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How to get a

Name Change in Kentucky

Fill out the form linked here and print two copies. Must be
typed, not handwritten.
(Don’t sign them yet)

Take both completed forms to a notary.
If you don’t know a Notary you can take it to the UPS store and get it done
for $20 ($10 per form)

Bring the following to the Circuit Court
(Probate Dept. in Jefferson and Fayette County).
• Both copies of your notarized Name Change Form

• An $8 check made out to the Circuit Court

• $43.00 for the Court Filing fee + $5 for each Certified Copy + $0.50
for each Attested Copy, these can be paid by debit/credit/cash/check/
money order. (Would recommend getting 3-4 Certified and 2-3 Attested)

Next a Circuit Court judge will review your name change

In Jefferson County, you are not required to go in front of a judge in order to

have your name changed, but in some counties you may. If you have to go
in front of a judge, you’ll be given a date and time when you drop off your
When you arrive on your court date, the judge will ask you
some questions to confirm your information and then give
you a decision.
If you want more information on how this process works in your county,
you can call your circuit court or email us at and we
can call and ask for you.

Once you have the copies of your name change order,
you’ll want to take a certified copy, along with your current
social security card, and your state issued ID to your local
Social Security Office.
They’ll update your name in their system and send you your new Social
Security card via mail.

24 hours after you have updated your name with the SSA
you can get an updated drivers license by bringing your
current license and a copy of your name change order
(certified or attested) to your local drivers license branch.

The cost will be $12 unless you are within 6 months of your expiration date,
if you are it’ll be $20.

Contact us if you have any questions or need support.