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Sectton 1, Findings. City Council does hereby nmke the following tindings:

\VH ERF.AS, in December 2019, au outbreak of respiratory illness d ue to o novel

coronavirus (COVI0- 19), was first iden ti fied in Wuhan City, Hubei Pro\+ince, China, and has
spread outside of China, across the world, including tJ1e United States; and,

WHEREAS, oo January 23, 2020, the Center for Di,casc Control ("CDC") activated its
Emergency Response Systetn to provide 011,going support for the response to COVID-19; and,

WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declarccl a national cmc:rgcncy
to assisl with combating lhc coronavirus. and,

\VI-IEREAS, on March 13, 2020, Qovemor Henry McMaster declored o state of emergency
in South Carolina; and,

WHEREAS, 011 March 16, 2020, Mayor Jolu1 J. Tocklcnburg dc<larcd " Jocol state of
emergency in the City of CharJcslon: and,

WHEREAS. Covid~l9 is now ag.g.ressively spreading across the state with tl1e South
Carolina Oeprutment of Health and Environmental Control ("SCOH EC") con finning the localized
person-to-person spread of COVID-19 iu South Carolina, which indicates " signifitantly
increasing risk of exposure and infection to City of Charleston residents and Cft'iHing an extreme:
public health risk~and,

\VHEREAS, os of' MarcJ1 23, 2020. the total numbe.1· of cases in the United States is well
over 46,000 cases with at least 298 cases in the State of South Carolina and 31 cases in Charleston
County with one deathj and,

WHEREAS, if COVI0-19 sprcods in the City of Chnrlcslon at• rnlc comparublc to the
rate of spread in other countries, the number of pci,ons relying oo 11:.1cdicaJ. phannaceutica1, nod
general clea1,ing sup-plies will increase, the privale and public sector wol'k force will be negatively

impact<:d by 11bsenteehsm. and lh~. demand !Or medical facilities may exceed locally available
resources; nnd,

WHEREAS, it is vitally impo11ant that we all work together to decrease the widespread
proliferntion of Covid~19 among us all now rather than suffer the unfortunate and devasroting
consequences later; aud 1

WIJERE:AS, it is imperative lhat residents and 1101Mesidents of this great City shelter at
home, unless providii,g or requiring an essential service, remafo al a safe distance of at least si.x
(6) fee, from 01hers while in public, seek medical attention, if sick, via a tclehealth service
provider such as MUSC, oontinuc 10 be vigihm1with hand-washing., remttin calm, and only
purchase: neccss.iiry supplies for immediate use; and,

WHEREAS, by taking measurns to control outbreaks minimizes the risk lo the public.
maintains the health and safety of the people of Charleston. 1md limits the spread of infection in
our communities 1md within the health care delivery system; an<l,

WHEREAS, in order U) protecl, prese1'Ve, and promote the general health, safety nnd
welfare and the peace and order of the community, 1he City of Charleston is taking steps to try to
protect the citizens and employees of the City of Charleston from increased risk of exposure; and,

\VHEREAS. at this crucial Lime., il is necesso1y for the City to undertake Md coordinate
nil nece.,;snry and reasonable activities for this emergency response. to take all approprintc•action
required to a11eviare the effects of the coronavinis disaster emergency, including nction following
the guidelines of the CDC and the SCDHEC, to and in the aid of csstr1tiol public seivice~. and to
wke any other lawful emergency rCl,l)Onse or ae1ion deemed to protect the public health,
safety and welfare of the City of Charleston.

Sec.tlon 2. Effective l 2:01 am, Thursday, Marcl1 26. 2020, individmals shall stuy in lbtir h(nnes
and not travel through or congregate in the streets, sidewalks, wilterwa~ an(Vor public spaces in
the-City of Chnrleston, lnclodin,& estahlishments that hold a City of Charleslon business licenses
except for the purposes of workfog nt or conducting business ,;,.1ith the attached list of businesses
(hereinaner "Esse1uial Service'' or "Essemial Ser.dces"), such list to be modified by the Mayor as
necessary fol' the health, safety and welfa,·e of the City of Charleston or to engl:lge in individual
outdoor recreational activities as st,1 fo11h in SC<.'tion 3 herein. Fu11her:

A) Individuuls, who go out· f()r purp0ses of wol'king at ot conducting business with
any Essential Se,vice busines..,; provider, shall practice social distancing of at least six
feet with the exception of those traveling in the same vehicle to or from an Essential
Service fol' purposes of work or to conduct business at an Essenlial Service.

B) Pursuant to CDC guidelines~social gatherings of 10 or more people, for any reason

other than working tit or receiving E.ssentiBl Services, is prohibited; however, pursuant
to Gov. Henry McMoster's Executive Order No. 2020-13, issued Morch 23, 2020
officers of the Charleston Police Dept111me,u are authorized ''to pl'Ohibit or di.sperse any
congregation or gathering of people, unless amhorized or in their homes, in groups of

lhree (3) or more peo1,le. if any such law enforcemenl official delennine.,;, in their
discretion, that any such congre.gatiorl or gathering of people poses. or could pose. a
threat to public health.'•

C) Places conduccing EssentiaJ Service 01:,erations shall take all rctisonablc mc:a:;urcs,
including UmitiL\g the number of individuals in their busjJ.1CS.SCS, to focilitole and ensure
socittl distancinQof at least $ix foet

D) Vcmdors that provido Essential Services or products, including logistic.; and

techoological support, shall use all reasonable mean.s to ensure $0Cial distancing of al
least six feet rrom others unless assisting arlother in traveling to or from work or
obtaining goods and services.

£} B11rs and rcstaunmts which prc1>arc, product; or othcnvisc offer or sell food or
beverages, of tiny kind, shnll be l,rohibited from 1,ennitting dine in or on premises
consumption of food or beveroges whelher indoors or outdoors, however, they may
contim1e to offer pickup, take out or delivery services for oonsumption off 1>remises.

Section 3. Individuals should Ji1nit outdool' recreational activities to those that allow tbr social
distancing of at least six foet1 do not entail coming into close contact with other people or involve
the sl,aring of equipment

Sccllon 4. The City of Charleston r ire De.pa11ment, Otliceot'the Fire Marshal, Police
Depai1ment, Building Inspections Dlvision, and their designees, and Livability Code
E.n forccmcm Officers are hereby authorized to inspect and dctmnine whether Essential
Operolions ore in compliance with this Emergency Ordinl.'IOCC. For lhe duration of this
Ordinance, it is unlawful ror a perso11 to willfully foil or refuse to comply with a.ny lnwful order
or direction oftl1ese individuals or their designees issued pursuant to this Ordi11011ce.

Sec.rio1t S. Ordinance No. 2020-39(a) is hereby repealed in its entirety and replaced by this
Section 6. his Ordinance shalt become etiective upon ratitica1ion and shall expire fou11een
( 14) days after the•date thereof unless otherwise extended ns necessary to protect the health>
sufoty, and welfare of the Chy of Chnrlcston.

Ratified in City Cou11cil this _ _ day of

==-~~_ _ in the Year of Our Lord,
2020, and in 1hc . th Yea1· of tho Independence
of the United Stutcsof America.

By:._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
John J . TeckJenburg
Mayor1 City of Churlcston

Vanessa Tllmer Mnybt1nk
Cletk ofCou!lcil


I. Essential healthcare Operations includiug, research Md loboralory services. hospitals,
walk-in-caro hcallb facilitic..s, veterinary and livestock scrviccs, elder care, medico)
wholesale and dislribution, home hen.Ith workers or aides, doctor and emergency
demul, nursing homes, or residential he-.ilth care facilities or congregate cal'e facilities,
medical supplies and equipment manufaciurers and providers.

2. .Essential infrastrncturc operations including utilities including power generation, fuel

SUJ>ply and tnnsmissioo, public water and wastewater, teleoomm\micadons and data
centers, airpor1s/airlines, transportation i1lfraslnacturc: s\1ch. as bus, rail, or fo r-hire
vehicl~, garages, hotcl1.1, and ploces of aecon-unodatioo, the South Carolina Po11

3. Eswmial munuftJS,1UrinK 2ocratlon§ jncludiJ.1 8 fOod processing, manufacturing agents,

including all foods and beverages, chemicals, medical cquipmcnVinslrumcnts,
phannaccuticals, s.anilary products, tc:lceommunicatioos, microelecironlc:s/setni-
conductor,, household paper products, vehicle and aJrcroft

4. Ess.ential retail operations including gl'Ocery stores ru1d all food and beverage stores,
big box stores or wholesale cl\lbs that have in house grocery or phannacy sci:viccs,
pharmacies, colwcn.icocc stores, d irect form to consumer sale$, g:ai SW.lions,
resLatu·antslbars (but only for take-out Ol'l delivery), hardware and building material
store ttnc.l oulinc retailets thot delivCI' products ru1d services to individual's homes or

5. Other c.,sentjal $Crvicc oocrations including garl>agc. trash and recyclh1g collection,
processing and disposal, mail and shipping services, laundromats and dry cleaning,
build.ins and mainlmonec:, child care services, o.nd
rulfilhnent, funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries, storage for essentfal
businesses, animal shelters, educational institutions., for purposes of faci.litating
distance leaming, performing critical research1 or performing essential functions

6. News media
7, Finoncial Jnstitutions and Professional Services operations including banks, credit
unions and check cashing services, insurance, payroll, accounting, servicet l'elated to
financial markets and legal services.

8. Providers ofbn!liCooecssitics to cconomic.al1v disaclY9Jltaccd populations including,

homeless shelters and congn:gatc care facilities, food banks, humnu se1vices
providers whose function includes the direct care of patients in statc· 0 1·

funded voluntary programs, the care, protection, custody and oversight of individuals
both in the community and in state--licensed residc.-ntiaJ facilities; those operating
community shelter$ and other critical human services agencies providing direct care
or suppo11.

9. Construction including. skiUed lrades such as electricians, plumbetS, other related

cons1ruc1ion finns and protessiouals ror es!."ential infrastructure or for emergency
repair and safety pu11>0scs, other construction where the contractor can cn.l:l ure social

10. Defense operation.~ including defense and national security•related operations

supporting the U.S. Government or a contractor to the US govcnunent.

I I. Essential services nec.essorY 10 maintain the sofetv, Si\nilruion and essential 01>erado,1s
of residences or other essential businesses including, !aw enforeement, fire 1>revention
and response, building code enforcement, security, emergency management and
rcspousc, building cleaners or janitors, general maintenance whether employed by the
entity directly or Bvendor, automotive-repair. disinfoelion mail, post, shipping,
logistics, delivery and pick~up services.

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