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Global Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Race, Class, and Gender . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Political and legal anthropology . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Medical and Psychological anthropology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Liberation Movements for the 21st Century

The Struggle for the World

Cultures, Technologies, and the Politics of Care

Intimate Labors

10 Theory and Methods . . . . . . 11 4 exam Copy Policy . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
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Charles Lindholm and José Pedro Zúquete

Edited by Eileen Boris and Rhacel Salazar Parreñas

“The Struggle for the World is the first to look beyond the specific political designations of different antiglobalist tendencies to emphasize the common redemptive, identitarian, and populist character they share.”
—Michael O’Meara, Occidental Observer 280 pp., 2010 9780804759380 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804759373 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

“In this exciting new volume, Boris and Parreñas bring together a collection of cutting-edge research on the many surprising ways we daily—mix, split, stir— money with intimate life.”
—Arlie Hochschild, author of The Managed Heart and The Commercialization of Intimate Life 360 pp., 2 tables, 1 illustration, 2010 9780804761932 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804761925 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Global Issues

What do Mexico’s Zapatistas, the French National Front, Slow Food, rave subculture, and al-Qaeda all have in common? From right-wing to left-wing to no-wing, they all proudly proclaim their mission to defend their distinctive identities against modernity’s homogenizing processes. This controversial book establishes fundamental similarities between anti-globalization “aurora” movements that aim to destroy the modern world and bring a radiant new dawn to humankind.

Around the world, home health aides, call center operators, prostitutes, sperm donors, nail manicurists, and house cleaners all make their livings through touch, closeness, and personal care. Their labors, both paid and unpaid, sustain the day-to-day work that we require to survive. This book takes a close look at carework, domestic work, and sex work in everyday life and illuminates the juncture where money and intimacy meet.

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AvAilAble in MArch 2011

Modern Anxieties in a Pacific Island Nation
Niko Besnier
This book explores the malaise present in the postcolonial Global South, focused specifically within one society “on the edge of the global,” the island kingdom of Tonga. Niko Besnier’s ethnography analyzes the ways in which segments of this small-scale society hold on to different understandings of what modernity is, how it should be made relevant to local contexts, and how it should mesh with practices and symbols of tradition.
Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific 336 pp., 2011 9780804774062 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804774055 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

On the Edge of the Global

Fashioning Latin American Nations and Histories
Florence E. Babb
“Mark Twain once wrote that travel is fatal to prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Yet as florence Babb shows effectively in this panoramic journey and anthropological analysis of post-revolutionary latin america, travel cannot escape history. as she uncovers, travel is always packed with the politics of social relations, past and present. and that’s just the way it should be, as this book so ably demonstrates.”
—Matthew Gutmann, Brown University 264 pp., 25 illustrations, 2010 9780804771566 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804771559 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

The Tourism Encounter

Identity and Development Politics in Latin America
Monica C. DeHart
“once the very idea of the Ethnic Entrepreneur would have been an oxymoron. now, in latin america, ethnic subjects are widely regarded as essential agents of development. In exploring the shifts that have made this transformation possible, Monica DeHart provides an enlightening account of the ways in which ethnic identity, market forces, and development strategy are reshaping each other in neoliberal times.”
—Jean Comaroff, University of Chicago 208 pp., 9 figures, 2010 9780804769341 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804769334 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

Ethnic Entrepreneurs


Amy Stambach

Religion, Education, and American Evangelicals in East Africa
248 pp., 2010 9780804768511 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804768504 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Faith in Schools

The Moso Traditions of Sexual Union and Family Life
Chuan-kang Shih
352 pp., 1 table, 20 figures, 2 maps, 2009 9780804761994 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Quest for Harmony

Global Issues


Palestinian Village Histories
Rochelle Davis

AvAilAble in MAY 2011

Geographies of the Displaced

Palestinian Village Histories reveals how history is written, recorded, and contested, as well as the roles that Palestinian conceptions of their past play in contemporary life. Moving beyond the grand narratives of 20th century political struggles, this book analyzes individual and collective historical accounts of everyday life in pre-1948 Palestinian villages as composed today from the perspectives of these long-term refugees. “Davis has written a nuanced and highly readable account of how Palestinians write their own histories and in the process craft strategies for the future. Drawing on research in half a dozen countries, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in Palestinians.”
—Rhoda Kanaaneh, author of Surrounded: Palestinian Soldiers in the Israeli Military Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures 312 pp., 5 illustrations, 5 maps, 2010 9780804773133 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804773126 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Labor, Migration, and Human Trafficking in Dubai
Pardis Mahdavi
272 pp., 2011 9780804772204 Cloth $27.95 $22.36 sale


Immigration Policy Activism in U.S. Cities and States
Edited by Monica W. Varsanyi
Published in association with the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego 320 pp., 13 tables, 5 figures, 3 maps, 2010 9780804770279 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804770262 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Taking Local Control

Ethnic Return Migration in Comparative Perspective
Edited by Takeyuki Tsuda

Diasporic Homecomings

368 pp., 2 tables, 2 figures, 1 map, 2009 9780804762762 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804762748 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Global Issues

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Mobility, Identity, and Conflict in a Globalized World

Ethnic Europe

Edited by Roland Hsu

Racism, Governance, and the United States

State of White Supremacy

America’s National Conversation on Race
John Hartigan Jr.

What Can You Say?


Ethnic Europe examines the increasingly complex ethnic challenges facing the expanding European Union. Essays from eleven experts tackle such issues as labor migration, strains on welfare economies, the durability of local traditions, the effects of globalized cultures, and the role of Islamic diasporas, separatist movements, and threats of terrorism. “This book is a timely and incisive contribution to our understanding of migration flows into europe in today’s globalized world. It is an excellent guide and tool in analyzing a subject of major importance for the road ahead for european integration.”
—Jan Eliasson, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and President of the United Nations General Assembly 272 pp., 2010 9780804769471 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804769464 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Edited by Moon-Kie Jung, João H. Costa Vargas, and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
Uncovering the false promise of liberalism for people of color in the United States, State of White Supremacy reveals patterns of racism and inequality in government policy and action that generate and support continued racial hierarchy and privilege in society.

Race remains a political and polarizing issue, and the sprawling, unwieldy, and often maddening means we have developed to discuss and evaluate what counts as “racial” can be frustrating. In What Can You Say? John Hartigan Jr. examines a watershed year of news stories, taking these events as a way to understand American culture and challenge our existing notions of what is racial—or not. “Indeed, this book should be recommended reading not just for interested students of racerelations, but for anybody living in an unavoidably multi-racial world with seemingly post-racial aspirations. and that’s all of us.”
—John L. Jackson Jr., author of Racial Paranoia: The Unintended Consequences of Political Correctness 232 pp., 2010 9780804763363 Cloth $24.95 $19.96 sale

“a savvy blockbuster of a book, with prominent activists and scholars telling it like it really is: The U.s. state is systemically racist and imperialistic, with tentacles reaching into an array of societal arenas and operations, including military institutions, immigration agencies, schools, the prison-industrial complex, the supreme Court, the welfare system, and the terrorism mislabeled ‘hate crimes.’”
—Joe R. Feagin, Texas A&M University, and author of Systemic Racism: A Theory of Oppression 368 pp., 2011 9780804772198 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804772181 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Race, Class, and Gender


Rekindled Memories of Imprisonment in Iran
Shahla Talebi
In this haunting account, Shahla Talebi remembers her years as a political prisoner in Iran. Talebi, along with her husband, was imprisoned for nearly a decade and tortured, first under the Shah and later by the Islamic Republic. Writing about her own suffering and survival and sharing the stories of her fellow inmates, she details the painful reality of prison life and offers an intimate look at a critical period of social and political transformation in Iran. “Ghosts of Revolution is the forbidden and forgotten social history of Iran…Judiciously poetic, pulling no punches, but above all showing an abiding love for the people of a homeland that is now blessed to have her as its storyteller, Talebi reassures the world that the right and the beautiful are still triumphant.”
—Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University 224 pp., 8 illustrations, 2010 9780804772013 Cloth $24.00 $19.20 sale

Ghosts of Revolution

Piety, Memory, and Social Life in an Omani Town
Mandana E. Limbert

In the Time of Oil

Reinventing the Republic

Before the discovery of oil in the late 1960s, Oman was one of the poorest countries in the world, with only six kilometers of paved roads and one hospital. By the late 1970s, all that had changed as Oman used its new oil wealth to build a modern infrastructure. In the Time of Oil describes how people in Bahla, an oasis town in the interior of Oman, experienced this dramatic transformation following the discovery of oil, and how they now grapple with the prospect of this resource’s future depletion. “limbert skillfully shows how everyday understandings of an affluent present—what may be a dream time—rely on diverging conceptions of the past. Beautifully written and cogently argued, In the Time of Oil presents an insightful analysis of the impact of oil on the form and content of social relations.”
—Beth Baron, CUNY Graduate Center 264 pp., 5 illustrations, 1 map, 2010 9780804756273 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804756266 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Catherine Raissiguier

Gender, Migration, and Citizenship in France

Reinventing the Republic chronicles the struggle of the sans-papiers to become rightsbearing citizens, and links different social movements to reveal the many ways in which concepts of citizenship and nationality intersect with debates over gender, sexuality, and immigration. Drawing on indepth interviews and a variety of texts, this disquieting book provides new insights into how exclusion and discrimination operate and influence each other in the world today. “What a smart, engaging book. Raissiguier makes visible the women activists inside the vibrant sans papiers immigrant rights movement. she shows us why social movements cannot be understood without a feminist curiosity, and reveals the gendered racialized fissures in contemporary french political culture.”

—Cynthia Enloe, author of The Curious Feminist

216 pp., 14 illustrations, 2010 9780804757621 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804757614 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Race, Class, and Gender

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Youth, Class, and the Politics of Waiting in India
Craig Jeffrey
Timepass offers a captivating ethnography of the student politics and youth activism that lower middle class young men in India have undertaken in response to pervasive underemployment. It highlights the importance of waiting as a social experience and basis for political mobilization, the micro-politics of class power in north India, and the socioeconomic strategies of lower middle classes. “In this gracefully written book, Craig Jeffrey draws on fine ethnography to explore the little understood world of Indian youth, for long largely neglected by scholars, illuminating what it means to be a young man with aspirations and limited opportunities in today’s India. a tour de force.”
—John Harriss, Simon Fraser University 232 pp., 2010 9780804770743 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804770736 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale


Women in India’s Call Center Industry
Reena Patel
Working the Night Shift is the first in-depth study of the transnational call center industry that is written from the point of view of women workers. It uncovers how call center employment affects their lives, mainly as it relates to the anxiety that Indian families and Indian society have towards women going out at night, earning a good salary, and being exposed to western culture. This timely account illustrates the ironic and, at times, unsettling experiences of women who enter the spaces and places made accessible through call center work. “In clear and accessible prose, she interweaves insightful analysis with the real life stories of these key players of economic globalization. Working the Night Shift should become indispensable reading; it is a book for everyone, for right now.”
—Cecilia Menjivar, Arizona State University 208 pp., 1 table, 2 figures, 4 illustrations, 1 map, 2010 9780804769143 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804769136 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Working the Night Shift


Race, Class, and Gender


Latina Immigrants and New American Politics
Kathleen M. Coll
“This is a compelling study of a Bay area grassroots organization comprised of Mexican and Central american immigrant women who have been remarkably creative and effective in bettering their difficult conditions. These vivid portraits are placed in the context of an analysis of the harsh structural factors that have shaped immigrant communities in California over the past two decades.”
—Renato Rosaldo, New York University 248 pp., 1 figure, 7 illustrations, 1 map, 2010 9780804758222 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804758215 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Remaking Citizenship

Constructing China’s Jerusalem

Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou
Nanlai Cao
Drawing on extensive ethnographic fieldwork and in-depth life history interviews, this illuminating book provides an intimate portrait of contemporary Chinese Christianity in the context of a modern, commercialized economy.

Globalization and Legal Consciousness in Thailand
David M. Engel and Jaruwan S. Engel
“This is a brilliant and artful account of the dwindling of law in contemporary Thai life. It presents a formidable challenge to the widespread expectation that globalization will be accompanied by enlarged reliance on increasingly similar law.”
—Marc Galanter, London School of Economics and Political Science The Cultural Lives of Law 208 pp., 1 table, 3 figures, 14 illustrations, 2010 9780804763820 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804763813 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Tort, Custom, and Karma

“Cao gives us the best picture I have seen of the complex pattern of relationships among the different components of contemporary urban Christianity in China today.”
—Daniel H. Bays, Calvin College Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific, a series sponsored by the East-West Center 232 pp., 1 table, 15 illustrations, 3 maps, 2010 9780804773607 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804770804 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

New Chinese Americans and the Politics of Belonging
Tritia Toyota
Asian America 256 pp., 12 tables, 2009 9780804762427 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804762410 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Envisioning America

Paths to a Visionary Politics in Peru
Shane Greene
264 pp., 2009 9780804761192 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804761185 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Customizing Indigeneity

Juvenile Delinquency, Immigration, and Exclusion at the Paris Palace of Justice
Susan J. Terrio
368 pp., 2009 9780804759601 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804759595 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Judging Mohammed

Political and Legal Anthropology

stanford studies in Human Rights

AvAilAble in MArch 2011

Andrew Bickford

The Military Other in Post-Unification Germany

Fallen Elites

“Fallen Elites makes a brilliant contribution to our thinking about militarism and the military's impact on social life. It has relevance well beyond the former east Germany and is a truly fascinating book.”
—Lesley Gill, Vanderbilt University 288 pp., 2011 9780804773966 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804773959 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Interventions and Priorities after Mass Violence

Localizing Transitional Justice

An Anthropology of Human Rights
Mark Goodale
“This provocative book makes an unprecedented contribution in both human rights and anthropological studies. Goodale’s overview, which synthesizes a large body of literature and identifies the big issues in the field, will help others to re-envision a human rights system that is sensitive to difference.”
—Patricia D. Mathews-Salazar, H-Net 200 pp., 2009 9780804762137 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale 9780804762120 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Surrendering to Utopia


Edited by Rosalind Shaw and Lars Waldorf, with Pierre Hazan

“full of innovative ideas and trenchant critiques, Localizing Transitional Justice offers smart recommendations for how we should approach and conceive of transitional justice today. This is a powerful new contribution to the study of human rights.”
—Mike McGovern, Yale University 368 pp., 2010 9780804761505 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804761499 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Of Might and Right in the Huallaga Post-Boom
Richard Kernaghan
320 pp., 2009 9780804759588 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804759571 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Coca’s Gone


Ajantha Subramanian
320 pp., 2 tables, 7 illustrations, 1 map, 2009 9780804761468 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Space and Rights in South India

How African Activists Reclaim Human Rights to Challenge Global Poverty

Stones of Hope

Behind Truth and Reconciliation

Judging War, Judging History

Edited by Lucie E. White and Jeremy Perelman
288 pp., 2010 9780804769204 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804769198 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Pierre Hazan Translated by Sarah Meyer de Stadelhofen
240 pp., 2010 9780804769563 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804769556 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Political and Legal Anthropology

10 Health and the

Being and Well-Being

Working Bodies of Silicon Valley
J.A. English-Lueck
As the great American workbenefit experiment erodes, companies are increasingly asking people to take responsibility for managing their own health. The integration of workplace productivity with personal health has created national patterns of discrimination against those not in the productive mainstream, including the unemployed, retired, and chronically ill. But new ideas about work and health can clarify core American values, highlight emerging global trends, and provide a vital assessment of the evolution of our shared pursuit of well-being.

Youth Migration, Heroin, and AIDS in Southwest China
Shao-hua Liu
Passage to Manhood addresses the intersection of modernity, heroin use, and HIV/AIDS as they are embodied in a new rite-of-passage among young men in the Sichuan province of southwestern China. Through a nuanced analysis of the Nuosu population, this fascinating ethnography seeks to answer why the Nuosu has a disproportionately large number of opiate users and HIV positive individuals relative to others in Sichuan. “Passage to Manhood offers a compelling account of a marginalized Chinese community’s experience of heroin addiction and the aIDs pandemic, told through the riveting personal stories of those most affected.”
—Ann Maxwell Hill, Dickinson College Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University 272 pp., 1 table, 3 figures, 3 illustrations, 2 maps, 2010 9780804770255 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804770248 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Passage to Manhood

Toward an Anthropology of the Will
Edited by Keith M. Murphy and C. Jason Throop

“The will and willing are extremely complex phenomena that have only begun to be explored. This work challenges implicit assumptions, revealing that, far from being free, the will is constrained by culture, morality, and conflicting goals.”
—Roger Ivar Lohmann, Trent University 240 pp., 2010 9780804768870 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

How Entertainment Works on You
Peter G. Stromberg
232 pp., 2009 9780804761116 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804761109 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Caught in Play

“a remarkable book. It raises important questions regarding the changing nature of work, of healthcare, of personal agency, of social networks, of cultural pluralism and of social justice.”
—Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist and organizational development practitioner, researcher for NASA 288 pp., 11 illustrations, 2010 9780804771580 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804771573 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Culture and Panic Disorder
Edited by Devon E. Hinton and Byron J. Good

296 pp., 23 tables, 9 figures, 2009 9780804761093 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 9780804761086 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Medical and Psychological Anthropology

The Psychology and Anthropology of Fieldwork Experience

Emotions in the Field

Interdisciplinary Conversations
Myra H. Strober

Challenging Habits of Thought

Gift, Money, and Philosophy

The Price of Truth


Edited by James Davies and Dimitrina Spencer

Emotions in the Field explores the idea that emotion is not antithetical to thought or reason, but is instead an untapped source of insight that can complement more traditional methods of anthropological research. It shows how certain reactions and experiences consistently evoked in fieldwork, when treated with the intellectual rigor empirical work demands, can be translated into meaningful data. “a powerful affirmation of the humanity of the field encounter in all its ambivalence, and a timely call for social scientists to harness the rich potential of a people-centered research enterprise.”
—João Biehl, Princeton University 288 pp., 1 table, 2010 9780804769402 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804769396 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Interest in doing, funding, and studying interdisciplinary work has built to crescendo in recent years. But despite this growing enthusiasm, our collective understanding of the dynamics, rewards, and challenges of faculty conversations across disciplines remains murky. Through six case studies of interdisciplinary seminars for faculty, Interdisciplinary Conversations investigates pivotal interdisciplinary conversations and analyzes the factors that make them work. “Myra strober boldly challenges widely held assumptions about the value of interdisciplinary interactions and offers fresh and novel insights. If academic and administrative leaders follow her recommendations, they will greatly improve the chances of fostering successful interdisciplinary conversations.”
—Steven Brint, University of California, Riverside, editor of The Future of the City of Intellect 216 pp., 3 tables, 2010 9780804772310 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale

Marcel Hénaff Translated by Jean-Louis Morhange

“among the numerous studies of the ‘gift’—ceremonial gift-giving as distinct from exchange and from charity— Marcel Hénaff’s wide-ranging book is the best. Its empirical richness is disciplined by a rigorous conceptual framework. This is one of the most important philosophical works of our time.””
—Dr. Hans Joas, University of Erfurt, Germany, and Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago Cultural Memory in the Present 488 pp., 2010 9780804760829 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 9780804760812 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Exploring the Boundaries between History and Anthropology
Edited by Andrew Willford and Eric Tagliacozzo


312 pp., 5 tables, 9 illustrations, 2 maps, 2009 9780804760201 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Theory and Methods

Non Profit Organization




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