Classic Airlines and Marketing Ganesswara MKT 571 November 15, 2010 Patricia Girardi

Currently the CRM is not likeable as the main focus is to reduce operation time and not to increase customer satisfaction. Basically the concept is to alter the product concept that has a product orientation to a customer orientation style. 16). .CLASSIC AIRLINES AND MARKETING 2 Classic Airlines and Marketing Competition in any field is usually an encouragement for the build of innovative and creativity thinking within an organization. Classic Airlines provide the customers an airline service to 240 cities. 2006. Today’s time the rate of competition is fierce as management are constantly finding mean and ways to improve current operations edging out the rivals. The marketing concept pushes an organization to thrive focus its operation on the customer (Kotler & Keller. The organization has its Classic Rewards program that rewards frequent fliers by enabling the collection of points by using the flight and car rentals at specific locations so that redemptions for a flight upgrade or annual pre-board is made possible. The reward program is recording reduction in the number of members and the increase of fuel and labor costs is pushing the organization to the possibility of going bankrupt. Classic Airlines an airline organization is in effect of the competition as it is seen in its reduction of customers’ confidence resulting in lower sales. The organization has a customer relationship marketing program (CRM) enabling interaction between customers and the organization. The focus on the customer is intense and by practicing reactive and proactive marketing orientation. The paper is meant to identify the products or services and its challenges plus discussing the marketing concepts that the organization uses to guide its marketing efforts. the organization can introduce products and services that match customers’ needs for the present and future. p. The segmentation strategy is cannot entice the customer forgetting about the price and to appreciate only the value the organization provides.

internal.CLASSIC AIRLINES AND MARKETING 3 The holistic marketing concept is an extension of the marketing concept for today’s time. The organization currently is working its way to entice its customers to survive within the competition. 2010). The observation is made by observing the board of directors creating a compensation plan that is a mandate of 15% across-the-board cost reduction over the next 18 months any by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has made it clear that an idea of further reduction of price will not be tolerable (University of Phoenix. The integration with Skyway Airline must be taken upon careful considerations. Employees are to align with marketing goals by not prioritizing oneself and practice good corporate culture starting from the CEO to the lowest rank official. 2006. Conclusion Classic Airlines is in a bad shape regarding its customer counts as members are either jumping to different airlines or using the airline service lesser. Finally through cause-related marketing an organization can exhibit positive social responsibilities raising its stature while providing the customers mutual benefits. and social responsibility (Kotler & Keller. Management must realize that a customer orientation style . 17). A change in marketing concept will not only bring a turnaround for the sales and count in members but also lessen the tension within the organization itself. Classic Airlines’ corporate culture is currently weak. Total coverage of the concept will see Classic Airline result in healthier expansive communication whereby all parties are brought up to speed almost simultaneously. CRM program requires calibration to satisfy customers’ needs that is to increase live communication. p. An improvement in securing the baggage from damage or missing exhibits to the customers that the organization will provide the utmost respect. integrated. Classic Airlines method in handling baggage can be method of showing that the organization cares for the customers’ belongings. Its four marketing components are relationship.

increase of baggage security and potential expansion are to be taken into consideration.CLASSIC AIRLINES AND MARKETING 4 will result better instead of the profit seeking method that the organization is currently possessing. The holistic concept with its cohesive style can ensure a solid future for Classic Airlines. The CRM program. . Management will have to thread carefully but also as fast as possible before its rivals start to refrain potential customers or old customers to even consider Classic Airlines.

Marketing Management. (2006). Classic Airlines Scenario..L. rEsource. MKT 571-Marketing Course Website: https://ecampus. & Keller . Retrieved November 10. 20010 from University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix.CLASSIC AIRLINES AND MARKETING 5 References Kotler P.phoenix. 12th edition. Week One. New Jersey: PearsonPrentice Hall. (2010).

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