Introduction: Organizational behavior is the well modernized term in the books of the management.

It is the factor that deals with the response of the organization to the behaviors of its environment. The business environment is combination of the factors of the business as well as the environment. The business is defined as the way to produce the products or providing the services for the money. Environment is the factors that are affecting it and the place where the business is living. The environment is having the positive affect and also negative effect in the case of business. Lots of factors that are governing the business are there. Some of them are internal factors and some of them are external factors. We have to well analyze the factors affecting the business as it is having potential to change the business from dust to everything. Some set of conditions that is making the environment is the climatic, political, legal, social, economic status and more. There occur lots of factors that provide the information to the firm to make change in its approach towards marketing, managing, recruiting and more. So the organization has the responsibility to behave to these kinds of situations.

Organization and the problems faced by them:

1. Lack of potential: There are lots of opportunities for the students. But still they are not eligible for the position in terms of the potential, either in the way of technical or in the way of external knowledge. Some of the students are having the required educational qualification but lacking the interpersonal skills, communication skills, lack of leadership qualities. For the product based companies they are lacking with the people having experience in the relative field. People with the right potential in one field are choosing the wrong side of their career. For this, the people have to weigh their potential and then they have to choose the field they are about to get in. most of the people are not trying to get into the field they are interested in. they wish to choose the field which is paying them a lot. So the firm should take the responsibility to provide the persons with right quality with the required benefits. The company is facing the problem of communicating with the right people. The way of recruiting the people have changed a lot nowadays. The company wishes to take the students with required quality directly from the college itself. So they are recruiting the people having right potentials that are needed for the firm.

2. Climatic condition: Some of the products of the firms are climatic condition oriented. They can¶t sell those kinds of product during other half of the climate. So their business is totally dependant on the climatic

4. Some of the examples is the food products of the china and Japan is some difficult to adapt to the European and American nations. These things are easily possible in the big companies that can adapt the software for this purpose. At that moment they have to make new products that can get released in the summer season. Some of the communication between the persons abroad or onsite will be improper leading to the loss of resources. Example of this is whenever the person in the onsite of a software firm wants to create a virtual server with the code 1232 and want to delete the virtual server with the code 1323. it is acceptable. finance. One such factor is the mindset of the people. There are lots of departments within the company like the marketing. auditing. For the effective way of running the firm the organization should have the very good inter department communication modes. Lots of factors in the foreign nation will be against the implementation of the firm. . supporting persons here creates a server with code 1323 and delete 1232. But in the underdeveloped nation. The developed nations will have the roads as best one. So their business is totally having its faith on the season change. 3. If they want to migrate to the new nations they have to look upon the culture and other factors that will create problems to them in that nation. Cross culture: Some of the business is country specific. This will lead to the service down of the services running in the server with code 1232. The vehicle part manufacturing company has to look upon the difference between the transport mode in the developed nation and the developing nation and also the underdeveloped nation. Improper communication within the departments: The improper mode of communication between the departments produces the unexpected results. sales. For example if the company¶s main product is the summer cloths then they can¶t sell those kinds of stuff to the people at the winter season. Some of the things favorable in the native nation will not be favorable in the nation we were about to implement the firm. human resource and more. The products that are favor to one set of people in one nation need not be favor to the other set of people in other nations. More than this there comes the marketing and advertising issue that is different from different countries. production. So it will lead to the loss of huge amount of money regarding to the number of services running on that server and also to the importance of the services. The advertising in some nations are like criticizing the competitor¶s product. it is worst to handle.condition available in the country. But for the small and medium level companies it is tough. So the types making company have to look upon these issues. Their product making and marketing have to be done to the great extent in the winter season. They cannot make a product common to all parts of the world and expect them to accept it. But in the developing nations.

There are two kinds of firm. They are creating strategies in all the department of the firm to come over the future problems.5. Lack of managing capacities of the human manager: The human resource manager has to consider both the welfare of the firm as well as the welfare of the employee. So the infrastructure plays an essential role in attracting the customers. in this kind of environment the company need not make the policies to rule the employee. One in which the employees are self motivated. That is considered to be the largest by coverage area of a firm in the Asia. The Infosys. It is due to improper recruitment process. biggest Indian IT services providing firm followed this and create its best infrastructure building and the facilities in the electronic city of Bangalore. For the marketing purpose of the company product. With that the Infosys was able to attract the customers worldwide. The first impression should be the best one. India. We are about to provide our services to the foreign nations. The firms are making the strategies to adapt itself to the changing trend of the market. Social economic responsibility: The newest trend is taking care of the environment by the firms. The firms must have good building and facilities inside the campus to create a good environment for the workers as well for the clients. the companies are now taking part in the environmental caring and allocating some of its money for that purpose and changing the internal policies towards that goal. Making the rules and regulation in favor of employees: . But some of the organization are having the employee with fewer standards and lacking the interpersonal skills. Because to them the local reviews of the company is not available. How organizations solving the problems: The organization are creating lots of strategies to come over the problems they are about to face in the future. The strategies are based on the problems that a firm faced in its past and related to the competitors of that firm and more. leadership qualities. So after that it is the responsibility of the human resource manager to provide them adequate training to the job they are about to do. Creating good infrastructure: Infrastructure building is the basic for all the firms. They are already upto the industry standard and contributing to the firm more. Hence the infrastructure is the first thing going to impress them. 6. With having the good facilities and infrastructure. self disciplined and goal oriented. they can approach the big clients with confidence.

Most of the rules and regulation are done in favor of the firm. The performance appraisal has been done in some industries with the help of software to appraise the employee potential. This is needed in some kind of industries for the security purpose. In most of the software firms they will provide the necessary equipments to do the job from the home. They should be treated equally in all aspects. CTC. code of discipline in the company. ethics. But still recommendation is followed in most of the industries. Sometime the team will get the award as whole. Performance appraisal and the reward management system: In the industries the employees who are all contributing to the industry more have to be rewarded with the benefits they should have. People used to have their personal things in that. age and group. In some product based companies the team that is producing more number of products within specific time duration is considered to be the best. Else in some of the manufacturing and in other industries they are closely examined by the managers and then the people are rewarded according to it. Even in the recruitment and the promotion that sort of things should be omitted. The human resource manager will provide the rewards to that person. it can directly appraise the performance of the employee through the number of errors that person have done. the firms used to monitor all the activities of the employee through the servers in which their logs have been stored. The cameras in the oil industries and the textile industries are needed for the security purpose as they are more vulnerable to fire. Like the mobiles. caste. religion and more. salary packages. And all the performance data will reside in the systems itself. Code of discipline should be analyzed from time to time. the team that has produced the steel with high quality is considered to be the best and provided their rewards. Based on the individual work or to the team as well. not with their self motivation. All these things have to be well analyzed according to the industrial standards and market rates. These kinds of security related things and code of conducts will threaten the employees as it will discourage them to work for the code of conduct. Something like the working time. They are crosschecking their voice over the phone as well as the mails in their official inbox. This is not fair. The people should not be treated according to the region. So we can access it later or feed it directly to the system of performance analyser to take care of it. gender. In one of the well known steel making company. Some of the industries are having cameras all over the industry and monitoring the employee status from time to time. Because in the manufacturing and other industries like this cannot take the performance of the employee by considering the result of the system. But in this. Some of the companies will provide the . But even in that too they will have all the procedures for the interviews. laptops and more. For the manufacturing and the product developing firm the employees have to monitor closely to make the necessary rewards. For the companies involving working in the computer.

The psychological factors of the people should be considered from time to time and then they have to manage the codes of the people according to the stress on people. deviant behavior. Group level of analysis: As the group. That person is more responsible for taking all the decisions inside the team. People should not always in need of external mode of motivation to do their jobs perfectly. The co-operative manner of the employee is important. But they are having an internal desire to prove the world something about them. as people are from different region and different background they need to be more attentive to the nature of the teammates. The leader is the person who is responsible for the ups and downs of the whole team. intergroup conflicts and cohesion. Other companies will provide the rewards in the form of promotion Individual level of analysis: This involves the study of the individual role in the organization. This is the important factor in getting the full potential from the employee. This analysis is mainly based upon the engineering and psychological factor of the individual. norms. The right person should have most of the powers to . power.psychological terms. After the threshold they cannot hold more and will get break. They are like plastics we can bend them to a limit. Sometime the teams have to help each other to overcome the projects hurdles. Likewise the people in our firm should have equal amount of workload without the effect of the seniority. competition and more. They can adjust them in the hard situation to ease the situation. They should have the internal fire and desire to finish the jobs upto the satisfaction of the customers or the higher officials. The intergroup conflicts are the ability of the person to manage the natural conflicts that occur between the people in the team with having different way of approaching a problem. The power of the person inside the firm matters a lot. Likewise they should be provided with the workload they can handle for sure. co-operative behavior. The individual¶s part in the team is the motivation. So that person has to be a good decision maker. turnover. creativity. So the person placing himself in these kinds of situations is also determining the team efficiency. Whenever there is a collection of teams then there will be jealous. cognition. The leadership qualities are important and choosing a leader among the team will be a great part in the success of the firm. the contribution of the team is the summation of the contribution of the individuals as whole. They should have thought like that they are working not only for the money. In this type of analysis we will look into the social and socia. The team competition is a good one as it will lead to the increase in the potential of the team as a whole.reward that is nearly equivalent to the yearly salary. tasks and performance of it. Some of the terms that will arise as the team factors are inter and intra group conflicts and helping tendency. We should not stress the people beyond the limit. leadership qualities.

Making the task of management as controlling and planning. The social behavior of the person is also important as it is going to present the company in the outside world and also to the representatives of the other companies. Something is like the stress level. Organizational level of analysis. In such cases the company will match the performance of the best person of the company to all the persons and ask them to improve to that standard. In some other trends and in some other companies that is having its outcome based on the sole performance of the employee it looks for more performance from the individual rather than the output of the group.control the firm. inter organizational conflicts and changes. 2. . the contribution of the team members to the team is to be done. Most of the analysis is focused more on the group rather than the qualities of the individual. technology. 4. The scientific management theory had been developed by the Taylor and since this theory is called as taylorism. Finding the best way to finish a task Matching the right person to the right task. Use the motivation techniques and closely examining the workers in their specific task. So the success and sustainability of the theories will also get changed due to this. 3. After the analysis of the group. It is the collective form of the scientific management theory. They expect the employees to keep away these kinds of things and ask them to concentrate more on the work rather than their individual life. personal problems and more. It will expect the persons to come over their personal problems by themselves. Some of them are organizational culture. They have also involves some of the factors to decide the success story of the firm. The power should not get shift to wrong person¶s hand. Since the trends are changing from dependency on the individual to dependency on group. administrative theory and bureaucratic theory. This system is based on the four steps that the firm is following as its four basic principles. 1. Classical organizational theory: This theory had its birth the early days of this century. Some of the theories of the organizational behaviors: The organizational theories and the response of the organization changed according to the changing environment of the market from time to time. environmental forces and more.

At the best time of their working they should be motivated with the required things and at the times when they are not concentrating well in their works they have to be threatened with the code of punishments and getting fewer benefits. But at the time of evolution of this theory. Even though this theory is successful in the earlier stages of the century when there were the industries just in manufacturing and of classical ones. Because there is technical people and other labors to work for the firm. Planning part should be done with the higher concentration and dedication. There are lots of motivational trends in this time. provide less value to the pride of the worship and it is not concentrating on the benefits of the people who are working for us. This will ease their work and reduce their stress. that theory is not suitable for the more modernized firms of the today¶s world. According to this theory the people are considered to be the second factor in the success of the firm. The main task of the management people is considered to be the planning and the controlling part of the business. This stands as the most essential part of the business. Case study: general electrical This company was founded by the Thomas Edison in the year of 1878. The external factors are the environment. The general electrical is one of the respected company in the market and it ranks in 6th position in the fortunes 500 companies.In this case. And the organization is considered as the open system. . We can choose our own choice of career in the general electrical as it is diversified in more technologies. Then the individuals have to closely examine to check the status of the work as well the employee from time to time. people considered money as the factor of the motivation.000 employees worldwide. That is not applicable to the situation that occurs in these days. It will provide the best results from time to time. the first step in the planning is to find the best solution among the pool of solution and to check whether that solution is resource reliable and it can be applied so that the task can be finished within the specific time. It should frequently interact with the external factors. The theory gives more importance to the production that the people. But the production can be increased a lot using this theory and it was achieved too. But still this thing make the stresses to the people. It is operating in more than 100 companies and having more than 300. The management needs to plan the necessary things and then they have to organize those people and should help them in doing things. If the task goes to the wrong person who is not having necessary experience in that domain then assigning the job to that kind of persons is not needed and it will result in wastage of time and resources. Systems theory: According to this theory all the departments and the fields of the firm is interrelated to each other and the decision that has been taken in one department will surely affect the other department. Then that task has to be assigned to the right person.

3) Measuring performance: Performance is driven in the GE by the following factors: imagine. resourceful. trustworthy and fair in all parts of relationship within the company activities. So they have provided all the means to make the communication better. The leadership development of the GE comprises of the following terms curious. Organizational behavior in GE: 1) Leadership at GE The leaders in the GE are considered to be another version of the human resource manager.Code of conduct in the GE: 1. Provide leadership in all parts of the business and try to have ethical ideas in the business. 2. solve. Provide the working environment in which all the employees can work in. The ongoing appraisal methods and evaluation methods helps the people in measuring their performance. The supervisor is the person by whom the concerns are solved. 5. That person is having the responsibility to create the suitable environment for the individual to work in without having any problem in their working methods. 4. GE¶s Ombudsperson method allows the employees to raise his integrity questions and concerns. The employees should provide the safe measures to the workers as well as to the environment. That person must create the situation in which all the individuals should feel their responsibility and self motivated. They are having the direct contact mail IDs of the directors. 2) communication Communication is considered to be a crucial factor in the GE. 4) Stress management: . team work and committed. Personal and work should not get conflicted. but still the auditor. 3. It also provides them their GE values inside the company. The GE requires all of its employees to be honest. accountable. The entire individual should provide the rights to come up with the needed concerns for the improvement of the firm. legal advisor and the next level of the management can also be contacted. The entire person in the GE and can conduct the board of directors and suggest the things about all the internal affairs as well as the concern about the business. This is four basic principles for the persons to whom they propose these ideas to increase their value in the company. build and lead. He is having the responsibility to take care of his team and each individual in the team.

The individual effort is more important than the team or group effort. 6. Some of the project works. Competition is provided more importance internally and externally according to the principles of the GE 5. Rebels are heroes. meeting deadlines. downsizing and compelling the workers to work for the long time will lead to the stress in the employee. 4. Some of the shared meaning in the GE is as follows: 1. . Encouragement is provided for going around the hierarchy. 3. They also provide the ways to manage the external problems from the outside factors as well. The CEO of the GE jack Welch was once a great rebel against most of the principles of the GE. aerobic exercises and dancing. 2. Leadership comes from the individuals and not from the groups. They are having the special counseling section to the employee and teach them the way to manage the high work load and stress. Loyalty is provided according to the performance. 5) Organizational culture: It is one of the methods to differentiate the organization from the other organizations.Stress is the critical factors that should be taken into consideration always. At the GE they are providing the ways to people to get out of their stress such as practicing the meditation.

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