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INSPECTOR GENERAL NETWORK BULLETIN No. 88 13 March 2020 To, STAFFAND PUBLIC CURRENT SCENE (axp WeeKkenp oF EVENTS) We are cresting @ safe environment in our Orgs forthe most vital ofall activtiesTraining and Processing—so yu can go up the Bridge Due to the current hysteria, whether you believe in it oF not and the only thing you can be certain ofs that ics hysteria), out weekend celebrations have had tobe canceled, [As you may’ or may not have heard, owing to che current “pandonii” al ¢ypos of events comprising large gatherings have heen systematically either suspended ‘orcanceled including professional sporting evens (NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA), Broadway sh, ete. This has now extended to admonition outright ban of large assemblies of people By way of example, in California, no public events or social gatherings may’ exceed 250 peopl, By way ofa more immediate example, our event hall in Cearwater has called all publi evets until atleast Api [Beyond US borders, prions on Europeans traveling othe US, otto mention {quarantine of entre nations Ital), would prevent Setetologstsin those countries rom participating in our celebration, Albeit I like you, have been cagerly anticipating our anmual Weekend ofall Weckends (and, ndood had prepared a celebation of mind-blowing proportions), the facts eveniTno prohibitions were isued by eters standard LRH Sea Ong protocol ‘mandates against «mass gathering in times of iliness and disease [is prohibited. 1G NW BULLETIN ss SAFE ENVIRONMENT ‘There is away to he at cause: BE TOTALLY PREPARED, (0,38 LRH said “An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of eure ‘Well, how about ton of prevention so as nat to require an ounce of eure? ‘That is what we work fo acomplish at Flag, Sea Ong bases and in all out Ones snd Missions. actually, we have already been doing far more and taking greater preventive ction than anybody else, anywhere on Eaeth—and By Jong ea First, real information for you and your immediate environment. Booklets