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aa] ‘SECRETARY OF STATE For Filing Administrative LNG oATA Regulations Fon EMERGENCY REGUCATIONS ONLY ‘eoy-Dopartment of Publle ‘Safety, Division of Emergency Management Ctessieaton: [_] proPoseo pore ay acency LX Jemercency Bie description of acto... Emergency amendment of NAC 444 De i ta t te fr est Lush nd ses the Sate unde he Oars Hach 18.202, ‘szental dung the COVID-19 Padme. ‘ety clon lhe an 2538, NES 414.00; NAS 414.07, Declotn of Energeey, Dect O09, Mach 20, 2020| Notes date March 20,2020 Date of Adoption by Agency. March 20,2020 eating dato Notoractonble eye iota Geonge Toph argent Bicear “Goremoe Nevada Dep; Public Safety gis DEDICATION PRIDE SERVICE er Division of Emergency Management beg Homeland Secutity ‘gar tn ac 6.00. | ‘nota dine STATEMENT OF EMERGENCY ‘Pursue to NAS 41406030} NRS 414.0707; Declaration of Bergency, Diresive 003, March 20,2020 Marc 20,2020 ‘The Hosonble Steve Sac Governor of ie Sine of Nome esti Chambers 101 N, Caron Ste, Ste ‘Cason City, Nevada 89701 RE mrgeny Reston Consmning COVID-19Pandenio ear Gover Siselat, ‘The coutinned operon of non-essential bsaesss I imparing he Sat’ bly to proven! he {ahr tansmstion of COVID-19 an ives ar at sake. The Deparenent of Public Sut, Divison of Emergency Manapemeat aadctemined tht neds needed fran cersnay euiion doing soul and non-essential siese, orwell a, prunes fo ese businesea const sigs (his Sats under your March 2,202, Dadaraoa of Bergen aed rested ition ‘Thyoagh teens! emergency regulon, basins, 8 wll stand local govenmeas, wl tave the ince to dsemine which busines ar seal and which are non eseta. Fue, outlines wlliveetear econ onthe expatatos fr tn ail to coatna proving gods ‘nd eves to oar comsvnies rng the existe ofthe COVID-19 pends. “This enegenyrepcion sees ad our immed enforces que DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY 1. A eleat and concise explanation ofthe need fr he sdoptedrepulation as requzad by NRS 2338 Os6(1( ‘he continued operation of ron-ssetlalbsinsse i impairing the State's aii to prevent ‘he further ranemisin of COPID-19 throughout the State. The Department of Publi Safety. Division of Emergency Management haw determined that am immediate ned exist far an ‘emergency regulation defining exrental and non-essenalbusiesses, as well a, paramctrs er essential usinezeso conduct business ths State wader the Gavernor's March 12,2020, Declaration of Emergency and related directives. Trough the enclosed emergency regulation, ‘busincres, ar well os state and local governments, vl have the guldanes to determine which Dusinesee are evento and-which are nonessential, Further essential businesses il have clear direction on te expectations fr thar abit fo continue providing goods and services {to our communtiies during the eiience ofthe COMID Paden. 2, The estimated coonomie fet of he rgulton on the business which itis to regulate and on th pubio as required by NRS 2338.056(}). ‘Bosines: “mediate and longserm efits are to protect publi health ad safety. Asa rest of his regulation, business may be deemed nonessential businesses during the COMID9 Pandente. Depending on whether a business 18 deamed essetlal or nonessential, ‘nuineser may be reuird to ooase operations or mf thir operations fo prevent the continued spread of COMID-19 thoughout the State, if ordered to do so through the Governor's March 12 220, Declaration of Emergency and related dvectives, Public: Inmedite and long-erm effect ts to protect publ health and safe. Te regulation is tallred to perm exndal businesses fo continue 10 safety provide essential goods and ‘serves tour commis during the COVID-19 Pandan. 2. "The-estinated corto fh agency or enoroenseat of he proposed regulation as required by (RB 233.0660. Not applicable, 4, A deseiion of say epuations ofecber sate or government agencies which the proposed ‘egulaon overlaps cr duplicates and 1 stitement explaining why the duplication or ‘overlapping i necessary Ifthe regulation ovlap r duplicates federal reglation ame the ‘egulating federal agenoy a requited by NRS 2333.066(1)6) CB FileNo. Taformaton Statement pr NRS 233B,.066 Page 2 of2 Not applicable. 5, {Ee regulation icles provisions which ae more stringent than federl gulton which agua the eae avity evounary of sch provisions ax required by NRS 2338.066(1)(). ‘Not appleable 6. Ite regulation establishes anew fe o ineresses an existing fo, a statement indating the ‘ofa snmual amount th agency expects to collect and tho manner in which the money willbe ‘wed as roqured by NRS 233B.064(1)(9. Not applicable ate this 208 day of Mar, 2020 EMERGENCY REGULATION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY DIVISION OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT March 20,2020 [EXPLANATION — Matter in tlic i new; matte in brackets [ossited material] is material to be omitted, Filing of an Emergency Administrative Regulation AUTHORITY: NRS 414.060; NRS 414.070; Declaration of Emergency, Directive 03, March 20, 2020 A REGULATION relatingto the Govemot’s March 12, 2020, Declaration of Emergency and swlated directives Explanation: "Duc tothe rent COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor, through the March 12, 2020 Declaration. of Emergency and related ditetives, has ondered non-essential businesses fo cease operations and has ondered essential businesses to follow additional guidelines to reduce the likelihood of transmitting ‘COVID-19. This regulation vill provide clarity as to which businesses are considered essential and ‘which are considered non-essential during the existing COVID-19 pandemic. Further, essential ‘busineses will have lear dzetion on operational expectations while continuing to provide goods ‘and services to Nevada communities. Section 1. Chapler 414 of tie NAC is hereby amended by adding thereto a new section fo read as follows: [NAC 4I4XXX Bushuesses During Tues of Declared Emergency (NRS 414,060, 414.070) 1. “Essential Licensed Business” means a busines operating inthe state of Nevada that provides: (@ Essential healthcare operations, including, hospitals, medial offices, lines, healthcare suppliers, home healthcare providers, mental health providers dents, orthodontists, coral surgeons, physical or occupational therapists, speech therapists and pathologists, chiropractors, licensed homeapathic medical providers, biomedical facilites, non-governmental Bnegeny Regulation fhe Deparment of Peblic Sul, Divison of Bmagaaey Managamaet emergency service providers, optometrist and ophthalmologist offices, afces for certified mire idvives, veterinary series, and pharmaceuicals; (0) Essential intasructae operations, incluiingconsrucion, agricul, farming, Iousing construction, airport operations, water, sewer, gas, electrical, mining, public transportation, slid waste collection and removal, recycling services, ener, incluling solar, Internet, felecommunicatio services, manufacturing, and food processing: (©) Grocery stares, eluding, supermarkets food banks, fod panties, soup Kitchens, convenience stores, farm and produce stands, and other real sale of armed and cry goods, fresh rodice, frozen foods, fest meas, fish, and put: (@ Retailers that sel.o0d items another household consumer produts for eleaning and personal care fo promote sey, sanitation and essential operations of households: (6) Businesses that sip or deliver goods directly to residences; (@) Businesses that sll or ret medical supplies; (1) Licensed Cannabs entities, neludg dspenseres producers and eultvators; Pet supply stores; © Animal shelters; (@) Banks and Financl Instron; © Pavsnbrokers as defined in NRS 646.010; (0m Restaurants and eo establishments tha ofr meals ona take-out, curbside pickup, elves, or drive-through ass only ane food dtrbution pollo provide meal to students; (0) Businesses amd ote entities that provide foo, shelter, or social services for economically disadvantaged ndvidval, vulnerable popuations, or ictins af rime; (0) Hardware Stores, cluding home improvement centers; () Auto-supply, autonobile repair focilites, and tire shops; 2 ey Repulation of he Department of Plc Sin, Dion of tnereny Magnet (@ Laundromats and Dry Cleaners; (6) Warehouse and Storage facies; 6) Transportation services, including taxieabs and rideshare services; (@ Mail and shipping services, including PO Boses; () Business that supply produets necessary for people ro work from home on a curkside _lchup or delivery 0 consumer basts ony: (0) Phunbers, elecineians,exterminatrs, home security and other service providers who ‘Provide services necessary o maintain the safety, sanitation, an essential operations of ‘residences or businesses: (1) Professional or technical services including legal, accounting, ax, payroll, rea esta, and property management services; (69) Childcare facilites; (@) Residential facies and shelters fr seniors, adults, and children, including retirement homes and assisted living fites; () Newspapers, television, radi, and other media services: (2a) Hotels, mote, or short-term rentals, RY Parks, campgrounds, dormitories, and conimercialTodging: and (66) Gas Stations, with or without atached comventence store. 2. "Non Ewen Bustess” means a business operating in Nevada that provides: (e) Recreational ates, including, bu not Inte, reretin and community centers, sporting event ves, ness fells, gyms, luBhouses, racetracks, 2008, aguariuns, golfand country elubhouses not ined gol aces ouside clubhouse setings, bowling centers, ‘cinemas and movie theaters, ding felts, theme parks, and amusement parks; ‘Bneraney Repaaton of te Docent of Plc ‘Sify, Division of Bmesency Management (©) Brothels and houses of prostituion; (6) Live entertainment venues, including teoers and adult entertainment establishments; (@ Reta faces hat are nor specified in Section Ia essential Businesses and are sable to ell goods trough shipping or dec delivery consumers; (6) Restaurant services providing in-house dining ony: © Nihachbs; (e) Pubs, wineries, bars, and breveries; (2) Gaming machines and gaming operations: (Aesthetic serees and schools of aesthetics services, including, hairdressing, ‘arbering cosmetology services, ai salons tanning and ar brush salon, massage (nt provided 2nyaplysicaltheropa), waving, det and weightloss centers, and other cosmete services © Spe; Sporting good ard hobby shops: and Museums ander galleries. 3. All Essential License businesses mast: @) Conply with sock distancing guidance issued bythe Centers for Disease Contr! and Prevention document ented “Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities sith Local COVID-19 Transmission," the Governor's Medical Advisory Team, a Governor's Directive, any other Nevada state regulatory agency or board: and () Cease operating end shutdown ail gaming machines, devices ables, games, and any ‘equipment related to gaming activity, excluding licensed online gaming or mobile wagering operations; and (©) Cease ai door-to-toarsolctation, even Ifthe good or service offered for sale is aS nergy Regulation ofthe Depa of Plc Sufi Divison of Emegency Management considered esental, excluding the deliver ofa good or service that has been ordered bya resident or business; and (@ Incadtton tote general requirement described in 3a), (8), & (specific Essential Businesses described in NAC 414.XXX(1) must comply withthe following adtional requirements: () Essential Businesses described in NAC 414.XXX(1)(8) mus: © Maincain strict soca distancing practices to fecitate a minimum of sx feet of separation benvsen workers and adopt polices and practices thot ensure minimum contact between the workfrce and the general publi. Socal distancing restrictions shall not be construed to supersede any safety practices imposed onthe ndsry by state or federal lov. (1) Altapplicable COVID-19 risk mitigation polietes and any precautionary measures an guidance that shall be promulgated by Nevada Department of Business and Indusry and any other state regulatory body, (2) Essential bucinesses described in NAC AI4XXX(I)(o) must adopt COVID-19 risk mitigation policies, including whenever posible adopting contactless payment systems; requiring food workers sively abide bya applicable hygiene guidelines including handwashing and love regivements;fllowing United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention {aniniaton reconmendatos, etdingdinfeting surfaces routinely ana requent intervals; and prohibiting self-serve fond and beverage, such as condiments and samples. Contactess ‘pepment systems are credit cards and debt cards, ey fobs, smart cards or other devices, Including smartphones and ether mobile devices hat wse rao-frequency identification (RFID) or near fed communication (NFC, eg. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, FUbit Pay, or any bani mobile application that supports contactess) fr making secure payments, as oppased tothe iret transfer of cash between buyer end seller. ce Emerge Repaition of te Doprment of Pele Silay, Divison of Heegeney Manga (8) Esse business described in NAC AT4XXX)() mst eso ha renal medical cauipment and supplies ar cleaned nd sanitized tn accordance with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saitzaion recommendations (& Essential businesses desribed in NAC 414.XXX(1}) mt: (Ensure sales to consumers are by direct delivery under guidance thot shall be issued by the Department of Taxation in conjunetion withthe Cannabis Compliance Board (€)—Snsure that producers and cultivator strictly adhere tothe octal dstancing protocol (6) Bsvental businesses descrlbed in NAC 4T4.XXX(A}(m) must adopt COVID-19 risk mitigation policies, including whenever possible adopting contactless payment systems; requiring food workers to srcly able by all applicable hygene guidelines including handwashing and love requirement; fllowing United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention santtication recommendations, including disinfecting surfaces routinely and at frequen intervals; ana prohibiting self-serve fond and beverage, ncuding as condiments shared benveen umelated ‘eustomers and samples not cstributed by a food worker. Contactless payment systems are credit cards and debit cards, key fas, smart cards, or other devices, including smartphones and other ‘mobile devices, that use rad-fequency Mdertfction (REID) oF near eld communication (NFC, e.g Samsung Pay, Apple Pos, Google Pay, Ftbit Pay, or any Bank mobile application that supports contactless) for mating secure payments, as opposed fo the direct transfer af cash beneeen buper and eller. (6) Essent businesesdesribed in NAC 414 XXN(1)(s) may only serve one customer or group of customers that originate at the same address the same tne or are members ofthe same househeld. “Pooling” customers is prohibited we -Energeney Regulation af th Deparment of Plo Sale) Division of Emergency Management (7) Essential businesses described in NAC 414.XXX(1)(x) must conform to any further regulation and idles promulgated bythe Nevada Departmen of Hath ad man services. (6) Inaiktion the general requirement deserbedin (a), (0), (9) the flowing [Nan-Bssentl Basineses deserted Section 2 are subject tothe fllowing restrictions (2) 200s and aquarius, reference tn 2a), mst else tthe public bt may naan sen operations by staf members for the ath and safety of animale (2) Pubs, wineries, Sars, and breweries, as referenced in 2(g), may provide meals on a take-out, curbside pick, delivery, or bivethrongh asi: (8) Gaming machines and gaming operations, as referenced in 20), do not ncade online gaming or mobile wagering operations. a oergeney Regulation of he Deparment of Pale ‘Sul, Divbion of naruoey Management