Aspects to Sun Sun and Moon Conjunction a one tract mind, deep rooted habits, and a feeling of being

misunderstood and not fully appreciated. Sextile or Trine a feeling of ease, self confidence, and general inner harmony. Square or Opposition an inner conflict, uncertainty, frustrations, and restlessness. Sun and Mercury Conjunction a strongly subjective outlook upon life, frequent desires for change, and bias. Remark: The conjunction is the only aspect the Sun and mercury can form with each other. Sun and Venus Conjunction a strong warm heartedness, artistic leanings, and a keen sense of values. Remark: The conjunction is the only major aspect that the Sun and Venus can form with each other. Sun and Mars Conjunction strong self expression, boldness, enterprise, constant motion, strong sexual drive, and desire to be in the lime light. Sextile or Trine desire to exercise power, energy, decisiveness, and unusual achievements. Square or Opposition carelessness, impulsiveness, haste, stubbornness, aggressiveness, argumentativeness, and extreme attitudes toward sex. Sun and Jupiter Conjunction great optimism, generosity, strong powers of creativity, and conscientiousness. Sextile or Trine good health, high moral standards, contentment, and intellectual and spiritual wealth. Square or Opposition a leaning toward extravagance, exaggeration, and negligence. Sun and Saturn Conjunction powerful self discipline, calculation, persistence, and resourcefulness. Sextile or Trine determination, decisiveness, organization, modesty, and acceptance of limitations. Square or Opposition pessimism, fears, selfishness, lack of vitality, and sense of inadequacy. Sun and Uranus Conjunction significant deviations from the normal and average, a strong need for independence, rebelliousness, and an urge to reform. Sextile or Trine a keen sense of originality, love of freedom, and powers of leadership. Square or Opposition a leaning toward independence at all costs, an emphasis on the dramatic, and considerable nervous strain. Sun and Neptune Conjunction a tendency to be idealistic, sensitive, impractical, moody, creative, and mystical. Sextile or Trine an active imagination, much enthusiasm, artistic pursuits, and a leaning toward mysticism.

anxiety. a pleasant disposition. Aspects to Moon Moon and Mercury Conjunction strong powers of perception. and a lack of discretion. Square or Opposition a consciousness of self. good memory. affection. and protectiveness. disappointments in love. sympathy. poor judgment. optimism. and strong sense of duty. easily aroused passions. purpose. and moodiness. violent reactions. popularity. Moon and Uranus Conjunction a rejection of conformity. Square or Opposition quarrelsomeness. and sincerity. Sextile or Trine a rational outlook. artistic appreciation. weak memory. an appreciation for new developments. sociability. and possible perversion. melancholia. glibness. Moon and Saturn Conjunction thrift. Sextile or Trine frankness. selfishness. honesty. haste. Sun and Pluto Conjunction a desire for power and strong impulses to transform the environment. keen sensitivity. Sextile or Trine a yearning for power. and a love of self. Square or Opposition a strong tendency toward overestimation of self. thoughtfulness. control of self. Square or Opposition an awkwardness in expressing emotions. lack of confidence. instability. laziness. self deception. and lack of self confidence. kindness. tenderness. and depression. Moon and Jupiter Conjunction generosity. and susceptibility to external influences. and vivid imagination. an affectionate nature. strong desire for independence. and love of pleasure and travel. and arrogance. and good judgment. and impulsiveness. protectiveness. and an awareness of objectives. shyness. and a realistic sense of values. Square or Opposition extravagance. . changeability. Moon and Mars Conjunction a quickness of action and response. fanatical aims. thoughtfulness. Sextile or Trine good judgment.Square or Opposition a leaning toward confusion. narcotic and alcoholic stimulants. and underhandedness. rebellion. Moon and Venus Conjunction tranquillity. Sextile or Trine conscientiousness. indifference. Square or Opposition indecisiveness. Sextile or Trine popularity.

a cleverness of speech. and sarcasm. and a charm in speech. melancholia. Sextile a strong sense of artistry and a pleasantness of expression. calculation. Mercury and Uranus Conjunction independence. perception. and ability for challenging intellectual activity. Square or Opposition a leaning toward exaggeration. and ambition. strong sense of duty and ambition. Sextile or Trine a fondness for debate. a leaning toward argumentativeness. prejudice. Aspects to Mercury Mercury and Venus Conjunction a keen sense of beauty. reservations. a good sense of humor. Sextile or Trine an active mind. nervousness. and powerful intellect. Mercury and Jupiter Conjunction optimism. endurance. and sudden changes of mood. vivid dreams. and proneness to be untruthful. a pleasant disposition. Sextile or Trine thoroughness. artistic tastes. and a sharpness of mind. Square or Opposition deception of self. a cleverness in speaking. Square or Opposition restlessness. restlessness. and an interest in literary matters. and perversity. and deep sensitivity. originality. and obstinacy. and a preference for the unusual. Mercury and Mars Conjunction a quickness of retort. Square or Opposition forgetfulness. shyness. and good judgment. thoughtfulness. logic.Sextile or Trine interest in the metaphysical. and conceit. Moon and Neptune Conjunction sympathy for others. Square or Opposition a narrow outlook. stubbornness. a desire for solitude. eccentricity. exaggeration. a lack of tact. Sextile or Trine strong outbursts of emotions and disruptions in relationships. method. irritability. intellectual acuity. directness of speech. serious outlook. Sextile or Trine a powerful imagination. Square or Opposition a leaning toward exaggeration. and vanity. fanaticism. jealousy. and ineffectual speech. lack of stability. Moon and Pluto Conjunction impulsiveness and explosive changes of mood. Sextile or Trine . moodiness. Mercury and Saturn Conjunction industriousness.

and love of luxury. discontentment. impulsiveness. and unhealthy sexual expression. and attraction to palliatives. Sextile or Trine high ideals. Square or Opposition erotic impulses. restlessness. and poise. and conceit. and great self reliance. a looseness of morals. Square or Opposition great sensitivity. artistry. Sextile or Trine unusual expressions of love. charm. . interest in technical procedures. Sextile or Trine charm of expression. and lack of gentleness and tact. active imagination. domination. jealousy and lack of tact. romantic streak. tactlessness. and many friends. diplomacy. sensitivity in love. Sextile or Trine compassion. brusqueness. Sextile or Trine sensuality. extravagance. good sense of form. Square or Opposition impatience. strong sense of duty. Square or Opposition jealousy. and intuition. hypersensitivity. Square or Opposition a weak judgment. Square or Opposition negligence. love of the arts. conceit. Venus and Neptune Conjunction unrealistic daydreaming. and lively expression. Sextile or Trine cunning. idealism. deception of self. artistic talents. unworldliness. and feelings of perversity. selfishness. Venus and Jupiter Conjunction popularity. excitability. keen powers of observation. and rejection of the routine. laziness. and disappointments in love. and a tendency toward illicit and broken love affairs. Square or Opposition haste. delay in marriage. passionate nature. idealism. and loyalty. Mercury and Pluto Conjunction a power complex and the ability to influence through the written or spoken word. explosive moods. and a love of animals. refinement. disappointments. disillusionment. generosity. gentility. Mercury and Neptune Conjunction idealism. Aspects to Venus Venus and Mars Conjunction passionate feelings. a strong intuition. reserve. and intellectual acuity. and popularity. loneliness. and powerful imagination. a sense of harmony. little social life. Venus and Saturn Conjunction a coolness of affections. strong sex nature. lack of confidence. Sextile or Trine thrift. Venus and Uranus Conjunction a strong will. unconventional tastes. dishonesty. grace.

nervous strain and tension. tirelessness. and problems with weight. and a tendency toward sexual sensationalism. argumentativeness. moodiness. brutal frankness. ambition. control of emotions. Mars and Neptune Conjunction a feeling of inadequacy. a shortage of energy. acceptance of discipline. Mars and Saturn Conjunction self assertion. and a willingness to work. strong self will. and irritability. and bitterness. generosity. Aspects to Mars Mars and Jupiter Conjunction frankness. obsessions. and accident proneness. and power of decision. Sextile or Trine fertile imagination. materialism. self reliance. risk of scandal. immoderation. and interest in the arts. a tendency to take risks. intolerance. adventuresomeness. lack of purpose. and executive ability. high level of physical and intellectual energy. and physical stamina. obstinacy. Square or Opposition wastefulness. and self deception. Sextile or Trine determination and courage. secrecy about love. Square or Opposition selfishness. Square or Opposition cruelty. Venus and Pluto Conjunction sexual repression.Square or Opposition disappointment through the emotions. impulsiveness. Square or Opposition a fighting spirit. ambition. Sextile or Trine endurance. ambition. Mars and Uranus Conjunction rebellious passions. impulsiveness. Sextile or Trine self confidence. self centeredness. and rebelliousness. and explosive feelings. and erratic behavior. manipulation and little regard for others. Mars and Pluto Conjunction a quick and violent temper and serious psychological disturbances. Sextile or Trine a sense of honor and pride. Square or Opposition lewd desires. an attraction to drugs and alcohol. optimism. self indulgence. an urge for independence. cruelty. Square or Opposition misdirected energies. and financial ability. Sextile or Trine strength in procreation. obsessions in love. enthusiasm. and strong powers of procreation. Aspects to Jupiter . fanatical courage. and accident proneness.

endurance. initiative. patience. patience. intuition. Square or Opposition restlessness. the ability to organize and direct. and intellectual acuity. Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction strong desire for independence. humanitarianism. Saturn and Neptune Conjunction idealism.Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction perseverance. diplomacy. . tenacity. and strong will. practicality. Square or Opposition duality. and hypocrisy. Sextile or Trine extreme self discipline. and paranoia. Aspects to Saturn Saturn and Uranus Conjunction ambition. and artistic abilities. endurance. Sextile or Trine directness. originality. and speculation. impressionability. inconsistency. an overly active generosity. rebelliousness. ability to organize. and cruelty. tensions. idealism. inhibition. Sextile or Trine cautiousness. Sextile or Trine strong intuition. and self preservation. wastefulness. insecurity. and tirelessness. understanding of limitations. confusion. idealism. independence. and a desire to possess material objects. destructiveness. Sextile or Trine a desire to give help and love to all who need it. and singlemindedness. Square or Opposition outspokenness. obsessions. tension. perception. irritability. determination. ease of irritability. frustrations. Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction mysticism. Sextile or Trine perseverance. a search for knowledge. Square or Opposition fanaticism. impatience. and violence. tenacity. and exploitation. wastefulness. disappointments. and failure to recognize limitations. farsightedness. Jupiter and Pluto Conjunction leadership. strong will. and fresh beginnings. tenacity. breaks with the past. and leadership. Square or Opposition egotism. Square or Opposition dreaminess. self reliance. restlessness. a support of humanitarianism. and intrigue with politics. and conflicts in philosophy. and interest in religion and metaphysics. exaggerations. Saturn and Pluto Conjunction frustrations. Sextile or Trine an urge to lead groups. and accomplishment.

Sextile or Trine adaptability. and balanced behavior. Square or Opposition self deception. kindness. Aspects to Neptune Neptune and Pluto Conjunction mysticism. idealism. Ascendant and Moon Conjunction a desire to please others. violence. to gain recognition. fanaticism. imagination. impatience. and violence. independence. criticism of others. Aspects to Ascendant Ascendant and Sun Conjunction a desire to be important. Sextile or Trine endurance. instability. Sextile or Trine a thoughtfulness of others. intuition. and sensitivity. and excitability. Square or Opposition a tendency toward inharmonious relationships with others. and destructiveness. restlessness. transformation. a tendency to worry. and one sidedness. spiritual enlightenment. insensitiveness. manias. mysticism. Uranus and Pluto Conjunction daring. purpose. and attraction to drugs and alcohol. and eccentric aims.Square or Opposition severity. the ability to deal with children. sensitivity. Square or Opposition a tendency to be easily annoyed and to be overly sensitive. and inner vision. Sextile or Trine sensitiveness. originality. confusion. restlessness. and to win honor. concentration upon the peculiar. and creative energy. Square or Opposition fraud. and dynamism. Ascendant and Mercury Conjunction a desire for personal contacts. unusual powers of creation. Square or Opposition fanaticism. overindulgence. Square or Opposition tendencies toward hypochondria. empathy and a delight in change. delusion. Aspects to Uranus Uranus and Neptune Conjunction imagination. . and a desire to exchange ideas. and duality. and subtlety Sextile or Trine inner vision. Sextile or Trine an effort to gain esteem and a leaning toward self consciousness. a willingness to compromise.

enthusiasm. and haste. Sextile or Trine practicality. Ascendant and Mars Conjunction impetuosity. intuitive. and charm. Sextile or Trine ingenuity. Ascendant and Pluto Conjunction a domineering personality. eccentricity. reserve. Square or Opposition extravagance. quarrelsomeness. sensitiveness. and questionable tastes. Ascendant and Saturn Conjunction cautiousness. Square or Opposition a passion to rule. excessive optimism. Square or Opposition self consciousness. fluency. a tendency to suppress others. and early maturity with responsibility. exaggeration. gentility. and lack of stamina. Sextile or Trine sociableness. Square or Opposition forcefulness. depression. Sextile or Trine compassion. Sextile or Trine cooperation. and a desire for authority. inhibitions. speculation. and disruptiveness. and confusion. instability. delicacy. Ascendant and Jupiter Conjunction generosity. personal influence. domineering. Aspects to Midheaven . irritability. and broad vision. Ascendant and Uranus Conjunction independence. Sextile or Trine ambition. and strong drive to be important. cultic leanings. and frustrations. and negative outlooks. affection. wastefulness. energetic. empathy. optimism. Sextile or Trine the qualities of leadership and the inclination to force ideas upon others. Ascendant and Neptune Conjunction deceit. strong passions. generosity. Square or Opposition inconsistency.Ascendant and Venus Conjunction a sense of beauty. and understanding. intellectual acuity. Square or Opposition moodiness. ease of being influenced. good looks. and inventiveness. fraud. and a preference for luxurious surroundings. and a desire to advance by force. unrest. and friendliness. accident proneness. ambition. Square or Opposition disappointments. originality. and a desire for power. sympathy. and violence. determination.

and inflated ego. and inferiority complex. failure to be self critical. Midheaven and Jupiter Conjunction contentment and positive attitudes toward career. affectionate nature. delayed development. and lack of reliability. and power to success. independence. Midheaven and Saturn Conjunction ambition. Midheaven and Moon Conjunction a tendency toward being easily led and toward having difficulty in becoming established in a career. Sextile or Trine generosity. impulsiveness. uncertainty of goals. optimism. frustrations. Square or Opposition fiery temper. Square or Opposition extravagance. inhibitions. protectiveness. and success. Square or Opposition leanings toward fluctuating moods. common sense. Square or Opposition restlessness. inconsistency. interest in education. Sextile or Trine introspection. and ability to succeed in career. . ambitions. Midheaven and Venus Conjunction a deep feeling of love. and changes in career. and disappointments. energy. excitability. and lack of definite aim. and loneliness. despondency. and success in partnerships. Sextile or Trine high aspirations. Sextile or Trine kindness. exaggeration. Sextile or Trine a positive attitude. power to make decisions. adherence to aims. Sextile or Trine high aspirations and a firm objective in career. and appreciation of the arts. and excitability. and aimlessness. and practicality. Square or Opposition difficulty in education. Square or Opposition jealousy. contentment with self. harmonious nature. conceit. and purpose. concentration upon objectives. lack of aim in career. Square or Opposition hardness. and a keen sense of spiritual values. Sextile or Trine prudence.Midheaven and Sun Conjunction a strong need to establish identity and an absorption in career. Midheaven and Mars Conjunction independence. adherence to aims. Midheaven and Mercury Conjunction nervous energy.

apprehension. and vision. Square or Opposition rebelliousness. originality. indefinite objectives. Sextile or Trine unusual ideas. authority. and fame in career. Midheaven and Pluto Conjunction authority. unusual objectives. lack of self confidence. and changeability. anti social behavior. Sextile or Trine prudence.Midheaven and Uranus Conjunction independence. success. and changes in career. foolhardiness. and the unconventional. . and insecurity. unrelenting pursuit of objectives. and organization. Square or Opposition confusion in career. organization. an urge to investigate. brilliance. Midheaven and Neptune Conjunction idealism. excitability. aimlessness. excess/lack in sexual activity. Sextile or Trine prudence. originality. and impractical objectives. Square or Opposition daring.

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