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Important Notice on Product Safety
DANGER - RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK OR DEATH - FOLLOW ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. The system complies with the standard EN 60950 / IEC 60950. All equipment connected to the system must comply with the applicable safety standards. Hazardous voltages are present at the AC power supply lines in this electrical equipment. Some components may also have high operating temperatures. Failure to observe and follow all installation and safety instructions can result in serious personal injury or property damage. Therefore, only trained and qualified personnel may install and maintain the system.

The same text in German: Wichtiger Hinweis zur Produktsicherheit LEBENSGEFAHR - BEACHTEN SIE ALLE INSTALLATIONSHINWEISE. Das System entspricht den Anforderungen der EN 60950 / IEC 60950. Alle an das System angeschlossenen Geräte müssen die zutreffenden Sicherheitsbestimmungen erfüllen. In diesen Anlagen stehen die Netzversorgungsleitungen unter gefährlicher Spannung. Einige Komponenten können auch eine hohe Betriebstemperatur aufweisen. Nichtbeachtung der Installations- und Sicherheitshinweise kann zu schweren Körperverletzungen oder Sachschäden führen. Deshalb darf nur geschultes und qualifiziertes Personal das System installieren und warten.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with EN 301489. Its class of conformity is defined in table A30808-X3247-X910-*-7618, which is shipped with each product. This class also corresponds to the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the relevant standards referenced in the manual “Guide to Documentation”, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. For system installations it is strictly required to choose all installation sites according to national and local requirements concerning construction rules and static load capacities of buildings and roofs. For all sites, in particular in residential areas it is mandatory to observe all respectively applicable electromagnetic field / force (EMF) limits. Otherwise harmful personal interference is possible.

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Copyright (C) Siemens AG 2005.
Issued by the Communications Group Hofmannstraße 51 D-81359 München Technical modifications possible. Technical specifications and features are binding only insofar as they are specifically and expressly agreed upon in a written contract.



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. 2G 3G 3GPP 8PSK English Term Second Generation Third Generation Third Generation Partnership Project 8 Phase Shift Keying A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 5 .. Abbrev.Information Terminology Abbreviations 1 0.

A AAL1 ABC Abis ABISCON AC AC AC/DC ACCH ACK ACLK ACM ACMDC ACOM ACP ACPSC ACS ACSE ACT ACT ACTA ACTAM ACTC ACTM ACTP ADI ADP AE AFS AGC AGCH AGEPSU AGIN ALCO ALI ALM ALS AL-SE AMB AMCO AMP AMPS AMR English Term GSM Interface between MSC and TRAU ATM Adaption Layer 1 Administration and Billing Center GSM Interface between BTS and BSC Abis Connector Alternating Current Authentication Center Alternating Current/Direct Current Converter Associated Control Channel Alarm Connection Kit Advanced Clock Access Control Module AC Multiple DC Converter Antenna Combiner AC Panel Alternating Current Power Supply and Control Air Conditioning System Association Control Service Element Active Master Alarm Collection Terminal Alarm Collection Terminal Alarm board ACOM/TXAMOD Alarm Collection Terminal Connection board Alarm Collection Terminal for Base Rack/Shelter Alarm Collection Terminal for Extension/Service Racks Alarm Distributor Interface AC/DC Panel Alarm & Error Handling Accounting File Server Automatic Gain Control Access Grant Channel Agent Power Supply Unit Agent Interface Alarm and Control Board Alarm Indication Module Alarm Alarm Status Alarm Energy Station Alarm and Monitoring Board Amplifier Multicoupler ATM bridge Processor Advanced Mobile Phone Services Adaptive Multirate 6 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 2 A Abbrev.

1 ASSREQ AST ASU Asub ATB ATC ATCO ATI ATM ATM ATMN ATOP ATP ATSI AVS AWG English Term Access Multiplexer ATM Multiplexer American National Standards Institute Antenna Antenna Diversity Advice of Charge Advice of Charge .Information Level Application Part Accounting Probe Application Programming Interface Access Point Name Application Program System Analog Radio Controller -> TRXA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number Address Resolution Protocol Automatic Repeat Request Advanced Speech Call Item Application Specific Integrated Circuit ATM Switching Network Abstract Syntax Notation 1 Assignment Request Administrative State Antenna Supervision Unit GSM Interface between BSC and TRAU Alarm Terminal Board Automatic Train Control Automatic Test and Conference Equipment for LTG Any Time Interrogation Asynchronous Transfer Mode Any Time Modification Acceptance Test Manual Automatic Operator Automatic Train Protection Any Time Subscription Interrogation Availability Status American Wire Gauge A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 7 .Charging Level Advice of Charge . AMUX AMX ANSI ANT ANTDIV AOC AOCC AOCI AP AP API APN APS ARC ARFCN ARP ARQ ASCI ASIC ASN ASN.Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.

Abbreviations Information Terminology 3 B Abbrev. outdoor 8 Carrier BTSE eMicro Base Station Controller BSC Base Subrack BSC Expansion Subrack Base Station Controller Equipment 8 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 . BA BA BAIC BAOC BAP BAT BB BBC BBSIG BCC BCC BCC BCCH BCH BCOM BCSM BCT BECN BER BERT BFAP BG BGP4 BIAS BIC-Roam BISON BMML BOIC BOIC-exHC BP BPORT BR BS BS BS-240XS BS-241 BS-82 BSC BSCB BSCE BSCE English Term BCCH Allocation Basic Access Barring of All Incoming Calls Barring of All Outgoing Calls Base Processor Battery Backup Battery Baseband Controller Baseband Signal Processing Board Base Core Controller Broadcast Call Control BTS Color Code Broadcast Control Channel Broadcast Channel Basic Combining Equipment Basic Call State Model Basic Craft Terminal Backward Explicit Congestion Notification Bit Error Rate Bit Error Rate Test BSC Fuse and Alarm Panel Border Gateway Border Gateway Protocol 4 Idle Current for RXMUCO Barring of All Incoming Calls when Roaming outside Home PLMN Country Bit Switch for Optimized Network Architecture Basic Man Machine Language Barring of All Outgoing International Calls Barring of All Outgoing International Calls except to Home PLMN Country Backplane BTS Port Breaker Base Station Bearer Service 6 Carrier BTSE. indoor 24 Carrier BTSE.

Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev. BSCI BSIC BSMS BSN BSS BSSAP BSSBTS BSSGP BSSLAP BSSMAP BSSMAP-LE BSSOMAP BTC BTS BTSE BTSM BVC BVCI English Term BSC Interface Card Base Station Identification Code BSCI and MSCI Modules Block Sequence Number Base Station System Base Station System Application Part Base Station System Base Transceiver Station Base Station System GPRS Protocol BSS LCS Assistance Protocol Base Station System Management Application Part BSSMAP LCS Extension BSS Operation and Maintenance Application Part Bus Termination Type C Base Transceiver Station Base Transceiver Station Equipment BTSE Site Manager BSSGP Virtual Connection BSSGP Virtual Connection Identifier A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 9 .

C_IDF C_TXT CA CAI CAMEL CAN CAN CAP CAP CAPEX CB CB CBC CBCH CBR CC CC CC CCBS CCC CCCH CCCP CCG(A) CCG(E) CCH CCINT CCINT CCINT CCITT CCLINK CC-Link CCLK CCNC CCNP CCS7 CCSLINK CCSLINK CCSLINK CCTRL CCU CDA CDE English Term Central IDF Format Central TXT Format Carrier Agent Charge Advice Information Customized Application for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic Controller Area Network Customer Access Network Call Processor CAMEL Application Part Capital Expenditures Cell Broadcast Connection Board Cell Broadcast Center Cell Broadcast Channel Constant Bit Rate Call Control Channel Code Country Code Call Completion to Busy Subscriber Client Connection Conduit Common Control Channel CCLink Convert Part Central Clock Generator A Central Clock Generator E Control Channel COBA Carrier Unit Interface CCLink Interface Core Carrier Link Interface International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Commitee Core Carrier Unit Link Core-CU-Link Common Clock Common Channel Signalling Network Control Common Channel Signalling Network Processor Common Channel Signalling System No. 7 Server-Agent Interface Core Carrier Link CC Star Link Core Controller Channel Codec Unit Circuit Duplex Asynchronous Common Desktop Environment 10 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 4 C Abbrev.

Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev. CDMA CDR CD-ROM CDS CDZ CE CE CE CEC CEIR CEPT CF CFB CFD CFNRc CFNRy CFU CG CGF CGI CI CID C-ID CITASUP English Term Code Division Multiple Access Charging Data Records Compact Disc Read Only Memory Circuit Duplex Synchronous Conditioning Unit Compatibilité Electromagnetique Computing Element Communeauté Eurpéenne (Label for Conformity with European Guidelines) Canadian Electric Code Central EIR European Conferences of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations Call Forwarding Call Forwarding on Mobile Subcriber Busy Call Forwarding by Default Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable Call Forwarding on No Reply Call Forwarding Unconditional Charging Gateway Charging Gateway Function Cell Global Identity Cell Identifier Charging-ID Number Call-Identity This BSC DB parameter represents the flag to enable the transmission of the Cell Identifier (CI) and Timing Advance (TA) to MSC Command Line Interface Calling Line Identification Presentation CCLINK/CCSLINK Converter and Power Supply Calling Line Identification Restriction Clock Cable Laying List Connection Management Configuration Management Common Management Information Protocol Common Management Information Service Element Command Manual Channel Mode Modify Charging Mediation Server Common Memory Comfort Noise Insertion Charging Origin Co-Duplexer and Multicoupler Co-Duplexer and Multicoupler Extension CLI CLIP CLIPS CLIR CLK CLL CM CM CMIP CMISE CML CMM CMS CMY CNI CO COAMCO COAMCO8 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 11 .

8 Receiver Modules Circuit Switched Capability Set Combined Switching Center Circuit Switched Data Circuit Switched Data Network CAMEL Service Environment Change State Event Report CAMEL Subscription Information Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection Channel Service Unit Call Transfer Call Type Craft Terminal Local Cellular Text Telephone Mode Carrier Unit Closed User Group Call Waiting 12 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 . COBA CONT CORBA COSA COU COU COUC CP113C CP113CR CPEX CPEX CPH CRC CRN CRN CRP8 CS CS CSC CSD CSDN CSE CSER CSI CSMA/CD CSU CT CT CTL CTM CU CUG CW English Term Core Basis Control Common Object Request Broker Architecture Core Satellite Control of Use Conference Unit Conference Unit C Coordination Processor 113C Coordination Processor 113CR (Rural Version) Control Panel Expansion Control Panel and External Alarms Device Call Party Handling Cyclic Redundancy Check Call Reference Number Call Related Number Code Receiver for Pushbutton Dialing.Abbreviations Information Terminology Abbrev.

D1800 D1900 D900 D900/D1800 DAMPS D-AMPS DB DBA DBMS DC DC5 DCBCTRL DCBCTRLM DCCH DCE DCN DCP DCP DCP DCPA DCPSC DCREFE DCS DCS D-CSI DCTPU DCU DCUCON DCUDUX DCULG DCURG DE DEC DH DHCP DIAMCO DICTMA DILNA DISK DIU240 DK40 English Term Directed Retry SIEMENS BSS 1800 MHz SIEMENS BSS 1900 MHz SIEMENS BSS 900 MHz Digital Mobile Radio Communication Network.R. D. GSM Standard.Information Terminology Abbreviations 5 D Abbrev. 900 MHz/1800 MHz Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Services Digital-AMPS Database Database Administration Database Management System Direct Current Direct Current 5V DC and Battery Controller DC Battery Controller Micro Dedicated Control Channel Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment Data Communication Network DUKIT Connection Panel DC Panel DC Panel Server Direct Current Converter PA Direct Current Power Supply and Control DC Converter for Agent Remote Power Feeding Digital Communication System Differential Current Switch Dialed Service-CAMEL Subscription Information Direct Current Converter TPU Dual Carrier Unit Dual Carrier Unit Connector Dual Carrier Unit with Duplexer Dual Carrier Unit without Duplexer and with Low Gain Dual Carrier Unit without Duplexer (R-GSM) Discard Eligibility Indicator Digital Echo Compensator Device Handler Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Dual Integrated Amplifier Multicoupler DIAMCO DC Tower Mounted Amplifier Diversitiy Low Noise Amplifier Physical Disk Digital Interface Unit (for connection of 240 trunks) DISK 40 MBYTE A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 13 .

1 DSSA DSU DTAP DTE DTLP DTM DTMF DTX DUAMCO DUBIAS DUCOM DUCOMT DUCOMT DUCTMA DUKIT DULAMO DULNA DUPL DUPLP DUVSWR DUXMEG English Term Downlink Data Link Connection Identifier Digital Line Unit Digital Line Unit B Control for DLU System (in DSU/DLUB) Dialing Number Domain Name System Document List Detection Point Destination Point Code Data Post Processing System Double Power Supply Kit Digital Radio Controller -> TRXD Distance Related Charging Discontinuous Reception Digital Subscriber Line Digital Subscriber Signalling System No. 1 Dynamic Scalable Sever Architecture Data Service Unit Direct Transfer Application Part Data Terminal Equipment Dual Trunk Link Peripheral Dual Transfer Mode Dual Tone Multi Frequency Discontinuous Transmission Duplex Amplifier Multicoupler Duplexer Bias Path Duplex Combiner Duplex Combiner for BS-22 Duplex Combiner for Tiny DUAMCO DC Tower Mounted Amplifier Duplex Combiner Kit Duplexer and Low Noise Amplifier Module DUAMCO Low Noise Amplifier Duplexer Duplexer for PicoBTS DUAMCO Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Duplex Filer for E-GSM 14 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 . DL DLCI DLU DLUB DLUC DN DNS DOL DP DPC DPPS DPSK DRC DRC DRX DSL DSS.Abbreviations Information Terminology Abbrev.

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 15 .

Level1 (PCM30) External Alarm Protection EDGE Carrier Unit Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution Event Detection Point Enhanced Full Rate Enhanced General Packet Radio Service Extended GSM Equipment Identity Register European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network External Memory Electromagnetic Compatibility Emergency Manual Electromagnetic Interference Enhanced Multi Level Precedence and Preemption Extended MML Environmental Alarm European Rail Traffic Management System Enhanced Serial Communication Controller Electrostatically Sensitive Device Electronical Serial Number European Train Control System European Telecommunications Standards Institute Siemens Electronic Switching System Digital External Antenna External Splitter 16 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 6 E Abbrev. E1 EAP ECU EDGE EDP EFR EGPRS E-GSM EIR EIRENE EM EMC EMCYMN EMI eMLPP EMML ENVA ERTMS ESCC2 ESD ESN ETCS ETSI EWSD EXAN EXTSPLIT English Term European PDH Signal.

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 17 .

A. F. F: F:COREM-BP F:TIF-BP FAC FACCH FALC FAN FANP FCB FCC FCCH FCU FDD FDMA FDUAMCO FEC FECN FER FET FFU FG FH FIBOX FICOM FLAM FLOC FM FMOs FN FOU FP FP FPGA FPH FR FR FRL FS FTAM FTN FTNF English Term Functional Address Frame F:CORE Base Module Backplane F:Terrestrial Interface Backplane Final Assembly Code Fast Associated Control Channel Framing and Line Interface Component for PCM30 and PCM24 Fan Unit FAN for BTSplus Fan Control Board Federal Communications Commission Frequency Correction Channel Fan Control Unit Frequency Division Duplex Frequency Division Multiple Access Flexible Duplexer Amplifier Multicoupler Forward Error Correction Forward Explicit Congestion Notification Failure Event Report Field Effect Transistor For Future Use Flame Guard door Frequency Hopping Filter Box Filter Combiner Frankenstein Lidzba Access Method Frequency Locked Fault Management Functional Managed Objects Functional Number Fully Outdoor Unit Fuse Panel Fault Protection Field-Programmable Gate Array Freephone Service Frame Relay Full Rate Frame Relay Link Fixed Station File Transfer and Access Management Forwarded to Number FICOM Tunable Narrowband Filter 18 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 7 F Abbrev.

FTNFP FTP FUC FVSWR FVSWRP FW FWB English Term FICOM-TNF for BTSplus File Transfer Protocol Fan Unit Control FICOM Voltage Standing Wave Ratio FICOM-VSWR for BTSplus Firmware Field Wiring Box A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 19 .Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.

GCA GCG GCN GCR GCU GDCS GEA GET GGSN GIF GMLC GMM GMSC GMSK GND GPN GPRS GPS GPSU GR GSC GSM GSM GSMMGW GSMMSC-S GSM-R GSM-RE GSN GSS GT GTP GTT GUI English Term Group Call Area Group Clock Generator for DLUD Group Call Number Group Call Register GMSK Carrier Unit General Data Collector Service GPRS Encryption Algorithm Get Command Gateway GPRS Support Node Graphical Interchange Format Gateway Mobile Location Center GPRS Mobility Management Gateway MSC Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying Ground Group Processor N General Packet Radio Service Global Positioning System Generic Power Supply Unit GPRS Register Gateway MSC (in Satellite Networks) Global System for Mobile Communication GPRS Session Management GSM Media Gateway GSM MSC Server GSM Railway GSM Railway Extension GPRS Support Node GPRS Switching Subsystem Global Title GPRS Tunnel Protocol Global Title Translation Graphical User Interface 20 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 8 G Abbrev.

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 21 .

Abbreviations Information Terminology 9 H Abbrev. HA HAND HCS HDLC HDML HECC HEPP HEX HF-DF HLR HLRc HLRi HLRID HMO HMO HO HON HOP HOREQ HPA HPDU HPLMN HR HSCSD HSCX HSN HSN HT HTI HTML HTTP HTTP(S) HU HW HYCOM HYSIGN English Term Horizontal Allocation Handover Recognition Hierarchical Cell Structures High Level Data Link Control Handheld Device Markup Language Heat Exchanger Control Card Hardware Engineering Product Plan Heat Exchanger High Frequency-Distribution Frame Home Location Register HLR/AC classic HLR/AC innovation HLR Identity Holdover Mode Hardware Related Managed Object Handover Handover Number Hot Operation Protocol Handover Request High Power Amplifier High Power Duplexer Unit Home PLMN Half Rate High Speed Circuit Switched Data High Level Serial Communication Controller Extended Hopping Sequence Number Handover Sequence Number Hilly Terrain Host Timeslot Interchange Hypertext Markup Language Hypertext Transfer Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure) Height Unit Hardware Hybrid Combiner Hybrid Combiner Signaling 22 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 23 .

IA IACAMA IACHASTA IACMET IARA ICB ICC ICM ICMP ID IDF IDT IDU IE IETF IF IH IMEI IMN IMS IMS IMSI IMT-2000 IN INAP INTENNA IOC IOP IOP:AUC IP IP IP IPA IPA IPLMN IR ISDN ISO ISP ISUP ITMN ITU-T English Term Incoming Access Interadministration Charging and Statistics with AMA Tickets Interadministration Charging and Statistics Interadministration Charging and Statistics with Meters Interadministration Revenue Accounting Incomming Calls Barred within the CUG Interception Control Center In Call Modification Internet Control Message Protocol Identification Inventory Data File Inventory Data Table Indoor Device Unit Information Element Internet Engineering Task Force Interface Input Handler International Mobile Equipment Identity Installation Manual Interception Management System Information Management System International Mobile Subscriber Identity International Mobile Telecommunictions-2000 Intelligent Network IN Application Part Internal Antenna Input/Output Control Input/Output Processor Input/Output Processor for Authentication Center Internet Protocol Intelligent Peripheral Internal Protection Internal Patch Antenna Interactive Panel Architect Interrogating PLMN Incremental Redundancy Integrated Services Digital Network International Organization for Standardization Internet Service Provider Integrated Services User Part (ISDN) Installation Test Manual International Telecommunication Union.Abbreviations Information Terminology 10 I Abbrev. Sector Telecommunication Standardization 24 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .

IVR IWE:HS IXLT IXLT English Term Interactive Voice Response Interworking Equipment:High Speed Interface X.Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.25 and Local Terminal Interface O&M Interface to the LMT/OMC A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 25 .

For LCS BSS centric solution it always must be set to FALSE. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Link Equipment Local Exchange Law Enforcement Agency Light Emitting Diode Label Edge Router Link Interface or Line Interface Line Interface Card Line Interface Card: GTP Line Card Line Card Spare Lawful Interception-Interception Management System Link Interface for Primary Access Line Protection Agent Logical Link Control Location Mark Number Local Mobile Subscriber Identity Local Maintenance Terminal Low Noise Amplifier Low Noise Amplifier & Band Filter L2TP Network Server Lamp Panel Layout Plan Location Platform Lightning Protection Alarm Least Replaceable Unit Least Significant Bit Label Switched Path Label Switching Router 26 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 11 J-L Abbrev. JP JRE Ki L2R L2TP LA LAC LAC LAN LAPD LAPDLE LCS LCSNSSC LDAP LE LE LEA LED LER LI LIC LIC:GTP LICD LICDS LI-IMS LIPA LIPAGE LLC LMN LMSI LMT LNA LNA&BF LNS LP LP LP LPA LRU LSB LSP LSR English Term Jumper Java RunTime Environment Authentication Key Layer 2 Relay Function Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Location Area Location Area Code L2TP Access Concentrator Local Area Network Link Access Protocoll for D-Channel LAPD Link Equipment Location Services This BSC DB enables LCS NSS centric solution.

LTG LTG LTGG LTGN LTL LTU:S LVD LVD English Term Loadable Timing Generation Line/Trunk Group Line/Trunk Group G Line/Trunk Group N Local Test Loop Line/Trunk Unit: Supplementary Low Voltage Disconnection Low Voltage Detection A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 27 .Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.

µC M:COBAM M:ENVACON MA MAC MAH MAIO MAP MB(B) MBBCU MC MCC MCC MCLK MCR MCS MCS M-CSI MDD MDF ME MEF MEG MEMT MF MFC:R2 MH MHU MI MI MIA MIB MIC MicroBTS MK MLPP MLSE MM MMC MMI MML MMN English Term Microcomputer Module:Core Base Module Module:Environmental Alarm Connector Mobile Allocation Medium Access Control Mobile Access Hunting Mobile Allocation Index Offset Mobile Application Part Message Buffer B Multichannel Baseband Unit Monitoring Center Mobile Country Code Main Construction Catalog Master Clock Mobile Call Record Modulation and Coding Scheme Mass Calling Service Mobility Management Notification-CAMEL Subcription Information Magnetic Disk Device Main Distribution Frame Mobile Equipment Membrane Filter Maintenance Entity Graph Memory of Telephone Processor Mediation Function Multifrequency Code Signalling (R2) Message Handler Mast Head Unit Mobile Integrator Messaging Interface Mobile Internet Access Management Information Base Mobile Internal Call (intra MSC) Micro Base Transceiver Station Mounting Kit Multi Level Precedence and Preemption Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation Mobility Management Mobile to Mobile Call (inter MSC) Man Machine Interface Man Machine Language Maintenance Manual 28 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 12 M Abbrev.

Ethernet (board type) Main Processor-Input Output processing (board type) Main Processor-Mobility Management Main Processor-Operation and Maintenance Main Processor-Packet Dispatching and Session Handling Main Processor-Stand Alone Main Processor-Signaling Link Termination Main Processor-Signaling Management Multi Party Service Main Processor Unit Main Processor Unit Type D Mobile Station Mobile Subscriber Most Significant Bit Mobile Services Switching Center MSC Interface Mobile Subscriber Identification Number Mobile Subscriber ISDN Number Mobile Subscriber Roaming Number Mobile SSP Main Supply Unit DC Mains Supply Unit Mobile Termination Mean Time Between Failure Mobile Terminating Call Magnetic Tape Device Mobile Terminating Location Request A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 29 . MNC MNRF MNRR MO MOC MOC MOD MODUP MOI MORANE MOT MOU MP MP:STATS MP-ACC MP-AP MPCC MP-EN MP-IO MP-MM MP-O&M MP-PD/SH MP-SA MP-SLT MP-SM MPTY MPU MPUD MS MS MSB MSC MSCI MSIN MSISDN MSRN M-SSP MSU MSUDC MT MTBF MTC MTD MT-LR English Term Mobile Network Code Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable Flag Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable Reason Managed Object Mobile Originated Call Managed Object Class Magneto-Optical Disk Modulator and Upconverter Managed Object Instance Mobile Railway radio Network for Europe Managed Object Under Test Memorandum of Understanding Main Processor Main Processor:Statistics Main Processor-Accounting Main Processor used for Application Software Processing Main Processor Control Card Main Processor .Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.

MTP MUCO MUST English Term Message Transfer Part Multicoupler Multiple Short Message Transactions 30 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology Abbrev.

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 31 .

Abbreviations Information Terminology 13 N Abbrev. n NAS NCC NCH NDC NE NEC NEy NI-LR NIUSSD NMC NMSI NNM NOB nob_RIU NP NPCI NS NSAPI NSDU NSEI NSS NSVC NSVCI NSVL NSVLI NT NTC NTPM NTPM NTPM NTPMGF NTPMGF NTPM-GF NTPMKU NTPM-KU NTW NUC English Term no Network Access Server Network Color Code Notification Channel National Destination Code Network Element National Electric Code Network Entity Network Induced Location Request Network Initiated USSD Network Management Center National Mobile Subscriber Identity Network Node Manager Not On Board non on-board memory Remote Inventory Unit Number Portability Network Protocol Control Information Network Service Network Layer Access Point Identifier Network Service Data Unit Network Service Entity Identifier Network Switching Subsystem Network Service Virtual Connection Network Service Virtual Connection Identifier Network Service Virtual Link Network Service Virtual Link Identifier Network Termination Negative Thermal Coefficient Network Termination for PCM 30 Network Termination Primary Access Multiplex Network Termination Module Network Termination Primary Access Multiplex Fiber Optics Network Termination for PCM30 with Optical Interface Network Terminations for Optical Fiber NTPM Copper Wires Network Terminations for Copper Lines Network Nailed Up Connection 32 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 33 .

Abbreviations Information Terminology 14 O Abbrev. O&M OA OAL ob_RIU OBIX OCANEQ OCB OCE:SPM OCI O-CSI OCVCXO ODB ODU OEM OGL OLT OMC OML OMN OMP-B OMP-S OMS OMT OMT/N OMTX OPC OPDS OPEX ORACLE ORECF ORLCF ORMMC OS OSB OSD OSF OSI OSPF OSS OST OTP OVP English Term Operation and Maintenance Outgoing Access Operator Alarm On-Board Memory Remote Inventory Unit Optical Bus Interface Extension Operationally Controlled Equipment for Announcement Outgoing Calls Barred within the CUG Operationally Controlled Equipment for Announcement. Stored Program Control and Memory Operator Controlled Input Originating-CAMEL Subcription Information Oven Controlled VCXO Operator Determined Barring Outdoor Device Unit Original Equipment Manufacturer Operator Guidelines Originating Line Trigger Operation and Maintenance Center Output Manual Operation Manual Operation and Maintenance Processor for BSS Operation and Maintenance Processor for SSS Operation and Maintenance System Operation and Maintenance Terminal OMT for National OMC Application X Terminal Own Point Code Open Door Sensor Operating Expenditures Commercial Database Product Optimal Routing of Early Call Forwarding Optimal Routing of Late Call Forwarding Optimal Routing of Mobile-to-Mobile Call Operating System Operator Specific Barring OMS Status Display Open Software Foundation Open Systems Interconnection Open Shortest Path First Operator Specific Services Operational State Open Test Platform Overvoltage Protection 34 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .

Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev. OVP16 OVPT OVPTCOAX OVPTCOAXM OVPTM OVW English Term Overvoltage Protection with 16 external alarms Overvoltage Protection and Tracer Overvoltage Protection and Tracer 75W asymmetrical line Overvoltage Protection and Tracer for Coaxial Cables Overvoltage Protection and Tracer for symmetric Pair Cables Open View Window A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 35 .

PA PABX PAD PAGCH PAI PAMR PAPI PATRX PBCCH PBCH PBGT PC PC PCB PCCCH PCCH PCH PCI PCK PCM PCM0/1 PCM24 PCM30 PCMT PCP PCR PCS PCS PCU PD PDA PDAS PDB PDC PDC PDCH PDF PDN PDP PDT PDTCH PDU PDU English Term Power Amplifier Private Automatic Branch Exchange Packet Assembling Disassembling Packet Access Grant Channel Prompt Alarm Indication Public Access Mobile Radio Provisioning API Power Amplifier and Transceiver Unit Packet Broadcast Control Channel Packet Broadcast Channel Power Budget RF Power Control Personal Computer Printed Circuit Board Packet Common Control Channel Packet Control Channel Paging Channel Preemptive Capability Indicator Packet Control ACK Pulse Code Modulation Abis Interface Lines Puls Code Modulation with 24 time slots Puls Code Modulation with 30 time slots PCM Trau Peripheral Control Platform Preventative Cyclic Retransmission Personal Communication System Personalization Center for SIM Packet Control Unit Packet Dispatcher Personal Digital Assistant Packet Downlink Assignment Power Distribution Box Performance Data Collector Personal Digital Cellular Packet Data Channel Portable Document Format Packet Data Network Packet Data Protocol Packet Data Terminal Packet Data Traffic Channel Packet Data Unit Power Distribution Unit 36 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 15 P-Q Abbrev.

PDU PE PFC PFI PFM P-GSM PH PIC PID PIP PL PLLH PLLH PLMN PM PMO PMR PNCH PO POP POP3 PPCC PPCC PPCH PPCU PPLD PPP PPS PPSC PPXL PPXU PPXX PRACH PRBT PRM PRN PROVNO PS PS PSDN PSI PSI PSK PSTN PSU PTCCH English Term Protocol Data Unit Protective Earth Packet Flow Context Packet Flow Identifier Packet Flow Manager Primary GSM Packet Handling Preselected Interexchange Carrier Product Identification Data Primary Input Power Priority Level Phase Locked Loop Oscillator High Performance Clock Unit Public Land Mobile Network Performance Management Plesiochronous Mode Private Mobile Radio Packet Notification Channel Packet-Oriented Point of Presence Post Office Protocol 3 Peripheral Processor Common Channel Peripheral Processor for CCS7 Packet Paging Channel Peripheral Packet Control Unit Peripheral Processor for LAPD Channels Point-to-Point Protocol PrePaid Service PrePaid Service Center Peripheral Processor LAPD/SS7 Peripheral Processor used for PPCU Evolution Peripheral Processor (general purpose) Packet Random Access Channel Personalized Ring Back Tone Packet Routing Management Provided Roaming Number Service Provider Number Power Supply Packet Switched Packet Switched Data Network Packet System Information Provided Subscriber Information Phase Shift Keying Public Switched Telecommunication Network Power Supply Unit Packet Timing Advance Control Channel A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 37 .Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.

PTCH PTM P-TMSI PTP PTP-CLNS PTP-CONS PTPPKF PTR PTT PUAS PVC PVI PW PWRC PWRD PWRDET PWRST QA QoD QoHR QoR QoS QTLP QTL English Term Packet Traffic Channel Point to Multipoint Packet Temporary Mobile Station Identity Point to Point PTP Connectionless Network Service PTP Connection Oriented Network Service Point To Point Packet Function Packet Timeslot Reconfigure Press-to-Talk Packet Uplink Assignment Permanent Virtual Connection Preemptive Vulnerability Indicator Password Power Control Power Distributor Power Detector Power Stage Queuing Allowed Indicator Query on Digit analysis Query on HLR Release Query on ISUP Release Quality of Service Quad Trunk Line Peripheral Quad Trunk Line Interface 38 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology Abbrev.

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 39 .

RA RA RAA RAC RAC RAC RACH RADIUS RAFE RAI RAL RAND RARP RAS RAS RAT RAU RBBC RBC RC RCAP RCCK RCH RD1 RD2 RDC RDCRLIC RDD RDO REMINV RF RFA RFCH RFI RFin RFout RFRX R-GSM RIID RIP RITL RIU English Term Routing Area Rate Adaption Rate Adaption.Abbreviations Information Terminology 16 R Abbrev. using the A-TRAU format Reset Analog Radio Controller ARC Routing Area Code Railway Access Code Random Access Channel Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service Radio Front End Routing Area Identity Rack Alarm Random Number Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Remote Alarm Signaling Remote Access Server Radio Access Technology Routing Area Update Reset Baseband Controller BBC Radio Block Center Radio Commander Rack Cabling Access Panel Reset Common Clock Controller Resume Call Handling Reset Digital Radio Slave 1 DR1 Reset Digital Radio Slave 2 DR2 Reset Digital Radio Controller DRC Reset Digital Radio Controller DRC Reset Link Interface Controller Regional Documentation Department Rack Door Open Remote Inventory Radio Frequency Ready for Acceptance Radio Frequency Channel Ready for Inspection Radio Frequency Input Radio Frequency Output Radio Frequency Receiver Unit Railway GSM Radio IN Interface Device Routing Information Protocol Radio-In-The-Loop Remote Inventory Unit 40 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .

Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev. Shamir and Adleman (the inventors of this public-key cryptosystem for both encription and authentication) Remote Subscriber Control Input Radio Subsystem Remote Switching Unit Controller Resource Reservation Protocol Remote Timeslot Interchange Receiver Analog Receiver Board Receiver Antenna Module and Multicoupler Receiver Antenna Module Receive Diversity Receiver Front End Diversity Receiver Front End Main Receiver Frequency Bandpass Filter Receiver Local Oscillator Receiver Multicoupler Receiver Output Ready Ready TRXA Ready TRXD (DRC+DR1+DR2) A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 41 . RLC RLC RLC/MAC RLIC RLP RM RNC ROA ROSE ROT RR RSA RSCI RSS RSUC RSVP RTI RX RXA RXAMCO RXAMOD RXDIV RXFED RXFEM RXFIL RXLO RXMUCO RXO RY RYA RYD English Term Regional Logistic Center Radio Link Control Radio Link Control/Media Access Control Reset Link Interface Controller Radio Link Protocol Resource Management Radio Network Controller Roaming Charge Records Remote Operations Service Element Rack Overtemperature Radio Resource Management Rivest.

S/N SACCH SAI SAI SAL SAS SBS SC SCA SCAP SCCP SCE SCH SCI SCM SCP SCSI SDCCH SDDPFC SDH SDL SDU SE SELIC SET SETPAR SGCB SGML SGSN SI SILTG SIM SIO SIPRO SIS SIT10 SLMA SLMD SLR SM SM SMA SMC English Term Signal to Noise Slow Associated Control Channel Service Alarm Indication Service Area Identifier Shelter Alarm Secure Application Service Siemens Base Station Switch Commander Smart Carrier Allocation Shelter Cable Access Panel Signalling Connection Control Part Service Creation Environment Synchronization Channel Subscriber Controlled Input Service Class Mark Service Control Point Small Computer System Interface Stand-Alone Dedicated Control Channel Subscriber Dependent Digit Processing and Feature Control Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Specification and Description Language Service Data Unit System Element Serial Link Interface Controller (ASIC) Secure Electronic Transaction Set Parameter Switch Group Control B Standard Generalized Markup Language Serving GPRS Support Node Serial Interface Signalling Link Terminal Group Subscriber Identification Module Service Information Octet Signal Processing Unit Shelter In Service Set Information Type 10 Subscriber Line Module Analog for DLUD Subscriber Line Module Digital SGSN Location Register Session Management Short Messages Sub Miniature Type A RF-Connector Sub Miniature Type C RF-Connector 42 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 17 S Abbrev.

7 System Status Display Set System Info 10 Secure Sockets Layer Signalling System Network Control Service Switching Point Switching Subsystem Super Trunk Line Peripheral card Synchronous Transfer Mode Software A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 43 . SMC SMD SMLC SMP SMPP SMS SMSC SMS-CB SMS-GMSC SMS-IWMSC SMS-MO SMS-MT SMTP SMU SMUCB SN SN SN(B) SN16 SNAP SNDCF SNMP SNR Solaris/UNIX SP:BSSGP SP:GTP SP:ISP SPA1 SPC SPOTS SRA-L SRES SRF SRI SS SS7 SSD SSI10 SSL SSNC SSP SSS STLP STM SW English Term Security Management Center Surface Mounted Device Serving Mobile Location Center Service Management Point Short Message Peer-to-Peer Short Message Service Short Message Service Center Short Message Service Cell Broadcast Short Message Service-Gateway MSC Short Message Service Interworking MSC Short Message Service Mobile Originated Short Message Service Mobile Terminated Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Site Manager Unit Site Manager Combo Card Subscriber Number Switching Network Switching Network B Switching Unit with 16 kbit/s Submultiplexing Switching Network Advanced Performance SubNetwork Dependent Convergence Protocol Simple Network Management Protocol Serial Number Commercially Operating System Product Server Processor: Base Station System GPRS Protocol Server Processor: GPRS Tunneling Protocol Server Processor: Internet Service Provider Spare 1 Signalling Point Code Support of Planing. Operation & Maintenance and Traffic Analysis System Siemens Radio Access Link Signed Response Service Resource Feature Send Routing Information Supplementary Services CCITT Common Channel Signaling No.Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.

Abbreviations Information Terminology Abbrev. SWI SWL SWM SYNC SYNE SYP English Term Software Image Software Load Software Management Synchronization Source External Synchronization Source System Panel 44 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .

Information Terminology Abbreviations A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 45 .

T TA TA TAC TAC TAD TAF TAI TAP T-BCSM TBF TC TC TCAP TCH TCP TCP/IP T-CSI T-CSI TDD TDMA TDP TDPC TE TE TEI TELNET TERM TERMREQ TFAP TFI TID TIF TIF TIF-CSI TIFMW TIFNTPM TIS TLLI TLS TLT TMA TML English Term GSM LMT interface (BSS-LMT) Timing Advance Terminal Adapter Technical Assistance Center Type Approval Code Test Adapter Terminal Adapter Function Timing Advance Index Transferred Account Procedure Terminating-Basic Call State Model Temporary Block Flow Tariff Class Transaction Capabilities Transaction Capability Application Part Traffic Channel Transmission Control Protocol Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Terminating CAMEL Subscripton Information Terminating CSI Time Division Duplex Time Division Multiple Access Trigger Detection Point Telephony and Distributor Processor Card Test Equipment Terminal Equipment Terminal Endpoint Identifier Telecommunication NETwork Termination Termination Request TRAU Fuse and Alarm Panel Temporary Flow Identity Tunneling Identifier Terrestrial Interface Terrestrial Interface Module Translation Indicator Flag-CSI Terrestrial Interface for Microwave Terrestrial Interface for NTPM Tele Info Service Temporary Logical Link Identifier Transport Layer Security Terminating Line Trigger Tower Mounted Amplifier Task Manual 46 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .Abbreviations Information Terminology 18 T Abbrev.

TMSI TNF TO TOP TPDU TPU TPWR TRAC TRAU TRAUNRIU TRX TRXA TRXA TRXD TS TS TSC TSC TSI TSIM TSLA TSP TU TU TUP TV TX TXA TXAMOD TXFIL TXLO English Term Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity Tunable Narrowband Filter Timing Offset Tracking Oscillator Transfer Protocol Data Unit Transceiver Processor Unit TRAU Power Transcoding and Rate Adaption Card Transcoding and Rate Adaption Unit TRAU nob-RIU file Transceiver (Transmitter + Receiver) Transceiver Analogue Analogue Signal Processing Part Digital Signal Processing Part Teleservice Temperature Switch Training Sequence Code Technical Service Center Timeslot Interchange Timeslot Interchange Module Time Slots on the A Interface Tunnel Switching Point Typical Urban Test Unit Telephone User Part Televoting Transmit Analog Transmitter Board Transmit Antenna Module Bandpass Filter for Transmit Path Transmitter Local Oscillator A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 47 .Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev.

Abbreviations Information Terminology 19 U-Z Abbrev. UBEX U-CSI UDI UDP UDTRQ UE UG-CSI UIC UID UID UL UL UMN UMTS UN UP UPS UPS URC URL URLC USC USF USIM USSD USSD-CSI UUS1 V VA VAD VAM VAS VBS VCXO VGCS VLR VMC VMS VMSC VMSC VPLMN VPN VSWR English Term Universal Bus Extender USSD CAMEL Subscription Information User to Dispatcher Information User Data Protocol Unit Data Request User Equipment USSD General CAMEL-Subscription Information Union International des Chemins de fer User-Interactive Dialog User Identity Underwriter Laboratories Uplink User Manual Universal Mobile Telecommunication System Universal Number User Part Uninterruptable Power Supply System Uninterruptable Power Supply Uplink Request Confirm Uniform Resource Locator Uplink Request CMD Uplink Seized Command Uplink State Flag User Services Identity Module Unstructured Supplementary Service Data Unstructured Supplementary Service Data-CSI User-to-User Signalling Service 1 Version Vertical Allocation Voice Activity Detection Version Attachment Mechanism Value Added Service Voice Broadcast Service Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator Voice Group Call Service Visitor Location Register Voice Mail Center Voice Mail System Visited MSC Voice Mail Service Center Visited PLMN Virtual Private Network Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 48 A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 .

Information Terminology Abbreviations Abbrev. VT-CSI WAE WAN WAP WDP WML WMS WSP WTA WTLS WTP WWW XCONNECT xDSL XID XML ZDT English Term VMSC Terminating-CAMEL Subscription Information Wireless Application Environment Wide Area Network Wireless Application Protocol Wireless Datagram Protocol Wireless Markup Language Web Message Service Wireless Session Protocol Wireless Telephony Applications Wireless Transport Level Security Wireless Transaction Protocol World Wide Web Multidrop-Star Cross Connect x Digital Subscriber Line Exchange Identification Extensible Markup Language Zip Data Transfer A30808-X3247-K51-5-7635 49 .