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Samparka with Rev. Swami Bhoumananda Tirtha and Swamini of Narayanasrama Tapovanam,
Thrissur by Lakshmi Didi and Padma Adigal with Sri S.G. Rajagopala Prabhu, Well wisher

Samparka by Ma. Lakshmi Didi and Sudhakar with Retd Justice of Kerala High Court Sri
Ramachandran and Mrs. Ramachandran and Sri Sasi Kumar and His Wife who are well
known Mural Artists,

Samparka with versatile Indian musical vocalist and play back singer Dr. B. Arundhathi and her
husband Sri. T.S. Hariharan, a retired bank official and with Indian music director Mr. Ignatius,
brother of music director Mr. Berny.
Sampark was done by Sri. P.N.Joshi, Mrs. Vanaja Joshi and Premnath. go

Chief Tantri of Kodungallur Temple Samparka by Ma. Didi, Smt Padma Adikal and Sri
Udayan and Maha Samparka by Ma. Didi & Sri Udayan with 50 teachers and
500 students of Bharateeya Vidya Vihar, Mazhuvanchery

Sampark was done with Smt Sumathi Teacher and her family member By Man. Lakshmi Didi, Smt
Padma Adigal and Sri Udayan Samparka with Sri Chandrasekharan master and wife by Su Sajitha,
Su.Sutapa &Smt Padma Adigal

Samaparka with Mathajis of Sri Sarada Math,

Ernakulam and also With Mrs. Radha Varma a
close well wishers at Ernakulam. Samparka
was done by Man .Lakshmi Didi, Sri Udayan
and Sudhakar