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I, Fatema Dagri S. the student of S.Y.B.B.A hereby declare that the project work presented in this report is my own work and was carried out under the supervision and with full co-operation of Prof. Charmi Badani & guidance of our college, Rajkot. Here I am sure about this is my own work and it has not been presented to any other university or similar institute for the examination purpose.

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PREFACE World is widening up and we one not confined to just one place. it is very necessary to be well aware of the practical functioning of any of the aspect. trade. 8 . commerce or information technology. The practical visit of industry is an essential feature of business studies the current rapidly changing business. so that the student can move over to the professional life with ease and familiarity.B. Each and every object requires a practical knowledge.A. A common question asked to the student of B. Demands for the dynamic entrepreneur and personnel. and all have to a part with the rest of the world to make it complete. This has provided to be can ideal experience. The visit to the industry will enable the students to gain knowledge about organizational environment problems and various measures. Here. In the present year of globalization and liberalization. whether it an industry. the project report undertaken is on CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS PVT. is reason of choice of the faculty this is because B.A is the bridge between the world of education of commerce & management and the world of practice.B. LTD.

I am thankful to professor Charmi Badani for giving me complete guidance and encouragement with flavoring of excitement and curiosity for the preparation of this industrial study report.. one can over achieve without the help of friendly guidance and co-operation of so many people involved in that work. M.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT No serious and lasting achievement of success. Kailesh movaliya who let me visit at his organization. Ltd. Date: Place: Rajkot 9 . Padhiyar who gave me opportunity to visit CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS Pvt. I am thankful to Mr. K. First of all I am thankful to our principal Mr.

INDEX 1) General information 2) Organization structure 3) Production department 4) Personnel department 5) Marketing department 6) Finance department 7) Future plan 8) Remarks 9) Conclusion 10) Bibliography 10 .


1) Introduction 2) History of tractors 3) Achievements 4) Affiliates 5) Company Profile 6) Organization Chart 7) Size of Unit 8) Location of the unit 9) Network of the company 12 .

big reasons. Small beginning.INTRODUCTION “A journey of thousands miles begins with only one step”. This is the story of how CAPTAIN does it. with brand name CAPTAIN. Success is the thing which can not be achieved easily. Bharat Stage III and our product approval by central farm machinery training & testing institute-BUDNI. We here by take opportunity to introduce our selves as one of the ISO 9001-2000 certified. passion. They try to expand their production and developed the new product. great ambitions. Captain Mini Tractor’s industries in the year 1994 to manufacture new mini tractors. with all these factors. leading mini Tractor manufacturing company in India. they started to manufacture the tractor to know the limitation of the farmer. We invite you to reveal in our adventure. & through determination. They manufacture the tractor on the bases of the requirement of the farmer. To achieve the success hard work is require. ARAI certificates and registration approval from various state transport commissioners. Along with hard work it require the time. For More detail of our Company & our Product you can visit our WWW. Captain tractors . We have completed all required formalities like RTO approval.Com 13 . NABARD approval.

resources and dream which they saw materialized in the shape of “ Captain DI 2600 Mini Tractor”. G.T. knowledge. Obsessed with the determination to bring farm mechanization within the reach of small & medium farmer.Patel of Rajkot. The founders sensed the need of small & medium farmers for farm mechanization and the difficulty faced by them in owning a Regular Tractor.” The company has some its own unique features.first Mini Tractor in India 1998.M.T. but those who never quit.Patel and M. skill. who could not otherwise own a Tractor. the duo put in their all the efforts.HISTORY OF TRACTOR Captain Tractors Pvt Ltd. Ltd. “Winners are not those who never fails. Previously known as Asha Exim Pvt. as established in 1994 by the visionary farmer brothers Mr. 14 .

Captain mini tractor gets recently and award in the research and development of the company in all over India and award was given by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Its shows the great achievement and the highly active & development of the company. The following are the certificate which company receives in their development. NABARD Approval for Bank finance in 2002. ARAI approved for Stage II & ARAI Stage III in 2006. Man Mohan Singh. 15 . The company gets many achievements in the different activity of the company during his history. Government of India for Tractor under Subsidy. included in the list of Ministry of Agri.ACHIEVEMENTS Captain Di 2600 Mini Tractor has since then not looked back & went on achieving the important milestone. Not only in India but it has started in marketing operation in African country. viz CMFTTI – Budni test report in 2001. ISO 9001-2000 in 2006.

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 GUJARAT  MAHARASHTRA  CHHATTISGADH  ORISSA  BIHAR  WESTBANGLE  KARNATAKA  MADHYA PRADESH 20 . Kailesh movaliya : : : : : 2 lakes Since 1994 95 Large Scale Wednesday 21 . Gujrat (India) Telephone Fax E-mail Web Managing Director Initial Investment Year of Establishment No. Padavla Road.COMPANIES PROFILE Name Address : : Captain Mini Tractors Veraval (Shapar).com www. of Employee Scale of industry Weekly off : : : : : 0281-2228216 02827-252547 info@captaintactors.

Public sector includes the units owned and managed by the government. 22 . we decide the ownership into three categories. company etc. Sole proprietorship. for example government department. Join sector includes the unit with the co-ownership of the private individuals and government both. partnership. The captain tractors. statutory corporation etc. It includes Joint Stock Company & cooperative society.FORMS OF THE ORGANISATION Government of India has own standard for measuring has own size of the unit. Private Sector Public Sector Join Sector Private sector includes the unit with the private or collective of the people. By form of organization. for example. Government Company. is the private sector units.

ORGANISATION CHART CHAIRMAN Marketing Department Admistrative & Finance Department Production Department Research & Development Services after sales Managing Director Finance Director Production Director R&D Director Service Manager General Marketing Director Senior Accountant Production Head Design Mechanic Engine Service Area General Manager Mark Assistant Accurent Production Engine Demo Driver Mechanic Service Sales Executive Clerk Fitter Helper Salesman Peon Helper 23 .

Ltd falls under the category of large scale industries as it was started with the initial investment of Rs. 1) 2) 3) Small scale industries Medium scale industries Large Scale industries Size:There are some measurements to decide the organization. 3 crore and up to 100 crore is known as medium scale industries. ii) Medium scale industries That industry whose capital investment is more than Rs. iii) Large scale industries That industry whose capital investment is more than 100crore is known as large scale industry. • Tiny Industries That unit whose capital investment is less than Rs. i) Small scale industries Small scale industries are those units whose capital investment on plant and machinery is up to 3 crore. 24 .SIZE OF UNIT On the basis of size industries can be classified in to three categories. Captain Mini Tractors Pvt. 25 lacks is known as tiny industries. The size of the organization depends on total investment of the organization. more than 200crore.

The factors hold an important position in the selection of the location. This is the very important decision is taken by entrepreneur. Factors affected to the location of the unit are as below. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Easy available of raw material Cheap labors Transport Suitable nature & environment Electrical supply Suitable land As well as the above factors are considered Captain Mini Tractors Pvt. having an ideal location which allows the least cost in production & products. 25 . Ltd. The location of the firm should be chosen after considering several factors.LOCATION OF UNIT Location plays vital role for every industry.


Veraval (Shaper) East.Captain Tractors Pvt.India Phone : +91 2827 252547. 253917 Fax: +91 2827 253916 Shapar NETWORK OF THE COMP Kotda sangani Rajk ot 27 . Padaval Road. Dist: Rajkot Gujarat . Ltd. Toluca : Kotda Sangani.

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PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Introduction Departmental Chart Raw Material Manufacturing Process Main Product Store Room Product Range Quality Control Research & Development 29 .

The raw materials are process here through stages and production resulting into the final production. That is why generally. Since production manager should have both the technical and managerial qualifications and skills. --Philip Kotlar Production management involves planning organization. “The conversions materials into finished products with the help of certain process”. Captain believes in quality control and innovation so production department have to be concentrate by them. directing and controlling the activities related to the production function. The individual who is given the responsibity to manage the production function is designated as production manager. technical personnel with managerial skills are appointed as production managers. Captain every time tries to make its production department more powerful.INTRODUCTION Production department is of the most important parts of the company manufacturing department is that department which is engaged in conversation of production of raw-material for all the products analyzing and separation different from the same material maybe manufacture many types of products. 30 . In captain production is the heart of the company.

DEPARTMENTAL CHART Manufacturing Department Manager Manufacturing Supervisor Workers 31 .

RAW MATERIAL Raw materials are the main gate for entering production process. 32 . This it is an essential part of any manufacturing unit. It is essential intergradient of manufacturing products quality of any finished goods be also decided by the quality of their raw material. The primary necessity of any company beings with the purchase of raw materials.

which are to be modified to make a final product. cultivator. it drives from engine through ‘V’ belt.00 x (4 ply rating) To attach different types of machine like plough. It also provided transport lock. The raw. are called as Raw Materials.5 liters min.The materials. harrow with provision for lifting lowering implementing. 2) 3) Radius Three leakage tyres Front: 5. which are used in the production activity.20 x 14 (8 ply rating) Rear: 8. 33 . Its output capacity of hydraulic pump is 17. 1) Hydraulic system Hydraulic system is used to operate three point linkages and upload trailer material. materials are processed in the factory premises and they are given the shape of final products.

Then the material required for these components is defined like base is to make with different types of small machine. 34 . It is the process of creation of utilities and also covers the activities of procurement. allocation and utilization of human and non-human resources hence the process are as follows: Initially the machine is designed and drawings for each component are created. ↓ Final inspection and testing ↓ Painting and preparation ↓ Dispatch/stock Process maybe defined as the organized datively of transforming raw materials into finished products.MANUFACTURING PROCESS Raw Material ↓ Raw material inspection ↓ Casting produce by cupola ↓ Machining of item ↓ Inward Indirection ↓ Assembly of Product and in process inspection.

Some parts are made by the firm itself & some are purchase readymade from the outside. There are mainly the following things are taken into considered at the time of production 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Engine Specification Transmission Hydraulic system Tires specification Electric system 1) Engine Specification  Make : field marshal 35 .Tractor is made with more than 24 components and all components are designed individually to fit with each other to make a single tractor. Thus the tractor manufacturing is basically an art of manufacturing.

 Model : fh-785  Type : four stroke.5hp  Bore stroke : 85/110mm  Capacity : 625cc  Engine rated speed : 2600rpm  Cooling system : air-cooled  Air cleaner : oil bath air cleaner with pre cleaner length 30. one reverse  Foot brakes: Internal expanding shoe type mechanical brakes. friction plate  Gear Box: Four forward.  Parking Brakes: Pawl & Atchet type locking arrangement. direct injection  Horse power : 9.85 meters 36 .3” 2) Transmission  Clutch: Dry.  Steering: Mechanical worm and peg type  Minimum Turning: With brakes: 2.

 Drive .17. and harrow with provision for lifting and lowering implements.5 liters min.from engine through `V` belt. cultivator.00 x 18 (4 ply rating) Front: 5. 3) Hydraulic system  To operate three points linkage & upload trailer material. Radius: Without brakes: 3. 5) Electric System 37 .85 meters.  Output of hydraulic pump .20 x 14 (8 ply rating) Three Point Linkage: To attach various implements like plough.  Transport lock provided 4) Tires Specification Rear: 8.

12V. parking light. 12V 40 A alternator. push button horn. 38 . head lamps. hazard light. plough light. solenoid operated self starter. 70 AH battery. head light/dipper indicator. brake light. RPM cum hour meter. oil temp meter. horn. turning light. battery-charging signal.

A working test of this tractor is done and if any fault found. it gets “OK” and thus the tractor is ready to dispatch.TESTING Once the tractor are completely assembled and fitted. it is ready for working test. READY TO DISPATCH Once the machine is tests and if it passes successfully through its test. it is immediately eliminated. 39 .

MAIN PRODUCT Generally. According to the different requirement of the farmer. the main product of the company is a mini tractor but on they produce different variety of mini tractor &individual have some unique features. Their products range: Includes: 40 .

(Adjustable) Pump : H.: 1 ltr. :550 ltrs.16 Tank cap./hrs (Approx) Area covered : 0.P.75 Acre hour (Approx) Nozzle : 6 Nos. Diesel Cons.Pump 41 .T.APPLICATION DETAILS Length : 78” Width : 48” Height : 54” Tyre size : 600.

The part of the tractor which are semi finished they are put in the store room they use LIFO method for the inventory. other different parts of the tractor.MATERIAL & STORES DEPARTMENT Different tools and equipments are stated on store room like engine of the tractor. for repairs they come store room. The store department is too big so it is a challenge task for that. If any problems in any tool. So. it means (Last in first out). After repairs tools resubmitted to the factory. There is a total 2400 parts of the different machine are required to make one tractor. 42 . the firm have to very much concentrate on the material & store department.

Captain have special department for quality control of the product. Captain aim for continuous improvement of quality and productivity to provide maximum consumer satisfaction.QUALITY CONTROL Maintenance of quality is very important for all. The world class quality equipments and trained mans power are the valuable assets for Captain The Captain has computerized machines and the team of expert supervisors. 43 .

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT M. plough Thresher Centrifugal Pump Loader Puddling Automatic Seed cum Fertilizer Drill • Pure R&D 44 . b.

yield and in general to continuously improve quality and value addition.Undertaken for its own sake. Recently. This mainly contributes to him Captain. it shows the development of the company. This area is based purely on the interest and passion of the promoters and their senior technical personnel. So. the captain get an two award on “Research & Development” on the year August 2008 in all over India 7 it was given by our Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh. 45 . • Applied R&D Is pursued to enhance process efficiency.

46 .

INDEX 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Introduction Departmental chart Recruitment Selection Training & Development Benefits & services Time keeping system Wages & Salary Personnel Records Transfer & Promotion 47 .

Thus the science which deals with the problems of development of lab ours force in all aspect that is economical social and political may be called personal management. MAN WILL MIND EVERYTHING FOR YOU” Personnel department includes forecasting. Staffing function of personnel department includes recruitment. The Man is the most important factor controlling and co-ordination all the other factor of production like land. development wages and salary and trade unions. promotion and transfer. and entrepreneur. selection & trainings. training and transfer. The company co-ordination then and to get the maximum out put at minimum cost. The main objective is to attain maximum development of workers and relationship between employer and employees. personnel department covers all the function related with personal like requirement. well fare activities etc.INTRODUCTION “MIND YOUR MAN. training and development. capital. 48 . welfare activities. wages and other incentive system. developing implementing And controlling by which a firm ensures that it has the right place. In the CAPTAIN MINI TRACTRS. it can be said that personnel department translates the organizational objectives and plans in to number and kind of personnel needed to achieve those objectives. Thus. at the right time doing things for which they are economically most suitable. selection.

R.DEPARTMENTAL CHART H. Department H. Officers Clerk 49 .R.

e.RECRUITMENT Recruitment means fill up the post with eligible person i. The management also informs the general public by advertisement and candidates may apply voluntarily. For this purchase the respective head of the department informs the upper levels that a vacancy is created. right man for right job qualification. After The function of recruitment is to rotate source of workers to meet job recruitment and satisfactions. “Recruitment is the precess to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient work force.” __YODER In this company recruitment is done as per the requirement. E 50 . right numbers at right time.

This opportunity of participation the recruitment of co-workers will help to boost their morale.RECRUITMENT SOURCES Captain mini tractors Pvt. 51 . c) Friends and Relatives of Employees: Recruitment can be made by getting application from relatives. Such promotions of employee will boost their morale and loyalty. b) Promotions: Any employee having the same qualification sand skill required at the higher position can be promoted to the same. Ltd. 1) 2) Internal External 1) a)Transfer: - INTERNAL SOURCES The death of personnel can be rectified by transferring an employee of one department. friends of employees. has near about 95 workers at present the company does both sources of recruitment. depending on the work-load of the respective and the concerned department.

they provide the same to the business. provide specialized. provide personnel to business 52 . This method is suitable for the speedy recruitment in a short time. retrenched for want of work can also be recalled as and when necessary. colleges and universities. Being in constant contact with workers. The enterprises can now select proper candidates from this list.d) Recalling Retrenched Employees: Former Employees. unemployed candidates. b) Employment Exchanges: Public and private employment exchanges prepare a list of prospective. in search of employment from applications received by them. At times periodicals for specific professions are used for advertisements. d) Colleges and Universities: Campus recruitment of graduates from technical institutes. 2) EXTERNAL SOURCES a) Advertisement: The practice of advertising in dailies or business journals has proved to be quite effective. Thus employment exchange acts as a link between recruiting enterprise and prospective candidates. c) Contractors and Jobbers: The people provide workers for a commission. For Example Rojgar Samachar. skilled in different jobs. whenever required at lower rate.

This method is more suitable for the purpose of the daily wages. friends of existing workers or employees the company has relatives of management family members of ax workers and special things about the company is it has its own educational institute from which it selects administrative staff. but could not be This avoids re-advertisement and all over recruitment again. e) Recruitment at the gate: Workers can be recruited by business by placing a notice at the gate of the unit. g)Waiting List: This is the list of the candidates who had applied in the past. Recruitment can be made for the required personnel by personal interviews at the campus itself. f) Employment agencies: Firms acting as management or personnel consultants are active in providing managers and high officials. Such a list is useful for recruitment at a later date. 53 . They advertise and select and provide proper personnel for prescribed fee. RECRUITMENT IN CAPTAIN Captain has recruitment from the relatives.

2) Screening of Applications. 54 . 4) Personal interview. They follow scientific way for selection of workers. 6) Physical Examination. The applicants are received they are sent to the department head. 5) Checking of References. On its employees selection is to test the knowledge and skill for special job.  Selection procedure 1) Receiving of Applications. Captain Mini Tractor factory are currying out selection process on basis of educational qualifications training and requirement of their field. They are selected on the condition that they are ready to provide services to the firm for minimum three years.SELECTION Selection is the second stage of recruitment after receiving application the success of an enterprise depends more. 7) Preliminary selection. 8) Final Placement. 3) Employment tests. They conduct interview of the candidates and appropriate among them are selected.

55 . but the new employee must have skilled and experience. But sometimes they select directly though the reference of present candidate.Selection as per Captain The captain select the employee or candidate on the base of scientific procedure of the selection.

In the initial stage the candidates has to observe the working ok the unit of his respective field. All the necessary training is given within the premises of the company. 56 . the candidates are not sent to outside for training. It can be rightly said that “TRAINING IS COSTLY. instruction.TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training: “Training means giving up to date information and knowledge for gaining efficiency in business and developing taste and aptitude of the employees.” “TRAINING IS THE ACT OF INCRESES THE KNOWLEDGE OF EMPLOYEES FOR DOING A SPECIFIC JOB”. “Training is the systematic modification of behavior through learning which occurs as a result of education. Development: “The term ‘development’ refers to an overall growth of the workers by enhancing his latent capacities and molding his personalities. development and planned experience. The time of period is generally for the one year in this unit. BUT ABSENCE OF TRAINING IS EVEN MORE COSTLY” ON-JOB TRAINING MATHOD OFF-JOB TRAINING MATHOD In this company the selected candidates are trained.

57 . So. separations and database of staff / workers and many more features. the workers can work properly and according to requirement. Thus.R. transfer. They get job satisfaction and become loyal to the organization. The captain gives special training to their worker after the selection of the candidates as per his requirements. labour management relations are better when workers are adequately trained. promotion. H. After the selection they give special training to their employees. Management functions to take care of recruitment. Ltd provides training as follows: 1) 2) The company has vestibule On the job training So. the train’s workers feel that they are properly cared for and the employer is sincere to them.TRAINING &DEVELOPMENT AS PER CAPTAIN Captain mini Tractors Pvt.

And also. Medicine is providing to the family of employees in only Rs. the employee receive bonus if they work with best performance & sometimes they achieved the target of company within time period. gives facilities to their employees like bonus. company will give same amount to the died person’s family.30 am to 2.  Corporate responsibility 58 . living facilities.BENEFITS & SERVICES Captain mini tractors pvt.  Canteen Facility Company provides canteen facility also lunch is 11.  Medical Allowances If any employee of the company is die. Ltd. At that time every employee of the company gives their salary of done month to the family of died person. Janmastami. In situation of emergency comply provide the facility of ambulance  Bonus Incentives Captain provide bonus to their employee on the special occasion like Diwali. Rs. canteen facility for employees family girls hostel for surrounding village. 15 is price of one plate. educational facilities. school bus facilities.00 pm. 10. Whatever amount is given by employees. Dusshera Navratri etc.

59 . They keep records of workers through the punch card method also. A firm that can maintain time will probably achieve goal on time. absence.30 am 2. 1) 2) 3) 4) To maintain the personal records of all the employees To keep the records on employee’s presence. Janmastami. A) B) 8. It list one kind of responsibility for labours. Generally following are purpose of time keeping system. Software (pay soft tm) that can be integrated with attendance record system and / or production software.00 pm to 6. overtime & order matter. 26th Jan. In order to see that work.TIME KEEPING SYSTEMS “The time is more than money” time management plays an important role in life of everyone.00 pm There are weekly of a Wednesday and holidays on 15th Aug. Formulation of a comprehensive payroll. Captain divided the working time in to two shifts.30 am to 11. It makes the operations of the energy smooth and efficient by indication to each employee their time. New Year.

Wages and salary help the organization to increase workers moral and efficiency of work. 2) Piece Wage System:In this system the wages are paid to the workers according to their output. speed and precision of the worker. production capacity. In this system the work or production done by the employee is not taken into consideration. Types of Salary or Wage System 1) Time Wage System: This is the oldest system. The wages and salary concerned with the finance aspects of needs motivation and rewards. This system is also known as payment by result system. In this system workers are paid according to the time spent at the work place.WAGES & SALARY Wages and salary is the process through which structure are determined. 60 . This wage system is directly related to the skill.

Ltd wages calculated on daily basis and performance based working point system to address the complexity involved in calculation of wages. overtime etc. Formulation of a comprehensive payroll software (pay soft TM) that can be integrated with attendance records system and / or production software.. overtime etc. Special features for calculating of wages / salary of skilled semiskilled and unskilled (trainee) workers / staff. 61 .WAGES AND SALARY AS PER THE CAPTAIN In Captain mini tractor Pvt. of piece based incentive wage system. Performance based working point system to address the complexity involved in calculation of wages. of piece based incentive wage system.

maintains the formulation of comprehensive payroll software. (Pay soft TM) that can be integrated with attendance record system and / or production software.PERSONNEL RECORDS Captain Mini Tractors Pvt. 62 . Ltd.

TRANSFER AND PROMOTION 1) PROMOTION “Promotion” is a term which covers a change and calls for greater responsibilities and usually involves higher pay and better term and conditions of service and. attracts capable individuals. “Promotion provides incentive to to initiative. necessitates logical training pf advancement amd forms an effective reward for loyalty and co-operation. therefore a higher status or rank. Promotions are given on the bases of the performance. 63 . enterprise and ambition. This is punishment steps this is taken by all business units to get control on their workers. To place workers in a position with less authority & benefits than the present ones.” __YODER TRANSFER AND PROMOTION AS PER CAPTAIN Captain adopts promotion policy to give motivation to the workers. Captain also adopts this policy. minimizes discontent one unrest. long service etc.

INDEX 64 .

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Introduction Marketing Research Marketing segmentation Pricing Policy Sales promotion Exhibition fair Advertising Competitions and exports 65 .

INTRODUCTION Today marketing must be understood not in the sense of sale – “telling and selling”. Marketing management is managerial activity and includes planning. “Marketing management is the analysis planning. transform goods and services for consumption. There are different functions of “MARKETING MANAGEMENT” 1) Marketing Planning 2) Organizing 3) Motivation 4) Marketing Control 66 . The CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS has very large market for its products and customers of it are fixed and large number for buying its products. IT aims at achieving organizational objectives by providing maximum satisfaction of customers. __PHILIP KOTLER The modern concept of the marketing is the satisfaction of the customer. but in the new sense of satisfying customer needs. motivating and controlling in the filed of marketing it searches the needs and wants of customer. Marketing is the centered on the customer. in implementation and control of programs designed to bring about desired exchanges. These products are not made for general sale. organizing directing. With target evidence for the purpose of personal or natural gain”.

collection. 67 .A Marketing Association What is marketing research? Marketing research is the systematic and intelligent investigator or study of.U. recording and analyzing the date about market problems and facilitate decision making. The traditional approach is that 4Ps approach. It is the process of gathering routine and done routine marketing information to solve marketing problems like product planning development etc. when. . Marketing research is a systematic gathering. what. analysis and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situations facing the company”. who.MARKETING RESEARCH “Marketing research is the systematic design.S. that is:• • • • Price Product Promotion place A specific marketing research is to find the black cat in the dark room. and how of actual and potential by buyers. why.

Marketing research process Situation analysis Preliminary investigation Research and Decision Sources of marketing data Information analysis Report preparation Follow up 68 .

They do marketing research or study the need of the customer & then sell its skills out of which they earn a very good response.MARKETING RESEARCH AS PER THE CAPTAIN In this company follow the marketing researches facilitate to find out their consumer’s demand. 69 . marketing research play an important role. Ltd. This marketing research is an important matter not only for this particular unit but also for every unit. They have marketing research team which visit all over the country and study about the consumer’s need and help to know the now techniques of producing better products at low cost and varying of the quality of the products produced by them. In Captain Mini Tractors Pvt.

baits. behavior. etc.. “A market segmentation is a process of recognizing a market segment. age. sex. So that suitable products can be sold to them. goalies presentation. Thus dividing of marketing called market segmentation. A) Geographical segmentation B) Demographical segmentation C) Physiographical segmentation D) Behavioral segmentation Captain Mini Tractors Pvt.” _Philip Kotlar Marketing segmentation is the act of driving a market into different groups of buyers who might requires separate product and marketing mix..MARKETING SEGMENTATION Market Segmentation is the division and sub division of the market on the basis of common characteristics such as nature. Ltd products lead and dominate their field in a variety of market segments like commercial transport equipment etc. PRICING POLICY 70 . income. The marketing each segment is a group of people with similar or homogenous demand and the enterprise offers tailor made marketing mixed for each segment of the market.

fax etc. formulating pricing strategies etc. “A price is what a marketer receives and what a buyer pays on the exchange of product. practicable and effective pricing decision. The pricing objective can be divided into profit oriented objectives. telephone. Firstly they get order from different parties through personal contact. ORDER: Production here is of based one so the order should be included in selling process. DISPATCH: After receiving order production is made narrated in earliest.The process of CAPTAIN MINI TRACTOR is as under…. BILL: 71 . are dependent on the pricing objectives .” _Philip Kotlar As we know selling is the part of marketing. letters. sales oriented objectives and status quoobjectives. We should study selling process while studying marketing . The setting of pricing. Then finished goods in weighted in firm’s own weigh bridge that the goods is sent through the firm’s own trucks.Pricing are guided for achievement the objectives organization work and consistency needed by the company to make reasonable. for that charges are leave. cheaper.

PRICING POLICY AS PER CAPTAIN In Captain Mini Tractors Pvt.Firm provide credit for 5 days. 72 . Ltd has been formed which decide pricing policies of different products of tractors as based on the hire the price hire the tractors. The price of tractors is depending on the bases of the facilitY given on that.When the customer receive the goods and feel that the goods is ok then the bill is provide to the customers with all charges which is made by the firm as per agreement at the time of order. RECIVE THE PAYMENT: Firm received the payments from the customers mostly by cheque .

Producer to Dealers & Consumer. Sales are done by this way.   Director Sales Manager Dealers Customers Customers 73 .Channel of Distribution The main channel of distribution is through company’s dealers. Producer to Consumer.

reducing overall risk and improving efficiency. 74 . supply planning and demand planning. etc. integrated sales and operation planning. leaflets. Thus term after refer to those selling efforts that are designed to supplement personal selling and advertisement sales promotion consists of all those activities whose purpose is to supplement to coordinate and to make more effective. takes-ones. brochures. Captain offers them the following sources: 1) Layout service: Personalized layout service as per your requirement of size and quality. sharing cost of promotion. establishment of new products. 3) Visual Merchandise support: Providing necessary visual merchandise material such as window and counter display terms. sharing demand relating information. access to our promotional activities.SALES PROMOTION Sales promotion means any step taken for the purpose of obtaining or increasing sales. 2) Sales collateral: Jointly plan strategies. With an objective of maximizing consumer impact.

4) Staff training:Product and retailing – Intensive training in sales skills. From the point of allocation. 6) Preferred website access: Access to our online stock along with personalized and Secured online facilities . end–consumers.With these complementary strategic intents We can also help you reduce the risk related to your inventory Positioning. through every stage. There are clear cut product specifications that both managers and workers adhere to right from the moment rough is issued for manufactured through to the sale of the final product to customer. each step is well managers and controlled by a loyal and responsible management team. product knowledge and core brand attributes. Design and certification – create a niche unexplored areas by spreading awareness and educating the. 7) Efficient Management With over 20 years of diamond cutting and distribution establishment the Captain group is uniquely qualified to manage the complexities of diamond trade. 75 . 5) Downstream: Product. until the final sale.

Agriculture Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama with Mr. Rajesh Patel with Shri Narendra Modi (CM) Gujarat and National leader Shri Venkaiya Naidu. OUR SET OF SKILLS AND SERVICES TO ENRICH YOUR PRODUCTS AND CONCEPTS – 76 . Rajesh Patel State level agriculture fare director Mr.EXHIBITION FAIR OR TRADE FAIR As an international group Captain participate at major trade shows world –wide including.

Fax : +91 2827 253916 77 .CAPTAIN spends efforts understanding your specific needs and utilizes its key skilled craftsmen and its state-of-the-art technology to bring in to shape an exclusive range of distinguished diamonds that adds grace to your products For more information and assistance please contact us at – E-mail : Telephone: +91 2827 www.

It is the voice personality of salesman. radio. Ltd advertises by events. outdoor hoardings. act It is back – bone of the modern marketing. Advertisement is any form of non-personnel for the purpose of including people to buy the product advertisement is a paid from of publicity.ADVERTISING In recent times. Advertisement "As the the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements. It appears in the recognized media such as newspaper. Advertisement is very powerful tool for the creation and retention of consumer demand. to call public attention by emphasizing desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronize: promote. Sponsor." Advertising is a personnel presentation of goods and services through advertising the message is sent to the customer about availability of their products in the market. magazine. television. 78 . news paper. articles and through the internet. Captain Mini Tractor Pvt. Advertising has become the life blood of modern business world. Advertisement is nothing but a paid from of non personnel presentation of ideas goods or services by an identified.

79 .

and entrepreneur. devlopmentwages and salary and trade unions. In the CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS. Competitors Is the main problem now a day in any field? The same problem is there with CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS there is competition with. Man is the most important factor controlling and co-ordination all the other factor of production like land. Thus the science which deals with the problems of development of lab ours force in all aspect that is economical social and political may be called personal management. Man is the most important factor controlling and co-ordination all the other factor of production like land. personnel department covers all the function related with personal like requirement. The company co-ordination then and to get the maximum out put at minimum cost. The main objective is to attain maximum development of workers and relationship between employer and employees. well fare activities etc. capital. 80 . and entrepreneur. selection & trainings. Thus the science which deals with the problems of development of lab ours force in all aspect that is economical social and political may be called personal management.COMPETITIORS Captain mini Tractors’ Pvt. capital.

Mahindra tractors Sonalika tractors EXPORTS  Gujarat  Maharashtra  Karnataka  West bangle  Madhya Pradesh  Chhattisgarhi  Orissa  Bihar 81 .

82 .

83 .

INDEX 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Introduction Departmental chart Capital structure Nature of capital Financial statement balance sheet Cash flow Fund flow Ratio 84 .

production and marketing department. Business needs finance for the production of good and services. “IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION OF EACH AND EVERY ORGENIZATION. It is managerial activity that is concerned with the planning and controlling the financial resources to the firm. Now a day in the world of modern business finance is the center point of the other department such as personnel. The efficiency of production and making operation is directly influenced by the manner in which the finance function of the enterprise is performed by the finance personnel. It is rightly termed as the science of the money.INTRODUCTION Finance is the life blood of business. The main areas that are concerned with financial management are financial planning rising of funds forecasting of cash and receipt and expenditure uses and allocation of funds and financial control.” 85 . As well as their distribution. Financial management is the operational activity of a business that is responsible for obtaining and effectively utilizing the funds necessary for efficient operations.

DEPARTMENTAL CHART Finance Department Finance Director Senior Accountant Assistant Accurant Clerk Peon 86 .

They prepare budget for financial planning. A proper financial planning will reduce the uncertainly of the future. Ltd one of the important decisions to be taken by finance head is of financial planning. capital cost production of loan capital. Financial planning means deciding in advance the financial activities carried out to achieve the basic objective of the every organization.FINANCIAL PLANNING Financial planning means and includes the determination of financial objectives. 87 . It includes the exploration of different of sources of finance. financial accounting. It includes the need of the financer in future etc. selection of the bets alternative and implementation of financial plans. formulation of financial planning and development of financial techniques. are also included in financial planning. In Captain Mini Tractors Pvt. internal and external accounts etc.

88 .In “CAPTAIN MINI TRACTOR” the finance manager is the tacking the decisions Of planning the general manager is the person who takes decision about new investment. LONG TERM PLANING 2. They do two types of financial planning they are 1. SHORT TERM PLAN Thus in short we can say that “GEETA OIL MILL” has greater financial position.

The “CAPTAIN MINI TRAVTORS” plans its capital structure for the five years. etc. 89 . by them they can get the finance easily. weekly and sometime day to day capital structure is represented by long term debenture. capital. Ltd.CAPITAL STRUCTURE Capital structure is very much important function of the finance capital structure is same times known as financial plan capital structure is the permanent financing of the firm. share. borrowing. They prepare capital budget for five years then divide this into yearly. loans. quarterly. has financial resources like bank. Captain Mini Tractors Pvt. equity share preference share and net worth. share holders. monthly.

HDFC etc. share holders funds. There are two types of source of finance they are.  INTERNAL SOURCES  EXTERNAL SOURCES In “CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS” internal source of finance is profit funds. Finance manager is responsible for proper maintenance of the assets. 90 . FIXED ASSETS In any organization fixed assets are of the most important. equity share holder’s funds. Efficiency allocation of capital is on the most important function of fixed assets management. short terms loan.NATURE OF CAPITAL  The source of finance means from where the money comes for industry and from where and in which way it comes at the time of the requirement generally. External source means to barrow funds from banks. DENA BANK. Such as SBS. depreciation. financial institutions.Which are help full to this company. They help the company in the production process. there must be proper and appropriate provision for depreciation of the assets.

91 . They also use accounting software. they prepare budget for five years then they divided according to the requirements of capital FINANCIAL BALANCE SHEET There are three types of book keeping system 1) 2) 3) Deshi Namu Single Entry Double Entry Captain Mini Tractors Pvt.“CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS” industry manager fixed assets effectively and prepares the budget relating to capital and investment periodically. Ltd use accounting system of Double Entry.

LIABILITIES Capital Profit Equity share Creditors Current Liabilities Total AMOUNT 18000000 2000000 20000000 20000000 70000000 ASSETS Fixed Assets Current Assets Bank Balance Debtors AMOUNT 50000000 30000000 30000000 20000000 130000000 130000000 Total 92 .BALANCE SHEET OF CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS PVT. LTD.

RATIO ANALYSIS The relationship of one item to another expressed in or simple mathematical from is known as a ratio. It is of major importance for financial analysis. The current ratio represents a margin of safety for creditors 93 . As a conventional rule. debtors and inventories prepaid expensed are also included in current assets. 1) CURRENT RATIO: The current ratio is calculated by dividing current assets by current liabilities. Such as marketable securities. a current ratio of 2 to 1 or more is considered satisfactory. It is also known as “WORKING CAPITAL RATIO” The current ratio is a major of the firms sort term solvency it indicates the availability of current assets in rupees for every one rupee of current liability. A ratio of greater than one means that the firm has more current assts than current claim against them. CURRENT RATIO = CURRENT ASSETS CURRENT LIABILITIES Current assets include cash and those assets which can be converted into cash within a year.

4) ACID TEST RATIO : It is more severe & stringent test of a firm’s ability to meet current obligation.Stock Current Liabilities 1) DEBT EQUITYRATIO: THIS RATIO EXPRESSES THE RELATIONSHIP OF LONG TERM LIABILITY TO NET WORTH. irredeemable preference share capital and preference share capital not redeemable within a period of 12 years from the date of the balance sheet. = Current Assets . Long term liabilities are those which repayable after one year and these are other than those appearing under “current liabilities”. It is computed as follows DEBT EQUITY RATIO= LONG TERM LIABILITIES *100 94 . It supplements current ratio. 3) LIQUID RATIO : The liquidity ratio are useful in obtaining and indicating of a firm’s ability to meet its current liabilities but it does not reveal how effectively the cash resources can be managed. reserves. The long term and term liabilities include debentures and other unsecured loans which are repayable after one year net worth or equity represents equity share capital. the larger the amount of current assets in relation to current liabilities.the higher ratio the greater the margin if safety. The more the firm’s ability to meet its current obligations however an arbitrary slandered of 2 to 1 should not be blindly followed.

97 in march 2006. = Net Profit FIXED ASSETS RATIO: 95 .28 and remain stable in the year march 2007. excessive liabilities tend to cause insolvency. The ideal ratio the debt equity ratio CAPTAIN MINI TRACTOR is higher as compare to ideal ratio. In the KARP INDUSTRY the debt equity ratio was 1.64 in March 2003. The ratio indicates the extent to which the firm depends upon outsider for its existence. it was 2.28. The upward trend continued in march2005 also.EQUITY (OR NET WORTH) This ratio indicates the proportion owner’s stake in the business. 5) NET PROFIT RATIO : The Profit ratio is the firm’s ability to cover asministrative & selling cost. These cost require cash outlets and depreciation which a company must ultimately provide profit is computed by dividing the net profit by sales operation cost. it was 1.85 in March 2004. The ratios increased to 2. While it increased to 1. The ratio provides a margin of safety to the creditors the extent to which they can gain the benefits of the maintaining control with a limited investment.

It may also point to the underutilization or no utilization of certain assets.E. 15. plant and machinery. fixed assets less depreciation the formula used it . The ratio of fixed assets of KARP INDUSTRY indicate declining trend during the study period. = NET SALE I. 18. furniture etc. March 2005.This ratio is computed by dividing the net sales or cost of the sales of the concern by its net fixed assets i. Example of fixed assets are land and building. It was 25.72 at the highest level during the study period in the march 2003 then there was declining trend for the remaining year of the study period ratios were 21.53 for the March 2004. FIXED ASSETS RATIO RETURN FIXED ASSETS LESS DEPRECIATION The ratio is expressed as number of times.30 and 13.e.21. this ratio saws the efficiency of the business house in utilizing its fixed assets. A lower ratio signifies in efficiency of assets. March 2006 and March 2007 respectively.12. Higher this ratio better it is because it indicates higher efficiency it means every rupee invested in fixed assts generate higher. TOTAL SALES LESS 96 .

97 .

4) MANAGMENT: CAPTAIN MINI Tractor’s industries ltd. 98 . got excellent management because workers are without any chaos.SWOT ANALYSIS S = Strength W = Weakness O = Opportunities T = Threats S W O T ANYALISIS US THE TOTAL VERTICAL AS WELL AS HOROZONTAL ANALYSIS OF THE COMPANY. Because it has proper financial management and large group of investment. has never faced problem in case of raw material because of good contracts and goodwill. 2) MONEY: Finance has never been a problem of CAPTAIN MINI Tractor’s industries ltd. STRENGTHS 1) MACHINE: Using all ultra modern machines. 3) MATERIAL: CAPTAIN MINI Tractor’s industries ltd.

money is blocked. WEAKNESSES Due to different machines parts required as inventory and specific therefore huge investment as raw material is also required thus.5) MONITORING: CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS industries ltd.and other mentioned below? Good quality of power. Above 5m is very strength of CAPTAIN MINI Tractor’s industries ltd.has achieved system which helps in smooth working of an industries. OPPORTUNITY 99 . High quality of man power. Product competitiveness-loss competition.

THREAT Having global relation and not having global marketing can hazardous.To cover more global market By way of merging and acquisition can expand the business They can follow another product line apart from steel. Decrease. They are dealing with overseas but if currency of that country gets. Competitors are always motivators for any business and not having it. profit earning of local company will be hampered. 100 . are like not having it are like not having way of more success. Specific product is produce so that more time consuming and loss productivity.

in the modern age the company 101 .Here I get an opportunity to give suggestion as per my view points of view. But today. The company running very smoothly with the continuous development and expansion.

have increase to provide some social respnsibility. As we know their customer are farmer so at possible to organise some programe of development to their customer atleast 1 time in a year as amotivation.- 102 .


Each & every activity which is running in business based on future scope is uniform and uncertain nobody can’t guess what is stored in future, but every one is eager to know what is stored in once future. Any unit has certain plans to be achieved in future so as to gain continuous progress and maintain a bright image in the market CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS Pvt. Ltd has also certain plans in future. Every company has its own dream and plan continues planning in specific director for expanding the activities is quite essential future plan of “CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS”. Today’s competitive achieving and fast running would every business become a developing unit.


106 .

The CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS Ltd.e. They have good relationship with employees along with that lower person also right to talk freely and share their problem with similar. economic policy. They are providing lots of the facility to people. policy. like Govt. has coped up with all kinds of environments as like external as well as internal environments and even how they managed with the macro as well as micro factors of the external environment i.CONCLUSION Visited Captain Mini Tractors Pvt. Ltd was wonderful experience this visit gave me a practical knowledge and exposure about the industry. shown in this report. so that the picture of the unit can be visible like crystal clear. Government. The project report is prepared from the available date given to us from the The CAPTAIN MINI TRACTORS Ltd. the leading oil company is such a unit that enhance the economic growth are described in such a way. The social responsibility of the company is described in detail. The macro factors. etc. By observing the whole organization look out it seems that it has a good effective management that helps them to achieve all the goal set by them with consideration. 107 . How they are responding to their supplier customers. and social factors are described in depth.

I would like to give best wishes for its very bright future. 108 .Above are the main points that are included in the project report by way of its proper study and proper interpretations. It was a golden chance for me to visit such a industry. The visit has helped me to understand better that how theoretical knowledge can be practically applied.

109 .

MATHEW  WEBIOGRAPHY Captainminitractors.BIBLIOGRAPHY • Business Management • 110 .

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