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March 22, 2020: An Urgent Request to Residents of British Columbia

From the Providence Health Care Medical Staff Association and Medical Staff colleagues from
across BC (hospital physicians, surgeons and other medical staff)

By now you've heard direction from our Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, Health
Minister Adrian Dix and Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart about how to protect ourselves and
our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other measures, these experts have
urged everyone to practice social and physical distancing in an effort to slow the spread of this
virus. Many of you are already adhering to these recommendations.

But many of you are not.

We've all heard stories in the last few days of groups of people gathering at parties, basketball
games and beaches, despite the urging of officials to stay at home. Perhaps some people do not
believe they will become sick, or don't understand that they can carry and spread the virus to
more compromised members of our society. This lack of action will cost lives. Please trust the
experts and stay home.

We are BC’s Medical Staff. We are at the front line of this fight. We fear an influx of patients
that the system cannot handle. We fear for our patients and the need to make decisions about
who will get the necessary equipment to survive. We fear for our own safety and the safety of
our families.

We are telling all residents of BC what we have been telling those we love for a week:

Follow the protocols. Start now while we still have a chance to slow down this terrible disease.

To our government: if you decide to take stricter measures to enforce these rules, we are on
your side. What's good for our entire community must be prioritized.

To our residents: This is a threat that hopefully comes along only once in a lifetime. We are
asking every resident in every community to do their part to help us stop this virus. When we
look back on this unprecedented time in our history, how did you act?

7 Pages of BC medical staff signatures to this letter follow.

#stay_home #BCdocs

Signed by the following Medical Staff
Dr. Tracy Scott Dr.Mattias Berg Dr. Jean Chuo
General Surgeon Emergency Medicine Ophthalmology, PHC and VCH
MSA President, Providence Dr. Catherine Biggs
Health Care Clinical Immunology Dr. Jason Clement
Radiology, SPH
Dr Bobby Lee Dr. Jesse Bittman
Head of Cardiac Anaesthesia, General Internal Medicine, SPH Dr. Neasa Coll
Providence Health Care Family Medicine
Dr. Phillipp Blanke
Dr Todd Raine Radiology, SPH Dr. William Connors
Emergency Medicine Infectious Diseases
Providence Health Care Dr. Shari Bozorg UBC - PHC, VGH, BCCDC
Dr Karen Dallas, Dr. Simone Cowan
Hematopathology | Division Dr. Brian Bressler Cardiologist, St. Paul’s Hospital
Head, Hematopathology & Gastroenterology, SPH
Transfusion Medicine Dr. Mark Cresswell
Dr. Jaquie Brown Radiology
Dr. David Agulnik Radiology, SPH
Emergency Medicine, SPH/MSJ Dr. Nora Cummins
Dr. Sam Bugis Internal Medicine, MSJ
Dr. Ekaterina Alexeeva General Surgery, PHC
Emergency Medicine Dr. Marie-Pierre Dallaire
Dr. Mike Burns General internal medicine
Dr. Jack Amar General Practice, PHC and VCH
Gastroenterology Dr. Lauren Daley
Dr. Michael Butterfield Palliative Medicine, PHC
Dr. Scott Apperley Psychiatry SPH and VGH
Respirology Dr. Riley Davidson
Dr. Ron Carere Family Medicine
Dr. Sheila Au Cardiology, PHC
Division of Dermatology, PHC Dr. Gillian de Gannes
Dr. Shanta Chakrabarti Division of Dermatology, PHC
Dr. Cristina Aydin Cardiology
Psychiatry , PHC Dr. Joe Delvicario
Dr. Anton Chau Anesthesiologist, PHC
Dr. Paxton Bach Anesthesia, SPH and BC
Addiction Medicine Women’s Dr. Diana Diao
Dermatologist, PHC
Dr. Caroline Baldwin Dr. Harpreet Chauhan
Palliative Medicine, PHC Psychiatrist Dr. Roberta Dionello
Radiologist, PHC
Dr. Monica Beaulieu Dr. Peter Chen
Head, Division of Nephrology, General Internal Medicine, PHC Dr. Ioana Dumitru
PHC Anaesthesia SPH
Dr. Annie Chou
Dr. Richard Bedell Cardiology, SPH and VGH Dr. Julius Elefante
Urban Health & Infections, SPH Psychiatry, PHC and VCH
Dr. Bryan Chow
Dr. Scott Bell Psychiatry, PHC and VCH Dr. Jeniffer Ellis
Anesthesiologist, PHC Radiology, SPH

Dr. Pierre Faber Dr. Rose Hatala Dr. Lik Hang Lee
Ophthalmology, PHC Palliative Medicine, PHC Dept of Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Nadia Fairbairn Dr. Christine Henderson
Addiction Medicine Emergency Medicine, PHC and Dr. Richard Lee
VCH Radiology, MSJ
Dr. Hao Ian Anita Fan
Physiatry at PHC and VCH Dr. Nadine Hewitt Dr. Jonathan Leipsic
Palliative Medicine, PHC Radiology, PHC
Dr. Jessica Farrell
Radiologist, PHC Dr. Adrian Huang Dr. Janice Leung
Orthopedic Surgery, SPH Respirologist, PHC
Dr. Marie Fennemore
Psychiatry Dr. Shannon Jackson Dr. Victor Leung
PHC Hematology and Provincial Infectious Diseases and Medical
Dr. David Fenton Bleeding Disorders Program Microbiology (Infection
Radiology, SPH Prevention and Control)
Dr. Blake Jamieson
Dr. Sarah Fung Radiology, SPH Dr. Lisa Li
Hospitalist, PHC, VCH, FHA Anesthesiologist, PHC
Dr. Joan Gatto Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin
Family Physician General Surgery Dr. Cindy Liu
Geriatric Psychiatry, PHC
Dr. Valerie Giang Dr. Andrew Kestler
Addiction Medicine Emergency Medicine Dr. Charles Lo
Anesthesiologist, PHC
Dr. Nataliya Golishevski Dr. Mary KestlerP
Internal Medicine MSJ Infectious Diseases, PHC Dr. Alfonso Lovieno
Ophthalmology PHC
Dr. Caroline Gosselin Dr. Gil Kimel
Geriatric Psychiatry MSJ Head of Palliative Care, PHC Dr. Michael Luong
Cardiology, PHC and VCH
Dr. Nick Graham Dr. Alexandra Kuritzky
Chief of Family Medicine Dermatologist Dr. Su-Yin MacDonell
Mount Saint Joseph Anesthesia
Dr. Evan H. Kwong
Dr. Jesse Greiner Head of Physical Medicine and Dr. Julia MacIsaac
General internal medicine Rehabilitation, PHC Addiction Medicine
Medical Site Lead, Holy Family
Dr. Navdeep Grewal Hospital Rehab Dr. Birinder Mangat
Emergency Medicine, PHC and General Internal Medicine, PHC
FHA Dr. Brian Lahiffe
Emergency Medicine, SPH Dr. Ruth MacRedmond
Dr. Brian Grunau Critical Care Medicine
Emergency Medicine, SPH Dr. Leo Lai
Geriatrics, PHC and VCH Dr. Julian Marsden
Dr. Cameron Hague Emergency Medicine
Radiology, SPH Dr. Tina Lai
Family Medicine, PHC and VCH Dr. Michael Martin
Dr. David Harris Radiology, SPH
Infectious Disease, SPH Dr. Jani Laramée
Dr. Emily Harrison Family Medicine Dr. Donna McClure
Palliative Medicine, PHC Family Medicine, SPH

Dr. R Jane Mckay Dr. George Ou Internal Medicine and
Division Head GIM, PHC Gastroenterology Thrombosis, PHC

Dr. Marla McKnight Dr. Amie Padilla-Thornton Dr. Raja Rajamohan

Internal Medicine, PHC and VCH Radiology Anesthesiologist, PHC

Dr. Annabel Mead Dr. Anita Palepu Dr. Julia Raudzus

Addiction Medicine, PHC Head, Department of Medicine, Physician Program Director, PHC
UBC and PHC Psychiatry
Dr. Adrienne Melck
General Surgery SPH Dr. Emily Pang Dr. Hetesh Ranchod
Radiology Geriatric Medicine, PHC and
Dr. Janice Menezes VCH
Geriatric Medicine, PHC Dr. Jin-Si Pao
General Surgery, MSJ Dr. Smeeta Desai-Ranchod
Dr. Hayley Merkeley Family Medicine
Hematology, Provincial Dr. Scott Paquette PHC VCH
Hemoglobinopathy Program Neurosurgeon, VCH and PHC
Dr. Grant Millar Dr. Aileen Rankin
Psychiatry, PHC Dr. Robin Patyal Radiology, MSJ
Family Medicine, VCH and PHC
Dr. Val Montessori Dr. Manoj Raval
Head, Infectious Diseases, PHC Dr. Jonathan Pearce General surgery
Palliative Medicine, PHC
Dr. Sarvee Moosavi Dr. Kira Rich
Gastroenterology PHC Dr. Murray Penner Emergency Physician
Orthopedic Surgery, PHC
Dr. Susan More Dr. Carole Richford
Geriatric Psychiatry Dr. Ed Peramaki Psychiatrist
Radiology, SPH PHC, VCH, BC Cancer
Dr. Darra Murphy
Radiology, Department Head Dr. Steven Petrar Dr. Marc Romney
PHC Anesthesiologist, PHC Division of Medical
Microbiology and Virology, PHC
Dr. Melanie Murray Dr. Jeff Pike
Infectious Disease, St Paul’s and Orthopedic Surgery, PHC & Dr. Debbie Rosenbaum
B.C. Women’s Hospitals BCCH Internal Medicine, PHC

Dr. Mafalda Musacchio Dr. Marisa Ponzo Dr. Greg Rosenfeld

Geriatric Psychiatry Division Head of Dermatology Gastroenterology
Parkview and Mount St. St Paul’s hospital
Joseph’s Hospital Dr Emilia Rydz
Dr. Persia Pourshahnazari Emergency medicine
Dr. Trudy Nasmith Allergy and Clinical Immunology
General Internal Medicine, PHC Dr. Aida Sadr
and VCH Dr. Christopher Prabhakar Family Medicine PHC and VCH
Anesthesiologist, PHC
Dr. Kevin Nemethy Dr. Hooman Sadr
Emergency Medicine Dr. Bruce Praloski Orthopedic Surgery, PHC
Anesthesiologist, PHC
Dr. Heather O’Donnell Dr. Amin Sajan
Ophthalmology PHC Dr. Brendan Quiney Emergency Physician
Dr. Shannon O’Donnell Radiology, SPH Dr. Karanvir Sall
Emergency Medicine Dr. Anna Rahmani Geriatric Medicine, PHC

Dr. Robert Saona Dr. Ainsley Sutherland Dr Kim Waspe
Emergency Medicine Anesthesiologist, PHC Physical Medicine and
Dr. Frank Scheuermeyer Dr. Christy Sutherland VCH, Fraser Health PAH, YT
Emergency Medicine, SPH Family Medicine and Addiction
Medicine Dr. Brian Westerberg
Dr. Deb Setton Dr. Christopher Thompson Head, Otolaryngology-Head and
Anesthesiologist, PHC Cardiology, PHC Neck Surgery, PHC
Dr. Stephanie Wise
Dr. Marzieh Shafie Dr. Pari Tiwari Ophthalmology PHC
Family physician Radiology, SPH
Purdy , Langara (LTC) Dr. Sam Wiseman,
Dr. Calvin Tong General Surgery
Dr. Tawimas Shaipanich Internal Medicine Dr. Judy Wolfe
Respirology PHC Head, Department of Pediatrics,
Dr. Andrea Tothill SPH
Dr. Alyssa Shariff Internal Medicine, MSJ
General Internal Medicine Dr. Aaron Wong
Dr. Andrea Townson Dermatologist, PHC
Dr. Gillian Simonett PM&R
PMR, GFS, VGH, UBC GF Strong, VGH, UBC Dr. Eileen Wong
Medical Coordinator Holy
Dr. Janet Simons Dr. Martin Trotter Family Hospital LTC
Laboratory and Internal Head, Department of Pathology
Medicine and Laboratory Medicine, PHC Dr. Janice Lynn Wong
Medical Coordinator Brock
Dr. Pulkit Singh Dr. Victor Tsang Fahrni Pavilion LTC
Psychiatry, SPH and BCCA General Surgery
Dr. Se Mang Wong
Dr. Rob Stenstrom Dr. Heather Underwood Dermatology
Emergency physician Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation Dr. Emile Woo
Dr. Keith Stothers VGH, UBC, GF Strong General Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery, PHC
Dr. Patrick Vos Dr. Cynthia Yarnold
Dr. Sarah Stone Radiology, SPH Anesthesiologist, PHC
Family Physician
St Paul’s hospital John Reudy Dr. Stéphane Voyer Dr. Jennifer Yao
Clinic Physician Program Co-Director, Physical Medicine and
Medicine, PHC Rehabilitation
Dr. Keith Stothers UBC, VCH, GFS
Orthopedic Surgery, PHC Dr. Geoffrey Walton,
General Internal Medicine Dr. Sonia Yeung
Dr.Nardia Strydom Ophthalmology, PHC
Family Doctor & Dr. Marisa Wan
Dept Head Family Medicine Geriatric Medicine Dr. Courtney Young
Dr. Malgorzata Sudol Dr. Rebecca Warburton
Physical Medicine & General Surgery, PHC Dr Alastair Younger
Rehabilitation Orthopedic surgery
GF Strong Dr. Neil Wells
Dr. Warren Sun Plastic Surgery Dr Terence Yung
Psychiatry, SPH General Internal Medicine, PHC
and VCH

Dr. Victoria Bonn Dr. Kevin Wing Dr. Nadia Fairbairn
Physical Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery, PHC Interim Head, addiction
Rehabilitation, G.F. Strong medicine, Phc
Rehabilitation Centre and Dr. Parth Lodhia
Vancouver General Hospital Orthopedic Surgery, PHC Dr. Andrea Ryan
Program director, addiction
Dr. Aaron Chan Dr. Tamim Umran medicine, PHC
PMR Orthopedic Surgery, PHC
GF Strong, VCH, LGH, UBC Dr. Chris Carlsten
Dr. Raymond Mak Head, respirology, ubc
Dr. Sarah Courtice Allergy and Clinical Immunology
PM&R, GF Strong, VGH, UBC, Dr. James Johnston
BCCH Dr. Gurbir Dhadwal Head, division Respirology, VGH
Dr. Dan DeForge PHC Dr. Chris Ryerson
PM&R Head, Respirology SPH
VGH , UBC, GF Strong Dr. Rhonda Willms
PMR Dr. Tawimas Shaipanich
Dr. Heather Finlayson GF Strong, VGH, UBC Respirology
UBC, VCH, GF Strong Dr. Elliott P. Weiss Dr. Don Sin
Physical Medicine and Respirology
Dr. Jacqueline Foley Rehabilitation
PM&R PHC, VCH Dr. Keith Ahamad
GF Strong, VGH, BCCH, UBC Addiction medicine, Phc and
Dr. Cameron Cunningham, Vch
Dr. Amy Hanlan Physical Medicine and
PM&R Rehabilitation Dr. Sukhpreet Klaire
UBC, VCH, GF Strong GF Strong, VCH, UBC Addiction Medicine, Phc

Dr. Kaila Holtz Dr Quynh-Dao Dinh Dr. Rupinder Brar

Physical Medicine and Infectious Diseases, PHC Addiction medicine, Phc
GF Strong Dr. Arman Abdalkhani Dr. Sharon Vipler
Otolaryngology, PHC Addiction medicine, Phc
Dr Rajiv Reebye
PMR Dr. Meghan Ho Dr. Basia Hamata
UBC, VCH, GFS, RCH Internal Medicine MSJ Addiction medicine, Phc

Dr. Stacy Reebye Dr. Fred Rydz Dr. Kevin R. Smith, MD, FRCPC
Rehab hospitalist Internal Medicine MSJ Geriatric Psychiatry Outreach
GF Strong Team, Division Head - Geriatric
Dr. Chris Fox Psychiatry
Dr. Bonnie Law Neurology PHC Physician Lead -
Family Medicine, Geriatrics Neurostimulation Program
Rehabilitation Holy Family Dr. Ken Kaila Providence Health Care
Hospital ICU/Cardiology PHC
Dr. David Koo
Dr. Julie P. Chou Dr. Alym Abdullah PMR
Respirology Internal Medicine VCH GFS, VGH, UBC
Infinity Medical Specialists
Clinic, Vancouver, BC Dr. Nate Moulson Dr. Catherine Paramonoff
Alberta Health Services Medicine, PHC PMR
GF Strong, VGH

Dr. Mark Fitzgerald Dr. Salina Teja Dr Susan Ackland
Respirology Ophthalmology, VCH Family Medicine SPH
Dr. Amy Bazerelli
Dr. Ken Tekano Dr. Gordon Kirkpatrick General Surgeon MSJ
Family Medicine Respirology
PHC Dr. Yvette Leung
Dr. Robert Levy Gastroenterology and
Dr. Bruce Gibson Respirology Hepatology
Family Medicine Dr. Fergus To
PHC Medicine, PHC Dr. Brad Quon
Dr. Bligh Low Dr. Donna McLachlan
Hospitalist FHA Lead Family Practice Maternity, Dr. Diana Chang
SPH Emergency Medicine
Dr. Lauren Kimball, MD
Dr. Terry Phang Dr. John Ward
Dr Tricia Ewert General Surgery, PHC Emergency Medicine
SMH Hospitalist Executive
Dr. Carl Brown Dr. Michelle Yuen
Dr Kelvin Chan General Surgery, PHC Family Practice, East Vancouver
Co-Lead Surrey Hospital
Medicine Dr. Sepehr Khorasani Dr. Maria Brake
General Surgery, PHC ENT
Dr. Baldeep Toor MD
Hospitalist, SMH Dr. Dana Wong Dr. Jane Lea
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck ENT, SPH
Dr. Lalitha Rupesinghe Surgery, PHC
Anesthesiologist Dr. Heitham Gheriani
Dr. Taeed Quddusi ENT
Dr. Dan Lin Otolaryngology-Head and Neck
Psychiatry, PHC Surgery, PHC Dr. Neil Chadha
Medical Lead, Intercity Youth ENT
Program Dr. Tony Wan
General Internal Medicine, PHC Dr. Marie Fennemore
Dr. Sean Bristol Psychiatry, PHC
Head Division of Plastic surgery Dr. David Williscroft
PHC Palliative Care and Emergency Dr. Zam dewji
Medicine ENT
Dr. Shereena Khan
FHA Dr. Tal Kaikov Dr. Fred Kozak
Family Medicine ENT
Dr. Chiho Hatakeyama
Hospitalist, Surrey Memorial Dr Louise Low Dr. Alisa Sanregret
Hospital Family Medicine Family medicine
Dr. Sylvie Champagne
Dr. Natalie Makhoulian Dr. Herman Lau PHC Pathology and Laboratory
Hospitalist, FHA Physical Medicine and Medicine
Rehabilitation, PHC and VCH
Dr. Roland Nador Dr. Celine bergeron
Respirology Dr. Te-Yu Christine Wang, MD, Respirology
CCFP, Hospitalist at Surrey
Dr James Abel Memorial Hospital, Residential Dr. Renelle Myers
Head Division of Cardiovascular care physician in Vancouver Respirology
and Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Philip Dawe Medical Staff Association Dr. Michael Newton, Site
Surgery, VGH Presidents Medical Director, Abbotsford
Regional Hospital and Cancer
Dr. Marie Fennemore Dr. Tracy Scott Centre
Psychiatry, PHC General Surgeon
MSA President, Providence
Dr Ekaterina Slivko Health Care
Family medicine and addiction
medicine Dr. John Vyselaar
Dr Anush Evans MSA President- Lions Gate
Psychiatry, PHC Hospital

Dr Sheehan Chowdhury Dr. Eric Yoshida

Geriatric psychiatry, vch Gastroenterologist OBC MD
Dr Kristine Kennedy MSA President – Vancouver
Child and adolescent psychiatry, General Hospital
Dr. Nicole Robbins
Dr Mariko Vaughan General Surgeon
Psychiatry, FHA MSA President- Cariboo
Memorial Hospital
Dr Verena Langheimer
Psychiatry, VCH Dr Arnold Sikhakhane
MSA President, Peach Arch
Dr Karl Torbicki Hospital
Psychiatrist, PHC
Dr Ashok Krishnamoorthy
Dr Stuart Lax M.D, MRCPsych,FRCPC,DABAM,
Psychiatrist, PHC M.S (Neuro Psych), MSA
President, Richmond Hospital
Dr. Mary-Lou Jackson
Ophthalmology, VCH Dr. Glenn Stelzl
MSA President, Squamish
Dr. Eric M. Yoshida,
Professor of Medicine Dr Simona Spassova
University of British Columbia & President, MSA President
Division of Gastroenterology RW Large Memorial Hospital
Vancouver General Hospital
Dr. Karen E Forgie, MD, CCFP
MSA President, Sechelt, BC

Dr. Raymond Dong,

MSA, Surrey Memorial Hospital

Dr. Joslyn Conley MD, MSc Epi,

MSA President, Royal Inland
Hospital, Kamloops,

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   ­€
‚ ƒ ­    „ … ƒˆ€
† ‡     
• House parties              
• Outdoor parties                          
• Beach crowds    
                   •  Play in your yard
• Mingling with friends                  •  Yard work, gardening
• Public gatherings •  Meet with friends online
• Playdates •  Grocery shopping •  Work from home
• Playgrounds •  Picking up medications •  Take classes online
• Non-essential travel •  Walking in a public area •  Cook
• Malls •  Transportation to a job •  Read, TV, movies, music
• Church Services •  Take out food / food delivery
• Sleepovers Keep space between you.
• Group Hangouts Drop off essential supplies for Wash your hands frequently.
• Celebrations friends or relatives at the door (wash Wipe down packages and surfaces.
• Bars, Restaurants, Gyms your hands before handling) Clean you space, wash your clothes.