We have to acknowledge with deep sense of gratitude the scholarly guidance of Mrs. NEHA GOSWAMI, LECTURER (Dept Of Computer Science and Information Technology) to us in accomplishing this project work. This is to certify that the work, which is being presented in the project entitled: LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM submitted by

MITHLESH KUMAR student of third year (Vth Sem) B.Tech. in Computer Science, for partial fulfillment for the award of degree BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY is a record of student s work carried out by them under my guidance and supervision. This work has not been submitted elsewhere for the award of any other degree.

Mrs. Neha Goswami
Lecturer (Dept of Computer Science And Information Technology)



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The project like this takes quite a lot of time to do properly. As is offer the case, this project owes its existence and certainly its quality to a number of people, whose name does not appear on the cover. We take a opportunity to express our sincere thanks and immense gratitude to our esteemed guide Mrs. Neha Goswami, Lecturer. defines software support systems through incessant help and guidance unfailing interest, personal attention, that this work could take shape. She herself has always been a valued source of inspiration for us. This Library software is new & hard for us although by the help of our guiders & their blessings we finally achieve it. On last work of thanks to HOD Miss. Monika Soni and faculties of computer science department for giving well organized training and the opportunity to experiments with same new ideas and techniques and friends whose interesting and insightful questions helped me to improved pedagogic approach. We would also like to thank our Project team whose hard work, Concentrative and creative mind and programming knowledge gives us this result which today here in front of you. Harish Kr. Kedawat Manoj Kr. Sharma Mithlesh Kumar


product and mode of operation of organization On the top of all this one learns to tackle different problems that hinder the development of any computer application. There is no doubt that inspired of strenuous efforts error might remain in the text we truly apologize for that. properly executed and evaluated project development gets a lot in inoculating good culture. By the help of this training schedule one get an appointment to become familiar with practical working environment. BIKANER . and the whole define personnel we can never event think of repaying their affectionate care and boosting with out which we could have failed to reach the shores. processes. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. This Training provides linkage between the Student and the Industry in order to develop the awareness of Industrial approach to problem solving based on broad understanding of plant. Our efforts could never have met with success but for the blessings of almighty God.PREFACE Man has always aspired betterment to achieve betterment from the things. so one learn to develop a computer device application during the short tenure of his project period. His creativity and imagination has led to the invention wheel and all other basic necessities and his persistent with and will to improve. The well planned.

BIKANER .TABLE OF CONTENTS  System Analysis and Design of Proposed System  Introduction  Problem Definition  Feasibility Study  Requirement Analysis  Platform Requirements  Software requirement  Hardware requirement  Analyzing Project  Purpose  Scope  Data Flow Diagram  Entity Relationship Diagram  User Interface  Main Menu  Book Menu o Add New Book  Faculty Menu  Student Menu  Issue-Return Menu o Issue Book      Implementation Software Testing Future Enhancement Conclusion Bibliography MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE.


it is not always clear what specific objectives such functionality should be designed to support. The college library has a collection of about 60000 books and 10000 bound volumes of journals. BIKANER . The library remains open from morning till night on all working days. Our survey intended to gather information on the actual statistical requirements of Library managers so as to facilitate a better understanding of their needs in this area. The college has a well established library which caters to the need of the undergraduate and post graduate students and the faculties. reprographic facilities and bibliographic reference and information are rendered by the library. reading room.g. The library functions on an open access system for the faculty members and students. It is our hope that the information obtained will make it easier for LMS producers to accommodate these essential needs when designing their future products. However. It seems that the whole issue needs to be more clearly defined. Vendors of Library Management Systems are often asked whether their system has an ample functionality (e. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. a statistical module) to support managerial decision-making. Services such as lending of books and journals. It subscribes to about 100 international journals in various disciplines of science. Library is like repository of books in which a massive knowledge is stored. engineering and humanities. Colleges or Universities.INTRODUCTION Library is one of the basic necessities of Schools.

You should not promise a customer something that a computer cannot perform programmatically. In such cases. They want to do everything by the computer. Some customers may come up with really stupid ideas. It is very critical to make them clearly understand what can be done by the computer and what is not.PROBLEM DEFINTION Let us start with the requirement stage of the project. in person communication with the customer to get a feel of his expectations. They will tell you exactly what they want. you must be able to suggest the features to the customer and let them understand those features before you develop it. Some customers may simply say 'I want a Library Management System'. And your job would be easier in this case. but very difficult for a computer. Communication with customer is very important in this stage. some of them don't even really know what they want. Some tasks may be very easy for a human to do. but they may not even know what kind of features they want in the product. BIKANER . It is strongly recommended to have a direct. This is a very critical stage for developing any project. the most important thing is documenting all requirements and getting approval by the customer. Some customers may be too smart. Some customers may have lot of suggestions. The first step for a developer in any project is to understand the requirements. In all cases. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. You must communicate with customer as much as possible and document all requirements.

 Availability of any information on hands regarding Library management system.  Automatic recognition of stock and updation of final reports. The advent of computer in commercial application has brought about in the industrial environment.  Elimination of substantial manual efforts involved in posting entries in various registers. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE.Talk to the customer about requirements Document all requirements in a piece of paper or in a word document Send the requirements document to the customer for his review Revise the document based on the customer review and suggestions Get the final approval and signature of the customer on the Requirements Specification.  Saving in cost in terms of manpower. BIKANER . Computerization has made its presence felt in every area of commercial application and exception and requirement from Computerized system 1ist increasing due to growing complexity and requirement .The new proposed computerized Library Management system needs to fulfill following requirements:  Providing information as per statuary requirements whenever necessary.  Saving in storage space required for keeping voluminous data.

A library have all the records of books and members. We have also provided all the possible facilities to simplify the library work like quick search for the books and members.In a survey conducted among Library and information managers from diverse Library types and cultural backgrounds it was found that the most valued statistics were those related to circulation. staff and others.FEASIBILITY STUDY In library management system we have provided the details about to provide the books to the students. You can also delete the member or book if it is required. The Management of a Library is based to a large extent on the availability of relevant statistical output. This will help in keeping record safe and in easy way so that we can abstract and manipulate easily. You can also find all the information of the member and books by only id which is made foreign key. in this you can also edit the information of these. The most important use is to issue books and return books record which is easily maintained by the project. BIKANER . MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. system performance and search aspects. colleges and universities for maintaining and keeping records of books in the library. Library Management System vendors are not always clear on the required statistics that their Library System should generate . This project can be used in many schools.

Standard (101 Key) Optical mouse MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE.) H/W REQUIREMENT PROCESSOR RAM HARD DISK MONITOR KEYBOARD MOUSE 3.) PLATFORM REQUIRED We have used windows XP as a platform for our project.REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS 1.) S/W REQUIREMENT OPERATING SYSTEM PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Windows XP C++ PENTIUM 800 Mhz 256 MB or above 40 GB or above VGA or high tech. 2. It is commonly used now days at everywhere. Also java supports windows XP. BIKANER . So we used this to complete project and successfully completed the entire project without any platform related problem.

BIKANER . Here he needs knowledge about its theme from a Library. Developer requires knowledge about its managing views. This system provides facilities about information related to Library management system.ANALYSING PROJECT To develop a project first of all developer needs its plan. All the work can be completed in few minutes by entering only the ID or name of book or student. issue books or return books.) PURPOSE The main purpose of the project is to manage the books in the library efficiently and in easy way. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. If we want to find a record which is of two or three years ago. b. which all should be in a manner and the record of the books should be kept of all the transactions which may be entry of new books or members. So it is simplified and make easy to maintain the record. Storing these data into tables and it gets results to the users needing by making operations on it. which is very tedious job. It is very simple. The system will be user friendly and gives attention on sharp point.) SCOPE The library is very important part of any study institution. secure. portable and support multithread. Our software provides all these facilities which make the all work easy to implement. keep storing data and making operations on that data. So this project is design in C++. C++ is the latest language which is mostly used now days. There are many books in the library. There are so many books in the library and there are so many problems in managing the records in the files. delete books or members. a.



STUDENT Issue Book List Search For Student Add Book LIBRARY MANAGEMENT 1. BIKANER .1 Book Issue to Student Query Book Return By Student Returned Book List By Student Book Issue to Staff BOOK Returned Book List By Staff Search Query Book Return By Staff Issue Book List For Staff STAFF 1 MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE.











author publisher. search. faculty id. Now the program coding in C++ and user can search and query about the book by book¶s name. This project is also very easy to use and work with as well as it is very flexible. etc. This project is capable of maintain records of issuing and returning of books. update and access existing information. student id .Our project ³LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM´ which is meant for educational institute whose main concern is to provide books information present in library. BIKANER . All these facilities provided by the project make it user friendly. The database of this project contains information like book id . MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. The maintenance cost of this project is also very less. The user can register. It is versatile project providing all requirement in one.

The module interface is tested to ensure that information properly flows into and of the program unit under test the local data structure has been examined to ensure that data stored temporarily maintains its integrity during all steps in an algorithm¶s execution. progress must be measurable and problems must surface as earl as possible. These techniques provide systematic guidance for designing test that (1) exercise the internal logic of software components. Following testing techniques are well known and the same strategy is adopted during this project testing.SOFTWARE TESTING Once source code has been generated. Our goal is to design a series of test cases that have a high likelihood of finding errors. A strategy must provide guidance for the practitioner and a set of milestones for the manager. and (2) exercise the input and output domains of the program to uncover errors in program function. A strategy for software testing must accommodate low-level tests that are necessary to verify that a small source code segment has been correctly implemented as well as high-level tests that validate major system functions against customer requirements. BIKANER . Unit testing: Unit testing focuses verification effort on the smallest unit of software design. All independent paths through the control structure are exercised to ensure that all statements in a module haven executed at least once. To uncover the errors software techniques are used. Integration testing: MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. Boundary conditions are tested to ensure that the module operated properly at boundaries established to limit or restrict processing. behavior and performance. software must be tested to uncover (and correct) as many errors as possible before delivery to customer.the software component or module. The unit test is white-box oriented. Because the steps of the test strategy occur at a time when deadline pressure begins to rise.

The objective of this test is to take unit tested components and build a program structure that has been dictated by design. Validation testing: At the culmination of integration testing. System testing: System testing is actually a series of different tests whose primary purpose is to fully exercise the computer-based system. and a final series of software tests validation testing-may begin.Integration testing is a systematic technique for constructing the program structure while at the same time conducting tests to uncover errors associated with interfacing. Validation can be defined in many ways. interfacing errors have been uncovered and corrected. but a simple definition is that validation succeeds when software functions in a manner that can be reasonably expected by the customer. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. Below we have described the two types of testing which have been taken for this project. software is completely assembled as a package. BIKANER .

FUTURE ENHANCEMENT The Project development so far is still in its infant state and further enhancement can be applied to it to make it to perform more processing related to relate to areas other than covered so far like. Library Management System has been designed to automate. according to end user requirements. BIKANER . In this owner can sell his/her books online. This will provide more facility and will be more users friendly. This software is capable of managing Book Issues. In the near future the library will shift to a separate spacious building. This study highlights some crucial and vital issues of new trends of library management in present day This Project can be converted a web based application using JAVA for Internet Library System where many of Internet-users can take opportunity as take a membership of LIBRARY system as Customer. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. Calculating/Managing Fine and Balances of payments due from Members. Returns. Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions. generating various Reports for Record-Keeping and Review purposes. manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large-scale libraries.

sometimes it get full success on its aim but mostly there is a possibility to left some limitation in the package. BIKANER . It will be our endeavor to pursue the project further and develop newer application from it. This package is developed for managing a Library management system and it has successfully runs on including points but few points are not covered by this package due to the less time of working and such points are out of knowledge of its developer. MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. offering an enhanced product. the probability of error should reduces significantly. Mainly Library expressions are mostly used in this package to calculate necessary outputs as needing. but the every included parts of this project is enough efficient to use it on a Library management system.CONCLUSION A developer of project tries his better to make a powerful and effective package. The project makes a small beginning with a small foray into the field of library. the user should benefit enormously from the automating management processes of Library management. Nevertheless. Also. The time thus saved and instant access to key management information should help the user allocates resources better and exercise better management of Library.

com MARUDHAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE. D h a n p a t R a i & C O .1 1 0 0 0 8  S a l i ni P ur i . LT D . O b j e c t O r i e nt e d P r o g r a m m i ng w i t h C + + . J a i p u r  S um i t a A r o r a .H I L L P U B LI S H I N G C O . N E W D E LH I . Lt d . . LT D . S o f t w a r e e ng i ne e r i ng . N e w Delhi 110006 Websites:- www. I nf o r m a t i c s P r a c t i c e s .H I L L P U B LI S H I N G C O . N E W D EL H I . BIKANER . G e n i u s P u b l i c a t i o n s . T A T A M c G r a w .ziller.org www.pdf-search-engine. T A T A M c G r a w .1 1 0 0 0 8  H e r b e r t S c hi l d t . T he c o m p l e t e r e f e r e nc e C + + .BIBLOGRAPHY  B a l a g ur us a m y .

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