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EXTENSION OF DECLARATION OF DISASTER AND ORDER OF THE MAYOR OF ‘THE CITY OF FORNEY, TEXAS WHEREAS, pursuant o Section 418. 108(a) ofthe Texas Governmert Code Section, Mayor Mary Penn of the Ciy of Forney ised a Declaration of State of Disaster ani Public Health Emergency (Declaration) 90 March 20,2020, due toa nove coronavirus now designated SARS-CoV? which causes the disease COVID-19; and, WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 418.108(0) of the Texas Governmest Code, the Delaation shall not be contnuee or renewed for «period of mote than seven days without the consent a the City Coun for the City of Fomey (City Couneil"); and WHEREAS, the conditions necessitating the Declaration continue toexis; and WHEREAS, the on-going evaluation of circumstances related to the virus and the updated -recommendatiors ofthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC") and the Texas Departent ‘of State Health Services warrant additonal ation by the City Council nd WHEREAS, on March 16, 2020, President Trump acknowledged the gravity of the COVID-19 ‘pandemic, releasing strict new guidelines to limit people's interactions, including that Americans should void groups of nore than 10 people NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED BY THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF FORNEY, TEXAS, THAT: |. That the State of Disaster and Public Health Emergency proclaimed forthe City of Forney, Texas bby Mayor Penn on March 20,2020 shall continue until terminated by order of the City Counc 2. The following regulations are hereby ordered under the authority of the Mayor ofthe City of Forney, Texas pursuant Sestion 418,108 ofthe Texas Goverment Code: ‘A. Effetiveas of 11:59 pim_on March 25,2020, and continuing untl11:59 pm. on April, 2020: (1) All individuals currency living within the City of Fomey, Texas are ordered to shelter at her place of residence. For the purposes of this Order, residences include hotels, motels, ‘hare rentals nd similar facilities. To the extent individuals are using shared or outdoor spaces, they musta ll times ax reasonably ap posible maintain socal distancing of at ast six fet fom anyother person when they ae outside the residence, All persons may leave their residences only for Essential Activities, ot to provide or perform Esrenti overmental Functions, or to operate Essential Businesses, el as defined in Section B, or ‘ operate business activities that are outside the City of Formy and that are not subject to ‘estrctions specifically imposed under a declaration of local disaster and public health smergeney. {@) All businesses operating within the City f Fomey, except Essemial Businesses as defined 1m below in Section B, are required to cease all activities at facilites located within the y- For clan, businesses may continue operations consisting exclusively of employees Dr contactors performing activities al their own residences (-e, working from home). To [Disaster Declaration Extension and Mayors Order City of Fomey, Texas Page | the greatest extent posible, ll Essential Businesses shall comply with the Soci Distaneing Guidelines recommended by the CDC, including maintaining six-foot soi distancing for bath employees andthe general public. (8) All public or puivate gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a single household or livng unit are probibited, except as otherwise provided herein. Nothing in this Onde prohiits the gathering of members of s household or living unit. (4) Restaurants with or without drive in or drive-through services and microbreweries, miro isles, or wineries may only provide takeout, delivery, or drivethrough services as allowed by law. (6) Religious and worship services may only be provided by video and teleconference Religious institutions must limit in-person sta ote (10) people or less when preparing for oF conducting video or teleconference services, and all individuals must fllow the Social Distancing Guidelines from the CDC including the six-foot socal distancing (©) All elective med cal, surgical, and dental procedures are prohibited anywhere inthe City fof Fomey. Hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, dental offices, and other medical facilites are dieted to identity procedures that are deemed “elective” by assessing which procedures ean be postponed or cancelled based on patent risk considering the emergency ‘eed for edirection of resources to COVID-19 response B. Definitions: (1) For purposes of his Order, individals may leave their residence ony to perform any of the following “Essemial Activites {. ‘To engage in activities or perform tasks essential to ther health and safety, otto the health and safety of theit family or household members (or example, obaiing medical supsies or medication, visting a health care professional, or obtaining ‘Supplies need to work trom home). li, To obtain necessary services or supplies for themselves and thet family or household members, oo deliver thase services or supplies to others (fr example, food, pet supply, and any other household consumer products, and products necessary to ‘mainain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences ii, To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with social distancing equiements of six fet (for example, walking biking, hiking, or running). iv. To perform work providing essential products and services a an Essential Business or to otherwise carry out activities specifically pemitted inthis Onder. ¥. Toate for family member or pet in another household (2) For purposes of ths Onder, “Essential Businesses” shall be those businesses in the below listed areas. Any additional businesses or elated determinations shall be made by the City “Manager in consultation withthe Emergency Management Team fr the City, Disaster Declaration Extension and Mayor's Order ~ City of Forney, Teas Page) 2 |. Essential Healthcare Operations Healthcare operations, including hospital, clinics, dentists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, other bealthea facilities, healtheare suppliers, mental health providers, substance abuse service providers, blood banks, medical research, laboratory services, of any telatsd and/or ancillary healthcare services. Home-based and residenta-based care for seniors, aduls,or children are also considered healthcare operations. Healthcare cperations so includes veterinary care and all health and welfae services provided tc animals. “This exemption shall be viewed broadly to avoid any impacts tothe delivery of healtheare Healthcare operations do not include ines std exerise gyms an similar Iacilities. Healthare operations do not inelude elective medical, surgical, and dental procedures az established in accordance with Subsection A(6) ofthis Orde. li, Essential Government Functions. All services provided by local governments needed to ensure the continuing operation of the goverment agencies to provide For the healt, safety and welfare of the public. Further, nothing in his oder shall prohibit any individual from performing or accessing “Essential Government Functcns." This notwithstanding, certain goverment facilities may be closed tothe publi, except by appointment only. All Essential Government Functions shall be performed in ‘compliance wit social distancing requirements of sx fect, othe extent posible. ii, Essential Crtial Infrastructure. Work necessary tothe operations and ma.ntenance ‘of the 16 critical infrasructure sectors as identified by the National Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) including public works construction, residential and ‘commercial construction, airport operations, water, sewer, gas, electrical, ilrefining, roads and highways, public transportation, slid waste collection and removal, internet, and telecommuniations systems (including the provision of essential global, ‘national, and local infrastructure for computing services, business infrastructure, ‘communications, and web-based services) financial institutions, defense and national security-related operations, essential manufacturing operations provided that they ‘carry out those services or that workin compliance with social distancing requirements fof six fee, t0 the extent possible. Essential Businesses providing. essential infrastructure should implement screening precautions to protect employess and all ‘activity shal be performed in compliance with socal distancing guidelines from the coc. iv, Essential Retail. Food service providers, including grocery stores, warehouse sores, big-box stores, bodegas, gas satons and convenience stores, farmers" mkt that sel {God products and household staples, Food cultivation, including farming, fishing, and livestock. Businesses that ship o deliver groceries, food, goods or services iret to residences. Restaurants and other facilities that prepare and serve food, but only for delivery or carry out Schools and other entities that typically provide fre services to ‘students or members of the public on a pickup and takeaway basis cnly, The restrition of delivery or exrry out does not apply to cafes and restaurants located ‘within hospital and medical felites, Laundromats, drycleaners, and laundry service providers. Gas stations, ato-supply, auto and bicycle repair, hardware sores, and ‘elated facilis. Businesses tha supply products needed for people to work from home. Dieser Declaration Extension and Mayor's Onder- City of Forty, Tense Page |3 ¥. Providers of Basic Necessities to Economically Disadvantaged Populations, Businesses that provide food, shelter, end social services, and other necessities of IE for evonomically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individual. vi Essential Services Necessary to Maiatain Essential Operations of Residences or ‘Other Essential Businesses. Trash and recycling collection, processing and dspos ‘mail and shipping services, builing cleaning, maintenance and security, ‘warehouse distribution an flfilment storage fo essential businesses, funeal homes, crematorium and cemeteries. Plumbes, electricians, exterminatas, and othe service providers who provide services that arenecessary to rosintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operations of residences nd Essential Businesses. Professional services, Sich as legal or accounting services, when necessary to sist in compliance with legally mandated activities. Businesses that supply her essential businesses with suppor ar supplies needed to operate. vil News Media, Newspapers television, ado, and other media services, vill. Childcare Services. Childcare facilites providing services that enable employees exempted in this Order work as permite, (C. Any manufacturer wh retools so that a substauial part oftheir business is forthe purpose of ‘manufacturing and producing ventilators may apply for an “essential business” exemption ‘unde this Order . If someone in @ household has tested positive for coronavirus, the household is ordered to isolate at home- Members of the household canst goto work, school, or anyother coramunity function, Nursing homes, retirement, and long-term care lclites are instructed by this order to prohibit ‘non-essential visitors from accessing ther faites unless to provide ential assistance or for cendof life visitation, F, This Onder shall be effective unl 11:59 pm. en April 8, 2020, or un itis either rescinded, superseded, or amended pursuant to applicable law G. The City of Forey must promptly provide copies ofthis Order by posting on he City of Formey website In adition, the owner, manager, or opaator of any facility thas ikely co he empacted by this Order is strongly encouraged to pos copy ofthis Order onsite and to provide a copy {o any member ofthe public asking fora copy. If any subsection, sentence, clause, phase, oF ‘word of this Order or any application oft to any person, structure, gathering, o circumstance {s held tobe invalid or unconstitutional by e decision of «court of competent jarsdieton, then such decision wll not affect the validity ofthe remaining potions or applications ofthis Orde. DECLARED and ORDERED this 254 day of March, 2020. Disaster Declaration Extension and Mayor's Order ~ City of Forney, Texas Page|