LOST "Running the Wheel" Written by Mona Grenier

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LOST "Running the Wheel" TEASER A FLIGHT IN through the "O" in the Lost logo ends in black -and the tinkling theme song for the CHICKEN SHACK CHILD SINGER Welcome to the Chicken Shack, the Chicken Shack, the Chicken Shack! Welcome to the Chicken Shack, make yourself at home! Smash cut to an E.C.U. -- On HURLEY's opening eye -INT. CHICKEN SHACK EMPLOYEE ROOM -- DAY -- FLASHBACK WIDER TO REVEAL -- Hurley, preparing for his shift, takes a deep breath to steady himself as he finishes tying his apron. RANDY Look who's back! How'd your little... vacation... treat ya there, big boy? Hurley looks up to see his Manager, RANDY, has entered the break room. Hurley is NOT HAPPY to see him. HURLEY Uh, fine. Hurley takes a Tupperware off the table and puts it in his locker. RANDY What you got there? HURLEY Lunch. My mom's got me on this diet. It's some salad(quietly) with tofu. RANDY You're eating tofu? HURLEY I guess so.

3. Miserable, Hurley wants out of this conversation as soon as possible. RANDY It all makes perfect sense, actually. Hurley looks up: is Randy actually being nice? HURLEY Really? RANDY Because that tofu doesn't even exist. You're not really here. I'm not really here. In fact, the entire Chicken Shack award-winning system of owner-run franchisees is just a figment of your imagination. CONFUSED, Hurley stares at Randy, not sure if Randy is messing with him or if this is another HALLUCINATION. Randy WIGGLES HIS FINGERS in front of Hurley's face. RANDY (CONT'D) Woooaaah! JOHNNY (O.S.) I wish this all was just in Hurley's head. Much to Hurley's relief, his buddy JOHNNY walks into the Employee Room. This BREAKS THE SPELL of confusion for Hurley: if Johnny's here, this must be real. JOHNNY If this was all in Hurley's imagination, then maybe we'd wake up and really be like millionaire lottery winners or something-- instead of chicken slingers at the Chicken Shack! There is a shocked silence filled only with the Chicken Shack theme song as everyone processes this. RANDY Do you have a problem with working at the Chicken Shack? Hurley steps in between Johnny and Randy.

4. HURLEY Uh, no problem, we don't have any problems, none at all, right Johnny? Randy studies Johnny and Hurley carefully. EMPLOYEE CARD on the table for Hurley. Throws a new

RANDY Good. Then you'd better punch in. You're late. I'm writing you both up. Randy leaves the room. Hurley and Johnny look at each other.

JOHNNY You okay, dude? Yeah. HURLEY You okay?

Johnny grins a crooked grin at Hurley. JOHNNY Never better. Glad you're back, Hurley-man. Johnny walks out of the room. Employee Card as he exits: Hurley follows, glancing at his

CU of Hurley's new Employee Number -- 4815-162342 Off Hurley's shocked expression: EXT. JUNGLE -- DAY A SHAKING HAND GRASPS a dented and battered box of DHARMA-BRAND CEREAL that bears its own code: DI 9FFTR731 Pull back to reveal HURLEY glancing back and forth between the jungle and the box in his hand. He DOESN'T DARE TAKE HIS EYES OFF THE JUNGLE FOR MORE THAN A SECOND. Hurley pushes on the dented-in corner to determine the sturdiness of the package. Deciding it's okay, Hurley puts the box in his BACKPACK and surveys the area for further scavenging. There are BOXES and METALLIC DEBRIS scattered throughout the area, and as Hurley scans further we find out why:

5. A jagged HOLE gapes out of the jungle -- the remains of THE HATCH. A grimace moves over Hurley's face as he sees the Hatch, an unconscious shudder: something bad happened there. Hurley avoids moving towards the hole and continues to work the radius of the area. A little jittery, he moves towards a container of RANCH DRESSING closer to the hole in the ground. He picks up the container. The bottom doesn't hold and the ranch dressing POURS OUT ON THE JUNGLE FLOOR. HURLEY Oh, man! Sadly, Hurley sticks one finger in the dressing and then IN HIS MOUTH. Suddenly, his eyes catch a FLASH of WHITE: POV: DEEP INSIDE THE HOLE -- THE WHITE LABEL OF A DHARMA FOOD PACKAGE. Hurley STANDS UP to survey the situation. The hole is about 30 feet deep, with jagged edges of the concrete walls sticking out here and there. IT'S SCARY -- But the package calls. Hurley makes a decision and begins to climb into the hole laboriously. EXT. HOLE -- A FEW MINUTES LATER Sweating, Hurley reaches the bottom of the hole and picks up the package. HURLEY Dharmalars, score! Only then does he look around THE HOLE. Despite the sunny day up there, it's dark down here. And a little creepy. Hurley EXPLORES the area, noticing misplaced details of The Hatch That Was: a battered dryer, door hanging open, a mainframe computer, crushed sideways under a block of concrete, a shower head. Suddenly Hurley notices something else down there. HURLEY'S POV: a BLACK VOID underneath a block of OVERHANGING CONCRETE -- what's in there?

who's saying that? -. Suddenly.and that thing is still coming out of the tunnel -Hurley is BREATHING HARD. HURLEY'S POV: A DARK TUNNEL STRETCHES FARTHER THAN THE LIGHT GOES. Hurley moves TOWARDS THE VOID. Hurley glances around -. Hurley backs away from the doors. scared. And then the WHISPERS begin -They fade in gradually. As he gets closer.6. Not too sure he wants to find out. We 360 around Hurley as the whispers build -. RUSTLING SOUNDS start to echo out of the tunnel: SOMETHING'S IN THERE -. This tunnel is deep. off his terrified look we -END OF TEASER . HURLEY Hey! His voice echoes far inside. one half-hanging open. takes a deep breath. These Hurley grabs one of the doors and WRENCHES it as far open as he can.as he continues to move away from the doors.AND IT'S COMING OUT. and LOOKS INSIDE. doors aren't anything we've seen before in the Hatch. his eyes adjust to the deep shadow and he can see: BATTERED CORRUGATED METAL DOORS.

Hurley squeezes his eyes shut in fear. BEACH -. JIN works on weaving a NET. As suddenly as they started. tying each knot expertly.CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS SCENE Hurley's EYES are focused on the metal doors and whatever's coming out of there as the WHISPERS build.DAY It's another beautiful sunny day at the Lostaway Beach Community. Hurley watches it fly away. Charlie turns and heads back to Claire's tent. CHARLIE rummages through the stash in SAWYER'S TENT. where survivors engage in various daily tasks: ROSE grills some FRESHLY CAUGHT FISH over the fire. only his legs visible as he digs deep. where CLAIRE HAS BEEN WATCHING THESE DAILY TASKS with increasing discomfort. inspecting it: a GAUDY GOD-AWFUL GOLD NECKLACE. THE WHISPERS STOP. HOLE -. He's turned the other way as THE THING comes flapping out of the metal doors. Now the sounds of the RUSTLING THING COMING OUT OF THE TUNNEL is all too clear. He finds what he was looking for and straightens up. She breaks . It's almost out.7. EXT. then he hears: BIRD (Cawing) Hurley! Hurley looks behind him and sees A LARGE BIRD flying up and out of the hole. He begins to scramble up the jagged edges of of the concrete walls towards the top of the hole. off a piece to taste and smiles in satisfaction. It's all too much to take and Hurley TURNS TAIL AND RUNS. and Hurley pauses also. ACT ONE EXT.

. Kate. DETERMINED TO DO SOMETHING. annoyed: CLAIRE I'm serious. CLAIRE (CONT'D) I just don't feel safe. ..a new play toy for the baby. where he laughs and SWATS AT IT. Charlie. CHARLIE About what? Claire waves her arm at the other survivors on the beach. oblivious to Claire's worries. CHARLIE Uh. CLAIRE Charlie.CONTINUOUS Charlie. and Sawyer were never here. heads right past her to AARON'S BASSINET. It's as if Jack. Everyone just going about their daily business. CLAIRE But why did the others want them in the first place? Who are they? Why do they want Aaron? Why isn't anyone asking these questions? Charlie opens his mouth to SAY SOMETHING. don't you think there's something odd about all this? Charlie DANGLES the ugly necklace in front of Aaron's face. CHARLIE Right. (beat) It's okay. Locke's gone after them. Not funny. INT. this. CLAIRE'S TENT -. CLAIRE . who are they? Charlie looks blankly at Claire for a second. This is what he was after all along -. then BREAKS INTO A GRIN. Claire. Charlie narrows his eyes. but for once he can't think of anything to say.8.

SAWYER Good morning to you too. KATE Whatever you say. KATE looks out at SAWYER sleeping on the bench in his cage. Sawyer calmly gets up and starts to go through the Fish Biscuit process. KATE (CONT'D) I know how we can get out of here. KATE I just heard you snore! SAWYER Wasn't me. trying hard to be casual. KATE You were snoring. SAWYER PAUSES IN BETWEEN BITES. Kate smiles and THROWS A SMALL ROCK at Sawyer. he wakes up with a JOLT.9.DAY Sitting on the dirt floor in her cage. Sawyer tries to shake the sleep out of his head. Sawyer THROWS HIS SHOE at the high lever. Sunshine. CAGES -. Freckles. pushes the FOOD BUTTON: success! He is rewarded with a FISH BISCUIT. which he picks up and begins to eat. Or . Kate looks around to make sure no one else is present. then goes back to his eating. SAWYER (CONT'D) For the record. SAWYER Forget about it. Something passes over her face as she studies him: concern? is it SOMETHING MORE? Sawyer's mouth drops open and a loud SNORE rattles out. I have never snored in my life. Kate can't believe what she's hearing: this man is impossible! She rolls her eyes. EXT. Sawyer.

HER. hurt. FRUSTRATED. EXT. ROSE What did you see out there. HURLEY I think it was an im-plosion. Hurley is hardly paying any attention to Rose. She DOESN'T UNDERSTAND why Sawyer is KATE But we have toSAWYER But nothing.DAY Outside ROSE'S tent.in FEAR? What is he looking for? Rose notices this.DAY CLOSE ON THE MONITOR -. Freckles! Sawyer's words are harsh but he can't tell Kate the truth: the Others are watching every move they make. A SMILE creeps over his face. KATE We wait until they get us to work at the building site. BEACH -. It's amazing that there's anything edible still left after that explosion. no big diff. DISTRACTED. He quickly glances over his shoulder out at the jungle -.10. We PULL BACK to reveal BEN LINUS watching all of this with great interest. INT. Kate is undeterred. He takes another bite of the fish biscuit. gives the last of his SCAVENGED PROVISIONS to Rose. then we can take theSAWYER I said FORGET ABOUT IT. VIDEO SCREEN ROOM -. Hurley? This CONCERNS . giving up like this.Kate's DISAPPOINTED REACTION flickers in the poor quality black & white feed. but. Hurley. ROSE Thank you. Kate is deflated.

FLASHBACK Hurley' in the thick of it at the Chicken Shack -. Hurley continues muttering the numbers as he works. What did you need again? RANDY Four number one's.Hurley is moving as fast as he can. His eyes meet JOHNNY'S. sixteen. twenty-three.. Hurley looks at Rose a long moment -. The hell. HURLEY Four. biscuits to go. eight. dude. fifteen. Then. twenty-three. LOWERING baskets of chicken into HOT GREASE. Randy's YELLING from the front. no sixteen. Then.should he tell her what he found? For a second.beeping and frying and movement all around.11.DAY -. wipe the sweat out of his eyes with a towel. . forty-two. sixteen. SCOOPING out sides. Fifteen. Hurley abruptly turns and WALKS AWAY towards his tent. Eight-piece bucket. Hurley begins MUTTERING TO HIMSELF.. THEN -. fifteen. CHICKEN SHACK -. PASSING food to Johnny. RANDY (PRE-LAP) What. Hurley? INT. eight. Is wrong with you. forty-two. RANDY You only put six pieces in the eight-piece bucket! And you sent a number one out to drive-thru instead of a number two! Hurley takes a moment to glance up. who wraps it and sends it up front. it looks like he might. Four. who is standing at the WRAP STATION waiting for food from Hurley. HURLEY Sorry. Johnny MOTIONS for Hurley to HURRY UP. COUNTING biscuits.

that's why I'm gonna stay alive (beat) Yo. HURLEY Stop what? Randy leans in close to Hurley. you are so out of it! Everyone turns to Johnny. the spell is broken and RANDY IS IN HIS FACE. forty-one. Balls the size of eight-piece buckets? Double check. eighty-two. White? Check. And just like that. what would I do to be with you. two. Hurley's HANDS ARE A BLUR. WHISPERING TO EACH OTHER. Hurley doesn't notice: CUSTOMERS AT THE COUNTER -. Hurley looks around. HURLEY Oh. standing by the wrap station.12. JOHNNY Randy. thirty-seven. but you're scaring the customers. nine. four. RANDY You need to stop it. but talks LOUD ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR. RANDY Look. It's amazing to see a man of his size moving this quickly. Johnny FOLDS HIS ARMS and looks Randy RIGHT IN THE EYE. Co-workers. confused. they're all STARING AT HIM. He's in the zone. JOHNNY (CONT'D) He's singing that new rap song by Def Man Walking: (singing) Twenty-eight. seven. . customers. In the kitchen.Staring at him. Embarrassed. I'm all for helping the mentally ill and all that. Hurley looks up. Skinny? Check.

man. HURLEY'S TENT -. Phew! Johnny looks at Hurley -.DAY Hurley and Charlie sit in Hurley's tent. Everything you know. . CHARLIE Hurley. What? CHARLIE Tell me about THE OTHERS. BEACH -. INT.DAY Hurley turns..13.a little pissed at having to cover up his friend's crazy behavior. Randy NARROWS HIS EYES at Johnny. Hurley! EXT.. him. and sees Charlie RUNNING UP BEHIND HIM. JOHNNY You're lucky I can freestyle. Hurley looks at Charlie. is going. Not sure whether to believe Need a Randy gives them one more nasty look and then leaves the grill area. I need you to do something for me. INTERCOM Manager to register two! manager at register two. in there. Hurley smiles his thanks. He's not sure where this conversation CHARLIE (PRE-LAP) Hurley! HURLEY HURLEY . We enter in MID-CONVERSATION: It's CLOSE QUARTERS Again. but Locke and his crew are going after them already.

HURLEY Um.but it's not saving those three. apparently. and Sawyer back to us."Sure we'll send them back right away. did you forget that the Others said they would. They are going to find another computer -. kill us if we went back up there? CHARLIE Of course they said that! (beat. Kate. For real. more AFRAID. Hurley looks at him as he recovers. and WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK EARLIER?" This rant leaves Charlie a little OUT OF BREATH. like. At the thought of leaving the beach. CHARLIE Locke and his crew are not going after them... .Then.he becomes MORE ALERT. "Pretty please will you send Jack. HURLEY Even if Locke is Mr. their plan is to type into the computer. Hurley sits up a little straighter-. CHARLIE (CONT'D) I don't know what Locke is planning to do -.and not in the good way. Starting at that dock you saw. explaining) It effectively prevents our mounting any kind of a rescue if WE DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR where they're holding our friends. HURLEY I don't think it was a scare tactic. Conspiracy or whatever. Those guys are hardcore -.14." at which time the Others will see this and promptly reply -. what are we supposed to do about it? CHARLIE We could get a big group together to go after them. trying to figure out WHAT TO THINK OF ALL THIS.

Hurley. Hurley shakes his head. UPSET. Let's just wait until Locke comes back-The mention of Locke's name ENRAGES Charlie. the mood gets even more creepy . trying to figure out how to explain it to Charlie. sleeping peacefully. Hurley pauses for a second. but is that THE SOUND OF THE BLACK SMOKE in the distance? SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT. She's in there. Everyone is asleep except the waves as they lap against the sand. just FULL-THROTTLE SCREAMS OF TERROR TIGHT ON CLAIRE'S TERRIFIED FACE SMASH CUT TO BLACK: END OF ACT ONE She sits BOLT UPRIGHT on her cot- . BEACH -. And I don't think you should take off either. Until we reach CLAIRE'S TENT. CHARLIE Wait for Locke? For what. EXT.Claire's eyes open. Charlie stares at Hurley. Charlie won't understand. AND BEGINS SCREAMING There are no words. head cocked to the side.15. HURLEY (CONT'D) Look. mouth AGAPE. He looks at Charlie for a second: Charlie is HANGING ON EVERY WORD. .NIGHT THE FULL MOON GLEAMS down on the ocean. Then. The music changes into something a little nervous as we MOVE through the makeshift tents on the beach.Claire's still sleeping. so he can feed us all some more bollock? Great plan. I'm not leaving this beach. her child AARON by her side.

She's scanning the TREE LINE where beach meets the black of the jungle. Look! Charlie holds up the baby for her to see: HE'S FINE. Claire has stopped screaming. Claire is unconsoled. since I apparently can't keep him safe. and trying to CALM CLAIRE DOWN. where is he? CHARLIE He's right here. CHARLIE Right. CLAIRE'S TENT-. are you looking for John Locke? Claire turns back to Charlie. I've got him. Charlie is holding AARON.Claire's screams have woken just about everyone up around camp.16. (beat) Why don't you take Aaron.NIGHT Moonlight reveals A BUSTLE of activity in and around the tent -. ON CHARLIE: watching her. Doesn't even look down at the baby. . her eyes stay on Charlie: he just doesn't get it. CLAIRE He is not safe! Charlie does a double take: Is Claire saying she doesn't think he is keeping Aaron safe? Claire turns away from Charlie. He's perfectly safe. He's sure Claire SHARES his own FEELINGS OF INADEQUACY about himself. but she's still FRANTIC. SURPRISED. CLAIRE Aaron. Inside the tent. CLAIRE No! Charlie looks doubtfully at Claire. Claire. What is she looking for? CHARLIE What. ACT TWO INT.

CLAIRE That's not what I meant. or gather coconut. leaving an UPSET CLAIRE behind. Charlie! There are several other survivors around. .who is us? CHARLIE I'm putting a group together. HURLEY Dude. EXT. CHARLIE Will you show us where the dock is. going around here. make fruit salad? Hurley pauses for a second. HURLEY Yeah. BEACH -. we got more important things to do than run off to the other side of the island. (beat) Who's us? Charlie pauses a second -. Charlie passes Aaron to Claire and EXITS the tent. who steps in and COMFORTS Claire and Aaron. rubbing the sleep from his eyes.CONTINUOUS Hurley is standing outside his tent. Charlie walks right up to him: A MAN ON A FUCKING MISSION. Tomorrow. Keep stuff Charlie looks at Hurley almost sadly. or not? HURLEY Woah. including ROSE. CHARLIE Like what. way too early to be in my face.17.

BERNARD (CONT'D) Got a little scare last night with Claire. But there's a reason-But Charlie is ALREADY GONE. But. this is something new. it's like you're too afraid to do much of anything.. . maybe I could draw you a map or something. Now.DAY Charlie approaches BERNARD who is sitting sunning himself on the beach. You're scared by the Others. paralyzed? CHARLIE Ever since you came back from the Others.18.. EXT. Hurley thinks a moment. BEACH -. Or by the massiveness of your underpants. Maybe Charlie's on to something. you know-. I don't know.but you can't keep letting your fear paralyze you. Charlie sits down next to Bernard. didn't we! CHARLIE Yeah. Hurley frowns out into the darkness. he's DESPERATE. Or this island. CHARLIE I get it. Although she is the most vocal -(the point) we're all scared here. We're all scared -. I need you to do this. BERNARD Hi Charlie. Plus HURLEY Well.it's not just Claire. This doesn't feel right. HURLEY You think I'm.

I'm not exactly an authority figure around here. Charlie's serious. BERNARD Good idea. . people listen to you. And the Others. and Sawyer. LAUGHS. (beat) Lead it. even.19. CHARLIE So? BERNARD I'm not in a position to be leading rescue operations. He sits up. Hurley said we weren't supposed to go over there ever again. it is Charlie. BERNARD (CONT'D) Plus. Charlie. want you to get the group together. CHARLIE (CONT'D) That's why I want to get a group together to go find Jack. This is your thing. This is not going according to plan. Bernard.HE IS SERIOUS. Charlie. This is serious. BERNARD Why me? CHARLIE Well. Kate. CHARLIE I don't think I phrased that right. Charlie frowns. now am I? BERNARD I'm sixty-eight years old. but after all. Get some answers. Bernard looks over at Charlie. let me know what you find out. (long beat) I'm serious. I Bernard ON BERNARD: looking over to Charlie -.

alone. PAUSES in mid . Hurley is a little sheepish. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain. A BIG SIGH from Charlie. He didn't want to be a part of it. DOING SIT-UPS in the middle of the makeshift GOLF COURSE he has created.20. HURLEY Um. WIDEN TO REVEAL Hurley. what makes you think something's up with me? Rose cocks her head to the side: What do you think? ROSE I don't want to discourage you. CHARLIE You had to say that. Helps you think. Hurley breathes out. GOLF COURSE -. ROSE (O. anyway.) Okay.DAY CLOSE ON HURLEY'S FACE COMING UP INTO CAMERA AGAIN AND AGAIN. sit-up. I've just never seen you do sit-ups before. depressed. Each time it appears. EXT. making a whooshing sound. ROSE Is this about Charlie's mission? Hurley looks up at Rose: HOW DID SHE KNOW? ROSE (CONT'D) Bernard told me Charlie was planning something. HURLEY (CONT'D) So I hear. what is up with you? Hurley looks up to see ROSE standing over him. HURLEY Um.S. Charlie THROWS A ROCK into the OCEAN. Rose can't believe she is hearing this coming from Hurley's mouth.

THAN HE CAN TAKE. ROSE Why not? Hurley SHRUGS. KITCHEN -. . Rose.the island. Rose STARES OUT into the ISLAND.has a way of letting you know the right thing to do. He looks out into the island. ROSE This place. EARNESTLY: HURLEY (CONT'D) So. INT. still wearing his CHICKEN SHACK uniform. of her own still to ask.DAY -. HURLEY Me neither. ROSE That may be true. Just like you need to follow your own path.21.FLASHBACK Hurley SITS at the table in a small apartment kitchen. but Charlie needs to follow his own path. HURLEY Scary out there. And Charlie has no idea what the Others are like. You just have to ask. As if she has some questions HURLEY Rose. This religious-sounding stuff is MORE HURLEY Sure. Hurley frowns a little. have you been dipping into Locke's crazy paste? Rose just SMILES and heads BACK TO THE BEACH. what should I do? HURLEY'S MOTHER (PRE-LAP) I want you to eat all of the dinner I made for you.

I'm going to work now. As he punches the numbers into the phone.That's right. He finishes pushing in FOUR TWO. His mother BUSTLES AROUND THE KITCHEN. he's punching THE NUMBERS into the phone. has lots of beans. Hurley looks at the phone. Hurley gets up and picks up the phone. HURLEY'S MOTHER OK. She is wearing a NURSE'S UNIFORM. HURLEY'S MOTHER (CONT'D) It's healthy. IT BEGINS TO RING. mija. Beans. Have a good night. And he has an idea. Then ONE FIVE. Hurley's smile fades. Somehow. For your diet. this is Johnny's cell phone. Hurley looks at the COVERED-UP PLATE on the TABLE: full of GROSS BROWN MUSH. Hurley waits. Hurley HANGS UP. Love you. Now what? The night is young and he has absolutely nothing to do. putting on her coat. HE CAN HARDLY BREATHE. he feels like something will happen if he puts this number into the phone. TWO THREE -. Hurley's mother plants a WET KISS on his cheek and leaves out the door. recording: Dials. . grabbing a bag out of the fridge. HURLEY Mmm. presses it. inexplicably.) Yo yo yo. Then the EIGHT. And I'm so glad you're home. ONE SIX.. Maybe something big. Then someone picks up.. CLOSE ON HURLEY'S FINGER as it hovers over the FOUR.22. Almost afraid of what will be on the other line.S. Gets a JOHNNY (O. DISAPPOINTED. etc. then takes a BIG BREATH and puts the phone to his ear.

CLAIRE'S TENT -. just trying to keep everyone safe. CLAIRE I heard you were putting a group together.23. Even though his group can hardly be called that. CLAIRE I think you're brave. This makes Charlie feel Glad someone He smiles and goes back to ROCKING AARON. Freddy speaking. I am -. absently ROCKING AARON. What did he think was going to happen. a little better. noticed. SAWYER'S TENT -. A BIG SIGH OF RELIEF and a slightly besmirched smile from Hurley.LATER Hurley is on his knees DIGGING THROUGH Sawyer's cache of pilfered items. CHARLIE Yeah.DAY Charlie sits in Claire's tent. isn't it? . CHARLIE You know. (beat) Glad you noticed.Brave. CHARLIE A little early to be divvying up Sawyer's stash. VOICE ON PHONE (O. Claire SMILES at him. anyway? HURLEY What a coincidence! I was just thinking about you guys. He doesn't notice that CHARLIE has come up behind him.S. Claire gives him A KISS on the cheek. When did you get a new number? INT.) Freddy's pizza parlor. INT. Charlie puts on a BRAVE FRONT for her. now.

What's going on? . EXT. Ready to He takes a deep breath and then begins to CLIMB DOWN the jagged concrete walls to the bottom. HURLEY Uh. Hurley looks up: Charlie. He turns it on: IT WORKS! CHARLIE What do you need the flashlight for? Hurley doesn't answer and gets up and WALKS PAST CHARLIE.24. CHARLIE (CONT'D) Hurley. turns. digs in his pocket and THROWS CHARLIE a folded-up piece of notebook paper.who's there? HURLEY'S POV: TOPS OF TREES ARE MOVING in the jungle just outside his range of vision. Hurley comes up with what he was looking for: A HEAVY-DUTY FLASHLIGHT. then CONTINUES WALKING AWAY. Hurley's about halfway down when he hears THE RUSTLE OF MOVEMENT coming from THE JUNGLE UP TOP. face his fears. HURLEY I know. we're still on for tomorrow morning? Right Hurley? Crack of dawn! Hurley stops. searching the top edge of the hole with his eyes -. Hi Charlie. WITH THE PALA FERRY CLEARLY MARKED. the last person he wanted to see. JUNGLE -. but I just needed something. CHARLIE It's only been three days.DUSK Hurley stands at the EDGE OF THE IMPLODED HATCH HOLE. ON HURLEY: 360 around as he looks around. Charlie opens up the piece of paper: IT'S A CRUDE MAP OF THE ISLAND.

It's DANK. LIVING ROOM -. STUNNED. SHUTTING OUT THE LIGHT and that infernal bird. right next to the TWO FOOT BONG. HURLEY Leave me alone! The bird backs off a little and Hurley takes this opportunity to RUN TO THE TUNNEL ENTRANCE. and Hurley gets up. then the flick of a flashlight sends a BEAM OF LIGHT into the tunnel. A HUGE BIRD SWOOPS DOWN ON HIM. and watches the bird SWOOP above him. Hurley loses his balance and TUMBLES the rest of the way DOWN THE HOLE. RUSHES INSIDE to safety. sillhouetted against the rapidly falling dusk. he . Hurley lays on his back a second.NIGHT -. Deep blackness yawns within. dripping. it's all BEAKS AND CLAWS AND WINGS to Hurley as he tries to get away. Hurley PUSHES on the doors. TELEVISION (PRE-LAP) Only the best materials plus careful craftsmanship equals high quality boxes! INT. INT. an EMPTY PIZZA BOX open on the coffee table in front of him. with piles of debris here and there. bruising himself on concrete along the way. throws his arms up in defense. making a SUPREME EFFORT to SWAT the bird away.25. PECKING. thrashing his arms ineffectively against the HUGE BIRD. BLACKNESS. Hurley takes a deep breath and starts walking.DUSK At the entrance to the tunnel. SUDDENLY. Ow! HURLEY Quit it! Hurley Covered in a SERIES OF FAST CUTS. Hurley WRENCHES OPEN THE DOORS.FLASHBACK Hurley lies sprawled on the couch. The bird comes in to ATTACK again. Hurley does not hesitate. TUNNEL -. There is rustling.

call Widmore Box Co! ON HURLEY: disgusted and amused by such a dumb commercial. Hurley takes a deep breath -. he PERKS UP as he thinks of another idea: he begins PUNCHING IN SPECIFIC CHANNELS. a white rapper gets jiggy CLOSE ON HURLEY'S THUMB pushing in the numbers BACK TO THE TV: Channel SIXTEEN -. Finally. ON HURLEY. Channel EIGHT -.Re-run of a program from the 80's.it's nothing.some kind of a reality show. we offer huge discounts on bulk orders! ANNOUNCER You heard it here first. He's NOT SURE HE WANTS TO DO THIS -. folks.Music videos.crime mystery program Channel FIFTEEN -. as he pauses before changing the channel to the last number. For the best quality products to fill all your cardboard box needs.Children's programming -. Then. when suddenly: . a character dressed in A HUGE CARDBOARD BOX WITH A SMILEY FACE ON IT. HURLEY (to himself) All your cardboard box needs? He shakes his head and begins to change the channels aimlessly. ON THE TV: Channel FOUR -. You can probably guess which ones. ON TELEVISION: An ANNOUNCER is talking to BOX MAN.and he doesn't even know why. BOX MAN Plus. TWENTY-THREE -. He watches a Widmore Box Company commercial. Hurley looks down to change to the next channel.A CARTOON BEAR sings a SONG. he pushes in FORTY-TWO. Channel forty-two is just STATIC.26.

END OF ACT TWO . (beat) Thank you and namaste. A WOMAN'S VOICE COMES FROM THE TELEVISION SET: WOMAN'S VOICE: You have input the correct factors. five. The pizza box THE LIGHTS GO OUT. one. It's not over.27. THE SCREEN GOES BLACK. seven. A HUGE WRENCHING SHAKES THE ENTIRE HOUSE. two. KNOCKING HURLEY OFF THE COUCH. Hurley stares at the television set Then. PLUNGING THE SCENE IN TOTAL BLACKNESS. Silence. three. six. ON HURLEY AS HE GAPES WIDEMOUTHED AT THE SCREEN: What countdown? he can't fucking believe what's going on. Hurley looks around: is it over? SUDDENLY. The countdown will begin shortly. for a long moment. four. The screen goes BLACK again. ON THE TELEVISION: IT begins to COUNT DOWN: WOMAN'S VOICE: Eight. and crusts inside go FLYING. SILENCE FILLS THE HOUSE. Items fall off shelves and SMASH on the floor.

Sawyer's attention shifts to Kate.BANG! Then pushes the button -. she doesn't want to know. ultra-casual. something we haven't seen from Kate yet: HOPELESSNESS. THROWS HIS SHOE -. in his cage. she is about ten seconds away from nodding off completely.BUZZ! Success. Sawyer PICKS UP the fish biscuit. ACT THREE EXT. Tired.DUSK CLOSE ON KATE as she sits on the ground in her cage -.SPENT from a day smashing rocks. Sawyer SCOOPS HIS HAND to catch some of the water and TAKES A DRINK. CAGES -. SAWYER Thought you had zonked off. SNEAKILY. back turned. ON SAWYER. KATE What are you doing? Surprised. He smiles that HEARTBREAKING GRIN at Kate. SEARCHING -. he uses a reinforced bit of wire to SCRATCH the fish biscuit. more importantly. Her eyes are totally closed. and maybe something more. WILL SHE MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT? KATE I saw you doing something.WHAT DID SHE SEE? And. With your SAWYER Can't a man have a moment of privacy without havin' to answer a million questions? Kate's suspicion wanes: whatever he was doing. Kate's eyes start to close. Sawer HIDES THE WIRE UP HIS SLEEVE as he turns around. He Fish biscuit and kibble fall. A little lighter: . TAKING A BITE of the fish biscuit. Good. But his eyes are FIERCE.28. Turning his back on Kate. pig pen. Covered with a thin layer of dust.

morosely STARING across the beach to the COMMUNAL FIRE.. I'm no good at this. I got a thing for dirty girls. I.even Hurley's taken off God knows where. only asked two of them. INT.NIGHT CHARLIE sits at the entrance to the tent. CLAIRE What do you mean? all set. Shakes her head sadly. SAWYER Thanks for the tip. KATE You are in a cage.. tending to AARON. CLAIRE'S TENT -. a few survivors gathered around here and there. Claire looks at Charlie a long moment. CLAIRE All these people said no to you? CHARLIE Well. I thought it was CHARLIE No one will go with me -. CLAIRE So you're all set to leave tomorrow. After a beat: KATE Pig pen? SAWYER Lucky for you.. I'm just not cut out for the whole bravery thing. uh. CHARLIE No. we're not doing it. CLAIRE is deeper inside the tent. . And one was probably asleep. Sawyer sits down and continues eating his FISH BISCUIT. Kate MAKES A FACE at him and closes her eyes to sleep.29..

to head to the Pala Ferry.Hurley's not here. including JIN. And anyone who thinks any place on this island is safe is bonkers. CHARLIE Oh. TUNNEL -.30. ON ROSE: frowning. who's willing to go? Claire STARES OUT at the crowd. Charlie grasps Claire's hand and SQUEEZES it. Claire walks OUT OF THE TENT. Claire and Charlie look at each other and smile. leaving an open-mouthed Charlie to run to catch up with her. this is how you're going to do it. Charlie steps forward. ROSE Hurley said it wouldn't be safe for us to go to that side of the island. did he? Let's ask Hurley about it: oh wait-. Kate.NIGHT . There are some friendlies in the crowd: JIN's there. who's going with me? Many people around the fire RAISE THEIR HANDS. AT THE FIRE: Claire FACES the dozen-odd faces that surround the fire. SPEAKS UP. Anyone could be next. A FEW HANDS start to go up. INT. and Sawyer have been captured by the others. listen up! As you know. CLAIRE Everyone. as well as ROSE. sitting by the fire. ROSE. We need to find our friends and stop it from happening again! (beat) We need a group of people who are willing to leave first thing in the morning. Now. Jack. CLAIRE Charlie. Now.

Hurley's footsteps ECHO LOUDLY throughout the tunnel. . Nothing. As Hurley goes up. they each GRAB HURLEY BY THE ARMS. but mostly okay.. but DETERMINED. The light from his flashlight bounces off the PUDDLES here and there on the steel floor. They stand at the entrance to the living room. looking at Hurley. HURLEY Libby? Suddenly. Instead. straining his eyes to try and see what made that noise.HE'S LOSING CONSCIOUSNESS. rusted and semi-falling in in places. HURLEY Dudes. drag him up. Hurley HEARS A SMALL SPLASH from the tunnel behind him: what was that? FEARFULLY. ON HURLEY: BREATHING HARD as much out of FEAR as lack of physical fitness. Suddenly there is a CRASH at the front door and TWO MEN IN DARK JUMPSUITS walk in. my mom was going to pay. The men don't say anything. his flashlight FLICKERS OUT. still SCARED SHITLESS by what has just happened to him. He shines it all around. His flashlight LANDS ON: LIBBY SHE'S STANDING NOT TEN FEET IN FRONT OF HIM.31. It illuminates only MORE TUNNEL. The walls are corrugated steel. LIVING ROOM -.FLASHBACK Hurley lies on the living room floor. power still out.NIGHT -. Hurley can't believe what he's seeing. If this is about the power bill. things start to GO BLEARY for him and his legs start to give way-. before Hurley can do anything. he makes his way through the tunnel. Hurley WHIPS THE FLASHLIGHT AROUND. Hurley shrugs and turns back around to continue on with his trek. He watched her die. INT..

THEN BLACKNESS. want him out of here. HURLEY Wait a second! Wha are you... With effort.. falling back into the chair. . Then.. INT. about that woman's voice.FLASHBACK Wavery voices fade into BLACKNESS. I There's something. MAN'S VOICE Why did you bring him here? WOMAN'S VOICE He knew the equation! MAN'S VOICE Does he look like a geneticist to you? WOMAN'S VOICE Why do you have to be like this? MAN'S VOICE Because he reeks. WOMAN'S VOICE But what if he can-MAN'S VOICE (interrupting) Shhh. ANOTHER WAVE of BLEARINESS hits him and Hurley GOES OUT AGAIN.TIME UNKNOWN -.. Hurley STRAINS to open his eyes and TURNS HIS HEAD to try and get a LOOK AT HER. The last thing Hurley sees is THE QUICKEST FLASH OF THE DHARMA LOGO ON THE JUMPSUITS. he listens to the VOICES in the room. INTERROGATION ROOM -. He's up.32.. he can't keep them open. But Hurley's eyes are TOO HEAVY. It's gagging me. Eyes closed. There is a BRIGHT OVERHEAD LIGHT that forces Hurley to immediately close his eyes again. familiar.all Hurley can see are TWO HUMAN SHAPES TURNING TOWARDS HIM. The BRIGHT LIGHT assails his irises and his pupils are slow to react -. Hurley CRACKS his eyes open.

Hurley tries to get up. HURLEY What did you do to me? Andretti smiles. though. The voices all still sound a little WARPED to him. Now tell me. cannot process all this.LATER -.33. I'll never get the smell of pizza and pot smoke out of this jacket. HURLEY Ooohhh! MAN'S VOICE He's down. ANDRETTI Doesn't matter. INTERROGATION ROOM -. what do you know about Valenzetti? He . The light's not as bright this time. but his ARMS ARE TIED TO THE CHAIR. or maybe Hurley is just FEELING A LITTLE BETTER. This is ANDRETTI. HURLEY What? Hurley is CONFUSED-.his brain. you! Wake up! Hurley forces himself to consciousness to find he is being LIGHTLY SHAKEN by the man who was talking earlier. INT. and objects leave TRAILS as they move in and out of his vision. manages to make his eyes FOCUS on Andretti. made slow by whatever is going through his system. Hurley looks around and finds himself in a SMALL ROOM furnished only with the chair he himself is sitting on. ANDRETTI The question should be: what did you do to me? You know.FLASHBACK MAN'S VOICE Wake up. MAN So what's your story? A tall man wearing a black suit with THICK BLACK-RIMMED GLASSES steps into the light so Hurley can see him.

Hurley CRANES HIS NECK. leaving a BLUR BEHIND HIM AS HE GOES. ANDRETTI (CONT'D) And whatever you do: Don't.34. As they CONFER in WHISPERS. Breathe. giving Hurley another LOOK OF DISGUST. BLACKNESS. and GOES TO THE DOOR OF THE ROOM. get over here. leans down. Between the odd angle and the halos everyone is giving off. Andretti gets up. I've been sick of this little question back and forth session since about two hours before it started. Andretti REARS BACK and PUNCHES HURLEY OUT. . HURLEY Where am I? Andretti puts his hands on the arms of the chair. who is thatWithout missing a beat. and GETS RIGHT IN HURLEY'S FACE. You disgust me. HURLEY Hey. I need you to start talking. the WOMAN'S VOICE comes from OUTSIDE THE ROOM. Andretti's face is TWO INCHES AWAY. The camera pans around so the audience can get a good look: THE WOMAN LOOKS LIKE LIBBY Hurley is still straining to see. In my face. he CAN'T QUITE SEE HER. Hurley OPENS HIS MOUTH to say something. now. Something about Andretti's tone indicates he means business. Just then. Hurley HOLDS HIS BREATH. ANDRETTI Look. when Andretti turns and walks over to Hurley quickly. WOMAN'S VOICE Andretti.

EIGHT. . TV BLARING in front of him. Nothing. What is it? It just lights up EMPTY He shines the flashlight IN Hurley moves closer -. HURLEY'S THUMB PRESSES FORTY-TWO INTO THE REMOTE. Hurley's REALLY FREAKED OUT NOW. Hurley notices the REMOTE CONTROL sitting on his chest. THE PIZZA BOX is open and undisturbed on the coffee table in front of him. INT. where Andretti hit him. Hurley carefully CONTINUES ON. He's scared to go on. Hurley STANDS in front of the door. Just static.NIGHT -. Hurley touches his mouth. THEN: The television changes to STATIC. HURLEY Libby? His voice echoes down the tunnel. TWENTY-THREE. Picks Hurley takes a deep breath and BEGINS PUNCHING IN THE NUMBERS AGAIN. FIFTEEN. it up. Nothing. Looks at it. takes a deep breath. Looks around frantically. BACK OF HIMSELF too.FOUR. SIXTEEN. LIVING ROOM -. Hurley pauses before the last number. Hurley stares at it for a LONG BEAT. Looks at the tv. Quicker this time than before -. TUNNEL. Hurley's lying on the couch.FLASHBACK Hurley WAKES UP with a start. INT. TUNNEL -. His light glints off of SOMETHING UP AHEAD.TIME UNKNOWN Hurley's flashlight FLICKERS BACK ON.It's A HEAVY METAL DOOR set in the corrugated steel. Everything in its place. but he has to know.35.

Sawyer is sitting in his cage GRINNING at SAWYER Got a special breakfast for you this morning. freckles-But she's ALREADY TAKEN A BIG BITE. with a side of fish biscuit.36. It's really just STATIC this time. THERE IS A MESSAGE Kate LOOKS at the fish biscuit in her hand. KATE What. Kate reads the message OUT LOUD: . KATE My favorite.MORNING The sun is JUST COMING UP when Kate is woken up by SOMETHING HITTING HER IN THE FACE. Shaking his head. Kate smiles. her. HURLEY Enough of this shit. KATE What? Her eyes crack open. Sawyer? Shhh! SAWYER The fish biscuit. CAGE -. sleeping beauty. She grabs the FISH BISCUIT and OPENS HER MOUTH to TAKE A BITE when: SAWYER Hold on a second. Finally. INT. Hurley THROWS THE BONG IN THE TRASH. Fish biscuit. but she doesn't know what he's getting at. Hurley warily gets up. Still sleepy. Sawyer's GESTURING at her frantically. grabs HIS BONG off the table. SCRATCHED INTO IT.

Sawyer. Kate is STILL CONFUSED. really. but you just did. And I wasn't supposed to tell you but I just did. and you weren't supposed to make a big scene about the goddamn fish biscuit. Just tell me what you're trying to tell me. END OF ACT THREE . Sawyer looks around -. KATE Look. The WRITING is ALL WRONG. KATE What do we do? SAWYER What do you think? (beat) Run! GET OUT OF YOUR CAGE AND RUN! Kate stares at Sawyer.a jumble of letters. KATE The cages-SAWYER Not out loud! Kate LOOKS CAREFULLY at the fish biscuit.37. so they're probably on their way over here right now. SAWYER I was trying to let you know they got these cages bugged. I ate the important part. words spelled badly -.the others are probably on their way over right now. hard to read. Kate is INSTANTLY AWAKE. PANICKED. KATE Bugged? SAWYER They can hear every thing we say.

CLAIRE Give me your hand. Charlie is REALLY TOUCHED by her gesture. ACT FOUR INT. He turns around to say GOODBYE to CLAIRE. CLAIRE I made something for you. CHARLIE (pleased) What's this? When she is finished. Charlie looks up at Claire. They can BOTH FEEL IT. CLAIRE'S TENT -. For your CLAIRE To replace your finger bands. CHARLIE You did? She brings her hand from behind her back. They EMBRACE. she's holding a STRIP OF LEATHER. and as their BODIES TOUCH a warm embrace turns into something else. journey. She has her hand behind her back.MORNING A LIGHT MIST is falling as Charlie shrugs his backpack on. preparing to leave. Within the LEATHER. Charlie SWIVELS HIS ARM to get a better look at it.38. CHARLIE Thanks. Charlie HOLDS HIS HAND OUT. Claire has carved four letters: FATE. a secret smile on her face. CHARLIE Fate. Their eyes meet. . Claire TIES a LEATHER WRISTBAND around his wrist. Charlie LIGHTS UP.

Then he looks down AT HURLEY'S MAP IN HIS HAND.39. CHARLIE I have to do something. BEACH -. smiling. CLAIRE Not many. STRINGS OF COCONUTS. you know. Charlie carefully.MORNING Charlie joins a group of about FIFTEEN PEOPLE. This is the first kiss they've shared since the kiss by the fire a few days ago. Claire pulls back to look at Charlie. are you sure this is the right thing to do? CHARLIE No. SOME EVEN HAVE GUNS. CLAIRE You don't have to go. EXT. mostly men. Claire holds a Aaron a little closer. Turns it . then CHARLIE KISSES HER. Charlie PUFFS HIS CHEST OUT artificially and walks OUT OF THE TENT. Claire pulls away. Looks at Charlie SURVEYS the crowd. I'm not sure. sweating a little. They are prepared for a journey. upside-down. on the beach. They have BAGS. but this one is ALL HEAT. CLAIRE Charlie. As she does so. MAYBE EVEN A WAR.she's REALLY WORRIED. that one felt a little motherly. her smile fades -. When the kiss has run its course. how many times in a man's life does he get to make such a brave warrior exit? Claire GIGGLES. they make eye contact for a second. Besides. BIG STICKS. then she turns and picks up Aaron. Claire BLOWS A KISS at him. Then right-side up again.

TIME CONTINUOUS Hurley steps inside a LARGE ROOM. YELLING for everyone else to follow.TIME UNKNOWN Hurley stands in front of the METAL DOOR cut into the corrugated steel. (points to his head) In here. Hurley's flashlight illuminates a WINDING STAIRCASE leading straight up. At the far end of the room is AN OPEN DOORWAY.freaked out. Charlie hesitates. thinking. It's a moment of truth for him. INT. Hurley CRANES HIS NECK and SHINES THE FLASHLIGHT UP THERE but the light just fades into nothingness. into: Hurley is DRAWN . More corrugated steel lines the walls. and there is a BIG METAL TABLE that appears to be bolted to the floor. TUNNEL -. Charlie looks at Jin. TOWARDS THE DOORWAY-. JIN Ma ponung Pala Ferry noma sian. He takes a deep breath.40. CHARLIE What? JIN (touches the map) This. confused. Charlie clearly has NO IDEA HOW TO Jin shakes his head and APPROACHES CHARLIE. Directly to his right. LARGE ROOM -. and GOES INSIDE. Everyone! CHARLIE Let's head out! INT. USE THAT MAP. Charlie RUNS to catch up with Jin. TURNS THE DOOR HANDLE. Hurley passes it by and continues exploring the room. ON JIN: Watching Charlie. JIN STARTS WALKING TOWARD THE JUNGLE. but why? Hurley goes through the doorway.

There is no light hanging above his head. He SEES NOTHING. Then he shines the flashlight UP. yet it LOOKS FAMILIAR. when he notices AN OBJECT IN THE CORNER of the room. Hurley reaches up and TOUCHES the wires. He slowly walks over to that corner. HURLEY No fucking way! Hurley CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HE'S SEEING. Then he turns around and RUNS OUT OF THERE. THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON -. leans down. BLACK-RIMMED GLASSES. SMALL ROOM -.Is this the room he dreamed he was interrogated in? Was it even a dream? INCREASINGLY FREAKED OUT. SAWYER RUN! This spurs Kate into action towards the "escape hole" in her cage.MORNING Kate stares out of the cage at Sawyer. CAGE -. but WIRES HANG where one might have been.TIME CONTINUOUS Hurley enters a SMALL BARE ROOM. looking for something.41. and brings up THE OBJECT: A PAIR OF THICK. There's nothing in there except piles of debris in the corners. AS FAST AS HE . and shines the flashlight on the floor there. INT. Hurley starts to back out of the room. Hurley stares at the glasses for a LONG SECOND. HEAVES HERSELF UP: Panicked. INT. where the chair he sat on used to be. Hurley moves towards the center of the room. She SCRAMBLES on top of the box in her cage. HURLEY No way. It looks like the INTERROGATION ROOM we saw in Hurley's flashback. GRABS THE BARS. CAN.

AND HE'S NOT SMILING.SOMEONE HAS BARRED THE ESCAPE HOLE! Kate frantically looks around for another way out -.TIME UNKNOWN The BEAM OF LIGHT from Hurley's FLASHLIGHT goes everywhere as Hurley HAULS ASS out of that room. He begins CLIMBING THE STAIRCASE as fast as he can. Something alive. LARGE ROOM -. The ECHO of HURLEY'S FOOTSTEPS below sound almost like something is DOWN THERE.42.DAY The verdant jungle PULSES with ENERGY. makes a fast judgment call. They both look over to see BEN standing near their cages. BEN You crazy kids. AND FINDS A BAR IN HER WAY -. It CREAKS and GROANS but holds his weight. SAWYER (CONT'D) Get outta there. Hurley pauses for a second at the circular staircase. Kate and Sawyer look at each other DESPERATELY: there's no getting out of this one. KATE I can't! SAWYER Why the hell can't you? KATE Someone fixed the hole. Freckles! Kate swings herself back down on the box. JUNGLE -. HOLDING A HUGE TASER. INT. Doesn't know what to . Hurley moves faster.there is none. do. EXT.

the LIGHT DAPPLING the ground unevenly. Just get out of here. Hurley SHRUGS and moves down the LEFT path. He has NO IDEA which path to take. HURLEY'S POV: the path splits in front of him to make a "Y" shape.43. starts to RISE out of the ground. EXT. he GLANCES BEHIND HIM as if expecting something to be there. and more jungle. HURLEY has reached the top of the staircase. Hurley looks back and forth between the two: jungle. fern and all. As Hurley pushes. HURLEY STOPS. CRESCENTS OF LIGHT shine in through the opening: this is the way out. JUNGLE -. and it's as if EVERYTHING IS ALIVE: exotic FERNS TICKLING the tree trunks. Suddenly.LATER Hurley WALKS QUICKLY down a jungle path. EXT.DAY It's so dark in here. TUNNEL -. and surveys the path ahead. Trying not to think about it. he's pushing UP on a CIRCULAR HATCH DOOR as hard as he can. Frightened. JUNGLE -. BRANCHES STRETCHING out and springing back. INT. The wind WHOOSHES through the trees.DAY Suddenly. There's nothing there. the hatch door rises out of the ground and is THROWN ALL THE WAY OPEN: Hurley TURNS HIS FACE TOWARD THE SUN for just a moment. before he begins climbing out of the hatch. Suddenly. Hurley's still FREAKED OUT at his discovery of that room. . and the implications of it. Small particles of dirt RAIN DOWN in his face. BIRD (cawing) Hurley! Hurley looks up to see the HUGE BIRD sitting quietly on a low branch of a tree nearby. there is a CREAK and a circular plot of dirt. but that doesn't stop him.

saying "no". HURLEY You again. he's not giving Ben the pleasure of seeing it. BIRD (cawing) Hurley! The bird SHAKES ITS HEAD again.DAY Ben looks back and forth between Sawyer and Kate in their respective cages. As if it's Hurley is amazed: is the bird trying to tell him something? He takes one more step down the path. okay. BEN Tsk tsk. Ben reaches in to Sawyer's cage and ZAPS HIM WITH THE TAZER. Ben ignores Kate and casually walks towards Sawyer's cage. Hurley BACKTRACKS and goes down the RIGHT path.44. didn't we. EXT. she can't keep her eyes off THAT FUCKING TASER. If he's SCARED in any way. BEN Now James. we had a deal. SAWYER (CONT'D) Oof! . SAWYER Deal's off. CAGES -. KATE What are you going to do to us? ON SAWYER: Grim. The bird slowly SHAKES ITS HEAD BACK AND FORTH. ON KATE: EMOTIONS DIALED UP TO TEN. leaving the HUGE BIRD behind. HURLEY Dude.

Ben manages to get to his feet. MALEVOLENCE. SAWYER That's what I was grinning about. unable to move. then he FACES BEN AGAIN: This time he's grinning. Sawyer turns his head towards where Ben is GASPING on the ground. Eyes blazing PURE Sawyer's smile is already fading: He has ENRAGED THE BEAST. slowly. The force of the tazer's electricity KNOCKS SAWYER BACK AGAINST THE FOOD BUTTON and then to the bottom of his cage. and KICKS OUT AT THE FOOD BUTTON. Sawyer's face is hidden for a moment as he recovers. boss. The ZAP! of electricity flows through Sawyer and INTO BEN. who's arm was outside her cage. Zapped twice now and totally spent. Sawyer GRABS BEN'S ARM. (beat) Losing your touch. Quick like a snake. Then. what is Ben going to do now? BEN You think you're funny. Ben SWINGS HIS ARM OVER and TAZERS KATE.45. BEN What are you grinning about? Ben's eyes narrow: he wants to wipe that grin off Sawyer's face. who manages to pull himself away from Sawyer before COLLAPSING ON THE GROUND OUTSIDE. he rises to his hands and knees. WOMAN'S VOICE Warning. Sawyer lies still for a moment. SAWYER No! . Never taking his eyes off Sawyer. He DIALS UP THE TAZER and moves in to ZAP SAWYER AGAIN.

HELPLESS to do anything except watch. Sawyer's gripping the bars of his cage like he's going to bend them open in about two seconds and RIP SAWYER'S THROAT OUT WITH HIS TEETH. SAWYER (CONT'D) You leave her alone! This is between you and me! Ben leans down and TAZERS THE STILL-CONVULSING KATE AGAIN. Ben cocks his head at Sawyer. ANGRY. BEN Ahh. no more clever nicknames? Ben turns and WALKS AWAY from the cages.46. And her twice. Kate INSTANTLY COLLAPSES ON THE FLOOR OF HER CAGE and starts to convulse slightly. Sawyer narrows his eyes at Ben.DAY Thick leaves obscure the view as HURLEY makes his way through the virgin jungle. Through gritted teeth: . Sawyer is OVERWROUGHT with PAIN. MOANING SLIGHTLY ON THE GROUND. (beat) In the future. It's SLOW GOING as he CLEARS A PATH AHEAD by whacking away the leaves with a BIG STICK. BEN (CONT'D) And I just don't know if she has the stamina for it. There's a long beat as he looks at KATE. looks like I finally have your attention. BEN What. TOTALLY OUT OF IT. you wanna pull stunts like this. SAWYER I'm gonna kill you. He turns to look at Sawyer. EXT. we'll tazer you once. JUNGLE -.

Hurley seems to know where he's going.. He can HEAR VOICES. Then he beings to CREEP FORWARD as sneakily as his huge bulk will allow. Hurley looks up. forward to hear better. afraid but determined. MAN'S VOICE What was that? Who's out there? The man BEGINS TO ENTER the JUNGLE. afraid: did they hear it? He leans The man stops and turns towards Hurley. A CLEARING THROUGH THE TREES. MAN'S VOICE Let's move these branches over here. -. Hurley can only see vague shapes through the trees. He moves forward. END OF ACT FOUR . Hurley glances behind: he can hear the sounds of the man COMING AFTER HIM. Hurley ducks down. SUDDENLY HE PAUSES PEOPLE HURLEY'S POV: FAR AHEAD. crap! Hurley TAKES OFF RUNNING. HURLEY Oh.. Gulps. whacking his way through. and he PAUSES TO WATCH AND LISTEN TO WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.and PEERS through the trees.47. AND THE MAN IS GAINING. Branches whip in his face and sting his eyes. ARE MOVING AROUND IN THE CLEARING. and then: CRACK! A stick broke. but he's GOING AS FAST AS HE CAN. and we soon find out why: he looks down at a HANDHELD COMPASS and checks his direction.

BERNARD The Others? I think you got turned around somewhere. HURLEY (CONT'D) What are you doing up here? Up here? BERNARD What do you mean? I heard you talking HURLEY With the Others. looking around.48. to them. THE BEACH IS DESERTED: maybe a DOZEN PEOPLE left on the beach. Off Hurley's surprised reaction: EXT. Hurley WALKS UP their beach.DAY Bernard by his side. He turns An out-of-breath. That's our beach. BEACH -. Hurley. an UNKNOWN MAN in hot pursuit. sweaty BERNARD stands in the jungle behind him. . ACT FIVE EXT. mostly women. Suddenly. Hurley is SUSPICIOUS. JUNGLE -. Hurley glances back over his shoulder: he can see flashes of THE MAN'S BODY through the jungle now. That voice sounds familiar. HURLEY Bernard? This doesn't make sense. a voice comes out of the jungle behind him: MAN'S VOICE Hurley? Hurley stops: huh? around. Hurley motions toward the clearing.DAY Hurley is HAULING ASS through the jungle.

I thought. JUNGLE -. Kate.. there's been something I've wanted to ask you for a few days now. Behind them. Rose SMILES WIDELY. And the Others. Hurley SITS DOWN ON THE BEACH. To go after Jack.. HURLEY Rose. Hurley approaches ROSE... little. ROSE That didn't stop them. Upon seeing him. they didn't know where to go. many other survivors follow. EXT.. what happened here? everyone? Where is ROSE They all went with Charlie. DISCONCERTED. (beat) You've been so adamant about not wanting anyone to go back up to the docks. ROSE Hurley. Why? Hurley thinks about her question.DAY CHARLIE walks next to JIN down a jungle path. who is sitting in front of her tent husking coconut. . ROSE Hurley.49. I don't think they should go back up there. and Sawyer. Hurley SHRUGS. Too late now. HURLEY I.a feeling. Probably stupid anyway. glad to see you back. Just-. HURLEY But.. The answer disturbs him a HURLEY I don't know why.

Charlie STOPS IN HIS TRACKS. has overheard Charlie's conversation and SPEAKS UP. She stares harder. Doing the right thing. partly to himself.DAY Sun THROWS a FISHING NET into the water. CHARLIE takes another look at his wristband. Sun TUGS on the net a little. Charlie begins speaking. Right. STARES at the water. sign of the monster. SURVIVOR We'd better be doing the right thing. it's still there.DAY HURLEY and ROSE are still sitting outside Rose's tent. EXT. Yep. but takes this as affirmation. Not time to pull it up yet. EXT. (beat) No Feels good to be out in the jungle air. Suddenly. SUN SEES SOMETHING GLINT OFF THE SUN. walking behind them. pleased. CHARLIE Right. partly to Jin. She What? OUT IN THE OCEAN. She's TAKEN OVER the fishing duties of Jin for the time he's gone. He touches it. Going towards an uncertain destiny. they hear Sun SCREAMING off in the distance. A SURVIVOR. Jin? JIN (Korean) Win Po Bak Co Anyung Ha Se Oh. BEACH -. Because we've left the beach totally unprotected. BEACH -. CHARLIE Three hours in and all's well. . brows furrowed. A few SURVIVORS can be seen dotting the beach here and there.50. Charlie has no idea what Jin just said.

ON CLAIRE: She hears the screams too. but we all know who they are: OTHERS. Metallic and gleaming.this is why he was brought back to the beach. A FEMALE SURVIVOR runs past his tent. OFF of CLAIRE'S FRIGHTENED GAZE -CUT TO BLACK: END OF SHOW HER . The guns! SURVIVOR Where are the guns? ON HURLEY: In the midst of all this chaos. SCREAMING: SUN They're here. SUN RUNS TOWARDS THEIR CAMP AS FAST AS SHE CAN. FEMALE SURVIVOR Run into the jungle -. CLAIRE'S POV: TO EMERGE. Hurley and Rose share a concerned look before turning towards Sun's screams. and moves OUTSIDE her TENT to see what's going on. Gripping Aaron to her chest. BACK TO CLAIRE: Practically melting from the stress. Hurley faces the submarine with fear mixed with something else -.51. THEIR POV: A SMALL FIGURE AGAINST THE HUGE OCEAN. it has a huge DHARMA logo on the side. the Others are here! BEHIND HER. Other survivors on the beach also turn towards Sun. CRIES RING OUT AS SURVIVORS BEGIN TO PANIC. A SUBMARINE RISES OUT OF THE WATER. A DOOR OPENS ON THE SUBMARINE AND PEOPLE BEGIN We can't see individuals at this distance. WORST NIGHTMARE HAS COME TRUE.it's our only chance! ON CLAIRE: Paralyzed.UNDERSTANDING -.