Advertising intends to promote the sales of a product or service and also to inform the masses about the highlights of the product or the service features. It is an efficient means of communicating to the world, the value of the product or the service. Advertising utilizes different media to reach out to the masses and uses different types of appeals to connect to the customers across the globe. The various types of advertising appeals harness different means of highlighting the features of a product and drawing the attention of the masses towards it. Here is an overview of the different types of advertising appeals. Different types of advertising Appeals Audio-Visual Media Advertising: In this advertising technique, the advertisers use the very popular audio and visual media to promote a product. It is the most widely used media that can effectively influence the masses. Television and radio have always been used to achieve a mass appeal. Bandwagon: This advertising appeal aims to persuade people to do a certain thing because the masses are doing it. It is a human tendency to do as the masses do. Bandwagon technique of advertising captures exactly this psychology of human beings to induce them to use a certain product or service. Black and White Fallacy: In this advertising appeal, only two choices

Classified Advertising: This type of advertising makes use of newspapers and periodicals to make public appeals about the products or services to be advertised. Demonizing the Enemy: In this advertising appeal. Some companies propose to place their logos on booster rockets and space stations to achieve a wide publicity of the company. TV actors and characters in movies are often shown using certain products.are presented before the audiences. thus compelling them to buy the product being advertised. Corporate Advertising: Corporate advertising is an advertising appeal wherein corporate logos and company message are publicized on a large scale. the advertisers make the people with an opposing point of view appear unacceptable. Hot air balloons are commonly used in advertising a product. Covert advertising is an indirect way of advertising a product by featuring it in films and television shows. Know about going global with classified advertising. Covert Advertising: This is the practice of achieving an indirect publicity of the product by advertising it through movies and TV shows. The facts in favor of the product to be advertised are selected. The people bearing certain ideas are made to appear among the disliked . Card Stacking: This advertising appeal involves the display of a comparative study between two competing products. They are put forth in comparison with those of a competing product to make the product appear better than its competitors.

This advertising appeal often communicates the steps to choose a certain product or service and presents them to the audiences in a simplistic manner. Euphoria: The use of positive events characterizes this advertising appeal. in order to opt for a particular product or service. This form of advertising involves the idea of encouraging an idea by discouraging the ideas contrary to it. It is like proving a theorem by disproving its inverse! Direct Order: When the advertisers appeal the masses by showing them the steps to take. In the context of military. this technique is used to mislead the enemy. It commonly includes forging of documents and the spread of rumors.individuals of society. The advertisers often use the words like 'luxury'. Disinformation: This technique involves a purposeful dissemination of false information. Declaration of a great discount or sale on a holiday and making luxury items available at affordable prices are often used to aim mass . thus bringing out communication with a wide range of audiences. Emotional Words: This advertising appeal makes use of positive words to generate positive feelings in the minds of the people about a certain product. Email Advertising: This is a relatively new advertising appeal that makes use of emails to advertise products. Advertisements are sent through emails. they are said to be using direct order. 'comfort' and 'satisfaction' to create positive vibes among the masses to attract them towards the product being advertised.

The masses are persuaded to choose a particular product because doing so will be an exhibit of patriotism. the advertisers try to justify certain actions on the grounds of patriotism. Glittering Generalities: In this form of advertising. Distribution of free samples of a newly launched product and publicity of a product through interactive means are some examples of interactive advertising. In case of flagwaving. Know more about Freebies. Interactive Advertising: This advertising appeal makes use of the interactive media to reach out to the target audiences. Half Truth: In this advertising appeal. Advertisers often hold exhibitions or trade-shows and offer rewards in the forms of discounts and free gifts to increase the sale of their product. Internet Advertising: It is a relatively recent form of advertising appeal. the advertisers use deceptive statements to publicize their product. They use appealing words without giving any concrete idea about what is being advertised.appeal. advertisers make use of logical fallacies. They often use double-meaning words or statements to convey their message to the masses. Have you participated in contests intended to promote products? Have you come across websites offering free products to users? The free stuffs are popularly known as freebies. Internet has become one of the most influential media of the . Flag-waving: The advertising appeal that makes use of the patriotic flavor to publicize a product is known as flag-waving.

Plain Folks: This advertising appeal aims at attracting the masses by using common people to advertise a product. exhibitions and billboards that draw in the passersby are often used in outdoor advertising. The advertising agency assumes the entire risk and hence ensures that the advertisement is pitched well. The use of homey words. Labeling: With an intent to increase or diminish the perceived quality of a product.modern times. as . the advertisers pay only for the results. Direct name-calling involves making a direct attack on the opponent while indirect name-calling makes use of sarcasm to demean the products of the competitors. Fairs. Categorizing a product under a group of associated entities makes it appealing or unappealing to the masses. Websites attract thousands of user’s everyday and expose them to the advertisements on the websites. Performance-based Advertising: In performance-based advertising appeal. kiosks and tradeshows are some of the commonly used means of outdoor advertising. Name-calling: This advertising appeal makes use of direct or indirect attack on the products in competition with the product being advertised. Billboards. Outdoor Advertising: Outdoor advertising is a popular advertising appeal that uses different tools to attract the customers outdoors. They can rather be attracted by communicating with them in their language. Bombastic words may not always appeal the common folks. the advertisers use labeling or categorization.

Media like newspapers. Many advertising appeals make use of the print media to reach out to the masses. Repetition: This advertising appeal uses the technique of repeating the product name several times during an advertisement. Public Service Advertising: This advertising technique is used to convey socially relevant messages to the masses. This technique is used in political documentaries. Jingles are often used in this advertising technique to linger the product name in the minds of the masses. manuals and magazines are used for publicizing the products. Social messages on issues like poverty. Relationship Marketing: This form of advertising focuses on the retention of customers and customer satisfaction. is characteristic to this advertising appeal. pollution and deforestation are conveyed by the means of appeals to the public through public service advertising. . and purposeful errors while speaking to give a natural feel to the speech. Advertisers appeal to the target audiences with information that suits their requirements and interests. brochures.they are called. AIDS awareness and environmental issues such as global warming. inequality. The advertisers using this advertising appeal alter the widely known quotes to change their meaning. Print Media Advertising: The print media is one of the most effective means of advertising. Quotes Out of Context: This advertising appeal makes use of popular quotes.

Shockvertising: This advertising appeal makes use of shocking images or scenes to advertise a product. Snob Appeal: Snob appeal is an exact reverse of the bandwagon technique. It is often indicated that the product is not affordable for the common masses by attaching a 'sense of exclusivity' to such products. The advertisers often use statistical evidences and market surveys to publicize their product.Scientific Evidence: This technique attempts to appeal the masses to use the advertised product. Slogans: Slogans. by providing the audiences with survey results. ‘shocking’ and ‘advertising’. There are lot many famous advertising slogans that we are familiar with. as we all know. Stereotyping: This advertising appeal is also known as name-calling or labeling and attempts to categorize the advertised object under the class of the entities. In this advertising appeal. people are induced to buy a certain product so that they can stand out of the crowd. Subliminal Advertising: This advertising appeal makes use of subliminal messages. It is often indicated that buying the product will make them look different from the rest. are striking phrases used to convey important information of the product to be advertised in an interesting manner. which the masses fear. The name is derived as a combination of the two words. . which are intended to be subconsciously perceived.

Transfer: This advertising appeal is implemented in two ways. Subliminal appeal often makes use of hidden messages and optical illusions. in case of a negative transfer. Surrogate Advertising: In cases where advertising of a particular product is made illegal. a product is made to associate with a respected individual of society. They rather imply their ideas in various ways. However. In a positive transfer. . Testimonial: People tend to relate to their favorite figures in the glamour industry. they are perceived at a subconscious level. the advertisers state an analogy between a product and a disliked figure in society. Advertising the legal products with the same brand name reminds the audiences of their legally banned products as well. In case of using this advertising appeal.Subliminal signals go undetected by the human eye. it is known as an unstated assumption. Testimonial makes use of this human tendency by using the words of an expert to recommend their products. Celebrities are used as ambassadors for products in order to promote the sale. People attracted to their idols often tend to adopt what their idols do. the product companies come up with other products with the same brand name. They want to emulate the people they relate to. the advertisers do not state the concepts explicitly. However. Unstated Assumption: When the idea behind the product or service being advertised is repeatedly implied.

Vaseline can be sited as one of the excellent examples of word-of-mouth publicity. Advertising appeals used by a company are important determinants of its success. Many of the popularly used products and services of today have gained popularity thanks to the advertising techniques that were implemented for their publicity. This advertising appeal intends to achieve a speedy publicity of a product similar to the spreading of a pathological or a computer virus! Word-of-Mouth Advertising: It can turn out being a very effective advertising appeal. ‘petroleum jelly’. The aim of the advertiser is to market the product on a very large scale. ‘Vaseline’ became synonymous with the product name. . This was an overview of the different advertising appeals that advertisers around the world use to market their products and services.Viral Advertising: It can take the form of word-of-mouth publicity or of Internet advertising. It can achieve phenomenal success to an extent where a brand is equated to a common noun. where the company name.

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