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(L-R) Diane Bainbridge (Deputy Head), Alexandra Lightbown (Trust Lead) and Helen Kemp (Headteacher) with children from Watton
Westfield Infant and Nursery School which has just been graded “Good” in its recent Ofsted inspection. Story on Page 3

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The Wayland News April 2020 Page 3
years seems eternity, time can prove an elusive today.
A Quick Look Round commodity. For instance twenty years ago the world And just in case anyone had missed all these If possible, please
By Orbiter (or at least the Christian one) was celebrating the jollifications, many of them were repeated three year
Here we are again, wrapped in the Ides of March,
whatever that means, having got past February Fill-
new millennium, on one hand that seems ancient
history, on the other it seems like only yesterday.
later when we feted the 50th anniversary of the
crowning of Her Majesty the Queen.
support local
Dyke, (or perhaps Overflow-Dyke would be more
apt a description of the month just gone. The
Remember the year 2000 ? Like any important
anniversary (25, 50, 75, 100 years) we British like to
After that excursion into the past the troubles of the
present still have to be addressed, and of course the
businesses and
weatherman has certainly earned his keep these last
few weeks, with two major storms, the one named
celebrate. And such an outstanding one as 2000
really took hold of the country. The usual slow start
one affecting the whole world is the deadly virus that
has been brought from China, such an outbreak
organisations and
Dennis causing the whole of the British Isles to be
beneath the same depression at the same time, so that
was followed by a feeling of national excitement,
and a general smartening up began, both publicly
being impossible to contain in any one area due to
the constant movement of millions of people from
through them The
no part of the country could avoid the downpours.
It seems that our Wayland area was lucky enough to
and privately. First the village and town signs, that
told travellers when they had reached their
country to country every day. It is fingers crossed
time for everyone.
Wayland News in
miss the worst of the inevitable flooding that
followed the storms, but the changing climate
destinations, were all revamped, repaired and
repainted, and restored to their prominent positions
A worry of a completely different kind is the
apparent determination of most banks and the
these strange
patterns all over the world recently mean that we can (alas many have now become hidden by the vast government, to make us an entirely cash-less society.
never afford to be over-confident. estates that have been built over the years, though Certainly most of us can live mainly without
times. You would
But let me dwell on more cheerful things, like going many do survive around village greens) then towns coinage, but there are numerous examples of
to the dentist. On a recent such occasion, I found the were brightened up with items of street furniture, exceptions, such as the November poppy sellers, ice- miss us if we
table in the waiting room to be covered with thick such as tubs of flowers, many of which are still in cream vans, children’s sweet shops, church
glossy magazines, covering a great range of subjects, good use. Hanging baskets of flowers were also collection plates, community coffee mornings, etc. – weren’t here!
each of them containing at least a hundred pages. popular at first, though, fearing one might fall and are these all to depend on credit/debit cards being
Next day at my doctor’s surgery (I am so poorly, one hurt a passer-by, these were banned by various local waved over little machines ?
way or another !) there was a similar display, but this councils. It does not seem long since banks were falling over
time on completely different themes. I realised As the feeling of excitement grew, every club or themselves in efforts to attract our money, but now
suddenly that with all the periodicals, newspapers, organisation announced special events and high on this has become a bother to them – interest rates are
wrapping paper, computer printing and so on, even the list were street parties, providing feasts for the minimal, the use of cheques is discouraged, branches
with various waste collection services that are in local children to enjoy. And the private individuals are closed or opening hours reduced, and everyone is
constant operation, the amount of paper used daily joined in, with more personal events, such as expected to do every-thing ‘on line’.
all over the world must be enormous. Yet forty years opening their gardens for others to admire, while a But let us away from all this gloomy news, for a look
ago we were urged to save every scrap of paper as its new craze, which continued around the county for out of the window reveals most of the troubles of the
use was decimating the Amazonian rainforests, from some years, was for Scarecrow competitions, in winter have passed and once again the miracle of
whence the pulp came, and this loss would change which families displayed effigies in their front Spring is transforming the gardens from dull patches
the world’s climate, and we would all face an early gardens, often so life-like that passers-by might wish of brown and green into wonderful splotches of
doom. Well, we are still here, and so much more them “good-day” before realising they were colour. The other day I passed by the gates of
paper is in daily use. So what has changed? Probably addressing a scare-crow and not a real person. Merton Hall, and the road outside was lined for
something to do with technology, which I don’t Garage sales also flourished, usually with part of the several hundred yards with colourful new blooms,
understand mush about, being old. proceeds going to a local charity. mainly daffodils, while aubretias and forsythias are
And another big change is on the way, as we are told A final highlight of the celebrations was the country- doing their best to cheer up our gardens, with
that petrol and diesel cars must make way for electric wide erection and lighting of beacons in the form of magnolias coming along behind..
ones within the next fifteen years. An admirable metal baskets on high poles, in which flammable So, although the national news seems gloomy, things
goal, but who would be prepared to wager more than material lit up the surrounding crowds, these beacons are not all bad. And I always remember the words of
a fiver on that happening ? being lit in turn throughout the whole of Britain. The a song that was popular when I was very young,
Like Brexit, the changeover will be delayed, so ultimate touch to the proceedings was the planting of which finished with the good advice “You’ll die, if
probably twenty years will be more likely, before thousands of flowers, mainly daffodils, along you worry, you’ll die if you don’t, so why worry at
electric cars are in total control, but even that figure roadside verges, these making a delightful sight, and all ?”
might well not be attainable, for although twenty some of these, or their offspring, can still be seen Good afternoon.

Watton Westfield
Infant & Nursery
School Celebrates
‘GOOD’ Ofsted
Pupils and staff at Watton Westfield
Infant and Nursery School are celebrating
after being graded ‘Good’ in its recent
Ofsted inspection.
Watton Westfield was judged as a ‘good
school’ after an inspection on 26th and
27th February. Inspectors recognised the
school, part of Corvus Education Trust,
provides a ‘purposeful environment’,
where pupils ‘achieve well’, ‘behave
responsibly’ and learn and play ‘safely
and securely’.
CEO/Trust Lead Mrs Alexandra
Lightbown said ‘The school has moved
on significantly since Corvus Education
Trust was directed to take the school
under its wing in March 2017. This result (L-R) Helen Kemp (Headteacher), Rachel Mather (Early Years Lead) and Alexandra Lightbown
is a testament to the hard work that has (Trust Lead) with Early Years Children from Watton Westfield Infant & Nursery School
been put in and the amazing way that
everyone works to support each other’. are thrilled with our latest Ofsted report
The report states leaders ‘have high
ambitions for all pupils’. They know the
and are really pleased that the comments
of the inspectors recognise the hard work
Agatha Crusty
pupils well, ‘plan carefully what they need
to learn’ and are ‘passionate about
and progress we have made. I would like
to thank all the pupils, parents, staff,
Has Been
promoting a love of reading’. ‘Leadership in governors and trustees for their continued
the Early Years and Nursery is strong’ and support and dedication to the school.’ Put Back
children get a ‘great start to their education’. All three Corvus Education Trust Primary The Wayland Players regretfully
Inspectors also noted that ‘well trained schools have received a judgement of announce their forthcoming play
staff work as a team’ to keep pupils safe ‘Good’ since the start of the year. 'Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall
and ‘pupils at Watton Westfield thrive’ as The full Ofsted report can be read at
Murders' has been postponed due to
a result of very effective personal
development. Parents are To find out more about Watton Westfield the current situation and government
‘overwhelmingly supportive of school Infant and Nursery School visit http:// advice.
leaders and all that the school offers their and ‘like’ We hope to perform the play at a
children’. them on Facebook later date, possibly at the end of June
Mrs Helen Kemp, Head Teacher, said ‘we @wattonwestfieldinfantandnurseryschool if circumstances allow.
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 4
Look the shrub over before you start. in the middle of June to let the fern
In your Garden There are two lots of shoots – the grow to feed the crowns, cut this Bradenham Grand Second
With Lotta Potts ones that flowered last year and may down once the colour has changed to
At the time of writing, almost still have the dead flowers attached beige and mulch. The only other Horticulture & Hand Book Sale
halfway through March, spring is and the unflowered ones, which will thing is to anxiously watch the bed Our first sale of the year was held
springing despite the large quantities have a growth bud at the tip. Follow each spring for the first signs. Garden Club at Thompson Community Hall
of assorted weather. The early bulbs the flowered shoots down to a healthy Towards the end of the season you We were delighted to welcome recently and raised £ 1,650.34, to
and plants are spectacular with new sideshoot and cut just above it. Don't might find a small, brightly coloured Richard Clark from Panache Plants to be split between the Hall and
flowers every day. I have some small cut off the other shoots as they will insect. Asparagus beetle. Just pick talk about Hardy Exotics in the garden. Thompson & Griston churches.
irises in a pot that produced leaves bear this year's flowers. Hydrangeas them off and squish or stamp on Despite the wind and rain, we had a This was a magnificent amount,
then overnight fully open flowers. do have an unfortunate tendency to them. Otherwise the labour required good turnout and were rewarded with and we’d like to express our thanks
No sign of them the day before! outgrow their alloted space. If yours amounts to about half an hour a year Richard`s fascinating, enthusiastic talk. to all who’ve helped achieve that.
Ain’t nature wonderful? Driving is like this look at the congested for one of the best veg in the world. Richard is a multiple Gold Medal The cakes and chocolate went
towards Dereham the cherry trees are woody stems in the middle and Forget the weedy stuff from Peru. It award winner who has developed especially well!
coming into their own and every remove the thickest ones completely. just doesn't compete. Eat seasonal. several unique varieties of plant from Looking ahead to the Summer Sale
magnolia in the district has buds just If it's still too big do the same next There's a whole lot of veg seed that experimentation. on Saturday 6th June, we are once
waiting to open. year. And the year after. This three- can be started now. Some, like He started by telling us that hardy again offering spaces on the
The early bulbs are over in April but year rejuvenation plan works for tomatoes need a bit of tlc and warmth meant just that – plants that could Millennium Green for any group or
there’s just time to plant or split other shrubs as well but don't remove to get going and others can be direct survive winter temperatures of below charity, indeed anyone, who wishes
clumps of snowdrops or bluebells in more than a third at a time. sown. Peas and beans can be direct 10 °C, provided the crown of the plant to sell goods or promote their
the green. This works very much Climbing roses need to be tied in. sown but you need to add a few extras was below ground. Into this category organisation. The pitches are 3m
better than planting dry bulbs in The best way is to train the stems for the mice. I prefer to start them in came Hedychiums, Roscoeas and square, big enough for a gazebo or
autumn and now there’s more to look horizontally as for some scientific a cold greenhouse in pots or clever Pineapple Lilies, all of which looked as other shelter. There is nothing to
forward to next winter. Daffs/narcissi reason this produces more flowering ‘Rootrainers' that are for growing if they belonged in a hot house, but stop you sharing a space. Booking
should just have the dead heads buds. If the plant is to be trained up a seed like these that need a long root were “as tough as old boots”. We also forms are available now: go to
removed below the seed pod (the post or other support then wind them run and don't get too disturbed on learned how tough succulents such as or
swollen bit right behind the flower) so round to get the same result. Other planting out. Of course, many of you Echeveria could be and how correct call Keith and Caroline on 880153
they don’t use the energy and food climbers that might need a trim or will have been studying catalogues all planting places meant there was no for more information. Numbers are
from the sun making seeds instead of train include clematis. Once these winter, have your order sitting ready need to lag banana plants for the limited; first come first served.
new flowers. The foliage should be have got the idea where they are to start or already on the go and a winter. As if this was not enough, There will of course be plenty of
left until it dies down although these going: up trellis or wires or through a firm plot plan. The rest of us Richard brought along a selection of other activity going on including
days six weeks is said to be sufficient, tree or shrub they will merrily carry shouldn't despair but do try and keep plants to purchase (at very reasonable hair braiding and an Anglo-Saxon
dead or not and then either mown or on unsupervised. Whilst trimming up. Madness sets in round about the prices), ensuring that a number of us group amongst others. We’ll be
pulled out. Please leave well alone and training it’s a good time to feed end of April/beginning of May when went home with full bags! selling pre-loved toys & games &
without trying to make the leaves and mulch. Water as well if you think you are late. Don't worry. Our mini-show was an arrangement of puzzles. There will be a tombola,
look tidier or worse fold over and tie necessary. Plants have a lovely habit of catching dried seed heads. The results were as and as always we’ll have home-
them up. This just stops the good Now to the real production line, the up provided you aren't too far adrift. follows: 1st Place Barbara Steward, made cakes and bakes to take
work for flowers next year. If you veg plot. If you planted onion, shallot Importantly from now on: keep 2nd Place Pauline Rant, 3rd Place away, plus refreshments all day
have large daffs you can camouflage and garlic sets in the autumn there weeding. Anne-Marie Haskey and Highly until 3.30. Have you tried the
them by planting through things like will be good growth now. This never Commended Pam Walker. baked-on-site scones yet? I can
hostas that have leaves to cover up ceases to amaze me as I always recommend the cheese with bacon
the daffs. On the other hand if you expect them to be frozen or drowned A Good Start to IMPORTANT ones, but you have to be quick!
have a small garden or area plant but they come good and regulary Have I left anything out? Oh, yes,
small daffs so the foliage won’t show come up 100%. If you grow this way the Year for INFORMATION BOOKS! A new selection of
as much. If planted in grass you can you will already have netted the beds In response to the current Corvid 19 thousands laid out for you, divided
mow round the clumps until the six as the birds become very interested in Project Linus pandemic, and to safeguard the into subjects, with no book costing
weeks are up then cut the lot. pulling the sets up. Obviously it's the Project Linus Norfolk has had a health of our members and the wider more than ONE POUND! We are
There are many summer-flowering leaves that attract them then fantastic start to the Year. Since I community, we are cancelling our taking donations now, particularly
bulbs and corms and now's the time to disappointment sets in and they are became a voluntary coordinator for Spring Show and meetings. We will of items for the games stall.
plant. There are too many to name left. It's boring having to re-plant but Project Linus in Norfolk, I have keep you informed. Collection can be arranged, or
but they are freely available in sheds they won't grow otherwise. If you organised the distribution of 2500 Contact Barbara Steward donations can be left with us in
and garden centres. The online have spring-planted onions they will quilts in Norfolk to children in need or Griston or at the Hall when open.
specialists have an even greater be making a start as sets have been on of a hug. In January I received a Laurene Henderson 07942 820590 We look forward to seeing you
variety and not many bulbs are very offer for ages. I don't know if the certificate from Project Linus UK soon. Keith & Caroline 880153.
fussy about conditions, just the depth birds will come for their congratulating me on achieving this.
of planting. Finally on bulbs, now is entertainment but if they do get I would not have received this
a good time to give them a feed. Use netting. recognition without the help and
high potash tomato food or organic Potatoes can be planted this month. I support from quilters, quilt groups,
general-purpose feed sprinkled chitted mine in January and now have family and friends. Those who make
around. I find pelleted chicken a little forest of green shoots just the quilts, whether at home, on our
manure works a treat. If you have desparate to get out. Seed potatoes sewing days or at their Quilt Groups.
hens you know how beneficial the are still available and can be planted People who donate 100% cotton
cleanings-up are in the compost heap. straight out avoiding the chitting fabric that they are no longer able to
The pelleted stuff has already been period on the windowsill this is make use of. Those people who help
composted and treated so it's safe. I absolutely the last chance as a get the quilts to me, either from our
wouldn't eat it but plants love it. traditional planting day for potatoes is drop off points or collect and contact
There’s still some pruning to do. Good Friday. This may well have me to arrange delivery or collection.
Obviously any you missed last month been because Good Friday in the old The two people who help me deliver
should be done but also once shrubs days was the first day off the rural the quilts to Queen Elizabeth
like forsythia and other early workers got after Christmas. Hospital, Kings Lynn and the James
flowerers have finished take back the Plant asparagus crowns if you like Paget Hospital, Great Yarmouth on a
flowered stems by about two thirds. asparagus and have a bit of spare regular basis.
Little tip: if you can get to this before ground. Choose this carefully as once The money donated from individuals,
the dead flowers have fallen off it’s in there's no need to move the crowns, groups and Tesco’s Bags of Help has
easier to spot the stems to cut. If the no rotation there. Choose the variety meant I am able to give more time to
shrub is getting on a bit take out a carefully as well. It's now the quilts rather than having to
third of the old stems right back to the recommended to plant the all-male organise fund raising projects.
ground and this will encourage new varieties. Their shoots are better but I have already this year had over a
shoots from the base. By the end of additionally they don't produce seeds hundred quilts given to me to check,
the third year you will have a new that will produce inferior crops. label and donate to those children
bush that won’t have spread out to the Traditionally you dig a trench about a who need them. I have held two
sides and lost the middle and yes it’s foot deep and make a ridge in the sewing days already this year and
happened to me too. Forsythia and middle. Drape the crowns over the have two more arranged on Monday
flowering currant make good hedges top about 30 inches apart and cover April 27th and Monday May 11th,
when planted together and the so that the top of the crown is near the both at Thompson Community Hall,
pruning for this is to tie in shoots to surface. It's best to leave them for starting at 9 am until about 3.30 pm.
fill gaps then cut back to two or three two years and take a crop the third Anyone interested in joining in the
shoots going in the right direction to (there are new varieties that will crop fun, please contact me by email
keep the shape and remove any that the second year). Alternatively the or ring me on
are growing straight out. At the same crowns can be planted in individual 07809 702 357 for any more
time on all the specimens take out the holes with a mound in the middle. information or to book your place.
tops to the height you want. Same thing. Once they are mature Thank you. Jane Lond-Caulk. Project
Hydrangeas should be pruned lightly enough to take a crop every year the Linus Norfolk Coordinator
now, more of a late dead-heading. only attention is that you stop cutting
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 5
our members. Among the subjects all but I thought it fascinating that evra year since. Wen he did look rownd I nearly fell
Letter from Debra spoke about were the Norfolk Charles II , needing money to finance I forgot tew arsk how yew are orl orf my chair cos he wos tha spittin
Community Directory, "Buddy his wars decided to tax priests 3/- per faring. Thas gitten more light in the image of Horry only a fair bit
Australia Buttons" GPS trackers, Norfolk First wedding, taking 2/- for the crown and mornins but thet hent got a lot younger. He cum oova an sed “Yew
By Chris O'Connor Response, Carers Matter Norfolk and leaving 1/- for the priest. This caused warmer as yit hev it. know Horry I hear” “Well yis” I say
Some years ago while visiting the the Priority Service from UKPower an explosion of bogus priests seeing a We did git moost o tha spring barley “ He wos here jist now but I reckon
highlands of Papua New Guinea north network. Such a lot of interesting way of making some easy money! It in but thet ware muddled in tew be he’s been took short, he ont be
of Australia I was sitting quietly on the information and Debra was warmly was The Lord Hardwick Marriage Act honest, well thas got tew charnces. long, can I git yew a pint?” “Yis
toilet minding my own business when a thanked for coming to see us. in 1753 which changed the law and Me an Horry went tew thet meeting thas rite kind of yew, I’ll hev wot
gecko landed on my leg. Such a creature Hopefully, she will be back next year said that girls had to be 14, that wot she hed sed wos orl abowt Horry’s bin drinkin” As we stood at
I had never encountered before having to see us again. marriages could only take place in 1 of planning, cos we thort tha ole tha bar I cort siteof Horry as he
only recently left the cool climes of Our meeting next month will be on 3 places by registered priests and that chairmawtha wanted us tew gi har a snuck orf owt tha door. Cont’d nex
mother England and to say that I April 6th, instead of the 13th which is Banns had to be called. Actual bitta lip like. Thet tunned owt tew be time. Fare yew well tergitha.
jumped in the air would be an Easter Monday. It will still be at recording came after the Napoleonic a bit more seerus than we thort cos Boy Sid
understatement. The gecko is harmless 10.15am, at the Pentecostal Church, wars in 1837. harf tha willage tunned owt, an tha
and those I told the story to afterwards Watton, who we warmly thank for the Now many changes to the laws mean ole horl wos packed owt. We niva got
laughed their heads off ‘just as well it generous use of their facilities. Our that marriages can take in many a charnce tew gi har sum lip cos STEM in
wasn’t a snake ‘they suggested. speaker will be Tom Thurston who different places and can take many evrywun wos orl torking at once, so
Some years later and I was camped on will be giving us an insight into "Life different forms but they do have to be she list lettum git woteva it wos orf Wayland
the banks of Cooper Creek in the far behind bars"! in front of a civil celebrant or by a thar chests an then sed “Yew’ve hed STEM = Science, Technology,
north of South Australia with a mate of For more information about our religious leader. yore say” she say “So yew kin cleer Engineering and Mathematics
mine. This is where the ill fated Burke group, please email Dick told us that he married 35/40 orf hoom an yore cowncil will decide There are, I believe, many people in the
and Wills expedition consisting of 19 or leave a couples each week, most turned up but wots tha best way forrard” an she gi Wayland area who, on their own,
men led by Robert O'Hara Burke and message on 01953 884713. usually about 2 did not. Some hare wooden hammer a few good actively pursue one of the above
William John Wills, with the objective ceremonies had family and friends bangs on tha tearble an gi us orl har subjects as a hobby, or have a very
of crossing Australia from Melbourne in coming in the usual wedding finery, “I hent standin no truck from yew strong interest in them, but perhaps on
the south, to the Gulf of Carpentaria in A Tale Of Two others appeared in jeans and T shirt lot” look. So we orl went eetha hoom their own – at least locally. If you are
the north, a distance of around 3,250 with witnesses called in from the or us tew tha pub, whilst tha cowncil one of those, you will know who you
kilometres (approximately 2,000 miles) Speakers street. Some were on time, some were got down tew thar percushins. As we are!
met an inglorious end. At our INNER WHEEL meetings we late, some looked happy others less so got on ower bikes to git orf down tha Have you thought about getting
As my friend John and I sat beside the like to hear from speakers who have and some were found to be illegally rood, we cud here har ole wooden together with other like minded
creek wondering just how sad it was interesting things to tell us about, arranged and had to be stopped. hammer givin tha ole tearble sum people on a monthly basis in a non-
that these explorers had met their end in either because of the work they do for What an interesting job to have. teddy. nerdy atmosphere, with the object of
such a beautiful area of the world we a particular charity or about their own Our recent events have added to our We din’t hear how thar got on, but a exchanging knowledge, ideas and
spotted a snake slithering toward us. We particular speciality. charity funds with the Barn Dance cuppla cowncillors wos walkin abowt inspiration?
share our continent with about 170 In March we were privileged to hear raising £420 The Coffee Morning tha nex day wi thar hands orl in From Astronomy to Zeta Functions (I
species of land snakes, some equipped from two such people. raised £135 which is always given bandidges. looked that up!) via chemistry,
with venom more toxic than any other The first on May 11th was at our direct to the Queens Hall Maintenance Arta orl thet citment were orl gooin computers, CNC, electronics, lathe
snakes in the world. This particular District meeting when Laura fund. tew tha nex meeting nex week, so I work, steam, radio, tooling etc etc if
snake was known as a Mulga and it is a Woodcock who is the Head of Unfortunately we have decided to shell hefta leave yew on the study or pursuit of any subset of
nasty one capable of delivering 150mg Fundraising in the East of England for cancel the West End Waiters 10th tenterhooks till this nex edition hits the fields of STEM for its own sake
of venom in one hit – the average Tiger The Teenage Cancer Trust. She was Anniversary Concert on April 19th but the streets. excites you then do contact me and
snake by comparison delivers a mere 10 an excellent speaker, warm, articulate we hope our our Strawberry Tea on Horry hed a rare ole shock tha otha let's see if we can enrich our own
-40mg. Mulgas bite savagely, even and passionate about her job. She June 23rd will be able to go ahead, week, we wos sittin the pub mardlin lives as well as others.
hanging on and chewing as they inject explained that many children and however, we shall have to be guided as yewshul when this blook cum in The meeting will be open to all,
massive amounts of highly toxic venom, young people sadly sometimes by government advice and our own an went up tew tha bar an wos including young people, regardless of
which destroys blood cells and affects become ill with cancers which are rare concerns for our supporters about the torkin tew tha landlord fer kwite whether you are a rocket scientist or a
the muscles and nerves. So what did we and often aggressive. These are also corona virus. WATCH THIS SPACE! sum time, wen tha landlord he say complete beginner who wants to find
do? Not much actually. We had used an sometimes difficult to diagnose. For any information about Inner out lowd “Yis I know him, he’s sat out more about a STEM subject.
old trick taught to us by an old bushman Until the need for specialist care Wheel please contact me on 01953 oova by tha winder, wi boy Sid----- Please note that anyone under the age
years ago and after setting up camp that became recognised young people 881792 or at -well he wos” As sune as tha of 16 will have to be accompanied by
evening had made a huge circle of were either treated in childrens or landlord sed “Yis I know him” a parent or responsible adult.
diesel fuel around the camp site. Snakes adult wards, neither of which really BRENDA DAVIS (Club Horry wos orf his chair an inta tha If you want to find out more, please
hate the smell of diesel and avoid it so suited the needs of teenagers. She Correspondent.) toilet afore tha blook cud look contact Julian Horn on 10953 858
while we kept a wary eye on the spoke of a strapping 14year old boy rownd. 908 or email
slithering creature and a shotgun at the being treated in a children's ward
ready we continued to enjoy a cold lager where beds were too small and the Tha Ovington
and reminisce on days gone by. activities suited to very young
children. At the other extreme Crower
teenagers could find themselves with By Boy Sid
much older and sometimes very old Hev yew sin orl tha daff’s owt along
patients, again not conducive to their tha roods arownd tha willage? Yew
recovery. might find thet hard tew believe but
7 young people between 14 and 24 are tha Cowncil planted orl o them, mind
diagnosed each day with cancer yew thas a while back but they kip on
making approx. 2,500 per year. cumin up evra year. Horry sez he hed
The charity was first started in 1990 a hand innit cos he new a blook wot
and now supports 28 specialist centres hed a shed full o bulbs an he wanted
around the country with our nearest rid of them, so a few pints learta an
So that was why I was amused when I one in Addenbrookes in Cambridge. Horry cum back wi tew or three sacks
saw a news item about this sign that These centres provide both the o bulbs and then sold ‘em at a knock
appeared in a local rag warning people specialist care that young people need down price tew tha Cowncil. Fer tew
to flush the toilet before sitting on the but also in surroudings much more in or more weekends orl tha ole
loo just in case there was a snake tune with their needs,… imagine a cowncillors wos up an down tha rood
lurking in the bowl. To the uninitiated it typical teenage bedroom and you get wi a cuppla spades an a bucket o bulbs
might seem like a joke but trust me it is the idea! an thas why yew see thet gud show
not. While I have not encountered a This was a very informative talk and
slippery fellow coming in the wrong our District Chairman is supporting
direction up the S bend, I’ve certainly this charity with fundraising events
heard far too many stories to ignore the during her year of office.
warning. The following day at our club meeting
we were vastly entertained by Dick
Selby, who, told us about the 'Ladies I
Diabetes UK have Married'..
Our lovely speaker in March was He started by telling us he had
Debra Lawrence-Bell, from the Early married 1,154 women but hastened to
Health & Prevention department in tells us to 1,154 men!
the Adult Social Services part of At retirement 10 years ago after many
Norfolk County Council. What a years as a bank manager he had
refreshing and informative lady she trained as a registrar in East Barnet in
was. She told us about the many North London. It was fascinating to
services her department can help with, hear how marriage and the ceremonies
as well as signposting the way to other which go with it have developed
information which could be of use to across the ages. I cannot recount them
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 6
bee: a single queen, between 20,000 to
Great Hockham 80,000 female workers and a few
hundred male drones. The Queen can
Gardening Club lay around 2,000 eggs a day, more than
her own bodyweight. As the eggs are
Honey Bees laid she can choose whether they are
March saw us welcome Trevor Nash fertilized or not. Fertilised eggs produce
and his wife Linda to tell us a little sterile female workers or if fed royal
about the fascinating life of honeybees. jelly, a fertile queen. Unfertilised eggs
Trevor is vice chairman of The West hatch into male drones.
Norfolk and King’s Lynn Beekeepers The workers forage for food, tend the
Association. larvae and clean the hive. Within the
We seem to have had something of an hive they convert the nectar into honey,
insect theme this year by way of in part by reducing the water content to
subjects at our indoor meetings. We below 20% to prevent it from
have had wasps, a garden nature reserve deteriorating. A worker can travel up to
where insects played a vital role and 3 miles to collect nectar and it takes
now bees. There have been no around 50,000 journeys to collect
complaints. enough honey to fill a pound jar. In a
Trevor opened his talk by outlining the season about 60 pounds of honey can be
history of the bee. Their origins obtained from one hive. Other items
probably date back to around 130 manufactured by the workers include
million years ago, having coevolved royal jelly, which has been said to have
with the flowering plants in a symbiotic many health benefits, beeswax for
relationship. Cave paintings from Spain candles and hand creams, and propolis
indicate that honey collection was being or bee glue. This is a mixture of
carried out at around 8,000 years ago. beeswax, saliva and sap from tree buds.
Honeybees differ from bumblebees in The bees use this to seal gaps in the
many ways, but there are two aspects hive. Human uses of propolis include an
that are significant for humans. The first ingredient of car wax and in the varnish
is that they feed throughout the winter for stringed musical instruments. It is
and to do this have to have a stored food also used as an alternative medicine.
source: honey. The second is that they The drones hang around waiting to mate
live in colonies and can be housed with any new queens, after which they services/. There you will find helpful moment – or a little sooner if she felt he Seasonal Photograph: First: Laura
within a purpose built hive. Nurtured in die. (Insert own joke here). advice and the telephone number of needed to overcome a minor Lincoln. Second: Prue Szczepanowski.
this way allows the bees to make an Sometimes people come across a swarm your nearest contact who will be able to prevarication. Third: Ed Szczepanowski.
excess of honey for us to harvest. The of bees. Left to their own devises they remove and relocate them. Those successful in this month’s This was our last indoor meeting before
modern moveable hive was developed are not dangerous. Should the swarm Trevor had a wide variety of visual aids competitions were as follows: the autumn.
around 1852 by The Reverend Lorenzo become a worry they should never be including a cut-away hive showing all Floral: First: Sue Cunningham. Second: Next month, Wednesday April 8th, we
Lorraine Langstroth (1810 – 1895). This removed by a pest control agency. its various structures. His talk was Chris Dalton. Third: Nigel Lincoln. will be heading out to Norfolk Herbs at
device revolutionised the commercial Instead you should contact The West accompanied by an informative slide Fruit / Vegetables: First: Sue Thomas. Blackberry Farm Dillington.
keeping of bees. Norfolk and King’s Lynn Beekeepers show, the slides being automatically Second: Chris Dalton. Third: Jane Edward Szczepanowski.
A bee colony consists of three types of Association at advanced by Lynda at the appropriate Dalton.

dominated by the Falklands War and first edition delivered to households granted. I know that whenever I have the Chamber with some level of
Wayland Chamber the late Margaret Thatcher was Prime and businesses in the area. Now in the opportunity to wear the Chamber optimism. In spite of the problems I
of Commerce Minister. The now also departed 2020, I believe, the Chamber and the Chain of Office, I am very much am sure we will all have to face in
The preparation of the 2020 edition of Ronald Reagan became in 1982 the community of Wayland owe a big aware of the names of those who have business and at home with the Corona
the Wayland Chamber of Commerce First US President to address thanks to Martin and his team. The ably served the Chamber before me virus epidemic, we remain positive
Information, Trade and Services Parliament, it was also the time of the Directory still serves the traders and and the actions and commitment that about Wayland’s business fortunes
Directory is now reaching its crucial Greenham Common Women’s Peace the people of our Wayland has brought the Chamber through its and we look forward to the
final stages prior to going to press Camp and coincidently and perhaps community which is a marvellous last 65 years. implementation of our vision and
under the management of Debbie appropriately, Gandhi was the big testament to Martin and his teams’ With our Annual General Meeting strategy for business in Wayland over
Harris. We are proud to say that this film release of that year. foresight and entrepreneurship. I held on 9th March, we on the the next year. Let us hope that if we
is the 38th consecutive edition of the More locally, the Chairman of the think it is important we take time now Chamber Committee take a look back are even a little bit successful in what
Directory which was first published Wayland Chamber of Commerce in and again, to just acknowledge the for a while at 2019 and reflect on we do in 2020, then at least locally
in 1982. For those of us with long 1982 was Martin Anscombe and it legacy of those who have previously what has gone right and of course the the year will not just be remembered
enough memories, 1982 was of- was under his auspices that the need led the way in establishing and things we can do better. But then it is for the unfortunate and testing impact
course a different world to the one in and opportunity for the Chamber consolidating those things we value a case of looking forward to the rest of a damn virus!
which we now live. It was a year Directory was identified and the very but perhaps now take a little bit for of 2020, and I must say we do so in David Dent, Chairman
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 7
Celebrations for Loch Neaton Parkrun 1st Birthday and International Women’s Day

Saturday 7th March 2020 marked our walking pace. It may in turn develop Saturdays or even once in a while. to one of our Run Directors, Beryl Gilbert in 19.21.
1st birthday and what an amazing year into a run- walk situation and We love to see you. Bunning who was celebrating a We have had such a wonderful year.
it’s been. We have seen many people of gradually develop into achieving a We always like to recognise birthday and her 50th Wedding Sometimes the weather has thrown all
all ages and abilities turn out on a gentle 5K jog. Others will use the celebrations with our participants and Anniversary. it can at us, but through it all we have
Saturday morning to face the challenge event towards their training for other volunteers so when we learned that Congratulations to all 107 participants managed to keep a smile and carry on.
of starting the day off with our free-for- running events, pushing themselves International Women’s Day was so who joined us and to all the wonderful A huge thank you to everyone who
all 5K Loch Neaton parkrun. It is not a to achieve a new personal best time. close to our 1st Birthday we decided volunteers who help to make this event has supported Loch Neaton parkrun
competition but gives everyone the But, everybody who turns out on a to make it a double celebration happen each week. We had some in their 1st year and by the way
chance to have their progress Saturday morning to arrive by the asking any of our participants who newbies to parkrun and some tourists ‘thanks’ for all the donations of cakes
monitored whilst spending some time 9am start with their barcode is trying want to, to wear purple. We also from Orpington, Milton Keynes and which have helped in our celebrations
with other like-minded people. to improve and become a little wished a Happy Birthday to Andrea Dereham. First Lady at our throughout the year. We would love
People who want to get fit may start healthier by being more mobile. So and a Happy 18th Birthday to Amy International Women’s Day was to see you in the coming year.
off doing a leisurely walk for a few well done to all those who join in Gibb and if that wasn’t enough Maddison Kelly who completed the You can find out more at
weeks and gradually increase their whether it is every Saturday, most celebration there was a big shout out course in 20:57. First male was Ashley

table'. This final one gave each member coming from either end of the handle. The art of basket weaving used to be a
Watton Evening WI about two minutes to talk on the subject
Ashill & Holme Jonathon completed weaving a lovely common trade across East Anglia in
Our March meeting was expected to be a
talk from our local baker. Unfortunately,
'What I did when I left school'. It was Hale Garden Club willow basket from start to finish in yesteryear, when weavers would serve
enlightening, entertaining and humbling The Art of Willow Weaving - around 50 minutes, while also a 5 year apprenticeship to learn their
he was unable to be with us and we look to hear of the experiences of ladies who explaining each step in construction and trade. Baskets were used widely in the
forward to a visit in the future. However, demonstrated by Jonathan Carrie
strove to reach their goal in, at times, a The 63 garden club members who answering questions from an engrossed fishing ports of Norfolk and Suffolk, as
we were so fortunate that he generously sexist and paternalistic world of work. and appreciative audience. For novices a basket was used a legal measure for
attended our February meeting were
baked savoury and sweet pastries which We heard tales of going into service and you can also learn this skill as Jonathon the sale for fish. Jonathon is now one of
treated to a fascinating display of
were devoured by all at teatime. We fulfilling lifelong ambitions in careers. It runs day-long courses at Norfolk Hedge very few professional basket weavers
craftsmanship by master basket weaver
thank him for his generosity in supplying was fascinating. Baskets. left in Norfolk
Jonathon Carrie. Jonathon who hails
such tasty treats. Handbag bingo was riotous with the from Norfolk and runs Norfolk Hedge
Instead of a speaker we decided to have a darkest reaches of bags being shown the Baskets demonstrated how to make a
social evening consisting of a beetle light. It's amazing what useful (and willow basket. Jonathon started by
drive; handbag bingo; the yes/no game useless) things we keep tucked explaining the tools he uses, which
(remember that?) and a 'chat around the away.....just in case. have not really changed for centuries,
There were many legless insects left on including a bodkin, pruning knife, ruler
tables but the beetle drive was a great and secateurs. He explained the
success and revived a game which difference between the two types of
remains a favourite among children willow used. Brown willow which is
today. dried naturally after cutting, with its
The yes/no game probably needs no bark still on, and soaked for about a
introduction to those of a certain age. week before using and buff willow
Michael Miles and his gong were not which is boiled after harvesting and the
there but trying to trick contestants into bark stripped off so it is easier to use
answering questions without using those and only needs soaking for an hour
certain words is always guaranteed to before use. Jonathon then proceeded to
raise a laugh. firstly weave the base for the basket
It was a good evening with everyone from 5 pieces of willow, the number of
encouraged to look at the outings and pieces used dictating the diameter of
group activities table, giving opportunity the basket base. He then used 19 pieces
to join in the additional activities. of brown willow to weave the sides of
We welcomed some new members and basket, the odd number required so the
guests, two of whom are setting up an weave alternates as the wall of the
afternoon WI group in town. We wish basket is constructed. The handle of the
them every success in continuing to basket is made using a thick piece of
spread the WI word. buff willow around which is wrapped 6
thinner pieces of brown willow, 3
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 8

Bob Hunter, who has been running
the Sen Ryu Judo Club in Shipdham
for over 30 years, had never spoken
to a large group of people about his
passion for Judo before. However, at
our meeting on 13th February he
showed no signs of nervousness as
he described his lifework for the club
and all the nuances of Judo and how
it fits in with the general martial arts
scene. Interestingly, Judo means
‘gentle’ and hence is the most
suitable of the martial arts for young
people and ladies.
Our member Dr Mike Harvey
presented the results of the
photographic competition he
organised at the Wayland Academy.
The entries were from 2 groups, one
each for Years 9 and 10. The theme
for both was portraiture – quite a
specialised subject for the youngsters
to grasp but grasp it they did with
some quite professional results. The
year 9 winner was Jessica Chapman,
and runner-up Eleanor Hayes. For
year 10 the winner was Obviously
Ivory, with 2 runners-up: Lily
Chapman and Megan Wells. They
are shown with Head Teacher Glen
Alott & Dr Mike in the picture right.
Our meeting of the 12th March was
graced by David Dent who recently
acquired the chairmanship of the
Wayland Chamber of Commerce.
Earlier this year David became a
member of the Chamber and advantage of not being on the A11/ touring clubs and societies, and Manager for the BHF who was very
attended the AGM where his
enthusiasm captured the attention of
A47 corridors, which some time ago
were designated for development
promoting Wayland as a base for
exploring. Essential to this is the
Thank you impressed by the whole morning
including the friendliness,
those present and his election to the making it seem that Watton was a investment in and commitment to the enthusiasm, cakes, quality of knitted
Chair was inevitable. Greeted and
introduced by the undersigned,
local authority
‘Cinderella’ in the development
annual publication of the Chamber
Directory, first published in1982,
from goods for sale and the amount raised.
She visited again at our meeting on
himself having had a similar but not
quite so hasty experience 40 years
stakes. Now the town should be
realised as a place for businesses to
grow and thrive; offering mutual
whilst encouraging relocation of
businesses to Wayland as the place to
do business but also, in particular, the
Shipdham 3rd March to receive our donation in
the form of a cheque for £620.
Dawne has also given us details of the
In his enthusiastic, farsighted
presentation, David left no stone
support, embracing innovation,
encouraging start-ups and delivering
establishment of an Enabling Young
Entrepreneurs programme through Knitters & Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311
where anybody with queries or
unturned in his vision for the on new opportunities, especially in IT collaboration between businesses and worries about heart matters can obtain
development and future of the town
and its hinterland. There are a
and creative media design.
Thus the Wayland Chamber’s aims
the Wayland Academy.
Finally, our first big quiz of the year
BHF information and support, whether for
themselves or others. The BHF
number of plus factors that puts are to attract new business, generate on 7th March was highly successful We would like to say a big Thank supports lifesaving research without
Watton and its 13 nearby villages effective clusters and consolidate and enjoyed by 23 teams; through the You to all who supported our coffee which so many people would have a
ahead of most of its neighbours, eg. collaborations, connect businesses to generous donations to a substantial morning in aid of the British Heart poorer quality of life or shorter
There are 75 businesses in or near their consumers by marketing and raffle table the sum of £586 was Foundation on Saturday 15th lifespan.
Watton High Street, itself with the promotion of shopping, tourism, pubs, raised for our Charities Trust Fund. February whether you attended, Thank you again for your support and
advantage of width thus ripe for restaurants and accommodation Well done Pat Murphy and Pam. donated, gave raffle prizes, baked or we hope you enjoyed the Coffe
some innovative improvements. through focused campaigns targeting Martin Anscombe whatever. Our visitors included Morning as well.
Furthermore, David sees a business rambling, cycling, caravan and Dawne Hart Norfolk Fund Raising Sue Hart
The Wayland NewsServices
Church April 2020InPage 9
St. Mary’s Church, Watton April in the ACOS Benefice Follow us @StMarysWatton
If I can be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me, St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill
Look Familiar?
on 01953 881439, I can then Sun 5th 10.00am Lay Led Worship
email or telephone you back or arrange to meet up with you. Easter Sunday
Thank you: Your Vicar, Revd Gerry Foster. Sun 12th 9.30am Family Holy Communion
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion Sun 19th 9.30am Morning Worship
2nd Wednesday Morning Worship Sun 26th 9.30am Holy Communion
Thursdays 7.30-8.00am, 5.00pm - 5.30pm Parish Prayers
Saturdays 9.30am - 10.00am Parish Prayers St. George’s Church, Saham Toney
5.00pm - 6.00pm Prayer & Praise Sun 5th 11.00am Lay Led Worship
Sundays 10.00am-11.30am ADventure!-free for 0-16 yr Easter Sunday
term time only Sun 12th 11.00am Family Holy Communion
Breakfast - Crafts - Games - Faith in Jesus Teaching Sun 19th 11.00am Morning Worship
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-12 noon Sun 26th 11.00am
Tel: 01953 881252 S.s. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke
Please note, all these services are subject to being Sun 5th 10.30pm Holy Communion
amended due to the on-going concerns of the Coronavirus. Easter Sunday
Please refer to our website for any updates. Sun 12th 10.30am Holy Communion
Commencing Wed 22nd April, the Church will be open Wed Sun 19th 10.30am Holy Communion
10.30-3.00pm & Thurs 10-12.00 noon. You are welcome to come into Sun 26th 10.30am Holy Communion
church to enjoy the peace and tranquillity, say a prayer & light a
candle, or just to look round. Church members will welcome you and St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington
serve refreshments. Sun 5th 10.00am Holy Communion
Easter Sunday
Sun 5th PALM SUNDAY Sun 12th 10.30am Family Service
8.00am Holy Communion BCP Sun 19th 10.30am Family Service
10.00am Holy Communion
Thurs 9th MAUNDY THURSDAY Holy Week 6th-11th April
7.30pm Group Service of Holy Communion Mon 6th 7.30pm Celtic compline Carbrooke
and Stripping the Altar followed by Vigil Tue 7th 10.00am Celtic Holy Communion
Fri 10th GOOD FRIDAY The Rectory Ashill
10.15am Walk of Witness commencing at Wed 8th 7.30pm Holy communion Ovington
St Mary’s, proceeding down Church Walk Maundy Thursday
to 11.00am Service at WMC Thur 9th 7.30pm Holy Communion Watton
6.00pm Light Supper followed by Stations of Good Friday
the Cross with Traditional Compline Fri 10th 10.00am walk of witness starting at
Sat 11th 7.30pm Group Service of Light with the Wells Cole community centre Saham Toney
Renewal of Baptism Vows, St George’s, Saham Toney 10.30am Meditation Saham Toney
Sun 12th EASTER SUNDAY 10.30am Meditation Ovington
6.30am Sunrise Service 2.00pm Meditation Ashill
8.00am Holy Communion BCP 2.00pm Meditation Carbrooke
10.00am Informal Holy Communion Easter Eve
Sun 19th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP Sat 11th 7.30pm Service of Light Saham Toney.
10.00am Holy Communion
Sun 26th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10 Thought for the Month
Watton Methodist Church Rev’d Kyla Sørensen, Assistant Curate St. Mary’s Parish Church
Every Wednesday the Church is open from 10.00 to 12noon We all have a story. A series of places, people,
for quiet reflection and prayer. It’s your quiet place.
experiences and events that have led us to where
There is a half hour midweek service on the 2nd and 4th
Wednesday of each month from 10.00am in the large vestry, we are today and more importantly to who we are
led by a Minister. today. Some stories are extraordinary feats of
endurance, the overcoming of seemingly
Sun 5th 10.30am Rev’d Jacqui Horton impossible odds; other stories may be somewhat
6.30pm Rev’d Andrew Fielding
less dramatic.
Sun 12th 10.30am Deacon Jen Woodfin
6.30pm Rev’d Jacqui Horton We may find ourselves comparing our story with
Sun 19th 10.30am Local Arrangement others. Indeed it’s almost impossible not to do so
when social media bombards us from all angles Bronwen Tyler is helping a family trace their roots and these images are in
6.30pm Local Arrangement
their possession, although they do not know who they are. Do they look
Sun 26th 10.30am Rev’d Jacqui Horton with news and images of those we know (and
familiar to you? Id so please email Bronwen on or
6.30pm Rev’d Barbara Winner quite a lot of those we don’t, but who are contact the editor on 01953 858 908. Thank you.
Roman Catholic Community
considered “friends” on Facebook). It can be very
Each Sat 5.00pm Mass at Watton Methodist Church easy to get caught up in the comparison game.
Thurs 9th HOLY THURSDAY Each of our stories is unique, special and and a Shipdham & District Book Group
7.00pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Watch valued part of the rich tapestry that is our local The book discussed on 19th February was Fatherland by Robert Harris. It is set
At the Altar of Repose, Our Lady of Pity, Swaffham community here in Watton. twenty years after Nazi Germany's triumphant victory in World War II and the
Fri 10th GOOD FRIDAY During our Lent programme this year, a group of entire country is preparing for the grand celebration of the Führer's seventy-fifth
3.00pm Solemn Liturgy of the Passion at Our people from different churches have come birthday, as well as the imminent peacemaking visit from President Kennedy.
Lady of Pity, Swaffham together to pause and reflect on the theme: Meanwhile, Berlin Detective Xavier March, a disillusioned but talented police
Sat 11th HOLY SATURDAY officer investigates a corpse washed up on the shore of a lake. When the dead
“What’s the story?” Our faith teaches us that we
8.30pm Easter Vigil & First Mass of Easter at man turns out to be a high-ranking Nazi commander, the Gestapo order March off
Our Lady of Pity. are not alone in our story. We are accompanied by
a living and loving Jesus who came into this world the case immediately. Suddenly other unrelated deaths are anything but routine.
NO SATURDAY EVENING MASS AT WATTON Now obsessed by the case March teams up with a beautiful young American
Sun 12th EASTER SUNDAY to live as one of us and who sent the Holy Spirit to journalist and starts asking dangerous questions. What they uncover is a terrifying
8.30am Easter Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Pity be amongst us. This incredible revelation of God’s and long-concealed conspiracy of such astounding and mind-numbing terror that
10.30am Easter Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Pity love is not just a part of our history from a time it is certain to spell the end of the Third Reich if they can live long enough to tell
long-forgotten, but a reality that is alive very the world about it.
much a part of our story today. We can see God’s Two members disliked the book and gave up after struggling over German
All Saints Church, Threxton work in our communities and witness the spirit of military titles etc and a third had read it befod and was bored by it. As often
Our next service at will be on Sunday 5th April at 10.30a.m. happens when those who disliked it and gave up heard the discussion they wished
his unending love at its best when we take a
Everyone welcome. they’d persevered and wanted to give it another try. Those who enjoyed it found it
moment to listen to each other, to truly hear each
other’s stories and respond with care and with a good read and an interesting take on what might have been; it was considered to
be well written, flowing smoothly despite the German titles; it was gripping to
Fountain of Life Church love. Easter is the season of hope, and we are
encouraged by Jesus to live out our lives fully
read and a ‘page turner’and well researched ; characters were very well
constructed especially March’s unloving son, full of the excitement of the
The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill each day, remembering his command in Matthew German Youth movement who gave his father away to the authorities and we
5 April 10:00 & 18:00 22:37-39 to love one another. couldn’t help but think ‘what if?’ and how different our lives might have been. It
12 April - Easter Sunday - 10:00 By sharing in each other’s stories and by offering was certainly a stimulating and thought provoking book.
15 March 10:00 & 15:00 19 April 10:00 & 18:00 the hand of friendship and hope to everyone we For our 18th March meeting we are reading The Silence of The Girls by Pat
meet we are living out Christ’s love in the world. Barker.
26 April 10:00 & 18:00
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 10
Councillors Chat Saham Toney Wayland Mens Shed, This was a first class evening with a super sandwich
buffet by Val and Len our hosts at the Bowls Club. If
With Cllr Claire Bowes Neighbourhood Plan Social Group you like what you have heard please come to our next
As I write (on 17th March), the situation Update Church Walk, Watton meeting on Tue 07 April when Mr Len Manning,
WW2 rear gunner on Lancasters, and his driver will
regarding Covid-19 is rapidly changing. Shaping the future of Saham Toney! I dont think there is a month goes by when I dont
In last month’s Wayland News, we described be our guests for the evening. He will be making an
There are confirmed cases in Norfolk and have to sit and think for ten minutes before
work being done by consultants on the Strategic 80 mile round trip to give us an introduction for 20 to
Public Health England is working closely writing my article for the News, its not that there
Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats 30 minutes and then allow us to see, handle and ask
with the NHS and Norfolk County Council is not much happening, its quite the opposite, its
Regulations Assessment (HRA) of the Plan. questions about photographs and other memorabilia
to manage the situation and to try and trying to remember everything that has being
Since then the first stages of both assessments - he is going to bring with him.
minimise further cases. going on in the past four weeks. With a varied
a scoping report for the SEA, and a preliminary For details on the evening topics go to our website:
Public Health England and the NHS are well range of interests at our Mens Shed it can be
assessment for the HRA – have been completed, Mark Burch
prepared to deal with Covid19 and the difficult keeping up with it all.
priority is to delay transmission of infection and we anticipate receipt of comments from With the weather now showing some signs of
to safeguard local communities. various expert organisations by the time you settling, (I hope I have not spoken to soon!), our Mavis Murphy – Did
Please monitor television and radio for the read this. We will discuss those with the Gardening group have started tidying up our
latest advice on precautions to follow, consultants and decide if any changes to the outside areas with a range of plants and shrubs. you know her?
because for most people coronavirus will be plan are needed. The next stage for both SEA Our Workshop is busy producing Bird Tables, Mavis Murphy passed away a few years ago and I am
a mild infection and following Government and HRA is likely to start around the end of Boxes, Feeders, Hedgehog Houses, and a range trying find out where she lived in Watton around
advice will help protect you, our April. of Garden Frames and Supports, all for sale to 1990. By this time her husband, Henry Murphy, had
communities and slow the spread of the Meanwhile we have just received extensive the public, just call in and ask for John Bush in passed away.
virus. If you do find yourself having to self comments from our policy consultant on the the Workshop. What an exciting life she led! In 1938 she passed her
isolate, you do not need to call NHS 111. plan itself and the main documents that The Computer Group is as always repairing and Pilot's Licence and then became a Ferry Pilot with the
But, if symptoms worsen during home accompany it, as well as a professional review dismantling old computers. We now have our own RAF delivering planes all over Great Britain. After
isolation or are no better after 7 days then of the village housing needs assessment. We are WiFi installed at our Hall making it a lot easier to this she married Henry Murphy who was a Special
you should contact NHS 111 online, or if digesting the comments at present, but already carry out repairs in house, many of which now Operation Operative. During the war he would be
you have no internet access, then call NHS realise the recommendations made will mean seem to be Laptops, a selection of which we have dropped behind german lines to cause havoc.
111. some changes to the documents, which although for sale at very reasonable prices. On the 24th July 1953, Mavis, on her own, took shop
At the time of writing the Secretary of State they will take some time to implement, will Our hall in Church Walk is where most of our in to Singapore and then onto Malaya, returning on the
for Health has advised Britons over the age strengthen the plan. house activities take place, our Tuesday evening 9th November via Honk Kong. Both Henry and Mavis
of 70 to stay at home for an extended period At the end of February another consultant "Table Games" is now becoming very popular, this went to Malaya on the 7th April 1956 thogh they must
to protect themselves from coronavirus and undertook a week of traffic data measurements is organised by Peter Bellingham and takes place have flown back and I could not find them returning
the Government is set to release further around the junctions at each end of Pound Hill. every other Tuesday 7pm to 9pm, the next dates by ship.
social distancing advice for elderly people. Those were measuring the number of vehicles will be: 31st-03 * 14th-04 & 28th-04 if you want to If anyone knew her, could they please contact me,
I understand that this situation will cause as part of a study to assess the potential impact pop in and say hello im sure you will be welcomed. Ronald James Hall, (Ron) on 01329 286 400 or email
worry and alarm to some people, but I am of new housing sites on traffic in that area. The Last but certainly not to be forgotten is our to or write to 138,
sure our community will pull together to consultants are now interpreting the data with Photography group, they have regular outing to Nicholas Crescent, Fareham. PO15 5AN.
keep an eye on and help the elderly and the aid of their specialist software, prior to places of interest and usually take an interesting Thank you.
vulnerable in the weeks ahead as all agencies providing us with a draft report for review range of photos and strangely they always seem
work together to best manage the situation. towards the end of March. Hopefully the full to have a Pub in the background?.
If anyone has concerns about Covid19 and study will be complete in time for us to Our other up and coming events will be: 8th
how it might affect them and cannot access summarise its results in the May issue of May, Attending & assisting at The VE Day
information and advice online please contact Wayland News. event High St Watton. * Evening Table Games at
me on 077897 896 937 and I will be able to Completing each of the assessments, reviews our Hall See Above for dates. * 15th May
help you get the support, advice and and studies noted above will go a long way "QUIZ & CHIPS Evening" AT Watton Sports
information you need. towards helping us finalise the plan. Because of Centre, 6.45pm start, Note: Pre Booking is
Claire Bowes the way the various documents relate to one advised , ask for Malcolm Trayhorn. * 4th July,
Norfolk County Councillor, Watton Division another, we will need to go about that in a "Mens Shed BBQ", 1pm start, at our Hall in careful, methodical way, so it won’t be an Church Walk, Ladies welcome. * 6th August,
Breckland District Councillor, Watton Ward overnight job, but we remain on course to have "The Cromer Pier Show" we will have a coach the final reviews and ‘health check’ (a dummy for transport included in the cost, some seats may
run of the examination of the plan that will be available to non members and partners so
follow) made during June and July, prior to please ask.
Wayland Quilters making our final submission of the plan to With some of our outings we have spare seating,
learning new skills and helping some Breckland Council around mid-August. At if you are interested in joining us on any of our
charities along the way. some point in that process we’ll give another events please let us know, if we can
We have been busy making and planning village presentation, to bring parishioners up to accommodate you we will. You can always
future programme and workshops for this date before we make that submission. contact us at our Hall, e mail us at:
year, which mainly take place at Thompson Planning applications in the village are now or give me a call
Community Hall. being assessed against the approved Local Plan, on: 01953 881004, leave a message if im out and
Three charity workshops or sessions have and it was pleasing to see the first was decided I will get back to you.
been organised for the year. The first has strictly in accordance with the policies of that Remember the kettle is always on at our hall,
already taken place organised by two of our plan, and since that application contravened look forward to meeting you some time.
members making Padipads for young girls in some of those, it was refused. Nevertheless Richard Adams, Liaison officer, WMS
Malawi, so they may attend school from other applications and planning appeals
continuously. The other two sessions are being considered at present, it’s clear that
making Heart Cushions for Breast Cancer certain developers are already trying to discredit The West Norfolk
patients and syringe bags for Norfolk and and get round Local Plan policies, so we have to
Norwich University Hospital patients. hope the Breckland planners will stick to their Aviation Society
Members of the group are keen to develop guns and continue to apply their policies to the The March meeting at the Mundford Bowls Club
their skills further; firstly, with a foundation letter. welcomed guest speaker Keith Thomas. Keith is a
pieced workshop in which we will be making Outside of the plan, one of our consultants told us very experienced helicopter pilot and has latterly
a spring flower wall hanging or cushion they can also undertake flood risk and mitigation worked for the Civil Aviation Authority in various
front. studies, so we asked them for a quote for such a guises. He has displayed helicopters at airshows and
An Attic window workshop has also been study into existing problems in the village. They currently instructs on helicopters and presents aviation
requested, alongside our regular monthly estimated a cost between £4,500 and £5,500. safety evenings to private pilots. This month’s talk
makes. Several of us have booked our places We’ve passed that on to the Parish Council for was entitled 'My Life in the Clouds, the Early Years'
on the Janet Clare weekend taking place later their consideration, but if anyone else thinks this Keith led us through his early life in the Air Training
in the year, organised by Wayland might be a useful study and has any ideas of how Corps where he got his first wings, gliding. He then
Partnership. to fund the cost, please get in touch. got his Private Pilots Licence via an ATC flying
From all this you may be under the It is worth noting that all the costs for scholarship and yet another set of wings after joining
impression that we just sew and quilt all the consultants who have contributed to the the Royal Air Force. So important to him was this that
time, but you are mistaken; we also plan and Neighbourhood Plan have been paid for by he delayed his wedding by 3 weeks to ensure that he
organise social days out together, to grants; we have not used any parish funds to was able to display his (3r d set of ) wings on his
exhibitions, lunch etc. but they may be quilt cover the cost of the work. In addition to grants, uniform at the nuptials!
themed! we have also used technical support packages, Having learnt to fly on the Westland Whirlwind
As one member of the group, recently shared at no cost, for some elements of the Plan. helicopter he converted onto the Wessex helicopter
with the rest of us, - they attend firstly for the As usual, if you have any comments or and proceeded into operations in Ulster supporting the
fun, social aspect of the group and quilting questions on any of this, or anything else to do Army and, on deployments overseas. He finished by
secondly. with the Neighbourhood Plan, or if you'd like to stressing that because helicopter pilots were so gentle
If you are interested in joining us. Please be added to our mailing list, please look on on the controls they make the best lovers! The uproar
contact Jane on 07809702357 or email our website or contact Chris Blow on 01953 at that comment was so loud we never discovered if 880915 or at this was true, even though his wife was in the
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 11

Watton Air Dance-Away at

Cadets The Queens Hall
Another brilliant month for the
cadets of 864 (Watton) Sqn RAFAC!
February started with a parade at Sadly, is suspended until
RAF Marham alongside cadets from
Kings Lynn, Downham Market,
Dereham and Fakenham to celebrate
further notice.
ATC Sunday; the 79th anniversary of
the formation of the Air Training
Cadet Sergeant Dade continues his
training for the 100 mile march in 4
days at Nijmegen as well as getting
through to the next stage of the Duke
of Westminster award! A national
award for all cadet forces to
recognise selflessness, determined
individuals and those that have gone
the extra mile.
Its a “rubbish” job, but our cadets
have also given up their Sunday
morning to help tackle the local issue
of litter! Collecting over 15 bags of about. Want real flight experience? No is long, varied and open to all cadets. Yes
rubbish, 2 x TVs, a microwave and problem. How about heading out on it's a challenge, but that's what life's all
even a kettle! adventurous training and camps, sometimes about.
Open to anyone in year 8 or above, overseas? Normal for cadets. Competitive If anyone is interested please email
as a cadet you'll have the opportunity sports, drill, shooting, music, abseiling, or call 01953 885531
to do things that others only dream engineering projects? Our list of activities (Mon and Wed 19:00 - 21:30)

Can you help

the Cadets?
Last Weekend saw Senior Cadets
from Norfolk Army Cadet Force
rehearsing and practicing their
fieldcraft skills for the upcoming
Combat Cadet Competition on the
STANTA Training Area, Thetford.
The team were honing their skills
including; break contact drills, paired
and fire team movement, close target
recce's and general fieldcraft required
for a challenging competition. The
competition is open to all cadet forces
in 7 Brigade's area (East of England
and East Midlands) to compete against
other ACFs and CCFs for the chance
to be crowned Best in the Brigade.
This training could not be completed
without the help, dedication and
experience of Cadet Force Adult
Volunteers (CFAVs) including
Watton's own Captain Paul Lincoln
(right) who after 26 years in the ACF
will be approaching retirement and we
will need enthusiastic, dedicated
people to join our ranks to continue
making a difference to the young
people of Norfolk.
Norfolk Army Cadets is looking for
new adult volunteers to help Captain
Lincoln and other Cadet Force Adult
Volunteers across the county. We have
detachments in towns and villages
across Norfolk including Watton,
Thetford, Swaffham and
Attleborough. There is no experience
neccesary and we will provide all
training that you require and more!
If you think you could help as an adult
volunteer, please contact us at
acf or find us on Facebook, Norfolk
Army Cadets.

The Watton Society

February Meeting
On the 19th February David Spain came to talk to us about his
career in photography. This ranged from film, fashion, travel,
National Trust, politicians, pop stars, royalty and much more.
David enthralled us with his always discrete but absolutely
delightful accounts of his life in photography. He brought many
photos for us to see and answered numerous questions. Thank you
David for a wonderful evening.
The Wayland News April 2020 Page 12

Watton Twinning Association

In February we had our annual Anniversary The new Chairman of the Weeze our other members socially please contact
Meal at the Golden Dog in Shipdham we Partnerschaft and his family will be me by telephone or e.mail below for a chat
had a lovely evening the food was excellent coming on their first visit to Watton, we and more information. Why not give it a go
as per last year. are still looking for a host family for you have nothing to lose and everything to
Our AGM will have been held before this them, they have a son and daughter and gain we are a small but very sociable club.
paper comes out where we will have made would dearly love to twin with a young Twinning membership is just £10 per year
decisions for events for the year ahead family in Watton or one of the for a family and £7 for a single adult. We
especially as our twinning friends from surrounding villages. Normally they hold 5 or 6 events a year some to just
Weeze will be visiting Watton in May. We arrive on a Friday evening and return to socialize together and others such as a
have planned a full schedule for this visit so Weeze on the Tuesday morning so it’s Cream Tea, Carnival, Fireworks Event,
hopefully especially if the weather is kind for four nights and three full days. Oktoberfest and Christmas Festive Market
to us we should all have a lovely time. Should you be interested in hosting a to raise funds for when our Weeze friends
As usual we shall be having our Cream family and joining in with the plans for the come to Watton, always a most enjoyable
Tea & Quiz Afternoon in July always a visit or if you know anyone who would be time whether you have guests staying with
firm favourite with our members. If you interested please let me know by ‘phone or you or just joining in.
are interested in coming along to this e.mail for more information. Tel:- 01953 883317 or
occasion you will be most welcome but If you are interested in joining us and
do contact me first on the number below making a link with a German family in Margaret Devine (Chair)
for catering purposes. Weeze or just becoming a member to meet

A Rare Opportunity Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Watton and Coming To Wayland Breckland Local
A Janet Clare Workshop Weekend
District U3A Drawing With Your Sewing Machine
The U3A is part of a national And Making Quilted Memories To February saw our AGM and a talk from
organisation with the aim of encouraging Cherish NWT’s Helen Baczkowski, “What Do
people in the ‘third age’ of life, meaning Many local people who enjoy textiles NWT Conservation Officers Actually
no longer in full time employment. We will remember Wayland Stitching for Do? This was well received as Helen
are a friendly group who like to learn Pleasure weekends which used to be gave us very comprehensive information
and live life to the full. We hold held locally. The idea has been on her and her colleagues’ work. They
monthly meetings with a speaker as well revisited with a trial textiles weekend. work on SSSIs, County Wildlife Sites
as running several activity groups. The Wayland Partnership is delighted and more recently Roadside Nature
Our speaker for February was Megan to have obtained noted textiles artist Reserves. These sites are surveyed and
Dennis who gave a very interesting talk and tutor Janet Clare to pass on her monitored and farmers and other
THE WAYLAND NEWS on the history of Gressenhall. Originally
opened in 1777 by Mitford & Launditch
skills. Janet will be teaching over two
days: the first day will be drawing with
landowners are given reports by the
conservation officers about the wildlife
PLEASE READ!!! Page space is allocated strictly on a first as a House of Industry. This was to your sewing machine; the second will that lives on their land and how to help to
come, first served basis. 12 Noon on the 15th of the provide employment and housing for the be using the skills learned on the first care for it.
month preceding publication is the last date and time poor of the area. It was used as a day to make quilted memories to They often work in partnership with
workhouse until 1948 when it became a cherish. It is possible that there may be bodies such as Natural England and
that copy will be CONSIDERED for inclusion. Arrival of Care Home. Various events are held at a few additional places on the first day advise on development schemes and help
your copy before deadline does not guarantee inclusion, Gressenhall throughout the year and for those not wishing to do the whole to plan green areas and mitigation sites.
if you wish to be certain your entry gets published, then there is a museum. weekend but Janet advises that it is not They are also involved in projects in
The speaker for March, David Dent, was possible to attempt the second day Churchyards and the Norfolk Ponds
please make sure it arrives in plenty of time otherwise project to reinstate some of our
to be giving a talk entitled ‘From without the first.
you may still be disappointed. Medicine to Mauritius – Life with The workshops will take place on overgrown or filled in ponds.
You can contact Julian by ringing (01953) 858908. Microbes’, but he has suggested that in Saturday November 14th and Sunday On Wednesday 8th April at 7.30pm-
The e-mail address is now: view of his knowledge of microbes and November 15th 2020 at Thompson 9.30pm in Watton Christian Community
Views expressed in articles in The Wayland News are those of the the present situation with regard to Community Hall. Booking is Centre, High Street, Watton. IP25 6AB
contributors and not the views of the publisher or printers. coronavirus, he postpone his talk to a absolutely essential in order for us to there will be a talk by John Ford from
While every care and effort has been taken to ensure accuracy, later date. be sure the weekend can go ahead and The Adrian Bell Society. Cost is £2
the publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions. We have also decided to postpone the to avoid disappointment. The fee for members, £3 Non-members including
This issue of the The Wayland News was published by: AGM which was due to be held in April. the weekend is £130. Full payment in refreshments.
Julian Horn, 32 High Street, Watton IP25 6AE All present members will be contacted advance will be required. Booking In May we are planning an evening walk
and printed by: regarding renewal of membership and forms giving terms and conditions can at Wretham Heath to hear Nightjars and
ongoing meetings. If you would like any be obtained from Wayland House or see what other wildlife is around. More
Sharman & Company Ltd, Newark Road further information, please contact our email or details can be found by contacting us at
Peterborough PE1 5TD. Phone: 01733 424 949 Chairman, Anita Taylor, on
01953 881110.