeared there! Tesla - Indeed. That's because it's an energy vortex or gateway to other worlds and dimensions. Guy - And who are these aliens we're fighting anyway? Tesla - Well, like the Rectelians from Zeta Reticuli…you know, those little Grey beings with big eyes without any genitalia. Guy - Yeah, they were on the ship. They're also really popular right now in movies, on T.V. and even in commercials as well promoting everything from burgers to beer! What's up with that? Tesla - It’s part of the secret government’s propaganda drive to make them seem okay for disclosure someday. It's one of the cards they have up their sleeve to rule the world. And what makes it worse, is that they've teamed up with another evil alien race called the Reptilians, Draconians or Lizard people. Guy - Yeah, I saw them too. Tesla - Now some say they’ve been living underground on this planet for thousands of years. You know all those bloody sacrifices from history, like the Aztecs, all that went to these hungry Lizardmen posing as "the gods." Ha! What a joke. I’m so tried of all these bad aliens manipulating us from behind various fronts and disguises. Guy - Fronts and disguises?

Tesla - They've been known to possess certain politicians and world leaders at times to achieve their goals. I also know that they're using cloning technology too in that regard to create human puppet suits for them to wear in this world so they can fit in without us noticing them. Guy - That's totally creepy! Now I know why I hate politicians so much. (All of a sudden the ships starts to shake and vibrate strangely.) What's happening?! Tesla - Just some wind turbulence…I hope. (The vibrations become more violent as the ship starts to disappear bit by bit.) Guy - Tesla! The ship is starting to disappear! Tesla - I was afraid of that happening! We’ve hit a "Time Rip Tide." Guy - You’re starting to disappear too! Tesla - I am? Now that could be a problem. (Tesla and the ship then totally disappear.) Guy - AGGGGH! (Guy falls out of the sky into a stormy ocean at night.) Whoa! When's this ever going to get better?!!! (Sharks begin to circling him.) It just got worse. Tesla! Where did you go! Come back! Heeeelp!!! (Soon Guy can’t keep himself afloat in the gigantic waves and begins to sink under the water as he loses consciousness. Mermaids then appear and fight off the sharks and pull Guy to the surface. They then pull him across the water to a small island. Guy now lies unconscious on the beach as the sun rises the next morning and he starts to wake up. As he turns his head to the side he notices he is lying next to a beautiful girl who's smiling at him.) Girl - Hi! Guy - Ah, where am I? Who am I? Who are you? (He smiles back at her.) Girl - You’re safe now. Guy - I must be in heaven right? Girl - Not exactly, but it is a state of mind. Guy - What happened? Girl - My friends and I saved you from the storm and those mean bully fish.

Guy - Huh? Girl - I think you call them Sharks. Guy - Uh huh. Wow! Thanks….thanks a lot! Girl - You’re welcome. Guy - Everything is so hazy. Girl - You’ve been though a lot. You need some time to rest….it will come back to you. Guy - I hope so. (He looks behind him at a beautiful tropical island.) I guess I couldn’t have picked a better place to get better. Girl - Isn’t it beautiful? My friends and I love this island the best. Guy - So where are your friends? Girl - They’re out there swimming. (She points to the ocean as Guy rises his head up a little to see two girls swimming in the ocean. The girls wave to him. Guy waves back. He then notices the rest of the girl next to him and now realizes she's a mermaid.) Guy - You’re…(in total shock)…a merrrrmaid. (He than faints and falls back on the sand after seeing the "Mermaid on the Shore.") Mermaid in the Ocean - How is he?! Mermaid on the Shore - Oh, he’s alright! He’s just taking another nap! Mermaid in the Ocean - Well come on! Let him be now! Mermaid on the Shore - Okay! (she turns to Guy) You rest and get better, I'll see you later. (She then crawls into the ocean and swims away. After a few moments a large ominous shadow looms past Guy. And then another one crosses his face. Guy slowly begins to awake again to find two beach dudes standing over him smiling. They're dressed in shorts with flower shirts. They're also sipping tall drinks with little umbrellas sticking out of them.) Lanoo - You want one?

Guy - What? Lanoo - A you want a drink man? Zen - They’re delicisous. We make them ourselves. Guy - Ah, yeah sure. (Lanoo magically pulls another drink out from behind his back and gives it to Guy. The two beach dudes sit down as Guy drinks his drink.) Thanks! I was really thirsty. (The beach dudes just smile and stare at Guy.) So, you live around here? Lanoo - Ya, ya, we live over in the next cove. Guy - Oh. Zen - And where you be from man? Guy - Funny you should ask…because just a moment ago I was asked the same question by a….oh you won't believe me. Lanoo - Go ahead, try us. Zen - Ya, we believe in most anything. Lanoo - That’s right…if it can happen, it just might. Zen - Exactly. Guy - Alright. I was just talking to a mermaid. Lanoo - Did you say mermaid?! Zen - Impossible! Lanoo - What are you talking about? Guy - I knew you wouldn’t believe me! But really, I was like talking to this really nice mermaid. Zen - Then again, you were probably just dreaming. It’s all in your mind man. Lanoo - Ya, the mind is a very powerful thing to use. Guy - I guess. So how did you get here? Lanoo - There was this giant storm and our ship sank.

Guy - Sorry to hear that. Zen - Sorry!? Are you kidding? This is the place to be man! Some might say you’re lost....than again, others might say you've found paradise. Lanoo - Ya, who in their right mind would want to trade this for the rat race of the big city? Zen - What’s wrong with you, are you crazy man? Guy - Yeah, but don’t you ever miss your family and friends? Lanoo - Well sometimes, but if we are to meet again…it shall be. Zen - That’s life. Lanoo - No matter how many lifetimes it takes. Guy - So you believe in reincarnation? Zen - Not just believe it man, we know it's real. There’s a big difference between faith and knowledge. Lanoo - Where do you think genius comes from? Does one know the whole story of a book by reading just one chapter? Every lifetime is like another chapter added to one's cosmic book. Zen - Ya, most people who depart planet earth are either too bad for heaven and too good for hell so they then come back here for another chance to do it better than before. It all works out with karma which means "action" in Sanskrit as the great justice equalizer. Guy - Right, like for every action there's an equal opposite reaction. Zen - And the seeds you sow are the ones you grow. Lanoo - Ultimately the "Big Picture" that is beyond the shores of our imagination is mysterious for a reason which we can't even begin to understand from our limited perspective. The best we can do is respect and appreciate it for the awe that it inspires. Guy - I'm with ya there. Hey! It’s all starting to come back to me. I remembered that my name’s Guy. Yeah! Alright! Zen - Fantastic! Welcome Guy to our enchanted island. My name is Zen and

this here's Lanoo. (Lanoo nods his head.) Guy - Cool...nice to meet the both of you. Lanoo - So Guy, would you like to come over to our beach hut for lunch? Guy - Sure, I have nothing planned on my calendar today. Zen - We see you have a good sense of humor too. Lanoo - That's one of life's greatest treasures. (At the beach hut they all have lunch.) Guy - This food is great! You sure know how to prepare a meal. Lanoo - Thank you. Guy - And these vegetables…they’re like out of this world! Zen - Not actually, they're native to the island. Guy - Well, they sure are tasty. I’m even starting to remember more stuff. Lanoo - That’s wonderful. Guy - Wow! I just remembered my family and hometown. Lanoo - So Guy, what was it like, your life back home? Zen - Don’t rush him Lanoo, he’s just starting to remember. Guy - No it’s okay, I need to start trying to remember stuff. Well, let’s see…I live by the ocean, I have a Mom, a Dad, two brothers and a dog. Lanoo - So you have a nice family? Guy - Yeah, they're great! Lanoo - That's essential. Guy - Ah let's see, I also just graduated from high school and I just broke up with my girlfriend. Lanoo - That's too bad. Guy - I guess we really were just too different for each other.

Zen - It’s not easy finding one’s soulmate. Lanoo - Especially not in this mixed-up world. Zen - That's for sure. Guy - You really think there’s a soulmate waiting for us somewhere out there? Lanoo - You mean one’s twin flame? Most definitely. Guy - But how does one know who their soulmate really is? Zen - Oh you’ll know. Lanoo - Didn’t you ever have a love that made you feel that special warm magical feeling inside your heart? Guy - Yes I did...her name was Angela and I really did love her. (Guy has a flashback of being with Angela at Lover's Lane.) Angela - This is how I’ve always dreamt true love would be. Guy - I’ve never felt so much love before. I love you Angela. Angela - I love you Guy. (They kiss each other.) Tell me that you’ll never leave me. Guy - I’ll never leave you Angela, because I'm going to love you forever and ever....(Guy comes back to the present.) Who knows, maybe she really was my soulmate but I just didn’t know it at the time. Or maybe I fall in love too easily. Anyway, how we ever lost our beyond me. (There’s a knock on the door.) Sheila - Hi! Is anyone home! (It’s the mermaid from the beach now as a human.) Lanoo - Oh, Hi Sheila, come on in. It’s so nice to see you. I’d like you to meet our special new friend and guest to the island, Guy. Sheila - Hi Guy! Guy - Hi! Lanoo - We were just talking about the greatest topic in the whole

universe….love. Would you like to join our conversation? Sheila - I'd love to. Zen - Hi Sheila. Sheila - Hi Zen. How are you? Zen - I'm fine thanks. Guy - Sheila, I know this might sound weird, but haven’t we met somewhere before? Lanoo - Watch out Sheila, (he sort of whispers) he falls in love easy. Zen - Lanoo! You’re embarrassing our guest. Lanoo - I didn’t mean to, just having fun. Sheila - To answer your question, maybe. Lanoo - Perhaps in another lifetime for sure. (They all laugh except Guy who sort of smiles.) Zen - So Sheila…your feelings on the splendid topic of love, please. Sheila - Love…it’s the very essence of our being. I love everyone and everything. I’ve got so much love to give that there just hardly seems to be enough time to share it with everyone and everything I come in contact with. Lanoo - Ah yes, a "True Love" that is natural and giving without asking anything in return, an unconditional kind of love. Guy - Personally Sheila, I think it's quite refreshing to hear someone talk so passionately about love. You have such a great attitude. Where I come from it’s a little more complicated. Sheila - You mean they don’t like to love? Guy - No, they like to’s just hard for them to express their love as easy as you do. Sheila - How sad. Guy - Often it is.

Lanoo - Humanity has a lot of growing up to do. They have no problem showing feelings of hate, anger, revenge, jealousy, etc. But love, the most wonderful and most natural feeling….that somehow becomes a problem. It just doesn't make sense. Zen - How much more killing and destruction of not only the people of this world but of the planet itself must go on before people wake up to the truth? And that truth is love. Sheila - The more love we can share and spread around, the more it will grow. All we need to do is nurture it. Lanoo - As for me, I’m in love with love. Can that be possible? Zen - You silly goose, with love anything is possible! (Guy raises his cup and toasts.) Guy - To Love! Everyone - To Love!!! (They all toast. It's evening and the Moon is rising over the bay.) Sheila - Well, I really must be going. Lanoo - How the time flies. Sure you can’t stay longer? Sheila - I wish I could, but as you know, I really must get back. (she looks nervous) Guy - Get back where? Sheila - Get back to my animal friends. Lanoo - Ya, she has a lot of animal friends. Guy - Oh. Sheila - Well, I hope you enjoy your stay here Guy. Guy - Thanks. I’ve had a most wonderful time so far. Sheila - Bye! Everyone - Bye! (Sheila leaves) Guy - Sheila is sure something else.

Lanoo & Zen - (They look at each other and smile.) She sure is. Lanoo - Alright Guy, so make yourself at home. Zen and I need to check on our laboratory. Guy - You have a laboratory? Zen - A very primitive one I'm embarrassed to say. Lanoo - We study the wildlife of the island the best we can under the circumstances. Zen - It’s a little hobby of ours. We’ll you show sometime when you’re ready. Lanoo - Yes, but for now, you need to get some rest. You can sleep on the bed over there. (he points to a bed) Guy - Alright, thanks for everything! Zen - Sure thing. It’s an honor meeting such a fine example of what humanity can be. Guy - You’re too kind. I’m not perfect, but I'm sure trying to be, just joking. Zen - A very humble reply our new friend. You just keep doing the best you can. Guy - That’s my goal. Lanoo - That’s the spirit. Guy - Goodnight Lanoo….Zen. Lanoo & Zen - Goodnight Guy. (Next day has scenes of Guy, Zen, Lanoo and Sheila all checking out the island and playing volleyball to some fun background music. The following morning of the third day Guy walks up to Lanoo and Zen's beach hut. He finds them on their porch sipping cold drinks with their feet up resting on the rail.) Lanoo - Hi Guy! Zen - Another beautiful day in paradise.

Guy - Yes, it’s very nice. I've got something to ask you that's a bit off-thewall. I was wondering if you ever made contact with a group of friendly extraterrestrials called the “Pleiadians?” Lanoo - Friendly extraterrestrials? Cool, so they do exist. Zen - I haven’t seen them. How ‘bout you Lanoo? Lanoo - Nope, I wish. Guy - I’ve been told they live somewhere around here. Zen - It’s probably just the wild and wonderful folklore of the Bermuda Triangle you know? Guy - I guess. (In the distance a spacecraft appears and is coming toward them.) Lanoo - Wow! What do you know! They must of heard you calling them. (The ship then lands on the beach. The door opens and out walks Tesla. Guy runs up to greet him.) Guy - Welcome Tesla! (He gives him a hug.) Tesla - Hi Guy! about those Pleiadians? Guy - Sorry Tesla, but I haven't even begun to look. Tesla - Well…your search is over…(Tesla motions with his eyes and head for Guy to turn around to look at Lanoo and Zen which Guy does.) Meet the Pleiadians! (Both Lanoo and Zen wave to Guy.) Guy - All this time and you didn’t tell me? (looking at Lanoo and Zen) Lanoo - We're incognito. Guy - I can see that. Zen - We like to keep a low profile due to our top secret mission here. Greetings Tesla! Tesla - Good to see you my friends! Lanoo - Hey Tesla, it's been too long. (the two hug each other) Zen - So Tesla, pretty cool space vehicle you have here. You’ve come a long

way. Tesla - It’s my latest model and it can go into every time and space dimension. But I’ll always be grateful to you both for showing me the basics. Zen - Nice improvements indeed. (Zen looks at the ship a little closer.) Tesla - Thank you…I’ve worked very hard on it. Lanoo - I bet you’re hungry from your travels…how about some lunch? Tesla - That sounds great! (Back at the beach hut table where everyone is finishing their meals.) That was fantastic! Thank you very much. Guy - Yeah thanks. Lanoo - It's our pleasure. Zen - So Tesla, tell us, what brings you to this particular time and space? Tesla - I thought you’d never ask. I’ve come to request your assistance in a very urgent matter. Lanoo - What can we do for you? We do like to help. Zen - When we can that is. Tesla - Well, there’s this evil character named Bantar who is in command of this cargo ship called the “Chronos.” Now, some say he’s the devil and others say he’s aligned with the devil. One thing's for sure, he’s got some pretty evil forces working with him. His main alliance is with the Greys, Reptilians and some renegade CIA operatives and rouge US government scientists. Their goal is to basically thread time throughout the entire universe where he will become the ultimate ruling force of all reality. Now, I have been trying to stop them but my capacity is quite limited and I feel they might soon achieve their objective. Therefore I have come to humbly request your help. Zen - Hmmm… We must declare that our main purpose here has been to be that of observers and time monitors. We respect the universal code of freedom and self-determination in which each spiritual being and or planet will evolve within their own timetable. Lanoo - We're also space measurers who help make sure that there's enough room for all spirits to grow and to manifest their true potential.

Zen - Even though there are many times that it is hard to sit by and watch certain injustices, ultimately we're not here to interfere. For in terms of cosmic justice, that's handled by another department. Lanoo - Those beings we speak of are the angelic forces. But we can all take heart in knowing that even though there are those who may get away with evil in the immediate short run, in time, they will eventually pay for the consequences of their actions. Tesla - That's great and I understand as well as respect your position. But you helped guide me before did you not? So why can’t you help out now? Zen - That was different, we helped guide you but we didn’t interfere directly with your world. You’re asking us to intervene directly and we can’t do that. Tesla - But the events that I described will alter the rules of all reality in the entire universe which shall effect you as well! Can’t you see that?! Zen - I must say that I'm having a deja vu here. Remember when we tried helping you earthlings out directly before? (Scenes are shown as he tells the story.) Yeah, the year was 1953 and we had a meeting in the southwest desert with your President Eisenhower and his top people. We made a generous offer to share our advanced peaceful technology with you all on one simple condition, that you give up your atomic weapons. But you didn't want to stop playing with your "destructive toys." So we then passionately warned you that the end of your planet earth story would ultimately not be a very nice one if you continued down the path you were taking. Lanoo - And what did your government do? They laughed at us and said get lost! Zen - This hurt our feelings big time. Lanoo - Yeah it did. (More scenes as shown as the Pleaidians tell the story.) Zen - So after we left, soon thereafter the Zeta Reticulians or Greys then met with your government and made an evil deal with them. The deal was that the Greys gave you advanced technological weaponry which included spaceships. And in return, your government allowed them to abduct your earth woman to mix their race with yours on their ships as well as in underground secret laboratories for their DNA Hybrid Program. Lanoo - Their reasoning for doing this was that it was the only way that the DNA of their race was going to survive. They had also created a problem by cloning themselves too many times as to generationally reproduce their race. The dilemma that the Greys found themselves in where they couldn't

sexually reproduce anymore was due to radiation mutations to their bodies over time caused by nuclear warfare on their planet which happened eons ago. Zen - I'm sure you can see the irony here. And in the end, your government sold out the human race when they made that unholy agreement with these dark forces. And it's totally evil of your government to continue to this day to withhold this advanced technology which includes free energy from your people as your government only uses it on top secret black budget military operations. Tesla - Well we earthlings have our issues with you extraterrestrials going way back to when you combined some of your DNA with the apes living on this planet in a test tube to create us for mining gold for you that you then used to protect your planet's diminishing atmosphere! What about that?! Lanoo - Hello! It was the Annunaki who created you humans to be gold mining slaves not us! And this is what the ancient Sumerian texts clearly state. Tesla - Yeah, but they're good friends of yours! Lanoo - No they're not! They're distant cousins who never write us okay? And don't forget that they did eventually let you have your freedom before they left. Tesla - Maybe so, but how many years of slavery did we have to suffer until that happened? Zen - Now! Now! This discussion is getting us nowhere. Everything ultimately happened the way it did for a reason in the "Big Picture." And let us not forget that other advanced extraterrestrial races such as the Sirians and Arcturians also seeded this planet as well with humans and their motivation was purely benevolent. Lanoo - That's true, and they're much closer to us as cousins and very good neighbors too. Zen - When it's all said and done, we truly understand your position but you must understand ours. We must make a proper request to the Spiritual Hierarchy as to get permission for any direct intervention. Tesla - That's reasonable, all I ask is that you do so in a "timely manner" pun intended. Zen - None taken.

Lanoo - And nothing personal in our discussion Telsa. It's good to be passionate about what one believes, especially with a good friend like you. Tesla - Well thank you Lanoo. It's always fun to happily agree to disagree with you. Lanoo - The feeling's mutual. Zen - Alright then, so Tesla we'd like to show your around the island and then have you visit our laboratory. Tesla - That sounds fascinating. Lanoo - I know Guy's been looking forward to seeing our laboratory. Guy - Especially now, being that it's an extraterrestrial one. (he smiles) (On the "Chronos" Bantar is dressing up in clothes for the time period of the American Revolutionary War and gives a speech to his top commanders before departing into the "Time Portal.") Bantar - So, as one of the last great missions in our quest to rule the universe, I must go back in time and stop the American Revolution. For the result of that revolution was "too much freedom" which then created "too much free time." Now I have picked the best "Time Window" to singlehandedly do this. The particular battle I'm going to is when George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware river into Trenton, New Jersey where in history he won the battle against the mercenary Hessians. This was a big turning point in the war in terms of momentum for the American rebels so I'm going to stop that from happening. The setting is Christmas night and Colonel Rall leader of the Hessians is having a big party. Now in history a Tory Spy actually tried to warn the Colonel with a letter he delivered warning of Washington's surprise attack, but the Colonel was too drunk playing cards to read it and stuffed it into his pocket. Well, that's the part in history I'm going to change. I'm going to make sure that the Colonel reads that message and puts Washington in a prisoner of war camp thus defeating the rebellion. For as we all know, without General Washington, the American Revolution would never have happened. (Bantar quickly goes through the Time Portal and is now standing outside the house where Colonel Rall and his friends are having their party. It's snowing and a soldier stands guard at the door. Bantar starts talking to the guard as he waits for the spy but the guard doesn’t understand english.) Bantar - Hi there! I'm so excited! Why? Well I'm only going to virtually stop

America from ever happening all by myself that's all! And in doing so, I shall stop this revolution of freedom where too much free time was created. By the way, the spy hasn't already been here has he? Guard - (In German) “Stop your yaking and go away!” (Up walks the spy with the letter.) Spy - (In German) Give this to Colonel Rall, it's crucial. (The guard takes the note and the spy quickly departs. Bantar then pulls his gun on the guard.) Bantar - Maybe you'll understand this! Drop your gun or I'll kill you! (The guard drops his rifle.) And I’ll take that letter thank you. (Bantar grabs the letter from the guard. He then hits the guard on the side of the head with his pistol butt and the guard falls over. He walks into the house and into the room where the Colonel, his soldiers and the owner of the house are playing cards. Bantar has his gun draw and pulls a chair up alongside the Colonel at the table to the shock of everyone in the room.) Bantar - Good evening gentleman! Or perhaps I should say Merry Christmas? I’m so sorry to disturb your game, but I have a special message to share with you. (Bantar gives the letter to the Colonel who reads it.) Colonel Rall - (In German) Washington to cross the river tonight? Maybe if he can walk on water like Jesus. Ha! Ha! (Everyone is laughing.) Soldier - Or maybe George and his frostbitten men are going to hopscotch from iceberg to iceberg like penguins do. (more laughter) Bantar - Can anyone translate here?! House Owner - They think you're joking. Bantar - Oh, they do huh? Colonel Rall - (In German) Either one of my men sent you here as a joke or you are an enemy spy giving me false information. You better tell me which it is! Bantar - Now what did he say?! Colonel Rall - (In German) Seize him! (The soldiers jump Bantar and they all wrestle him to the floor.) Bantar - You fools! Let me go! I'm trying to help you from the future! Can't you see that?!

(Bantar manages to reach into his pocket to press the button to his time transporter and he disappears. The next scene is in the Pleiadian laboratory.) Guy - Wow! Look at all this stuff! Hey, aren’t those crop circles? (Guy points to pictures on the wall.) Lanoo - Yes they are. I love doing crop circles, it’s one of my favorite projects. I don't claim to make all of them like "Doug & Dave" did, but I do my fair share. See, I make many of my designs with your Etcher A Scetch machine here. (He holds up an Etcher A Scetch.) Zen - You mean toy. Lanoo - Whatever. Guy - Really? Lanoo - Just because we're more technically advanced than you doesn’t mean that we come up with all the cool ideas. So, this is how it works. (He points to a computer screen design.) I've already make a sacred design from the Etcher A Scetch and put it into the computer. (He then picks up a silver space ball.) Then I take one of these and….(He tosses it out the window and it flies away.) that's it. Soon that little pod will fly to a certain crop field and make a cosmic pattern that will activate people’s subconscious to a greater awareness. For the people who will notice them that is. Guy - That's so cool! Lanoo - Symbolism is the universal language. The main message we send is that "Mother Earth" or “Gaia” is a living being that is going through some heavy birth changes right now and that the people of this planet need to start taking better care of her at this very delicate point in time. Another powerful message that is being conveyed is that people should start raising their vibrations for the coming 4 dimensional shift.

Zen - Please, everyone take their seats and we will begin our presentation (a slide show is seen). Lanno and I are here as representatives from the Pleiadian star system also known as the "7 Sisters." We come from a small planet in that system called Kalawa. We are very connected to our planet and live in harmony, living a peaceful lifestyle based on the concept of respect for all living creatures. Guy - Wow! The colors in your world are so vibrant, it's like they're glowing. Tesla - What about "Divine Intervention?" Does that ever happen anywhere

in the universe? Zen - That's not our mission as you now well know. But I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that there's a secret group of Space People from a higher dimension who have been stopping and shall continue to stop nuclear war on this planet. Lanoo - The analogy here is that you can't trust a child to play with matches. Zen - You see, this experiment called "Planet Earth" has too many reincarnated souls in human bodies from many others worlds throughout the universe at this time and is considered too precious to be destroyed on purpose or by accident according to the Spiritual Hierarchy's Cosmic Plan. Guy - Well that's certainly good news and takes a load of my mind. Tesla - So that's why we haven't blow ourselves up after all these years. Especially when considering the statistics of all the bombs and the madmen who have them. Lanoo - It certainly wasn't by chance or luck. Tesla - By the way, is it true as some say that you are us in the distant future? Lanoo - No comment. Guy - I must say, I like your naked lifestyle too. Zen - We have nothing to hide. Why should anything including clothes get between us and nature? Lanoo - It's essential to naturally dance with nature which guides us with our spiritual evolution which is the main evolutionary process that truly matters. Tesla - Yet, wouldn’t a lot of the evolutionary growth that you speak of which is based on the expanding universe also rely of those places in space that are of a timeless nature? Zen - Of course, it's all intimately connected. Lanoo - Then again, it all depends on the circumstances. Tesla - Granted. And how about those certain states of consciousness that can occur during love making that are also known to be timeless in nature?

Zen - That would be included of course. So, as I was saying.... Tesla - Excuse me, but I must point out that one of the outcomes of time being threaded throughout the entire universe that the evil aliens are working on would be no more “Timeless Sex!” (Both Zen & Lanoo look surprised.) Lanoo - Say what?! Zen - They can’t do that! Can they? Lanoo - No way! That’s going too far. Zen - This Bantar and his gang must be stopped! Lanoo - I think we have no other choice but to directly intervene for the sake of the universe. Zen - For the sake of the universe we must! (On board the “Chronos” Bantar is sitting in his throne inside his harem chamber. Girls are fanning him with large fans and feeding him grapes as he talks to 1 Commander Nards.)

Bantar - You know which is one of my favorite distortions in time that we've been successful at? Nards - What sir? Bantar - The Holidays! (He begins to play with various large holiday figurine toys on a table.) There's New Year's Eve with it's Drunken Debauchery going into New Year’s Day leaving many with a hangover. What a depressing way to start the New Year which use to begin in Springtime. Then there's St. Valentine’s Day with Cupid and his poison arrows of love, St. Patrick’s Day another Drunken Debauchery with those nasty little Leprechauns and Easter represented by a Goofy Bunny who lays chocolate eggs. How silly is that? Then there's Halloween’s masquerading as “Treat or Trick Fun for Kids” which is the night where evil rules supreme. And last but not least, jolly old St. Nick and his material bag of tricks. Yes indeed, Santa Claus sure gives Baby Jesus a run for his money with the final outcome being that "Materialism" overshadows "Spiritualism!" I just love how we have been able to disgrace and corrupt these once "Holy Days" now called "Holidays" over time for our own diabolical purposes. (Smek and Dork approach Bantar.) Smek - Greetings O Great Bantar!

Bantar - What is it this time? Smek - Our astral projection dream spies have picked up on some enemy activity by their remote viewing. Tesla and his friend Guy have now made an alliance with the Pleiadians to try and stop us. Bantar - What’s wrong with you two?! I thought I told you to take care of Tesla and that kid. You know, like eliminate them?! Can’t you do anything right?! Argggh! Dork - I though you wanted Tesla brought back alive? Bantar - That's was before he tried to blow-up the ship! Well, I suppose we should go down to the Dream Room and see what all the fuss is about. (They are now in the Dream Room where a bunch of Grey aliens are lying on different beds astral projecting with wires hooked up to their brains. There is a large monitor screen that can view their various remote viewing activities.) Bantar - So, show me why I should be "scared" of what our little adversaries are doing. (The dream projection on the screen is in the Pleiadian’s Laboratory.) Zen - Before I proceed with our plans to stop this crazy idea to thread time throughout the whole universe, I would just like to bring to everyone’s attention the fact that there's a dream spy from Bantar’s ship the Chronos observing us at this very moment. (Dream Room on the Chronos.) Bantar - That’s just great, now they know we’re watching them! (Zen is now looking directly into the screen.) Zen - Before we scramble your signal Bantar so you won’t be able to spy on us anymore, we have a message for you and your evil buddies. First of all, your own self-importance which is driven by your out-of-control ego is really your own worst enemy. But the main reason that your plan will not work, is because it goes against the essence of what the universe is made of…and those forces that I speak of are love, creativity and freedom. And the creative power of love can only thrive in an atmosphere of freedom. And that love will never be destroyed and shall only grow stronger as it soon neutralizes your negative ambitions. So you better stop your evil game plans right now or you’ll be sorry...real sorry! Have a nice day. (The monitor in the Dream Room becomes scrambled as Bantar grabs a microphone.) Bantar - Hey wait! It’s my turn to speak! Did you see how disrespectful they were to me? Just who do they think they are these “Pleiadians?" Ha! They’re not warriors, they're a bunch of sissy wimp voyeurs!

Nards - Did you see how tough they were "trying" to be? That was too funny! Bantar - We don’t need to spy on them anyways. And you know why? Smek - Pray tell. Bantar - Because they’re not a threat, they’re a joke! And all this talk about love conquering all…how simplistic and corny is that?! Ha! This nonsense has wasted enough of my precious time! (He storms out of the Dream Room. Back at the Pleiadian's Lab...Guy, Telsa, Zen and Lanoo continue to make plans to defeat Bantar.) Zen - Our plan is simple, we will slowly unravel the time strangle hold that Bantar has created with love. And to help us do this we will need to find two people who’s great love for each other will create a chain reaction of timelessness. These two people should be from this planet and from this particular time period. Hmm....I nominate Guy and Angela! Lanoo - What a lovely idea! I second the motion! Zen - Does that sound good to you Guy? Guy - That sounds great! Lanoo - We shall amplify their timeless love by using the mothership’s central crystal which will set up a chain reaction that will unravel Bantar's evil time noose. Zen - This “Time Battle” will be fought not only in various time zones but in various dimensions. One of the major gateways will be that of the dream state. This is the first place we shall start since dreams proceed reality. (Lanoo talks directly to Guy.) Lanoo - We're going to help guide and monitor you Guy through the dream realm so you can contact Angela again and reaffirm your love. Guy - Great! I will also get the chance to see her again in this world won't I? Zen - Of course, but initially contacting her in dreamtime will be a lot easier. Trust me. Guy - Why? Zen - Because her mind will be totally open as to you explaining to her the

strange predicament that you now find yourself in. Guy - So what happens if I don’t dream of Angela and end up somewhere else? Zen - Don’t doubt yourself, you don't want to fall into the lower astral realms. Guy - How do I avoid that? Zen - Have no fear. Lanoo - Just dream of Angela and the love you have for her and all will be fine. Zen - Remember this shall create a foundation of love that will help make the universe a better place again. Guy - Since you put it that way, I better not fail. Zen - Good-night. Lanoo - And sweet dreams. (Guy's head is hooked-up to a monitor and falls asleep going into a dream. In the dream he is coming home to his apartment dressed in a fast food outfit in the morning. He gets out of the car and walks into the apartment.) Guy - Hi Honey….I’m home. (The back of a lady’s head is seen at a table. She is in a robe and quickly turns's Tiffany with a scary white cosmetic cream mask of on her face with cucumbers slices on her eyelids making her look like a monster.) Tiffany - You could say it with a little more enthusiasm! Guy - I’m sorry, but working the night shift is hard getting use to. I'm so tried. Tiffany - Why can’t you get a real job that pays some real money?! Guy - Remember we got married right out of high school and I had no skills? Tiffany - So you're a failure because you married me? Guy - Must you twist everything around? I can't stand this constant fighting! Can’t we agree on anything? Tiffany - Yeah, that we both can’t stand each other!

Guy - Come on, ease up on the negativity for once. What’s your problem? Tiffany - Maybe the problem is that I’m pregnant! Guy - Are you sure? Tiffany - Oh, I’m pretty sure alright and since we can't afford to raise a child at this time, there's only one option! Guy - Adoption? Tiffany - No! Are you kidding? I'm not going to let some total strangers raise my kid! Guy - Did you go to the doctor? Tiffany - No I didn’t, but it's definitely on my list of things to do. Guy - It’s probably just another false alarm. I mean, I can’t see how you could be pregnant. The fact of the matter is we haven't been intimate for over a month now due to your constant migraine headaches. Tiffany - Instead of questioning everything, why don’t you start figuring out what we’re going to do now? Jeez! I’m going to the bathroom. (Tiffany gets up and goes into the bathroom. Guy changes his shirt and goes over to the answering machine and pushes the play button.) Message #1 - Hi Tiffany, thanks for the wonderful time last night! Let's get together real soon. Ciao Babe. Message #2 - Hey Girl! It’s your lonely mystery lover. So when's it going to be my turn to come over again? Message #3 - Yo! Tiff! My wife’s gone back east to see her Ma. Soooo, I’ve got the house for the whole week! Whenever it’s convenient for you to come over and have some wild sex with Mr. Jack Hammer….I’m available. You're so hot woman! Ooooow! (Guy just falls back into his chair in total shock. Tiffany then comes out of the bathroom.) Tiffany - So, what are we going to do about my unwanted pregnancy?! Guy - Well, I’m now certain that you’re really pregnant. Tiffany - It’s about time you start believing me.

Guy - You know, at first I really didn’t want to believe all those vicious rumors about you. Tiffany - What rumors?! What are you talking about?! Guy - But now I’m convinced that you really are the town bike that everyone’s been riding. Tiffany - I am not! You take that back! (Guy stands up and starts walking toward the door.) Where are you going?! Guy - I'm leaving you for good. Tiffany - Hey! I need your help! What am I going to do for money?! How can you be so cruel?! (Guy turns around at the doorway and speaks.) Guy - I'm the one who's cruel?! I think you're the who's cruel for not only cheating on me but for leaving those messages of your adulterous sex partners on the message machine for me to hear! As for money, that won't be a problem....just start charging Mr. Jack Hammer and the rest of the "Screw Crew" for your services. (Tiffany stands at the doorway speechless with her mouth open in shock as Guy walks away. At the Pleiadian lab Zen, Lanoo and Telsa watch Guy’s nightmare on their monitor.) Lanoo - He’s going deeper into the nightmare! I think we should wake him up. I bet Bantar's behind this. Zen - Wait! It’s hard to say if he’s really dreaming or not. Check out his brain waves. (They all look at another monitor.) I believe he could be experiencing another parallel timeline of reality. Lanoo - You mean a parallel universe? Zen - Yes, therefore it might be too dangerous to wake him at this point. Lanoo - Hmmm…Tesla, what’s your read on this? Tesla - That may or may not be the case. I feel we’re going to have to bring him out of this if we like it or not. Zen - But he might die if we try and wake him up now! Tesla - Or he might end up living in that nightmare for a very long time while being in a physical coma here. I think he'd want us to take that chance of

trying to bring him back to this reality. Lanoo - It’s a gamble either way…let’s do it! Zen - Alright. (Tesla then pulls a gong out of his bag. Lanoo then grabs it.) Lanoo - Hey! Can I hit it?! Tesla - No! Wait! That will definitely kill him. Alarms clocks are devices of fear. Let me awaken him with gradual awakening sounds. Zen - You’re the expert here…go for it. (Tesla begins to hit the gong very softly gradually getting louder as Guy wakes up.) Guy - Huh? What’s going on? Tesla - You were having a nightmare. Guy - Whoa! Thanks a lot. Zen - Guy are you alright? Guy - Yeah. Zen - Well, since we weren't able to reach Angela through dreamtime we're going to have to reach her through this realm of reality after all. Lanoo - Hey Tesla! Do you think you could give Guy a ride back home to find Angela? Tesla - I'd be happy to. Guy - Are you sure? Remember last time, the thing fell apart? Tesla - Must we dwell on the past? Come on, where’s your sense of adventure? (Tesla and Guy are in Tesla's spaceship.) So, would you like to take the scenic route or just get there? Guy - With all things considered, the sooner the better. Tesla - Alright. (Tesla turns a few dials and then pushes a button.) We’ve arrived! Guy - You’re the man. Thanks for the lift, I mean time shift. Tesla - Oh yeah, when you've found Angela and you're ready for us to pick

you up, all you need to do is say, "Now is the time forever” and by doing so that will activate this locator box. (He points to the box.) Guy - That's it? Tesla - Yep. Guy - Cool. Thanks. Tesla - Remember, stay focused on the importance of the power of your love’s momentum to expand the whole process of the "Unity of Spaciousness" or all is lost. When you have rekindled your love with Angela we'll be in a position on the "Chessboard of Time" for our final checkmate move. Guy - Excellent! Bye! Tesla - Bye! (The ship slowly lifts off the ground and disappears. Guy walks up to Angela's house. He rings the doorbell. Angela’s mom Mrs. Lighton answers the door.) Mrs. Lighton - Guy! What happened to you? Guy - It’s a long story….. Mrs. Lighton - Everyone’s been so worried! Guy - I'm fine. Anyway, is Angela around? It’s really important? Mrs. Lighton - She's gone...they've kidnapped her! (She breaks down and cries.) Guy - What?! Mrs. Lighton - I'm afraid it's true. Guy - I'm so sorry. What happened? Mrs. Lighton - According to the police report she was visiting some nightclubs in Hollywood with her friends when two 7 foot tall men dressed up in Lizardmen costumes grabbed her and threw her into a van and sped off. Guy - Unbelievable! Mrs. Lighton - I know.

Guy - I've got to go find her! (he starts to leave) Oh yeah! Tell my parent's I'm okay. Mrs. Lighton - It's best to let the police find her Guy. Guy - But with more people looking for her there's a better chance in finding her. Don't worry, Angela will be found! Good-bye! Mrs. Lighton - Best of luck Guy! Our prayers are with you. (Guy is on a bus at night going to Hollywood talking with the Bus Operator.) Guy - I bet you get some pretty strange people on this line huh? Bus Operator - Tell me about it. The crazies rant and rave but I ignore them. I've got to keep my focus on the road. But it sure isn’t easy sometimes. Guy - I can imagine. Bus Operator - And they sure love to come out at night just like a horror be careful. Guy - Well, this girl’s worth it. Bus Operator - I hope she’s not in any trouble. Guy - Oh you could say she's going through some pretty heavy stuff right now. Bus Operator - Hey, aren’t we all? Guy - Yeah, there's a raging storm happening in this “Sea of Insanity." Bus Operator - Also known as the “Sea of Brutality.” Most of the time instead of being nourished...people are either ignored, mocked or persecuted. In the universe, I figure this planet is either some sort of prison or insane asylum. While most people in this analogy are prisoners or patients, there would also be guards, doctors and administrators. Guy - Being a gardener in that scenario would be cool. Bus Operator - True. Guy - Sometimes it feels like this is just one big dream. Bus Operator - It’s just as real as you make it. There’s a greater reality we'll all awake to someday I'm sure. Well, here’s your stop. Now go find her. Good

luck! Guy - Thanks. (Guy starts walking down Hollywood Blvd. and notices a homeless man who is performing a puppet show with two paper bag puppets. Each time the puppets hit each other another homeless man bursts out laughing. Guy just shakes his head and continues to walk down the street.) Prostitute - Hey baby, you looking for some action? Guy - No thanks, I've got more than I can deal with. Street Person - Watch out! The evil aliens are here! Guy - I know! I know! Religious Man - Have you found God brother? Guy - I have, but he told me he wants to remain anonymous. Religious Man - Really? Guy - I just love the glamour of this town. (Guy says to himself. Guy comes up to the front a night club where a young girl is standing up against the wall.) Guy - Hey, what’s up? Alice - Just killing time. Guy - You live around here? Alice - Why? Does it show? Guy - No, No, I’m looking for a girl. Alice - Don’t worry, I’m a girl. Guy - I noticed that and a very nice one too. Alice - Thanks. Guy - I’m looking for a girl named Angela. Alice - Is that her real name?

Guy - Yes. Alice - Not anymore. That’s the first thing you lose here, your name and all sense of identity. You see, everyone is someone else who wants to be somebody. You’re in Hollywood baby, it’s the land of “make-believe.” Guy - That's for sure. So what’s your “make-believe” name? Alice - Alice, Alice N. Wonderland. Guy - That's perfect for this town. My name’s Guy. Alice - Nice to meet you. Guy - Well Alice, this particular girl I’m looking for has blond hair, blue eyes and is 5 foot 7. Alice - I’m sorry honey, I don’t want to be the one who hands you a reality check, but just look around you. A lot of this town fit’s that description. Guy - Yeah you’re right. It’s hopeless, I shouldn't have come. Alice - I didn't mean to bum you out. Am I your first contact? Guy - Yes, you’re my first. Alice - I haven’t heard that in awhile. Anyway, you shouldn't give up so easily when you haven’t even tried. Come on. Guy - I guess so. But I sure need a miracle that's for sure. So then, where do I begin? Alice - Where you are…as always of course. (She smiles. Guy then sees Angela all dressed up like a prostitute come out of a nightclub up the street and quickly gets into a long black limo that takes off.) Guy - I can't believe's Angela! Alice - Looks like you just got your miracle. Guy - Hey! Wait! Angela! Come back! (He runs after the limo but it speeds away before he can catch it as he stops.) Alice - Don’t worry, they’ll be back.

Guy - How do you know? Alice - That was Daddy Jack and he's always coming and going around here. I also know that he's a junk food junkie so he probably went up to the next corner to get his snack fix. Guy - I’m going to go see. Thanks Alice. Bye! Alice - Later! (Guy runs up the street and finds the limo parked at a convenience store with the driver in the front seat. He then walks up to the back window that's open and sees Angela.) Guy - Hey Angela! What's going on? Are you alright? (Angela whispers loudly to Guy.) Angela - Guy! I can't talk now! Daddy Jack's coming back?! Guy - Angela! Let's get out of here! (Daddy Jack leaves the store and comes up to the limo and sees Guy.) Daddy - Ahhh, what are you doing? Guy - I was just talking with your fine lady here. Maybe we can work something out. Daddy - Maybe…get in. (Guy and Daddy Jack get in the limo and they all drive away.) Guy - How much? Daddy - 300. Guy - Okay. (Guy gives him the money. Daddy pushes a button and the window between the back and the driver rolls down.) Daddy - Danny Boy….take us to the hotel. Guy - What’s your name? (Guy says to Angela.) Angela - My name’s Sugar. Guy - Sweet! (Guy turns to Daddy.) So, are you sure I’m going to get my money’s worth? Like, is there a money back guarantee? (Angela stares at him all mad.)

Daddy - Real funny. Now Sugar, you better be nice to our new friend or else. Angela - Yes Daddy. Daddy - Alright then. (The limo pulls up to the hotel room and Angela and Guy get out and go inside.) Angela - Are you crazy?! Guy - Yes Angela, I’m crazy about you! I love you! (They hug each other.) Angela - I love you too Guy. I never thought I'd see you again! Now what are we going to do? Guy - That's easy, we'll just sneak out the back window. Angela - I don’t know Guy. Guy - Come on! Like Daddy Jack's going to know any better. Let’s go! Angela - Alright! (They both start climbing out the back window. Meanwhile in the limo Daddy Jack is watching them through a remote camera located behind the hotel.) Daddy - Danny Boy, it looks like we got ourselves a chick trying to fly the coup. Pull the car around the back! (Danny Boy drives the limo around to the back ally and starts to chase Guy and Angela as they end up running down the sidewalk of the Boulevard. Daddy Jack shoots his pistol at them. The limo pulls up besides them as they're running.) Daddy - Stop right now or you're dead meat! (Guy, Angela and the limo all stop.) Get in the car! (Just as they are about to get into the black limo a white limo rear ends them.) What the?!!! (Daddy Jack gets out of the black limo with his gun hidden under his jacket ready to confront the occupants of the white limo. A man dressed in a white robe and turban comes forward from the white limo.) Swami - I'm so sorry my driver should not have been drinking. But it’s his birthday so I let him have a little you know? And….(Daddy pulls the gun on him.) Daddy - Shut up! And get out of here!

Swami - But I can not leave now. Daddy - Why not?! Swami - Because I have to teach you a lesson. (The Swami knocks the gun out of Daddy Jack's hand. Then out of the white limo the Swami’s driver a big cowboy named "Duke" comes flying at Daddy Jack doing Kung-fu moves and a fight breaks out with Duke against Daddy Jack and Danny Boy as Guy, Angela and the Swami watch. The fight is quickly over as both Daddy Jack and Danny Boy are badly beaten up on the side of the road.) Swami - Would you like a ride? (to Guy and Angela) Guy - We sure would!!! (Guy, Angela, Duke and the Swami get into the white limo and drive away.) We really appreciate this! Angela - Yeah! Thanks a lot! Swami - You’re quite welcome. I know it’s none of my business, but why was that man so angry? Seems like he needs "Anger Management." Guy - Let's just say that he didn't like me running away with what he thought was his "property." Swami - Oh, you mean the lady? Guy - Yes, but it’s not what you think, I love her. Swami - Sounds like a pretty dangerous kind of love. Guy - So what’s your name? Swami - They call me “The Swami” but you can just call me Swami. And yours? Guy - My name’s Guy. Angela - I’m Angela. Guy - So where are you going? Swami - Vegas! You wanna go?

Guy - Sure! Angela, you up for Vegas? Angela - Definitely! I think it’s probably a good idea to get out of L. A. for awhile with Daddy Jack looking for us. Guy - Totally. So Swami, I have to say, you don’t seem like the gambling type. Swami - In life we're always gambling if we know it or not. Guy - I know, but isn’t gambling against your religion? Swami - Just because I wear a robe and a turban doesn't necessarily mean that I'm "religious." Angela - Guy! Guy - Sorry for jumping to conclusions. Swami - Not to worry, it's easy to do. I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to explain. You see, the dogma of religion can often cause a division between one's spirit and the Source. This of course, is just the opposite of what most religions used to do. And when that happens, communication with God gets watered-down and confused by religious middlemen. I love spirituality though. The meaning of life isn't rocket science....just be good and enjoy! Guy - That's my philosophy as well. Be cool, have fun and keep it simple. Swami - Ditto! Guy - As for Vegas though, we don't have any money? Swami - Oh don’t worry about that. We all be big winners. I guarantee it! Guy - Sorry Swami, but there are no guarantees in Vegas. Angela - Or in life for that matter. Swami - That might be true under normal circumstances. But with this....(The Swami produces a large bag of silver dollars.) we all shall win! Guy - That’s a lot, but it’s still not that much for Vegas. Swami - Ah…but that’s where you're wrong. You see, this is no ordinary bag of change. This bag has been blessed.

Angela - Really, by who? Swami - Only by the holiest of holy men from the Far East that’s who! Guy - Okaaaay. Swami - You’ll see. Guy - By the way, we didn’t thank your mysterious driver and martial arts expert. Swami - How could I be so forgetful? (The Swami rolls down the window between the front and back seat as "Duke" the cowboy driver is seen.) Our guests would like to know your name and thank you. Duke - Howdy! I'm Duke the cowboy at your service. Guy - Hi Duke, my name’s Guy and this here’s Angela. Angela - Hi. It’s nice to meet you. Duke - Tis a pleasure Ma’am. Angela - We’d like to thank you for helping us out back there. Duke - All in a day’s work of helping save the world with the Swami. Guy - So you guys do stuff like this all the time? Duke - Whenever we can right a wrong. Swami - You said it Duke! So then, let's just keep riding this wonderful road called destiny! (The limo is now driving in the desert with Angela and Guy asleep in each other’s arms. The Swami is staring out the window when he suddenly sees a spaceship flying with it's searchlights shining onto the ground in the distance.) Swami - Duke! You see them? Duke - I sure do. (Angela and Guy start to wake up.) Guy - What's going on? Swami - Looks like they're up to their nasty tricks again. I think we should

give them a little scare. What say you Duke? Duke - Rock 'n' Roll Swami! Angela - Hey! It's a U.F.O.! Swami - More like a spaceship flown by evil aliens out joy-riding for a midnight snack. Angela - You've got to be kidding! Swami - No I'm not, truth is often stranger than fiction. Guy - Great! More aliens! Angela - Wow! So what are they doing? Why are they coming here? Swami - Well, that depends upon which race of aliens you're speaking of, there are many. Right now, these particular negative aliens appear to be "the Greys" and it looks like they're up for a little cattle mutilation. We must stop them and save our four-legged friends. Angela - What's going on Guy? Swami - Relax, we do this all the time. Guy - So why do they mutilate cows? Duke - It's a stepping stone for them to take over the planet! Swami - Let me try and explain. First of all, they torture and kill these poor animals by draining all their blood, cutting out their eyes, tongue and genitalia in an advanced surgical way using lasers where not even a drop of blood is left behind! Guy - Where's the media on this story? Swami - Good question, it's only been happening since the 1970's. As to why they're doing this, I think that they're eating those body parts and drinking the blood in an effort to help them manifest better here in the 3rd dimension. Duke - In my opinion, they've genetically engineered the cow's blood and created a new super sexually transmitted disease which they've been slowing releasing upon the human race which will eventually wipe us all out! And when the vacancy sign is flashing on planet earth, they move in, done deal.

Swami - Now that's where Duke and I strongly disagree. Guy - Maybe you're both right. Swami - That could be. Duke - They also abducted and implanted my girlfriend. Then they stole her eggs for their hybrid baby program without even asking her which was totally uncool! Swami - The bottom line is that they're evil and they're messing with the cows and us! Duke - Plus they're trespassing. Swami - Let's get em'! (The limo heads off the highway onto a dirt road. They come up near the spaceship which has a bright light shining down on one of the cows as the Swami and Duke jump out of the car and run toward the cow under the light.) Swami - Go away! Leave our cow friends alone! They have done nothing to you! (A couple of black helicopters come up to the side of the spaceship with their spotlights shinning on the Swami and Duke. One of the helicopters speaks out of a loudspeaker.) Helicopter - You are on government property! Leave now! Duke - This land is our land! Swami - We the people have not authorized you to do this! Duke - Yeah! Not in our name! Helicopter - Leave the area now! (back in the limo) Guy - The government's in on this too? Angela - Guy this is so crazy! Guy - I know. (back outside)

Swami - Duke! Go get the video camera! Quick! Duke - I'm on it! (Duke runs to the car trunk and gets the video camera and starts taping the event.) Swami - Now the whole world will see what you're doing! (The spaceship and helicopters quickly depart.) Yes! We did it Duke! Good job. (They give each other a High Five.) Duke - Yahooooo! Cow - Mooooooo! Swami & Duke - Moooooooo! Hahahahah! (The Swami now talks to the cow.) Swami - You go now Bessy and become the "Free Ranger" you were meant to be! (Swami and Duke walk back to the limo.) Duke - They sure don't like cameras do they? Swami - Yeah, it seems they're a bit camera shy! Ha! (Swami and Duke get back into the limo.) Guy - That was just too weird for words. Angela - So is there anything else we should know about on this trip? Duke - Yeah, we win every time we go to Vegas! You know, good karma. Swami - To Vegas Duke! Duke - To Vegas it is....YeeeeeHaaaaaa!!!!!! (They pull into Vegas at night. They're all looking out the windows in amazement. Meanwhile back on the “Chronos” in the Dream Room Dork is watching them ride into Vegas.) Dork - Oh my, what shall I do? I know, I must contact Smek. (Dork picks up the phone and calls the ship’s main switchboard.) Put me through to Commander Smek. Operator - I will see where he is. (The Operator looks at a checkout list.) The checkout list shows that the Commander has gone out for dinner. Dork - He did! And he didn’t invite me? Some friend he is. Where did he go?

Operator - It says here he went "Cow Hunting." Dork - Well, put me through to him, this is an emergency! (A spaceship is hovering above a herd of cows with it's spotlight on them. Smek is in the spaceship and is seen looking through a microscope type device. In the lens scared cows are seen running scared under the spotlight.) Smek - Come to Smekie my little moo moos. (The phone in the spaceship rings. The 1 Mate picks it up and then goes over to Smek.)

1 Mate - Sir! A communication.

Smek - Dang Nab It! I almost had him too. Who is it?! 1 Mate - It’s Ensign Dork. (He grabs the phone from the 1 Mate.)
st st

Smek - Yeah?! (Dork and Smek split screen talk to each other.) Dork - I’m in the Dream Room where I fixed the surveillance equipment and I'm now monitoring Guy. Smek - I thought Bantar said not to monitor this guy anymore? Dork - I wasn't until he and his new friends were picked-up by our remote viewers entering Las Vegas our home base! Smek - So! Maybe they went to Vegas like most earthlings go there have fun! Dork - I don't think so. Smek - Listen! I need to finish getting dinner for tonight! Keep me informed of any new developments that would be considered like..."threatening." Sightseeing doesn't cut it! Dork - Yes sir! (They hang up. Smek then gives orders to the 1 Mate.)

Smek - Go tell the chef I want "The Works." But this time instead of barbecued, I'd like everything thrown into a bloody stew. 1 Mate - Aye, Aye! (They fly away from the cow pasture. In Vegas, the limo with Guy and his friends pulls up to the front of Caesar’s Palace. They all step out of the limo.)

Swami - Isn’t this wonderful? It’s almost like heaven!

Dude - Yepppee! We’re going to have fun tonight! Swami - Lots and lots of! (The Swami pulls out a bag of silver dollars and gives it to Guy and Angela.) Guy - Wow! Thank you! You don't have to do this. Swami - I know, but I want to, it makes me happy. Angela - Yeah, thanks! Swami - Remember those are magic beans Jack! Guy - Swami, you’re the best! But what if we lose it all? Swami - Then you owe me nothing for the gift I've given you two. Remember it's only money? Use it or lose it! Angela - You’re too good to be true Swami. Swami - As long as I be true, I’ll be good. Guy - Bye Swami! Dude! And thanks again! Angela - Yeah! Bye! Best of Luck! Swami - Same to you! Bye! Dude - Happy Trails! (The Swami is seen from far away comparing his robe with one of the staff of Caesar’s Palace.) Guy - Angela, I’ve waited so long for this moment. Angela - Me too Guy. (Guy and Angela both hug and kiss.) Guy - You want to check out the fountain? Angela - Alright. (They run over to the fountain and play in it and finally sit down next to a quiet pool of water.) Guy - Angela, I’ve made some pretty big mistakes in my life, but the biggest mistake I’ve ever made was letting you go. Angela - Ah Guy, that’s so sweet.

Guy - I love you Angela. I always have and always will. Angela - I love you too Guy. Guy - Angela, will you marry me? Angela - Yes Guy....I will! (They both kiss and hold each other close.) Guy - You know, we could get married right now. Angela - That's a great idea! Guy - Alright then, let’s join in that sacred tradition of two souls becoming as one. Angela - Yes dear. (Inside a wedding chapel they get married by an Elvis Minister. Next scene is of them checking into a hotel where they go into their room and put the “Do Not Disturb” sign over the doorknob, turn off the lights and shut the door. Meanwhile back on the island the next day, Lanoo, Zen and Sheila are playing badminton on the beach. Telsa comes up to them.) Lanoo - Hey Tesla! Would you like to join us? Sheila - Come on Tesla, I know you want to. Tesla - No thanks, but thanks just the same. Zen - Have you heard from Guy? Tesla - No, and I’m starting to worry about that? Lanoo - Ah, don’t worry…I’m sure he's doing just fine. Zen - Yeah, he's probably busy getting to know Angela again. Tesla - Or he’s forgotten about saving the universe because he’s having too much fun! (Back in Las Vegas we see Guy and Angela having too much fun winning all kinds of money, going to shows etc. Next scene is on the “Chronos” where Smek and Dork are in the Dream room watching Guy and Angela.) Smek - Something's up.

Dork - I told you so! Smek - It was a lucky guess! A bigger head does not equal a bigger brain when there's wasted space. Dork - I'm happy that there's plenty of room to grow in my head. Smek - And I'm so happy for you too! Now, I think that they might be pretending to be on vacation and having fun as a decoy to trick us while Tesla and the Pleiadians do a surprise attack. The fact that they're in the city where we have our main weapon the “Crystal Clock” is suspicious. I’m afraid we’re going to have to contact Bantar after all and tell him the bad news. (Smek calls the "Chronos" for Bantar on the phone.) Hi Bantar, it's Smek. Sorry to bother you. Bantar - What is it now?! Smek - It’s Guy with his new wife Angela, they’re at our main base of Las Vegas and they're in love having fun. I believe they must be the first wave of attacks on the "Crystal Clock.” Bantar - We can't take that chance. It seems that they're using love as a weapon against us after all. Hang tight until further instructions and prepare my transportation to the main base. (In Vegas we see Guy and Angela outside at night watching a Pirate Show with old battleships fighting each other on a lake.) Guy - Is this the best or what? Angela - I’m having so much fun! Guy - Me too. It's so wonderful being together at last and as newlyweds too! It’s all been so surreal. Angela - And so real....(Guy completes the sentence.) Guy - our love. (He leans over and kisses Angela.) Angela, I’ve been putting off telling you something very serious. And I know I should have told you by now, but I don’t really even know where to begin. It’s so weird and hard to believe. Angela - I’ll believe you Guy. Guy - You promise you won’t laugh?

Angela - Oh, come on…tell me. Guy - Alright. Remember when I disappeared after the fire at the party? Angela - Yes. What happened? Guy - I ended up being abducted by evil aliens. Angela - Hahahaha! Guy - You've got to believe me! Angela - Go on... Guy - gets weirder. You see, I was then rescued by Nikola Tesla the famous inventor who's also a time traveller who took me to meet the good extraterrestrials. Now the evil aliens want to spread and control time throughout the whole universe. But somehow with our love for each other, we can help Tesla and the good extraterrestrials stop the bad aliens. Angela - Oh quit it Guy! Stop kidding around. Guy - Angela…I wish I was kidding, but I'm not! Angela - I don’t know Guy. That’s got to be the craziest story I’ve ever heard. Guy - Yeah I know. So, I’m going to get us some more drinks. (he gets up) Just think about how it just might be real. Remember, anything is possible in a universe of endless possibilities. I’ll be right back. (As Guy walks away, a couple of pirates from the show swing out over the audience on ropes and grab Angela and swing back across the lake with her before Guy can stop them. Then a spaceship comes down out of the sky and the pirates put her in it. The spaceship then takes off and flies away. The crowd raises to it’s feet and cheers thinking that it was all part of the show.) Guy - Help! Help! Oh yeah…“Now is the time forever! Now is the time forever!” (On the island at Tesla's beach hut the voice-activated box picks up Guy’s call and starts flashing. Tesla notices it and runs to Lanoo and Zen's beach hut.) Tesla - The black box is flashing! Guy’s signaling us! He must have found Angela.

Lanoo - Alright then. Are you ready Zen? Zen - Always! Lanoo - Let's do it! (They all run into the Laboratory. Tesla then feeds the information from the black box into a computer.) Tesla - Their location is Las Vegas, Nevada. Lanoo - Cool! Maybe we can catch some shows after this is all over. Hey? Zen - I'm game. (In Vegas we see Guy walking down the Boulevard all sad. He finally walks into a small nightclub called the "Starlight" and sits down at the bar.) Bartender - What can I get you? Guy - You got any suggestions for a case of the blues? Bartender - Only time will heal that one if you’re lucky kid. I was going to card you, but you look too sad for me to ask. What will it be? Guy - I’ll have a root beer. (The bartender looks surprised and then gets Guy's drink.) Bartender - Here you go. I hope this does the trick. Guy - Thanks. Bartender - You must of had some bad luck at the casinos huh? Guy - No, it's bigger than that. It's the game of life that I'm losing at right now. Bartender - I'm sorry to hear that. Guy - After I finally figure out who the love of my life is, that's when she keeps being taken away from me. It's just not fair. Bartender - Sounds like you've been dealt a bad hand. Then again, when you're challenged and rise above it, that's when real soul growth happens. I mean, if everything were to be handed to you on a silver plater, do you think that you'd be inspired to go beyond yourself in a time of crisis? Guy - I guess not.

Bartender - Although it's usually impossible to see at the time, perhaps many of our problems are really blessings in disguise. For they only build your character if you can courageously with persistence finally triumph over your "Trials and Tribulations." Guy - Thanks man for the pep talk. I really needed that, more than the drink. Bartender - No problem. Waitress - Hey Guy? Guy - Ah, how'd you know? Waitress - Your friends sent me over here. Guy - Oh yeah? (He starts to turn around.) Waitress - Don’t turn around! They said they're undercover. Anyway, they told me they'd like you to come join them in the booth in the back. Guy - Thanks. (Guy gets up and walks to the back booth. He finds Tesla, Lanoo and Zen there wearing dark glasses.) Tesla - Well it’s about time you finally called us! Lanoo - So Guy, where’s Angela? Guy - That’s just it, they kidnapped her...again. Zen - Again? Lanoo - They don’t know it, but they’re leading us to their base of operation. Tesla - It’s true. For so long I thought that Bantar’s main base was the ship the “Chronos.” Now I believe the center of his operation may exist somewhere below the city of Las Vegas. My instruments have picked up a strong alien sound pulsation that is very close to here. And I believe that this vibration could be the main system that is altering the timelines. Lanoo - We need to get back to the ship, let’s go! Tesla - Hey wait, did you pay the bill? Lanoo - No. Zen - Here! (He puts down a few precious gems.)

Tesla - That'll do. (The waitress stares in shock. The group then disappears as the waitress faints. Below Las Vegas in Bantar's underground base we see the "Crystal Clock" which is a enormous crystal attached to a large clock. Bantar is sitting in his throne as Smek and Dork present the captured prisoner Angela to him.) Bantar - Well, if it isn't Cleopatra. It's so nice to see you again. Angela - Cleopatra! What are you talking about? Bantar - You don't remember being Cleopatra? That's too bad. So then, how would you like to join my harem of hotties? Angela - You're mad!!! Bantar - You bet I'm Mad!!! I'm as Mad as Hell too for not having all the earthlings bow down to me as their God! But soon that's going to change. (he speaks to Smek and Dork) Tie Queeny up and gag her with a front row seat to see my most glorious moment in time! Angela - Hey! Leave me alone! Let me go! (She struggles with them as they gag and tie her to a chair nearby. Nards approaches Bantar.) Nards - The “Crystal Clock” is almost fully charged with the all the timelines now. (Bantar then addresses his troops.) Bantar - I've picked the most perfect place on the planet to alter the timeline in the timelessness of Las Vegas to become a place of total time control. This will be the final phase of our operation to thread time throughout the whole universe. My friends, we now stand on the edge of the most significant event to ever happen in the history of time itself! Prepare to be dazzled! (His group cheers. Next scene is the Pleiadian spaceship above Vegas hidden in a cloud they made where Lanoo is looking at a computer screen.) Lanoo - It appears that there's a secret tunnel to the base somewhere right below us. May I suggest our next strategy? Guy and Tesla will go into the underground base, rescue Angela, destroy their time altering equipment and return to the ship. Zen - I'm glad you have so much confidence in us. Guy - Wait! That all sounds good on paper but.....

Lanoo - Don’t worry, we’ll be here to back you up as always. Guy - Yeah I know, but we're like always falling back on the back up plans and that always turns into a bigger gamble. Why's that? Lanoo - Because we've been going against the odds from the very beginning. It's the hero's quest is it not? Zen - I realize it seems like we're always putting more pressure on you two, but hey, it’s your planet. That’s why you’re doing most of the work. It's imperative that the karma of these actions are directly tied to you, not us. We're not suppose to help you out with direct intervention remember? Lanoo - Yeah, if the Galactic Federation finds out about this we're in big trouble! Guy - Okay, okay! So what makes you think there’s a tunnel somewhere below us? Lanoo - When you "have to go…take your time." Guy - What? Zen - Because when you "take your time….you'll notice things." Guy - Don't get all spacy on us now. What are you saying?! Tesla - Sometimes they talk in code as to not be seen influencing our destiny. Lanoo - You’ll know no sooner than "when you go." Guy - Yeah sure. You guys are a trip. Zen - Oh my, that's strange....all of a sudden our transporter system seems to not be working. Guy - And what does that mean? Zen - Well, we won't be able to dematerialize you here and materialize you there. Lanoo - Not to worry though, we have a back up plan. Guy - Somehow I knew you'd say that.

Zen - We'd love to land the ship nearby for you to get off from, but we don't want to create any suspicion. That's one of the reasons we're currently hiding our ship in this large cloud we made around us. Lanoo - So, are you ready? Tesla - As ready as we'll ever be. Zen - Then come this way. (They walk over to a hatch door that Lanoo opens.) Guy - What’s this? (Guy looks down a tube slide to the ground.) Lanoo - It's our emergency chute to depart from the ship. Tesla - That seems like a pretty old-fashion method for you guys. Lanoo - Perhaps it's a bit primitive, but this is an emergency is it not? Guy - Yeah, but are sure it’s safe? Lanoo - Safe and fun! Don’t be scared. Zen - Be aware! (Zen then pushes a screaming Guy headfirst into the tube who flies down it. Tesla closes his eyes and jumps into the tube right behind Guy. They both land in a large garbage dumpster.) Guy - Agggh! Gross! You’d think they’d pick a better place for us to land? Eck! Tesla - They improv a lot and it was probably the softest spot around. Guy - Yeah right! Or maybe they're laughing there heads off at us right now. (They get out of the dumpster and wipe themselves off.) So, any suggestions as to which way to go? Tesla - Don't think about it, just follow your heart...and by doing so it will lead us to Angela. Guy - I'll do my best. (They start walking down the street. They soon notice the nightclub the "Starlight" that they originally met in.) Hey, it's the same nightclub we met in? What a coincidence. Tesla - Then again, maybe not.

Guy - Let's go in, I need to use the restroom. Tesla - Alright. (They walk into the nightclub.) Guy - Order me a beer, I'll be right back. Tesla - Okay. (Telsa goes to the bar and orders two beers. As Guy walks into the restroom he remembers the clue that the Pleiadians told him. He repeats the clue slowly.) Guy - “When you have to go…..take your time….because when you take your time….you'll notice things.” Yeah! (Guy starts to search the restroom for signs of a secret passage. Out in the bar Tesla is speaking to a woman.) Tesla - You see, the life of an inventor is not all the fame, honors and glory you think it is. Yeah, most of the time it’s tedious hours of experimentation. Like pouring test tubes….back and forth and back and forth. (He swings his head from side to side as the women is licking her lips and looking at him with bedroom eyes.) Woman - Oh I know what you mean, I'm totally into perpetual motion too. (she smiles) Tesla - Oh really? (he looks at her seriously) Anyway, it can get pretty lonely waiting for society to notice the work you've done. And that usually happens only after your dead. Pretty fun huh? (Inside the restroom Guy sees a condom machine. He notices that at the end of it is a knob that has no picture above it. He then pulls it once, then twice and then on the third time the wall panel spins around really fast.) Guy - That’s it! (Tesla is still speaking with the woman.) Woman - So you’re really an inventor? (She says all excited.) Tesla - I sure am. Woman - How stimulating that must be. (She runs her fingers through his hair.) Tesla - Yeah, it can be. You could say that if it wasn’t for me with my Alternating Current idea for electrical tranference, this whole town would mostly still be using candles to light up the strip. (Guy rushes up to him.) Guy - Let’s go Tesla!

Tesla - Why rush things? We're having a really nice conversation here. Guy - Tesla! Come on! I found it! Tesla - What? Guy - You know?! Tesla - Ohhh! You’ll have to excuse me right now. (he tells the woman) Maybe we could get together sometime in the not too distant future? You come here often, yes? Guy - Come on! Tesla - Okay! Okay! (They run into the restroom.) Guy - Check it out! (Guy pulls the knob 3x’s and the panel spins.) Telsa - Great! The final chapter begins. I'm ready. (Guy pulls the knob and Tesla disappears. Guy pulls the knob again and then jumps into the spinning wall too. They next find themselves in total darkness.) Guy - Well the door idea worked just fine, but as for turning on the lights.... (Just then a massive light emits from Tesla’s tiny flashlight.) Telsa - I was into the miniaturization of stuff years ago. Here...have one. (Tesla hands Guy another tiny flashlight.) Guy - Cool. Now we’re cookin’! (The passage way is dirty and filled with cobwebs and debris.) Telsa - Looks like this particular passageway hasn't been used in quite a while....nonetheless, onward! (They begin to walk down a staircase. Back at Bantar's underground base.) Bantar - What's the next dimension? Nards - This is one of the timeless dimensions of the gods. Bantar - Outstanding! How about we invade and interrupt their private moments of intimacy, just for the fun of it? Hehehe! (We see an Far Eastern god with his consort goddess in his lap. They are sitting in a very close embrace doing a deep meditation. The male god eyes open quickly as he looks surprised. The female goddess notices his surprise.)

Goddess - Why are you stopping? God - Something’s different. Goddess - How can this be? God - It’s just not the same. We must stop now. Goddess - But you promised me this would be "Endless Bliss!" God - I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong. Goddess - What's happening?! This is suppose to be heaven! (back in Bantar's base) Bantar - Next realm. Nards - Perhaps we should slow down. We don’t want to shatter the crystal. Bantar - Keep going! The crystal can handle it. Proceed! (Guy and Tesla are now walking down an air vent duct where they find a vent screen that they look out of into the underground base of Bantar.) Guy - Hey Tesla! Look over there…it’s Angela! Tesla - Great! And look at that! There treading time with a gigantic crystal. Guy - So now what? Tesla - We wait for our moment in time. (back in Bantar's base) Nards - Bantar, we've got a problem. Bantar - What?! Nards - It appears that our calculations for threading time are just a little off. Bantar - A little off! What are you saying?! Nards - We need to go back in time and add some more time to the calendar somehow. If we don’t do this soon, the next window of opportunity to thread time will not be until the year 2012 at the end of the Mayan Calendar and you know what that means? Bantar - Yes, I know what that means! That’s the end of the Iron-Age or

Winter of Time. It's also the beginning of the “Age of Aquarius” or "Springtime of Time." There's no way we're going to let the “Golden Age” happen! We must now go back in time again….one last time. Damn! Bring me the “Best Scholars of All Time.” I need their advice as to the most opportune moment in history that we can add time to the calendar. Nards - Bring in the "Scholars!” (A group of old men with white beards carrying history books enter and bow to Bantar.) Bantar - So my wise men, due to various factors including the current astrological arrangement and the amount of energy stored in the "Crystal Clock" generator we have now reached critical mass. If we do not add some more time to the calendar we will lose everything. I need your advice as what precise moment in the history of time I should to go back to as to accomplish that goal. Scholar - There are two particular points in history, the first is the year 1582 when the calendar switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. When Pope Gregory did this, 11 days were subtracted from the calendar. By adding the leap year every four years he made the calendar more accurate. The other date is 1752, this is the date that England and her American colonies finally conformed to this new calendar. When that happened, riots broke out in London over the loss of time. The people felt cheated of their missing 11 days. Bantar - Wicked! I love this idea. Then I shall go back to London, England and riot with the people. Oh, how fun that will be! Maybe I could hold the King and Queen hostage too for being the "Time Robbers of the People!" I will help the people get back their lost days in the short run while I get humanity to gain extra time on the calendar in the long run. Scholar - That would work. (in the air vent duct with Guy and Tesla) Guy - What do you think Tesla? Tesla - I think he's a total Bastard! Guy - We know that! What's our plan now? Tesla - Oh! We climb out of the air duct, sneak up to Angela and rescue her. Then we chase Bantor back in time. Once we stop him there, time will basically run out for him to rule the universe. Guy - Alright. Shall we? (he points to the air vent) Tesla - No time like the present. (They open the air vent and climb onto the

floor of the underground base. Bantar is putting on the last of his costume with the help of his aides.) Bantar - That’s enough! How do I look? Nards - Fabulous! Bantar - A Rabble Rouser ready to riot, hey? I'm sure I can get those people to storm the palace. Nards - Good luck sir. Bantar - Luck! Ha! I don’t believe it. I create my own reality…including my luck! (He then goes through the “Time Portal” door and disappears. Meanwhile Guy and Tesla come up behind Angela. Guy grabs the foot of Smek who is guarding her who then falls hard on his face getting knocked-out in the process. Guy unties Angela and they join Tesla who's hiding behind some equipment.) Angela - Guy! I'm so happy to see you! (She hugs and kisses Guy.) Guy - It's heaven to be in your embrace again Angela. (They're noticed by some aliens who start shooting their ray-guns at them. Guys picks up Smek's ray-gun and returns the fire. Tesla pulls a little black box out of his pocket and starts to push buttons.) Tesla - Come on! This stupid thing….it never works when you want it to. Guy - What's that? Tesla - It's a portable Time Machine. Guy - Yeah, but does it work?! Tesla - I sure hope so. Oh, now I remember. (Tesla pushes the correct buttons and Guy, Angela and Tesla all disappear back in time to a deserted street ally in London, England.) Now, the first thing we have to do is find some clothing of this time period. Angela - We don’t exactly fit in do we? Tesla - They’ll probably think we’re witches and want to burn us at the stake.

Guy - Spare us the details. Tesla - I know! Make your clothes look dirty and used. They might not notice us that much. (They proceed to rub dirt on their clothes and rip them as well. All of a sudden they see a policeman on patrol walking over toward them. He then speaks to them in an "Old English" style.) Constable - Good day. Tesla - Hello! Tis a lovely day. Constable - Tis indeed. Tesla - We're shopping for clothes. Do you know of a shop nearby? Constable - Sure enough, the nearest clothes shop is down the street there. (he points) Tesla - Thank you kindly, you've been most helpful. Constable - Ya welcome. (The policeman walks away.) Angela - What language was that? Tesla - Old English. Angela - Wow! (Telsa, Guy and Angela start walking to the clothes shop.) Tesla - So then, after we get some clothes with this here gold dust, we'll head to the center of town. Most of the protests are in Hyde Park, so that’s where Bantar will try to start his riot. Angela - What are we going to do once we find him? Tesla - Well, I'm going to win the debate against him about the importance of accepting the new calendar. That will stop the riot from happening. And if there’s a problem, we’ll get the Pleiadians to help. Guy - Oh yeah? Never expect anything from them being the noninventionalists that they are. That’s when they won’t help us for sure. Tesla - Oh they're way too deep in this now. (We see the Pleiadians intensely playing some sort of 10 dimensional board game. The scene now is in Hyde Park with various images of vendors selling merchandise, bears wrestling, jugglers, clowns, etc. A hypnotist is swinging a

pocket watch in front of someone in a chair. There's also a "Punch and Judy" puppet show being preformed in the background. Then various speakers are seen standing on wooden crates giving speeches. Bantar is there listening to one of them.) Speaker - So my good people, shall we just let those Bloody Royals who refer to us "commoners" rob us of our time?! People - No!!! Speaker - Life is short enough without having them deny us all the days that we deserve! People - Ya!!! Speaker - I say we do a work strike until they give us back our time! People - Yaaaaa!!! (The speaker steps down as the crowd cheers. Now Guy, Angela and Tesla enter the crowd. As the next speaker is about to stand up onto a crate, Bantar pushes him out of the way and gets up to speak instead.) Bantar - Folks! What is more precious than time itself? So much can happen in one day…and they want to take away 11 of them away from us? This is an outrage! People - Ya!!! Bantar - We can protest here until we’re blue in our faces....or even do a work strike….but what good will that do us? It will only waste more time! People - Ya!!! Bantar - Let’s show those inbreeds in power we mean business! Let’s storm their palace and make them do the will of the people! NOW!!!! People - Yaaaaa!!!! Tesla - He's a liar! (The crowd becomes quiet.) He wants to cheat your children and your children’s children out of the time that they deserve. Sure, we'll lose a little time now, but we'll be correcting the calendar for our future generations so this will never happens again! People - Huh? Bantar - That’s ridiculous! He's drunk!

Tesla - Are we not men of reason and logic? Is this not the age of science over superstition? Townsman #1 - He does have a point there. Bantar - Come on! How many of you can actually understand what these crazy scientists are talking about anyway? People - Hmmm....(Bantar takes off his jacket due to the hot sun. In doing so, his time machine monitor is seen flashing a red light from his top shirt pocket.) Bantar - Are you going to believe the scientists with blind faith in the same way you believe the church?! Townsman #1 - Look at his pocket! It flashes a red light! Townsman #2 - He must be catching on fire! Townsman #3 - No! The flashing light does not change at all. Townsman #4- He must be an evil wizard! Tesla - Yes! He's an evil wizard! And he's trying to get you all killed by his stupid idea to storm the palace. Bantar - That's it! I've had it! I'm so tired of hiding behind a mask to fool you idiots! Tesla - Does this mean that you're going to finally face the evil that you are? Bantar - Excuse me, I face my evilness everyday with a great sense of pride. And you know why nice guys come in last? It's because this world is ruled by me and my forces of darkness! You better believe that I'm an "Evil Wizard!" In fact, I'm the most "Evil Wizard of All Time!" Tesla - Oh yeah? Now that's quite a claim "Mr. Wizard." People - Hahahaha!!! Bantar - You ungrateful monkeys! This is the way you treat me after all the material wealth I've bestowed upon you?! Don't you recognize me? How dare you mock your God?! (Bantar then turns into Santa Claus and throws out presents from a large bag to a cheering crowd.) Can you top that Tesla?!

Tesla - Don't be fooled by his deceptive bag of tricks! From this display of black magic he has clearly shown himself to be the "Evil Wizard" that he truly is. We must stop him now if we are to save our city! People - Arggggg!!! Let's get him!!!! (The crowd runs toward Bantar as his clothes turn into a dark wizard suit. He then blows gigantic fire balls out of his mouth in different directions which disperses the crowd quickly as he takes off his wizard hat which reveal horns sprouting from his head. ) Bantar - Now you know who you're dealing with! That's right! I'm Satan! Ruler of this world! Tesla - I knew it! Satan - And you peasants have the audacity to think that you can just suddenly take my power away from me? Ha! Guy - Hey Satan! (Everyone turns around and looks at Guy.) If you think you're so big and bad, I challenge you to a duel! Satan - What?! You want to fight the all powerful Satan? (the crowd talks among itself) Guy - Only if it's a fair fight without any of your tricks that is. Satan - I don't need any "tricks" to fight a boy. Pick your weapon! Guy - Swords! Satan - Swords it is! (Someone from the crowd throws Guy a sword. Satan then manifests a sword which is much bigger than Guy's sword.) Guy - Ha! Big is not always better. (People laugh as Guy whips his sword around in a fancy way.) You're going down Satan! Down to hell! Satan - Arrrrgggg!!! Tesla - Guy! Do you know how to sword fight? Guy - I did pretty good in high school. Tesla - I hope in other lifetimes too. Angela - Good Luck dear! Guy - Thanks! I think I'm going to need it.

Satan - Prepare to die...Guy! (Satan and Guy begin their sword fight. At some point Satan's portable time machine falls out of his pocket and hits the ground. By doing so the switch for past lives is activated and the two of them end up fighting their battle through various lifetimes. They finally come back to the town square in London where the fight began. Guy out manures Satan knocking the sword out of his hand as Satan falls onto the ground exhausted as Guy puts his sword blade up to the neck of Satan.) People - Kill him! Kill Him! (Guy deliberates for a moment and then tosses his sword away. The people then quickly surround Satan with all kinds of weapons about to kill him. All of a sudden, out of the sky a spaceship comes into the town square and lands. Everyone looks on in amazement. Out steps a white haired and bearded old's GOD!) God - Stop! Do not kill him! For I am GOD! (everyone steps away from Satan) Now Satan, how many times have I told you to stop messing with the earthlings? Satan - Ahh? God - And every time I confront you, you apologize and say that it won't happen again. Satan - Yeah so? God - Then you always end up lying to me and do something even more evil than before. Why's that? Satan - It's just my nature I guess. They don't call me the "Great Deceiver" for nothing. (he laughs) God - Well you haven't deceived me one bit. Satan - I haven't? God - Nope. Remember, I'm God? Satan - Oh yeah, like duh. God - I've been playing you like the yo-yo that you are all along letting you dig your hole deeper to hell. You see, it has always been my prerogative to decide when and where I choose to finally end your evil rule. And this is the time and place I've chosen.

Satan - But you're such a kind God. Please, I beg of you! All I ask is one last chance. Can't you show these good people your great compassion one more time? God - Don't even try to feed my ego with your flattery. Time is no longer on your side Satan, it's time for you to lose your power and kingdom once and for all! (Out of the spaceship an Angel descends holding a large sparkling crystal jar. He then gives it to God.) And this is my final justice for you! (God waves his hand over Satan and shrinks him into the jar. The Angel then takes the jar and closes it. Inside the jar we see Satan screaming but we hear no sound as he pounds against the side. God addresses Satan in the jar.) I shall now transport you to the planet known as, "The Zoo of Bad Examples." And there, you shall work-off your bad karma in a rehabilitation program. (God looks at the crowd.) You see, I'm not into "Eternal Damnation," that was a scam! I never said that. It was your religious leaders that came up with that one to scare you into giving them more money and power. Anyway, remember to be good and you shall earn the right to come to the party that's going on in heaven 24/7. I must depart now due to my busy schedule as you can well image. I bless each and everyone of you my children. Goodbye! (God slowly walks up the ramp into his spaceship.) Guy - Hey God! Wait! This might be the last time I get to ask you some very important questions. God - Like I said, I don't have time right now, but if you put in a prayer petition to my spiritual hierarchy, I'll do my best to get back to you. Guy - Please God! I've searched for you my whole life. God - Oh very well, you may board my ship. Guy - Thanks! Also, I humbly request that my wife Angela comes along too. Angela - Hi. (she waves) God - Greetings. Your request is granted. Angela - Thanks God. (God, Guy and Angela go up the ramp to the ship.) Tesla - Excuse me God! I've got some most amazing questions I just know you'll be interested in? Can I also go? (God turns around) God - Sure...come aboard. (Telsa climbs up the ramp and into the ship. God now stands at the door with his Angel.) Alright people, so now with the capture of this evil misguided soul who's been bothering you for way too long

(He points to the jar containing Satan that the Angel is holding.) the "Golden Age" can finally begin! (The crowds cheers!) Man in the Crowd - You mean today is the beginning of the "Golden Age?" God - Well no, not exactly. But very soon, in the year 2012! Man in the Crowd - Ahhh, but that's like a long way off...isn't it? Woman in the Crowd - Yeah! What about us now? Please take us with you. (Everyone is yelling at once. God puts his hand up in the air and the crowd becomes silent.) God - Do not worry, for I shall return. All things in good time...which shall result in a good time for....everyone! (With the wave of his hand a rainbow is produced across the sky as the people are in awe.) People - Yeaaa!!! God - I love you! Farewell! People - We love you too!!! Bye! Bye! (God enters the ship and it takes off. Inside the ship it turns out that Zen was dressed up like God and Lanoo was dressed up like the Angel and they takeoff their disguises. Tesla, Guy and Angela all burst out laughing at the Pleiadian's amazing performance.) Guy - You guys are too much! Tesla - Incredible! I must say that was some fine "Divine Intervention." Lanoo - That was fun! I must admit though that I almost lost it by laughing when we put Satan into the jar. (he laughs) He's such a little brat! Zen - A real little one now. (Everyone laughs as Satan in the jar is crying in a pool of tears with his hands rubbing his eyes. Angela looks at Satan crying.) Angela - I almost feel sorry for him. Zen - Don't let him deceive you, they're crocodile tears. He's not really crying, it's just another trick for us let him out. Lanoo - Well, I must say this has all been quite an adventure. Angela - It sure was.

Tesla - I want to personally thank you all for coming together to accomplish a goal that seemed totally impossible at first. And the universe truly thanks you as well. Guy - And I speak for the rest of us Tesla in saying thank you for having the courage to lead this fight against such overwhelming forces. (Zen speaks to Tesla.) Zen - And although some of us were a bit reluctant at first to join your crusade.... Lanoo - Not to mention any names of course. (everyone laughs) Zen - In the end, we were overjoyed to have been of service. Angela - Yes, it was definitely all worthwhile. (Everyone thanks Telsa.) Tesla - I've never felt this happy before. (His eyes fill with tears of joy.) Lanoo - So Tesla, where do you want to go in the universe, the trip's on us. Tesla - I haven't had time to think about it. Lanoo - No pun intended? (everyone laughs) Tesla - Not this time. (everyone laughs again) Zen - How about coming to our home planet for a vacation? Tesla - Really? Lanoo - For sure man, we'd love to throw a party for you....a big party! Tesla - I'd be most honored. Thank you. Lanoo - Hey! Would you two like to join us? (He looks at Guy & Angela.) Guy - Ah, thanks....but no thanks. Angela - We'll take a rain-check on that. Zen - I know were you two want to go.....home. (Guy & Angela both smile at each other.) Lanoo - Then it's home for you two.

Zen - So I figure that it would be best to put you both back in time to the day after the party. Guy - That's cool with me. Angela - That would be perfect. Zen - So be it....for it is done. (Zen then pushes a few buttons.) It seems that we're just arrived at your destination. Lanoo - And your destiny. (He smiles.) Angela - Yes! Guy - Ah...the miracle of time travel. Zen - Before we open the door though, we'd like to give you the choice of remembering all that has happened since the party or not. (Angela and Guy look at each other for a moment before deciding.) Guy - I never want to forget what we've accomplished. Angela - Me either. Zen - Somehow I knew you'd both say that. (Lanoo addresses Tesla, Guy and Angela.) Lanoo - You humans have inspired us in so many ways and have given us hope in humanity again. Zen - You have also helped reminded us what true friendship is through good and challenging times. Lanoo - Exactly! A friendship like this shall never be forgotten. Guy - And we thank you both from the bottom of our hearts as well. (he says to Zen and Lanoo) Angela - Will we ever see you again? (she says to Zen and Lanoo) Zen - One way or another I'm sure our paths shall meet again. Lanoo - How about us all getting together for that grand party of when the "Golden Age" begins in 2012?

Guy - We'll be expecting you...perhaps without as many surprises next time? Zen - Now that might be asking too much of us. Angela - As long as they're pleasant surprises. Lanoo - That's our favorite kind! (Guy and Angela hug Zen and Lanoo) Guy - Take care Tesla, I'll miss you. I'll always appreciate the beauty of what being a "Mad Scientist" is all about. Tesla - I think you meant that as a compliment. Guy - You know I did. Tesla - I wish the two of you happiness and long lives. (Tesla hugs Guy and Angela.) Zen - Stay well earthlings! Lanoo - We love you! Bye! Guy & Angela - We love you too! Good-bye! (Guy and Angela wave good-bye as they walk out the door. The spaceship then takes off as they both slowly walk down the street of the party.) Angela - It's so nice to be home again. Guy - Ah, home sweet home. Angela - So Guy...what are we going to tell our parents? Guy - I've been thinking about that...and there's only one story to tell. Angela - And.... Guy - We went to Vegas after the party and got married. Angela - And we lived happily ever after...... (They both smile, hug and kiss each other then keep walking with their heads next to each other. Closing credits and music plays as the image of them gets smaller and smaller as the camera slowly moves backwards up into outer space with a view of earth. The camera keeps moving backwards until the earth in no longer visible in the vast sea of stars and galaxies of the


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