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Wm. Nevilles, Youghal suppliers of after match attire to the Cork Senior Hurling Panel 2010

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Pictured at the After-Match Reception are Martin Walsh, Bernadette Neville, Neville O’Donoghue, Ann Neville, Sean óg O’Hailpin, Roisin Walsh, Pauline Neville, Áine Neville-O’Donoghue, Eoin Cadogen and Gráinne Walsh.


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By Christy Parker There was a warm welcome when a member from the floor informed that provision was now being made for a celebratory party for the Junior Cert students next September. The Parents Council of Pobalscoil na Trionoide are arranging the event in tandem with the Quays nightclub. The celebration will run from 7-11pm in an alcoholfree environment and admittance will be by ticket only. The Quay's management will provide security personnel. It was also noted that the occasion could prove to have been a precedent for similar arrangements depending on its success or otherwise. Chairman Jack Dempsey said it was a significant initiative and offered an opportunity for young people to appreciate that enjoyment need not necessarily be dependent on alcohol. "A lot of thought seems to have gone into it and it's good to see such responsibility," he added. Socially monitored alarms Sergeant Sharkey told the meeting that from June 1st, the government had changed the procedure for processing applications for the supply of socially monitored alarms. He did not have details, but said it seemed future applications would face greater difficulties. Under the previous directive, Youghal had submitted 15 applications with 26 outstanding and to be subsequently submitted. The good news was that the department had asked that these also now be submitted and the total would be considered prior to June 1st. This had been done and hopefully all 41 would be approved. In response to a query from the chairman, he said the alarms themselves were free but there was an annual monitoring cost of about €55/€60 Mr. Dempsey said it could be a difficult cost for some people but at least people were forewarned now. A private company, in conjunction with garda co-operation, would install the alarms. Motoring advice Sergeant Sharkey then read from a Garda circular denoting policing priorities over the June bank holiday. The appraisal however contained some statistics and information with year round relevance. It was noted that one-third of road fatalities concerned pedestrians, thus walkers are advised to wear bright or high visibility clothing on rural roads particularly, while drivers are asked to be alert to unexpected pedestrian traffic. Drivers are also advised to rest when tired and to ensure children are seated in appropriate child or booster seats. Passengers are cautioned to wear seat belts at all times and not to tolerate bad driving or speeding. Motorcyclists Motorcyclists too have high representation on the fatality list, with four having died since mid-April. The sergeant said motorcycle traffic increases over summer months and appealed to riders to avoid speed excessive, riding under influence of drink or drugs and not to ignore fatigue. He said research indicates the majority of motorcycle deaths occur at weekends and during daylight, with 40% of them single vehicle accidents. Further advice to motorcyclists included checking bike thoroughly, being aware of slow moving or stationary vehicles and changes in weather and road surfaces, being visible as possible and not allowing others to dictate one's speed when riding in groups. (It wasn't outlined, but most motorcyclists would also wish that vehicle drivers would be alert to the possible presence of motorcyclist when executing manoeuvres.) Crime figures The sergeant reported that crime figures for the past month were relatively low there were some serious incidents amongst them. There had been four recorded thefts -two from vehicles, including theft of stereo equipment in Foxhole on Sunday May 30th and a wallet from a van in South Main Street on Sunday May 16th. An oil tanks was emptied in Blackwater Heights (May 9th) and an unspecified theft at Lackaroe (May 8th). There were eight recorded public order offence across various parts of town. Four pubs were 'inspected' and found to be in order and on May 28th, an under-age drinking incident was recorded at North Abbey cemetery. A fraudulent cheque was detected in Tallow Street, with a local man suspected and a definite line of inquiry being pursued. Five Five people were detected in possession of drugs and will appear in court in due course. There five drunk-driving cases recorded, all between May 15th -19th. Criminal damage incidents again amounted to five, with a two detected and no apparent logic to any of them. In one incident, a vacant property in Carlton Village was damaged during a drinking expedition. There were two burglaries reported on May 29th, including a Ballymacoda bar in which spirits and cash were taken. The sergeant said the cash till and drink were recovered close to the scene, which "points to a very local job." He added that further burgled property was also recovered from a stashed location in the area. The second break-in was of a house in Rhincrew, in which a back door was left open and an inner door was forced. A wallet with a substantial amount of cash was stolen. Assaults numbered four, two minor relatively, including at the GAA disco the previous weekend. Two more serious assaults, causing harm, occurred , one allegedly on May 17th involving two local youths, One suspect was arrested and a file is being prepared for the DPP. On May 26th, a local young man was seriously injured at Chestnut Drive and four people had subsequently been arrested. On May 31st the main suspect in that case, a 17 year old, was arrested and remanded in custody at Clonmel District Court to Youghal District Court on June 4th. Meanwhile a local man suspected of "a lot of crime" and whom gardai had been seeking, was also arrested on May 31st and would too appear in Youghal court on June 4th. In reply to the floor, the sergeant said most crime incidents in Youghal had a "strong local aspect" to it. Dodgy €50's, boy racers, hot cigarettes... Concern was raised about fraudulent €50 notes. The sergeant said a major counterfeit operation had been raided in recent days in Dublin. He said complaints in Youghal were relatively rare. Advising on what to do should a business detect a forged note, Sergeant Sharkey said it was best to retain the note and ask the individual to wait while the gardai were summonsed. He stressed that anyone could harbour a false note unknowingly and that the gardai would be interested perhaps in trying to trace from where it may have been acquired as against assuming the holder was behaving criminally. Ultimately though, it was felt that the holder's demeanour would prove a good indicator of their position, with guilty individuals more often than not legging it fast! "We shouldn't feel guilty or embarrassed either just because our note is being tested," commented the chairman. Community Alert Treasurer Michael Beecher was perturbed that 'boy racers are starting again for the summer," with tyre marks evident on newly resurfaced roads, suck as Cork Hill. He also wondered if cigarette smuggling was a particular problem in Youghal. Sergeant Sharkey said he hadn't any intelligence that indicated cigarettes were being illegally sold in great volumes in Youghal currently, but information could arrive at any time. As regards boy racing he advised that enforcement was only one deterrent and that speed bumps etc were a viable alternative. He mused that (Cllr) Beecher might wish to raise that at "another forum." A lady from the floor asked how prevalent and successful were drug searches. The sergeant said on average about 30-35 street/car searches were conducted per month. In May, these had resulted in three finds from a total of five. House searches, by contrast, depended on stronger reason for doing so and these measured about three per month. Information came through tip-offs and criminal arrests, amongst other sources and often provided new names to more established identities. The sergeant added that an Garda liked to rotate responsibility for drug crimes amongst the rank and file. A new garda, Aidan D'ardais had now assumed the plainclothes role in Youghal, replacing Garda Ian Brown. Some in attendance has reservations about children acquiring pellet guns from a new shop in town. Sergeant Sharkey said they weren't illegal though he had some concern that a laser facility may be associated with them. He would inquire further into it. The meeting concluded with reference to the group's finances. Mr. Beecher said that following the donation of €50 (genuine one!) to Cumann na Doaine in respect of crime-warning signs, a total of €763.50c. The next annual church gate collection is imminent this summer and meantime the next community alert meeting will be on July 6th at 7.45 pm, Walter Raleigh.

By Christy Parker Those who have contributed in any way to the Emer Casey Foundation's inspiring efforts to combat ovarian/uterine cancer, particularly through early detection, can be immensely proud of the results generated by their efforts. Immediately following the 2010 Emer Case 10k on May 23rd, Professor John O'Leary of the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Trinity College Dublin addressed the participants at the assembly point in Pobalscoil na Trionoide. His message measured that, in truth, breakthroughs of immense importance, magnified by the foundation's links with various international medical research centres, continue to emerge. Professor O'Leary leads the DISCOVARY consortium, which is composed of researchers from several institutions who undertake worldclass research into ovarian and endometrial cancer. DISCOVARY's primary goal is to understand these cancers, develop new early detection methods and design novel treatment options. The Emer Casey Foundation sponsors three Phd fellowships for the consortium and their focus lies in the areas of chemoresistance, cancer stem cells, circulating tumour cells and the body's immune response to cancer. They are Mairead Murphy, Lynda McEvoy and Brendan French and they also addressed the gathering on recent progress in their individual projects. The consortium's overall profile and its considerable achievements can be viewed online at Meanwhile Professor O'Leary and his workers addressed advances made in the past twelve months. A year of great progress The professor began by deliberating on "some very important discoveries and breakthroughs" over the year. He described how an "inflammatory pathway" involved with ovarian cancer had been discovered. The pathway is compiled of a protein called TLR4 and its accompanying adaptor molecule, MyD88. The terms are technical but the research indicated that, "some of the treatments we presently use for people with ovarian cancer may inadvertently activate this pathway," which suggested that such cancer cells that express TLR4 and MyD88 are more likely to be chemoresistant and will behave like cancer stem cells. "That's a major statement," he stressed, adding that, "hospitals involved with the DISCOVARY consortium, are asking their ethics boards if they can start testing for these particular genes or proteins as part of managing the treatment with ovarian cancer patients." Professor O'Leary also told how the fellows are collaborating with the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (RCSI) and Dublin City University (DCU) in examining the role of platelets in cancer cell metastasis. The process, called 'platelet cloaking,' is "a major step forward in understanding how tumour cells spread in the blood stream." The professor proceeded that the consortium has "engaged a second group in UCD that have discovered a new protein in ovarian cancer called Mad-2. The presence of this "really bad protein" in ovarian cancer sufferers signified a much bleaker outlook. Thanks directly to the Emer Casey Foundation, an important paper on this issue was expected to be published in the coming months. The three students are also commencing research in tandem with colleagues at the Dana Faber Cancer Institute, Harvard University, USA, who approached them and asked for collaboration. This work "will focus on deep analysis of the role of MyD88 in tumour cell chemotherapeutic responses and to carry out live cell imaging of cancer platelet interactions." This collaboration is seen as creating "a dynamic two-way interaction between scientists on both sides of the Atlantic." The three students/Fellows funded to the consortium by the Emer Casey Foundation also addressed the gathering, with each indicating their specific area of research and offering a brief synopsis of their progress. In this instance particularly, much of the terminology used is technical and, frankly, unlikely to convey its immense significance if represented here in full. Briefly, the speakers were represented thus: 1) Lynda McEvoy: deals with "Developing Novel Therapeutic approaches in Chemoresistant Ovarian Cancer Paitents.' Lynda aims to help formulate new ovarian cancer treatments and improve current ones. She is investigating why some ovarian cancer patients, having responded well to initial chemotherapy before relapsing and becoming resistant to treatment. She refers to one possible cause as tumour hypoxia, which is another way of saying 'a reduced level of oxygen in the tumour.' She has investigated the effect of hypoxia on the standard treatment for ovarian cancer, by subjecting the drugs combination cisplatin and taxane to various conditions. Her findings "may provide novel targets for new therapeutic drugs," she says. Her future plans include collaboration with DCU in examining the response of cells taken from a patient's tumour to different concentrations of chemotherapy drugs and different concentrations of oxygen in order to tailor a chemotherapy regime that is suited to a patient's particular tumour." 2) Mairead Murphy: deals with 'Developing and Validating Diagnostic Serum Based Biomarker Panels in Ovarian Cancer.' Mairead's work aims to identify biomarkers associated with ovarian cancer. A biomarker is a substance that provides information about underlying processes within the body. To determine biomarkers she has profiled antibody patterns in the serum of ovarian cancer patients and then compared them to those of healthy volunteers. (Antibodies are proteins found in the blood or body fluid and make up the core of the immune system.) She has identified patterns of some previously identified biomarkers and also potential biomarkers that may be used to detect various ovarian diseases, including cancer. Her task is to define the best possible treatment for ovarian cancer by distinguishing between different ovarian diseases. Through the presence of one sort of antibody (immunoglobulin G) in the blood she can probe the immune repertoire of patients over a period of up to 10 years and thus acquire information on cancer progression. A second type of antibody (immunoglobulin M) may provide an earlier assessment however and the two combined "should provide a greater insight into cancer progression and patient immune response," she concludes. 3) Brendan French: deals with the 'Isolation Characterisation and Silencing of Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells.' Brendan, the latest recruit to the fellowship thanks to the public's financial support, is studying the hypothesis whereby growth and repair of cancer tissue -as with normal tissue- is carried out by stem cells (CSCs). Cancer stem cells are thought to be resistant to therapy and capable of replenishing tumors post-treatment. His project aims to isolate supposed CSCs from ovarian cancer. Once isolated, it is intended to validate these putative CSCs through various hallmarks associated with stem cells, such as chemoresistance, resistance to low oxygen conditions, etc. Once validated as stem cells the project will endeavour to discover what makes the CSC's different to general cancer cells with the intention of identifying ways to differentiate/kill them and so make enhance the success of ovarian cancer treatment. This work is in its early stages but so far has identified and isolated one population of cancer stem cells from one line of ovarian cancer cells. Summary In summary, the Emer Casey Foundation is sponsoring ovarian cancer research in the areas of chemoresistance, cancer stem cells, circulating tumour cells and the body's immune response to cancer. The scientists have already identified a panel of proteins that can be found in the blood of ovarian cancer patients and have developed a nearpatent testing device to assess a patient's response to chemotherapy. They are mow working on new ways to isolate circulating tumour cells in a patient's blood. War Back on the support trenches, so to speak, of the war against ovarian cancer, Professor O'Leary had a stark but inspiring message for the troops assembled before him in Pobalscoil na Trionoide. "One in three of you here will get cancer and two in three of you will work or live with someone who will get it," he said. Yet, "ordinary people are leading the fight against the 'silent killer,'" he stressed. "You are contributing to a body of knowledge searching to establish early detection methods and striving to understand how these tumours can be treated." He proceeded, " Your money is making a major impact on the progress of Irish scientists that is being internationally recognized. That is why the running, walking and weeping you did today is so very important. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."


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Local man Coleman Motherway had plenty of cause for celebration this week when he won a top of the range mountain bike in a recent member’s draw which took place at Aura Youghal Leisure Centre. The free gift give-away was Aura’s way of rewarding anyone who referred a friend to the leisure centre. Other winners in the membership draw took home a selection of prizes including free fitness and swimming vouchers, 3-day memberships, cinema tickets and yoga mats. Coleman who lives in Park, Inch was delighted with his prize, “I was thrilled to win the mountain bike, it was a great surprise. I have been a regular at Aura since I joined last summer and try to get to the pool twice a week. My wife Ina is also a member and my three sons, Rory, Dara and Barry are all members of the L-R Tracy Kenneally, Operations Aura ‘Swim Academy’,” Manager of Aura Youghal Leisure Centre and Coleman Motherway. explained Coleman. “What I love about Aura is the top class facilities. Everything is so well managed and clean and the staff are friendly and approachable. Whether you are a first timer or a regular they really go above and beyond to help you. It’s a great place to spend time and they make exercising so enjoyable,” added Coleman. “The number of people joining Aura has grown steadily over the last few months. We found that a lot of our new members have been referred by some of our regular members. We are thrilled that so many of our members are happy to recommend us to other people,” explained Tracy Kenneally, Operations Manager at Aura Yougal Leisure Centre. “The draw and prize give away was our way of rewarding these members for referring us to friends. We want as may people as possible to have the opportunity to try our classes and facilities and see how we can help them make their health and fitness ambitions become a reality,” explained Tracy. “Our Membership Advisors are always on hand to talk to anyone about what membership option is best for them. People are often surprised to hear that they don’t need to pay an annual membership fee to enjoy our facilities and that they can simply Pay as You Go,” added Tracy. “Every journey begins with the first step and Aura is all about helping people to take that all important first step towards taking up exercise, setting and realising personal fitness goals,” added Tracy. Further information about any of the classes or programmes taking place at Aura Youghal is available by visiting the centre or by contacting reception at (024) 91614
The Golf Classic Organising Committee

Des O’Halloran accepting the Pfizers prize from Sean O’Murchú. Also included are Jim Morey, Aine Martin and Jim Coleman of Youghal Golf Club

Mick Coleman accpeting the John Daly Transport prize from Aine Martin. Also included are Jim Morey, John and Jason Dlay, Eoin Coleman, Jim Coleman and Sean O’Murchú

Gay Fitzgibbon accepting the winning prize on behalf of Ahernes Seafood Restaurant. Also included are Jim Morey, Aine Martin, Sean O’Murchú, wining Team members, Jim Coleman and Sean O’Murchú

By Christy Parker Almost 160 years of a bathing tradition came to a sudden halt last week when the town council was instructed to board up access to the '49's swimming area at the foot of the lighthouse. The instruction came from town manager, Patricia Power, on receipt of a risk assessment report she commissioned from the Irish Water Safety Association that deemed the spot unsafe. The decision has caused considerable anger amongst those who use the facility, not alone for its ramifications but also for the total absence of notification that a report had been commissioned at all. Reports findings The safety survey was conducted over two visits last February. Amongst its 24-page report the following concerns were stipulated: the access pathway adjacent to the lighthouse is in poor repair and "could cause trips and falls." It was also deemed unsatisfactory for emergency access; the 'catwalk' approach to the diving board has no handrails and "would be an entrapment area for swimmers if the tide rises"; the diving area is "unsafe" with the diving board (which Youghal Town Council have traditionally installed) considered a risk at three metres above low tide; submerged rocks serve further dangers. The area generally is considered susceptible to "tidal surges." A lack of signage and a need for further lifebuoys, properly located, are also outlined. Additionally the report notes that a closed-off viewing area -that had served as a second access point- is dangerously rusted underneath and needs restoration or demolishing. (This section, along with a second viewing area at Moll Goggin's Corner has been closed for years now and Cork County Council is showing no indication of addressing the issue at all.) Ms Power referred inquiries to the town clerk Liam Ryan, who said the manager commissioned the report following complaints she received. However he did "not have the information" as to the nature and number of complaints and with the town manager not commenting directly, that relevant factor remains a mystery. Perhaps the answer will be sought and provided at some upcoming town council meeting. Meanwhile, given that the town council serviced the area with its diving board, Mr Ryan did not seem overtly enthusiastic with developments. However, on a brighter note he observed that, "now that the issues have been highlighted, we can try to address them." Over protection? While there is a general acceptance that the area held some hazard, support for the closure is pretty thin on the ground. The relatively clandestine manner by which entire episode from survey to report to closure was conducted, accounts in part for people's resentment. Secondly, there is a sense of 'health and safety' losing the run of itself. Especially amongst generations that played hide & seek in deserted building sites, before the culture of 'fall and sue' stepped off some well-gritted disembarking plank from America, there is a growing resentment towards the inexorable sanitisation of life. People, adults, feel they are being treated like cattle -and imbecilic ones at that- with a lack of consultation that is allied to a growing plethora of rules and regulations being imposed on them by distant civil servants. They wonder as to whither went personal responsibility and, by and large, they want it back. Yet authority can claim to be merely responding to the times. For, as the town clerk noted, there is a legal profession willing to accommodate those who will initiate litigation at the drop of a brick, including a judiciary (answering only to itself) that seems to

lean towards such litigants regardless of any trampling on common sense. "Once the report recommended closing access, the manager had really no option but to do so," he states. Criticisms The diving rocks, or '49's,' as the area is known, arose from the establishment of Youghal lighthouse itself, in 1852 "The materials to build it had to be transported by sea and so a landing area was established," says Green Party town councillor Liam Burke, who has bathed in the area for 50 years. Mr Burke argues that there has never been a serious accident at the rocks in living memory. "The lifeboat has never once been summonsed, nor the council sued for injury, "which is more than can be said for the unprotected quay walls and the greater beach area," he adds. He is also critical of the survey being conducted in February and would like a second survey conducted "during maximum usage and in summer conditions." Others dismayed by the issue include Youghal Mayor Sandra McLellan and town and Cork county Cllr Barbara Murray. Both have described the closure as 'health and safety gone mad.' The mayor fears a greater risk will ensue should people be tempted to access the area by other methods, while Cllr Murray angrily demands, "where next are they going to close up a scenic area in a town dependent on tourism?!" Also unhappy amongst the 30 or so regulars who availed of the once male-dominated, sun-trapping idyll is a local lady who had planned to have some of her wedding photos shot there next August. She is reportedly determined that the location will feature in her wedding album! One fears that the new bride may be denied her dream of love on the rocks however.

€100 discount a real incentive to exercise at Aura
Fifty lucky customers at Aura Youghal Leisure Centre are set to save themselves €100 off the cost of annual membership thanks to a special offer which is intended to give a helping hand to those taking up exercise this summer. The summer months are some of the busiest at the leisure centre and Aura is looking forward to surprising a mix of fifty individuals and families taking out annual memberships during the coming weeks. “The first fifty people taking out annual memberships are going to be left with quite a bit of change out of what they were expecting to pay,” explained Tracy Kenneally, Operations Manager at Aura Youghal Leisure Centre. “Anyone taking out individual membership who is counted among the first fifty will only be charged €395, while the cost of family membership for two adults and three children is just €750 for those included,” she added. “Our membership always increases during the summer when the longer evenings give people more time to focus on exercise. A lot of people also come to Aura Youghal to get into shape for their summer holidays and this offer gives them an added incentive to continue exercising all year round,” she continued. “We have had offers like this in previous years and they have always been snapped up. People love a bargain or having the money that they were putting towards the full cost of membership to spend on themselves or on holidays,” she added. Membership at Aura Youghal includes free fitness classes, unlimited gym use, the use of a 25 metre swimming pool, sauna and steam room, access to the new RESULTS fitness programme which includes over 300 interactive, 20 to 30 minute exercise programmes which can be applied to eight different exercise experiences. Aura’s fully qualified instructors also work with people of all ages and abilities to help them set and realise exercise goals and to feel healthier and better about themselves. “Most people join Aura with the intention of working towards fitness goals and we believe in giving every support to help people realise the goals they set. Working out at Aura is a lot of fun and our classes are organised so that they can be enjoyed with friends and family,” Tracy said.

To mark the day, The Roma Grill offered ½ price Fish & Chips!
How we like our Fish and Chips! National Fish and Chips Day survey reveals: · 62% have Fish and Chips on a Friday · 40% eat around the table with family or friends · Salt AND vinegar for 70% please! · A pot of tea is the ideal accompaniment for 56% The Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association (ITICA) today announced the results of a 'Love Fish & Chips' survey to mark the first National Fish & Chips Day. The survey has revealed exactly how we like our Fish and Chips with 70 per cent going for both salt and vinegar and 56 per cent enjoying the comfort of a pot of tea with theirs! While 62 per cent like Fish and Chips on a Friday and 30 per cent prefer weekends, no one surveyed ate Fish and Chips on a Tuesday! 40 per cent like to enjoy the tradition sitting around the table with family or friends and Models Nadia Forde and Jenny Lee most go for their local Irish Masterson pictured enjoying the sunshine on Italian chipper whether the National Fish & Chips Day, Wednesday 26th one of their childhood (30 May! per cent) or near where they now live (50 per cent). Whatever chipper is nearest at the time, whether on the way home from work or an evening out, was the choice of 20 per cent. Peter Borza, Chairman of ITICA commented: "The tradition lives on and National Fish & Chips Day is really marking the well loved culture of Irish Italian chippers in Ireland and the 125 year old tradition of fish and chips." He continued: "The survey results paint a picture of Fish and Chips on a Friday in front of the TV or around the table with family or friends as the perfect wind-down treat to ring in the weekend. And preferably with a pot of tea!" The next favourite beverage to go along with the traditional Fish and Chips meal, after a pot of tea, was a beer for one-quarter of those surveyed and a glass of wine for one-fifth. ITICA (The Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association) launched in February this year and significantly, 54 per cent of respondents stated that the ITICA logo is very important as a symbol of quality and tradition. Finally, one-fifth of those surveyed had been on a Fish & Chips date! ITICA was created to promote and build on the traditional values and ethos of the members. The official ITICA logo identifies Irish Italian member chippers around Ireland. The Irish Italian chipper culture was started by members of the Irish Italian community who arrived in Ireland in the 1880's. All members of this community come from the villages in Val Di Comino in Southern Italy. These families bore the names well-known at the local chipper today.

During the 1880's the first Italians arrived from the villages in Val di Comino to Dublin via Paris, Scotland and England. The fish and chip tradition itself started in Northern England fulfilling the need for a cheap ready-made meal. Adopted by the Italians, the fish and chip trade has been carried on by Irish Italians as family businesses and this has been key to their success.

Staff of The Roma Grill pictured on National Fish and Chips Day

Youghal athlete, Amanda Crotty received two gold medals at the 30th Irish National Games for Blind & Visually Impaired on Saturday 29th May 2010. Amanda Crotty took part in the 800M and 1500M and won both with personal best times. Amanda, from Youghal, came within 6 seconds in both events of qualifying for next year’s World Championships. Amanda was one of over 100 blind and visually impaired athletes Ireland and abroad that competed in 30th Anniversary Games on Saturday in the Aer Lingus Sports Club (ALSAA) & Morton Stadium. Athletes competed in a range of events including tandem cycling, tenpin bowling, football, swimming and athletics including both track and field events. The Games were organised by Irish Blind Sports (IBS), the officially recognised national governing body (NGB) with responsibility for organising sporting activities for blind and visually impaired people in Ireland. Speaking about the Games, Irish Blind Sports Chairman, Fintan O’Donnell said, “this year’s Games were a celebration of the three decades of sports for blind and visually impaired people in Ireland. Over the last 30 years, Irish blind and visually impaired sportspeople have enjoyed fantastic success. For some this has been just taking part and learning a new sport, for others it has led to them creating new World Records and winning multiple Paralympic gold medals. “Irish Blind Sports caters for all levels of ability and we would encourage anyone who is blind and visually impaired to get in touch with us if they are interested in trying a new sport”. “This year’s Games were a great success, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the organisation of the Games and congratulate all the athletes who participated in each of the events on Saturday” added Mr. O’Donnell. Further information about Irish Blinds Sports is available on / Tel: +353 1 202 0118

Youghal News Photographs may be purchased from our Offices at Flanagan Print, Foxhole, Youghal

POBALSCOIL NA TRIONÓIDE NEWS Badminton Basics Programme TY Students
The Cork Sports Partnership in association with Badminton Ireland organised to deliver a Badminton Basics programme to 10 secondary schools in Cork county. Pobalscoil na Trionoide, was among one of the 10 lucky schools to participate. PE Teacher Ms. Casey, in conjunction with Badminton Development Officer Wayne Doyle, invited badminton coach Frieda Kearns to teach the programme to a group of 22 Transition Year students. The Badminton Basics module gives each student the skills and knowledge to deliver basic badminton skills to younger players and to begin assisting in coaching. The course took place over 2 sessions lasting 5 hours in total. The students were taught a mixture of fun games, different types of badminton strokes, footwork and the rules of the game. By the end of the course, students were able to demonstrate and explain the keypoints of the game. The students were interested and enthusiastic in their participation and both coach and students enjoyed the sessions. Well done to all who successfully completed the course! An excellent effort was made! Each student was presented with a certificate. We hope the students will now go on to participate in

Pobalscoil Students Invited To Shanghai

Frank Delaney, Bernie Heffernan, Julie Ní , Helen Waide, Adam Dalton, Aisling Ní Siochrú, Maguerite Coleman, Mary O’Neill and Crona McCarthy

the local club in Youghal and encourage younger students to learn the sport in school. Congratulations and well done! The new badminton coaches in Pobalscoil na Trionoide are the following: Roisin O`Keeffe, Kathleen Quinn, Gary Moloney, Anthony Russell, Patrick Flanagan, Marie Byrne, Laura Hennessy, Dawn Donovan, Ryan Mason, Michael Morrissey, Jack Mehegan, Rosanna O`Brien, Darren Foley, Aoife Walsh, James Howes, Kevin Mythen, Ricki Roche, Chloe Daly, Nora Sheehan, Niamh Quill, Christopher Cooney, David Twomey.

● ● ● ● ●

● ●

A group of students from Pobalscoil Na Tríonóide, Youghal, Co. Cork have been invited to attend the 2010 Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo, as a result of their success at the BT Young Scientist Competition, 2010. In total 6 people will travel to Shanghai China from 9th July-19th July. The group are delighted to represent their school, town, county and country in China to over 7 million visitors at the Shanghai Youth Expo (an international exhibition on tackling global climate change.) The group first came to success by winning an East Cork science competition, sponsored by Millipore, a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company in Carrigtwohill. They further entered the BT Young Scientist and came second in the Senior Biological Category. Their project is based on the quality of drinking water from a domestic water filter. Drinking water can contain pathogenic material that causes illness to humans. This idea is very topical due to the effects of climate change on the quality of drinking water. They analysed the quality of un-filtered water versus filtered water. They also designed a prototype for a water filter; which would filter drinking water and simultaneously improve the quality of drinking water and improve human health.The project began as an investigation into the quality of water in the local area. The following areas were analysed: Climate change in Ireland Quality of water in Ireland Global impact of water quality deterioration Effects of poor quality drinking water on humans Investigation into preventative measures in saving our water supply To filter or not to filter contaminated water - using a common household filter An investigation into whether this was sustainable or not. How can other methods of filtering water be developed (natural reed beds versus a common household filter which has been modified)

Analee Casey pictured with the Munster Wining Camogie Team

As you are aware, travelling to Shanghai is expensive for these three students, so we are organising sponsorship for these students. We hope that you could assist in some way and we would be forever grateful. The sponsorship could also help your organisation as the students could mention your organisation and aims when they travel to China and exhibit their project. You may contact me on 0860890377 for further details or information.

Retirement Party for Máiréad O'Neill, DCC
at Youghal Golf Club
Photo Bobby Whyte

Máiréad O'Neill, Retired DCC pictured with colleagues Tom Browne, Gráinne Barry, Margaret Swayne, Michael Goulding, Una Power, Willie O' Connor, Geraldine Lynch and Anne Casey

Retired DCC Máiréad O'Neill pictured with husband John and colleagues David Riordan, Terence Finn and Michael Pattwell, Judges

Retired District Court Clerk Máiréad O'Neill with her husband John

Catherine Coleman Madden, Solicitors



Paul Heffernan, Paul O'Driscoll, Paddy Gordon, Nuala Condon and Mark Allen, Colleaguess of Máiréad

Tom Browne and Willie O'Connor, Colleagues of Máiréad

John and Pat Power, friends of Máiréad

Andy Hally, Mary Ronayne and Karen Fitzgerald

Brian O'Shea with Joe Cuddigan at the Retirement Party

John O'Neill, Dan McSweeney, Billy Gleeson and Liam Ryan Kieran Quill, Ken Murray and John Brosnan

Terence Finn, Michael Pattwell and David Riordan, Judges

Nuala O'Keeffe, Anne Quill, Brigid Hughes, Marian O'Halloran and Anna Foley

Anne Casey, DC Mallow and Tom Browne, Chief lerk, DC Clonmel

Geraldine and John Lynch

Vintage Car and Bike Show at Farrell's Summerfield Bar

Dan Riordan, Carrigrohid, with Richard and Geraldine Swanton from Lassardia

Anthony McDermott, Tony Smith and Denis Brennan

Billy, Damian, Pat and Sophie Ahern

Amanda Craig and Kevin Nugent

Tom Roche with Billy and Katie Ryan

Paddy and Sylvia Ballyanne, Newross



Megan and Rebecca Brozie pictured with Helen Austin

Gene and Leah Spillane and Cara McCaughy

Mick Desmond, Juliette Leneghan, Martin Hennessy Philip, Jack, Ronan and Sophie Monaghan with Erin Nolan and Susie Tobin

Brendan, Ann, Eoin, Jack and Dylan O' Driscoll pictured at the Vintage with Orla Hickey

Tom Leahy, Youghal, Kevin Wright, Kinsale and John McCarthy, Youghal

Noel, Jack and Robby Curtin

A Bevy by the Chevy! - Caroline Cooper, Breeda and John Donovan with their Ber O' Donoghue and Mary Fitzgerald niece Corina McGratht

The O' Brien Boys - Dermot, David, Ian and Adam Seán Farrell, Peter Doherty, Eoin O' Keeffe and Ronan Christer Hansson, Ann-Christin Hansson, Sweden; Bill pictured at the Annual Car and Bike Show O' Sullivana and Katie Ryan, Ballincollig

By Christy Parker Somewhat quietly but importantly, two initiatives in the never-ending battle against drug abuse are being promoted in Youghal this summer. The first project is called Dial 2 Stop Drug Dealing and is being rolled out in Youghal by the Southern Regional Drugs Task Force (SRDTF), following successful implementation in other towns across the country since late 2008. It is administered from the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. Dial 2 Stop Drug Dealing is crime-based and simply urges people with information to dial a confidential Freephone number and impart their knowledge. "Callers are not asked to identify themselves or leave their number. Neither do they need to fear a garda follow-up to their door," says SRDTF co-ordinator Chris Black. "The project is entirely an intelligence gathering exercise." The Freephone number is 1800 220220 Across Ireland, Dial 2 Stop Drug Dealing has been one of the more successful operations organised by the government in the endless battle to defeat drug pushers, or at least remove their services from local communities, others replacing them notwithstanding. "About one third of al calls have given gardai good and useful information," says Chris. "Drug squad personnel say much of the information received has been spot on and helped them with inquiries as well as bringing new names to light." According to data pertaining to 15 local and regional campaigns for the period up to December 2009 indicate the following: · Over 5,500 were received to mid November 09, with 739 calls received in June 2009 · Over 1,500 reports were sent to the Gardaí · 63% of calls are made between 11am and 5pm, most of them midweek. · There was an increase in calls around the reporting of drug related murders · There have been many Section 10 and Section 3 seizures (All according to the website Dial 2 Stop Drug Dealing initiative is funded by the Dormant Accounts Fund, the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform. It is also supported by An Garda Síochána and the Health Service Executive. Referral strategy A second initiative being piloted in Youghal from this month concerns referral action. Some years ago, in common with other communities, Youghal developed a referral strategy devolved from a surge in heroin use. This strategy is now being reassessed amidst attempts to modify it to serve drug use referrals generally. According to Chris Black, the SRDTF is looking at the points of contact a drug user would have. "One of those pints would be 'an arrest' by a garda or at least a garda becoming aware of someone's drug usage, " he says. Now, in terms of younger users (14-25 year olds), the Task Force is keen to utilise the Juvenile Liaison Officer (JLO) process in such circumstance, as against immediately taking the criminal prosecution road. "The garda would inform the JLO, who would in turn make contact with the alleged young drug user. This system is "still being tweaked" he adds and is expected to be rolled out later this month or early July. It is being piloted as part of an overall referral strategy being piloted in Youghal and Tralee. The government has committed to providing extra resources, such as increased numbers of counsellors, for at least the next two years. Chris outlines a flaw in previous referral strategies that dealt only with 'arrest' referrals. "If the referral wasn't taken up and the person subsequently came before the judiciary, then that refusal reflected badly on them," he explains. "So now we've modified down to 'came to the attention of.'" Furthermore 'arrest' referrals tend to coerce people into seeking treatment and that's not always the best basis for doing so. People need to go for treatment because they want to do so, not just to impress a judge."

By Christy Parker Two of Youghal's three beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status for the summer season. Redbarn will receive its first ever blue flag and Claycastle will have its pride and joy returned after a two-year absence. The front strand however, faces a third consecutive summer without the coveted cloth flying. The latest awards reflect the state of the beaches during they surveyed months of what passed for summer 2009. It is gratifying that such rudiment requirements as parking and toilet facilities were successfully implemented at Redbarn in particular, although many would argue that there remains plenty of scope for improvements here also. Claycastle's parking capacity is often stretched to the limits during heat-wave occasions and the toilets are probably as efficient as such unattended structures can be expected to be. Nationally, water samples from 131 designated bathing areas, comprising 122 seawater and nine freshwater jurisdictions, were assessed for compliance with EU standards last summer. The standard comprised two criteria: a) minimum EU mandatory values and b) stricter EU guidelines. Compliance with both achieved 'good' water quality status. Compliance with mandatory values only achieved 'sufficient' water quality status and failure to comply with either brought 'poor' water quality status. There were 122 (93%) bathing areas compliant with mandatory standards (sufficient). 108 (82%) of the 131 also met the stricter guidelines (good). Nine failed to meet minimum standard and Youghal's front strand was one of those. (Ardmore, incidentally achieved 'sufficient' status.) So one can safely assume that the main liability affecting the front strand is water quality. The beach would appear to suffer from the passing (pardon the pun) of raw sewerage and wet weather conditions that dislodged surface water from fields during last summer added to the ecological fragility last summer. On a far brighter note however, the imminent new town drainage and waste treatment scheme is certain to address the issue and one can expect to see the blue flag dancing in the gale-swept downpours of future Youghal summers. Youghal councillor Mary Linehan-Foley says she is "delighted Youghal has two blue flags but I won't be happy until we have three, because Youghal is highly dependent on tourism." The councillor stresses that the waste water treatment plant "needs to be advanced quickly" in light of the town's present blue flag standing. Meanwhile, Youghal town council will host a 'raise the flags' reception at the town hall on Thursday June 17th at 2pm.

Killeagh & District Gymkahana
Killeagh and District Gymkahana is on Sunday 20th of June from 10am onwards and a dog show at approximately 2pm at Walshes Farm on the Main Youghal Road to Killeagh on the left hand side - it will be signposted. Everyone Welcome

Collection for Concern
There is a huge need at present in Haiti and many third world countries for housing, food, medicines etc. We are transferring o ur December collection this year to Friday 18th June and Friday 25th June in Youghal because the needs are great and urgent. All our collectors are voluntary and every cent donated will be sent to “Concern” to help the poor in those countries.

Michelle Hynes will be hosting a Tea Evening in Power’s Bar Mount Uniacke to raise funds for a Sky Dive in aid of Multiple Sclerosis of Ireland. Your support is greatly appreciated. All are welcome

Youghal United Blow the Guinness Book of Records Soccer 5-A Side Record Away.
By Derek Kiely In a spectacular display of pure raw courage, guts and determination in searing heat conditions of over 21 degrees celsius, Youghal United AFC will enter the halls of history after beating the Guinness Book of Records for a 'Continuous game of 5-A Side Soccer' at Ardrath Park over the June Bank Holiday Weekend. The official record did stand at 27 hours and 15 mins and as Youghal United started on their quest at 9.02am on Saturday the 5th of June they had beaten that record at 12.20pm on Sunday the 6th of June, where no less than 752 goals had been scored at that point in time, but the Youghal lads continued on their target of 33 hours plus which they incredibly achieved at 6.32pm on Sunday evening scoring 946 goals in total. The concept of the whole event of trying to break the record came about in September 2009, when ideas were needed to raise funds for Youghal United's Soccer Academy and money to support underage School Boy's and School Girl teams. The Original committee of Emmett Perry, Kevin 'Jock' Gallogley, Brian Wade, Finbar Walsh and Pierce Hennessy got the ball rolling on the record attempt and in just nine months the dream was achieved.

Emmett Perry said "It has been a long road, but the support we have received has been brilliant. Local sponsors like Farrell's, Bertie's, T & M Fitzgerald and the Quality Hotel Youghal has been great and the work by everyone involved in the attempt has been nothing short of miraculous".The rules governing a Guinness Book of Records attempt are very strict. 1) Only 16 players allowed in total. 2) An official referee has to be in control of the game at all times. 3) Every kick has to be recorded by Video, for proof of timing. 4) The game has to be played at a respectable pace and no time wasting is accepted. All of the above were adhered to impeccably and Youghal United AFC must be congratulated for the way the venue was set up over the weekend. The players were encamped in a special section of the ground vis-

The Final Whistle after 33hours and 30 minutes of Soccer

ible to all the hundreds of people at some stage of the attempt either during the morning, afternoon, evening or during the night to support the lads. Along with the obvious centre-piece of the Guinness Book of Record attempt, the Youghal United club also invited all the other sporting associations in the area to come along and set up stands displaying their sports, making the whole event a real community effort. Perry said "The players are real heroes in my opinion, they have literally given Players Michael Lyons and Leon Geary with everything they have for Coach Ken Dempsey this attempt and I can't thank them enough. At 5 am on Sunday morning the will power was tested to the limit, it was cold, wet and fatigue was a huge issue, but they dug deep and showed unbelievable heart to keep going". The players who made this piece of Youghal sporting history are: Team Captains Kevin Gallogley and Patrick Morrissey, Christophe Colin, Kevin Gallogley, Barry Goggin, Diarmuid Schuel, David O'Keefe, Mike Lyons, Aidan Ryan, David Kenneally, Peter Geary, Leon Geary, Martin Coen, Pierce Hennessy, Anthony Kelly, Gavin O'Leary and Stuart Hickey. These 16 players will be admired and revered for many years to David O’Keefe and Jamie Lawton come after such an astonishing achievement. Perry finished by saying "The support we have received is brilliant and we silenced the doubters who said we couldn't do it and I must thank the referees, Eddie Foley, Ken Hennessy, Seamus Landers, Paul and Kieran Griffin, David Coleman and Ed McNally. There are so many people we want to thank who gave their time up for this event and we would really like to thank Ken Dempsey who gave us all the Exercise and Nutritional advice we need throughout". Youghal United will now go into the history books for an amazing 33 ½ hour record for a continuous 5 A Side soccer match. Congratulations, it will take some effort to beat this one.

Youghal United Blow the Guinness Book of Records Soccer 5-A Side Record Away.

Kieran Curley attending to a very tired Michael Helen and Diarmaid Shuel Lyons at the final whistle

Barry Goggin and family

Martin Coen and family

Stuart Hickey and family

Pierce Hennessy and family

The Sponsors, Paul Dempsey of Berties Bar and Michael Farrell of Farrells Summerfield

Brothers Peter and Leon Geary who both played in the World Record Game

Leon Geary and friends

Are we finished???????

Pierce Hennessy and Jessica Lawton

Patrick Morrissey and family

Youghal United 5-A-Side Soccer World Attempt
Saturday June 5th 2010

Youghal United World Record Atempt Squad, which includes both teams and Officials pictured prior to the attempt on Saturday Independent Scrutineers Tom O’Brien and Michael Beecher last.

World Record Attempt Sponsors, Paul Dempsey of Referee Eddie Foley tosses th coin closely watched by Berties Bar, Brian Hennessy of Sport & Leisure and Chris Morrisson with Louise and Ollie Dempsey Michael Farrell of Farrells Summerfield Bar. Team Captains Kevin Gallogley and Martin Coen

Broadscasters Mick Sheehan and Gene Crotty Pierce Hennessy with his son Pierce

Canon Tom Browne get the World Record Attempt underway. Alos included are David O’Keeffee, Referee Eddie Foley and Peter Geary. Robyn Gallogley and Ciara Dempsey Youghal United Officers, Noel Mackey Hon.Life President and Sammy Revins Club Chairman

Christophe and Oona Colin

Physios Jimmy Healy and Peter Coady

Seamus Landers, Canon Tom Browne pictured with Officail Timekeepers Martin Drake and Tim Twomey

Youghal Golf Club Ladies Section

Youghal Credit Union College Scholarship

Winners Maurette Fogarty, Maeve Trupe Kelly, Trish Landers, Moira Crimmins, Mary O’Callaghan, Jane Coyne, Catherine Hayes, Ann Galvin and Mary Coleman with club representatives. Sponsored by Walsh Pharmacy

Mr Seamus O Ceallachain, Colm Geary, Scholarship Winner and Ms. Fiona Ni Bhrudair.

Winners Maurette Fogarty, Ann Coleman, Phil Burns, Noreen Cronin, Gaye Fitzgibbon and Maeve Trupe Kelly with club representatives and sponsor Ann Lavan.

Ms. Claire Fitzgerald, Ms. Fiona Bhrudair, Colm Geary scholarship winner, Amber Walsh, Blathnaid Ni Chlerigh, Sorcha Treacy, Roisin O'Keeffe and Christine Cusack.

€1733.04 Cheque Presentation to NCBI Cork
The money which was the proceeds of a cabaret and dance night held at the Walter Raleigh Hotel In January 2010. This money will be used towards the summer outing to Clonea of the Youghal and district NCBI branch. This outing will take place on July 7th 2010 This money was raised locally to ensure that the group will have their annual outing. This was previously subsidised by government Funding but due to cutbacks no funding was available this year. It was decided by the local committee to raise funds locally. Thanks to Pat Daly and all the other local artists who performed free of charge and also to the Walter Raleigh for the use of the hall Free. It is hoped to presentation of have another fundraiser in the Cheque €1733.04 to James Honour of coming months. Thanks to everyone who made the night a the NCBI Cork branch by John Cunningham. huge success.

Winners Juliet Casey, Fionnula Coleman, Veronica Whyte, Jan Goodwin, Ann Galvin and Loreto Morrisson with club representatives and sponsors Dara Murphy and Joan Cashman

Winners Marian Sweeney, Dympna Quill and Geraldine Cunningham with club representatives and PGA professional and sponsor Liam Burns

Youghal News Photographs may be purchased from our Offices at Flanagan Print, Foxhole, Youghal

The Youghal Eucharistic Procession

Youghal Bay Boat Club Inter-Club WindQuest

Youghal Musical Society SHOWSTOPPERS
At The Mall Arts Centre from June 8th to 13th. Tickets Now on Sale at Crees Card Shop

Members of the O’Brien, O’Flaherty and Buckley families

Brendan McCarthy McGowan


Geraldine Caroline Fraher and Louise O’Connor

Bridget Hughes and Eddie Hayes

Jannette Kiely, Eimear Coleman and Sinead McCarthy

Aoibhe and Donie Daly

Ciara, Adam, Conor and Lisa O’Brien

Cats Dance Group

Mary O’Regan, Marian Mulcahy and Liz McCarthy

Celebrations to mark the Golden Jubilee of Fr. O’Gorman’s Ordination to the Priesthood
Hannah O’Brien, Kate and Isacc Ennis and Corina McGrath

A concelebrated Mass will be held in Piltown Church at 7.30p.m. on Thursday June 17th. Community Celebrations will continue in Kinsalebeg Hall after the Mass. All are Welcome.

Best wishes, Orianna and Colin This week we extend our very good wishes to a local couple Orianna Del-Punta daughter of Anne [Keogh] and Marco Del- Punta Verona Italy and Colin Brodrick son of Betty and Denis Brodrick Beanfield Youghal on the occasion of their upcoming marriage which takes place on June 11th in Lake Garda Italy. Every good wish to you both from all your family and friends. Birthday Greetings This week we extend birthday greetings to Bree Fenton Youghal, Bree will be celebrating her birthday on June 11th and all her family and friends across the Blackwater extend good wishes to her Clashmore Ramblers Alpha LottoJackpots - €10,000 & €8950 This week we had no match winners, our jackpots for this Wednesday night's draw will be €10,000 & €8950 and they can be won by anyone who manages to match the four letters draw on the night. Last weeks main draw letters were S, T, E, A, and our bonus draw letters were B, D, O, G, Well done to the following who were our winners of €20 spot prizes Anne O Donnell C\O Sinead, Mary Cunningham C\O Eithne Pamela Whelan Kinsalebeg Well done to all our winners and thanks to everyone for supporting our lotto draw Death Of Mossie Hallahan With deep regret we record the death of Grange Farmer Mossie Hallahan Tinalyra. Mossie's death occurred on Wednesday last June 2nd following a long illness Reposing at his home in Grange rosary was celebrated there on Thursday evening and following removal to Our Lady of the Assumption church Grange on Friday morning requiem mass was celebrated for Mossie. Following mass Mossie was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. Mossie is survived by his wife Anne his family Maurice, Paul, John, Pat and Mary his sisters Eileen and Peggy and a wide circle of family relatives neighbours and friends to whom we extend deepest sympathy May he rest in peace. Death of Bernard Moloney With deep sadness and regret we record this week the death of Bernard Moloney Piltown Kinsalebeg. Bernard's death occurred on Friday morning May 27th following an illness, last in the presence of his family and the wonderful caring staff at Dungarvan Hospital. Reposing at Fountain House Ardmore- family home of his brother Jim sister in law Mary rosary was celebrated for Bernard on Saturday evening. On Sunday evening his removal took place to Piltown church. On Monday morning following the celebration of Mass the funeral cortege left for Aglish where Bernard was laid to rest with his mother Ellie and his father James. To his family his sister Sr Angela his brother Jim his sister in law Mary his nephew nieces grand nieces and grand nephews cousins relatives neighbours and many friends we tender our deepest and heart felt sympathy. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam dilis. Full obituary later. First Holy Communion in Kinsalebeg On Saturday last six boys and girls all second class pupils in Kinsalebeg National School received their first Holy Communion. Our parish priest Fr Maurice O Gorman officiated at the ceremony and we would like to say a big thank you to him for helping make the ceremony so special for us Thanks also to our class teacher Venessa Moynihan our music teacher Joan Collins and her choir, our alter servers, sacristan, the ladies who arranged the beautiful flowers and all who helped make the day so special for the children receiving first holy communion and their families. Congratulations to the following who received the sacrament for the first time Mary Kate Seward, Chloe Smiddy, Anne Marie Hynes, Conor Fitzgearld, Billy Foley, and Conor Ryan. Get Well Wishes Every good wish for a speedy recovery to John Sheehan Ballinaclash Clashmore who is presently feeling a bit under the weather - hope to have you out and about and back in good health quickly John Old Still -Texas Hold'em Tournament Janos Kocsik Was the Winner of Last Sundays Texas Hold'em Tournament, With Maryann Troy Second, Trish Fitzgerald Third and James Fitzgerald Fourth. Old Still - Rings Tournament Paddy Hurton and Janos Kocsik Won Last Sundays Rings Tournament in The Old Still, They Defeated Dermot Murphy and Johnny Curran in the Final. Clashmore Ramblers Summer Soccer Academy The Summer Soccer Academy is to begin on Sat June 12th and every Saturday throughout the summer. 4 to 7 years boys & girls, 11.00am to 12.00pm. €2 each, per week. Text your child /children's name and date of birth/s to the Club phone 087 177 0758 to book a spot. Keep collecting the tokens! Just a quick reminder from Clashmore Ramblers FC to all of you Kellogg's fans out there please keep collecting tokens from special promotional packs of Kellogg's Cornflakes, Crunchy Nut & Crunchy Nut Feast. There is a Prize of €100,000 to be used on the pitch development and a and a runner-up prize of €10,000. Boxes of Kellogg's Ireland promotional packs [with the special tokens] are only available at Quick Pick, Super Valu, Dunnes Stores, Mace, Londis, Superquinn and many other shops and outlets are not to be confused with packs at another major supermarket who so far only stock Kellogg's U.K. packs with another soccer promotion on them.[Apologies for any confusion caused] All tokens can be handed in to Coonan's shop Kinsalebeg or given to any of our club members . Thanks for all your support with this amazing prize on offer and thanks for all the support Kellogg's have shown the club so far in the process. Clashmore - Kinsalebeg Juvenile GAA News Under 12's Hurling Under 12's Hurling Team are going really well having won 3 of their 5 matches which now see them through to a Semi-final v Ballyduff Upper in Ballyduff Upper. Date & time as of yet to be confirmed. New arrival Warmest congratulations to Rose [nee Fleming] and Barry Kinsella Kilmaloo on the birth of their baby daughter whom they have called Seoda a most welcome grandchild for Bernie and John Fleming Kilmore. Best wishes from all your family and friends. Double birthday celebrations Congratulations and best wishes to Clashmore friends Danielle Mangan and Niamh Condon who both celebrated their 21st birthdays with a joint "Hat party" at the Decies Bar Clashmore, on Saturday night. Every good wish from all your family and friends Birthday Greetings Peter Birthday Greetings to Peter Deady, Kinsalebeg who celebrated his birthday at the Old Mill Kinsalebeg last weekend, a very happy birthday to you Peter from all your family and friends Aglish Community Centre News Bonus Ball - No winner this week in our bonus ball so next week it will be a roll over !!!! 100Euro!!!! , don't be late putting your name down. Birthday Greetings - This week birthday greetings go out to Claire Ware who is 14 on Tuesday and Jim O Brien (Jimo) he hit the 40 mark on Wednesday, also Maurice Kelly(mossy) is 30 Thursday, and of course we cant forget Andrew ware who is 11 on Friday . Dancing Don't forget Wednesday night is dancing night "modern jive salsa" in AGLISH COMMUNITY CENTRE @ 8.00 pm; last week had a big turn out still some spaces left so come on down and remember everybody can dance. Get Well Soon We would just like to wish Peter O Brien a speedy recovery. Aglish Community Centre - Future Events On the 27th ,28th ,29th ,August AGLISH COMMUNITY CENTRE, shall be holding a Festival Weekend ,as some will know three years ago we brought back the Aglish field day and with great success. And with the positive feed back it was decided to put on a weekend .On the Friday 27th we will be bringing back the Festival Queen this has being very popular in the past, on the Saturday 28th we will be holding a clay pigeon shoot among other things ,and of course on Sunday we will be holding our ever popular field day which will have the vintage rally, dog show , rodeo

rodeo bull ,stalls to mention just a few .If you need any information on any of the above feel free to e-mail us on or contact any of the committee . Forrest Fire at Remnagh On the afternoon of Wednesday May 26th a forest fire broke out in the Remnagh area of Mount Stuart causing extensive damage to over five acres of mature trees. The fire which was first reported by a vigilant local farmer who noticed smoke coming from the woodland at around 4.00pm. He contacted the emergency services and five units of the fire brigade were quickly on the scene. At this stage the fire had already taken hold and driven by strong winds at the time it was heading towards nearby farm buildings. Thankfully the fire was brought it under control before it reached the sheds. All units of the fire brigade remained at the scene late in to the evening to ensure the fire did not rekindle While it is not know how the fire started - once again we appeal to people visiting our forest and woodland to be aware of the dangers of fire especially during prolonged dry spells. Clashmore 45 Drive These weeks 45 Drive winners were Mary Anne and Bobby Connery, Pat Roche and Liam Curran both on seven games each in third place we had Dan Leahy and Stephen Cunningham on six games. We had Mary Dower and Jack Doris winning the best of the last five games prize and Nell Foley and Roger Hynes Tom Osborne and John Motherway winning the lucky last game winners prize well done to all. On behalf of all at the Clashmore 45 we extend deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Bernard Moloney - Bernard has been a regular player at the 45 drive in Clashmore for "many many years" and he will be greatly missed by all his 45 drive friends. Popular winners the previous week at the 45 Drive in Clashmore was the one and only Mrs Mary Dower and her partner this week was Edmond Og Ledingham, in second place we had Nell Foley and Edmond Ledingham and in joint third we had Michael and Mairead Fahey Ed Hynes and Nell Foley Kathleen Osbourne and Eileen Dower Tom Osbourne and John Motherway Best of the last five were Dan Leahy and Billy Allen and our lucky last game winner were Gabriel Hynes and Tony Keane. Well done to all our winners and thanks to everyone for supporting our 45 drive Clashmore - Kinsalebeg GAA Lotto Jackpot €1900 We had no match four winners of our numbers this week they were 5, 8, 9, and 28 so next week we will have a jackpot of €1900 to be won by anyone who can match the four numbers out in our draw which takes place on Monday at the Rising Sun Well done to the following who were our luck winners of €20 spot prizes; Nick Troy Modeligo, Siobhan Troy Modeligo , Pat Collins Kilgabriel, George Foran Ballinamult, Ronan Hourinhane The previous weeks lotto numbers were 1, 2, 4, 25 and our winners of €20 spot prizes were; Aine Allen Kinsalebeg, Chrissie Walsh Modeligo, Noel Daly, Tracey O Keeffe, Liam Glavin Cul Rua Aglish. Well done to our entire winner and thanks to everyone for supporting our lotto draw. Local racing success "Beg La Eile" owned by Aglish man John Motherway and ridden by Colin Motherway clocked up a fantastic win at Stradbally [Co Laois] last week. Trained locally here in Aglish by Roger J McGrath - no doubt this promising horse will have many more successful days in the future. Congratulations all! Happy Birthday Liz! This week we extend birthday greetings to Elizabeth Hackett Villerstown who celebrated her 21st birthday last weekend with family and friends in Dungarvan. Congratulations and best wishes from all your family and friends! Clashmore - Kinsalebeg Ladies Football Under 10 Blitz On Sunday May 30th our club hosted an under 10 blitz in the field. On the day six teams including ours attended the blitz. It was a great day for all the kids to play different teams in the county and to improve on different skills such as using the weak leg and positional changes on the pitch The day was enjoyed by all the girls and supporters who had plenty action for the two hours A special thank you to Margaret Foley Yvonne Coughlan for organizing everything on the day Thanks also to all who made sandwiches and tea which was well devoured at half time break Thanks to the referee's Maurice O Donovan and Maurice Trihy for their time and help on the day Also well done to our Clashmore team who displayed some great football for all the proud parents! Junior Ladies - 7 a side Our two junior ladies seven side teams traveled to Mount Sion last Sunday May 30th to both takes on Mount Sion's A and B teams! Our A team won their match well and are well on the way up the leader board! Our B team had a poor start to their match but fought back in the end to loose by just two points Training Our girls will train again on Wednesday night at half seven. The championship is coming quick so keep up the good work girls Birthday Greetings Our club would like to wish Margaret Foley a big happy Birthday love from all the girlies, coaches and Joe!!

Summer Concerts at St Mary's Collegiate Church
A heart warming thank you to all the participants who performed at the church fundraiser on Sunday, Mar 30th. The concert was a great success and well attended by the people of Youghal. Youghal has such great talent, it was a pleasure to showcase it in this fabulous venue. The concert was organised to raise funds towards installing a heating system at the church as it can be extremely cold during the winter months. €2,150 was raised on the night which is a great start towards this much needed facility. Now we can begin investigating the different heating options available to us, all in keeping with the structure of this beautiful ancient building. We still need your continued support to implement this project and make the concert experience even greater at St Mary's Collegiate Church. More concerts to follow this month starting on Thursday June 17th The Youghal Choral Society will be singing at the church in collaboration with the twinning committee of Larmor-Plage, France, who will be visiting our town for a few days. At the end of June, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Capella, the senior chamber choir at The Wallace High School from Lisburrn, Co. Antrim. The choir has 40 members, and includes students from ages 14 to 18. Coming straight from a concert at St Finbarr's Cathedral in Cork City on June 29th, Capella will be performing for our pleasure the following night, Wednesday June 30th at 8pm. Capella has performed far and wide, from concert tours of Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp and Gent), Paris (Notre Dame, La Madelaine) to the Czech Republic,in Boston and New York last June, where they sang at Old North Church, Boston, MA, St Mary the Virgin, Times' Square, NY, St John Devine Metropolitan Cathedral, NY and also Central station. Capella also performs in Northern Ireland in concerts and for charity events. Recent concerts include a joint performance with the band of the 1st and 2nd battalion Royal Irish Regiment, Armagh Cathedral, Armagh, St Ann's Cathedral, Belfast, Lisburn Cathedral, Dromore Cathedral, Hillsborough Castle, Stormont, (government buildings) and smaller venues. The choristers meet 5 mornings a week before school, one day after school and a couple of evenings per half term in order to deal with the extensive repertoire. This year the repertoire will include works by Tippett, Warlock, Vivaldi, Stanford, Weelkes, Mathias, Greig (Sydney) McGlynn and others. Capella is directed by Mr David Falconer, Head of Music and is accompanied by Mr Theo Saunders, Organist and Master of the Choristers at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh. That's Wednesday, June 30th at 8pm, don't miss it !

Tourist Guide to Services & Shopping in Youghal

Youghal is now recognised as south coasts most popular resort. This stunning holiday destination has been awarded an EU Blue Flag for the beach at Claycastle near the town centre. It's no wonder that Youghal has become the family destination of choice. The adventurous holiday-maker can choose from a range of activities including power-boating, dinghy-racing, yacht cruising, whale watching, even wreck-diving!For those looking for a more laid-back experience, visitors can take a relaxing cruise or fishing trip on the Blackwater river - one of Europe's most unspoilt rivers. Perks Family Entertainment Centre and the Aura Leisure Centre is a must for all the family and with more holiday homes to rent than any other resort town on the South Coast - including cottages, houses, apartments, guest houses and even luxury villas, many with spectacular views, you will be spoilt for choice. But this resort is not just about the sea...It's about the 'craic' in the bars, the live music, the world famous seafood restaurants, the golf and greyhound racing all set in the backdrop of a medieval town of stunning beauty and character.What sets Youghal apart from other resorts however, is its natural beauty, with stunning walks and cycle routes along ecology areas to the historical town centre. Youghal is also a perfect base in which to explore the beauty of East Cork and West Waterford. A large number of internationally acknowledged heritage sites and conservation areas are visible along these routes. Youghal is also one of the best preserved examples of a 13th century town in Europe, and as such has been designated a 'Heritage' Town by Failte Ireland. It was built as a town to defend and control trade on the Blackwater River which leads into the heart of Munster's rich farmlands. Youghal's position was critical to the maintenance of that trade, and access to the most valuable farmland in Ireland. It derives its name from the Gaelic word 'Eochaill', meaning 'yew wood', pronounced 'Yawl'. You can explore the walls and one of the towers from which it is possible to make out the original layout of the town. Full details on the historic buildings in Youghal, such as the Watergate, Myrtle Grove, Tyntes Castle and St. Mary's Collegiate Church can be found in our heritage section. The most notable (and photographed) building in the town centre is the fine Clock Tower in the main street, built in 1776 as a gaol (jail) to imprison the renegade Catholics. It was routinely used as torture chamber and was universally regarded as a symbol of terror and tyranny!Sir Walter Raleigh is probably the most famous citizen of Youghal, responsible for bringing two things to Youghal - potatoes and tobacco, as Youghal was the leading trading point in Ireland at the time. Another famous resident of Youghal was the first Earl of Cork, Sir Richard Boyle, who purchased many of the estates of Raleigh. Boyle's remains are buried in St. Mary's Collegiate Church, an 11th century jewel.To fully appreciate medieval and historical Youghal, take a guided or self guided tour around Youghal Heritage Trail , commencing at Youghal Tourist Office.Today Youghal celebrates its past and present in a series of events and festivals throughout the year. For the Irish music and dance enthusiast Ceoltas Si' is performed in a number of locations throughout the town, both shows running throughout July and August. Sports enthusiasts can take part in the Youghal Triathlon in July. A family fun day that celebrates Youghal's magical medieval past is the annual Medieval Fun Day. Youghal Celebrates History is an annual conference when historians from Ireland and abroad gather for animated discussions on Youghal's heritage.Youghal is ideally geographically positioned. It's where the beauty of East Cork merges with stunning West Waterford and serves as a perfect base for the holidaymaker. With access to both Cork and Waterford Airports only a 45 minute drive away. Local Tourism Info: 00 353 24 20170

Tourist Guide to Services & Shopping in Youghal
Aura Leisure At the Aura Leisure Centre Youghal there is something for everyone, whether you want to get fit, loose weight or de-stress. You can work out in the gym or take one of our many fitness classes, or maybe you want to bring the kids for a swim or simply relax in our Health Suite Area, the choice is yours. The centre really has to be seen to be believed, you don't have to be a member you can just pay as you go ! Perks Entertainment Perks Entertainment Centre has something fun for all the family. Situated in Youghal, East Cork you'll find a variety of top class activities for all ages in comfortable and spacious surroundings. Some activities include: Tenpin bowling, Lazer Tag, Adventure Play Centre, Adult only Casino & Roulette, Video Games, Carousel, Bumper Boats, Derby Racer, Ghost Train, Kiddies Rides, Snooker & Pool and lots more. If you feel peckish you can eat at 'Mac Perkies' Fast Food Restaurant. There's also a novelty gift/tuck shop. Birthday parties, corporate outings, fundraisers, leagues and school tours are all catered for. With over 70,000sq ft of indoor entertainment not even the weather can spoil your fun! PERKS where every minute is packed with family fun. Free Parking. Free Admission Youghal Pitch and Putt Pitch and putt your way across fairways and bunkers for winning glory. Located right on the beach front Youghal's 18 hole Pitch and Putt course is open all year round. The course layout is a varied array of lakes and hillside to put every level of skill to the test. Groups are welcome and prebooking is not necessary, Clubs hire is available. Soccer School The National Irish Bank FAI Summer Soccer School Programme... the official soccer schools of the Football Association of Ireland. The National Irish Bank FAI Summer Soccer Schools are the most enjoyable and safest place to be this summer. They are open to boys and girls aged between 7 & 15 and will take place this year in Youghal .All our coaches are FAI Accredited, referenced and Garda Vetted. We aim to ensure best practice in Child Safety and Welfare to ensure your child is in very safe hands indeed. Tennis

Family Fun

Youghal Tennis Club is open all year round. Weekly or daily membership is available for visitors. Tournaments held throughout the summer months. Tennis Court keys are available at Youghal Visitor Centre Youghal Greyhound Stadium Youghal Greyhound Stadium offers a dynamic and exciting night out for the whole family. Races are held every Tuesday and Friday Night. During the summer months entry is free every Tuesday, light refreshments are available throughout the night.

Horans Health Store,
71, North Main St., Youghal Tel: (024) 25926

Free Spinal Health Checks with Dr. Koe Davidson
1st & 3rd Monday of the Month 1.15pm - 2.15pm

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Gastro Café
South Main Street, Youghal Tel: 024 25777

OPEN: Monday - Sunday 9.30am - 6.30pm Closed Tuesday

Breakfast served til 3pm
Mediterranean, Continental & Irish Cuisine

Daily Specials & Pizzas

(Est. 1937) 93 North Main Street, Youghal Tel: (024) 92636

S TOCKISTS OF L EADING B RANDS OF WATCHES SUCH AS R OTARY, OTARY C ITIZEN E CO D RIVE , P ULSAR , TOMMY H ILFIGER , T ELSTAR & L ORUS ELSTAR ‘H IGH S CHOOL M USICAL 3 WATCHES ’. Gift Lines include Waterford & Tipperary Crystal, Cross & Parker Pens, Zippo Lighters, Leather Wallets, Cuckoo Clocks, Christening Gifts & Irish Silver Picture Frames.






Just Vibrate
Vi b r o p l a t e St u d i o
(086) 233 0531
Watson Lane, Youghal

Vibroplate is a Fast & Effective Way to Loose Inches and it TAKES Just 10 Minutes 3 - 4 Times a week The great thing about using Vibroplate is you don’t perspire, so you can pop in on your lunch break. Not only do you loose Inches but also Tone Up Reduce Stress Improve Circulation Reduce Cellulite Improve Bone Density Reduce Lower Back Pain

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Raft Racing in Youghal Quay

Tourist Guide to Services & Shopping in Youghal
You can find all sorts of suggestions and alternatives by visiting or by asking in the Tourist Office in the centre of town near the Clock Gate. The route takes you out of Youghal on the N25 towards Cork on the man road for about one kilometre and then you swing left on the Ballymacoda road - the R633. You notice a beautiful marshy area on your left - Ballyvergan Bog -as you turn left on the R633. Just after that left turn there is a Hide from which you can enjoy the wildlife of this very special bog which is both sea water and fresh water. Local Ranger Pat Smiddy has written a beautiful book about the flora and fauna in Ballyvergan Bog - this contains photographs and detailed knowledge about the Bog and is well worth reading. There are 4 species of bat.... the book is available locally and is a real treat. We continue on towards Ballymacoda. You could take a short detour (500 metres) to the Quality Hotel at Redbarn where a magnificent lounge bar enjoys unrestricted views of Youghal Bay and Capel Island but we are heading now towards Ladysbridge. You come to a T Junction - to the left is Ballymacoda , if you take that road you reach Knockadoon - the southern tip of the bay where you can almost touch Capel Island. Maybe another day! At our T Junction we turn right towards Ladysbridge. It is an undulating road with some gentle slopes and descents (nothing too challenging for the cyclist or the walker!). Take your time, breathe the clean air! At Ladysbridge, turn right at the monument and head to Castlemartyr. You could stop in Castlemartyr for a bite to eat, a coffee or something stronger! Stop at the traffic lights as you will be crossing the N25 again, this time heading for Mogeely, a short run. Turn right at Mogeely and the road will bring you back to Killeagh where you rejoin the N25. It is well worth stopping to visit Killeagh Woods where the colour which seeps through the trees, glinting on the streams, is hauntingly beautiful, an ancient forest full of surprises and a few well marked routes. The entrance to Killeagh Woods is behind the Old Thatch pub - which serves an excellent meal, bowl of soup, cup of .. or a pint! This is one of the oldest pubs in Ireland and brings with it a lovely mellow ambience. Killeagh is not a big town - but just count the number of pubs! There are a few possible routes back to Youghal - the most straightforward is the main road the N25 which is a straight run into Youghal. There is a wide hard shoulder for cyclists. It is a gentle, downhill road - and if the wind is with you, throw back your shoulders and sail into Youghal.


Phone 024 93069

Open 9am til Late
Leaving & Junior Certs Breakfast Only €5 During The Exams
Full Menu available in shop Deliveries Available 5p.m. to 12 midnight Serving Breakfast All Day

Phone 087 412 6471

The coffee pot
77 North Main Street, Youghal tel 024 92523

Breakfasts, Lunches, All day Grilled Menu Available
Cakes Freshly made every day. Birthday Cakes and other Gateaux made to order. Contact Judy at 024 92523

Go Wild Hair Care
Unit 2, River Gate Mall, Youghal Tel 024 20212

Gift Vouchers Available
Proprietor: Clodagh Kenny

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Opening Times
8am-8pm 7 days. We stock Newbridge Silverware, Corona fashion jewellery and Marcasite sterling silver which would compliment any outfit i.e. Wedding, Confirmation or Communion.

Selection of Newbridge Silverware 1/2 Price

Valid until 31st August 2010

Summer Camp At Youghal Golf Club
JGI Structured Programme starting Tuesday, 29 June and throughout July and August. 4 Sessions Tuesday and Thursdays Open to all Boys and Girls - Times 9.30am 11.30am

Cost: €50

No. 2 O'Rahilly St., Youghal (ESB Lane) t: 024 - 85544
Prop: Paul Sanders, Master Butcher & Sons (27 years experience)

BARBECUE SPECIALIST (no crowd too big or too small)
Peppered Steaks Marinated Chicken Grill Sticks Chicken Skewers Chili Burgers Stuffed Pork Chops Garlic Burgers Gammon See instore for more Steaks
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Everyone receives a JGI goodie bag and manual Enroll & Compelte Registration Form now,
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STUFFED CHICKEN, TURKEY, LAMB, PORK If you can't see what you want just ask!
DEEP FREEZE SPECIALIST For all enquiries phone 024 - 85544

Pleased to meet you, Meat to please you

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August Events In Youghal
O Emperor: St. Mary's Collegiate Church - 7th of August Cycling Club V Challenge: Youghal - 8th of August Chamber Philharmonia Cologne: St. Mary's Collegiate Church - 11th of August GAA Camp: Youghal - 11th of August 7 aside Beach Tag Rugby Festival: Youghal - 14th-15th of August Perky Bears Birthday Party: Perks - 18th of August (pay once play all night) Medieval Festival: Youghal - 28th of September

September Events In Youghal
Triathlon: Youghal - 4th of September Medieval Wall Towns: Youghal - 24th of September The Last Ballade: The Mall Arts Centre - 28th of September

Cree’s Card Shop
117 North Main Street, Youghal Tel 024 93899

Beautiful Selection of Cards for all occasions Books, Gifts, Soft Toys

North Main St., Youghal Tel: 024 92291

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Joint Beef, 4 Steaks & 1lb Mince - €20 2 Chickens, 4 Chicken Fillets - €10

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Tourist Guide to Services & Shopping in Youghal

M. Cunningham
31 North Main Street, Youghal. Tel: (024) 92243

Watson’s Lane, Youghal Tel: (024) 91777
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Fox's Lane Come and see how your great-grandparents coped with day to day living before the invention of indoor plumbing, electricity, and the automobile. Step back in time into a fully furnished and equipped traditional Irish country kitchen of 100 years ago. Located in the historic town of Youghal, Fox's Lane Museum is a small, privately run museum, providing a fascinating display of some 600 beautifully restored gadgets that trace the evolution and development of household conveniences and appliances used in the home, during the 1850s to the 1950s Tourist Trail This tour will take approximately one hour and commences from the Heritage Centre in the Tourist Office, in the old Market House, Youghal. This very building was built on reclaimed land on the site of the medieval harbour. You will be introduced to the wonderful and historic story of Youghal, and from here this trail will take you to see important landmarks in that magical story!

Tourist Guide to Services & Shopping in Youghal FOX'S LANE FOLK MUSEUM
Visit this unique exhibition of Domestic Bygones - a fascinating display of some 800 beautifully restored household gadgets and appliances used in the home from the 1850s to the 1950s. You can also step back in time into a fully furnished traditional Irish country kitchen of the period. Allow approx. 1 hour for your visit. Open during July, Aug and Sept.
Tuesday to Saturday: l0am - 6pm. Closed lunch 1pm - 2pm. Last admittance: 5.30pm. Open any weekday by appointment. Groups and school tours welcome. A Wheelchair friendly Museum.

Any further information from: Pat and Ann Lynch, or North Cross Lane, Youghal, Co. Cork. Phone: 024-91145

Youghal Tourist Office, Market Square, Youghal, Co. Cork. Phone : 024- 20170

July Events In Youghal
The Four of Us: St Mary's Collegiate Church - 2nd of July Wrist Band Night: Perks - 8th of July (pay once play all night ) Family Friendly Festival: Youghal - 16th-18th July Las Vegas Night: Showboat Casino Perks - 16th of July Women's Voices: The Mall Arts Centre - 14th of July Carmina: St. Mary's Collegiate Church - 19th of July

Quotes from Visitor's Book - Summer 2009
J.O’C, Cork. "A great trip back in time” D.A. Alberta, Canada "Amazing - a most perfect way to spend the morning J & G McD. Kent, England "Keeper of History par excellence P & K. L, Poland "A really beautiful collection - We really enjoyed it.

June Events In Youghal
Irish Music: Brú na Sí - Throughout the Month Youghal Music Society Show: Mall Arts Centre - 8th-13th of June Mary Coughlan: St Marys Collegiate Church - 18th of June Summer Ball: Mall Arts Centre - 19th of June Zrazy: Mall Arts Centre - 25th of June St Raphael's Open Day: St Raphael's - 27th of June

Quality Meats
75, North Main St. Youghal Tel: 024 - 20707

For All Your Summer Needs

Barbeques, Roasts, Chops & Steaks

Tourist Guide to Services & Shopping in Youghal
Leaving Youghal Jetty, sailing past Rhincrew, Templemichael Castle, Ballinatray House and the ancient monastic settlement of Molana Abbey - founded in 501

To Book this trip on Maeve, a 28ft half decker, call Tony 087-9889076 Trip Duration: 90mins approx.
Licensed for 12 passengers Sailing subject to tide and weather conditions

(EST'D 1968) Youghal's Longest Serving Coach & Mini Bus Hire Business
Summerhill, Kinsalebeg, Youghal, Co. Cork. Tel: (024) 92544 John: (087) 2587784 Brian: (087) 9946443 We have been successfully providing coaches/mini buses to the East Cork/West Waterford Region with over 42 years. 16-53 Seaters available for All Occasions We will provide a coach/mini bus for any occasion. You pick the destination and we will provide the transport. Competitive prices & quality buses guaranteed. Weddings, Stag & Hen Parties, School Trips,/Outings, Matches, Concerts, School Runs, Bingos, Weekend Services, Mystery Tours, Scheduled Service Trips, Pilgrimages, Airport/Ferry & Train Transfers and many more. Going on Summer Holidays? Why not allow us to transfer you to and from the airport. Excellent rates available.

Live at The Marquee
Buses available. For More Information or to book a bus for your night at the marquee please contact Brian Butler on (087) 9946443

Oxegen 2010
We are now taking bookings for Oxegen 2010. To book your seat please contact Brian Butler on (087) 9946443.

Weekend Services - Youghal Town
We operate a weekend service Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights 6pm till late, covering Youghal Town & the surrounding areas. For a professional and more reliable service please contact Brian or Ger on (087) 9946443 or (086) 0822417.

Official Opening of Just Vibrate - Vibroplate Studio
The newly-opened Vibroplate studio, Just Vibrate, at Watson's Lane offers customers a wide variety of options to use the Vibroplate machines. Currently on offer is a one month membership for use of their Vibroplate private rooms for just €50 and a pay-as-you-go option at just €3.50 per 10 min session. Rental of the Vibroplate is also an option at just €90 for 4 weeks - don't miss this fantastic revolutionary new exercise machine! For more info and bookings, contact Sharon Murphy, Proprietor, on 086 2330531 or visit the newly opened premises at Watson's Lane, Youghal

Young Person from Youghal receives Garda Youth Award
Killian Daly, 17, from Blackwater Heights won a garda youth award recently. The Cork North Garda Division gives these awards to recognise the very positive contribution young people are making in their communities. The value of winning such an award cannot be underestimated. Only two young people from Youghal were nominated. Categories included were community, sport and personal achievement, for young people aged 15 to 20 years of age. Eight young people and two groups received awards. The young people all reside in the Cork North District which is comprised of the following Garda districts: Fermoy, Midleton, Cobh and Mallow. Killian Daly has been a member of For?ige Youth Club since 2005 and currently sits on Youghal and East Cork Youth Committees. Killian has been a hugely positive influence on a soccer group set up by the Youghal Garda Youth Diversion Project last September. This soccer group began with seven young people and now regularly attracts 17-20 young people each week. Killian also volunteered with a younger group in the project and has given his free time to fundraising and other organising of events. Killian is on the student Council of his secondary school, Pobal Scoil na Tríonóide and is a also a first year leader there. Killian acted as M.C. for the Y-Factor talent night in Youghal in December and again for a Talent Night in Youghal Youth Cafe in April of this year and was very good in his role on both occasions. He also addressed the guests at the launch of Foróige Youth Services in Youghal in February of this year and spoke eloquently of the impact the project has had on his life and his goal of being a youth worker in the future. Killian is a role model for his peers and conducts himself well and with maturity in the Youth Project. He is enthusiastic and positive and motivated despite some difficulties he has had in his life. Killian is an active member of Youghal G.A.A., soccer and rugby clubs and also plays for the school in these sports also. Killian received his award on 24th May in the Firgrove Hotel, Mitchelstown. The event was organised by Sgt. Claire Kenealy, Midleton and sponsored by Cavanaghs of Fermoy. All guests were given a three course meal and Special guests present were Denis Leamy and Denis Fogarty, Munster Rugby Players. Other guests present were Chief Superintendent Kieran McGann, Judge Michael Patwell, Batt O' Keeffe T.D., councillors and clergy from the district. Community Guards, Juvenile Liaison Officers, young people, their parents, friends and youth workers also attended the event.Killian thanked An Garda Síochána, his parents, youth workers and everyone who has helped him along the way for this award.On behalf of the Youghal Youth Services (Foróige), we would like to congratulate Killian on winning this prestigious award and wish him every success in the future.

Sharon Murphy, Proprietor of Just Vibrate, pictured with friends and family Anne Parker, Valerie Cashman, Norma Murphy, Barry Smyth, Aisling Murphy and Christina Clohessy.

Christina Clohessy and Anne Parker

Sharon Murphy, with Sara Robinson and Eoghain Gleeson.

Sharon Murphy, pictured with her moth- Anne Parker pictured with her daughter Valerie Cashman. er Norma and sister Aisling.

Pictured from left to right: Margaret O' Connell, Juvenile Liaison Officer, Peter Quealy, Community Guard in Youghal, Paula Daly, Killian's mother, Killian Daly, award winner, Mrs. Herlihy, Killian's grandmother, Philip Herlihy, Killian's Father and Chief Superintendent Kieran McGann.


Official Statement from The Select Vestry and Youghal Town Council regarding St Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal
Further to a meeting with a representive of the Select Vestry and the Council, it has been decided that from this point forward St Mary’s Collegiate Church and grounds, Emmet Place, Youghal, will only accommmodate and be used for charitable community fundraisers, coffee mornings, musical concerts and recitals of a classical and religious nature. This decision has been taken in recognition that this church is an active place of workship.

Claycastle Pitch and Putt
Alice De La Cour, Gerard Murphy and Mary Egan, organisers of Cork Summer Show 2010, at the official lauch at Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig.(Picture: Ailish Murphy)

Attending the launch of Cork Summer Show 2010 at Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig were, l-r, John McHale, sports editor Evening Echo, Cllr Derry Canty, Mayor of County Cork and Dominic Daly, director Munster Agricultural Society.
(Picture: Ailish Murphy)

This week our Lady Captain Phil Mangan’s prize will be played for. This is one of the highlights of the year for the members, especially the ladies. In contention for the top prize this week will be Joan Hyde, Sally Wallace, Lily Bulman and Joy Bryan who have all been in great form in recent weeks. The competition tees off this Wednesday at 6.30 and continues Friday at 6.30, Saturday at 2.30 and Sunday at 10.30 and 2.30. Munster Matchplay Championship- Colin Sheehan and Paudie O’ Sullivan represented the club with great distinction at the Parteen course in Limerick. Colin put in a brave display in the first round against the hugely experienced Tipperary Inter-county star John O’ Meara. Unfortunately Colin lost 6 and 5 but great experience was gained from the game against one of Irelands top players. In the top half of the draw Paudie progress past round 1 with relative ease and also cruised through the 2nd round to set up a quarterfinal showdown with Irelands no.2 ranked player John Wlash. After an epic battle the game was level. Johns putt for a two on the 37th hole was enough to send the Collins man through and heartbreak for Paudie who put in a terrific effort. Yet again disappointment for the Claycastle contingent but that illusive title is getting closer . The report from the Gents National Matchplay will follow in the next issue.

Youghal C.Y.M.S. Aaron Tobin wins two All-Ireland titles
All-Ireland U-14 and U-16 snooker champion Aaron Tobin from Youghal C.Y.M.S.

John Jeffery, Billy Nicholson, George Deane, Tony O'Leary, chairman; Gerard Murphy, chairman MAS, Dick Young, vice president MAS, Jim Ryall, Eddie Barrett and Denis Twomey. (Picture: Ailish Murphy)

l-r, George Jeffery, vice president Munster Agricultural Society, Frank Murphy, secretary Cork GAA, Gerard Murphy, president MAS and John Jeffery, director MAS.(Picture: Ailish Murphy)

It was a great weekend of snooker for 14 year old Aaron Tobin from Youghal C.Y.M.S. on Saturday 22nd May 2010 in Ivy Rooms, Carlow. Aaron retained his U-14 Irish Championship Title beating Christoper Duffy 3-1. The following day, Sunday, Arron completed a super double by winning the U-16 Irish Title 3-2 on the final black beating Josh Boileau. Congratulations to Aaron on acheiving this historic double and bringing the two All-Ireland titles to Youghal C.Y.M.S. Aaron who is a 2nd year student at Pobalscoil Na Troinóide, Youghal, was delighted on his fantastic win and said that all the hours practice he put into the game during the winter months at Youghal C.Y.M.S. paid off.

Killeagh-Ita’s Juvenile GAA Club
We were subjected to all the vagaries of the Irish climate in this past week, ranging from cold and rain to tropical sunshine. We carried on regardless! Our Under 11 hurlers had contrasting weather and contrasting fortunes in the space of 48 hours at the beginning of the week. On Monday evening Ahavine was very wet and very cold, as our southerly neighbours Fr. O'Neill's welcomed us for our opening game of the Under 11 league. We competed gamely in atrocious conditions, but our hosts were too strong and had a little more hurling than us, and took the spoils. On Wednesday evening our trip to Youghal to play our easterly neighbours proved more productive as we came away with victory. On Saturday last Páirc Uí Chinnéide was busy for a full 12 hours. While Watergrasshill and Youghal took centre stage in the evening's Premier Intermediate Championship fixture, the morning saw almost as many cars as the evening, as we welcomed 4 teams for the opening blitz in a sequence of 5 to be run over the Summer in the new Go Games format. Ballinacurra, Fr. O'Neill's, Erins Own and Lisgoold, along with our own team, competed in this 10-a-side Under 9 hurling blitz. With the Costa del Sol weather and two specially adapted pitches with zones, everything was right for a good morning of hurling, and we got three full hours of it from all 5 teams. Each team won at least one game, with Ballinacurra and Fr. O'Neill's proving to be the strongest of the 5 teams there. A buíochas mór to all who helped to make this a successful event - in particular to our two young referees Dylan and Daniel, to our four visiting teams, their supporters and mentors, and to the suppliers, providers and servers of tea and refreshments over the course of the morning. The generosity of those who brought food and those who stayed to cater for our visitors is much appreciated, and a special thanks to Ursula for once again showing dedication and commitment that cannot be matched. Thank you and well done to all our own boys who played so well, and to John and Alan for keeping everybody focused, happy and content over the course of the three hours. Finally, a few teams were discommoded by the unavailability of their regular space and time for Saturday morning training - thank you also to them for accommodating our Under 9's and their visitors. Once again, a reminder that Summer Camp is getting closer and Ursula really needs to know how many participants we'll have. So get your completed entry forms back to Ursula a.s.a.p., or contact her on 087-6292646 to get a form if you need one. Remember, if you're not there, you'll never know what you might miss out on!

Youghal United Open Day at Ardrath Park

Tommy Roche and Anne Walsh

Ronan Arundel raising frunds for the Haven Haiti Appeal

Youghal Cycling Club members

Happy 2nd Birthday to Erica Kenefick on the 6th June fromMam, Dad, Nana, Grandad, Great Grandparents, P.J., Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.
Wayne Fitzgerald and Pat Joyce at the Youghal Handball and Raquetball stand

The Youghal Intermediate Hurling Team who defeated Watergrasshill in the Premier Intermediate Championship on a scoreline of 3-11 to 6 points in Killeagh on Saturday night last.

Schools Rugby Blitz at Youghal R.F.C.

Youghal Credit Union Annual Dinner Dance
at Youghal Golf Club

Killeagh N.S. boys cup winners

John Colbert, Chairman of Youghal Eleanor Barry making a presentation to Credit Union, makes a presentation to Joe Martin for Service to the Youghal Jerry McCarthy for Service to the Credit Union Youghal Credit Union

Bun Scoil Mhuire gils shield winners

Joe Martin, Mary Morrisson, Jerry McCarthy, Anne McCarthy and Albert Muckley

Bun Scoil Boys team Adrian Sellars and Edel Smiddy Ita and Barry Treacy

Sean O’Neill presents the cup to Padraig Delaney of Killeagh N.S.

Sean O’Neill presents the cup to Jennifer Hennessy of Killeagh N.S.

Sarah Delaney pictured with Robert and Valerie O'Shea

Clonpriest-Kyle tag rugby team 1

Deborah and Aidan Foley

Suzanne Hynes and Helen Waide

Youghal Golf Club
LADIES Wednesday 26th May - Open 3Ball Sponsored by: Liam Burns, PGA Professional 1st Maura Dooley (27) East Cork, May Fitzgerald (36) East Cork, Sheila Murray (36) Macroom - 66pts 2nd Breda O' Donoghue (24) Jo Swayne (25) Amanda O' Neill Coyne (27) Youghal - 64pts, 3rd Marian Sweeney (8) Dympna Quill (18) Martina Hooley (18) - 64pts 4th Paula Brennan (23) Ann Rochford (25) Patricia Landers (26) 63pts Fixtures: Wed 9th June: Captain's Prize to the Ladies (Mr. Jimmy Coleman) Wed 16th June: Open 4 Person Team Sponsored by: AIB Youghal. Tuesday 8th June:Commencing Ladies Golf Lessons Please contact Liam Burns, PGA Professional (024) 92590 TEAM NEWS: 2nd Round of the AA Championships were played at the Gold Coast Golf Club on Saturday 29th May and we had three teams playing. Junior Cup lost to East Cork Golf Club. Intermediate Cup beat Lismore. Minor cup beat West Waterford. 3rd Round to be played at Mitchelstown Golf Club on Sunday 27th June. Intermediate Cup: Youghal v Fota/Tee Time: 11.30am Minor Cup: Youghal v East Cork /Tee Time: 1.30pm GENTS Tuesday 25th May - Open 18 Holes Singles Qualifer Sponsored by: Killarney Plaza Hotel. 1st Cian Lougheed (12) 41pts Slievenamon, 2nd Tommy Bulman (17) 38pts, 3rd Philip Crowe (10) 38pts CSS 37pts Fri 28th - Sat 29th - Sun 30th May - Open 18 Holes Fourball Sponsored by: Liam Burns, PGA Professional 1st Niall Ware (8) Bill Terry (19) 47pts , 2nd Eddie Ryan (5) Danny Mac Sweeney (12) 46pts, 3rd Willie Jones (1) Colin Donoghue (5) 45pts, Best Fri/Sat: Richard Griffin (13) Tommy Bulman (17) 45pts. Best Sun: Willie Jones (1) John D. Malone (6) 45pts Fixtures: Fri 11th - Sat 12th - Sun 13th June: Ed Coree Memorial Trophy TEAM NEWS: Sat 12th June: Jimmy Bruen Shield at Fermoy Golf Club 1.30pm - Youghal will play the winners of Fermoy or Fota Golf Club. Sat 19th June: Irish Mixed Foursomes at Mahon Golf Club 8.30am Youghal v Mahon. MIXED FOURSOMES Friday 28th May - OPEN 10 Holes Sponsored by: Emma Sheridan "The 19th Green". 1st Fergal Coleman & Fionnuala Coleman, 2nd Billy Carroll & Eileen Carroll. BG Ray Shiels & B r e e d a Fitzgerald, 3rd Jack Dempsey & Maura Dempsey, 4th John Coakley & Frances Barry Fixtures: Fri 11th June at 5pm Open Mixed Foursomes Sunflower fairies, Grace Pearl Hassan-Maguire (2), Samara Sponsored by: Jones (8) and Tara O ’Sullivan (8) joined RTÉ’s Kathryn Wallpaper & Thomas in launching Sunflower Days 2010. Sunflower Paints, Watson's Days, which are sponsored by Irish Pride, will take place on the 11th and 12th June and hundreds of volunteers nation- Corner
wide will sell sunflower pins for €2 each. All funds raised locally stay locally.

Coming up in the month of June there will be another great show “Showstoppers” from Youghal Musical Society running from June 8th to June 13th, that promises to be another excellent production from the group. It’s that time of year again to dust off your tux and tails and the women to get a new dress. Yes it’s the Youghal Arts Network Midsummer’s Gala ball on Friday, 19th of June 2010 This year will be a little different from the previous two years as this year it will be a masked ball. The tickets are €60.00 but for that you will be getting a Buffet Meal, Drinks (Beer, Red/White Wine or Minerals) and entertainment. Tickets Available form; Alan Prims, Gallery 126, Jack O’ Patsys, or committee members Donacha O’ Cearuill, Jennifer Kirwan, Jessica Gunn or Sean O Neill.

Up close and personal in their inimitable style , the terrific singer songwriting Duo of Maria Walsh and Carole Nelson of international award-winning group ZRAZY , present an outdoor Concert of fabulous songs from Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield to Nina Simone to Billie Holiday including their own Zrazy hits. As it happens, they were also the writers of Ooh Aah Paul McGrath, the No.1 Hit single for which they received a Gold Disc and some free tickets to international soccer matches.. A wonderful evening of summery, balmy, latin, samba and swing sounds from this great partnership. Take in the sea air, sit back or dance a little to this great music on a warm June evening. What better way to enjoy the end of school year ? Maria Walsh: lead singer, flute, percussion. Carole Nelson: piano and sax and vocals. June 25th at 8.30pm on the terrace by the sea, weather permitting of course !….tickets on the door. Watch this space for further details on future events in July and August and don’t forget if you would like to be added to our mailing list and be the first to know what’s going on or require any information about booking the centre, send an email to or call 083 360 6507. We are now on Facebook – and we have our very own weblog See you at The Mall!

Youghal Pigeon Club
Last weeks race was flown from Coleraine in County Antrim. The birds were released in ideal conditions at 8am. Coleraine is 225 miles to our lofts. First this week was Michael Aherne wining his third race of the season. Michael's birds are now in fine form ahead of the 3 longest races of our season from Scotland. In second position was Timmy Fitzgerald who was just .8 of a yard behind. The full result was as follows:1st Michael Aherne, 2nd Timmy Fitzgerald, 3rd Michael Aherne, 4th Billy Hehir, 5th Paddy Aherne. Next weeks race is from Mauchline in Scotland. Best wishes to all competing. Thanks to all our sponsors.

Birthday Rememberance
Remembering our dear Mam

Youghal Lawn Tennis Club
Membership Subscriptions Membership subscriptions for the 2010/2011 season are now overdue. Subscriptions were due on 1st May. We would appreciate prompt payment. Fees can be paid to any committee member or directly to Frank Delaney. We value the loyalty of all who continue to support our club and look forward to many new members joining up. New Members We welcome new members to the club. For more details on joining the club please contact Frank, membership secretary (086)8406848. Get Well Wishes All at Youghal tennis club extend our get well wishes to our chairman John Hunt who is unwell at the moment. Your presence on court has been missed. We wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back soon. Adult Coaching The dates have been fixed for the adult coaching with professional coach, Ger Flynn. Coaching will take place on Saturday 12th June from 2pm-4pm, Sunday 13th June from 10am-12pm and Monday 14th June from 7pm-9pm. Two groups will be catered for: beginner/ improver and advanced. Each group will have a one hour session on each day Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Please contact Frank (086)8406848, Caroline (086) 1722047 or John (087)7672136 to book a place. Places are limited. Ger was very popular last time round and her coaching sessions were a big success. Tennis lessons for beginners Tennis lessons are available for beginners at Youghal Tennis Club. Local coach, Frank Delaney is available Saturday mornings from 10am-10.45am. Pre-booking is essential. To book a place please contact Frank (086)8406848. Thursday Night Club Night A mixed doubles club night takes place every Thursday at 7.30pm. This is for all levels; members and non members are welcome to attend. The good weather has been enticing more and more players out every week and we hope to see this trend continue throughout the summer. Junior Tennis & Summer Camp Junior coaching, which takes place on Sunday mornings will run until the end of June. This has been a very successful ten week session. Dates have been fixed for the junior tennis summer camp. This will run on Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th August. The summer camps have been very popular previous summers. For details or registration contact Caroline or Linda. The new table tennis tables are getting plenty of use by both juniors and adults and our sincere thanks to the juniors who saved up their money for this very worthwhile project.For information on junior events please contact Linda (087)6754337 or Caroline (086)1722047. Tournament Update Well done to Bridget Webb and Frank Delaney who were outright winners of the mixed doubles section at the Causeway Tennis Club tournament in Dungarvan. They played Brendan Kent and Siobhan O'Maloney in torrential rain on Monday night last and beat them in a two set match 6-1,6-0. Bridget and Frank followed that with a similar victory on Wednesday night against Francis Walsh and Gillian King 6-2,6-1. They were convincing winners on Saturday last beating the home team Charlie Daly and Mide Duff in yet another two set match 6-0,6-1. Congratulations on your victory. Well done also to Brian Waide who had two outstanding victories in the mens singles section. He beat John Walsh 6-1, 6-3 and followed that by beating Matt Birmingham 6-1,6-2. Brian had a very close match with with Lee Murphy in the semi final which went to a third set decider 1-6,6-3, 6-4. Lee went on to be the outright winner of his section. We hope to see many more of our members on the open tournament circuit throughout the summer.

Sadie Savage of Park Youghal
whose birthday is June 13th. St. Anthony take care of her. Although not here in person your never hard to find, your the many happy memories in our hearts and in our minds. Memories grow deeper as time lingers on, when you long for a face and a smile that is gone. We want to thank you Mam for everything you'eve done. You were always there for us when anything went wrong. In Gods safe keeping now you rest, and pray for us who can't forget. Home is heaven free from pain, happy with Dad on your birthday.
Happy Birthday Mam, love and miss you. Always in our thoughts and prayers, your loving sons, daughters, sons-in- law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren x x x

In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother Margaret (Peg)Upper Strand, Youghal, whose seventh Anniversary occured on 5th June. We hold you close within out hearts, And there you shall remain To walk with us throughout our lives, Until we meet again. So rest in peace dear loved one And thanks for all you've done. We pray that God has given you The crown you've truly won. Always in our thoughts and prayers, remembered by her loving family, Mary, Margaret, Noreen, John, Siobhán, Tomas, Michael and grandchildren

Fundraisering For Crumlin Children’s Hospital
We would like to thank all the people of Youghal for their kindness and generosity in helping us raise €1,785.87 which will go to the Children’s Cancer Ward in Our Lady’s of Crumlin Hospital in Dublin

Ellen, Margo, Nicola O’Sullivan (Fund & Donor Manager for the Childrens Medical & Research Foundation) and Anne Marie.

Sponsored by Youghal Credit Union
COUNTY JUVENILE CHAMPIONSHIPS - CONOR FORDE B/13 DISCUS TITLE, JENNIFER HENNESSY G/13 700M TITLE, DIARMUID CLANCY B/12 700M TITLE, LAUREN O' MAHONEY G/14 JAVELIN TITLE Day two of the County Championships were held in the CIT on the 16th May last. It was an extremely hot day and many of our athletes had long waits especially for track events in the late afternoon. HoRwever the club did very well with four County titles in Discus, Javelin and 700m events and many other individual placings winning approximately 21 medals on the day. TRACK EVENTS GIRLS U/10 60m - Ciara Leahy and Caoimhe Barry both ran very well in the sprint heats. BOYS U/10 60m - Peter Buckley and Matthew Cody both ran very well with both qualifying for the final. Matthew came 3rd in a time of 9.9 and Peter was unlucky to be pipped coming in 4th. BOYS U/12 80m - Sean Broderick had a fantastic run coming in first in his heat; 2nd in the semi-final and 4th in the final. This was a great result in a big field. BOYS U/9 200m - Evan O' Keefe and Kristian Coughlan both ran brilliantly in this race. Kristian went into the leading group from the gun and finished in 2nd place thus winning his 2nd medal in a time of 37.43 GIRLS U/9 200m - Lucy O' Keefe and Abbie McCarthy ran very well both girls finishing strongly GIRLS U/11 500m - Aine O' Regan and Karynn Collins who are showing tremendous improvement this season finished in the top eight in a very large field. BOYS U/11 500m - Killian Nolan, Darragh Moran and Ben Donovan all ran very well in this event. Congratulations to Killian on winning his first county silver medal in his first track outing in a time of 1.33.87. He was edged out in the last 50 metres from winning the title. Darragh and Ben also finished well up the field. BOYS U/12 700m - Diarmuid Clancy again led from the gun in his usual style; he encountered some difficulty in the last 40m when a competitor elbowed him. However Diarmuid was awarded the Gold medal in a time of 2.13.49 GIRLS U/13 700m - Emily O' Keefe and Jennifer Hennessy both participated in this event. Emily had a bad fall and had to pull up; she injured herself in the Hurdles earlier in the day. However we will be hearing more about Emily in the Cross-Country season. Jennifer led the race in a superb fashion to win the County title in a time of 2.20.22. She is showing good form this season. BOYS U/13 700m- Fearghal Curtin led the race for 650m and was edged out in the last 50 metres. However Fearghal ran well and won a silver county medal. BOYS U/15 800m - Ross Donovan ran a strong race to finish in 3rd place in a time of 2.26.92 in a very competitive and experienced field. Adam Malone also ran and finished in 4th place. GIRLS U/13 60MH - Jennifer Hennessy got to the final of this event and finished in a strong 3rd place winning herself a 2nd County medal on the track. BOYS U/13 60MH - Conor Forde also competed in this event. FIELD EVENTS GIRLS U/14 JAVELIN - Lauren O' Mahoney won the Championship with a PB of 21.51m. She is showing great form this season also. GIRLS U/16 JAVELIN - It was great to see Faye O' Brien in the medals when she came 2nd with her throw of 20.79m. GIRLS U/17 DISCUS - Well done to Niamh Daly who came 3rd in the Discus with her throw of 15.92m BOYS U/14 DISCUS - Shane Buckley was successful in the B/14 dIscus coming in 3rd position with a throw of 12.59m. This was his 2nd medal of the Championships. BOYS U/16 TRIPLE JUMP - Sean Hennessy won his first County medal when he came 2nd with his jump of 7.38m. Well done Sean! GIRLS U/9 LONG JUMP - Abbie McCarthy jumped very well coming in the top six which looks very promising. BOYS U/9 LONG JUMP - Kristian Coughlan narrowly missed out on his 3rd medal when he finished 4th by one centimetre. GIRLS U/10 BALL THROW - Ciara Leahy, Caoimhe Barry and Breffni O' Hanlon all did very well in this event. BOYS U/10 BALL THROW - Dean Savage, Peter Buckley, Olan Broderick and Matthew Cody all participated in this event. GIRLS U/11 LONG JUMP - Aine O' Regan, Litisha Moriarty, Karynn Collins and Holly Hennessy all participated in the Long Jump with Aine doing best for Youghal AC coming in 4th place. BOYS U/1 LONG JUMP - Ben Donovan did best for Youghal AC in this event coming in the top six in a very large field. He is showing great improvement in this event. GIRLS U/13 JAVELIN - Lauren Murphy finsihed in 5th place in this event. BOYS U/12 BALL THROW -Padtaig McCarthy did very well and finsihed in 5th place. BOYS U/13 DISCUS - We had a big entry in this event and it was fantastic to see Conor Forde winning the title and indeed his first A County individual medal with his throw of 18.58m. The other lads came 4th, 5th , 6th and7th and included Fergal Smiddy, Christopher Coughlan, Aaron Walsh and Cian O' Brien. BOYS U/13 HIGH JUMP - Fearghal Curtin, Aaron Walsh and Cian O' Brien both participated well coming in 4th, 5th and 6th positions. GIRLS U/16 HIGH JUMP - Faye O' Brien did very well in this event coming in 4th jumping 1.33m with very little training. Lauren McCarthy also competed well in this event. RELAYS BOYS U/15 4X100 RELAY - This relay team came 2nd and included Adam Malone, Cian Greene, Ross Donovan and Daniel Smiddy. They have now qualified for the All Irelands. GIRLS U/17 4X100 RELAY - This relay team came 3rd and included Trisha Curtin, Niamh Daly, Lauren McCarthy and Faye O' Brien. They have also qualifed for the All Irelands. BOYS U/17 4 X 100 RELAY - This team came 2nd and included Sean Hennessy, Aaron Hennessy, Deane Malone and Alex Ledingham. They have also qualifed to run in the All Irelands. COUNTY 'B' CHAMPIONSHIPS The County B Championships was held in the CIT on Sunday 31st May. This is an event which is completed in teams of two and is only open to those who did not win individual medals in the 'A' Championships. The club won 24 medals out of a possible 26 medals and there were some outstanding performances. BOYS u/13 - Aaron Walsh and Cian O' Brien came first in the High Jump. Aaron Walsh and Padraig McCarthy came third in the 2x100m relay. Padraig McCarthy and Cian O' Brien came 2nd in the Shot. Well done lads on winning medals in all events. GIRLS U/11 - Aine O' Regan and Karynn Collins came in a strong 2nd in the 2 x 500m race. Aine O' Regan and Litisha Moriarty had a great win in the Long Jump with a combined jump of 6.29m. Karynn Collin and Litisha Moriarty won the 2 x100m sprint. Again full honours to these girls! BOYS U/11 -Ben Donovan and Darragh Moran put in formidable performances in the 2x 500m coming in 3rd place under stiff competition. They came in 2nd in the Ball Throw with their combined throw of 46.73m. Full points to these two lads! GIRLS U/10 - Tirna Cahill and Caoimh Barry had a great win in the Ball Throw with their combined throw of 33.89m. BOYS U/10 - Olan Broderick and Dean Savage came 2nd in the Ball Throw with their combined throw of 35.26m. Peter Buckley and Olan Broderick came first in the 2 x 300m. Peter Buckley and Dean Savage came 3rd in the 2 x 100m. Well done lads! The County Championships have now been completed. The club now look forward to the Munster Championships being held over three weekends in June. All of our athletes are training hard and we wish them all the best of luck. Also very best wishes to all our athletes who are facing into exams next Wednesday especiallly Nikita Savage, Ciara Broderick-Farrell, Emma Flavin, Emma Hennessy, Faye O' Brien, Aaron Hennessy, Niamh Daly, Alison Hennessy, Isobel O' Mahoney, Eimear Kelly, Micheal Cronin. Hope to see you back training after the exams. Congratulations to all those who won medals for their respective schools at the recent Munster School Championships and especially to Nikita who won the Senior Girls All Ireland Pole Vault title in Tullamore last Saturday in her final schools championships!


Jiggle Puff

And the Winner is

No Hope

Crona McCarthy, Aisling Ni Shiochrú, Aisling Coleman and Adam Dalton

Leathanach A4

Haven't a Clue

Roger's Raiders


Eoin Keniry, Andrew Ryan, Aisling Ni Shiochrú, Adam Dalton and Aisling Coleman

The Old Fogies

Team Sweetcheeks

Ebony, Kate, Danielle and Ann

Team Actimil

In Memoriam
2nd Annviersary In Loving Memory of

In Memoriam

Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours, this time I ask for a special one, (mention here) Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own Broken Heart, where your father sees it. Then, in his merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen Say this prayer for 3 days, promise publication and prayer and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. G.O.C.

Michael O’Doherty
Late of Market Place, Youghal. Who died on June 9th 2008

Always remembered by Eileen, Cathal, Fergal, Niall and Niamh

Ar dheis Lámh Dé go raibh a anam

3rd Anniversary 6th June 2007

Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours, this time I ask for a special one, (mention here) Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own Broken Heart, where your father sees it. Then, in his merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen Promise publication and prayer and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Our Lady, St. Pio, All the Saints Grateful Thanks

Billy (William) Flavin
51, Raheen Park

Quietly today your memory is kept No need for words We will never forget Each of us, in our own way, Have special thoughts of you today. Love always Jean, Luke, Iona & Coran, sons-in-law John & Billy, grandaughters Erin & Robyn

Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours, this time I ask for a special one, (mention here) Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own Broken Heart, where your father sees it. Then, in his merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen Say this prayer for 3 days, promise publication and prayer and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. C.M.C.

Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours, this time I ask for a special one, (mention here) Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own Broken Heart, where your father sees it. Then, in his merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen Promise publication and prayer and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Our Lady of Lourdes & Sacred Heart P.B.


Dress/Curtains/Light Upholstery Making & Altering

All Mod. Cons - Long Term Letting - €500 per month Available Immediately

Now taking Debs/Wedding Dress Orders for 2010
Contact Evet at Mobile: 083 3658682

Contact: 087 - 2210604

Jim Flanagan uPVC Windows & Doors
Attic & Wall Insulation & Sound Proofing - Grants now available uPVC Windows & Doors - Fascia & Soffit, Conservatories, Maintenance Professional Installation, C2 Registered - Fully Insured

To Let
Office/Retail Premises at Tallow Street, Youghal

Reasonable Rate
Tel: 024-92186 / 087 - 2248493
Have you been made reudundant in the last four years? If so then you may be entitled to tax relief. For assistance in claiming this please contact Angela O’Connell - Qualified Certified Public Accountant on 087 - 7723004 or by e-mail on
I also offer a large range of bookeeping & tax return services

Crestfield, Youghal. Tel: 024-92962 / 086 8128237

Car Boot Sale & Market
Every Sunday 10am to 4pm Redbarn, Youghal (Opposite The Quality Hotel) Antiques, plants, furniture, books, bric a brac etc.

O'Brien Boiler Services
Computerised Boiler servicing and repairs Boiler chemical clean also available Plumbing & Heating. R.G.I & OFTEC Registered Contact Martin O'Brien (087) 6392688

Summer Art Camp 2010
at Pobalscoil na Trionoíde
June 28th - July 2nd or July 5th - July 9th Monday - Friday 10am - 1.30pm.



€55 per child per week, ages 6 - 12 years

Contact Diane @ 087 9687358 or


(021) 4667171 / (087) 1278884

98, North Main Street, Youghal

David Stanton TD
Office: 29 St Mary's Road, Midleton Email: Tel: 021-4632867 Website: "Please contact me if I can be of help to you in any way"

024 92634 / 086 8874449

Domestic: Oil and Solid Fuel Heating Systems including installation of stoves and fireplaces. 30 years experience

Tel: 024 90249 Mob: 087 2441414 Apartments and Houses to Let from €450 p.m. in the Youghal, Midleton & Surrounding East Cork areas. Landlords: Monthly Management of your properties

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Seeks person, preferably with relevant experience, to develop the letting potential in East Cork, Cork City & West Waterford. Huge Potential for the right person Applicant must have a Driving Licence and may suit someone on a Back to Work Scheme. Existing Office & All Facilities available Partnership in the business may be a possibility

Domestic appliance Doctor
Certified repairman
Washing Machines Dishwashers Tumble Dryers Gas Cookers Electric Cookers Cooker Hoods Electric Ovens

Service available on weekends also tel.:0870909930

Teacher for July Provision Education 10 hours per week - 4 weeks For special needs 13 yr old. Dept. of Ed Funding

Tel: 086 - 8605344

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In Memoriam

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6/6/1978 - 10/6/2006 Birthday remembrance & Fourth Anniversary Lovingly remembered and unbearably missed by your heartbroken parents & sisters Though your days here were brief, Your spirit was alive, awake, complete Acknowledgement & First Anniversary

At Euro Introductions
Today is the first day of the rest of your life Romance, Friendship - Everybody met locally Tel 021 4315180 or 087 2902320

Dermalogica Trained Beauty Therapist Club Vitae, Quality Hotel, Youghal. Immediate start. Contact Jo Collins on 024 93095 or 086 1049662

Teresa (Terry) Healy
Grallagh, Grange, Youghal. Died 14 June 2009
On this Terry's first anniversary her husband John, her brothers and sisters, relatives and friends wish to express their sincere thanks to everyone who sympathised with them on Terry's death. Those who called to the house, attended the Rosary, Removal, Mass and Burial. Those who travelled long distances, sent Mass Cards, Sympathy Cards and Floral Tributes. Thanks to kind neighbours and friends who were always there for us during Terry's long illness. A special thanks to Fr. Guiry P.P. for a lovely funeral mass, the readers, altar servers, sacristan, the choir for the beautiful music, gravediggers and the gardai. Thanks also to Egans Undertakers Youghal for their great kindness and attention to detail. A sincere thank you to Dr Mary Ryan and her staff at WRH and to Dr. Meehan and his staff at Ardmore Health Centre for their care and attention given to Terry during her long illness. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere thanks to all. The holy sacrifice of the mass will be offered to your intentions.

Day Tours
From East Cork
Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Waterford & Suir Valley Railway, Copper Coast Mini Farm Dionsaur Museum, Mitchelstown Caves Fota Wildlife Park, Cobh Heritage Centre Lismore Castle Gardens, Lismore Heritage Centre, The Vee, Mount Mellary Abbey Leahy’s Open Farm Ballymaloe Cookery School Gardens, Ballycotton Cliffs, The Jameson Experience

First anniversary for Terry will take place in Grange Church on Sunday 13th June at 10.30am.

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Worldwide Cabs & Coach Hire Seats must be booked in advance Pick Up & Drop Off Service Available (Free within 5K of Youghal or en route)

Youghal Credit Union Athlete of the Month

Thanks to Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Claire, St. Jude & St. Martha. Publication promised. Holy Souls. O’Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you. C.T.

Sarah Delaney presenting the Youghal Sarah Delaney presenting the Youghal Credit Union Athlete of the Month for Credit Union Athlete of the Month for January to Nikita Savage February to Aaron Hennessy


One of Ireland's leading beachside hotels has appointed a new General Manager. Managing Director of the four-star Garryvoe Hotel in East Cork and sister hotel the Bayview in Ballycotton Stephen Belton has announced that Anthony Moloney has taken up the position of General Manager of the expanded Garryvoe. Originally from Doolin in County Clare, Mr Moloney has worked extensively in Europe, the US and Canada including positions with the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC. In 2001 he joined the Four Seasons Group first in Washington DC as assistant Room Service Manager progressed to Toronto Four Seasons as a Restaurants Manager and finally to Four Seasons Hualalai, Hawaii as Room Service & Beach Dining Manager, where all dining was delivered via customized golf carts over 80 acres to the hotel villas. He returned to Ireland in 2005 as Food and Beverage manager with the Kingsley hotel and he became Deputy General Manager of the Garryvoe Hotel in 2006. "For the last 4 years I have been part of a wonderful experience, strengthening and developing the customer journey at the Garryvoe with a great bunch of professionals who care about looking after people," Mr. Moloney said. "The Garryvoe ethos is simple - we are consistently looking at getting the small things right, delivering high quality service in a homely and naturally friendly atmosphere." The Garryvoe Hotel overlooks the five-mile long Garryvoe Blue Flag Beach and is just 30 minutes from Cork City. The hotel was awarded four star status in 2008 and has already invested over €8 million in the past three years, adding bridal and sea-view suites, 65 new bedrooms, a new health club with gym and full 25 metre swimming lanes, a new ballroom, conference suites as well as a new restaurant and upgrading of the Lighthouse Bar & Grill. The Hotel is famous for its recently completed Bridal Suite with a spectacular ocean view, super king-size bed, a double Jacuzzi bath, personal Sauna with the whole luxurious suite spanning approximately 1200 square feet over two storeys. The Garryvoe specialises in weddings, conferences and seafood specialities landed at Ballycotton Harbour. For further information see or telephone 021 4646718.

75% full for 'Lakes of Killarney Festival of Golf'
By Derek Kiely MOMENTUM is building ahead of the 2010 Golf Pairs Competition of the season at Killarney Golf Club, when the hopefuls of amateur golf tee it up on Tuesday the 29th of June. The 'Lakes of Killarney Festival of Golf' has received tremendous entries so far and 75% of the time sheet is full, but there is still some availability for what must be the 'Must Play' golf event of the year. In recent week's teams have entered from all four provinces and there has been a massive interest especially from Cork teams. The tournament is going to be not only a great test of golf, but also a fantastic opportunity for players to visit, stay and play in the Kingdom for an unbelievable low cost. The three courses in operation at Killarney Golf and Fishing Club, Lackabane, Mahony's Point and Killeen are in magnificent condition and Par 4 Events and Tournament Director Tim O'Sullivan has nothing but praise for the staff at Killarney Golf Club, he said "The three courses are superb and as we get ever closer to the tournament I think that each competitor will enjoy what each individual course has to offer. I believe that the tournament will be very competitive, but at the end of the day everyone will enjoy these courses and when you consider the importance of playing the venue for the '3 Irish Open' just a couple of weeks before the big guns tee it up, well that is a dream for any golfer isn't it". Indeed the recent inspection of the course has definitely had the 'WOW Factor' and tied in with the great overall deals on offer for the visitor to Killarney it certainly looks like a winning formula. O'Sullivan added "Everyone involved in the event here in Killarney are looking forward to getting the event off and running and meeting the golfers as they arrive at Killarney Golf Club and a lot of our entries so far have taken the package deal on offer which is unbelievably cheap and fantastic value, but there is an option of €165 cost outside of accommodation, for people who wish to travel home each day or rent alternative accommodation etc and that in my opinion is extremely good value for three rounds of golf, plus entry into the competition, we are pretty flexible with people, but with just 25% of places remaining people will have to get in touch pretty soon". There are a host of big names entered so far, Stan Boardman, Mike England, Denis Taylor and Steve Davis to name a few with a few more big names and very familiar faces will be seen over the course of the three days. Destination Killarney, Ladbrokes and Killarney Golf and Fishing Club all fully support the event and with a lot of good will and good thinking all 54 tee boxes will be donated to the Carers Association over the three days, so it is important to recognise the importance of the great work that the Carers Association do 365 days of the year and this is a nice way for Par 4 Golf Events to do their little bit to help what is a great cause. As May comes to an end the excitement will build throughout the month of June ahead of the 'Lakes of Killarney Festival of Golf'. The Packages on offer for this great event are as follows: €265 per person for entry into the competition and two nights Bed & Breakfast at the Gleneagle Hotel (Non golfer €100). €280 per person based on four people sharing for 3 nights self catering at the River Apartments and entry into the competition. €295 per person for entry into the competition and two nights Bed & Breakfast at the Brehon Hotel. (Non golfer €130) €165 for entry to the competition for three days golf excluding accommodation.For more information about the event and to acquire contact details check out the website Email Telephone number Tim O'Sullivan Tournament Director 00353 (0)87- 9273694 Derek Kiely Press officer or 00353 (0)89-4191901 The Gleneagle Hotel Main Desk Reservations 00353 (0)64-6671550

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Wm. Neville, Youghal Supply After-Match Attire to Cork Hurling Team
(Photos Allan Meek

Pauline Neville, Gráinne Walsh, Ann Neville, Roisin Walsh and Áine NevilleO’Donoghue.

Martin Walsh, Cork Hurling Team Management, taking delivery of after match attire for the Senior Hurling Squad from Pauline Neville of Wm. Nevilles, Youghal

Cork Hurling Manager Denis Walsh pictured with Ann Neville, Pauline Neville, Roisin Walsh and Áine Neville-O’Donoghue.

Niall McCarthy, Áine Neville-O’Donoghue, Bernadette Neville, Eoin Cadogen, Ann Neville, Martin Walsh and Kathleen Quinn

Special S-MAX Launch Price of Just €29,995 Ford Ireland has announced the line up and prices for the new SMAX and Galaxy models which have just gone on sale.The new models have had a range of interior and exterior design changes and also feature the new, high efficiency 2.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine. An improved version of the TDCi 2.0 litre engine is also included in the range for both vehicles.The new S-MAX is available in Ireland in three trim levels: Zetec, Titanium and Titanium S and the line up will also feature a special launch model for €29,995 with: steel wheels, front electric windows, manual air conditioning, cruise control and ESP. Similarly,the new Galaxy is available in three trim levels: Zetec; Ghia; andTitaniumprices start at€40,295.

Don't put off buying new tyres your life depends on good ones !!!!!!!!!!!!
Research by a leading independent tyre dealer network, has shown that over 30 percent of cars coming into the company's depots have at least one illegal tyre up from 19 percent one year ago. The worrying research also shows that over 80 percent of cars have badly worn tyres, with a tread depth below 2mm, and in need of urgent replacement. As signs of economic recovery begin to appear, it is still clear however that consumers are putting off the replacement of dangerous tyres with a tread depth below the legal minimum in an attempt to save money. "The reality is that delaying the replacement of badly worn tyres is a false economy that places drivers, their passengers and other road users at serious risk.

are scheduled for 2PM.Last year the crowds were entertained to some exciting driving and great skill between the specials and the lads in the rally cars resulting in a final lap shootout between Mikey O Connor and Christopher Culleton with Mikey taking overall victory by the slenderest of margins. If its Motorsport that you are into why not go to this event organised and promoted by the IMC your local motor club Ballymacoda in mid June is the spot for a weekend of top class competitive motor sport that club are sure you are going to enjoy. Regulations for the event can now be downloaded from the website and on Facebook go check it out or if you need more information just pick up the phone and give the Clerk Of The Coarse Jamie a ring on 086 3752543 or entries secetary Donie Mc Carthy on 086 1721362. Photo Action from the IMC event in Ballymacoda last year for more of the same get out there Saturday and Sunday June 12th and 13th.

Imokilly Motor Club (IMC) host a host a double round of the National Autocross Championship
Round two of the IMC motor sport calendar kicks off again on Saturday and Sunday June 12 and 13 when the IMC host a double round of the National Autocross Championship. The venue for this event will once again be a field in the village of Ballymacoda in East Cork. Plans are already at an advanced stage with all the relevant officials in place led once again by last years COC Jamie Mc Carthy. Clear blue skies and glorious sunshine greeted the crews and spectators last year and the club hope for much the same this time round. Details for the event are as follows: Scrutiny will commence at 1PM with practice at 1:30 and the first of the timed runs

Since the launch of the Mazda6 in the Irish market inJanuary 2008, the Mazda6 has established itself as a credible and alternatechoice for customers who want a large family car with more style and driver'sappeal against what more mainstream rivals can offer.The striking looks anddynamic handling coupled with Mazda's famed reputation for reliability and buildquality have placed Mazda6 as one of the top sellers in the segment. Prices from€26,485. There is a choice of three body styles, 4-door saloon, 5-doorhatchback and estate the handling has been improved and the Mazda6 has themaximum Euro NCAP rating of 5-stars which the new Mazda6 has inherited. Newsafety features include Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) which warns cars behind ofsudden braking manoeuvres by automatically flashing the hazard lightsrapidly.Standard safety equipment on all models include: Dynamic StabilityControl, Traction Control, ABS, EBD,Emergency Stop Signal with front, side andcurtain airbags. This car is serious competition to the Ford Mondeo , VolkswagenPassat or the Opel Insignia.

Many think the new driverless Audi TT is the beginning of the end for the motorist !!!!!!!!! It will make the car more of a state run car then a drivers own car the max speed can be set the car will obey all road signs speed limits and every thing else it will park itself and do every thing by the book to the purist this is the end of motoring and the freedom and enjoyment of owning and driving your own car. No your car will not drive it self in the near future !!!!!!!! but it could well contain a black box (many already do) that will tell the court what speed you were doing your average speed and the last time you went over the speed limit and where this technology is here already and ready to go into action when our governments decide. Big brother is watching and he is closer then you think. 200 years ago, two Peugeot brothers, Jean-Pierre and JeanFrédéric, established the Peugeot company with the creation of 'la société Peugeot-Frères et Jacques Maillard-Salins'. The company was set up after the brothers had converted their father's corn mill into a steel mill to make the most of the industrial revolution which was gathering pace. Since then, Peugeot has been associated with saws, tools, steel crinoline stays, salt and pepper mills, coffee grinders, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, cars and vans. Each of these diverse products is founded on those early origins in steel while bearing Peugeot's hallmark of modernity and innovation.

New Nissan Scrappage Deals - Save Up To €4,000 Off New Nissan
'09 Qashquai 1.6 SE, Alloys, A/C, Bluetooth -12k - €17,950 '08 Qashquai 2.0 Auto, SVE, Alloys, Glass Roof - 53K - €17,950 '08 Laguna 1.5oci Leather, Alloys, A/C - 55K - €16,000 '08 Note 1.4 5Dr SE, A/C, CD, Bluetooth - 11K - €10,950 '08 Tiida 1.6 5Dr, A/C, CD, Bluetooth - 11K - €11,000 '08 Fiesta 5Dr 1.25 Zetec, Alloys, Sunroof - 20K - €9,495 '08 Toyota Aygo 1.0 5Dr Aura - 22K - €7,495 '07 Qashquai 1.6 SVE, Alloys, Glass Roof, Reverse Sensors - €15,950 '07 Mondo 1.8 Zetec, Alloys, A/C - 28K - €10,500 '07 Focus 1.4 5Dr Zetec, Alloys, A/C - 65K - €11,500 '07 Toyota Auris 1.4 DSL 5Dr, Alloys, Fogs - 90K - €13,750 '06 Micra 1.2 5Dr Sport+, Alloys, Fogs, CD - 70K - €6,750 '06 Almera 1.5 4Dr, Alloys, A/C -85K - €7,500 '06 Focus 1.6TD 4Dr A/C, CD - 94K - €9,950 '06 Kia Sorento 2.5TD Leather, A/C, Sunroof - 71K - €9,950 '05 Almera 1.5 4Dr, Alloys, CD, Leather - 67K - €5,950 '05 Peugeot 307 1.4 5Dr, Alloys, CD- 45K - €6,495 '05 Focus 1.4 5Dr, Alloys, Fogs, A/C, CD - 94K - €7,495 '05 Mercedes C180 2.0 Kompressor, 6 Speed - 95K - €13,950 '04 Primera 1.6 4Dr, A/C, Reverse Camera - 83K - €4,995 ‘04 BMW 316 1.8 SE, Cruise Control, Climate, Alloys - 112K - €8,895 '03 Modeo 1.8 Zetec, Alloys, A/C - 83K - €3,995 '03 Corolla Verso 1.8 5 Seater HPV, Alloys, A/C - 8K - €5,995 '02 BMW 318 Coupe, Leather, Alloys, Fogs - 140K - €4,595 No Warranty

New Nissan Scrapage
Micra 5Dr, Alloys, A/C - €11,990 Note 1.4 5Dr, A/C - €15,100 Tiida 1.5 DSL 4/5Dr - €17,475 Qushquai 1.5 DSL - €21,000

CLUB LOTTO - JACKPOT €19,710 There's a lot of lotto to be won with Youghal G.A.A. Lotto Jackpot is currently over €19,710. Lotto number for Monday the 31st May 2 6 14 25. (No winner). €200 won Melissa Barron, Noreen McCarthy, Vicky Lane, Brid Lawlor. Seller's prize James McCarthy. Next draw 7th We would like wish all the Leaving Cert & Junior Cert students all the best with their exams which are due to start next Wednesday from all at Youghal G.A.A. Results 24th May Under 10 Hurling Blitz Eochaill, Lisgoold, R Rovers, St. Catherine - (Eochaill won all their matches - Well Done. 24th May Junior Camogie Challenge Eochaill 0-12 Ballymartle 06 24th May Under 14 Hurling Challenge Eochaill 2-9 Cois Bride 35 26th May Under 14 Hurling League Eochaill 3-8 Cobh 2-3 1st June Under 14HC Eochaill v Cobh (Win for Youghal) 1st June Junior Camogie Challenge Eochaill v Tramore (Win for Youghal) 2nd June Under 11HL Eochaill v Killeagh (Win for Killeagh) 3rd June JF Challenge Eochaill 4-2 Ballinameela 0-7 3rd June Junior Camogie Challenge Eochaill 0-7 Ring 0-7 29th May Under 14 F Munster Feile Eochaill Results: Eochaill 3-1 Tarbert 0-9, Eochaill -5 Mayfield 2-3, Eochaill 5-8 Lyre 1-3. Group Final Eochaill 1-2 Wolfe Tones (Clare) 1-8 Details on today's Munster Football Féile Competition held in Cork. The Youghal lads lead the parade proudly in the our club colours and won all of their group games based in Mayfield, eventually losing out to Wolfe Tones from Clare in their group's final. This was a marvellous achievement and they truly are great ambassadors of our club. By all accounts it was a very memorable day for the lads & their parent's and supporters. Intermediate Hurling League Eochaill v. Ballymartle Date: 23/5/10 Result: Eochaill 2-17 Ballymartle 1-16 Youghal got their third win in this league campaign courtesy of a hardfought victory against Ballymartle. Played in sweltering heat, this match had a championship pace from the throw-in. Youghal went into an early lead with some good points from play, before Andrew Curtin found the net after a great assist from James O'Mahony. Youghal played well throughout the half, though the opposition did miss a couple of goal opportunities. Youghal led by 6 points at half-time. The game was turned on its head within the first ten minutes of the second half when Ballymartle went on a scoring spree to draw level. Youghal were really tested at this stage to turn the tide back in their favour. In fairness, they dug deep & showed great character for the rest of the game, scoring some great points to eventually run out winners by four points. A satisfactory performance & result for the team, which is encouraging as it comes with the championship just around the corner. Youghal Team: Eoin Coleman, Ml Cronin, John Grace, Brendan O'Sullivan, Garreth Hogan, Conor Spillane, Barry Ring, Nigel Roche, Brett Maloney, Damien Ring, Bill Cooper, Ciaran O'Mahony, James O'Mahony, Brendan Coleman, Andrew Curtin. The Under 16's were also presented with their medals for last year on Friday last at Club Arás, pictures were taken with all the team and the three trophies together with Mickey O'Regan, John Parker, John Grace and Barry Ring. Training Times Under 12's - Monday 7-8pm,Wednesday 7pm-8pm, Friday 7-8pm Under 10's - Monday 7 pm-8.15pm, Wednesday 7pm -8.15pm, Under 8/9's - Saturday 9.30 a.m. Under 7's - Saturday at 10.30 a.m. Under 6's - Saturday at 11.30 a.m VHi GAA Cúl Camp Youghal This camp will be taking place on the 11th, 12th and 13th August at Club Arás, Youghal. The camp caters for children upto 15 years, forms are available from your Team Manager. You can also regis-

forms are available from your Team Manager. You can also register on line on . Youghal G.A.A. Golf Classic Fundraiser Youghal Golf Club - Thursday the 17th of June Team of 3 (€120) Sponsor a Tee Box (€40) For further details contact Ned O'Connell, Gerry Russell, Seanie Ring, Paddy Coleman Fun School Football Blitz 18th of June 12 pm - 3pm 1st & 2nd Class This is starting on the 18th of June next, schools participating (Clonpreist, Gaelscoil, Bun Scoil Youghal) Under 16's - Bally Alley League - This has started and the competition is hotting up and all 2nd Round matches to be played before Thursday next. Launch of Family Fun Weekend - Friday the 11th June @ 8.30 @ Club Arás. This event will be held over the August weekend (Friday through to Sunday with plenty to do for all the family). We would encourage all parents and supporters to attend for this launch on the 11th June. Youghal G.A.A. Quiz Night - 24th of June @ 8pm. (Teams of 4 €40). Proceeds of this event will go towards the funding of the family fun weekend which is scheduled for August. Please contact Ken Bulman with Team Names etc. Meet the President Night 17th of July @ 7.30 pm - Uchtarán Christy Cooney. Further details to be issued shortly. All Welcome at Club Arás Youghal and this night should not to be missed!


Daniel Harrington who played in last Sunday’s Primary Game in Fitzgerlad Stadium, Killarney. Picture Mike English.

Kilcredan National School players celebrate following the schools success in the Sciath Na Scol final at Pairc Ui Chaoimh. Picture: Denis O’Flynn

Kilcredan National School Captain holds the cup aloft following the schools success in the Sciath Na Scol final at Pairc Ui Chaoimh. Picture: Denis O’Flynn

Hair Design Celebrating 25 years in business

Karina and Marie Thuroe

Elizabeth Morrissey and Marie Thuroe Marie pictured with staff members Michelle Hennessy, Teresa Quirke and Mag Clohessy

Marie would like to thank all customers and staff for their loyal support over the years. Marie would also like to thank the people of Youghal for making her feel so welcome

Marie and Staff pictured outside Hair Design

Marie pictured with Noreen Ruxton who has worked at Hair Design since Marie working on Janet Power’s Hair the day it opened 25 years ago.

The Race Around Ireland Stops Off In Youghal
The Race Around Ireland have decided on the provisional route for September 2010 and it's passing through Youghal. The Walter Raleigh Hotel in Youghal has been named as an official time station and the Hotel has thrown its doors open for the race. Michael Davitt, Hotel Manager, said; "We're very proud to be supporting The Race Around Ireland and Team Youghal as we see it as being a fantastic opportunity to enhance Youghal as a tourist destination while seeing up close what an extreme endurance race involves and supporting a well deserved local and international charity in the process." The Walter Raleigh Hotel has made accommodation available for all teams that are competing in the race and also will have a dedicated press room available for the media that will be following the event. Time Stations will be set approximately 40 to 80 miles apart. At each Time Station a competing team must call into Race Headquarters and report their location and time. This information will be posted on the Race Around Ireland website and it will allow the officials, as well as team fans, to track the team's progress.

hear L
1 Emmet Place, Youghal Tel (024) 93552


Hearing Enhancer for Aural Rehabilitation

Monthly Hearing Aid Clinic
Emmet Place Surgery

Thursday June 17th
Hearing Test, Consultation and Advice is FREE Latest digital technology available

50% PRSI Grants may apply
Also service, repairs, batteries, earmoulds, swim plugs, noise protectors etc. APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY
Michael Davitt, Manager of The Walter Raleigh Hotel, announcing that The Walter Raleigh Hotel will be a Time Station for The Race Around Ireland with some members of Team Youghal; Eoin Whyte, Tommy Roche, Kieran Groeger, Ger Flanagan, Robert Heffernan and Christy McCarthy, who will be competing in the race on behalf of The Emer Casey Foundation. Picture: John Hennessy

Ger Flanagan from Team Youghal said; "We are delighted that The Race Around Ireland organisers have chosen Youghal as an official time station and also appreciate the support from Michael and The Walter Raleigh Hotel Team in putting Youghal on the cycling map for this endurance event. Team Youghal are training hard for the event and now that we have the provisional route we can start forming our race tactics to retain the eight man team accolade for 2010. We are still actively looking for sponsors to support Team Youghal and so far the response has exceeded our expectations but there is still a long way to go to reach our target. We are very appreciative of the support received so far considering the present economic climate. Our involvement in the race will be to raise awareness and funds for The Emer Casey Foundation which is doing very valuable work around the detection and treatment of ovarian and uterine cancer." Team Youghal consists of an eight man cycling team with support crew. All cyclists are leisure cyclists who cycle for a hobby and include a Garda, Fire Officer, Electrician and a wide diversity of other professions.Team Youghal will be competing in The Race Around Ireland which is part of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) World Cup series which includes other huge endurance races such as The Race Across America. Unlike other cycling races such as the RÁS or the Tour de France, the course is in no way roped off. There are no marshals controlling traffic flow and there are no planned rest stops or stages in this event. Once the clock starts in Navan at the starting time, it won't stop until each rider reaches the finish line at the end of the 2,100 km circuit. Further Information:,,,


Allure is proud to introduce Tan Organic as seen on Dragons Den. The anti-ageing professional tanning system, which hydrates the skin as well as developing a natural tan, no synthetic preservatives and no parabens, with a choice of two shades dependent on skin type.

*Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with these offers. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion/offer

62 North Main Street, Youghal
for our

Freephone 1800 243 243

FREE Sky+ HD Box
Terms & Conditions Apply. Offers Subject to Change


Ken-Co Cleaning Services
All work fully insured & C2 Registered MARTIN COAKLEY: 024 91233 OR 087 9580662


087 41 11 11 4
Airports, Train, Bus Station, Hospitals & Clinics

Domestic Appliance Repair
For Repair of: Washing Machines - Cookers - Dish Washers Tumble Dryers - Ceramic Cookers and Tops Fast Appliance Service Now! All Work Fully Guaranteed Tel 058 44300


Ross Cashman Electrician
Available for New Homes, Extensions, Re-Wires, Agricultural etc. No Job too Big or Too Small - Free Quotations C2 Registered Tel 087 1248091 Fully Insured

Des O’Halloran
Registered Firearms & Ammunition Dealer

ALL MACHINES & MODELS Washing Machines, Dishwashers & Tumble Driers Out Of Hour Service Provided Contact: 087 - 9019165

1,000 Eley Olympic Trap Cartridges 28gr 7.5 €165.00

087 - 6480692

Book your Appointment Today at Chiropody & Reflexology Clinic
Youghal (Off Cork Hill) Mobile: 087 6112244


Mini Digger & Driver Hire & Ground Works
Foundations, Bases too Floor Level, Patios, Lawns, Gardens Leveled, Footpaths, Drainage, Driveway Preped, Kerbing Specialises in Concrete Shuttering Work inc. retaining walls, raft & pilled foundations. Excellent Rates Guaranteed, Fully Insured C2 & VAT Reg

John Joyce Clashmore 086 8522487

East Cork Bouncy Castles
All occasions catered for, communions, confirmations, birthdays etc. Tel: 085-7784335 / 086-1622120

4 Star Self-Catering Holiday Houses
Ideal for families visiting Youghal for Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings or

Contact Mary or John 024 93546 or 087 6701613 or


K.D.S. - Kiltha Driving School
Beginners - Pre-Test Instruction Registered RSA ADI Control / Own Car ISM Cert

N & J Browne Ltd
Sand, Gravel, Cement and Block Deliveries €50 per tonne bag SAND & GRAVEL Kerbings, Edgings, Wall Caps, Pier Caps, Lintels, Chimney Caps Tobermore Brick, Paving Stockists
East Cork’s Largest Selection of Decorative Chippings Glenview Gold, Beach Pebbles, Plum Slate, Indian Sandstone/Limestone etc.

EAST CORK AREA Contact Percy: 021-4667292 / 086 - 8131610

Cleaned To Your Satisfaction Or It’s FREE
High Strength Extraction Cleaning Of Your Carpets And Furniture
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The Coachhouse Restaurant
Unit 1G, Youghal Business Park, Parkmountain, Youghal, Co. Cork.
Tel/Fax: 024 - 85943 Mobile: 087 - 8927628 Email:
27, North Main St. Youghal, Co. Cork. Phone: (024) 92435 Fax: (024) 90268 email:

Served 5pm til 9.30pm
Must buy a beverage per person.

Turning Milling Fabrication Repair and Service of Hydraulic Rams
Lubricants Bearings Steel

HYDRAULIC HOSE & FITTINGS Fasteners (Nuts, Bolts, Threaded Bar in m/s & s/s), Engineering Materials

Sunday Night Buffet
Served 4 - 8pm