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We want to establish an Islamic Government in Afghanistan that is independent, non-aligned and Islamically elected. Our Jihad will continue until this goal is a reality.

We insist on election as the only practical way for solving the current Afghan crisis. No Government other than an elected Islamic one will be able to put an end to the war and establish durable peace and security in Afghanistan.

The internal and external policy of our Government will be based on Qur' an and Sunnah. We will make independent judgements on all international issues and maintain friendly relations with all states except those that are engaging in activities detrimental to our faith, independence and territorial integrity.

The Islamic state of Afghanistan will take all possible measures to protect the rights of allAfghan nationals and will promote science and technology for the reconstruction, development, self-reliance and self-sufficiency of our state.

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Hezb-i- Islami Afghanistan, is one of the most organised, disciplined and popular organization of Afghan masses. It has in its folds an army of ideologically committed workers. HIA has also attracted a large number of Afghan itellegentia,

Besides being a well organized party of Afghan masses, HIA is now-a-days regarded as one of the main actors of the Afghan problem. Being a vocal critic of west and especially America, the Amirof Hezb-iIslami Afghanistan is seen as a major threat to the evil designs of western powers in Afghanistan who are .out to install a government of their ownchoice after the fall of Najib regime i.e replacing one puppet by another.

But these are not the only characteristics for which Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan is cherished by Afghan masses and intelligentia.

HIA has a very good track record

difficult to postpone the election process on the plea of the war; but HIA decided to hold elections and presently the party is going

through an extensive process for election of its Amir (chief) and central Shoora (consultative body). This is the seventh internal party elections of HIA since its inception in 1969. Its first election was held in the premises of the Kabul University in the year 1972 and a 5-member elected Shoora was formed. The venue of the meeting was the mosque of the polytechnic institute which was participated by about 253 persons who elected the 5-memebr Shoora.

The members included Moulvi Habib-ur-Rahman Shaheed, Engineer Habibu-Rahman Shaheed, Nusratyar Shaheed and Gulam Rabbani Ateesh Shaheed and Engineer Gulbadeen Hekmatyar(thepresent Amir of HIA). It is worth mentioning here that out of the twele founding members of HIA who launched this Islamic movement under the leadership of the Ustaz Abdur Rahim Niazi, eleven have embraced martyrdom and its is only its present Amir Engineer Gulbadeen Hekmatyar who is still

. alive and leading', this great Islamic movement. Hezb-i- Islami Afghanistan,have found in the leadership of Engineer Hekrnatyar, a link between its past and

of holding its internal elections at regular intervals. which m~es it a fully democratic organization. Even during the Jihad (Holy War) it kept its tradition of hoI ding elections intact; otherwise it would not have been

present, He is witness, rather remained par of all the ups and downs through which HIA has passed since its inception.

Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan was

formed by twelepersons but today thenumbcr of its Arkan (members) and Azo (Associate mem bcrs) are about one million so the present election process involves about one million workers of HIA, a developlenmt for which Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan could very rightly be proud of. Engineer Gulbadeen Hekrnatyar Amirofthe Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan addressed a ceremony held at N asrat Meena, Shamshatu camp, in Peshawar, in connection with the holding of the elections for Amir of and Shoora of HIA. A long number of the members the members and Associ'ate. members of the Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan.

He dwelt at length on the importance of the election process and emphasized that election for Amir and its central Shoora is the basic tenet of our collective system and election process. It is our belief that Amir must be elected by the U mmah; Islam has given this right to Ummah, he said. He, however, said that Allah Almighty has directed Muslims to entrust the right to rule in those people who are capable of carrying out this duty.

Emphasizing the need of the Shoora, Engineer Hekmatyar said that the Shoora ensures solution of our problems" cement our unity and also serve as a strong cheek against mistakes.

Engineer Hekrnatyar told the audience that it is now upto you as to whon you give the rightto run the affairs of such an Islamic movement which is the centre of hopes for hundred of thousands of martyrs, orphans and widows. You should exercise utmost care in exercising your right to vote. He also threw light on the characteristics which a member of the Shooraor Amirof an Islamic movement should have and asked ' the members of the HIA to keep in mind these characteristics while exercising their votes.

We hope that HIA would continue to keep its ISlamic and democratic tradition of holding its party elections and it is also hoped that the members ofHIA would keep in mind the characters and sacrifices of people to whom they are going to entrust the task of running this great Islamic movement; the address of Engineer Hekmatyar could serve as a guideline in this connection.


The United States former ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Robert B. Oklay has recently elaborated on the theory of a 'New World Order' .. He said that the American proposed new world order meant peaceful settlement of international disputes, enhancement of international. co-operation, solidarity against aggression, lessening of confrontations and reduction in arms. Before taking his statement on its face value we must look around to find the secret agreements between US and Isreal; the Israeli bombardment of a sovereign state, Lebanon, the sole attentionpaid to disarm Iraq, and military/economic sanctions against Pakistan. These measures, discriminatory in natrue, are

of Israel is also well known. Months before they declared their secret agreements with Isarel. These secret agreeements mean a lot. Then who is to hoodwink.

If the U. S wants reduction in armaments the best thing is to begin the charity at home. Destroy your own arsenals, conventional as well as nonconventional. Now you have no excuse of Russian danger as it has become your surrogate like Britain. If you are wellIntentioned, China too will follow suit. But this is not the case. The new world order has the first clause to the effect of America being the supreme power. That is why they want a 'new world order' instead of 'an orderly world'.

sufficient to show what the 'New World Order' has in store for the Muslims in the globe.

The whole wolrd is witness to the fact that the Americas are interested only in theirs own supremacy. They have a despicable record in Vietnam, their collaboration with the terrorist state

I remember the Soviet Union campaigning for world peace after the second world war was over. It had organized big international conferences on the subject. They had even mobilised a sign campaign against war and aggression. But then all of a sudden the whole process stopped, why? Because after the II war Russia was afraid of


American nuclear capability already demonstrated in Heroshima. But when Russia aC9 uied the same capability itself it abandoner its movement for world peace. It was not peace that Russia was struggling for; they wanted only to ward off the American nuclear danger by raising hue and cry for world peace. By doing so America would come under the pressure of world public opinion forgetting to use its force against Russia. The same is the case with the new world order it is not order that is sought but only to disarm and enslave some states under the glorious label of new world order. Those who are betenoir are to be disarmed and punished. The pet ones are allowed and helped in arming themsel ves and attacking others. What a discriminatory 'new world order'! To substantiate the point more we should recall a fresh statement by James Backer U.S Secretary of State wherein he has stated that America will not allow China to sell missiles to Pakistan and Syria. Keeping in view the favourable attitude of America towards Israel etc one comes to know the blue print of the proposed order.

There is also a strong opinion circulating in certain circles. It says that emphasising the new world order in place of en vi go rating the already existing

. charter of the United Nations for world peace, envisages another dimension also .. According to this theory America, through the proposed order, wants to

. circumscribe the economic giants like Germany in the West and Japan in the East. As the two powers pose economic challenges to the U. S, so the need to minimise their power. Any how, all facts seem to point to anything but ajust international system applicable to all nations equally. In case we are wrong the concerned ones are invited to prove.

........... Ih oq- ••••••• P'

The chief of Hezbi-Islami Afghanistan, Engineer Gulbaddin Hekmatyar has blamed Washington for continuation of Moscow's military aid to the Najib regime for another winter.

In a wireless interview from Afghanistan with Afghan News Agency on Saturday, he said that for a long time he had been demanding an end to the US intervention in the Afghan affairs, enabling its people to determine their future themselves.

malign intentions of US, because Americans believe that the continuation of military supplies to the puppet regime during the next fall will guarantee its survival as Mujahideen will not be able to take action against the puppet regime the puppet regime due to incliminate weather" he remarked.

Gulbaddin Hekmatyar maintained that the date for the cessation arms has been set for January next year in a bid to give a new life to the puppet regime of

expressed doubts over the accord on negative symmetry between the two superpowers and termed it a plot to deceive Mujahideen and to further isolate them internationally .:

Maulvi Mohammad Yonus Khalis, the chief of his own faction of Hezb-i-Islami in an interview on Saturday said that after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, Moscow has been making all out efforts to increase the credence of the puppet regime of Kabul. This is due to this policy of

He said, Moscow's agreement on negative symmetry speak the truth that Soviet were readyto put an immediate end to the military supplies, to Kabul, but the US seemed unwilling just because they had no alternative for Najib and had the supplies stopped to the regime it might have resulted in his removal and establishment of Mujahideen government in Afghanistan. He said.that Washington never seemed inclined tosuch a change and for that reason it ventured to force Moscow to continue aid to Kabul till January next year.

"This itself speaks of the

Kabul, but God willing the will not last longer as Mujahideen were determined to take a befitting action against it.

A large number of other Mujahideen leaders have also

USSR, the puppet regime has sometimes been appealing for ceasefire and some times for national reconciliation or negotiations etc. to boost its image up.

He said that had the two

superpowers been sincere in resolving the Afghanistan problem they should have put an immediate end to the military supplies to both Mujahideen and the Kabul regime.

, Maulvi Youns Kahlis said that massive military supplies to the Kabul regime by Moscow are continuing which are being stored for odd times.

He said that there was no reason in setting the date for a halt in military supplies for January next year and added, had the parties been sincere in resolving the problem they

, should have immediately stopped the military supplies.

He viewed that Moscow will not spare any efforts to guarantee survival of the puppet regime, while on the contrary Mujahidecn did not suit the American interests in Afghanistan. He however, maintained that the impact of the cessation of anus will not be negative on Mujahideen rather it would boost their moral because started Jihad with empty bands just for blessing of the Almighty Allah.

He showed pessimism that some friendly countries of Afghanistan wjll: split in different camps and it will-aid fuel to the fire

in Afghanistan. . ' "

- "',' J~e also criticised 'the visit of UN Security General Perez de Cuel~r to Iran and Saudi Arabia and said that his trip was aimed at stopping the financial assistance of Saudi Arabia to Mujahideen, He alleged that the international forum was venturing to force Mujahideen and the puppet regime in an interaAfghan dialogue.

The ex-deputy chief of NIF A' 'and former AIG education

minister Dr. Fraooq Azam, in an interview with Afgan News Agency termed the agreement as a positive step, He said that the moment the anus supplies are stopped, the Kabul regime will collapse. He said that Mujahideen enjoyed support of the, majority of Afghan people while the regime was relying on mercenaries who fought against Mujahideen by dint of massive Soviet supplies. '

He said that stoppage of ' military aid to the parties will not put an end to the war in Afghanistan and Mujahideen are determined and to continue Jihad till removal of the regime and establishment of an Islamic government in Afghanistan.

Dr. Farooq Azam predicted an early fall of the puppet regime.

The chief of J amiat - i - Islami Afghanistan, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, in his reaction said, the agreement On negative symmetry • between the two superp!Jwers was not a surprising one. He said that the military aid' to Mujahideen was stopped immediately after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan while the puppet regime was being supplied anus by Moscow upto its teeth and nail. He considered the agreement a step in positive direction.

Prof. Rabbani expressed doubts that Moscow would sincerely honour the agreement and feared that the regime will be supplied m i litary under different pretexts. He feared massive' anus induction to Kabul till January next.'

He believed that if the Soviet implemented this agreement in true sense and spirit, the collapse of the communist regime will come very close. ~


Iran Helping Kabul Regime

A prominent Afghan Shia Mujahideen leader has diclosed that Iran is providing food assistance to the regime of Najib. He said that this help by the Iranian leadership for a communist ruler was against the wishes of the people of Iran as well

as the Afghan Mujahideen, •

Criticising ih~ foodsupply to Kabul by' Iran, the Afghan Mujahideen leader said neither Iran nor any other country had the right to enter in any talks on behalf of the Afghan Mujahideen or therefugecs.

Hujatul Islam Jibraili, a spokesman fo rthe four -party alliance of the Shia Afghan Mujahideen. Hujatul Islam further said his alliance outrightly rejected the recently concluded tripartite talks on the Afghan issue at Tehran. libraili made these remarks during an interview with The Frontier Postat his office in Peshawar yeasterday.

The Peshawar-based

alliance of the Shia Afghan Mujahideen, Shora-e-Ethtelaf is representing the Herakat-e-Islami, led by Ayatullah Asif Muhsani, Shora-e-Ittefaq with Ayatullah Syed Nadir Ali Maddavi as its chief, Pesdaran-e-Jihad under Ayatullah Taqadusi and Jabah-e-Mutahid led by Qasmi.

Shora-e-Ehtelafhas also its offices at QuettaandChitral but it is

_ functioning in low profile. All these four parties of the Shia Afghan Mujahideen were born in Tehran but they shifted their bases to Pakistan more than two year ago. The reason for shifting to Pakistan wasthe differences they developed with the Iranian leadership: These Mujahideen claim that under interference in their internal affairs by the Iranian leadership made them to come to Pakistan.

- '", , :.:~.. . .... ::: .).:).:>.:: .. "

Is oppressioriremovable? ... or to put~fln . other\v(,rdS;isiruejlisii~rffidsecti~ediib~rty attainable? ... HereShaykh Ibn·Ai>ayonlic()ntendsthafthecultl1r~lIdispositi(,n6fa.~Hpleist~e most reliable'varlantthat can be used to accelerateoTllefeF their own coriirii>tlti()n to human dvilization •. ~but The Third World has its own problem~h<lthisisexactIYwh3fHtit6,r()thei/ tries to explainin ...• .•••... ' .;?/

, .





The problem with the Third World is that it apparently wants tojoinotherworlds without making sure first that it removes those basic reasons responsible for its backwardness.

Hardly can there ~ver be-going by the documented history of mankind till date- a nation which ;ihains greatness, on a globe full of competitions, without having some driving ideological tenets on which the superiority of the entire community IS founded .. ._,,'

.. I ~

A country or Ylice devoid of a dynamic and unified faith in a common goal is already sentenced to an everlasting imprisonment in the waste basket of history.


What therefore is needed in the Third World to catch up with the so-called

advanced democratic states or the big "capitalist-7, is to shed the implanted ~ inferiority complex in their psyche and ,- believe devotedly in the possibility of '~ everything within the extensive boundaries

of nature.

The duty starts with the governments in building first and foremost 'real and living nations whose citizens are united not necessarily by language or colour but by intrinsic deep faith in a common goal with total preparedness todie for this FAITH wi thout hesitation.

Unfortunately today, before. the Third World is named as developing or underdeveloped, its leaders have earlier failed to

.......... ,$.,.,.,'} •.. , •. '.',., .. ','.' ..•.. '.','.',','.'.','.','.'.'.'.','.'.'.',',',',',',','.',',',' .. ,',.,'.',',',',',','.',',', .•..•..... ' ..•..••....•.• + , :, ,., , } , . .,

. fulfil the twornost important responsibilities. These are the duties of producing universal ideological principles that could rally their I, own subjects together and the obligation of embarking on a programme of selfsufficiency. The few among them who could be said to possess some in-sights as regards

.. these problems failed woefully in practical implementation of what they held to be theoretically correct.

It was perfectly true that the Third World at one time or the other was subjected to a rule of exploitation and plaunder by today's so-called champions of liberty and defenders of human rights. Their resources were funnelled away and the meagre manpower in their possession was drained to the marrow. Such denials came 'through slave trade, colonialism, neo-colonialism and today's dollar imperialism. These infact were '(and are) some of what could be called our

problems but looking deeply one finds them

to be of a secondary nature. .t

In life, man has to struggle and the fact that others stand on his way in trying to prevent his progress, can never be a cogent excuse for inaction. The true problem is that where many a nation among the so-called developed and advanced countries falls and stands up again to face the challenges of life, most Third World countries called it a quit and resigned themselves unjustly to fate. The issue therefore is more of will, determination and perseverance than of anything else.

Any nation as a gathering of tribes and clans might not be blamed for this but the culture that aids ignorance, abets superstitions, produces tyrants and pacifies the populace against all logical demands for a revolt should be held responsible for their backwardness. You ~ave to take up the

initiatives '. 'and if other solutions are '.' unproductive. you should take to a radical -armed struggle in stopping the oppression,



• } i '

r~~." r . Thereasonswhyoppressorswould

always wish to exploit others are known. .~ ~:, 'Blaming the enemy for one's defeat is not a " t·

better course in a world filled with injustice.

It is utmost stupidity to go into battles with a perfect hope that the enemy would lay down his arms and turn in his men without the least resistance. Why haven't' the oppressed populace as a response risen up in arms against tyranny and exploitation? If for one reason or the other, or to be more explicit if

) , people willingly subscribe to an archaic social ,system; which stands always against progress and revolution at a time when nothing pays better than strong will and a positive break with the past, then nothing besides their own ineptitude and cowardice'must be held

v responsible for their backwardness.


. 'we must know that true freedom starts from the heart. If the mind still exists in bondage of customs and traditions and the brain is not free from the venoms of passion and superstitions then no hope for the fathers nor. their progenies.

Today there are leaders in the Third World who do claim they are out tosalvage their people and propel the wheel of progress ahead except that reality has confirmed that they do not believe in anything beside the oppressive religion of fraud and tyranny. They are prepared to plunder the national treasury to the last cent and if possible, mortgage the whole nation as a wedding gift, and more often than not, exterminate villages if not towns and provinces to remain in power ....

Do we blame them, when in fact they are nothing but mere seeds of'an old ~d

Ironically, this very tradition that ungloriously condemns its own believers into near permanent state of soclopolitical, economic and intellectual serfdom before other nations is itself devotedly elevated at the altar'of oppression

by almost every member of the community a,s the, epitome of their own/contribution to human civilization!

Ironically, this very tradition that ungloriously condemns' its own believers into near permanent state of socio-political, economic and intellectual" serfdom before other nations is'itself devotedly elevated at the altar of oppression by almost every member of the community as the epitome of their own contribution to human civilization L

1t is not the want of ideas that the Third World lacks nor the labour, capital and raw~aterialsto be used {n furthering technoindustrial development and protecting its societies from capitalist monopoly and Zionist exploitation. What it actually lacks is a dynamic and unified ideological faith that, brings forth strong determination and iron will which can put resources together for the cause o~~afUeaningfilJcsovereignty.

-,;<,: '_<' ~.

strong faith in a common goal resides in the mind and not on thelips of the leaders or in statutory books nor in the color o{the flagorversesof'the ~them. Islamically

t,', •

strong cultural tree of vanity. This is another main reason why many a movement that crops up ~iih the name of'lslarnic resurgence mightnever succeed. The pointsof emphasis in the' programmes of a lot of these organizations have al ways been what should be rightly referred to as subordinate issues. -These of course include fanatkal concentratiori on religious ritualism, open defence or unconscious protection of unpragmatic social traditions, shameful apologetism in form of psedo-modernism, mere assassination of tyrannical leaders as well as terrorist oppressionalon -slaught and

, untactical or pure chaotic confrontational programmes with existing oppressive systems. The whole strategy could, be summarized as a programme devoid of thorough ideological world-view and lacking basicsocio-political spade-work.

, The final result of any of the above

.mentioned objectives is essentially' not different from the others. With vduc

acknowledgements, each of the goals is part of what should be done but could not On its , o:wn constitute the absolute aim of a fundamental global or local popularupheaval .

The hightest ambition of a true Islamic revolution is to change an existing oppressive system and establish in its stead a dynamic and just way of life. Both (he words "system" and "way of life" mean the same thing. They represent the doctrinal understanding, individual manners, predominant customs, political administration, social behavioral pattern, educational aspirations.legal set -up, military organization e.t.c. These all and more form the general cultural institution of the community,

The objective of Islamic revolutionary movement from what is said so far could be seen to be lofty, comprehensive and eternal. Killing a despotic president for instance or embarking on economic structural adjustment, constitutional amendments, building of mosques and spiritual centres as well as calling zealously 'to religious enthusiasm ar:e therefore never enough to guarantee desired fundamental and complete 1sIamic changes in any particular human community. The horizon has to be broadened and the programmes should be embracing and pragmatic.

The cultural disposition ill the society must be reformed and re-channeled to fulfil the triple responsibilities of (i) creating a devoted block among the masses led by sincere dedicated men equipped with true Islamic revolutionary programme(ii) confronting the oppressive socio-political machinery and its operators (iii) guaranteeing the perpetuation and dynamism of the new Islamic system.

Each one of these objectives can never be treated in isolation. It neitherrneans that they must be' accomplished simultaneously. What is intended is that the revolutionary programme must take cognizance of these thre~' aims together so that their realisations even if consecutive in time and space are more-or-Jess automatic and systematic. To achieve or-rather create such a methodology, the point-of emphasis must always be ori how best 10 break with the oppressive culture and at the same time initiate a pragmatic substitute so as to avoid sociopolitical and doctrinal vacuum.

In severing the deve!opmerital


To emphasize this point further, the immediate objective therefore for a pragmatic Islamic revolutionary group is to create its own system that even if mirco in scope and operation but carries within its operational circumference great potentiality and dynamism that would eventually become the global or national culture in the future. These various Muslim militant associations are entrenched though unconsciously in the oppressive past of their individual communities and are embedded with traditional and antl-progrosslve institutions of the present monarchial, totalitarian or psedo-democratic states. The result is predictable. It is a road that leads into blind alleys of failures, frustrations, and chaos.

pattern of the movement from the , retrogressive traces of the past and unwanted set -up of conservative traditional community, a new li;ing cuI ture that is unique in message and goals, viable in manifestation and qynamic toperpetuate itself must be adopted from the word go by the group. This is to say that thetmovemenr should instead of all unnecessary engagements in secondary and irrelevant projects must concentrate on how to be a self independent group that can exist and progress without the oppressors and their system. In other words it must from the onset, has to be a community, within a community or rather a state within another.

To emphasize this point further, the immediate objective .

therefore for a pragmatic Islamic revolutionary group is to create its own system that even if mirco in scope and operation but carries within its operational circumference great potentiality and dynamism that would eventually become the global or national culture in the future,


Unfortunately, most of th_e so-called radical fundamentalist organizations and, thelr twin-sisters of

-, conservative traditional religionists, really want to change the very system, they themselves are not prepared to permanently break away from, This is in addition to the

fact that they have no intrinsic momentum to generate and maintain a new and distinctive way of life as an acceptable alternative, '

These various Muslim militant associations are entrenched though unconsciously in the oppressive past of their individual communities and are embedded with traditional and anti-progressive institutions of the present monarchial, totalitarian or psedo-democratic states. The result is predictable. It is a road that leads into blind alleys of failures, frustrations, and chaos. Even if there appears rays of victory and accomplishment now or later, the s·ocalled new Muslim governments which eventually might be formed will finally

crumble on their subjects without prior notification. The whole process after this abrupt but natural termination is again reinitiated from the beginning and everything continues endlessly in a circle.

The merits therefore that can be found in creating a movement that implants its adherents with a living way oflife are too numerous to count here.

(1) The existing culture of vanity is practically confronted without exposing the developing embrayonic organization to unnecessary brutal governmental reprisals. (ii) The movement puts its own alternative into a selected and limited experimentation. Here opportunities are created for corrections and new initiatives, before ever striving with all available forces at the prospect of its becoming the paramount system in the community;


(iii) Members of such a movement would have unconsciously been trained. so much to be future operators of a new socio-political and economico-ideological programmes.

(iv) Finally the achievement of each of the major goals become not only easier but gives enough room for eternal perpetuation,

For our own purpose here therefore, we can conclude that for a true Islamic revolutionary accomplishment a total break from the past and existing culture of vanity is a must. +Hole

Surrendering at last:- Communist fighters giving themselves up to the Mujahideen

" I

, .

, .

, .


August 7:

Army official rounded up:

Ka bul: Fifteen Army officials rounded up for probeinto the Taj Beg blasting incident

The Kabul regime rounded up 15 high ranking anny and Khad officials for interrogations to probe the Taj Beg ammunition dump blasts, reports ANA' s field correspondent in Kabul.

It may be mentioned here that the Mujahideen of Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan had carried out the attacks at Taj Beg ammunition dumps and Oregan, Scud and Lima missile Launchpaths at Darul-Aman Kabul on.JulyTl,

The Mujahideen sources claimed to have destroyed two ammunition dumps at Bibi Ghaib at Tappa-e- Taj Beg and Oregan, Scud and Luna missile stations at Darul Aman. Around 150 persons were killed in these blasts while 50 ~J~gime tanks were destroyed besides other large scale material losses to the.regime forces.

Shughnan District captured,

different kinds from the militia barracks and captured 500 Klashinkovs and Pistols.

Shughnan District in the NorthEastern Badakhshan province fell to Afghan Mujahideen after three days

Three Mujahideen embraced

heavy fighting on August 5, Mujahideen martyrdom while eight others sustained commanders Shoora,basedlnPeshaw~·'::!ihjuri'es. The Shughnan District is while quoting wireless message Of situated on the border of Soviet Union .

. Mujahideen said that Mujahideen

launched an attack under the jointcommand of sayed Ali Khan (Hezb-iIslal11i)arrd., Basir Khalid (Jamiat-eIslami) on the District on Augu§t 3.'

August 10:

'Mujahi4een's affensive in Logar and Maidan

About 66 regime militiamen were either killed or injured while 300 were caught alive by the Mujahideen forces, Til~y recovered 24 cannons ,of.

In Logar province Mujahideen la~ncheda joint attack on regime security posts anddestroyed three security posts.

the Shahrud area of Gulran Distriect in Herat province. A report received from Herat disclosed that Mujahideen launched ajoint attack on regime militia regiments. After a slight resistance four regiments of the regime surrendered.to Mujahideen. The surrendered militiamen brought with themselves two 75 mm cannons, three ~K-l, five RPG-7 Rocket Launchers, twentyheavy machine guns, 600 Klashinkovs a9d six rnili tary trucks.

The Kabul regime Jet Bombers also heavily pounded Mujahideen basses and the civil population. Commander Mohammad Daudzai was martyred

. while a number of houses were demolished in the aerial bombings.

Meanwhile fierce fighting broke out between Mujahideen and the regime forces at the centre of Maidan Wardak province. As a result, Mu jahideen captured eight security posts at post Kamar, Chashrna-e-Wazer and Abdara. The captured posts are in full control of the Mujahideen and theywere making more advances on the regime's other centres.

Militarytrucks captured

The Afghan Mujahideen seized military trucks of the Kabul regime on Kabul-Heratan Highway and set ablaze 14 oil tankers.

. According to details

commanders, Abdul Hamed from Samangan province Dr. Ismail from

Auugust, 18:

100 Killed 300 injured in indiscriminate bombings

Peshawar. Hundred civilians were killed while around 300 injured due to indiscriminate bombings by Kabul regime Jet fighters on Badakhshan, Takhar and Kunduz provinces during the past two days.

According to wireless

messages received by the commanders Shoora in Peshawar the regime fighter planes severly bombed trading centres; orchards and densely popuiated areas in the Northern provinces of Afghanistan.

In the course of heavy bombingsMujahideendownedaSU-27 Bomber of the regime in Juram District of Badakhshan province on August. 17, Mujahideen captured the pilot of the bomber, col. Abdul Matccn, who disclosed thathe alone carried out 300 sorties on Mujahidccn positions and

Baghlan province blocked the KabulHeratan Highway near HazratSultan for thtee-days antl'captut&fs'ixteen military trucks of the regime. The trucks were bringing military hardware to Kabul from the Soviet Union. Mujahideen also destroyed 2 tanks and set ablaze 14 oil tanksers and captured a n urn ber of regime militiamen in the three day operation.

civilian areas in- Badakhshan from the Bagram Airbase (Kabul) fot two days.

August 22:

Militiamen '8urran~er

Four militia regiments or the Kabul regime surrendered to Mujahideen of commander, Maulavi Serajuddin in

August 22: heavy Bornbing

Scores of people including men; women and children 'were reportedly killed and injured while large scale distruction was caused to civilan property in the week long hea~y born bing of the Kabul regime Jet Fighters in the central Bam yan province, reports Afghan News Agency.

August 27:

Copter Downed

Peshawar: Mujahideen

downed a regime military Helicopter with anti-aircraft gun in Sharak District of Helm and province on Aug. 26, reports ANA.

In another report, the Mujahideen also captured a security post and killed six militiamen and injured eight others in Helmand province.

Convoy Attacked

Peshawar: Mujahideen

attacked a military convoy of the Kabul regime on the Mazar- Tashqaighan Highway in Samangan province and destroyed one tank and four military trucks of the Kabul regime loaded with arms and ammunition.

August 31:

Two Copters Downed in Ghazni

Peshawar: Mujahidecndowned two military Helicopters of the Kabul regime East of Ghazni city in Ghazni

province. According to wireless reports of the Mujahideen the Helicopters were straffing the military bases of Sielgar Front when they came under anti-aircratf fire of the Mujahideen. Both the Helicopters crashed and its pilot with the crew members were killed instantly.

Sept. 3:

protest against Kayhan International assasination threat

Teheran: Iran-based Afghan intellectuals and refugees staged a protest rally in front of the main offices of the government funded English Language newspaper "Kayhan International" in Tehran last week, to protest the publication of an editorial in the paper which had called for the' head of Afghan Mujahideen leader Gulbaddin Hekmatyar' reports Afghan News Agency. '

An informed, Afghan source told newsmen that. the protestors, carrying banners praising Hekrnatyar and denouncing the editorial board of the paper, first tried to break through the main gate of thechief editor's office

before being pushed back by Iranian Security forces. They also submitted a protesl!noteto chief-editor ofISayhan, demanding" a written apology and clarification.

, The source said, next morning

, instead of rectifying his blunder, the editor-in-chief, adding insult to injury wrote thai "we actuall y did norfhcan the physical elimination of Hckrnatyar, but we only msant his poliuoal elimination."

This has further infuriated the

. Afghans and there was fear of more protest r~lies against the pro-Iranian ' government paper.

It is to be no.tcd that Hekmatyar has already condemned the said editorial and has termed it the work of some fanatics, "Within the wling circle of·

Iranian government"


Hekmatyar on death threat to his life by Iranian paper

Peshawar: Amir of Hezb-i-Is lami Afghanistan, Gulbaddin Hikmatyar has said that the death threat issued to him by an Iranian newspaper was not accidentally published' but it was the handiwork-of dements with a sectarian outlook in Iran who wanted to please the west. He made these remarks in an interview with a group of Arab journalists who met him inside Afghanistan on Friday Sept. 6.

Hikmatyarcommented that the Iranian government was infuriated by the failure of the tripartite' Tehran conference on the Afghan issue which were not attended by Hezb-i-Islami.

They are f earf ul of the strength and power of Hezb-i-Islami which is capablcof'cstablishing and adminiscrting an Islamic government in Afghanistan. He, however, said that only time would tell the rnbtives behind the dcaih decree against him in Kayhan International Newspaper.

The leader OfHIA opined that; we are certain that the Iranian nation does not agree"

with the government's policy! on Afghanistan. He also alleged that certain Iranian elements were opposed to the formation of an Islamic government in Afghanistan and ins t e a d advocated the establishment of a coalition government that would include even Najib the head of the puppet communist regime ,in Kabul.

The Mujahideen, September .1991


Turks spread Islam in Yugoslavia. Muslims ruled there for centuries. Even today, Muslim population in Yugoslavia touches the figure of 20%. Though Marshall Tiro did his best to maintain unity of his country but after his death in 1980 signs of disintegration began to appear.

,The story of Muslim suppression in Yugoslavia is very long and painful. Though still under an oppressive rule the wave of awakening is raging. Muslims

. demanded to be registered as Muslims when the first census was held after the world war II. But they were not allowed and in Serbia, Croatia, Slovania, Kosov and Meqdonia they were registered as ethnic minority. The federation of Yugoslavia assumed its present shape in 1918. Since then, due to the prejudiced and chauvenistic attitude of the Serbian majority towards the smaller nationalities, the country has been experiencing unrest and tension. The' communist rulers have always been fanning Serbian nationalism in the Sebrian population. Now they are reaping the same harvest. In

place of providing employment to and solving the economic problems of Serbians, they were being fed on ultra nationalism. This has resulted in the country's move towards disintegration. Serbs being the majority population, constitute 70% of armed forces of the country. In thebureaucracy too they have great influence. Slovenia and Croatia are the richest republics of the country but they are in minority. They provide . for a great part of the budget which is spent on the poorer republics. They are richer than Serbs.

This is the Serbian superiority complex that compelled the minorities to struggle for cesession. Slovenia and Croatia have already declared their independence .Apart from ethnicity, religious considerations have also played a

part in the war of nationalities. Slovenia and Croatia. for instance, are catholics while Serbia is Arthodox Christian. In December last year 80% of Slovenians voted in favour of independence from Yugoslavia. After that clashes ensued between Slovenian nationalists and the Federal Army consisting mainly of Serbs.' Like Slovenia, Croatia set out on ' a struggle of freedom. In response the Serbian minority residing in Croatia. decided to annex its. territory to Serbia. Many have been killed in these clashes. At first there was no noteworthy international support for the freedom movement but later on America and Russia supported the peaceful resolution of the problem.

In neighbouring Austria and Hungary people supported the cause

of the' frcedommovement in Slovenia. Half of Austrian population consists of ethnic Slovenians. Some countries after the aggression by the Federal Army,

, signalled that if aggression by the federal army continued they would consider recognition of the independence of Slovenia and Croatia. In the wake of struggle for independence in Yugoslavia the European community declared to senda50 membernon-militaryteam to study the situation. It, also presented a peace plan to the effect of cessation ofhostilities, suspension of the independence declaration for 3 months and to find a peaceful negotiated settlement of the issue.

:::':'~'M"':'?'~:'~~;::;':":::%:H:::~:i@::::*Wim:*::::":i:@H'::":i::::~;;::::i::::::::::{:@:::,:::::':':':j':i The Mujahideen, September. 1991 ;:iW?::':i:i:i;tmt:@L:'i:m::i'!:'i::~:fi;:':':::r::W:Page 14'%%M:*:::s.:i'::'~:':j:;

, The warin the rcpublicsdies unIslamic forces. An important

down off and on but the tension personality in herzogovina wrote in

persists. The FederalArmy wants to J 985," Better to shut down all the

capture the outposts of the two Muslim schools and Madrassas."

republics for which neither of the The second future Islamic state of

republic's Governments ,Is ready to Kosov where Muslims are 90% is

accept. In addition to this, the two the victim of Serbians. From 1981 to

republics have distributed arms 1983 about 1 000 Muslims belonging

among their residents to resist the to 73 "illegal" organizations were

Federal Army's thrust. The European arrested. On April 4, 1984 a

nations-have paid scant attention to newspaper of Zegri b wrote: "Atleast

the issue. They want to 'see' the one memberof everyMuslim family

secessionist problem resolved to their was arrested", '

satisfaction . ,They fear the failure in resolving theproblcm might result into world war like situation .in Europe: ChancelorKohlofGermany observed recently that,a counry cannot be maintained by, tanks.



If America


recognize croatia and Slovenia as .. independent states the emergence of t wo

. other Islamic states Bosinahe-. rzegovina "and Kosov from Yugoslavia will appear logical.

T hi e Government of Yugoslavia had blamed Muslims a f Bosinaberzegovina of attempting to establish an Islamic .stare in, 1984. The I au thori ties":had

a oJ i. c

,The Serbian president' while presenting report on April 12, i 984

, in the presidium, declared proudly:

"In Kosov we took. severe steps to estop riOIS. That was, the only way left. We sent people to jail even for a minor crime. We had no patience for them." In Kosov there is a virtual martIal! law since 19.81. These

, conditions point to the creation of , Islamic s'ta[c~ out of Yugoslavia .

Now (hat Yugoslavia is on the yerge ~f splitting into several independent states,' the world Muslims must rise to the occasion.

, As in the case of Baltic States the Western powers supported their cause ofindepcndcnce forcefully but ignored the central Asian Muslim Republics. The same is the case with the Yugoslavian republics. The west is interested in freedom movements 'of Croatia and Slovenia but does not 'h,6ed to M uslim population demands

. ·for freedom.This is a glimpse of the proposed new world order. What is sought Ior the non-Muslim populationis different from what is prescribed for the MusJims. Muslims of the world must wake up from the deep slumber., They must .diffcrcntiatc between their friend and

foe. It.is only fo~them to take up the cause of Yugoslavian Muslims in every world forum to sa've them fr~m

-slav~IX' ." "



, consensual principle was violated by the British rulers


~ r ,_ and Hindu leaders. They were joined by the non .. Muslim

,..' Dogra Maharja of Kashmir, Hari Singh, to annex Kash!,nir

The Kashmir issue, basically, is an issue oft to .India. human rights. The people in Kashmir, numbering about

12 millions are constantly denied their right to self-"'J.... To superimpose the will of Hari Singh over the determination and self-government. Their national, ~. wishes of the overwhelming majority of Kashmiri political, economic, soical, cultural and civil freedoms .. ~ Muslims, who aspired to join Pakistan, was a blratant are continously attacked. Many third world nations have 'violation of all the democratic norms. The question . gained independence' after world War II. But Kashmir is T afises why the last British vicerory to India Lord still underthe alien rule. Looking at the struggle Kashmiris .~ M.,ounthJ?atten and Hindu leaders like Gandhi and Nehru have launched for the last two years one is assured of lit, were so much interested in separating Kashmir from their ultimate success. I' ::;,Pakistan? Already we are provided with the answer.

'":'" They thought, Kashmirbeing a strategically important

The movement for the liberation of Kashmir is :1i"area, without which Pakistan would always remain an historical process. The Kashmir problem was the ,,>; ~ulnerable to India geographicaly . It was due to this direct result of the division plan of the Indian sub- ... Importance that Qaidi Azam called Kashmir the jugular continent in 1947. Pakistan and India becameindepcndent -,11 vein of Pakistan -, Moreover, the retaining of Kashmir by onAugust 14 and 15. 1947 respectively, on the basis of . J~dia was meantto give India a dominant position in the two-nation theory, implying, Hindus and Muslims arc !":sub-cbntinent. What the leaders of Hindu Congress like two different peoples thus deserving two different ~! Acharia Korplani and Krishna Menon wrote to

sovereign states. '

Kashmir, then a princely state, was also to be .madc a part of Pakistan because it was Muslim majority area. It would be in conformity with the decided principle by Hindu, Muslims and British' rulers to' the-: effect that Muslim majority areas be included in Pakistan

o"i while Hindu majority areas be made part of I India.Butinthecaseof


I •


Mountbatten before the division of the sub-Continent meant that after division all the regions will one day reunite. It implied the eventual destruction of Pakistan. This wish on the part of Hindus was completely shared-. . by. British colonialists. This wish proved declsive i~. making the Muslim Kashmir a part ofIndia.

The Muslims of Kashmir were betrayed and they rose against this cruel decision. They started a sanguinary struggle to topple the illegal and puppet administration in the held vally, They were about to accomplish this task when the then Indian Prime Minister \ J awahar Lal Nehru put brake on the tempo of the liberation movement by taking theKashmir issue to UNO. The UN passed a resolution advising India to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir OIl the question whether they join Pakistan or India. India accepted the resolution. But it has not implemented it so far. They fear the decision of Kashmiri Muslims in the plebiscite in favour of Pakistan. Recently

in "Hindustan Times" an article was published. It said' "that every state election in Kashmir was rigged by India. At last Muslim population rose against the central Government to rule themselves".

The UNO has failed in its obligations towards Kashmiris. Now in the wake of the freedom movement in Kashmir the UN must play its role in implementing its resolution as it did in the case ofIraq. It punished Iraq for violating its resolutions but still is unable to repeat the same in th~ case of India. It is a great test for the future of the United Nation.

Nowadays there is talk of a new world order based on equality and non-aggression among the nations. Kashmir is a test case for the said world order. The world major powers are morally bound to show the same degree of enthusiasm shown for the liberationofKiiwait: ! Is there, in terms of human aspect, aLlY difference between Kashmir and Kuwait? Certainly riot. In case they. f deal with the, Kashmir issue on different footing, then the Muslims will bcentitledto question the lcgitimacyof the NOW and lebal it a weapon against th_e Muslims.

, The Muslim countries have a, special responsibility in this case.' Kashmir, being a .Muslim population, deserves the support and assistance ofthe Muslims theworld over. Unity among Muslims is the cardinal principle ofIslam. To prove solidarity with the cause of Kashmiri freedom struggle is in the line with the, teachings of greatMuslims like Jamal uddin Afghani, Allama Jqabal and Shah Hamadan who-were fond of Kashmir aswell as Muslim progress, ,~

Fast Walk- A Good Recipe

FOT healthy mind healthy body is a must, But fOT healthy body somethings ~ essentiai. They are balanced nutrition, rest and exercise. As fOT exercise morning walk takes precedence over all other forms of physical exercises. But lethargy OT lack of. public parks keep us from this beneficial habit. Somewhere there are public parks but no walker somewhere we have walkers but ' 'no park. Walker ornot all agree on the point-walking is a good exercise. With this one can live active and happy.

There are people who are not a ware of the benefits one can gain from morning walk. They think it a wastage of time and are not ready to sacrifice-their sweet sleep in morning. What modem medical research tells us is on the contrary, It suggests that walk can relieve us from many deadly diseases. The people who take regular walk live longer than those who avoid it. Wecan witness a goodnumberof old persons in parks. They possess enviable physique and active minds. They make a distance between them 'and diseases,

Walking is very very necessary for heart patients OTfoT those who have taken a by-pass, doctors advise walking more than medicines. Doctors say aregular walkmakes it easy to CUTe a heart patient. A regularwalk from the early age saves us from heart attack. It is also very helpful in preventing high bJood

Fatness is the mother of diseases. By taking fast walk we can fight fatness and become slim and smart: A research shows that in a period of two to three months, more than. 100 pound of weight can be reduced in this way. In this coanectionone thing is to notice, Fast walk is more beneficial than slow one, FOT a habitual walker it becomes very difficultro abandon this habit. Sometimes when he could not find time for walk,he passes a bore day. fast walk has a refreshing effecton health. Morning walk refreshes health, It rejuvenates.

In addition to heart patients, walk is advised for men suffering from cancer, They must take long walk. Medical , research indicates long walk keeps one young fOT long years. WOTk capacity increases because freshness envelopes all the body and one remains in good moods till he goes to bed. It is also important fOT joint-pain because it gives strength to muscles. Light exercise and jogging in morning harden shoulders, arms, belly and legs. To discard it is -very harmful.


Like doctors' psychologists' also advise walking. One should take walk whenundernierrtal pressure. Similarly, in case of noise inhouse or when ihe~)s no tirn~JOT a creative activity, one must take a fast walk Itrefreshes mind and prepares one for serious work, Likewise; diabetics and menwith weak eyesight advised walk. The views of greenery. and rising sun in .mornlih!ratt.~cJ eyesightpositively, Pregnant women should take walk. It makes them healthy. So what not? Long life, free from .ailments and gooo health. One small sacrifice can gain us a lot; the very sa~r.ifi~e of taking pains for a fast and long walk.

stand by the oppressed masses in all circumstances,

Hekmatyar Says

Ouster of Najib Regime, Only Solution

Engineer Gulbadeen Hekmatyar, Amir of Hezb-i-Isiami Afghanistan has said that the days of Kabul regime are numbered and the regime is in a state of confusion.

,Taking to Afghan New Agency on wireless set from Logar, he said that no one guarantee the survivalof Najibregime, There is no other way for the solution of Afghan problem except the ouster of Najib regime and that should be done at the

hands ofMu jahideen, he added.

The most popular Afghan leader made it clear that there is no room for any kind of dialogue or entering into coalitition regime with Najib. There is also no chance of any compromise with Najib on future of Afghanistan, he strssed.

EngineerGulbadeen Hekrnatyar said that he is passionately waiting for the replacement of Najib regime at the hands of Mujahideen.

As for as Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan is concerned, Jihad would continue till the establishment of an Islamic government in Afghanistan, he added.

Explaining the policy of RIA, he said that we want the replacement of the Kabul regime by an interim government. The interim government should be entrusted with the, task of holding elections and transferring power to an elected government of the Afghan masses, he added.

Engineer Hekrnatyar further said that whoever removed Najib regime, that should he followed by establishment of an interim regime. IfHIA succeeded in toppling the Kabul regime all alone, even then we would announce establishment of an interim government, he assured.

The Amir of HIA said that those, people who are worried at the prospects of

the toppling ofNajib regime at the hands of Mujahideen, are infact, interested in keeping the Najib regime in fact.

He said that HIA would foil the conspiracies of anti-Islamic forces. Engineer Hekrnatyar further said that some western powers along with some other weak elements in Afghan society, enjoying foreign patron age, are worried at the prospects of the toppling of the Najib regime at the hands of

Mujahideen. We do not want to waste our time by engaging ourselves with such west sponsoved clements, rather we would stand against their masters.

About the rumorus of the expected coup-de-etat in kabul he said that when such an eventuality happened. We would make our stand public, HIA always makes its policy clear on all issues.

He, however, said that our stand is qui te clear that the present regime has to go; we could not be satisfied with anything less then it. Afghan nation should be provided an opportunity to elect an Islamic government of their own and hand over power to those who enjoy their confidence.

Engineer H ekrnatyar made it clear that Afghan nation would never accept any foreign sponsored or imposed government in Afghanistan, whether they control-a village, a province or the whole state. IDA would fight against such imposed regimes and would

Responding to a question, the HIA Amir said that some elements have no role in Afghanistan; neither positive nor negative; They are left with only one job i.e issuing statments to the newspapers and going interviews to the BBe.

Engineer Hekmatyar advised such elements to remain in their limits. They should eat as much as they could swallow, he said. Such elements are neither able to playa role to bring about some change. Nor they could blocks the coming change. However, if they are capable of doing anything, they should come back to Afghanistan and fight against Najibregime.

Engineer Hekmatyar said that HIA is interested in combined attacks of Mujahideenon Kabul, followed by formation of a collective interim government. HIA is not interested in hatching conspiracies or coup-d-etat to take overpower. HIA, he said, would also not allow other elements to grab power through illegal means. He said; HIA would never support,or take part in any such activity which does not result in the establishment of an Islamic government in Afghanistan.

Engineer Hekmatyar further said that HIA is in touch with a good number of Afghan organization and Mujahideen commanders and they have agreed with us on a joint attacks on Kabul. Only some paper parties in Peshawar are issuing false statement to Pakistan; newspaper and are opposing joint attacks of Mujahideen.

He, however, expressed his confidence in Afghan masses, who could not be deceived by false propaganda. Afghan people now judge leaders and their parties by their actions and characters. Afghan people have rejected all such foreign sponsored leaders and organizations who arederious of finding some solution of the Afghan problem through the dictates of soviet Union and America.


. .. "

Honey is a rich food and healing medicine. Even in yore times man was well aware of its good effects on health. In ancient Egypt there was a wide recognition of the benefits brought to human beings. The food that

as believed to be procured to the Greek Gods was prepared from honey.

The renowned "Hakcern", doctor, in bygone ages, Boqratus, had lived for 107 years. The reason for his longivity was saidjo be as his routine diet. The doctors and in Greece thought honey as a ready made elixir. Plutarc, a Roman historian, wrote that the English people lived up to the age 120 years because they used' honey a lot. "Hakeen" Jalinoos writes about honey as a cure form any diseases, In the Christian aid testament y is mentioned 21 times. In the Holy Qura' an

honey is described as "Shifa, that heals. before, when soldiers were injured in , physicians administered old honey to . In short from Hindus to Muslims all knew t as a very beneficial prescription for health.

ah Almighty has made it a thing envigorating revitalizing. It is regretful that we spend too on tea, coffee and cigarettes but ignore , a precious natural gift. Likewise we pay

sums for doctors' and "Hakeem" fees but 't pay a penny for honey while it promises

11U1'r<l,n{'p from many diseases. There are three' of bees. Queen, that lays eggs. Male. bee' does mating with the queen and the worker is short lived and has no sex. Its utility lies

p",'np,." else. The great struggle of the worker can be judged from the fact that it brings day nectar weighing 500 times its own

weight. To produce a spoonful-honey the worker bee has to visit 2000 flowers. To get one pound honey the worker has to undertake 37, 000 visits to flowers. One pound honey needs four pound flower nectar. If the distance between the hive and flowers is three miles, a worker bee has to travel a distance equal to four or five times around the world for making one pound honey.

Honey is of two kinds,' one is white, crystal . clear, thin and sweet. It is said to be the best kind of honey. The second kind is brownish and thick. It is

.' usually used in medicine. The flavour and taste of honey always depend on the flowers sucked by bees. Honey is producecd twice in the year once in the spring and then in fall.

Honey is produced in many countries but the Miditeranean is the most famous. Hungary is the largest producer or honey, Apart from Hungary, Purtugal, Germany, France, Australia, North America, west Indies and Pakistan provide honey. In Pakistan Swat ana Hazara produce most of the 'honey found in the country.

Honey contains water 17% and special sugar 75%. This is a particular kind of sugar that is more digestive and envigorating than common sugar. Besides - these, it contains Iron, copper, calcium, Phosphorus, sodium, protein and vitamins etc.

Honey is very useful for health. It call be used in every weather and age. It is digestive and potent. It corrects stomach disorders and is a good applelizer, It is good forstomach diseases, It purifies blood. ltinduces deep sleep. It builds body and increases sexual capability. Honey brightens one's complexion. It is good for diabetese, cough, cold, swelling, bronchites, and heart. H reduces fatness. In the winter you can have a spoonful of it with half glass warm water and in the summer with half glass cold water.



Yasin Murtadab and Abu Abdur Rahman

Dr. Inamullah Khan; the Secretary General of World Muslim C ong ress writes:

Today the Muslim countries form nearly one-third of the UN's membership. But due to lack of proper unity in our ranks, we do not carry enough weight in the world's fora which, otherwise, would have made us holders of the balance of power in all important matters. Due to various reasons. including lack of enough knowledge, we today only imitate others, whereas we were once the standard-bearers of learning, science and technology. A turn-about is badly needed, without loosing the much-needed forward-look.

The OIC extensively discussed the Palestinian issue and once again re-asserted the fact that: AI-Quds and occupied lands are Muslim territories and thai Zionists occupation. does not alter this basic fact what so ever and that the Islamic Ummah is duty bound before Allah and humanity to continue its struggle and to exert all efforts to secure the liberation of these usurped lands. The Muslims warmly appreciate the sincere and just struggle (including that of the

Intifadah) of the people of Palestine, especially the active part played by the entire populace and the martyrdom of youngsters and the womenfolk, for attaining the inalienable basic rights of the people of Palestine.

In the matter of latest efforts for peace settlement it looks that Israel is bent upon blackmailing others in this regard. Israel is asking US a seriesof concessions or assurances, Israel is asking USA and the Arab world to stop complaining about the Jewish settlements in the occupied territories and is demanding US $10 billion in loan guarantees for the settlement of Soviet Jewish emigrants. Israelis also want assurances that they would not be Pressured into trading land for peace. They also want permanent assurances on the matterof occupied Golan Heights and won't agree on any negotiations on peace in the Middle East

Is it not time that we, the people and the governments of the Ummah Islamiyah, take stock of the new situations and ask ourselves as to why this and similar other things are happening to us? The answer is simple: our disunity and insincerity.

The Arabs have gone more than extra mile for peace. Very recently in July 1991, the four front-line Arab States-Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia - have agreed to a series of conditions and compromising attitude. Compared to this apparently humiliating Arab flexibility the Israelis posture is most rigid high handed and negative. The crucial issue of the 'intifadah' fo~ a genuine Palestinian state seems to be.outof question now. And with American presidential. election due next year, it is doubtful if, for the sake of the Arabs, Mr:

Bush would be willing to annoy the powerful Zionist lobby in USA.

TheWorld ofIslam: Muslim from different places confiding together


. The Kashmir issue is not the minority problem of a country. It involves an overwhelming majority of the indigenous people in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.whose formalstatus, so far remains undetermined. The.Kashmir problem is not an internal matter of any state as often deceptively portrayed by the Indian Government, contrary to its recognized ' international character. The State of Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory arid is seized with the UN Security.Council, whose finalstatus is to be decided by its own people, through a fair impartial plebiscite, under the auspices of the United Nations, as per UN resolutions.

The blatant violation of human rights iswidespread but the human rights abuses is horribly devastating. The Government of India and the Indian armed forces, as the occupation authorities in the Indian-held State of Jammu and Kashmir, with their inhuman atrocities has outdone the Gestapo cruelties in occupied Europe, prior to the 2nd world War. Even the human rights abuses by Israelis against Arabs in occupied Palestine falls behind the Indian inhuman cruelties ..

While elimination-of the Kashmir Question has been India's long-term policy, fromthe year 1990, began with an unprecedented determination and severity to implement it. As such the already pungent black laws were greatly strengthened and enlarged, long-standing occupied forces ofIndia were multifariously buttressed and'enhanced, and the Indian-occupation administration was tightened and centralised by various New Delhi Governments.

Under the newly conceived contrivances a large-scale extermination is necessary, by the Indian authorities, in order to suppress the increasing demand of its rights and to quell the growing movement for self-determination.justice, and freedom from this ruthless Occupation. Thus a reign of terror was unleashed and is still going on.

So intense and extensive have been the calamities that the whole Indian-occupied Valley of KashmU: has virtually turned into a perpetual operation theatre of horror and genocide by the Indian forces. All men, women and children, throughout the Valley have been terrorized with singularly cataclysmic effects. Every day in Indian-occupied Kashmir has ' become a day and rape, detention, arson, loot and desolation. It is not possible to recount all the dehumanized tactics that the occupation authorities and forces of India continuously and systematically subjected on the indigenous majority people of Kashmir. A detailed report about it has been submitted to the UN's Commission on human Rights by the World Muslim Congress (Motamar AI- Alam AI- Islami) earlier this year. Now, we are happy to see, some Western media has started a mediaexposure ofIndia' s barbarism and many Western parliamentarians are talking and even moving towards concerned resolution

to stop these barbaric actions. '


The popular armed resistance of Muslims in Afghanistan has not abated. Theimperialist superpowers are still bent on intruding in Afghan Internal Affairs by supporting the Marxistregime in Kabul. The Ummah Islamiyah through its Islamic Conference.of Foreign Ministers-must evolve pragmatic and operational plans of Action for meaningful settlement and for restructuring of Afghanistan and not rest content with only pious resolutions or by merely doling out some charities. The World Muslim Congress [Motamar] herein salutes all the unknown but brave 1.3 million men, women and children, who gave their lives in this fight for freedom and to liberate Afghanistan. Simultaneously we should not forget the over 5 million Afghan people who were forced to flee from their homeland and sought refuge especially in the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran. There is now fear of famine in Afghanistan.


The gravest issue, at present, is the formation of an accepted government in Kabul agreed by all the Mujahideen groups and the next biggest issue is that of the all-round reconstruction and rehabilitation in Afghanistan. The UN's Secretary-General has also come forward with a plan for solving the Afghan problem. This has been carefully studied by the leaders of the Afghan Mujahideen and also by the OIC. The propect of such a plan working well is doubtful in view of the fact that outside forces are bent on imposing their aims and objectives on Afghans and none of the so-called peace-initiator is ready to give the generality of Afghan populace the unconditional rights of self determination and true independence. Care, before formal elections, have to be taken for the Transition period.

, -. -~ ~


- - -- -~~- -,-~ - - ~-- - -- -~ _-- _--

There are other crisis situations in other parts of Muslim world such as.

(a) Iraqi- The saddest of all such tragedies is the lamentable situation in Iraq to-day. Peace, equity and democracy are the greatest needs for Iraq. These require concerted approach by the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers.


The long-hanging matter of the Kurds, specially in Iraq"

Iran, Turkey and a few other places , also need the most serious urgent attention' of the world of Islam for an honorable arid amicable settlement, to start with the Kurds of Iraq who have been assured democracy and autonomy. The history of the Kurds go back to the glorious days of Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi.

(c) Cyprus issue: The Islamic Conference-was urged of Foreign Ministers to set up a representative Commission, with the mandate to resolve the Cyprus issue, which is under fire for the lastl S years, on the basis of the repeated call of the CyrprusIslamicTurkish peoples, in seeking the establishment of a bi-zonal, hi-communal Federal Republic in Cyprus.

The World Muslim Congress (the Motamar) appeals to all the leaders of the Muslim countries and the Muslim community to exert politically and economically . Muslims want peace in the land of 'Cyprus but on the basis of justice and equity.

(d) The Filipino Muslim Struggle: We appeal to the ICFM to declare its unanimous support for the Bangsa Moro Islamic Nation's right of self-determination. We appeal to the 20th session o[ICFM to use its strong and weighty infIuency with the Philippines government to honour its commitments to the Muslim peoples of the Philippines interims of the Tripoli Agreement and similar other agreements with theMNLF.

(e) Ethiopia: Ethiopia is a historical land. It is known to the Muslims from the time of the Holy Prophet. It was under Haile Selassie that during whose era wild efforts were made to make it a Christian country. Conditions became worse under the cruel Haile Mariam Mengustu. Thanks be to Allah that he ran away to Zimbabwe to save his life. This Muslim population, is so far so badly neglected, but forms 74%. Believers in Islam in this part of the world are looking up to the Ummah Islamiyah in general and the OlC in particular to come to their rescue. They surely need help and assistance especially socio-economic and cultural.

(f) Eritrea: Eritrea, historically a Muslim land, because of its Islamic identity became a victim of Western colonialism. It was forced to be federated (with self-autonomy clause) with Ethiopia so

.as to provide Ethiopia with sea ports. In 1962 arid in violation of UN resolution, Ethiopia annexed Eritrea and made it its province. The world, the UN and majority of the Muslim countries also kept inexcusable silence on this delicate but important issue. From 1962 started the real armed freedom struggle of the Eritreans 'and by their heroic struggle, the Eritrean freedom-fighters have taken the control of their homeland from the Ethiopian occupation force. From the very beginning the world Muslim Congress (the Motamar) had been supporting the Eritrean in their just struggle. It was our world Muslim Congress (the Motamar) which sent the first Eritrean delegate to the UN in the early sixties. The OlC must take up the Eritrea issue and see that Eritrea becomes an independent sovereign Muslim country and a member-state of the Ole.

(g) Famine: Again this year there is all the likelihood that widespread menace of famine has started threatening Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Shad, Mali, Mauritania, etc. The world Muslim Congress (the Motamar) urges that the OIC must activate effective

. and meaningful action plan to avert this menace of famine. .


Muslim Minority Communities: Out of over 1300 million,

Muslim peoples of the world 450 million Muslims live as minority communities in non-Muslim states of the world. In many places they enjoy substantial rights but in many other places their rights are badly trampled and we see racism, religious intolerance and denial of basic human rights to many Muslim communities, varying in degree, such as in India, Greece, Yugoslavia, France and in many other parts of the world. All these must change. We urge upon the OIC, specially the ICFM and its Muslim Minority Commission, to present to the world, especially to the international fora" all such cases so as to work for the, restoration of the basic human rights of Muslim minorities, especially their religious, social and cultural rights. ,We want no favour but justice.

(i) Rights of the Child: We are most thankful to the UNICEF for taking such a direct interest in the matter of Children. The chiidren of today are the citizens of tomorrow. The world Muslim Congress (the' Motamar) urges upon all Muslim governments to set up Special Children's Commission in each Mem her-state to study their problems with a view to'solve them, as well as an OIC's Commission on the Child's Rights.

(j) Other Issues: There are various other issues which are also' of grave importance for the Muslim world e.g. the need of nuclear energy and technology for peaceful purpose and development. Need for the whole Muslim world is to become a Nuclear-weapon Free Zone. Furthermore to make our environment free from all pollutions for the future well-being of all humanity also deserve the serious

attention of all thinking peoples of the world: '


There are fifty independent Muslim countries in the world today.

All the Muslim countries, except a few won poli tical independence after a long sustained struggle and after heavy sacrifice but economic independence is no~ there as desired and hence our socio-sufferings. We have to learn

to solve our own problem not merely looking up to the charities of others. '

The world Muslim Congress (the Motamar) has been presenting studies on Islamic economic cooperation and on the creation of aM uslim Common Market, on the occasion of the meeting of the INFMs, since 197o'at Karachi and at all the subsequent conferences. Fortunately some of our suggestion have been accepted and also partially implemented but not with full vigour. The world Muslim Congress sincerely wishes once again to repeat the following suggested plan of Action, in brief, for the kind consideration of the august body:

A) Islamic Planning Commission: In order to avoid haphazard planning and duplication of efforts, we must start

the process by establishing an Islamic International Planning Commission.

B) Islamic Common Market: We once again ugre the honorable Foreign Ministers of member countries of OIC

to set up the Islamic Common Market, with a view to build up a world-wide Islamic Economic Community.

C) Islamic Manpower Bank: Similarly there is great need for creating an Islamic available in the Muslim world

and arrange their placement in the countries that need them. _

Election Process

HIA affirms its Islamic Shurah principles in practice

These varios photograhs show the Executive council members of Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan casting their own respective votes


HIA·· underway

The real achievement of Islamic movements

At the advent of the 20th century Islam was in a very poor state in the world. The, Hadith of our prophet! Mohammad (PBUH), that,"In the beginning Islam was. unfamiliar to the people and in the future again, Islam will become unfainiliar to the people", aptly described the situation in whichreligion oflslam was placed. At the most Muslim scholars were serving Islam through presenting apologies in the face of western civilization. But the general public, on the contrary, were fully, devoted to their religion. The problem was how to chanelise their love with religion. It was neither the task of a demagogue nor of a philosopher. It involved a long, term strategy and leadership quality.

The difficuItand complex task of starting the Islamic movement was accomplished by Maulana Maudodi in the Indian subcontinent and Imam Hasnal Bana in Egypt. Besides them, in this field some other personalities also played theirpart though their efforts remained confined to their own regions and problems. They are for instance, Abdul Hamid Bin Badis in Algyria, Badiuzzaman Norsi in Turkey .and Shikh Ahmad Alzahavi in Iraq.Those were the men who brought Islam to the mainstream.' Islam was thought to be a mere theory, they introduced itas

a solution of aU practical problems of the world. They told the people that Islam has a civilization, nay, the best civilization of the world, Those people

. were different from their contemporaries in a great respect, namely.they showed the world that Islam is not a mere bunch of rituals but a complete code oflife. Not only that, they alsopreparedenthusiastic workers who are busy now to attain the goal of making Islam the driving force of the civilization. They are working for Islamic revolution.

What is the Islamic revolution?

A civilizational revolution is not a job of days s. months or years. It is the name ofa long process for change. To remove the effects of the dominant civilization, to prepare human beings who go ~gainst the present wave in all walks of life and with the help of such human beings to create a society

fashioned fully on the Islamic values . and injunctions.That is what we call an Islamic revolution.

Two ways to the destina~ion

To reach the destination of the Islamic revolution the islamic movements have taken a two-way approach for the purpose, One is the individual reformation approach and the second is the, collective reformation approach. The individual approach says that since society is the total sum of individuals comprising it, so to reform and purify the individuals would result in the reformation, and purification of the whole, society automatically, The collective approach, on the other hand,' suggest that indi viddal reformation alone will not work because institutions like Govemment,judiciary, banks, media and educational insti tutions would affect the individual purification negatively.

Therefore, it holds, to reform

the dominant institutions be preferred to preaching individuals. The Islamic movements have adopted both the ways of individual reformation and institutional reformation simultaneously.

But it is not the individual approach that has brought all the unIslamic forces against the Islamic movements. If the individual approach were the only way to Islamise society, the unIslamic elements would not oppose them. In reality their struggle to change the unIslamic governments and institutions have made the antiislamic circles enemy to the Islamic ones. If the Islamic movements continue with their struggle with devotion,

patience and prudence, they

will succeed because it is in the nature of the-right to succeed in the face of evil. Here is given a short account of the Islamic movements in different parts of the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt

The Akhwanul Muslimoon of Egypt tolerated much hardships from 1954 to 1971. They faced jail, death, torture and economic shocks. Theirparty is still banned in Egypt. They appealed against the ban but the verdict is yet to be given by court. They have a journal named "Lawaul Islam". They jointly work with a political group, "Hizbul Amalul Ishterakia" in the field of politics and eJections. As legally they are banned they cannot work under their own label. In parliament they have 35 members who mise their voice for Islam ic system, justice, fair play, freedom and democracy. They have great influence in professional organizations lik~ doctors, engineers, teachers and workers . According to an American analyst their movement. . is now a "people's movement". If free elections held, they would get a strong position. Women are

playing a great role in their success. The role of zenubul Ghazali. is a great


The Islamic movement in Sudan

Working in their peculiar conditions the Islamists are struggling to unite all sections of society in a common front. On the other hand they are working to influence the elements of the military junta. They are treading a

. wise path. Due to the Christians' conspiracies they do not confront but try to get cooperation from the military. Women in Sudan are very active for we cause of Islam. The movement has relieved them of the chains ~f tribal traditions and instead introduced the real restrictions Islam prescribes.

National Islamic front

This is .a political movement working to bring people to its fold. Tanzeerri Dawat Islami: This chalks out and implements its plans for Dawat (Preaching) and training. InternationalRelief Agency: It works not only in' Sudan but its branches are operating in many African and Asian countries.

The Movement in Jordan

'Akhwanul Muslimoon' have an effective group in the parliament In all they have 30 members in parliament. Jordan is a small country of 4 million population. The ISlamic movement is working there under great stress and strain. They are directly influenced by Intifadah movement. They are spreading their influence while faced with Israeli and American hostility for their sympathy with Intifadah. The kingship is also not favorable. They are working well but it is likely they will come across some trying conditions. .

Refah party in Turkey

.Refah is the representative of Islamic movement in Turkey. They are

, working in a difficult situation. Jews have a great role in Turkish economy. Europe and America are also very influential in Turkey. They cannot afford to see Turkey an Islamic force. Then the country's constitution does not allow politics under the name of religion

, because it is a secular country. But despite the odds the Islamic movement is busy in their Jihad. The youth are attracted largely to the movement. The literature of Maulana Mauddi including

Tafheemul Quran is spreading fast.

Tunisia and Algeria (north AJrica)

In Tunisia 'HarkateNahzat' the -Islamic movement, has been very successfull in influencing the youth. They went to the extent of toppling the unIslamic regime of Habib Boraqiba in 1988. But the new regime working under an anti-Islam ruler, zainul Abideen-Bin Ali, is benton suppressing the Islamic movement. About 10,000 pro movement workers are imprisoned, 11 Y outh of them died in jail. The regime is relentlessly using its radio, television and newspapers to malign the movement. Will it work? Did the rulers succeed in the past?

Algeria is the victim of oneparty socialist dictatorship from its independence in 1962. Bin Bila laid the foundation ofa wrong system. Hawari

",;Bomedein entrenched the dictatorial system. He did his utmost to .. destroy the Islamic. values for, 25 yeass. As.a result the country came to thebrinkof economic and moral insolvency. At last the great youth of Algeria returned to their origin. They came under the banner of Islamic Sal vation Front. In 1989 the Front gained majority in provincial.and local bodies elections. TheY were preparing to'

participate in the general elections-that the government, under the pressure from Europe, prepared an electoral mechanism which would deprive the Front of its success. The Front protested over it and the government; making the protest as an excuse, declared emergency and postponed the general elections indefinitely. Now the government and the Front (in reality the people) are pitched against each other. The Front

. has rejected the emergency and the . tension is continuing. The government of Shazli Bin Jadid may take a respite but its death is certain.


The Islamic movement working in Malaysia is called "PASS" as its short name. It has been working since 1951. It played its part in the 'struggle for independence. Malaysia

became independent in 1957. This movement is now working.to make the country a. truly Islamic state. Its influence is spreading to educationa:l institutions fastly,

. .

Recently, . for Islamic

movement, a new field of activity has opened in central Asian republics who are on their way jo full independence, There is the need of great efforts. They have thirst for their ori~jn'aI religion.'

ButQuran, Sunnah and Islamic teachings should be taught on a large scale. Jamat Islami Pakistan has published more than 20 books in Russian, Tafheemul Quran included. This work needs to be boosted.

The successes of the Islamic movement

These can be summed up as " follows:

-The Islamic movements have revitalized Islam as a complete code of life.

- The difference between Islam and Jahili ya (ignorancejwas broughtto light.

-The spirit for the supremacy of Islam was revived through inspiring the Muslims to enforce Islam as a system.

-It has revived the spirit of Jihad. IIlfhi~nced by the imperialistic propaganda this spirit was once abandoned. The effect of this spirit can be seen in Kashmir, Afghanistan, l?ale~tine, Philippine and Eritrea, etc.

-It has prepared a full generation who are now struggling to make Islam a

dominant religion. .

- This struggle is the. way to make Musiims an international power.

......... ;,


Before to say something on the ",subject,fds,'iinperative to recognize that in \ ;philoSdphythi!;' is the subject that is the most' ,': ,difficlll_t'and' delicate. The, difficulty arose mainlyferpeople who want to solve it with

reason' alone. ' .:

"." i<

~ll know that the capacity of human, mind is, limited while' the' Being of Allah ,'Almlghty~has no limits, Rationality and logic "agn~~thatlimitlesscannpt 00 put into limited.

To understand this point will help us in understanding all other points. We do not hold that the existence of Allah (S wt) is contrary to rationality. There is difference in contrary to rationality and above rationalify.

It is one thingto be contrary to rationality and something other to be above rtationality.

Human wisdom offers testimony to the reality that according to the law of 'cause and effect' nothing can come into existance' .by itself. The existence of the universe and the greatest order workiong in its every part indicate that there is some one behind all this drama. But the One who, controls all the world isso great that it is beyond the vision of the human mind to comprehend Him [ully.

Once an atheist asked a saint to prove the existence of God. The saint said to the, atheist, "You are sitting on a chair. Isthere, to your opinion, any maker of the chair or was' it made without a maker"? The atheist said

, that the chair ha~ certainly a maker .and to· ' deny it is madness. On this the saint observed that if to deny the maker of an ordinary chair

" is rnadnees then what place a man deserves who 'does not recognize .the maker of, the'

whole univer~e. ' " "

The same arguments were offered by Hazrat

.' Iamam Abu Hanifa, the great jurisprudent ofIslam, to a group of atheists. He asked if they could imagine a boat, full of men, to sail the river waters without a sailor? The atheists replied in negative. To this, Imam Abu Hanifa said if this is against reason then what about a complex world without a controller. The atheists understood the point and

embraced Islam. '

The scholars of Islam hold that the ieason for Allah Almighty not seen by us are two. One that He is the nearest. Second that He is the most visible. You cannot see, the nearest, for example,

, you cannot see a paper touching. your eye lashes.

Similarly, you cannot look at the greatest visibility of the sun. Then how to look and seethe one who

, Can create the suns million times bright of the sun of our world. Allah is the nearest to human beings as Qur'an tells us that Allah (Swt) is nearer to you' than your jugulac vein. Then how we' could see him. As -for the greaterst visibility, the nature surrounding us is his phen-omenon. That is the

reason we can't see him. ' "

The Qur'an asks man to ponder over the system of the universe. To contemplat over the, order working in the inner self of man and the outer nature compels one to recogning the one Who runs all.the show. In every leaf-of garden, every petal of grass, every blow of wind, every drop of rain,

, the smallest animal and its every organ, the flow of river the height of hill, 'the shine of moon, the rays of~un;a~d in ,the attraction among planets and stars, you will notice a certain purpose and order. Is it all possible without a hidden supreme powqer'iWhen

, the veil of prejudice is removed, Qur'an tells, the , voice ofhuman nature rises from the depths of heart recognizing the existence of Allah (Swt).

Thepre_sent contradictory world tensions are uniformly sending out their messages of hope to bill~ons of ;me~ suffering to<6y in silep~~:.It is iride¢a a sign of relief-at last;' to know

. ili,atilie usurped global seatOfieadership . is" to be evacuated .for-good, am!:, the >6atteted throneotjustice is,t6tx}festO~~

i!,"I(·;<:· '.' '. - ,: . "'~~. _' "\'

::," back to rule.' Thecwodd willsQFely be at

peace if oppression could finally t)e put .at bay and mankind stands the chance of

a natural brotherhood if sanity is unconditionally released from jail. Despotism and totalitarianism are only . advanced form of tyranny t>ut injustice "as a crime presents a broad spectrum of


The decade old Afghan revolution will serve well here as a reference, and its numerous achievements since inception have uncovered to us the conflicting nature of mail-made ideologies. A majorobjective of the struggle, is to retrieve back the denied right of self-determination. Even the general call-for 'a representative Islamic government is only a plausible reality of this basic fundamental. There is nothing un-natural for acomniunity in choosingthe type of life they want-to live in as milch as that is an outcome of a popular' consensus. For the Afghans to demand the right of sovereignty is riot a new phenomenon in human historical .

, developments, The real question; lies in why others outside the radius 'of. the community want to impose an unwanted regime on them?

. In thisworld Of time and space,

man is boundby'lawsoutside his stretch. Itis the divine-given right onearth that accords'every.ene the liberty of choice. Each person is tree to fashion his life arid tastes as much as nature will permit him tOdo so; provided'the collective survival of his society. or a'paft ifiere-of is not

endangered .ill sllc1!a process: •. .. '

Afghanistan is entirely a Muslim community and the people need to be gi ven the chanceoffollowing the dictates of their faith. Without the popular armed uprising against Red Army invaders and their protected stooges at home. the whole nation would have been by now annexed to become the latest victim of imperialist grandiose.

It was an exceptional contribution to human progress and a real feat of achievement in the present world. that the Afghans as a nation hearkened to the call of faith and rallied round the principle of freedom. They surged out en mass in fighting the combined garrisons of traitors and advancing battalions of oppressors. This

is in fact a very good precedence, for progenies yet to come, but more ff?' important to the course of history and for the search of global peace is the moti vating goals behind Afghan resistance.

Mujahideen's progress towards' Kabul has exposed the falsehood in Western theories of rights. Accusations against out-going ideologies today. present a broad array of their flaws. Though humanity accepts freedom as a must and equality as a norm but operating systems as at now. even by the so-called democratic states in the world. are nothing but 'refined variables of oppression. The charges against them

When is justice going to be done: - These innocent citizens were killed bya so-called peace-loving and popular regime

.. i I

Similarly. it amounts to open betrayal as much as a violation of the principle of collective association for any government such as the muderous regime in Kabul, to claim representation of a nation then rises eventually above the will of the very people that make up

the state. '

Islam is the basis of the on- . going resistance in Afghanistan and this faith does not subscribe to any notion of oppression and SUbjugation. It is therefore a struggle towards preservation of sanity, in a world besieged by arrogant rulers and imperial merchants. The socalled super-powers must never be allowed to act as plaintiffs, prosecutors and judges at the same time and no nation or international organization should be gi ven the right of playing the role of a god on earth.

On this note, Afghans have suffered denials from many quarters since the last half a century. First, by those royal lords and tribal chiefs whose selfish interests over-rode all dictates of collective independence. It was infactto their credit that they succeeded where many had' failed, in selling-out the country. Second, by the puppet regime which sits conceited in Kabul with ignominy, afraid to face the people it claims to represent-neither in the battIe fields nor at the electoral colleges. These foreign servants are not only executing

the orders of powerful imperialists with .. total dedication, but are themselves cornm itted to a party-program of destroying the entire nation.

The greatest betrayal however to the cause offreedomin general. and to Afghan struggle in particular, comes from thcexisting global system of justice. This not only provides a haven for the ki lIer -regime in Kabul but also protects other repressive autocracies and despotic monarchies around the world. It is absolutely true that democracy since

. French and American revolutions has unflaggingly, been striving to lay claim to the disputed throne of a savior. in today's so-called modem socio-political set-up.

The unfortunate matter in this is the irresponsible attitude of its advocates in global courts of the masses. All tile proofs and evidences. forwarded by the West-in support of democracy, are heavily marred by proven instances of double-standard policies. Prejudice and discrimination are only outstanding lines of its numerous stripes of cracks. Never-tlie-less, the biggest flaw of all is the constant manipulation of the rule of law itself by the self appointed champions of liberty in the West.

The international conspiracy against Afghan revolution is well known, but the country still retains the right of calling fora stop to foreign interference.

:::::::::::m:::m::::,m:::::m:;;:,::m::m,m:3:~::~l'::::*,:::::::::;::::::::::::::::::t::::::::,::,:::,:,:;;,,:,;;::::,::::,'" The M ujahideen, September I 1991 . f:~:~:~~:@m:~:~~Wm'?;!:~:~~:~i@@~~(ii:~:~:@W:Page 31 '::::iim:;;:,::::m::::;;;;;:"f

are countless. universal in goals and very much Afghanistan wants to destroy present·

It starts from common fundamental in essence. These are the socio-political anomalies starting from

violations of simple principles of logic, pearls of Afghan armed resistance when the despot who's ruling .in Kabul. The

to violent opposition. to all sane advanced towards its completion, and struggle seeks to eliminate all

suggestions. These are besides state the credence of any Islamic organization. monopolies of power and eradicate the

sponsored terrorism and exploitative should be confirmed through these exploitative tendencies of capital.

capital economies. Alldissentingrational characteristics.' Everybody will ultimately be free from

voices are treated with brutality and any For the uprising in Afghanistan denial, then given back the chances of

movement at variance 'with oppression to be fully comprehended, its doctrinal developing his talents to the fullest. The

are subjected to calculatedinternational and military parameters must well be revolution wants all men to have a say in ,

blackmail. The failure of the League of understood. Similarly, the operative the futureof his globe.

Nations and the impotency of its veto- dynamics of its subtle methodology, . By these standards, Western .

riddled heirs of today, are enough a deserves brilliant geo-political and lucid democracy is currently nothing more

testimony to the hypocrisy in Western historical evaluations. IslamicJihadisa than a paper tiger and its goals are at best

style of democracy and of the unresolved revolution that vibrates uniquely on a a tournament of shadow-boxing. The

contradictions in Eastern form of particular wave length and progresses in persistent international intrigues of its

religious ritualism and philosophical life on a definite time-pattern. . propagandists have costitthe confidence

dialectics. The movement is eventually of global electorates. Men are equal in

The upheaval in Afghanistan is forced by these constant factors to operate as much as the West is a victim and -the

not just a quest for a change by removing beyond personal craving for pleasure or , people should have their say when

an unpopular and muderous regime from political squabbling for power. It even Western world is bound to win. Freedom

authority. Nor it is a mere guerrilla goes beyond individual freedom or fighters may overnight be branded

warfare confined to a new place by the communal liberty. Admittedly these last terrorists, if they dare challenge the global

limited circumference of its base. This is two are precious attributes for social- order, and dynamic Ieaders are given

rather a struggle by a global movement equlibrium in a locality, but become bad names, if the majority of the

which is prepared to querry the validity minor issues when weighed against oppressed populace supports their case .

. of everything in the so-called modern supreme universal order for justice and Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan

. concept of freedom and justice. The peace. {HIA} is an example which is presently

objective as it, surpasses those artillery The freedom of a country and facing a barrel of allegations from the

bursts around the besieged cities of Kabul itsuntempered state of sovereignty are West. Two years ago, the Mujahideen

. Kandahar, Nangarhar, Jalalabad and deserving, but for the world to be, were hailed for their heroic engagements

liberated city of Khost, permanently at restthere is need for a against the communists.

Thisisastrugglemovingunder more elaborate application of the natural No sooner the 'leadership of

the code-name of Jihad. It is the peak of principle of sanity. Humanity must be this party announced his intention to

Divine message in salvaging humanity accorded the same footings before carry the Jihad further, in liberating the

from its own self-made.world of iniquity. opportunities and litigations, so that the denied, masses of our time, the West

Islamic revolution can be described with universe as a whole will reap back the changed' their tune and message. The

certainty as a process, encompassing in best qualities of its parts. The Jihad in principles. of justice and liberty were

space, perpetual in time, logical in scope, blatantly violated. Though Germany has been allowed to unite again without firing a single bullet-shot, and Eastern Europeans are free today including the three former communist Baltic States

, -' " " ._ \

through agreed continental arrangement. But Azerbaijan cannot go and Palestinians still' have no home in a world that. claims' merr are equal. If democracy really stands forthe people's verdict, why denying the Afghans their birth rights of liberty and selfdetermination? Why protecting Kabul with the most lethal weaponry in spite of global call for freedom and justice. Where then is democracy? ,

Afghan struggle is the latest expression of a world-wide popular

resentment against the present global order of oppression, It's just a pity that a lot of crimes are glossed-over under the nose of democracy and in the court of a so-called modem civilization. The

. Jihad is the most reliable strength available, to the masses and its prosecution must be carried onward to its ultimate consummation. Kabul will soon by Allah's leave succumb to the

traditions which violate natural principles of progress would by Allah's grace be among the first institutions to face dissolution. These are infact inherited chains of oppression and celebrated shackles of subjugation, which have greatly contributed to the sorrowful state of our socio-political plight. They are all relic of the old days which must give way to the growing

This old man too was not even spared: Please note his amputated hands

army of faith and liberty and the entire system in Afghanistan must be Islamised to reflect vividly the fundamentals of

. freedom and justice. Old customs and

power of the. new era.

Afghan revolution rejects the existing culture of denial which of course develops from the selfish interests of tyrants. This questionable order is a

means of perpetrating monopoly of resources solely on those, whose main job is to plunder the nation completely. There is no room here for idealistic theories nor time for utopian niceties . All that is needed is a practical revolutionary approach to basically a real socio-political problem.

Islamic revolution has launched its programe of transforming justice, from its ambiguous state of constitutional polemics to a living and perceived form of pragmatic ideological universality. Peace has to be established through faith and sanity, as justice needed to be entrenched via freedom and equality, It is not a question of sporadic local events but a movement for an enduring global resurgence.

Afghanistan is the new center of Islamic revival and the Mujahideen are performing aduty meriting applause for many centuries to come. The struggle for Kabul has unveiled the deep hypocrisy of modern champions of democracy and the debac Ie of the Soviets in Afghanistan has sealed the fate of self-made proletariats of freedom. Islam remains the only hope of the abandoned masses of the world and its lofty message must be protected too from these corrupt . cultural currents of oppression. The coffin of the spurious Western style of liberty, is ready 'low for disposal, and the tomb-stone of Eastern version of openness is right here for inspection. The full import of this struggle today, may take some years more to be assimilated, since the arrogant mind, of the West is intoxicated with power and the out-dated philosophical thought of the East is alienated with errors.

Jihad is the path and the only road out of oppression. The suppressed will of man will eventually win back its denied liberty in life. Similarly, the unattended responsibility of the self, will soon be called to face the consequences of its choice. Surely the disputed throne of Justice and the wanted crown of liberty, are permanent properties of Islam. Let's keep our fingers crossed and wait patiently for what tomorrow has in stock for us. To Allah be praises at all times. )Hfo

Political scientists have given different interpretations to the concept of administration, security and world peace. They have pointed out that, creation of world security and maintaining global peace and stability are interchangeable. Whenever peace and security of the world is discussed, in effect it means world administration and order. And there are opinions on the fact that should this planet be governed by one or two or more systems? And each of these ideas has its pros and cons.

In fact, the world has been geo-politically divided into states or political units, and there are reasons for these divisions. History is a witness to the fact that the causes of emergence of these political units are different. We could vividly see that various governments with separate legal and administrative systems are governing these states. In addition to this, conflicting ideologies and religious institutions in these states have interrupted the process of unity among them.

From one side the prospect of the creation for a

. The perpetual existence of the above facts led to the creation of the world bodies namely League of Nations and (after the world War II), United Nations Organization. Although given the time and circumstances these organizations had their differences, they had .one thing in common i.e. they mostly served the purpose of the Allied powers after the World Wars I and II.

This process continued for a long time, and the world practically has been divided into East and West or socialist and capitalist blocs. Third World or non-alligned countries (NAM) had to follow them blindly. To put it bluntly, the NAM had beenpawns in their hands. Eventually this scenario also ended. Communism with its absurd philosophy which has been leading the socialist bloc for years is facing crushing defeats and further smothing the way for capitalism to dominate the world.

Further more, it was the United Nations that has further strengthened the grip of these so-called advanced countries over the world politic and this has continued to this date. Each of these states, particularly United States and Soviet Union with their vast military and political capabilities are out to fully utilise the UN for their advantages.

It was impossible for one of these two countries to dominate the worldby resorting to military force, therefore, each was out to get other countries support within. the organization, so as to increase its hegemony over global administration.

To achieve this end, they interferred, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of other nations and instaled puppet governments of their own choice.

sovereign world body was weakened and from another angle the World Wars and international conflicts with their undesirable effects were stressing the need for further mutual understanding among nations. On the other hand, the winners of the wars have proclaimed themselves the sole masters of the world.

It is crystal clear from the current situation that communism is devoid of leadership in the socialist blot. And also it is the truth that communism is a dead ideology. Hence the socialist countries are trying to adopt the capitalist way of thinking. America which is at the helm of the capitalist nations is having the control of the game and will do anything to get its desired result out of this competition.

To achieve the world leadership America

has to remove the following

obstacles from its path:

1- Political awareness of nations especially of the Islamic movements or we might carl it the Islamic

, Renaissance in the Muslim countries world-wide. America' has to face challenges from the ideology which has but still its principles based on social justice, freedom and liberation of the entire humanity from and discrimination. This iswhy its"a primary objective of-Washington to prevent any Islamic resurgence.

2- Though the United States is confident that communism is dead and no longer a threat to the capitalist ideology, it believes that Russia with its vast territory and abundant resources still have the potential of hitting hard


When the USSR enters free market and operates the capitalist economic system, the European nations are likely to end theirpastfuedes with Moscow .after all, Soviet Union can be counted as one of the European countries.

3- The industrialissed European countries especially united Germany might once again, renew the bitter memories of World. War II in order to challenge the United States' ,inroads on the world:

4- Any country that challenges the leadership of '

America, would surely threaten its interests world-wide if such a state succeeds in dominating the economic resources.

It is clear from the above points that US is challenging the whole world, and carefully calculated the obstacles that might exist on its way. In order to remove these obstacles and further enhance its rule over the affairs of the world, the US will try to do this at the cost of others. The American-led coalition invasionofIraq in (he Gulf war proved this point. At present, the American onslaught is targeted against the Muslim Ummah which forms a formidable force against its hegemonistic designs. Although the existence of despotic and pro-western puppet regimes inmany Muslim countries have suppressed the advancement of the Islamic movements, it is an explicit fact that, the awakened Muslim masses will no longer let these corrupt governments to remain in power.

.1 America and its allies with all their strength and capabilities are deeply involved in destroying the nuclear installations of the Muslim countries. US-led-coalition attacked on Iraq during the Gulf War but such hostilities were

. primarily targeted against Iraq's nuclear facilities rather than the destruction of Saddam's regime. The same goes with Pakistan. The presence of the Israeli commandos in occupied Kashmir is a dangerous signal to Pakistan that US and the JewishS tate are ploting to destroy the nuclear installations of this Muslim country too; The economic turmoil and the turbulant political situation in the USSR has taken away its courage to criticise the.American direct military intervention in the internal affairs of other countries. The recent US invasion of Iraq on the pretext of liberation of Kuwait

, furnished a good example of the above case.

In themeantime, the Russians aretrying to keep the Republicswithin the Soviet Union by whatever means possible and to get all of them to sign the Union treaty. The people and the governments of the Republics are not happy with, the centre, and many of them have unilaterally declared " independence. from the Soviet' Union. The leadership in Moscow is aware of this fact, and has chosen a peaceful method of transition from communism to capitalism.In order to. accept the capitalist economic system, the Russians have to welcome the western political system too. The west, by imposing its political system on the Soviet Union, is out to' support those forces in that country who are going to further disintegrate and weaken the Empire to the point that it could lose itsstatus as a superpower. To compensate this loss, Americans will help the Soviets to keep the Muslim Central Asian Republics 'under its control. It is hard to imagine that US is a threat to European security, or vice-versa, because US considers any European instability as .its own. This is mainly , due to their common military strategy, political, linguistic,

economic and religious interests. '

It should be borne in mind that if Soviets are no longer considered a danger to the US security and if Europe emerges a stronger power, then US will inevitably face yet another challenge from its friends. To summarize the whole situation, United State has to change the political systems of many countries, remove the opposing ideologies and destroy' many other anti -American forces to become the world leader. Is the US capable of accomplishing all these aims? The answer to this can as well be in the negative, but US is capable of creating such catastrophes as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during Second World War. If the US is left uncheked and unchallenged in its vicious ambitions of military, political and economic supremacies, its going to declare itself the world leader and will create a bigger and more dangerous catastrophe for the entire inhabitants of our planet.

" Translated by S. ,Anwar Nas

(from the Daily Shahadat, a publication organ of H~

The Mujahjdeen~ September ,1991

In Islam, Women have great roles to play ....

lP ({)) si 7f JJ o Nf c IF W ({]) JM! JE Nf ]] Nf

Ummu Abdullan

This is a series of articles written'by our slste~ Ummu Abdiiildh on Women in Islam. The first part appearing here contains a general examination of the, socio-poptical stqnding. ~of Ar~b (om11Junit), and Judaist societies prior to the messengership 'of M uhdmmad (on him be peace and blessings) ...

The pre-Islamic society here refers to thy society of the Arabs before the advent ofIslam which came as a result of the Prophethoodof Muhammad (pBOH). The position of women during this time then refers to the condition of women in Arab society before Islam.

Having explained the term position of women in the pre-Islamic period, we can then examine what exactly the position of women was. Actually the position of women was so miserable. The people of that society thought that women were evils and unwanted burden on the society. The people thought women to be sources of disgrace and humiliation in the family and to the society as well, to the extent that they were ready to

. kill and burry them alive. The people hated women to the proportion of taking them as toys and they were subjected to all kinds of inhuman treatments. This view of the Arabs about women is summed up by a scholar who writes thus:-

. . "'The birth of a daughter in a family was not the occasion for rejoicing but of general gloom and despondency" 1

Women were never viewed as part of the Society.

They could be used for sensual pleasure and then discarded . away. The scholar further says:

"Women captured in war from the rival clan or otherwise

caught in matrimonial mesh werenecessarily keptin subjugation and were treated more like harlots than human-beings" 2

Women had no independent status and they were

_ neither regarded ashuman beings and were not treated better ,. than animals. Nobody in that society ever thought of women as., creatures of equal rights or as creatures endowed with any right

. at all, rather the women's life were punctuated with tyranny, injustice and oppression.

The people of this dark age never thought that women. had rights until the advent ofIslam-when the divine laws were introduced to the people through the Holy Prophet (on him be peace and blessings). The people ofthat society never thought that women had right to anything than to be enslaved. The women could not even share in the property of their deceased relations including their husbands. Whenever a man died his property used to be shared among his relations and the wealth of the man was everything including his wife, that means that the woman will not only be deprived of the right to inherit but she will also be regatdedas part of the property left by the . husband and therefore she had to be inherited along with the property. The woman could not also object to this since there was no liberty for her to do so.

. .

In that society, nobody ever cared to see that as injustice to women since their wish were not respected in getting married. A man could get married to any woman

whethershe gave her consent or not, The master of a female slave could sell her to any man, while the woman by her nature could not object to this. It was not also regarded as inhuman to force a slave girl into shameful act by her master during this dark age. There were nothing like. rights to be maintained by the man who got married to the women while the women by their nature were not free to cry out or to express their minds on the treatment they, were receiving by them.



church opens the nunneries so . that women may escape from the Christian theory and the practice of regarding them as the sources of all evils. Actually this theory and practice belittle the dignity of womenfolk.

In the Christian Society, women are described as agents of Satan whose voice is comparable to the hissing of the serpents. She is taken to be the scorpion that is ever ready, to sting and the lance of the demon. Women are regarded as the instruments which the devil uses to gain possession of the souls, and the gate of the. devil.

Careful examination of the position of women in Christianity reveals that the whole structure of the Christian creed is based on the doctrine of original sin, There is a belief in Christianity that the first woman was responsible for this original sin. Eve was believed to have

As regards the right to divorce,a woman can be discarded away any how and anytime the man felt like doing so.

According to St Bernard, St Anthony, St Bonaventure, St Cyprian and St John respectively, women are

The Arab way- of .divorcing women was so babaric and inhuman. Babaric in the sense that the men used to divorce their wives and forbade them from gelling married again. A typical example is what happened to Khaula who was divorced by her husband through the Arab's custom of divorcing women and Allah then revealed a chapter called S uratul Mujadala (the woman who

. pleads) in her favour.

According to St Bernard, StAnthony, St Bonaventure, St Cyprian and St John respectively, women are daughters of falsehood and sentinel of hell. The enemy of peace and of the wild beasts - the most dangerous. At the council of Macon, a bishop vehemently asserted that women do not belong to the human species. Women are dubbed as unclean creatures. Infact, it is the unclean nature of women as claimed by the Christian' churches that make the churches to denounce the holiness of marriage.

St Gregory also said:


"Blessed is the one who leads a celibate life and not the image

within him wishes the filth of concupiscence" 4

This custom was held by the Arab pagans to imply a divorce and freed the husband from any responsibility and conjugal duties. Thiscustom did not allow the women to leave their husband's home or to contract a second marriage. They had a popular statement for this type of divorce that enslaved the women. The statement is:

first committed the sin and then caused the fall of Adam (A.S) According to the above theory, this original sin actually was responsible for the sins of humanity and then God sent His only begotten son to be cruci fied and to wash off_the sins of humanity with his blood.

daughters of falsehood and sentinel of hell. The enemy of peace and of the wild beasts - the most dangerous. At the council of Macon, a bishop vehemently asserted that women do not belong to the human species. Women are dubbed as unclean creatures.Infact, it is the unclean nature of women as claimed by the Christian churches that make the churches to denounce the holiness of marriage.

"Thou art to me as the back of my mother" 3

With this statement a woman is prevented from entering into marriage for the rest of her life, and this type of divorce is known as Zihar..

The Christians condemn woman as the originator of the sin and they always refer to the Biblical portion which says thusi-

The women were also treated as inferior beings, to the extent that the men used to claim that they were superior to them since they did not go to war to fight. These pagan Arabs had a very strong tradition thauhcir men alone could inherit because he could fight with spear.

St Gregory also said:

"The man said; the woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree and I ate"5 '

"Blessed is the one who leads a celibate life and not the image within him wishes the filth of concupiscence" 4

These people condemned the first woman and then transfered their

""It is also for this reason that the

':~"·'>":'·"":"':"~':""".::f.:~.;: •• ·~-.~.·::7.:~- .. :~ x ~.~:.~ e ::":i" .. ,.:X .. ;.~.;.:.~ .• :.::-.·:.::.~:m@m::~P--age-3-7- ~~?::~~:$.:?:,::=m3?*&

. *,,:;r,;:m;;;:,,:;:,1"'i;,*:~:,,;:~~~:;t.:t"'<:;:;:"3l:<:?i'~::;':':lit*""i:m'"i,;"":;::_,,,,t',,,,,,:,,,,:::::@ The Mujahitieen, September, 1991 _.-, ..

condemnation to the generality of heinous crimes commi1te1' against

womanhood. If one examines verses women in th~ltfages. He says thus:

13,14-15, these verses never accused ~ .. ' ..

the woman, this is because God never/.Eng~t&theoriginofChristianrcligion,

cursed the first woman (Eve) in/the in ."le year 1500 C.E set up a special

verses. Instead it was the serpent that zouncil which devised a new means of

was cursed in the following two verses. perpetrating cruelty and oppression on

_ To this effect the verses read thus: women. As a result of this new methods,

history recorded the burning alive of . about nine million women by the Christians in England".7

"The l-ord God said 'to the. sr,rpent because you have done this, cursed art thou above all cattle and above/ all wild animals upon your belly you! shall go and dust you shall eat all the wlYs of your life. I will put enemity betwlen you and the woman and between ypur seed, he shall bruise your head l11d you shall bruise his heel"6

.In fact, there are a lot of arguments propounded by the Christians to show that women are damned creatures. References are made to these arguments from the Bible. Among these are the following:

Apart from ,the fact that the "For behold, the days are coming in

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ which they shall say

Every woman according to him are transgressors blessed are the barren

since the first woman is taken to be a transgressor. and the wombs that

. never bare and the

St Tertullian while expressing his own view

about women also declares thus: paps and which never give suck"8

'I~OOd for a man not to toucfi a

"Do you know that each of you is an Eve, the sentence of God on this sex of you lives in this age, the guilt must necessarily live too, you are the unsealer of that tree, you are the first deserter of the divine law, you are she who persuaded him . when the devil was not reliant enough to attack him. You destroyed so easily God's image in man"12

\;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;";;;;;;;;";;;;;;;;;;;;';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;';;;" ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;J "He that is unmarried

wowan ... "

"Art thou loosed from a wife se'ek not. a wife''9

careth for the things that belong to the Lord. But he that is married careth for the things that are of the wor1d how he ma y please his wife" 1 0

serpent was cursed, it was also made the enemy of the woman and her offsprings. In a nutshell" this portion of the Bible never portrays God as having shunned or condemned the first woman and the generality of the women.

. All the references are drawn from the new testament which is said to he weightier than the old testament.

Moreover, history of the Roman empire records many untold miseries and awful plights of women such that hot oil was poured on their bodies. They were even tied to the tails of fast running horses so as to be tom to pieces. It was also recorded that women were tied with pillars while' fire was made to approach them from the pedestrals.

St Pual the premier saint of Christiandom proclaims:-

"Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffeernot a woman to teach near to usurp authority over the man but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed then Eve and Adam was not decei ved but the woman being deceived was in transgress. "11 -

Doctor Aspiring exposes the

Every woman accordinwhim are transgressors since ffiel'lTst woman is taken to be atransgressor. St Tertullian while expressing his own view about

women also declares thus: . /

J /~c

"Do you know thateachof youjs'aa Eve,

>{ • , '

the sentence of God on U1I.:5 sex of you

lives in this agr,;: the guilt. rr::~st necessarily li~e too, yourai-e the urisealer ofthat tree, . you are th first deserter of the di vin ~ law, you ~1f1 she who ~fsuaded h/m when the o'leV'il was not reliant enougn to attack hlin.· y ou destroyed so C''kily God's image in man"12 I


10 the orthodox Greek Church, women have no souls.In furtherance of this.St Clement of AYexandria also remarks: .

"Nothing disgraceful is proper for man who is endowed with rewonfluch less for woman to whom it bririgs.shame to reflect of what nature she is"15 "" _____

St John Chrysostom in his own view also said as regards women.

"A necessa.J~6-v-il,d desirable and a painted ill" 16

"Calamity, a deadly fascinator and a painted ill"13

However when we examine the institution of marriage in Christianity, women are taken to be of equal creatures with the men, it is there that women are taken as equal partners of men. Women and men live together as creature who love themselves in body and mind only in the institution of marriage, besides this, women are never taken as creature worthy of love. The Christian' then

, ascertain that men and women have been in love right from the beginning of the world thus they make reference to the Biblical reference which says that

"When God made man He also made woman to be his friend and partner"! ~

In Christianity, marriage is not viewed as a way of preserving the dignity

of a woman as a rcsultofthis she is giv:en '

the option to marry orremain unmarried. When she even gets married, her happiness in the marriage is not taken into consideration because she is not

~iven the right to sue for divorce 'if the n€eds arise. If she gets married that is final, she can only marry another man if the first dies. The Christians hold tenaciously to the' concept which says thus:

"All marriages are eternally binding therefore divorce is not permissible"lS

In Christianity there is also a concept which says

. "Neither was the man created for the woman nor the woman for the man"16

This concept implies that it is not necessary that a woman gets married to a man afterall none of them is created for ano~. No man is evercreated for the purpose of marrying a woman and vice versa.

"The place of woman in the Christian , Community"

"1t'1 recent times, in the wake of Christianity brought by the missionaries, there has been an evolution in the place of woman in the fam ily as well as society. This has brought about a feeling of emancipation for woman, the tendency towards more and more independence both. on the individual and the family level"17

In Christianity, marriage is not viewed as a way of preserving the dignity ofa woman asa result of this she is given the option to marry or remain unmarried. When she even gets married, her happiness in the marriage is not taken into consideration because she is not given the right to sue for divorce if the needs arise. If she gets married that is flnal, she can only marry another man if the first dies. The Christians hold tenaciously to the concept which says thus:

"All marriages are eternally binding therefore divorce is not permissible"15

tn the lightofthis, it is apparent that women are gi ven their rightful place in the question otImreritance. The women can inherit as the ~n can as

. . ~

well. In fact, the portion of the inheritance

that goes to the women is unknown fOc this is not contained in the Bible. Since"" the Bible is silent on this the portion that

a woman inherits, then everything depends on the dictates of the will of the deceased relation. This also depends on the love which the deceased father or the

order of ministry of the sort required for the ordination of women to priesthood.

. It is only in modem times that women seek access to the ministerial priesthood which are no doubt moti vated by the desire to serve God and the Church. Jesus Christ who being himself a man diose only men to be his apostles. The church must therefore be faithful to Christ and therefore cannot consider any authority of admitting women to priestly

As regards the women's right LO leadership. A woman is not supposed to lead, be it in the Church or anywhere. Women can contribute to the

administration of the community but they are not to rise tothe level of being I leaders. It is believed that the

development of a society asks for women's integral-development. Women can contribute to the development of her society if they have acceptance in their rightful place in the society -. - Mrs B Kunambi.l8

Concernirig religion, women c'antribute to the devel~pment. of the church from the time immemorial. However women were never made head of the churches. There was no female apostle in the Bible. The church only desires that the Christian women should become fully aware of the greatness of their mission. The church has no authority to institute a change in the

ordination. 19

In recent times, there are seminaries by the Catholic where women are given theological education and thereby require them to become church leaders. All Protestants (as other churches are called) have also taken this step and at least women are tolerated in seminary if not totally requited. The larger the familiar presence in the enterprises of theological education will in tum increase the challenge to perhaps a situation where one should say that with increased pressure upon the institutional churches to open their doors to competent trained women and afford them the same opportunity afforded to men.

Any woman who lacks these qualities of sensitivity, talent and, discipline can hardly become a leader anywhere especially in the church.


In the some Christian society dec_easedri1Oiher had of the daughter,

there are other contradictory views..and~t is if the daughter is loved more than

one of them is the nOliOn~oman than the son she will inherit more than

has the right to inherit from the property the son.

of her relations. Christianity gives the women the place in the family and this is a sort of blessing to the woman and way of emancipating the women. According to the unorthodox stand forwarded by some unpopular church leaders in

. Christianity, it is believed that it is only the American custom that does not give them therightto inherit from the property of their father even if she is the first born, Said Mrs B Kunambi an African Christian woman in her article titled.

As regards politics, the women's invol vement is seen as engaging herself in a serious task. This could be as aresult of the serious activities

. . ,

B- ", The present Anglo:Sa~on civilization of today, if traced properly back,

"For a Christian mother, the:roie of an " .

has its origin in Pre-Renaissance Christian Europe. The latter in turn isstuddely

educator is c,ye~ more imp' ortant as:the _

. , . roojed in the Pagan culture .of the Romans.

mother has the besropportunity to-instil

into the child. all the good concepts. of , Christianity at- this-early hnd' most important stagcofeh;:trattcr formationThe children-of tbday we the nation of tomon-ow.H20

that is involved in politics. The training

of children is seen weightier than Laking '~,. active role in politics. The ability to control grown up children that is boys and girls is the backbone of good citizenship. The role of women as educators is very important since the way children are brought up is the way they will live and look in the society.

. In "the 'light, oC,this Mrs B

K unarnbi'said: . ' ,

, ,-

, 'Theinvolvcment of women in politics isalso seenas a sort of winning , contract of burden and this is summed up in the following statement.

"The right of women to vote is crucial to her winning a place under the sun." 21


In Judaism women are seen as being under the curses of the Creator God due to the original sincauscd upon humanity by the first woman. There is an assertion which really degrade the dignity of women , and this is the assertion which says thus:

"Off the women came the beginning of sin and through her we all die." 22

Women arc considered to be creatures not worthy of honour but as creatures that could be deservedly subjected to any amount of insults and reduced to the position of mere chattel in ' the.house. ~.

(To be continued)


In Laking up a delicate issue as the "position of women inPr~~Islamic

Arabia" there are two or three points to be explained further:- .

, :. , .\ • t ;.


A- . The difference between Pre-Islamic Jahiliyyah way and other non-

Islamic cultures in the past and now is never a fundamental one but question of magnitude. As women were taken as ob jccts of baser passions in Pre- I slam ic days, so also are they today in the so-called modern world of pornography, bot-adverts and' arousing shows. The idBo. of "WOMEN LIB" is rather an activator and a confirmation than a liberation and negation.

_ Christianity in trying.to win more convertsnot only compromised the basic tenets ofApostotic.faith but abandoned many other fundaments. From this mixcdbag ofGrcck ,;pilosophy .Roman paganism rises the Sophisticated Jahiliyyah

of the West..' ABU ABIJUR-R4HMAN

I' t' . ..,., . "

1- Fida Hussain Malik Wives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PEOH) Taj Company Turkman Gate Dehli paget'3.

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. " ~ .... ,

The midnight coup that led to the disgraceful removal of Soviet President, Mikhail Gorbechev and the second day unceremonious reinstatement were never big surprises, if any at all. The message here is to emphasize the revolutionary lessons that surfaced as a result of the sudden exit ~d re-ascensien ofa man whose words and actions have altered much of the global geo-political structure, at least, for almost a decade now.

If Bolshevism did prove itself worthy, rightly or wrongly as the most deserving heir to Czarist monarchy, the latest coup plotters mainly from the Communist fundamentalists as well as the so-called liberal opposition among the pro- West politicians, have both failed to justify why the baton of authority should be handed over to them.

Revolutions, by all definitions, start from individuals but never end up With minorities. They are burning ideas and comprehensive programmes transferred from particular convictions of a man or a group of dedicated workers and activists, to popular acceptance of a nation or race for realization. No fundamental socio-political reformations, no matter how logical or grandiose, can be effectively accomplished if they do not enjoy the people's confidence and participation.

Gorbechev like his comradesin-arms misfired on this note in two ways. One: He proceeded on what could be termed the greatest ideological blunders of our time because he lacked clear and comprehensive picture of the

Ibn Abayomi

Victorious entry.- Mujahiden's convoy in a newly liberated city

Unfortunately this ambition has remained best on paper and would have been sufficentas his own contribution to Communism if left thus. Today, his perestroika is nothing more than another word for chaos and the glasnost he much preached could now be regarded as a modern political term for national disaster.

so-called reform which he intended to execute. The repercussions too were no less catastrophic. The whole Soviet economic system was not only exposed to international ridicule, even from the developing and underdeveloped countries which should be the last to jest . at others but also its failures were deliberately exaggerated out of proportions. Two: The Soviet central leadership, by design or chance, became entangled in internal squabblings with almost every republic. These were cases emanating from various separatist movements through out thee~pire. More irritating, above all, was the apparent inability of the president to first safeguard the nation as a. unit entity, rather was himself a too-willing accomplice in the whole politico-economic confusion.

From these two points alone, one can justifiably say that what Gorbechev announced to the people on what he wanted was a new Soviet kingdom and on some occasions did use the term. "going back to the original Marxism" in rebuilding the Union.

His dilemma is of course explainable. He was one of those who fanatically believed in revolution from above instead of grass-root upheavals. He wanted to effect basic socio-political changes by merely re-drafting another party manifesto and acquiring more presidential powers through un-popular constitutional approach without getting in touch pragmatically with the masses.

In all places and at all times, the rowdy population of the society that forms always the majority could by nature be deceived a while by slogans and symbols, but in the final analysis this section judges rhetorical dialectics on the basis of practical

::"~}'~::'~~*:~~:;::::::**:::::~:t~::::-::::~~~~~~~~::::¥~~:;::::~:;.~::~::~::::::::;~~:;:::~:~::::::::::';:::::::~:;~:~:::!~:::::;;::::~ The Mujahideen, September. 1991 :~:~;:~3~~:;~¥,~~~_~*-t~;~\%~*~~~*~~~~~~:~~:ffB;t:P age 41 ~::~~~~:$.'~:'%~:;.§~

, accomplishments. time when only dynamism and strong couldeffectivelymatchWestemmilitary

will were of paramount importance. might in sophistication, number and

established geo-political alliance. It followed therefore that Moscow. was - never a mere force to reckon with but a major power or more properly frontliner in all important global discussions.

During any political struggle for survival or supremacy, every priority must be given to the ability in any serious revolutionary rnovemenrto convince and control the people .. since political authority depends on social solidarity. Gorbechev refused to learn lessons therefore from the fir-st unsuccessful Comrnunist-revolutiori of 1904, where by, the ruling monarchs were able to win back the masses after having been earlier lost to the Marxist revolutionaries. Since Mikhail practically had nothing to show his own people as direct achievements of the new philosophy for which almost every section of the society seemed to have sacrificed endlessl y, the opposition of the nation therefore was more than meritorious. Similarly: the conspiracy of his own colleagues was more than consequential and the temporary applause that greeted his Jess than seventytwo hour exit from power especially from the Third World was more than deserving.'

-, It?ppearedthen that the Soviet president was himself more interested in having absolute P9~e17 and in staying in authority longer-than liis predecessors, than he was in forwarding the wheel of real and radical social changes.Whether he got what he wanted or not needed further examination and detailed analysis, but one thing was certain, that he proved himself at be an incapable king, over a restless kingdom, at acrucial

, Onthe international Scene, but for the last coup d' etat, Mikhail G\?rbechev was the final arbiter or the last voter, whose position in international politics became a barometer of what lied in wait No one had proved this devotedly with staunch religious fanaticism as much as George Bush. The first man in the White House, would not execute a major decision approved by American Congress or supported by the entire nation except he was sure Soviet leader would actively not oppose or at least give his tacit approval by looking the

~~w~. . ,

. What exactly gave the leader of the Communist Union this unique opportunity was the pOsition he occupied , as the president of a country that stretched from one comer of the globe to the other. , It also has a population greater than the' Arab states put together including the whole of Middle East and with natural resources higher than that available in Europe. According to reliable.military sources, and confirmed likewise by United States officials, the Soviet Union is still th¢only country in the'\vorld capable today of turning America into 'ashes within question of minutes.

In the Same vein, Communism, prior to Gorbechev's first ascension to power, was a leading ideological challenger of Capitalism and its camp

Putting the above mentioned briefsurvey in mind, one could actually understand why any social upheaval in the Soviets.or political blunders by its president or even gee-military and economic miscafoulations- by its leadership could become a real global. calamity if no break was applied.

As we have repeatedly mentioned, the world is no more a planet inhabited by absolutely independent human communities, even if there are international diplomatic illusions to that effect. The fact is that human socioeconomic and' geo-political

, developments have reached' a crucial " stage that individual sovereignties are mere paper gestures. In reality a new global nation is in the making which would eventually re-unite humanity as a

, single entity.

USSR, as a country possessing

, the five qualities ofasuper-power, which are said to be (a) wide space-area, (b) high population (c) extensive natural resources (d) huge conventional military machine (e) large sophisticateoneutron capability, has both the':oatural responsibility and ideological obligation

to maintain world peace at all costs. But Gorbechev appeared to have been a wrong man in a right place. Being also a president of a country founded on revol utionary zeal, even if socialist, could ' himself be well accused of ideological betrayal to his political party and treasonable felony to the good of his nation and the .emire human race,

Although there were some good points to his credit during his pre-coup tenure of office. He broke some of the old diplomatic taboos in international politics, introduced substantial rational constitutional reforms, allowed satellite states 9f Stalinist Communist empire to

~;:::::~:;;~:;;;:;:~::::~:::j::::::::j:::::t:::::;:::::::::~:::::::;::::~:;;::;::i~~i~~~:::::::::::i::::::::::m:::i::~:;:::m:::::::;::mm~; The M ujahideen; September, .199 l . :~m:;:~:::::i;::;:::~:~~:,,~::~:::;:;:m::m;:i~~li:::f.:'.i?:?:m~::::~~:Page 42 ,?:~:;:::t::;:;:i;::;gi:::;~';:~

choose whether to continue happily or determination as much as he knew not globe, The positions of M0SCOW' on

leave rejoicing, and likewise refused to his own destination.As for his belief in Afghanistan and UNO were two other

send in tanks and artillery in defending Communism ornew Marxism as he loved examples of Gorbechev' s contribution

"friendly'<but unpopular dictators the to call it; he was an apostate, since his to world instability,

world over. The re-unification of former conviction was zero. And for the newly

West and East Germany was politically embraced religion of Western style-

speaking to his credit for ever accepting democracy; freedom and- so-called

to allow the merger, withdraw his forces, fundamental human tights, he could well

and promise not to interfere in other be described as a pretender and traitor ..

countries, internal problems. Finally, he was the first Soviet leader to publicly criticize Russian policy in Afghanistan by terming the Red Army 'involvement in Hindukush a bleeding ~ound.




achievements without doubt shook the very foundation on which post Second World War strategic studies and international diplomacy were built. The so-called cold-war syndrome has gone at least for now, and oppressive ideological enclaves have but for a few

. disappeared. The iron-curtain was. broken and ,the steel-wall gave way to a free-world.

What then has turned these apparcntlybrilliant collection of personal intiatives into ,a disturbing array of global afflictions? To answer this pathetic question, distinctions must be drawn between good intentions and, viable conceptions as well as between' quick and short tum-overs and delayed and permanent accomplishments. What could be counted as Gorbechevs achievements were immediate results of his apparently good intentions, which only few could disprove. His failures and liabilities layeternallyin fanatically leading the whole world to a situation that might eventually become the greatest soc io-poliucalcatastrophein the history

of mankind. '

In any revolution, you don't dismantlcexceptwhen you have a standby alternative; and it is a crime in itself to destroy a system, even if oppressive, except when you are confident that you have the faith,men, programme, understanding and unbreakable will.to build another in its stead. Gorbechev unfortunately had neither' the people" nor the .btain .. He wavered in

His leadership was clouded wi th recklessness, tactlessness and sheer imbecility leastexpected ofarnan of his standing. What he should have put in mind was the adage that charity begins at home and therefore needed not to

For convenience, we shall review first open Communist crimes in protecting. the puppet regime in Kabul during the tenure of Mikhail. People did take bim serious the day he announced his country'spreparedness to withdraw from Afghanistan. Butas events unfolded themselves, it became. clear that Soviet policy on this country would only change in shape and colour, not in content and goals. ' It . was eventually known that-

Captured Russian made artillery indicating Kremlin's continuous involvement in Afghan crisis

have disturbed world geo-political stability without first having total control of events in the Soviet Union. Similarly, his international programmes should ha ve been executed in a form that would not threaten world peace. This he could ' do by maintaing the East.:West power balance. Buthis inability to successfully steer his own ship out of strong waters has destroyed all logical bases for a progressive international co-existence and shattered old hopes for a world free of oppression,

One-such example of his short sightedness or obvious betrayal was the unilateral dissolution of the Warsaw Pact as a lever (0 NATO, removing thereby j the only available practical and effective check on Capitalist absolutism' on the

perestroika and glasnost were for Eastern Europe and not for subjugated Muslim republics.

The first suspicion as to Moscow's real intention was created by the way and manner the Geneva Accord was formalized. Mikhail Gorbechev

I . W - •

entered into negotiations with America,

Marxist regime in Kabul and Pakistan

- on Afghanistan, without the participation ofthe armed resistance movement which represented more than V95% of the population. Thls was of course not of omission but ~,deliberate attempt at frustrating any total military victory of the Muslim revofiltionarjes. '

'A case Iike c the above mentioned one presented ~' real picture

*:::::::@::":~w*::,,,;::;:~~:::;::::::~::,,,::~:~~&:t.%im::*?':::*,:~:,:;,::'~::;,::~:;%:m:,::~ The M ujahideen, September. 1991 ~~*~J;@%$x&"·;'!ifMWf:~W~~;m%'~age 43 mm1W*>?tw

of political hypocricy dubbed always as to withstand any

strategic diplomacy in international Mujahideen military

relationship, Perestrioka and glasnost onslaught that was

meant freedom and openness. America envisaged after

and Europe likewise claimed themselves Soviet withdrawal entered into negotiations with America, Marxlst

to be champions of liberty and self- (iii) Assassinationof regime in Kabul and Pakistan on Afghanistan,

determination, and Afghan Jihad was strong revolutionary without the participation of the armed resistance

initiated on the basis that the nation must supporters of the

movement which represented more than 95%

be given a say in allthings that affect its Islamic struggle such

existence as an independent entity. To' asZia-ul-Haq,' Gen of the population ,

have therefore bypassed all fundamental Akhtar,Dr. Abdullah ~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~

principles, side-stepped the people and Azzam and others. (iv) Systematic

entered into agreement with outsiders, blackmailing dynamic Mujahideen

revealed the salient intention behind the leaders through advanced Western

whole peace process. propaganda machinery (v) Directly sabotaging Mujahideen military operations through implanted agents such as inJalalabad, Kabul and former Khost garrison. It was intended by this to butress their notion that Mujahideen could, never achieve any major military victory. (vi) Sentimentall y over-blowing old and petit differences between various Mujahideen parties and striving night and day to create fresh ones.

If the so-called new Kremlin

under Mr. Gorbechev really believed that Red Army involvement in Afghanistan was a mistake and that it had become a bleeding wound, why not absolutely disengage Communist military machine once and for all. As if to conf 1IVl people' sreservations, Soviet Union proceeded to withdraw undertwo new diplomatic terminologies at least in Afghan crisis: (a) Negative symmetrism which was apparently meant for both sides to the conflict but tacitly intended in stripping the Mujahideen of its external support. (b) East-West understanding on Afghanistan.

This latter one meant many things viz: (i) destroying existing Mujahideen ammunition depot (ii) reequipping, Kabul puppet regime with sophisticated arsenals to the brim, so as

The first suspicion as to Moscow's real intention was created by the way and manner the Geneva Accord was formalized. Mikhail Gorbechev

All these were during Gorbechev's first era and to sum it up, we might quote Engineer Hekmatyar here" .. :rhe worst ever bombing over innocent people of Afghanistan by Russian Airforce was witnessed during the iuleofMikhail Gorbechev. The most modern, and devastating weapons are still being supplied to the puppet regime for continuing the massacre of the Afghan people ... "

UNO was another casualty of the Soviet president's fatal commissions. It is important here to note that when this international body first emerged from the tomb of the League of nations, the idea of veto was introduced, though' monopolized unjustly by the so-called victors of World War II to rationally checkmate each other. The organization was also meant to be a buffer in crisis, as well as a platform of sanity, liberty and objectivity. It was never intended to be a military arm of any of the conflicting ideological camps.

For one reason or the other , the founder of perestroika and initiator of glasnost decided to alter the balance without moral justifications or rational causes, destroying thereby the fragile credibility of the UNO. We must note that Capitalism and Communism are nothing but the two only sides of a philosophical coin. None of which is totally evil or completely free from mortal flaws. The only viable alternative is the advent of Islam as originally revealed. But since Muslims are today grappling for survival amidst countless disasters, it needs an entirely new understanding to make that a reality. Muslims .must reform the so-called fundamental radicalism as well as reject its twin sisterof conservative dogmatism to face the challenges. But in the meanwhile and before that becomes a practical achievement, the East-West balance must be preserved by all means or an immepi,a~ check must be placed on the absolutism of Zionist capitalism in the world today.

This is not an invitation for the return of Communism as a rutheless socio-political warrior or a wish for the

Here again, Mikhail

demonstrated his gee-strategic blindness. He refused to take decisive

positions commensurate with his authcrityorthatofthcCommunist Union

during crises. He was contented to play the role of an American fiddle and

nothing appeared enjoyable to him than dedicatedly fulfilling the aims and ambitions of Western powers.

This was the peak of Communist' dialectical anti-thesis. Instead of Capitalism destroying itself through excess economic' productions and conflicting political objccuves.as prophesied by Karl Marx himself, Communism has crumbled in the Soviet Union on the basis of its rigidity as much

, The world was close to a nuclear holocaust and innocent people Were, exposed to highly destructive biological and chemical weapons on a massive scale. The patched-up trust and confidence in the UNO as a peace-keeping and,

r cease-fire body was lost. Its role as globalstabilizer was eroded and the old reputable i~ternational community in Geneva became a standing committee or the American Congress in Washington.

as lack ofinitiatives and foresightedness and similarlythe sell-out-policies of its' leadership in exchange fora few dollars.

If Moscow had performed its role responsibly, Baghdad would never have risked' the ordeal' of invading


Thecoup plotters who

removed Mr. Gorbcchev erred too by underestimating American influence in a post-Gulf war world. 'Most of them were old Communist stalwarts who, served in various capacities in the preperestroika Union. This conservative

Another thing which also contributed to its' total failure was the 'direct consequence of Gorbechev' s descentralization. Hitherto, it would have been possible to stay in Moscow and issue orders which .would be symmetrically executed throughout the Communist organizational heirarchy, but gone were the-days. The old brigades could not understand that perestroika and glasnost were meant , among other things to forestall a similar take-over by the die-hards.

~~~~~ TheMujahideen.Sep~ember.1991 ~~~~Page44~~

continuation of polarized ideological Kuwait, and the catastrophe of the Gulf group now referred to as Communist

globe of fantasies nor for the celebrated' crisis would have remained a dream. fundamentalists believed nothing could

coldcware~a.Itisacallfortheoldlawof The failure of the Kremlin under Mr. stand on their ways if the president of the

'checks and balances which has been the Gorbcchev forallowing the manipulation crumbling nation could be successfully

most effective method of natural of the UNO in achieving Capitalist removed. The latter they did by

preservation of all existences. Absolute design and the involvement of the prosecuting the ill-fated power-transfer

power from any ideological camp Security Council as an extension of conspiracy and maintained it forabout

corrupts absolutely. The destruction of NATO, created adangerons goo-political 72 hours, but not only external big powets

Soviet influence in the name of a so- instability as demonstrated, between opposed them, almost everything in the

called philosophy of re-structuringand August 2, 1990 and January 15, 1991. former Union of Soviet socialist

ambiguous policy of openness, on a republics stood in their ways.

planet full of political conflicts and The world was close to a

economic hazards add without any nuclear holocaust and innocent people Theringleadersofsuchapoorly

available alternative, is surely pushing were exposed to highly destructive planned plot did not only have no touch

the whole world to the brink of nemesis. biological and chemical weapons on a with the people but eventually lost

massi ve scale. The patched-up trust and contact with their immediate juniors

confidence in the UNO as a peace- who could have mitigated the effect of

keeping and cease-fire body was lost.Its their common unpopularity and extend

role as global-stabilizer was eroded and the duration and geographical radius of

the old reputable international a brilliant temporary victory. That was

community in Geneva became a standing,;~ why the Russian president Boris Yeltsin committee of the American Congress in ~:' in Moscow, could comfortably refuse to Washington. >~, recognize them, making the leaders of - "almost every republic to reject them and

no administrative quarter would obey too. The coup therefore, was already doomed even before commencement.

Similarly, by betraying the responsibility reposed in him, the Soviet president gave the United States ample opportunities to unilaterally speak about the so-calfed New Global Order. By so doing, Moscow became an active abetter of Zionist supreme hegemony in the world. Since Baghdad presented herself as too unwilling to serve further in the court of -gtobal imperialism, her destructiontheref ore was a priority. The

connivance of Soviet f':!!!===========~=====~ leadership was certainly. of a higher importance in neutralizing the danger posed by the huge Iraqi military machine to the existence of Israel in the region. The "liberation" of Kuwait was a bait at not provoking Internauonalt condemnation and as a facade. towards creating l;;;~~~~~~~;;;;;;;;~~~~~~~~;;;;;;;;~ Zionist new global order,

Repercussions of these tactical misconceptions of a Union divided against itself-were far- reaching. It temPorarily removed, if not permanently obliterated any possibility of a Sovietreturn to the old ideological power-status.

. Similarly, it gave the West undeserving edge and primacy on global platform. It has created the rule of a uni t superpower .- pending the advent of an iron-will challenger. Finally, oppression, injustice and exploitation would be the language of the Western victors until ttleMuslitns come to the rescue. ~ ,


Islamic F roru for the Liberation of 0 romo is committed to dual goals liberation from imperialist protected regimes in Ethiopia as well as to prevent nationalist and secularist parties which have strong links with global Jewish Congress and World Christian Federationfrom changing the original Islamic character of Oromia asa nation.

As an introduction to the more than decade struggle of the Muslims in Oromia, we are publishing a summary of some of the documents submitted by Shaykh Nuru-Deen Yaraw Adam. who is curreniiy representing the Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia here in Pakistan.

The documentswere in A rabic but rendered into English by our own man Abu Abdur Rahman and presented to our readers by Abu-Abdullah.

All praise be to Allah alone, He who fulfils always His promises, helps His slave and defeats the allied alone. Peace and , blessing on the noble prophet 'to whom this various revelations were, sent:-

"0 ye who believe, do I show you a trade that can protect you from a tedious chastisement: You should believe in Allah and His messenger likewise struggle in the path of Allah with your wealth and persons. That is best foryouif only you know: (As a reward): He (Allah) would forgive you your sins and permits you entrance into AI- lanah that has rivers flowing beneath and into nice dwellings in paradise of bliss. That is indeed the highest felicity (Suratus-Saff)."

and likewise:

. "Those that if we establish them on earth-would observe prayers, pay the zakat, enjoin others to what is good and forbid that which is wrong .... To Allah belongs the end result of all affairs

suratul-l-Hajj: 41."


Oromia falls in the eastern part of Africa having Kenya on its southern flank, Ogarden to its east. libotti and Sudan are on its frontiers in the west and to the north we have Tegri and Gunder

(Ethiopia). '

Oromia is made up of eleven provinces which are all forcibly incorporated in what is today called Ethiopia. Thisnation has a population of 34 million 85% of whom are Muslims, 10% Christians and 5% pagans. occupying an area of 756.000 KrJ. '

Majorityof'Oromians subsistsqn agriculture andhusbandry, A few section of the population is noted (or trade, commerce and handicrafts. Today the rate of literacy is one of the lowest. on the continent, which i_s something between 8% and 10% . This is of cours~ a direct-consequence of the cultural and economic isolationist policies ruthlessly executed by various Ethiopian regimes.

Islam entered Oromia about five years before' the Prophet himself migrated to Medinah. On him be peace and blessings. This. was possible through the first migrationof Muslims from Mecca to Habasha (i.e Ethiopia) and it would be of great interest .to recallthe words of the Holy prophet while commanding his companions to go, to Habasha .

If you could goto Ethiopia, go! because "there-in rules a king that does not allow any body to be treatedunjustly •.. "·

That was how Islam came to Oromia peacefully. It started ' from individuals to families.From clans to cities andprovinces and till today there are historical cities and Islamic heritage which remind us

~~~~::::::;:~~:!~:~~~~:i::::~~~;$m*~m-~~~::::::~::::!~~~::::if.::::::?;:~::::::::~::~::::;;::~~::: The M . h Ode S t mbe 1991 P 46

~ . Uja, en, ep e r , J::::~~~'*'~::::"';;w.:*:,:::*:;;:;'m%0."":;:~;;; age m:;:i:;:;:::;:it:$:~m:iij.

of the adventofIslam such as the firstrnosque built by the companions of our prophet [may peace and blessings be upon them all.)

Since then onwards Islam had been able to establish it self as the dorminant religion with the people. The faith, culture, administration, and commercial ventures were heavily influenced by Islamic tenets, ev~n the languge absorbed a lot of Arabic words and grammatical methods.

In the first half of Gregorian fifteenth century, Oromians were able under the leadership of Imam Ahmad Ibrahim Oromia to establish a completely new socio-political MUslim Institution referred to in history as an Islamic sovereign state, which covered very large geographical space in East Africa and extended likewise to the eastern part of Ethiopia to a place called Kaslah in Sudan.

That was how Oromia continued to retain its Muslim identity until the last years of 19th century when its Islamic character was destroyed by Christian allied forces.


Portugal was one of the first European countries to invade Oromia. The main purpose was christianization of this Muslim community with astrange hostility towards anything Islamic. In order to achieve their goals, Lisbon entered into strategic alliance with a section of the local population called the Amhari tribes in northern part of Ethiopia who were adherents of unorthodox faith of the Eastern Churches. The aim was to use the hither-to unhostile eastern Christians to destroy Oromia. But fortunately such a reckless undertaking failed since the Amharies and their foreign instigators were both defeated by a less equipped and poorly trained Muslim army.

Later came Britain and France and from 1884 A.D, Oromians started fighting a tough battle in trying to stop evangelization of what they believe to be an Islamic community by 1891, with the active participation of-major European Christian powers which sent trails of machine propelled weapons and advanced ammunitions to Ethiopian Christians. Later Oromo finally succumbed to Christians colonialization.

Following the fall of Muslim empire in Oromia at the hands of Ethiopian Christians aided by European powers, Adis-Abbaba tried much to reward its foreign helpers by opening up all avenues for European evangelism.

State laws were enacted forcing Muslims to forcibly accept Christianity or pay heavy levies in default. Ethiopian missionaries from Europe were encouraged to change Mosques and other religious places into Churches and new Christian religious centers were built on Muslim lands.

Those few Muslim,s who refused to abandon their faith were given a three-year option of either permanent servitude under Christian lords or exile.

The effects of these persecutions were catastrophic on the people, the Islamic faith and the overal Muslim cultural institutions in East Africa Many did manage to uphold their faith, defend their honors and bluntly refused to compromise but the greater part of the community even after its unwilling acceptance of the. new Christian faith under the threat of untold persecutions was still subjected to the worst type of atrocities. They were denied honorable living as well as necessary facilities and majority of the population was deliberately left without any education orpmfessional training that could serve as basis for another Islamic revival.

~ediatelyafterBerlinconferenceof(1884-l885)Oromia as a Muslim community was finally isolated from the ~ain stream of the Islamic world. This without doubt was calcuiated as a crucial means of weakening the natural and dynamic Islamic resistance capability of Oromians. Not until when some neighboring Muslim states such as Somali became independent that the armed resistance was resuscitated with a renewed vigour. By 1973, a real militant Islamic struggle has been born again which now lives till today to challenge Christian imperialists and their local secularists.

As a direct response to this new Islamic resurgence, Ethiopian government increased its repressive policies. Children, women and the aged were killed with impunity. Villages were destroyed' completely.Me~ were burnt alive before family members and anyone suspected of collaborating with Muslim fighters became object of all sorts of punishments. Fortunately instead of forcing the populace against Islamic fighters, the contrary was fulfilled 5y fueling the ragy")

of the people against European missipnaties and their Ethiopian

puppets. I.'


. . ~. , r _ ..._: ,""

~-s;- -~" .. __ "~'Y.J:;; .-f r !~ ';f:' ...

r ,.. •• ~' ,~'. __ •• .0; - '''~'...a .i ,

'" ".... To. ~" .. "- ",I' . "'-

Though armed struggle againsuhe corrlbiiiedEurope~ and Ethiopian imperialism by the Oromians was indeeCl old. But with every new day, new experiences and understandings were acquired

until a new mi'Jitant movement emerged.The founder ofthis modem Islamic Liberation Front was Shaykh Abdul-Karim bin Haj Ibrahim Hamid Taqib. This Front is intended to be a movement that WOUld. facilitate the intellectual, political and military liberation of'Oromia.

_ 'ri-", ~il'. ,. 4- :!".-~"'""- ......';;.;..

4 y-' ..

Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia has indeed started hsWmilitary engagements with existing oppressivearmies of ...... CIOIimperialisW since 12/12/1969.,~,f; iii-

.. ~~ ». ~ Jf .; , ~~ {~"_" .. ,~

·It's political message is based on these principles:~ • ~


three major 5" ,; .•.

<' It, j


fl.~,. -., b- Liberation of Oromia from the shackles of Ethiopian colonialism.

Ir·~·1:1"''111 . - .

t ~ c- Establishment of an Islamic government which will govern using

, __ t:~

~~ ;"", .. the Holy Qur'an and the prophetic Sunnah. , •• ~

" ..

~ '.

'II" ~"'"

; ~


. ..

i'-" ".


, .

I -

l •


Emperor Haile SeIassie never believed he was not the Lion of Judea until his military guards over threw him in one of the bloodiest coups on the continent. He was brutally killed and the numerous chains of ministers, advisers, top government officials he enjoyed and their families were 'cornered and butchered mercilessly,

There errdeed the reign on an emperor but the empire remained. Colonel Haile Mariam Mengistu who took over felt too ashamed to declare his own strong links to Zionism or assumed naked imperialistic titles as did .his predecessor but ruled the country with the same tempo of ruthless dictator and helped the Zionist state of Israel to his

.... When his superiors in Washington felt he could no

longerfitinto a conceived New World Order, formerpresident Jimmy Carter, was chosen as the ambassador at large and entrusted with the responsibility of executing a long drafted plan of distabilizing and dominating the Horn of Africa.

What jimmy did was to enter Sudan under a fake name, met rebel forces fighting Ethiopian army in khartom. The outcome was successful but the secret was divulged by a participant who felt he had been fooled to attend.

Before Sudanese authority could round up these conspirators, Carter was already on the air giving his briefing . The gist was to remove Mengistu, allow the reminants of Jewish tribes in Ethiopia to migrate out to Israel and create a strong Western alliance to prevent advancing Islamic radioalismin the region.

To this effect, Ethiopia appeared partitioned between Ogardens, "Tegris, Oromia and Eritreans, Neighbouring Somalia is thrown into a real civil war best called bloody tribal pandemonium and Sudan, Uganda and the rest are not free from strong seperatist organizations financed from the West, we ask, who rules the Horn of


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