Scientology Exposed Part 2

Scientology has been exposed by me and others for years. They have been an organization that is consumed with controversy and a strange cosmology. The countdown to 2011 is here. It is like a new day in the ever changing world of society. Learning knowledge, wisdom, and new information is a lifetime experience with me. It’s just a few years from 2012 too. Only God what will truly occur in 2012. One thing is for certain. New adventurers, new stories, and new challenges will come about in 2011 and 2012. I do enjoy getting information from different points of view from across the political spectrum. In that way, I can receive as much information as possible in order for me to make a rational decision on decipher political or social matters. I will be limited my own thinking if I was limited in what places I desire to get information from. This is why in 2010, I oppose GMO foods, I don’t agree with this neoCrusade called the war on terror, and I support personal Nationalism among all peoples. If

you keep the faith, do what is right, and endure until the end, then you will have that crown of glory in the afterlife. I like to expose Scientology, because I love to
describe controversial subjects. Also, this information can inspire people to learn more about this group. Now, Richard Holbrooke passed away, there are debates about taxes, and there is a discussion about the state of our health care system in America. Now, it's time to do another expose on it since again I love to expose cults. Also, people can learn to wake up and leave such organizations. Scientology was invented by the con artist L. Ron Hubbard. The odd thing is that I didn't realize how strange the clique of Scientology was until a few years ago. Scientology’s own website believes that man is basically god and salvation is by his or her own doing to attain brotherhood with the Universe. Scientologists believe that man is an immortal, spiritual beings. Hubbard view immortal spirits as thetans who forgotten their identity and became deceived by the Universe that they mentally emanated in order to amuse themselves. This is Gnosticism 101 since they blame the physical Universe for bringing man into existence in the physical form (or

MEST. MEST is short for matter, energy, space, and time). They love the occult since they believe that man can realize his or her true powers. Hubbard claimed that a spirit entity guided him throughout his life. . In life, even the Word of God mentions that mankind is sinful and can’t save his or herself (Romans 3:23, 5:12, Ephesians 2:8-9). We read in Romans 3:12, "They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one." So, it’s our job as humans to repent to GOD for our sins, and move forward in honor, excellent, and discernment in order to assist the human race to move forward in the real endeavors of life. One of the great legal minds of our century is Oxford

educated Lord Chancellor Hailsham. He has twice held the highest office open to lawyers in England, that of Lord Chancellor, as well as being the Minister of Education and Minister of Science and Technology. He comments, "I do not find [Scientology's] philosophical conceptions adequate to support [its] theories...the factual basis on which they claim to have produced good results on individuals do not seem to me to be fully substantiated." [Lord Chancellor Hailsham, "The Door Wherein I Went," _The Simon Greenleaf Law Review_ 4, 1984-85, 51].
Scientology is wrong for locking people up. There are over 2 dozen allegations that Scientology has held people against their wills. These acts were done by regular Scientologists not rogue people in their Scientology framework. One piece of evidence of Scientology’s extreme behavior is how Lisa McPherson was held against her will for 17 days according to Scientology's own logs. She died in their custody and the state of Florida. Some decided not to prosecute the 2 felony charges filed against Scientology in her death. This is interesting since Scientology's worldwide headquarters is in Clearwater, Florida. There was pressure to get the medical examiner to make a partial change in the cause of death. Scientology settled the lawsuit made by McPherson's family in May 2004 with the detail being kept confidential. They or Scientologists lie too. Scientology claims to have scientific basis for their processes when they don't. They definitely lie and claim that Scientology is compatible to other beliefs like Christianity when it's not. Scientologists talk about Xenu, space planes, nuking volcanoes, thetans, and other ridiculous concepts that have nothing to do with Christianity or real, authentic Christian theology at all. Scientology even lies in claiming to be the fastest growing religion in the world with only 8 million members. They obsessed with vitamins and audits that even supersede legally prescribed medical treatment. Scientology has done crimes and has been convicted of fraud in France against L. Ron Hubbard ironically. There was the Operation Freakout. This was when Scientologists harassed Paulette Cooper or the author of the "The Scandal of Scientology." The plan was to have Cooper incarcerated in a mental institution or jailed (or hit her so hard that she drops her attack. The plan desired to make it seem that Cooper was planning bomb threats as well). L. Ron Hubbard in 1978 used Operation Snow White where he ordered a group of his own followers to infiltrate government agencies, including the IRS. Scientologists wanted to find personal information on Scientology's critics, remove incriminating info about the church from records, and get tax exemption status for the cult. High ranking Scientologist were jailed and convicted like even Hubbard's wife Mary Sue. They were breaking into the IRS for years to steal documents and tap phones. This is one of the largest forms of infiltration of the U.S. government in history. L. Ron Hubbard died a fugitive. He was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 4 years in prison. The fair game policy of Scientology is to seek to trick, sue, lie, or destroy if enemies of their group exist. Many people who were Scientologists died mysteriously like Josephus A. Havenith, Margarit Winkelmann, Peter E. Frei, Heribert Pfaff (He died of a seizure in his hotel in August 1988. This was after Scientologists took him off his seizure medication and placed him instead on a program of vitamins and minerals), Jeremy Perkins, and others.

The following quote is from Time Magazine; May 6, 1991; Page 50; Special Report (cover story); by Richard Behar; The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power :

“…The Church of Scientology, started by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard to "clear" people of unhappiness, portrays itself as a religion. In reality the church is a hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner. At times during the past decade, prosecutions against Scientology seemed to be curbing its menace. Eleven top Scientologists, including Hubbard's wife, were sent to prison in the early 1980s for infiltrating, burglarizing and wiretapping more than 100 private and government agencies in attempts to block their investigations. In recent years hundreds of longtime Scientology adherents -- many charging that they were mentally of physically abused -- have quit the church and criticized it at their own risk. Some have sued the church and won; others have settled for amounts in excess of $500,000. In various cases judges have labeled the church "schizophrenic and paranoid" and "corrupt, sinister and dangerous."

"I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is." - L. Ron Hubbard to Lloyd Eshbach in 1949; quoted by Eshbach in Over My Shoulder.
Famous celebrities are in Scientology and not too many people know about its real history or its real doctrines at all. Hubbard was a science fiction writer. Elfman, Alley, John Travolta and Tom Cruise promoted Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard believed in the Satanist Aleister Crowley's agenda, but even Aleister Crowley rejected him as an extremist. Crowley signs his named as the Beast (He wrote about the Master Therion). L. Ron Hubbard admitted that the views of Scientology tried to mimic Crowley's views in his 1952 taped lecture in his own following words: "...Our whole activity tends to make an individual completely independent of any limitations...Aleister Crowley had some interesting things to say about this. He wrote the Book of the Law..." L. Ron Hubbard wrote his book called "Dianetics" that was used as a foundation or springboard to promote the essential doctrines of that cult of Scientology. His own son called L. Ron Hubbard in the following terms: "...The funny thing, is that the actual truth is about as far out as Scientology itself. Really, the basic situation of Scientology, which is rather hidden and

covered over, is the occult. The deep involvement with satanic powers...He was deeply involved with a British black magician called Aleister Crowley, and through putting himself in deep hypnotic trances and the use of drugs on himself, he wanted to become the most powerful being in the world..." L. Ron Hubbard was deluded and claimed to be a successor of Crowley (who believed in the law of Thelema in trying to create the New Aeon) and Scientology was invented in December 1, 1947 when Crowley ironically died. Scientology like the New Age movement embraces Gnostic teachings and ideologies. Gnosticism like Scientology views the Creator God as an evil being (to Scientologists, his name is Xenu) that trapped humans in the Earth in the physical form. So, Scientologists even quote from Gnostic texts like Pistis Sophia. Gnosticism teaches that there are senior gods in the Universe. Goddess Sophia and the evil Creator god the Demiurge made their offspring Jehovah. Jehovah in Gnosticism created the material world and to them only the spiritual world is fine. To Gnostics, Jehovah was an arrogant being by claiming that there are no other gods before him. The Gnostics believe that there should be an attempt of humans to escape such material existence via the assistance of Sophia and her assistant, the Serpent in the Garden. Battlefield Earth is one such pro-Scientology film (that is based in a book by the same title. This book was written as a novel in 1982 by L. Ron Hubbard) that viewed the Creator as evil in trying to enslave the human population in the year of 3000 A.D. The book covertly criticized psychiatry since Scientology opposes psychology period. Schimmel explains that Hollywood movie critics and writers, such as Richard Stanley, clearly state that they and their fellow Hollywood entertainment producers are embracers of Gnostic beliefs and promote them in their productions. Popular writers and actors in such efforts, such as Philip K. Dick and Keanu Reeves, are also quoted as tapping into external spiritual entities when practicing their craft. Gnosticism is tied to the New Age Movement obviously. Gnosticism like the New Age Movement believes that man can have oneness with God via a serious of rituals (or steps) into the path of enlightenment. Parsons worked with Hubbard. Parsons hated Christianity and supported the creation of the Antichrist in various ceremonies. Hubbard and Crowley both died being deceived. L. Ron Hubbard disrespected Jesus Christ in saying the following

words about Jesus: “Neither Lord Buddha nor Jesus Christ were OTs [that is, Operation Thetans, enlightened beings] according to the evidence. They were just a shade above clear [that is, relatively low on the Scientology scale of spiritual advancement.” (Ability magazine no. 81 [c. 1959 p. 31.)
L. Ron Hubbard believed in using lying toward peoples by mentioning that: “…An enemy... may be injured by any means or tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed." - L. Ron Hubbard, Penalties for Lower Conditions, HCO PL 18 Oct 67. Yet, Jesus Christ forbids hating even our enemies and seeking vengeance or revenge. Let God have vengeance against anyone mistreating us and love your neighbor as yourself. L. Ron Hubbard like Ayn Rand have a lust to make money and to treat his creed as a money making machine. Yet, Jesus Christ condemned materialism and spoke of the real treasures stored in heaven for his believers. There is nothing wrong with having money legitimately, but we should use money and not let the money make us. L. Ron Hubbard denied that Christ existed by saying these words: “…I don't know how they found it; either by watching madmen or something. But since that time they have used it. And it became what is known as Christianity. The Man on the cross. There was no Christ!" (L. Ron Hubbard, Class 8 Auditor's Course (Confidential), taped on the ship Apollo in Corfu, Greece). L. Ron Hubbard is a silly deceiver since the Bible, Roman Historians, early Church leaders, and other sources document the existence of Jesus Christ as a real person. Gary and Lisa

Ruby from Liberty to the Captives Ministries has presented some of the

easiest to understand and hard hitting exposes of Scientology in the world. They found that Scientology believes in the demonic philosophy of manipulating the human spirit in order to handle fears, depression, illness, etc. They promote humans traveling to the Bridge to access their supernatural power or abilities. The Bridge in Scientology is an auditing process needed to go into the highest level of Scientology achievement. They go into various grades, OT levels, etc. to get into the Bridge. Like occultists and New Agers, Scientologists falsely promise that man can achieve a higher level of existence. Scientology teaches that when a man dies, this means that the thetan (or spirit) separates from the body the thetan then "picks up another body" and lives again. L. Ron Hubbard's belief in reincarnation is common in New Age thinking as well. The Scientology talks about out of body experiences with Scientology as well: “…Before entering Scientology many people experience the feeling of looking down on one's body, but they do not understand what is happening. Once they have achieved greater spiritual awareness through Scientology auditing and training they find that this experience becomes nothing out of the ordinary…” (What is Scientology, Bridge Publications pg. 531)
Whoever objects to Hubbard's teachings is considered to be a criminal in the eyes of the organization: "People who attack Scientology are criminals." --L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, author of Dianetics (From

Of course, people legitimately exposing the Scientology cult isn’t a criminal at all. Auditing, and strange rituals can never equal to spiritual freedom, especially in a group whose founder was a blatant con man like L. Ron Hubbard. The New Testament mentions that Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father: “…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (1 John 14:6). The apostle John wrote also that: “…If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed…” (John 8:36). The Son of God can free people from sin and

Hell. We should follow holiness and an attitude of love, strength, steadfastness, and mutual concern for our fellow human beings irrespective of their background or walk of life. This doesn’t mean we do what we want to do. This means that day

by day, we communicate in a holy way, we treat people with respect, and we end the indulgence of sin period. There can be no compromise at all.

These are the famous Scientologists in the 21st century. The images are Tom Cruise, Kristie Alley, Nancy Cartwright (who plays Bart Simpson in the Simpson TV show), Catherine Bell (she played in JAG, Army Wives, and other movies), and others (like Jason Lee, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, Juiette Lewis, Leah Remini, James Stacy Barbour, Karen Black, Jenna Elfman, Katie Holmes, FOX News’ Great Van Susteren, Jenna Elfman, Christopher Masterson, even the famous rapper Doug E. Fresh, etc.).

The Scientologist Tom Cruise (who played in Risky Business, the Mission Impossible series, Eyes Wide Shut, Days of Thunder, and other film) was a leading actor in the film Valkyrie. It was about courageous anti-Nazi Germans that wanted to assassinate Hitler in order to liberate Germany from the tyranny of the Nazi Empire. The Nazis were so immoral in their conduct that even Rommel opposed Hitler before he died. Some have criticized Cruise for being in the movie when Scientology has blatantly cult-like doctrines and activities. Tom Cruise plays Claus von Stauffenberg. Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler with a briefcase bomb back in 1944. The film was released near around Christmas in 2008. The film was opposed by German politicians and the Stauffenberg family. Germany has strict laws against Scientology in considering it a cult (its texts are banned in schools). Berthold von Stauffenberg, the son of Cruise’s character, said in a public statement, “Cruise should keep his hands off my father.” Thomas Gandow, a spokesperson for the German Protestant Church, said Cruise’s involvement in the film would “have the same propaganda advantages for Scientology as the 1936 Olympics had for the Nazis” and compared the actor to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Scientologists believe that Hitler used

a secret cabal of psychiatrists to create the eugenics program in order to kill European Jewry and other people. They even have an exhibit called “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death,” to equate falsely and collectively all psychiatrists to Nazi practices. Actual church texts, barred from public display but now available on Wikileaks from ex-Scientologists, reveal that high-level Scientologists (such as Cruise) believe that psychiatrists have been operating for millions of years and were the ones who convinced the evil Lord Xenu (ruler of the Galactic Confederation) to execute the “lesser” alien races and implant their souls, or “thetans,” into the Cro-Magnon humans 75 million years ago. To this day, every human body is occupied by a thetan, as well as clusters of pesky homeless souls known as “body thetans,” which are responsible for all of our anger, fears, and illness. And only Scientology’s non-medically-certified practices of vitamin supplements and counseling sessions can remove their souls from our bodies. Scientologists believe that man can evolve into a better being in higher OT (Operation Thetan) Level. L. Ron Hubbard believed in clearing the parent or getting rid of certain people (especially those in a tone level of 2.0 or down). Cruise plays a fighter against the Nazis when Scientology embraces blatantly extreme, eugenic, and Nazi like ideologies. L. Ron Hubbard even promoted the view of being of being like a Nazi controller of people:

“…All men shall be my slaves. All women shall submit to my charms. All mankind shall grovel at my feet…”

By 1944, the Nazis were losing badly in Russia and the Allied forces were advancing rapidly. They were in France, and in Southern Italy (plus Northern Africa) winning finally against the Nazis. Tom Cruise, who is a Scientologist, is playing Graf von Stauffenberg. Tom Cruise is a big puppet. He was raised Catholic. Cruise's mother is a practicing Roman Catholic and is a Scientologist. Stauffenberg is classified by mainstream historians as one of the main orchestrators of the Valkryrie plot. His total name is Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. He died in July 21, 1944. The plan was to try to remove the Nazi Party out of World War Two and of course to kill Adolf Hitler. The von Stauffenberg family is a famous and one of the oldest aristocratic Catholic families of southern Germany. Ironically, one of those in on the plot was the Boselager brothers (with links to the Nazis. One of their sons was trained to be a Jesuit priest). The film will ignore Wlodimir Ledochowski's role in the Nazi movement and is push for a more Papal Europe. Again, Erwin Rommel also disagreed with the unjustified treatment of Jewish people during WWII. He later opposed Hitler in many of his strategies before he died. The plot was an event that was unsuccessful and further meant that the Nazi Empire was going to die. It could be the time when the Vatican (whose Pope Ratzinger promotes the lie that the Catholic Church is the mother of all Churches. He was once the head of the Inquisition) started to put a cover story in omitted their involvement in the creation of the Nazi Party and their agitation for WWII (including their support of Catholic Ustashi terrorists killing Serbs, Jewish people, Gypsies, and others in Southeastern Europe).

Scientology had a secret program according to a former top official. This former high level Scientologist is named Marty Rathbun. He exposed some fascinating information in his blog. This "dark ops" program was launched in 2006 by Scientology. They wanted to destroy a woman named Tory Christman, who left the organization many years earlier. Christman defected from Scientology. She criticized Scientology heavily and agents from the so-called “church” followed her nationwide. Rathburn was one of the highest members of the Scientology group. She left and criticized the Scientology leader David Miscavige. Rathburn worked with David. He oversees the Scientology's storied operations against its critics. This explained why he obtained the documents and revealed yesterday about "Eyes Only," that reflected Scientology's long history as a quasi-military organization. What follows is reputedly a program outlined by Scientology's "Operation of Special Affairs," or OSA, the covert-operations wing of the church, which supplanted the earlier "Guardian's Office," which had been at the center of the notorious "Operation Snow White." Operation Snow White was about the numerous year long infiltration of the U.S. federal government. Later, in 1978, 11 top Scientologists were indicted even Hubbard's wife Mary Sue Hubbard. Hubbard himself was named as an unindicted co-conspirator. Scientology has long insisted that the Guardian's Office was a rogue outfit operating without church oversight, and that although OSA has supplanted it, it doesn't practice the kinds of spy-novel operations that the GO was known for. This document doesn't support that view. Scientology tried to ruin Christman's reputation by forcing her to respond to controversial allegations. Christman's husband is still in Scientology. The document suggests that a Scientology operative "use one of his resources" to become a client of Christman's, and then to complain about her to get her in trouble with her boss. The document also proposes to use Internet forums to post negative reviews of Christman's work to ruin her business reputation. Another item suggests that Scientologists would pose as customers of Christman's employer and make false complaints about her work. Yet, these plans didn't work. Christman still left Scientology.
It isn't a secret that some like Freemason Manly P. Hall believed that an "enlightened few" should regulate human life. Hall back in 1917 wrote that: “When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into an illumined faith, and fear into love. Despite statements to the contrary, Masonry is a religion seeking to unite God and man by elevating its initiates to that level of consciousness whereon they can behold with clarified vision the workings of the Great Architect of the Universe. From age to age the vision of a perfect civilization is preserved as the ideal for mankind. In the midst of that civilization shall stand a mighty university wherein both the sacred and secular sciences concerning the mysteries of life will be freely taught to all who will assume the philosophic life. Here creed and dogma will have no place; the superficial will be removed and only the essential be preserved. The world will be ruled by its most illumined minds, and each will occupy the position for which he is most admirably fitted.” - Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Even Aldous Huxley wrote about the elite controlling the citizenry from behind the scenes in his following quotation: “..World bankers, by pulling a few simple levers that control the flow of money, can make or break entire economies. By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends, the power elite are able to not only tighten

their stranglehold on this nation's economic structure, but can extend that control world wide. Those possessing such power would logically want to remain in the background, invisible to the average citizen."

The Scientologist FOX news anchor Great van Susteren acts as an enemy of freedom again. This time she wants an Internet ID system in order in her words to "tone down the viciousness." Susteren hosted the "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" for years. She wanted this ID system for Internet users to seek and post comments at online venues. She believes that it would lighten up the national dialogue. "I guarantee this would tone down the viciousness on the Internet (and not step on the First Amendment)" was how she titled a post on her blog "GretaWire." That's a disgrace since robust debate is fine. The extreme political correctness in America presently hasn’t alleviated the rancor in our society. It only made things worse since people hide their true feelings and explode in inappropriate ways. Also, extreme political correctness causes people to lie about their true beliefs and leaves society too conformity (allowing a window for corporatists to dictate our inherit behaviors in a more thorough basis). This discussion comes about the tragic shootings last Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. 20 people were injured or died including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Greta Van Susteren's solution was to "create a system where people can freely and completely post comments BUT must simply identify themselves (name or email address)," insisting it wouldn't impede First Amendment rights. In other words, she disagrees with anonymous commenters. She feels that these people show more vitriol as they face little risks of their identity from being traced and them being held accountable for their own words. She wants to smoke out cowards, but cowards will still exist irrespective of an ID system or not (since you hide your real feelings using words too). This is similar to the proposal from the Obama administration. White House Cyber security Coordinator Howard Schmidt said that he wanted to create an online identification system that would be useful for enhancing online security and privacy. The New York Times called it Orwellian sounding. It sounds like a national Internet IDE according to its critics. "We are talking about a government-controlled system. That is exactly what we are talking about," noted the Times article, which was written by Curt Hopkins of ReadWriteWeb. But Aaron Brauer-Rieke of Center for Democracy & Technology, writing in the progressive blog Think Progress, defended the administration's idea. "Today, life on the Internet is supported by a rickety pile of insecure usernames and passwords," he wrote. "If this identity infrastructure can be made more reliable, convenience is increased and innovation is promoted. The Internet is already a fantastic tool, but if it could be made more trustworthy, it would be more useful to us all." Authoritarian control in the Internet by corporations or the government isn't trustworthy. It's a Big Brother incremental means of censoring what we say in the Internet plainly.

There is Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force or the RPF. This place puts coerced participants via regimes of harsh physical punishment, forced self confessions, social isolation, hard labor, and intense doctrinal study. The Scientologists use these extreme duties in order use efforts to regain members’ ideological commitment. This is similar to brainwashing people to increase the risk of folks to ally with Scientology. You don’t use forced confinement, physical harm, and forced confessions and act like this is a legitimate way to solve problems at all.

People know that Scientology is a cult. Scientology claim that they have antigravity technology. The son of L. Ron Hubbard said that his father was involved in deception, drugs on himself, and L. Ron Hubbard did black magic. Scientology is very extreme. L. Ron Hubbard’s son believed that Scientology’s goal was to be involved in the occult and using Satanic powers. His son said that: “…He was deeply involved with a British Black magician called Aleister Crowley and through putting himself in deep hypnotic trances and the use of drugs on himself he wanted to become the most powerful being in the world…” Ironically, Crowley criticized Hubbard as ignorant. His son admitted that Scientology is a business not a religion. L. Ron Hubbard loved the book “Magick In Theory and Practice: The Master Therion.” Hubbard’s allies had ties to the OTO (or the Ordo Templi Oreintis). The OTO is a very occult group that promotes the Kabbalah, demonic spiritualism, etc. Aleister Crowley once headed the OTO and it was founded by Freemasonry. Crowley wanted to do what thou wilt or the Satanic lie of doing what you will. People are in degrees in it and rituals are in it. Hubbard didn’t want his members to talk publicly about Xenu. Tom Cruise said that Scientology can allow a person can create better realities. He follows LRH or L. Ron Hubbard. Bart Simpson’s character believes that a person comes back as a human. She calls herself immortal as a spirit being. She said that she believes in God (as just a power), but she wants to be God. Scientology is nothing more than the old New Age lies of promoting human godhood. We have the right to reject calling man gods and to reject Big Brother watching over human beings.

One smoking gun exposing Scientology is that you to pay money to be a part of it. I haven’t known that you need to pay money to be in any religion, especially the Christian religion. Yet, the prophets predicted that the last days would be made up of folks using money to promote corruption and covetousness. Scientology fits the bill as a nefarious group whose founder admitted that he wanted money to start up his own religion. Some have found ties of Scientology to the Council for National Policy. The first President of the CNP was Tim LaHaye (his wife Beverly LaHaye is right Concerned Women for America). Scientology’s front group called the CCHR or the Citizens Commission for Human Right is trying to make inroads with the CNP. They do this to promote L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics under the guise of anti-psychiatry/psychology rhetoric. L. Ron Hubbard's CCHR web page lists Phyllis Schlafley's Eagle Forum, Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, The Rutherford's Institute, Beverly LaHaye's Concerned Women of America and CNP member Carol Steinke as signatories of the Scientology Pledge promoting the

removal of psychology from schools. These high-profile Evangelical ministries are then used as models by the Church of Scientology to encourage Christian parents to sign the Scientology pledge. This is wild since Scientology is an explicitly fraudulent organization.

Life won’t be always smooth sailing, but if you will do the right thing, then you can catch that comforting wave to success. The elite have no real power over the truth since the truth is eternal without equivocation. You don’t tap dance to an oppressor, but you stand upright to speak out for liberty. Showing true grit is continually advancing in moral development and social awareness in order to ascend into greater spiritually. Life isn’t about worship conservatism nor liberalism, but worshipping the one True God plus following God’s commandments in life.

If you sincerely seek truth that is the only Holy God then God in his wisdom will show the truth to you.
By Timothy

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