Space Wolves Armoured Force

This army list embodies a different style of war once again for the Space Wolves player. The force features an incredibly fastmoving, heavily armed and armoured force capable of smashing the enemy with overwhelming firepower or a charge into close combat.

Points HQ Canis Wolfborn 185 150 Heavy Support 15 15 35 Heavy Support Troops 10 Grey Hunters 2 x Plasma gun Power fist Rhino Troops 15 Blood Claws Plasma pistol Power sword Lukas the Trickster 150 10 25 35 225 15 15 140 TOTAL 6 Long Fangs Plasma cannon Multi-melta Missile launcher 2 Heavy bolters Plasma Pistol & power weapon Razorback Twin-linked lascannon Vindicator Siege shield Dozer blade Heavy Support Land Raider Crusader Multi-melta Troops 10 Grey Hunters Flamer & Plasma gun Power weapon Plasma pistol Rhino

Points 250 10 115 10 5 90 20 10 10 10 30 40 35 1650

In this army list there is a solid core of close assault troops, supported by two brutal short-range tanks. Long range firepower is provided by the Long Fangs and their Razorback. Tactic one: Spearhead Led by Canis Wolfborn (or, if you're savvy, having Canis tucked in neatly behind your Land Raider Crusader where he won't get shot at), the Blood Claws in the Crusader, along with the two Rhinos packed full of Grey Hunters, all storm across the board and into battle. There's very little subtlety to this tactic, just try and smash the enemy where they are strongest, so that they won't be able to regroup effectively. Canis is particularly good at fighting large units though, so try and find a big squad for him to take on - the bigger the better! Tactic Two: Suppressing Fire While the close assault elements of the army are laying into the enemy, the Vindicator, Crusader and Long Fangs' duty is to pump fire into the foe! Split your shots with the Long Fangs to ensure you're hitting enemies with the right weapons, and back them up

should it hit. it will reduce the enemy to burning slag. .with the's so powerful that. Use the Crusader and Vindicator to smash large formations. softening them up for your troops. Don't be afraid to fire the demolisher cannon at vehicles though .