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Principal Software Engineer

OBJECTIVE: To reinvigorate my career by accepting new challenges, be they

technical or managerial.

I have a broad range of experience, producing high quality, reliable and

portable software. I can work both on my own and as part of a larger,
multi-disciplinary team.

Although I specialise in embedded systems, I also have experience of

working with PCs and in a variety of languages. I have worked at very
fundamental levels with a variety of embedded operating systems. I also
have experience of writing device driver level code and TCP/IP and
related protocols.

I have a proven record of learning new skills.

EXPERIENCE: 12/2006 - Present Telsis Ltd

Industry: Telecommunications Services

Principal Design Engineer

Products include a combined Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and PSTN

telephony switch and a Linux Server based VoIP application server; the
later based on the Mobicents SIP Servlet platform.

All designs have been based directly on IETF and other standards
(notably RFC3261 - SIP) and its numerous extensions and amendments)
and documented according to Telsis’ exacting process.

I have made several international visits, to install equipment at customer

sites, to attend multi-party inter-operability testing events (SIPit) and to
attend the Mobicents team meeting.

I have learnt a great deal, both about SIP and its related protocols and
Linux, Java and application servers.

All the products have been rigorously designed and tested to ensure
high reliability and to obtain maximum performance from the hardware

2/1998 - 11/2006 Snell & Wilcox Havant, Hampshire

Industry: Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Mfg

Principal Software Engineer

I have designed and developed various PC programs using Microsoft

Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder and Delphi. Including in-house
utilities and a multi-threaded, HTTP file transfer and image decoding
DLL. I have also supported and maintained legacy tools written in
Microsoft Visual Basic.

I have Designed, developed and supported a portable communications

stack for Snell & Wilcox's proprietary control protocol (RollCall™).
These libraries are now used on almost all new Snell & Wilcox designs.
Originally developed for the in-house OS running on Infineon C16x
processors, they have been successfully ported to Linux on x86,
ThreadX on ARM and VxWorks on PowerPC. RollCall runs over
various physical layers including ArcNet, RS232, RS422, I2C and

I have assisted with development and support of the in-house real time
operating system, the build environment and the version control system
and provided support and troubleshooting for a wide range of embedded

I have worked on an automated test system written in C++ and Python

for regression, integration, validation and production test.

I have served on the engineering training committee, organizing and

occasionally running in-house training courses. I maintain the internal
training web site.

I have been involved in trying to develop the companies quality system

and have been formally trained to perform ISO9000:2000 internal

3/1997 - 2/1998 HTEC Ltd Southampton,


Industry: Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Mfg

Software Engineer

Development of a multi-application kernel for a smart-card payment

and loyalty terminal. This terminal was a completely new design based
on a Toshiba T-900 processor programmed in ‘C’.
Also involved in developing PC host programs using ‘C’ and Delphi.

11/1992 - 3/1997 Gill Electronic R&D Lymington, Hampshire

Industry: Management Consulting Services

Software Engineer

I was responsible for specification, design, implementation and testing

of various embedded and PC systems including :
data logging and instrument control software for PC's. (DOS, C, GPIB)
real time meteorological data gathering and processing (DOS, 'C',
firmware for ultrasonic anemometers. (H8300, 'C', Yourdon)
prototype flowcell development for medical and industrial uses.
(H8300, 'C', Yourdon)
development of user interface and high speed processing for an
industrial circuit breaker

I was involved in the estimation and management of projects, and the

maintenance of the ISO9001 quality system.

2/1990 - 11/1992 York Technology Ltd Chandlers Ford,


Industry: Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Mfg

Software Engineer

Development, maintenance and support of control software for opto-

mechanical measurement instruments. This included motor control,
image processing and digital signal processing (HP workstations,
680X0, 6809, Assembler, Pascal, BASIC).

Technical control of a project to port existing software to IBM PC's


The work included liaising with marketing and service departments and
with customers both in the UK and worldwide.

7/1989 - 2/1990 DSD Eastleigh, Hampshire

Industry: Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Mfg
Software Engineer

Development of a computer based training system for electronic sonar

technicians. (Pascal).
Installation and commissioning of sonar simulator / training systems.
Software for sonar simulator / training systems. (Pascal. Assembler,
touch screens, speech and sound synthesis systems, graphics)

EDUCATION: 10/1994 - 6/1997 Southampton Institute / UK-Hampshire-

Software Engineering Southampton
Master's Degree
Part time masters course.
Due to a change in employment I was unable to complete the
dissertation, and so was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma

10/1985 - 5/1989 University of UK-Hampshire-

Southampton Southampton
Bachelor's Degree