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Self proclaimed Islamic scholar and student of comparative religions Dr. Zakir Naik is a familiar name to Muslims and non Muslims alike, albeit for different reasons. While Muslims marvel at his knowledge and wisdom , others make good use of him for laughter therapy. Below are some of the grandiose statements made by this so called scholar and my unbiased attempt to dissect them. I do not know much about the Koran except for what I have read on this site and for this reason I chose to stick with the socio economic ideas of this man in an attempt to read his mind.

Dr. Naik If two sisters were walking on the street, one in hijab and the other wearing a mini skirt, men would invariably eve tease the one wearing the skirt. So hijab protects the Muslim women from men and rape.

Reply Don t all countries have laws that protect women? It s a different matter that laws in Islamic countries are heavily biased against women to the extent that they require more than one witness ( four in some countries) to prove a case against a man.. In the civilized world of non Muslims, you cannot touch a woman even if she is in a bikini on the beach. This statement of Dr. Naik exposes the hypocrisy, double standards and status of women in Islamic countries. If you go by the way women are treated in Islamic societies, women there should be wearing the hijab to protect themselves from fellow Muslims!

Dr. Naik The west talks of women s liberation when in fact it exploits them. You find pictures of scantily dressed girls in ads to sell everything including cars.

Reply True, but that in itself is a testimony to gender equality in the west. Nobody forces a girl to model and nobody has the right to object either. It is entirely up to the individual.

Dr. Naik the western media exaggerates news of a 60 year old Arab marrying a 16 year old girl but plays it down when a 60 year old man in America rapes a 10 year old girl.

Reply What exactly are you trying to compare here Dr. Naik? Rape is a crime and rape of a minor is a crime that is unpardonable and unacceptable in any civilized society. It is punishable under the law. But

marriages like the one mentioned by our scholar is nothing but legally sanctioned rape of a minor. And this type of rape has the blessings of the Sharia in all Islamic countries. Let us also not forget that victims of this kind of rape are girls from poor families that are sexually exploited by rich Muslims in the garb of marriage and helping the family. I suppose Dr. Naik would call this Zakaat!

Dr. Naik People in the west eat pork and hence behave like pigs. Pigs are the only animals in the world that invite their friends to have sex with their partners. Westerners also do the same.

Reply If eating pork makes you behave like a pig, Dr. Zakir Naik has just dropped a bombshell on the Islamic world by indirectly suggesting that prophet Muhammad was also a pork eater. In fact if Muhammad was born in America in this day and age, he would have been a successful pimp in Las Vegas . Dr. Naik should know that barring a few species that mate for life all animals are promiscuous for the simple reason that their sole purpose is to procreate and not propagate Islam. And to think that this man claims the Koran to be scientific!

Dr. Naik I have given lectures in many parts of the world. Many big people come to hear me. Wherever I go, presidents, prime ministers want to meet me. They all tell me you are so knowledgeable and told us so many things that we didn t know before. We wish you would come more often

Reply When he said presidents and prime ministers did he mean the president of Iraq ? Prime minister of Malaysia ? Sultan of Brunei ? Are there non Muslim nations also on that list? Whatever that is, this only proves that Dr. Naik is an attention seeker and the above statement is anything but scholarly. I have a feeling that this man has had a troubled childhood. He used to stammer and it is very possible that his peers in school and college poked fun at him. Girls would have avoided him altogether. Deprived of a regular social life, he may have become a bookworm which explains his ability to memorize verses from the Koran and other religious texts. It is a well known fact that people who are scorned by society find a way of hitting back with a vengeance and Dr. Naik has found a convenient tool in Islam. Add to it his failed medical practice and the reasons for his hatred towards society are not too hard to find.

Dr. Naik Muslims should not work in banks as giving/ accepting interest is haraam in Islam.

Reply How would you define interest? Isn t a Muslim shopkeeper also earning interest on his investment? Is it haraam if banks do the same? Do gulf nations sell oil on a no profit basis? Don t they

earn interest on their investment? This is just one of the many absurdities in the Koran. Muhammad made taking of interest haraam to get rid of his debtors and Muslims blindly follow the same.

Dr. Naik Muslims should not work in alcohol bars and airlines because they serve liquor.

Reply With the high rate of illiteracy among Muslims, thanks to their madarassas, do they really have a choice when it comes to jobs? As far as airlines are concerned, I agree. Muslims cannot work in airlines, they are only allowed to hijack and bomb aircrafts!

Dr. Naik Muslim girls can become gynecologists so that they will deal only with women but they should not take up other specialties as that will bring them into contact with men.

Reply This is shocking coming from someone who claims to be a medical doctor himself. Does he think lady doctors have sex with patients in their consultation chambers? How much absurdity can these stupid, dumb Muslims really digest before they actually hit the loo?

Dr. Naik Muslim girls can work provided they don t mix with boys. There has to be a separate area for them. They can talk to men only if it s official and necessary.

Reply I can understand a highly qualified and proven individual making such demands from his employer but coming from illiterate Muslims, isn t this worth a laugh? It s like a driver in Florida asking his boss for an apartment on south beach with a car and an annual vacation in Switzerland as perks!!!

Dr. Naik The education system in India should be changed. Many girls lose their virginity by the time they leave school.

Reply This statement takes the cake. It s a well known fact that school girls in Muslim countries are not safe and governments keep changing school uniforms to cover little girls to the extent that they don t look like kids anymore but more like emperor penguins in the Antarctic. And all this to protect the little children from Muslim pedophiles who love kids as much as their holy prophet did. As far as the education system is concerned, Indian schools follow the British system and is rated as among the best

in the world. Indian schools teach the basic tenets of all religions, unlike schools in the middle east and other Muslim countries where pages from text books that refer to other religions are torn off by the government. What impression would that create on the mind of a child? Dr. Zakir Naik has been educated in Christian and Hindu institutions in India . By attacking these religions now, he is simply doing what all Muslims do best spit into the very hand that has fed you. It s hardly surprising that Hindus in India do not trust Muslims at all and they never will.

After reading this I could forgive you for thinking that Dr. Zakir Naik may have been circumcised between the ears instead of the thighs. Muslims are the only community that can be taken for a ride by such psychopaths. There are a lot more absurdities that this man preaches like halal entertainment (Islamic cartoons and movies), Sharia etc but it is my belief that the above examples would be sufficient to discount the man and throw him into the nearest thrash bin.

1. Quran never said dat sun sets in a puddle i have read the whole quran n there is no single verse mentioning this thing so dont spread false info

Yes, the Koran says that the sun sets in a puddle. Surah 18:84-92. You are the one who is lying that you have read the terror manual called Koran.

2. Quran says a wife is dependent of her husband. not property. n in Quran Mother is the most respectable relationship even more respectable than father. n daughter is bound to follow her parents instructions untill she gets married. n this happens every where. even in U.S.A. if childs r living with their parents they are bound to follow their parents instructions or else they can leave their parent s place.

Koran tells imitators of Uswa-hasana, al-insan, al-kamil (Muhammad) that mass murderer, rapist, looter and paedophile, that a woman is an object to be owned and treated as such, whether wife, mother, sister, daughter, or concubine (sex-slave). One only has to read about how many women are stoned in islamic paradises like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan to understand what women mean to Muhammadans.

3. there is no such saying about burkah in Quran. the actual saying is properly cover your body. n i guess a covered body has mch more diginity than a naked 1 n well about rape.. the punishment is for

the man not for woman. but if they have illicit relationship(man n woman were woth willingly involved in sex) then the punishment is equal for man n woman. n everywhere rapist get the punishment.

You are lying about having read that terror manual called Koran. And a burka is not dignified it looks like a black body bag and the woman wearing it looks like an alien, which she is to the rest of humanity. Regarding rape the Koran says that a woman must produce 4 witnesses to prove that she was raped ( as if a woman who was being raped would be able to call out to 4 people to come and see her being raped so that she can plead for justice in a sharia court).

4. this point is totaly bull shit. islam says that respect other religions n dont force them to embrace islam. let them choose. this punishment u mentioned is for a theif.

Respecting other religions is what the Muhammadans have been doing for the past 1400 years. They only annihilated the Persian Civilization and the remaining Parsis fled to India where they still remain. That was a lot of respect for Zoroastrianism. Muhammadans also wiped out all the Jews and Pagans from what is now called as Saudi Arabia first. They also wiped the Mesopotamians out, and that area is now Iraq. The Muhammadans had such respect for the Hindus and Buddhists of Kubha-Gandhar Kshetra that they were wiped out completely and that area is now a perfect Islamic paradise a place to go for the suicidally inclined. Muhammadans also loved the Punjab-Sindh Kshetra, and only murdered 1.5 million Hindus in 1947 and took hundreds of thousands of women and children as sex-slaves. Only .8 million Bengalis were killed by Muhammadans in 1947, and the real love and respect for Bengalis was only on display in 1971 when 1.7 million of them were murdered by the Islamic army. In the last 1400 years, Muhammadans have only murdered only about a billion people, about 200 million of them in India itself. That s a lot of respect indeed. I have not mentioned the respect that the Muhammadans have had for the Eastern Orthodox Serbs, out of whose country the Muhammadans have carved out their own (Islamic, of course) lands, wiping out the natives.

5. islam says that use water to clean ur self. if water is not available then u can go for other means like stones, paper or a piece of cloth.

Read the terror manual called Koran for Islamic instructions on hygiene.

6. this point is totaly rubish. islam says if sum1 has sex with a sheep or a goat its meat becomes haram(not eatable). n u cant butcher her or sell her meat at any cost. n there is a great punishment for the convict.

My answer A man can have sex with animals such as sheeps, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine. (Quotes above are from Ayatollah Khomeini s book, Tahrirolvasyleh, vol. 4, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990, Source: Homa)

7. islam never set a limit upon marriagable age. in islam a 9yr old girl can be married to a 50yr old man n a 15yr old boy can marry a 50yr old woman. n Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) has also married a 40 yr old lady (hazrat khadija RA) when he was olny 25. n dont u ever use the word rape for a pious relation. husband n wife is a pious relation.

Last I saw, no 9 year old muslim boy was marrying a 75 year old Muslimah hag, only 50 somethings Muhammadans buying girls under 10 years old. Girls are openly sold in Islamic paradises like Afghanistan (formerly Kubha-Gandhar Kshetra).

islam gives extreme respect to woman. we dont burn our widows like hindus do. we dont burry our daughters alive like hindus do. we dont consider any1 untouchable (achoot) like hindus do. n taliban are making up the islamic sayings acording to their own will just like u made up all the points. world s half population is muslim. so it must be a rite religion. but if u dont believe atleast respect other s religion. we respect every1 s religion (Christian, Hindu, Jews, Budhmat, Sikh)

Of course islam gives extreme respect to women. The link below has examples of such respect -


Hindus started burning their widows because otherwise they would have been used as baby factories by the invading Muhammadans. During the past 1400 years, Hindu women have chosen death by immolation rather than be caught by Muslim invaders. They destroyed their bodies because the

Muslims commit necrophilia (raped the dead bodies of women who poisoned themselves). Beautiful religion, islam.

Regarding this achoot matter. The Hindus who became the slaves of the muhammadan invaders were regarded as such. These people were made to carry the waste of Muhammadans on their heads, and therefore were called so by their own countrymen. This practice has its origins in the last 1400 years, like the practice of Sati and Johar. Do tell us how the Muhajirs are treated by the Punjabi muslims in Pakistan, and how the Pashtuns treat the Hazaras ? They kill each other. Better than being called achoot, eh ? For that matter tell us about the Shias and the Sunnis, who express their love for each other daily in Iraq by blowing themselves up at some shrine or mosque.

The Taliban are not making up anything they are just following the terror manual called Koran to the letter.

Less than 20% of the world s population is muslim, and these populations exist in the most backward areas of the world like Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Iran etc.

There must be a trillion flies who prefer to eat crap, so they must be right, according to your logic ?

Your last sentence regarding respect I have answered above.

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