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The American Cancer Society has 1 A.

delivering babies
announced a sweeping revision in the, cancer- 2 B. detecting cancer
detection tests. The new guidelines, intended 3 C. family planning
only or people who have no symptoms of cancer, 4 D. ..curing disease
or who arc not considered to heat high risk, are 5 E. birth control
designed to "deliver essentially the same health
benefit as previous society recommendations at 4. It is recommended that women ... every
greatly reduced cost, risk and inconvenience to three years.
the patient," says Dr. Saul B. Gusberg, president 1 A. over 20 should not be X-ray tested
of the society and gynecologist at Mount Sinai 2 B. under 50 should have colon-rectal test
School of Medicine in New York. 3 C. over 65 should have annual cancer test
The Society, for example, no longer 4 D. under 60 should have routine breast test
recommends an annual chest X-ray and sputum 5 E. over 20 should have their breasts tested
test for cigarette smokers and others who might
incur lung cancer. Thus far, these tests have not 5. Which statement is true according to the
been shown to increase a patient's chances of text?
surviving lung cancer, even though they may 1 A. Women over 50 are at high risk of cancer.
detect the disease in its early stages. The 2 B. The new guidelines are intended for
"annual" Pap smear is changed to "at least once healthy people.
every three years," after two initial negative tests 3 C. The physician advised all women to have
a year apart, for all women between 20 to 65 a routine check.
years old and for younger women who are 4 D. The American Cancer Society intended to
sexually active. It usually takes many years to build a hospital.
develop cervical cancer from pre-cancerous 5 E. Dr. Saul B. Gusberg has once, been
lesions. Thus, an annual test to detect hospitalized for cancer.
abnormalities of the cervix is not necessary for
most women. 6. "The new guidelines, intended only for
Other new recommendations include: a people." (Paragraph 1)
proctosigmoidoscopic examination for colon- The underlined word means ...
rectal cancer every there to five years for those 1 A. appointed
over 50; a breast examination every three years 2 B. supported
for women under 40; an annual mammogram for 3 C. detected
women over 50; a single "baseline" mammogram 4 D. selected
for women between 35 and 40 and as often as 5 E. meant
advised by a personal physician for those under
DKI Jakarta will hold a (7) ... of the Betawi
1. Paragraph 1 tells us about ... art presenting Ondel-ondel and Tanjidor at the
1 A. the benefit of the new cancer test opening ceremony of the Jakarta Fair on 4 June.
guidelines The city cultural office's chief, Azhari Baedlawi,
2 B. the people who are at high risk of cancer said Friday that 18 Betawi cultural (8) ... had
3 C. the new cancer detection test guidelines confirmed their (9) ... in the festival.
4 D. the school of Medicine in New York "We hope the festival will encourage them
5 E. the new symptoms of cancer to improve their (10) ..." Baedlawi said.
The troupes performances will be judged in
2. What is the topic of paragraph 2? a parade through the (11) ... in Kemayoran
1 A. The function of X-ray in detecting cancer. central Jakarta.
2 B. The necessity of regular detection test. Ondel-ondel is represented by a couple of
3 C. The recommendation to cigarette giant (12) … which usually perform for
smokers. individuals, companies or special events held by
4 D. The victims of various kinds of cancer. the municipality.
5 E. The ineffectiveness of cancer-tests.
7 A. fair
3. What is Dr. Saul B. Gusberg's expertise? 1 B. feast
Dr. Saul B. Gusberg is an expert who usually 2 C. fancy
deals with ...

Festy 1
3 D. party 1 A. designs
4 E. festival 2 B. sources
3 C. inventions
8 A. classes 4 D. equipment
1 B. troupes 5 E. development
2 C. numbers
3 D. companies 16. A leak in a nuclear power station endangers
4 E. divisions the lives of people living in its surroundings.
The underlined word means ...
9 A. exhibition 1 A. explosion
1 B. cooperation 2 B. power
2 C. information 3 C. source
3 D. expectation 4 D. crack
4 E. participation 5 E. spot

10 A. responsibilities, 17. "Ngaben", a cremation ceremony in Bull, is

1 B. performances one of the tourist ... in Indonesia.
2 C. appearances 1 A. attentions
3 D. experiences 2 B. intentions
4 E. activities 3 C. attractions
4 D. exhibitions
11 A. parks 5 E. invitations
1 B. fields
2 C. courts 18. Farmer : How can rice production be
3 D. grounds improved?
4 E. runways Field adviser : There are many ways; one of
them is by using fertilizer.
12 A. paintings The word 'fertilizer' means ...
B. puppets 1 A. better varieties of seeds
C. games 2 B. machines to cultivate soil
D. dolls 3 C. chemicals to kill plant pest
E. toys 4 D. materials for enriching land
5 E. system of regular irrigation
13. To attract readers, a reporter should provide
up to date articles for his newspaper. 19. "Here is today's ... report of Palu. It has a
The underlined words means ... Hue temperature of max 33oC, mm 24oC and
1 A. modern sunny."
2 B. earliest 1 A. climate
3 C. factual 2 B. weather
4 D. latest 3 C. forecast
5 E. good 4 D. situation
5 E. condition
14. Indonesia exports commodities such as oil
natural gas and tin. These commodities 20. Mr. Bill : Have you sent nil the spare-parts?
belong to the class of ... Marketing Manager : Yes, sir. I ... last Monday.
1 A. crops The distributor did it.
2 B. timber 1 A. send them
3 C. fabrics 2 B. had them sent
4 D. services 3 C. will send them
5 E. minerals, 4 D. have sent them
5 E. will get them send
15. In the era of high - technology solar energy
is used to power various devices used to 21. Mom : Oh dear! Didn't I tell you to tidy this
make life more comfortable. room?
The underlined word means ...

Festy 2
Ani : Mom! I couldn't do it alone. Fery promised 2 B. will I do
to help me but he went out. 3 C. would I do
In the dialogue Anto's mother wanted to know 4 D. am I doing
whether Anto ... the room. 5 E. am I going to do
1 A. was tidying
2 B. would tidy 27. Based on the recent successful harvest,
3 C. had tidied farmers conclude that plants ... to grow
4 D. will tidy better by fertilizers.
5 E. tidied 1 A. had been helped
2 B. were helped
22. Rusli : Why are you sneezing? 3 C. have helped
Sita : Fin allergic to smoke. 4 D. are helped
Rusli : Oh, ... for causing you such in 5 E. helped
1 A. would you mind 28. The International Monetary Fund was ... to
2 B. may I be excused regulate the global movement of money,
3 C. please, excuse me especially among developed industrialized
4 D. I am terribly sorry countries.
5 E. I beg you to apologize 1 A. set up
2 B. settled
23. Yuni : Hi, Lisa. I wish the earthquake had 3 C. prepared
not hurt your family at all. 4 D. installed
Lisa : Thanks, God, not a little bit. Luckily we 5 E. legalized
all could escape, except for my
neighbour who broke his leg. 29. The aim of growing one million trees in
Yuni :Oh ...! cities is not only for restoration but also
1 A. It's okay for ... pollution.
2 B. I hope so 1 A. had been absorbed
3 C. I don't care 2 B. absorbed
4 D. How lucky you are
5 E. I'm sorry to hear that
3 C. have absorbed
4 D. absorbs
24. Bobby : Will you go to the movie with me 5 E. absorbing
Henny : I'd Jove to but I don't think I can. 30. People like to go to that restaurant because
There's so much homework to do. of its quick service and..,
From the dialogue we know that Henny is ... A. friendly waiters
1 A. stating agreement B. their friendly waiters
2 B. giving an opinion C. the friendliness of waiters
3 C. accepting an offer D. the waiters being friendly
4 D. asking for permission E. the waiters who are friendly
5 E. refusing the invitation
31. I know Setiawan is an awfully loyal
employee and…
25. The team ... along the river-bank when they A. he works very hard
accidentally found a big cave. B. a person who works very hard
1 A. were walking C. he is a very hard working person
2 B. are walking D. a person working very hard
3 C. will walk E. a very hard worker
4 D. walked
5 E. walk 32. My mother likes growing orchids and…
antique jewelry.
26. My younger brother thinks that everybody A. collect
can become an astronaut. He often asks B. she collects
himself. "What ... if I were an astronaut?" C. collecting
1 A. do I do D. to collect

Festy 3
E. is collecting D. to demolish
E. are being demolished
33. Ecologist are trying to preserve our
environment for future generations by 40. How old is this mosque? ; Well, it…in 1870.
purifying the air and… A. built
A. forests are replanted B. to be built
B. have forests replanted C. was built
C. replant the forests D. had built
D. they replant the forests E. had been building
E. replanting forests
41. The hotel provides good facilities, still my
34. Customs influence….and how they prepare wife…
and serve the food. A. has enjoyed staying there
A. people eat that B. has her friends move to this hotel
B. people eat it C. has prolonged her stays there
C. what people eat D. has so much to complain about
D. that people eat E. has promoted its good service to others
E. people eating what
42. We are planning to open a new branch office
35. Because of heavy rain, the city…for several in Surabaya, ….the economic crisis forced
days. us to postpone it.
A. flooded A. and B. or C. so D. but E. for
B. is flooded
C. has been flooding 43. How were you doing in your exams? ; Not
D. was flooded very well, … I studied hard for it.
E. is flooding A. while C. whenever E. since
B. even though D. in spite of
36. Last night someone broke into our house;
Oh, dear!.....? 44. I told Tommy Tommy to take the recruiting
A. Did anything take test seriously, … he wouldn’t be accepted
B. Was anything taken A. but C. otherwise E. and
C. Anything to be taken B. for D. and
D. Anything take
E. Was anything being taken 45. Vera has been promoted a top position in her
company, although…
37. The picture is not here anymore, it must A. she has master degree in business
have… B. she is relatively new in the company
A. been taken away C. she has proved herself to be a good manager
B. been taking away D. she has many years of experience
C. took away E. she seems to have much self-confidence
D. taken away
E. being taken away

38. Which paintings will exhibit tomorrow? ;

We don’t know yet, they …by a team.
A. are still being selected
B. are still selecting
C. still be selected
D. still selected
E. still selecting

39. Why do those people panic? ; Their semi-

permanent houses….
A. demolished
B. to be demolished
C. are demolishing

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