Perceptions of the LPU Nursing Students on Premarital Sex Involvement College life is a challenging and exciting part of being

a student. According to the Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Project of the University of the Philippines Population Institute, reported that the average for the first sexual intercourse for both men and women is 18 years, 15.4% of women aged 15-24 engaged in premarital sex, 23% of women ages 15-24 are sexually active, and that more than half of these said that their first sexual intercourse was either unplanned and/or unwanted, with 4% said that they were forced to have sex. Also, 40% of sexually active women aged 15-19 did not use any contraceptive method during the first sexual intercourse. According to a study by the Department of Health in 1999, 20% of Filipino women by age 19 are married and/or with children. The national demographic health surveys in 1998 found that 30% of married women are 15-24 years old and that Filipino women aged 15-19 have the lowest prevalence of contraceptive use and that by age 19, 21% of them have given birth or are pregnant. Premarital sex, other term for fornication, is an unlawful sexual intercourse between a man and a woman who are not married to each other ( The sexual revolution has ushered in a period of where the average adolescent faces tremendous pressures to have sexual experiences of all kinds. Today, Pinoy teens get a higher exposure to sex from the Internet, magazines, TV shows, movies, and other media than decades ago, yet without any corresponding increase of information on how to handle the input. In our society, having sex outside marriage or before marriage is not acceptable especially that we are a Christian country where the sanctity of marriage is considered sacred be it civil or church wedding. But still, a lot of people, particularly the young ones, were tempted to commit this act, discrediting the belief that sex is only for married couple and virginity is the gift one can give to her husband on the night of their wedding (Eisenberg et. al., 2009). Because teenagers nowadays are very curious about sex, the researchers want to conduct this study as their number one concern. The Nursing students have the knowledge about sex and its consequences but most of them are the ones who engage into premarital sex. They are aware of the different methods to protect themselves against pregnancy that’s why they aren’t afraid to try this. They thought they could protect themselves not knowing that this could ruin their life once faced the consequences. Filipino teens have higher exposure to sex from television, movies, magazines, and most importantly, the Internet. They learn these things, yet they don’t know how to handle things and they are left to their peer for options. The researchers think that this could benefit most of the college students specifically the Nursing students. Objectives of the Study

1.1) physiological and 2.2) psychological 3) Propose measures that may divert their attention to more acceptable activities.2) gender. Literature of Objective 1 Literature of Objective 2 Literature of Objective 3 Conceptual Framework Demographic Profile Age Gender Year level Religion Physiological and Psychological Factors Peer Groups Premarital Sex Family Mass Media Physiologic changes occurring in the body associated by adolescence Figure 1. it aims to: 1) Identify the demographic profile of the participants in terms of 1. Specifically.This study was conducted to determine the factors that influence LPU Nursing students who engage in premarital sex. . 1. The arrows of the demographic profile and the physiological and psychological factors point to the premarital sex because these affect the teens in involving themselves to fornication. 1.3) year level.1) age.4) and religion 2) Determine the factors that lead LPU Nursing students to premarital sex involvement in terms of 2. The Relationship of the Factors to Premarital Sex The diagram above shows the relationship of the different factors that add up to the involvement of teenagers in premarital sex.

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