Number of Cards Name of Spread 3 Blessings 5 Seeker 9 Work 9 Dancing Maidens 3 Relationship 7 Medicine Wheel 3 Moving On 10 Gill 15 Creating

a New Relationship 15 Enhancing a Relationship 8 Spiritual 7 Jung 5 Goal 10 Mandala 15 Wish 1 Daily 6 Relationship Path 3 Rune

Blessings Spread by MAGE (Adolph Lopez), using 3 cards. Blessing Spread based upon an old Navajo legend | The sun rises in the East and sets in the North | West. We awaken to the rising sun which | brings to us KNOWLEDGE and we reflect with West East | the setting sun on the WISDOM we've acquired | These are only the things of man and those | who need more must journey North into the Sig | heart of the night where reside the MYSTIC | or esoteric forces that surround & guide us. Sig: Significator = may be a card or an object 1st position = East 2nd position = West 3rd position = North This is one of my favorite spreads and it is extremely versatile, more so than you would expect. It is good for holidays, birthdays, celebrations, beginnings, endings,

If it points to a weakness. coworkers in making the decision. it gives a clue as to the querent's strengths or weaknesses that will affect the outcome of the situation. Cover card which covers the Significator (if chosen) Card 2. In other words. 2 The background. This card represents the impact of the outside world on finding the answer to the question. This card helps to define the question and sets the tone for the whole spread. and greetings. Card crossing to make a small cross. based on comments by Robin Wood and Michael Short): 1 The question itself. similar to Celtic Cross . 5 The answer. It may show many different aspects of the seeker. 3 The seeker. It represents the present. This card describes the past environment. Often. This card tells you what step you should take for the question/situation--provided that it is interpreted correctly !!! Rachel Pollack's Work Spread. Seeker Spread Here are the meanings of the positions for the 5-card Seeker spread (meanings my own. if it points to a strength. background and overall situation which have =led up to= the question--both the question itself and the reason that the question is being asked. but all/any of them relate specifically to the question that prompted this spread.blessings. that strength will be a key in the situation. that weakness will also be a key. This card points to places to look for advice and counsel and also reflects the importance and place of family. as opposed to the past of position 2. This card represents the querent in the situation at hand. 9 cards: Here is a brief description of the spread: Card 1. 4 The environment. friends.

ways of creative possibilities--these three cards are read together. Pollack calls them inner and outer aspects of the situation or Center and crossing. 7 cards are dealt out. and gives a slightly different focus. 3 24 1 5/S 9 68 7 1: Self in the Past 2: What you Saw 3: What you Heard 4: What you Felt 5: Self in the Present/Significator underneath if using one 6: What you will See 7: What you will Hear 8: What you will Feel 9: Self in Process of Becoming . with no one card having an assigned meaning Card 8 = Outcome. Card 3 = Past Experience Card 4 = Expectations (similar to Hopes and Fears) Cards 5-7 = Work: situations. using 9 cards. It uses one less card than the Celtic Cross. influences and attitudes to be used and/or overcome. plus an optional significator.Together. however. Dancing Maidens spread by MAGE (Adolph Lopez). or what will happen Card 9 = Result. these two cards show influences upon the situation or starting point. often opposing. but not always. In a straight line below the small cross. or the reaction to the Outcome This is an interesting and useful variation on the Celtic Cross and is good for ongoing concerns. left to right.

offering excellent insights into relationships. what is the block preventing the resolution? In these readings (all three variations). based on Mary Greer's spread from _Tarot for Your Self_ and using 3 cards The relationship spread (as modified by me) has three variations: 1) What is the nature of this relationship? 2) What is the problem between X and me? 3) What is the means to resolving the problem. 6. 5. not just romantic ones. or. 7 cards There is more than one spread called the Medicine Wheel. Medicine Wheel Spread. 2. and 8 are below the horizon and unknown to us at the present moment (card 5). 3. This is an extremely simple spread. 7. the center card is the problem or resolution or relationship itself. and 4 are above the horizon and easily discerned. Here is what the Medicine Wheel looks like: 4 RESOURCES .Mage says that should picture cards 1. It is based on a Navaho legend. and the right hand card is the perspective of the other person in the relationship. if it is currently unresolvable. the card on the left is the questioner's view. Relationship Spread. This is an excellent spread for introspection and opening up new ways of thinking and breaking out of mental ruts and blocks. and 9 as being on the line of the horizon. It works for all sorts of relationships. and is a =beautiful= spread. This is a description of the one from the booklet that comes with the Medicine Woman deck. but one that has often proved to be extremely powerful.

pentacles) 7 DEVOTIONS 1 5 CHANNELS (West/Fall/Sunset. and/or your relationship to having material form. That which will be experienced when the bridge is crossed. Carol Bridges.wands) 2 3 6 AIMS (South/summer/noon. slightly touching the bottom of card 2.swords) Card 2 slightly overlaps card 1.cups) (East/spring/dawn. especially in regard to self-expression.(North/Winter/Night. 6 South: Aim and direct. 6. You as you are currently experiencing yourself. That which must be scrutinized for its benefit to or interference with your goal. has to say about the spread: 4 North: Preparation. 3. and card 3 is horizontal. . the vision or fantasies that guide you and fill you with enthusiasm for life. Direct your thoughts and words. The preparation or emptying stage often relates particularly to Earth. The purification needed or taking place (if you choose to cross the bridge and desire the experience on the other side). 5. 5 East: Energy channel. 7 West: Devote time with utmost love. resources. aiming affirmatively toward the achievement you desire. Empty and make room. The creative focus needed or taking place. This is what the author. The bridge you are now crossing. 2. 4. Envision and be filled. The cards: 1. Speak for yourself.

''The bottom line represents the status quo. This spread is a very positive. The way you see your present condition. Fairfield says. as indeed the whole Medicine Woman deck seems to be. 2. Moving On Spread. The act affecting and holding the situation. 3 cards This spread is described in the booklet that comes with the Medicine Woman deck. left to right: 1. The attitude that will raise the situation to a higher level and be most beneficial to all concerned. Three cards. It is good for clarifying thoughts on the present and on helping to choose actions for the future. 3. but the spread can be done with any deck. where one weighs the pros and cons. the benefits and disadvantages of having and not having. begin at the bottom. That which you must act on with devotion and to which you must give your most unselfish love. learning spread. When studying the illustration. arranged in a line.7. 13 14 15 Probable timing of arrival of the ''other'' ================ . This is the ritual or disciplined offering you must make in order to reach your full potential in the area in question (to cross the bridge to reach the experience depicted in card position 3).'' This is a spread of balances. Creating a New Relationship: a spread by Gail Fairfield This spread calls for 12 cards and an optional additional 3 adding up to a potential 15 cards. It seems to be a good spread for future actions and decisions and for journeys inward.